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15 Entry-Level Jobs That Pay Well

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If you are seeking an entry-level job, it is helpful to know which opportunities offer the greatest earning potential. While your income will likely increase throughout your career, starting with a high-paying job is an ideal place to begin. This article provides a comprehensive look at 15 entry-level jobs that pay well. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, please click on the salary link for each job title below.

What does entry level mean?

An entry-level job is typically the most junior position in an organization and requires less responsibility and experience than mid-level or management positions. Entry-level employees may also receive more training than those in senior roles. These positions are typically the starting point for professionals hoping to launch a career in a specific industry.

To help you understand your earning potential as you enter the workforce, visit Indeed's Salary Calculator for a free, personalized pay range based on your job title, location and experience.

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High-paying, entry-level jobs

While the best job for you depends on your skills, interests, goals, core values and education, you might consider these 15 high-paying, entry-level jobs as you begin your job search. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on each salary link below:

1. Marketing associate

National average salary:$45, per year

Primary duties: A marketing specialist is responsible for helping brainstorm, develop, launch and measure inbound and outbound marketing efforts to help businesses reach customers and prospects. They may also conduct market research to identify trends in consumer habits.

2. Public relations assistant

National average salary:$46, per year

Primary duties: A PR assistant is responsible for helping PR teams with conducting research, preparing materials and facilitating communication between account executives and clients. They may also assist in developing presentations and handling correspondences between clients and more senior-level employees.

3. Social media manager

National average salary:$49, per year

Primary duties: A social media manager plans, develops and deploys social media campaigns on behalf of a company, and monitors and analyzes social media performance. They may also be responsible for responding to questions and concerns from followers and customers, and make sure all social media posts adhere to the brand&#x;s guidelines.

4. Paralegal

National average salary:$50, per year

Primary duties: A paralegal works for a law office and performs administrative and research tasks for attorneys. They&#x;re responsible for case research, client interviews and assisting in preparing courtroom presentations. They may also draft and file legal documents, and help attorneys during hearings or trials.

5. Human resources specialist

National average salary:$55, per year

Primary duties: An HR specialist works as part of a human resources team and is responsible for explaining policies and procedures to employees, issuing and processing new hire documents and updating employment records when employees are hired, transferred, promoted or terminated.

6. Copywriter

National average salary:$ per hour

Primary duties: Copywriters work for advertising and marketing agencies or directly for a business. They&#x;re responsible for applying marketing principles to compose compelling copy that accompanies visual elements in ads, videos and other types of marketing content.

7. Database analyst

National average salary:$64, per year

Primary duties: A database engineer is responsible for managing the design, development, delivery and all other aspects of database systems. They&#x;re usually employed by technology companies that specialize in computer systems.

8. Sales representative

National average salary:$66, per year

Primary duties: A sales representative is responsible for selling products and services to prospects and existing customers through tactics such as cold calling, email and on-site appointments. They may perform product demos, answer questions and concerns and assist customers throughout the purchase process.

9. Financial analyst

National average salary:$67, per year

Primary duties: A financial analyst collects data and creates models to support an organization&#x;s financial decisions. They&#x;re also responsible for identifying trends, assisting in quarterly or annual forecasting and offering financial advice to senior management.

Registered nurse

National average salary:$ per hour

Primary duties: An RN is responsible for recording patients&#x; symptoms and medical history, checking patients&#x; vitals, performing diagnostic tests, analyzing results, administering medication and assisting with post-procedure rehabilitation.

Dental hygienist

National average salary:$ per hour

Primary duties: A dental hygienist works at a dental office and is responsible for cleaning patients&#x; teeth, taking X-rays, examining patients for cavities and other dental issues or diseases, and provides advice on dental care. They may also sterilize instruments and assist dentists during procedures.

IT technician

National average salary:$75, per year

Primary duties: An IT tech diagnose computer and network problems, monitor computer systems, install and upgrade software and hardware and perform tests on computers and other equipment. They may also handle maintenance requests and technology demos for employees or clients.

Web developer

National average salary:$76, per year

Primary duties: A web developer usually works for an agency or directly for a client, and designs and codes websites based on design wireframes, templates or client instruction. They apply web design principles to create user-friendly and visually appealing website experiences.

Environmental engineer

National average salary:$80, per year

Primary duties: Environmental engineers work on behalf of government agencies or private companies and are tasked with helping develop solutions for various environmental issues such as recycling and waste management, pollution control, water management and air pollution control.

User experience designer

National average salary:$92, per year

Primary duties: A UX designer conducts user testing, interviews and surveys to determine how people use various software solutions, and then translates this information into sitemaps, wireframes and product prototypes. They also design the overall look and feel of websites and software applications.

These are just a few of the many lucrative entry-level jobs currently available for new graduates and experienced professionals alike. As you begin your job search, remember: the best entry-level jobs not only pay well, they also help you learn, grow and take the exciting first step on your career path.

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The highest paying entry-level jobs

The 15 highest paying entry-level jobs

The career ladder doesn’t always have to start on the bottom step. With some entry-level jobs, the pay is good enough to leapfrog you ahead of the competition, and could see you earning what it takes other workers years to bring in.

We look at 15 of the best paying entry-level jobs and show you how to get them. Put a trampoline next to that career ladder and bounce right to the top.

1. Social Media Manager
Annual salary: $77,

Social media is changing the way brands speak to their customers. Where once you had to pay thousands to get a TV spot, now you can Tweet, ’gram and TikTok to the masses for a fraction of the price, bringing in huge audiences and big profits. As a Social Media Manager, you’d be in charge of all of that, managing multiple accounts to get the brand’s message across to its audience.

How to get the job: You’ll need to be creative, and some firms will like you to have a degree in marketing or PR. Be imaginative with your application — a resume is great, but a personalized TikTok application could really help you stand out.

Apply for Social Media Manager jobs

2. Software Developer
Annual salary: $,

Software Developers bring websites and apps to life. Pretty much everything you see online has been made by a Software Developer (shout out to Dave in our IT team), from online shops to social media sites, games and highly secure banking platforms. It’s a niche skill, so if you have it you can expect to be paid well for it.

How to get the job: You’ll need a good understanding of coding and various software platforms. Evidence of sites you’ve worked on in the past will also help you in your application.
Apply for Software Developer jobs

3. Human Resource Associate
Annual salary: $73,

Working in HR means looking after everything from people’s paychecks to office disputes and sick leave. You’ll handle all company policies, onboarding, terminations, promotions and more. Basically, you’ll be a big name on campus, and play a crucial role in keeping the business running.

How to get the job: Hiring managers will look for good organizational skills and good interpersonal abilities. A career in customer service can lead nicely to an HR role.
Apply for Human Resource Associate jobs

4. Executive Assistant
Annual salary: $70,

As the right hand of the CEO, an Executive Assistant makes sure meetings happen on time, emails are answered, phone calls are returned and important work gets done in a smooth, organized manner.

How to get the job: You’ll need to be a good people-person with a silver tongue on the phone and excellent time management skills.
Apply for Executive Assistant jobs

5. Marketing Associate

Annual salary: $76,

A Marketing Associate job will see you running big campaigns for a range of clients. You might need to get hands on, liaising with creative teams and account managers to get projects completed. You’ll almost certainly end up drinking a lot of coffee.

How to get the job: Project management skills are a big bonus here. If you can make things happen, show it, and if you’ve delivered projects in the past be sure to shout loud and proud about them. Some firms will want to see a degree, but others will be happy to take on promising talent.
Apply for Marketing Associate jobs

6. Sales Representative
Annual salary: $67,

This job does exactly as the name suggests. You’ll be selling a range of products, either in person or over the phone, and could even end up performing product demonstrations at various events. You won’t be expected to sell ice to polar bears, but if you can it’ll be a bonus.

How to get the job: You’ll need to have a good way with words. Customer service skills will help here, as you’ll have to deal with a lot of different people — not all of whom will be pleased to hear from you.
Apply for Sales Representative jobs

7. Database Analyst

Annual salary: $86,

You’ll be working a lot with computers, analyzing data to help companies make big decisions. You might spend a lot of time inputting figures or building programs that allow data to be managed more easily.

How to get the job: Math knowledge will be key, as well as the ability to understand various bits of software. People from coding backgrounds can often make the switch to a Data Analyst career.
Apply for Database Analyst jobs

8. Paralegal

Annual salary: $62,

A Paralegal is often the first step of a legal career, and will see you managing paperwork, case files and notes for a team of lawyers. You might be working in the legal department of a big company, or in the courts helping the defence of prosecution teams do their thing.

A cool briefcase isn’t guaranteed, but you could afford one with your first paycheck.

How to get the job: You’ll need a BA degree with one year of law experience, or a paralegal certification from an American Bar Association (ABA) program to be a Paralegal.
Apply for Paralegal jobs

9. Environmental Engineer

Annual salary: $95,

Environmental Engineers work on behalf of government agencies to carry out tasks relating to the environment. These could include recycling, waste management, pollution or animal control. You’ll get to spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors, and it’ll be your job to ensure it stays great for generations to come.

How to get the job: Many jobs in this field will require a degree. An understanding of science and geography definitely help you out.
Apply for Environmental Engineer jobs

User Experience Designer 

Annual salary: $,

A User Experience Designer, or UX Designer if you’re in the biz, is someone who helps make websites and apps work properly. They’ll be responsible for putting buttons in the right place, ensuring colors don’t glare, making text readable and making sure every part of a site is accessible for every reader. 
It’s a growing industry, and one that could pay big bucks if you get ahead of the game.

How to get the job: A design degree is a good start, and an understanding of web accessibility will really stand out on your resume.
Apply for User Experience Designer jobs

Web Developer

Annual salary: $,

This job will see you designing and building websites. Unlike a Software Developer, you’ll often be working on the front-end of sites — the bits people can see. You’ll make things match brand guidelines, animate on touch, open on click and work in a way that engages customers.

How to get the job: You’ll need to understand coding and have a keen eye for design. A relevant degree will also come in handy.
Apply for Web Developer jobs

Annual salary: $71,

You’ll be the money person, making you everyone’s favorite in the office. You’ll handle invoices, salaries, bonuses and expenses, making sure all the math adds up and that all the books are in order. 
You’ll probably have to file tax returns too, but unlike everyone else you’ll actually enjoy it.

How to get the job: Math will have been your favorite subject in school, and most firms will expect to see a relevant degree.
Apply for Accountant jobs

Content Strategist

Annual salary: $88,

Content Strategists are responsible for understanding how a brand’s content is working — and how to make it work harder. You’ll work with a lot of words, analyzing their performance and coming up with ideas to keep brands thriving.

How to get the job: A degree in advertising won’t do you any harm, but a portfolio of good ideas is what brands really want to see. Show them you can think outside the box.
Apply for Content Strategist jobs

Annual salary: $78,

Copywriters spend their days writing. Their words can appear on TV ads, posters, emails, birthday cards, websites and, well, anywhere. Chances are every piece of marketing you’ve ever seen has been written by a copywriter, and they're employed across the country in private firms, marketing agencies and huge corporations.

How to get the job: You’ll need to show you’ve got a way with words. A portfolio of copy-led ideas and a cover letter without any typos is a good place to start.
Apply for Copywriter jobs

Mortgage Assistant
Annual salary: $60,

Home is where the heart is. Or for you, home is where the bonuses are. As a Mortgage Assistant, you’ll help people finance their new homes and get them the best deal on their property. You won’t get to enjoy the same smell of freshly baked bread as an Estate Agent, but you will get the sweet taste of satisfaction when you’ve put another family in their dream home.

How to get the job: Good customer service is essential, as are strong organizational skills and a decent background in math.
Apply for Mortgage Assistant jobs

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Browse Average Salary Ranges for Entry Level Jobs

Credit & Collections Representative, Entry

Alternate Job Titles: Credit and Collections Representative I | Credit/Past Due Collections Specialist I

Collects and maintains accurate credit information. Reviews and verifies overdue accounts. Contacts customers to confirm outstanding payments and renews credit information to help minimize outstanding debts. Requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to a manager. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspect View job details

Credit and Collections Representative I

Alternate Job Titles: Credit & Collections Representative, Entry | Credit/Past Due Collections Specialist I

Collects and maintains accurate credit information. Reviews and verifies overdue accounts. Contacts customers to confirm outstanding payments and renews credit information to help minimize outstanding debts. Requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to a manager. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspect View job details

Credit/Past Due Collections Specialist I

Alternate Job Titles: Credit and Collections Representative I | Credit & Collections Representative, Entry

Collects and maintains accurate credit information. Reviews and verifies overdue accounts. Contacts customers to confirm outstanding payments and renews credit information to help minimize outstanding debts. Requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to a manager. Works under the close direction of senior personnel in the functional area. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspect View job details

Entry Office Administration Professional

Alternate Job Titles: Office Services Professional I

Assists in overseeing the administration activities for the organization. Ensures mail is distributed, files are managed, wi-fi is available and reliable, and faxing and printing services are maintained. Supervises the copying of documents and coordinates office and kitchen supply requests. Tracks and documents movement of petty cash. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a supervisor View job details

Office Services Professional I

Alternate Job Titles: Entry Office Administration Professional

Assists in overseeing the administration activities for the organization. Ensures mail is distributed, files are managed, wi-fi is available and reliable, and faxing and printing services are maintained. Supervises the copying of documents and coordinates office and kitchen supply requests. Tracks and documents movement of petty cash. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a supervisor View job details

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How Much Should I be Paid at an Entry-Level Job?

Now that you’re ready to start searching for your first entry-level job, you probably have some questions about how a full-time job will differ from a part-time job or internship. For example, what can you reasonably expect to earn during your first one to two years of post-college employment and what are some other perks that can balance out an entry-level salary?

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about salaries.

What is the average entry-level salary?

According to Glassdoor, the average entry-level job salary in the U.S. is $28,, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what you’ll make at your first post-college job. Compensation for entry-level jobs differs from field to field and city to city so in order to get an accurate sense of what you can expect to earn, it’s important to do your research on your chosen industry. That way, when you start receiving offers, you’ll know how your offer stacks up against others in the field.

How can you find out the entry-level salary for chosen field?

Luckily, researching industry-specific salaries is pretty easy, with sites like Payscale and Glassdoor providing clear salary information for recent graduates—just search by the entry-level position you’re curious about. You can use these sites to compare how entry-level jobs pay by region, since the same entry-level job is likely to pay significantly more in a place like New York City than in a smaller city or town where the cost of living is lower.

Pro Tip: Even if you know exactly what kind of position you want to land, do some research on other jobs within that industry and outside of it. This will give you more insight into the job market in general and help you consider the full range of opportunities available to you.

Can you negotiate an entry-level salary?

After you’ve gotten a good idea of what a general entry-level salary in your field looks like, it’s time to get specific. It’s helpful to take both your professional skill sets and the company you’re interested in into account. When thinking about your work experience and skill set, consider what skills could make you more valuable to an employer. Maybe you excelled at an internship, were able to freelance your way to an interesting resume or earned special academic honors for your killer schoolwork. Take these into account when filling out your application so that you give yourself the best chance of being offered the highest salary possible.

It’s important to note however, that in many cases negotiation isn’t an option for entry-level offers. This is especially the case for structured programs like finance, consulting and medicine, but can apply to other entry-level jobs as well. When considering a job offer, it’s therefore important to consider things beyond salary, such as culture, perks, vacation and benefits. That means making sure you’ve done your research on the company and thinking about what they can offer you that will make the experience a beneficial one. How much you’re comfortable being paid at an entry-level job can be influenced by what you think the experience can give you in a larger sense, outside of just a paycheck.

Jobs for recent graduates will offer different salaries based on where you’re looking to work and what you’d like to do, but once you have a solid idea of what your salary will be, you’ll be well-prepared to start your new career and take the first steps towards advancing in the field.

Next, get more career tips for internships and entry-level jobs such as What is an Entry-Level Job? and find answers to common interview questions such as How to Answer: Are You Willing to Relocate?

Sours: https://www.wayup.com/guide/much-paid-entry-level-job/
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