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Sorry, RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 6: Drag My Wedding is not available on American Netflix, but it's easy to unlock in USA and start watching!

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Well, that was a hoot. The drag-daughter makeover episodes are almost always a delight, and I thought this one was especially wonderful -- it may even eclipse the previous benchmark, Season 3’s spectacular “Jocks in Frocks.” My viewing party was howling with laughter every few minutes. This is truly such an endearing, funny, likable bunch of queens. What I think pushes Season 6’s entry over the top is that in addition to the usual fun to be found with queens initiating novices into the world of drag, the episode also included some legitimately touching moments from the wedding ceremony.

That’s right, the task this episode was to create not only drag daughters, but drag brides. The six remaining queens -- Adore Delano, Ben DeLaCreme, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, and Joslyn Fox -- were first introduced to six women who were about to be married to their future husbands by ordained minister RuPaul. Bianca, who won the art-themed mini-challenge, was allowed to pair a queen with a bride, and she did so as straightforwardly as possible. But there was a twist: the queens wouldn’t be making over the women. They would be making over their male fiancés, and the queens would have to rock a mother-of-the-bride look.

As usual, we’ll break it down queen by queen, highest to lowest.

Bianca Del Rio won the challenge -- her third main-challenge win -- further cementing her place as the frontrunner of the season. Bianca and her daughter had a clear resemblance (the daughter actually gave me shades of Tammie Brown), they had an adorable rapport, and they both looked terrific. Bianca continues to be flawless. In a season stocked with very competitive queens, she continues to be the alpha female.

Ben DeLaCreme is right up there, though, and Ben arguably had a tougher challenge this time with her bearded bride-to-be. The gown Ben created for her drag daughter was quite lovely, but similar in some ways to the dress Ben created for the first challenge of the season (but as Courtney pointed out, Bianca’s gown was awfully familiar looking, too). Still, I’m glad to see that Ben has recovered from her downhill slide a few weeks back, if Ben was ever truly struggling at all. You can’t take any of these edits for granted this season.

Courtney Act is proof of that. Courtney had a terrible edit this episode. I’m hard pressed to think of a moment where she wasn’t portrayed as catty, dismissive, or full of herself. And call me naïve, but I just don’t think that’s Courtney. She has demonstrated way too much self awareness both on and off the show to be that unrelentingly negative. It also doesn’t jibe with the edit she was given in the first half of the season. It is absolutely true that the soundbytes being used came out of Courtney’s mouth, but a) context, or the lack thereof; and b) yeah, Courtney says some bitchy things. She is a drag queen. "Bitch" is their native language. Even the sweetest queens on this show throw a disparaging remark now and then. But for whatever reason, Courtney is currently being given the shady bitch crown -- although it looks like Bianca may be snatching up her bobby pins to secure it in place on her own head. All that said, I was surprised Courtney wasn’t in the Bottom 2 this week. She had arguably the butchest dude to transform, and while she did what she could, the dress was uninspiring and slightly half-assed (three-quarters assed?). Courtney also made the huge mistake of upstaging the bride herself in a gorgeous butterfly dress. I get why she wore it on the runway, but it only served to flip the assignment. Courtney looked the bride, her dude looked like the mother, and that enraged Michelle Visage. Based solely on the judges’ comments I was sure she was in the bottom.

Darienne Lake came in toward the bottom of the pack, and I disagree with that. I thought she definitely did better than Courtney. I will concede that Darienne’s own runway look left quite a bit to be desired -- she has not brought her sense of style to the runway the way I expected. I’ve seen her wear some really impressive drag. But she absolutely killed it with her goth bride, who looked great, had great chemistry with both Darienne and her actual partner, and seemed to be having the time of her life. (Darienne’s couple was obviously made up of “Drag Race” superfans, based on all the injokes they put into their wedding vows.) Guest judge Neil Patrick Harris was having none of Darienne’s approach and I suspect he’s a big reason Darienne was toward the bottom. For what it’s worth, Darienne said at her viewing part last week that she did not care for NPH at all, and that she gave him some lip on the runway -- which we did not see. I will say that I felt Harris to be curiously low energy on that panel; he did not come off well (his husband, David Burtka, fared better). A last note on Darienne: the editors now seem determined to establish a Bianca/Darienne rivalry, and I’m not buying that one either. It’s clear that all of the remaining queens genuinely liked each other. But apparently there has to be drama. I wish that wasn't the case. Why not let six great queens who respect each other just interact with each other? Why create these forced feuds? Disappointing.

Adore Delano was also a disappointment this episode. I quite like Adore, but she showed just how limited her skill set is in this challenge. Not knowing how to sew is one thing -- it’s still stupid given that this is Season 6 of this show, and you KNOW that’s going to come up. But Adore did not present either herself or her drag daughter well here. Adore wore a flat wig and a dress that I am almost positive we’ve seen her wear before, and none of it read “mother of the bride.” Her partner, who was as much of a loose cannon as Adore herself, looked awful. Possibly the worst makeover in this show’s history. They called the look “punk bride,” but really it was sloppy shit thrown together in a desperate attempt to look intentionally sloppy. Didn’t work. And make-up skills…lord. Adore’s drag daughter looked like a member from Cry-Baby’s gang. A low-rent Hatchet Face, if you will.

Joslyn Fox also had make-up issues with her makeover, as her bride had poorly blended foundation, eyelashes that really didn’t work, etc. Joslyn herself looked great and appropriate to the mother-of-the-bride aspect of the challenge. But her partner was compared to Greta Gremlin, and it’s hard to argue that point. The poor guy is a basketball player and worried seriously about what his teammates might say about his appearance in drag. I’m honestly not clear on why he agreed to do this in the first place. But he pushed through and did the best job he could (minus the vomit interruption that had me missing Willam), and did seem to make some great strides as a straight ally.

Joslyn and Adore had to lipsynch to “Think” by Aretha Franklin, which is not a natural fit for either queen (but a great song nonetheless). Joslyn tried to respect the energy of the song, while Adore just threw herself into the performance. I appreciated that, but did not appreciate her removing her heels, which is a big no-no in a lipsynch. Ultimately Joslyn was told to sashay away, which made me sadder than expected. Joslyn and Adore both figured they would be lipsynching, based on the footage shown in “Untucked,” so I’m guessing Joslyn’s critique was harsher than what they showed. But, like Trinity last week, this felt like someone getting the axe because her “arc” is finished, not necessarily based on the work in this episode. But maybe I’m off base on that.

Programming note: Next week's blog may be up a day late as I will be in Toronto until Tuesday morning. Unless someone knows a good gay bar in Toronto that screens the episodes live. And preferably is frequented by attractive, burly, available men. Help a brother out.

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Sours: https://www.rochestercitynewspaper.com/EntertainmentBlog/archives//04/22/rupauls-drag-race-seasonepisodedrag-my-wedding
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And I watched ungodly amounts of TLC’s A Baby Story.You know, for research. Away from the monitors, and the blood, and the sterile gowns, away from saving other people's lives. The previously chopped queens return to walk in a fashion runway show, then perform a choreographed number to RuPaul's song "Phenomenon," and comedian Nicole Byer guest judges. After the first contestant of the season is voted out, the queens stomp the runway in a fashion show, then perform a special version of RuPaul's song "Condragulations." The Crown seasons 3 and 4 fail to address key events in Princess Anne's life, including her wedding, a botched kidnapping attempt, and her role in the Olympics. RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race. We then laid in bed for hours talking and laughing and just saying ‘I love you.’ It was the grossest, most affectionate thing I had done and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In an episode about the holy unions we create with others, it’s fitting that the whole aesthetic is a marriage between two disparate genres: the quiet drama about adult life and a heart-racing action film. RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race. ET) THE INVESTIGATION, Season 1, Episode 5 (March […] The "Love Every Moment" wedding episode debuts Saturday, April 17 at 11:45 a.m. "Arrested" is the seventh episode from Season 4 of Modern Family, it aired on November 7, 2012. Drag Me Away (From You)is the 16th episode ofSeason 15. I saw a couple comments that John Luke's wedding isn't in this. RuPaul's All Stars Drag RaceRuPauls All Stars Drag Race. In the very first episode, we watch Mare drag herself out to bed to answer a call from Betty Carroll, who believes she’s caught a peeping tom (if … The title is a reference to the subtitle of the J.R.R. "In the last few episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela has called off her wedding numerous times. Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. "My Soul on Fire, Part 1" is the fourteenth episode of Scrubs eighth season. 43:46. Greg Evigan, Actor: DeepStar Six. Her husband-to-be, the evil Count Cagliostro, manages to capture her and force her to comply to the marriage.However, during the wedding ceremony Lupin comes to free Clarisse and both flee which turns Clarisse into a proper Runaway Bride. Jodi Huisentruit, an Iowa news anchor, has been missing since 1995. Read more on heatworld. 4. ... the gown she takes off shortly after their wedding rather than her incredible lady body. If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. The contestant received positive critiques and was ultimately declared safe. ... A bizarre wedding video shows a nontraditional wedding -- Reiser's best friend Sean Sturgeon, dressed in drag, was the maid of honor. Teens React was the second react series of The Fine Bros' React series. IT IS! It’s time for the makeover edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6. Episode 10 is titled Drag My Wedding so we’ll be seeing some wedding realness. The question is – who will be the bride? But first we have to get through the opening snark of Adore being scared & everyone ripping on Courtney for winning. Her remains were found on December 6, 2005 in Dawson County, Georgia. Episode features interactive Hollywood-caliber stories built from the ground up for mobile, not the passive entertainment of TV and movies. The beautiful Tyra Sanchez collapsed on the floor, hyperventilating, while the stunning runner-up Raven sat helpless by her side.. Now that's the way to end the highly dramatic second season of this … A tiger that frightened residents after it was last seen briefly wandering around a Houston neighborhood has been found after a nearly week-long search and appears to be unharmed, police announced Saturday evening. There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. Episode 10 is titled Drag My Wedding so we’ll be seeing some wedding realness. A drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes. The pink dress, worn when the drag queen returned to compete in the fifth episode, caused RuPaul to rant: “I don’t want to see any f***** H&M.” His outrage at the “off the rack” dress went viral and he termed it “a huge disappointment”, ordering the queen to “make it something special”. Valentina.A name that has been on the fashion industry’s lips ever since the drag performer, whose real name is James Leyva, first appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race in March of this year. All in his naughty but nice signature style, of course. Valentina.A name that has been on the fashion industry’s lips ever since the drag performer, whose real name is James Leyva, first appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race in March of this year. Real Name: Patrice Tamber Endres Nicknames: No known nicknames Location: Cumming, Georgia Date: April 15, 2004 Details: Thirty-eight-year-old hairdresser Patrice Endres disappeared from her hair salon in Cumming, Georgia on April 15, 2004, between 11:37 and 11:50AM. Not only does it have all the episodes it also has a bunch of extras AND is packaged very well. ... to drag. A recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 finale episode 10. Dannah Gresh: Kathy’s sixteen-year-old son had cancer and was facing the possibility of death, but she says his faith was strong. “My spouse and I spent the night playing Pokemon Go (it had just come out) and laughing with our friends until late in the evening. Am I missing something? While in high school he won acclaim as Cornelius Hackl in Hello Dolly, which won the New Jersey High School Musical Contest. Rewatching season 6 and "drag my wedding" Rewatching season 6 for the first time in a long time and I just wanted to say I think "drag my wedding" is probably the weirdest episode of any TV show ever How did they find all these straight couples who agreed to get married in drag?? Murder, melancholy, a jilting at the Sawleter, a new scheme from Ross, and…Harry Harry? Patricia Susan "Tricia" Dingle (née Stokes, previously Fisher) was the daughter ofSteph Forsytheand granddaughter ofAlan Turner. Library. After the wedding, Kensi and Deeks get involved with investigating a military situation in the Middle East, and both of them are last seen under attack by ISIS terrorists in Iraq. ... My Big Fat Fabulous Life - S08E01 - Wedding Bells Are Ringing. Except for episode 103, all of these skits were shown right after the commercial break.. Nearly all of these segments were not aired in the US as part of The Muppet Show during its original run except for two: due to the "running time" of Episode 301 not being enough for a full episode, two UK Spots were used to complete the episode. It's time I live my own. Disguised in Drag: Veronica, the woman Patty is engaged to, turns out to actually be a straight man dressed like a woman, whom lied his way onto the LPGA tour, and then fell in love with Patty.Marge find this out before the wedding, seeing "Veronica" use the bathroom with the toilet seat up and shaving himself while singing "Dude Looks Like a Lady." Ross makes everybody burst into laughter by threatening Chandlerphysically if he ever hurts his little sister. aired 3/19/21 Full Ep 10 Over the weekend, a video surfaced on social media, of a popular lagos club owner, known simply as Pretty Mike, walking into a wedding venue with 2 ladies - … — Larger-than-Life Special Premieres March 9 at 9/8c, Following Say Yes to The Dress– (Silver Spring, MD) – TLC turns fantasy into reality in DRAG ME DOWN THE AISLE, an all-new wedding special following four of America’s most beloved drag queens coming to the rescue as they make it their mission to help a struggling bride salvage her big day. Monicatells Chandler that she'd kind of been expecting him to freak out over their upcoming wedding, and she's so glad he didn't because it kept her calm, or at least calmer than she might have been. The Mystery of Missing Nina. Grooms get given cash to plan every aspect of their weddings to their unsuspecting brides Read details about her disappearance, potential suspects, and see photos. 14-day free trial. ‎Staying true to the much loved first series, seven brand new episodes offer unprecedented access to members of traveller and gypsy communities to gain an even greater insight into their world. This episode made me think differently about how pockets have shaped my thoughts about clothing and my identity. Just mom… Simple. Historically, most drag queens have been men dressing as women. The second season of Showtime’s CITY ON A HILL will be coming to Crave in March 2021, as will ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE. The Drag Race UK contestants met up for their Christmas party, but one queen was noticeably missing from the reunion. The question is – who will be the bride? In modern times, drag queens are associated with gay men and gay culture, but they can be of any gender and sexual identity. "Pablo & Jessica" is the eleventh episode of the second season of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. Hear from America’s No. Bob deserves the win, but there is no one in the world like Kim Chi. 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? ‎Rob Shuter is serving up some tea! It’s so refreshing to see some straight people getting their moment in the spotlight, because it’s not like same-sex marriage is a huge national issue right now. It aired on February 3, 2016. Tolkien novel The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. Directed by Nick Murray. To Where and Back Again - Part 1, also formatted as To Where and Back Again: Part 1 and To Where and Back Again Pt. The queens give blushing brides drag makeovers, before RuPaul officiates their weddings. David Michael Burtka (born May 29, 1975) is an American actor and professional chef.He is known for his acting roles in theatre and television shows such as How I Met Your Mother and The Play About the Baby.After his role on How I Met Your Mother, Burtka … : Drag My Wedding" There are several suspects in her death, including … 1 gossip columnist as he’s joined by industry peeps and celebrity pals each day to break exclusive scoops and dish on the biggest Hollywood news. It premiered on the FBE channel on November 17th 2011. Sam explained: "My plan for the wedding is a gothy theme in a forest with drag queens and a wolf. With RuPaul, Santino Rice, Michelle Visage, David Burtka. Image: Jill Johnson/JPI; NBC. ... One year later, Ali's still missing. Kathy Branzell: He looked at his doctor, and he looked over at me, and he said, “Well, either way I win. ... but Ive been watching season 6 on CBS All access because drag race is on there now too, and that episode is missing there too. My whole life and I think I need to see everything that's not in a hospital. Joey unexpectedly gets a part in a movie about soldiers in World War I but his famous co-star Richard Crosby keeps spitting in his face when reading out his lines for the sake of articulation. It is the first part of a two-part season finale. "If you can get a wolf to bring the rings down the aisle, I think that would be really cool. Greyjoy's lady-friend is leaving town and offers him a look at what he'll be missing. But first we have to get … Read on! Courtney is being challenged by her very tall and very manly groom. Courtney’s not used to working on anything for anyone else. Courtney doesn’t like anyone else to be prettier than her which could be a problem as everyone is supposed to focus on the bride & not the mother of the bride. Bianca starts to become friends with her groom. In Episode, your choices decide the path of your story. With the ceremony about to start and Hank Schrader missing, Walter White goes outside to look for him. In fact, she's feeling uneasy and having "anxieties. The boyfriend of a woman who went missing in the U.S. Virgin Islands two weeks ago was arrested for domestic violence in a previous marriage a decade ago, … ? However, the sneak peek reveals that the Georgia native isn't too thrilled about being a bride. Reviews for RuPaul's Drag Race Special 117 "Untucked! Janitor invites the Sacred Heart staff to his wedding in the Bahamas on short notice just for the gifts, and J.D. When Elliot reminds him that it is their seventh year anniversary of their first kiss, J.D. Episode 509: "The Dance of Dragons" HBO Show More Show Less 27 of 56 Daario and Jorah leave Meereen to search for the now-missing … I want my own. Everyone was there. RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race. Hollyoaks spoilers follow.. Hollyoaks has set up a new mystery involving the disappearance of Mitchell Deveraux after he went missing on his wedding day.. The Crown seasons 3 and 4 fail to address key events in Princess Anne's life, including her wedding, a botched kidnapping attempt, and her role in the Olympics. RuPaul's Drag Race RPDR Grand Finale season 13, ep 16. All the couples who went to the Bahamas undergo relationship problems. "The pastor officiating my wedding had a heart attack, and my (now) wife and I caught him as he fell. Walter sits down next to him to see what is wrong and Hank vomits in the bushes. It aired on October 22,2020. Daniel Wu: Every attack I see, I think about my mother, my grandmother, and my father. It was written by Kate Erickson and directed by Uta Briesewitz. More than two years later, the enduring mystery of what happened to the still-lost little boy is the focus of tonight’s episode of People Magazine Investigates, which airs at 10 p.m. Most viewed. However, the writers continue to drag out their storyline until the last episode. The contestants do abstract painting in honor of marriage equality using their bodies as the paintbrushes in the mini challenge. But when Jax starts spreading gossip about her, their relationship hits a rocky patch. Oh, I know it wasn’t on TV. Fast. Ciara wore the big gown, there were more extras at their wedding than any other, they had the big church wedding, and so on and so forth – those are just a few of the rants from some viewers who wished that their own ships had the same love given to them. The drag my wedding episode is not on hulu or available for purchase on apple tv, does anyone know why this is?? BMO gets snatched away by a giant eagle and must find its way home with Was that a finale or what? The Top Four queens compete in a Britney Spears-themed lip sync smackdown, Heidi N … Each standalone episode debunks some of the myths about these communities and offer opinions and insight di… At first, Clarisse in The Castle of Cagliostro is a Runaway Fiancé when she runs away from her Arranged Marriage (presumably during dress rehearsal). He finds him on the porch and tells him it is time to go but Hank doesn't say anything. However, according to a prediction from IBT , it seems like Kensi and Deeks … This week, RuPaul finally does her part to advance the noble cause of marriage between a woman and a man who impersonates a female to have his wedding ceremony broadcast on a reality TV drag race competition. For the main challenge, they transform grooms into brides for a wedding. Every RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 runway ... also appear behind Rachel when the episode cuts to her at Newark Airport. Ron Borza can be seen sitting next to the tiger, petting the animal and saying it has been a long week searching for it. A woman in a white wedding dress with a blue sapphire heart … Most of the Teens appeared in React to That. Breath real air. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall. Ben and Ciara’s wedding was the event of the season. 1 Drag Name Origin 2 Track Record(s) 3 Memorable Quotes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 5.1 DRT Season 2 Looks 6 Videos 7 Filmography 7.1 TV 8 Discography 8.1 Singles 8.1.1 Appearances 9 Social Media 10 Navigation Her namesake is the Papilionanthe "Miss Joaquim", commonly known as the … Heart stopping video footage shows two heroic cops drag a man from his burning truck seconds before it exploded into a huge fireball. The incident began on Monday, when the unnamed driver of … The Haves and the Have Nots S05E28. Vanda Miss Joaquim is the stage name of Azizul Mahathir, a contestant from the second season of Drag Race Thailand. She was the wife of Marlon Dingle until her deathcaused by the storm in 2004. Don't You Forget About Me is the 12th episode of Season 11. I need to travel and explore and hike and breathe, and breathe...and breathe. So deep, I want to breathe it all in. Laurel Krabacher and Lawrence Collerd join Tim and Dan to chat 'n 'prov about their opposing fashion sensibilities, their perfect wedding, and Lawrence almost getting attacked by hyenas while dumping in Africa. convinces everyone to attend. Get a site, built-in photo selling, unlimited storage, client proofing and more. "When my husband and I first started dating, he took me as his date to the wedding of a friend. In fact, she actually seemed discontented to me during this episode, as if there was something missing in her relationship with Lucas that she needs. Log in. I've spent my whole life in hospitals. Sign up. Kai Wright: This is the United States of Anxiety, a show about the unfinished business of our history and its grip on our future. 43:51. But he pushed through and did the best job he could (minus the vomit interruption that had me missing Willam), and did seem to make some great strides as a straight ally. It is the eighty-seventh episode overall. its on a double sided disc, one side is a wedding special and the other is a Christmas special! Search. (This wedding list also leaves off your wedding, which really should come in at No. ... either to stay together or to break up in the last episode. Read transcript "Princess Monster Wife" is the ninth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. Since June 2020, some of the teens are currently shielding from the coronavirus until they get vaccinated. However five of those missing persons turned up safely, and one was found dead in what police ruled a suicide. my boyfriend is … Recap: Episode 5 . I’m talking about 6 of them (and 2 I didn’t share) again in today’s blog post (noted by each book)…but, check out the podcast to hear about the rest! The first episode of our Month of Love! 1 because, honestly, it was — or one day will be — absolutely perfect. We open on a red wedding that feels like a bad omen for a big gay wedding episode of teevee. It’s always a pinch, never a punch! RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE UK, Season 2, Episode 9 (March 11 at 3:01 p.m. During his first drive-along as a Reserve Officer, Buzz Watson discovers a dead body in a hotel room bathtub, not only threatening an extremely expensive wedding, but also Flynn and Provenza's plans to take the division to a Fourth of July Dodger game. The best websites for photographers. 1, is the twenty-fifth episode of season six of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and forty-second overall. Images (2) "Wedding Day" is the second Minisodes of Breaking Bad. Born in South Amboy, New Jersey, Greg Evigan grew up in Sayreville. The queens compete in a RuPaul's Drag Race-themed trivia game, write and star in commercials for their own self-branded sodas, and walk the runway in Beast Couture. (Silver Spring, MD) – TLC turns fantasy into reality in DRAG ME DOWN THE AISLE, an all-new wedding special following four of America's most beloved drag queens coming to the rescue as they make it their mission to help a struggling bride salvage her big day. "RuPaul's Drag Race" concluded on Monday with the most logical choice for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar," but did anyone see what happened next coming? Also, a much-needed reunion happens, and Maggie is invited to an awkward dinner engagement.

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Sours: https://torontoconcertorchestra.com/xdv/drag-my-wedding-episode-missing
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6, Episode 10 + Untucked! Review: DRAG MY WEDDING!

Drag Race Extra Lap Recap

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Drag Race Extra Lap Recap

18 Seasons

Drag Race producer and herstorian John Polly recaps RuPaul's Drag Race each week with the occasional special guest Queen.

Across the pond, Jackie Cox from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 recaps RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

Drag Race Extra Lap Recap
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Episode wedding full drag my

RuPaul's Drag Race (season 6)

Sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race

Season of television series

The sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race began airing February 24, Like the fifth season, the season featured 14 contestants competing for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar". For the first time in the show's history, the season premiere was split into two episodes; the fourteen queens were split into two groups and the seven queens in each group competed against each other before being united as one group for the third episode.

Santino Rice and Michelle Visage returned as judges. Two new pit crew members, Miles Moody and Simon Sherry-Wood, joined Jason Carter and Shawn Morales.[1] The winner of this season won a prize package that included a supply from Colorevolution Cosmetics and a cash prize of $,[2] This was also the first season where Absolut Vodka and Interior Illusions, Inc. were not sponsors for the show, more specifically for the Untucked episodes. The Interior Illusions Lounge was renamed to the Silver Lounge or FormDecor Lounge. The theme song played during the runway segment every episode was "Sissy That Walk" while the song playing during the credits is "Dance With U", both from the album Born Naked.

The winner of the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race was Bianca Del Rio, with Adore Delano and Courtney Act being the runners-up, and BenDeLaCreme being crowned season 6's Miss Congeniality.


See also: List of RuPaul's Drag Race contestants

Ages, names, and cities stated are at time of filming.

Bianca Del Rio37 New York City, New YorkWinner
Adore Delano23 Azusa, CaliforniaRunners-up
Courtney Act31 West Hollywood, California
Darienne Lake[a]41 Rochester, New York4th Place
BenDeLaCreme31 Seattle, Washington5th Place[b]
Joslyn Fox26 Worcester, Massachusetts6th Place
Trinity K. Bonet[c]22 Atlanta, Georgia7th Place
Laganja Estranja24 Van Nuys, California8th Place
Milk25 New York City, New York9th Place
Gia Gunn23 Chicago, Illinois10th Place
April Carrión24 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico11th Place
Vivacious40 New York City, New York12th Place
Magnolia Crawford28 Seattle, Washington13th/14th Place[d]
Kelly Mantle37 Los Angeles, California
  1. ^Miss Darienne Lake is simply known as Darienne Lake on the show.
  2. ^BenDeLaCreme was voted Miss Congeniality.
  3. ^Trinity Kardashian Bonet is known as Trinity K. Bonet on the show.
  4. ^Kelly Mantle and Magnolia Crawford competed on separate episodes and therefore, both were the first to go home, but neither was in a higher place than the other.

Contestant progress[edit]


&#;&#;Bianca Del Rio won RuPaul's Drag Race.

&#;&#;Adore Delano and Courtney Act were the runners-up.

&#;&#;BenDeLaCreme was voted Miss Congeniality (Miss C) by viewers.

&#;&#;WIN indicates the contestant won the challenge in that episode.

&#;&#;SAFE indicates that the contestant was declared safe by the judges in that episode.

&#;&#;BTM (Bottom) indicates that the contestant had to lip sync in that episode.

&#;&#;ELIM (Eliminated) indicates that the contestant was eliminated in that episode.

&#;&#;Guest, indicates that the contestant returned as a guest in that episode.

Contestant Episode
April Carrión SAFE BTMELIMGuest
Vivacious BTMELIMGuest
Magnolia CrawfordELIMGuest
Kelly Mantle ELIMGuest

Lip syncs[edit]

&#; The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two.
&#; The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two.
&#; The contestant was eliminated after their third time in the bottom two.
&#; The contestant was eliminated after the lip-sync to qualify into the finale.
  1. ^In the final lip sync, it is noted that all four contestants did not lip sync all at once. There were two lip syncs between Adore Delano & Darienne Lake and Bianca Del Rio & Courtney Act. It was then edited together to make it seem as one lip sync.

Guest Judges[edit]

Listed in chronological order:[2]

  • Adam Lambert, singer and actor
  • Mike Ruiz, photographer
  • Khloé Kardashian, television personality
  • Lena Headey, actress
  • Linda Blair, actress
  • Lucian Piane, music producer and composer
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph, actress, singer, and activist
  • Gillian Jacobs, actress
  • Heather McDonald, actress and comedian
  • Eve, rapper and actress
  • Trina, rapper
  • Leah Remini, actress
  • Lainie Kazan, actress and singer
  • Bruce Vilanch, writer and actor
  • Jaime Pressly, actress
  • Chaz Bono, writer and activist
  • Georgia Holt, actress and singer-songwriter
  • Paula Abdul, singer, choreographer and television personality
  • Neil Patrick Harris, actor
  • David Burtka, actor and chef
  • Bob Mackie, fashion designer.

Special guests[edit]

Guests who appeared in episodes, but did not judge on the main stage.

Episode 4:


See also: List of RuPaul's Drag Race episodes


After use of the term "Shemale" in the "Female or She-male?" challenge of episode 4 led to complaints over transphobic slang specifically from the season contestants Gia Gunn and Courtney Act, as well as previous contestants Carmen Carrera and Willam Belli. Logo temporarily removed the episode from all platforms and stopped using "You've got she-mail" as the video message intro.[17] Episode 4 was eventually put back up on streaming services with the "Female or She-Male?" mini-challenge segment removed.


In this season the theme song for the series remains unchanged from the original season, only being condensed to a shorter length to allow for more show time.[citation needed] As in previous seasons, while RuPaul enters walking the runway before the judging each episode his song "Cover Girl" plays; an instrumental version of the song continues to play while he introduces the judges and celebrity guests. The main musical change-up of the season comes during the runway while each contestant struts, modeling their looks. As in each previous season, the song changes to promote more album and/or single sales for RuPaul. The song this season played during the segment is "Sissy That Walk", from RuPaul's album Born Naked. Also from the album "Dance with U" plays at the end of each episode while the remaining queens dance on the runway, exiting the stage.

Born Naked essentially serves as a soundtrack for the season. Its release coincided with the season premiere, primarily for promotional reasons.[citation needed] However, in the time just after Logo's release of the season 6 "Meet the Queens" interviews, which announced and introduced the season's cast, an album entitled The CoverGurlz was released digitally presented by RuPaul, meant to promote the upcoming season.[citation needed] The single "Oh No She Better Don't" was also released during the season.

RuPaul Presents: The CoverGurlz[edit]

RuPaul Presents: The CoverGurlz is a compilation album by entertainer RuPaul, featuring the season 6 cast of his show RuPaul's Drag Race. The album was released on January 28, [18][19] The album was only released digitally to iTunes and Amazon.[18][20]


Although previous winners and top-three contestants have been given the chance to collaborate with RuPaul either on a song[a] or by performing in one of the artist's music videos, respectively, this album marks the first time in RuPaul's Drag Race history that an album has been produced which features every contestant from the season.

The compilation consists of 14 covers of songs previously released by RuPaul, performed by all of the RuPaul's Drag Race season 6 contestants. It features tracks originally from RuPaul's albums Champion and Glamazon, as well as his extended play SuperGlam DQ, and the non-album single "Lick It Lollipop". The album also features an outtake from Champion entitled "Let's Turn the Night", reproduced with new vocals by Jason Carter and Miles Davis Moody of the RuPaul's Drag Racepit crew. April Carrión's cover of "Sexy Drag Queen" also features Jipsta from the original version of the song.[b][20]

As promotion for both the season's contestants and the, then, upcoming season, each contestant is also featured in a short music video for their cover ending with a montage of clips from their respective audition tapes.[21]World of Wonder also produced a music video for the pit crew's song "Let's Turn the Night",[22] which also promoted RuPaul's, then, recently released fragrance Glamazon, released as part of a limited edition make-up line with Colorevolution Cosmetics.[23]

Release history[edit]

Before the compilation's release, RuPaul confirmed on Twitter that a new album, in which each of the Season 6 contestants covered a song from his catalog, would be coming out.[citation needed]


The week of release the compilation album debuted at number 6 on the iTunes Dance album chart.[24]

Track listing[edit]

(All writing credits adapted from the liner notes of the albums the songs originally appeared.)

1."Let's Turn the Night" (featuring The Pit Crew)
2."Ladyboy" (featuring Gia Gunn)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
3."Tranny Chaser" (featuring Joslyn Fox)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
4."I Bring the Beat" (featuring Vivacious)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
5."Superstar" (featuring Adore Delano)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
6."Click Clack (Make Dat Money)" (featuring Bianca Del Rio)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
7."Destiny Is Mine" (featuring Milk)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
8."Devil Made Me Do It" (featuring BenDeLaCreme)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
9."Lick It Lollipop" (featuring Darienne Lake)
"Glamazon" (featuring Magnolia Crawford)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
"Main Event" (featuring Kelly Mantle)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
"Champion" (featuring Courtney Act)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
"Jealous of My Boogie" (featuring Laganja Estranja)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
"Cover Girl" (featuring Trinity K. Bonet)
  • RuPaul Charles*Lucian Piane
"Sexy Drag Queen" (featuring April Carrión with Jipsta)
Total length:

Future appearances[edit]

Adore Delano competed on the second season of All Stars. She quit the competition and placed ninth overall.[25]

In the third season of All Stars, Milk placed ninth, while BenDeLaCreme quit the competition and placed sixth overall.[26]

Gia Gunn competed on the second installment of the Chilean version of Drag Race titled The Switch Drag Race and finished as a runner-up. She also competed as one of the ten contestants of the fourth season of All Stars. She placed 8th overall.[27]

Trinity K. Bonet competed on the sixth season of All Stars. She placed 5th overall.

RuPaul's Drag Race[edit]

Drag Race[edit]


  1. ^A preview of the first episode was unveiled on February 17, showing all but the lipsync.

See also[edit]


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External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RuPaul%27s_Drag_Race_(season_6)
Ru'Paul's Drag Race After Show Season 6 Episode 10 \

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode “Drag My Wedding”

It’s wedding season! And makeover season! And drag season! So basically just a whole bunch of reality television rolled up into one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This episode has the queens becoming drag mothers to soon-to-be-married couples, with Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David on the judging panel (of course). Some of the men are totally sold on this idea, some aren’t. So naturally, the results are…mixed.

Mother of the Bride?: Courtney & Rien Act

It was certainly interesting to see how Courtney would pull off this challenge, when she’s used to looking fishy with ease. In the end, she went for a Southern Belle look, but her drag daughter ends up looking more matronly than herself, to nobody’s surprise. The judges didn’t like how she stole the attention from her daughter, to which she replied, “I’m like the cougar mom at the wedding.” Indeed.

The Big Shave: BenDeLaCreme & Suzette à la Mode

This pairing led to the biggest actual makeover. As part of the drag transformation, BenDeLaCreme’s drag daughter had to shave off his beard — which his fiance had never seen him without. How’s that for a shock when walking down the aisle?

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Bianca Del Rio & Fifi Del Rio

As the mini-challenge winner, Bianca could have easily sabotaged the queens with improper pairs. Of course, she was only picking on a bride basis (the grooms would come out later), but each seemed to fit their personality perfectly. And in the end, she made a good pick for herself. They got along swimmingly, Fifi’s dress was on point, and the family resemblance was perfection, adorable banter included. Bianca won the challenge.

Come to the Dark Side: Darienne Lake and Ann Drogyny

Unlike some of the men — who must have been dragged onto this show with some level of force — it was Darienne Lake’s cohort’s decision to come on Drag Race. And he knew just what he wanted: a more goth look. But their problem was the opposite of Courtney’s. Darienne ended up looking like a Jersey stereotype, nary a goth influence to be seen.

Hot Mess: Adore & Honey Bun Delano

Adore ends up in the bottom two because, alas, she doesn’t know how to sew. To Adore’s credit, her drag daughter is pretty much game for anything, including the “thrift store wig” (his words) that Adore puts him in. But they failed to show any family resemblance, despite the rocker aesthetic and leather jacket used to cover up some pretty shoddy craftsmanship.

Foxed Out: Joslyn Fox & Bradonna Fox

It was inevitable that Joslyn Fox end up in the bottom two. And in some ways, it was inevitable that she be sent home last night for elimination, given her performance in recent weeks. Of course, it didn’t help that her groom, as a professional athlete, wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of participating. But the makeup Joslyn gave him looked ghastly (and they weren’t even the team trying to pull off the whole goth thing). Joslyn got sent home, with only a single boob lift as her final parting gift.

Sours: https://www.flavorwire.com//rupauls-drag-race-seasonepisodedrag-my-wedding

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" With these words of hers, a yellowish stream poured into. My mouth from the depths of her pussy. I gave up, but drank, trying not to think about what would come next.

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