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40 Devilishly Handsome Haircuts for Black Men

Black men have a rich choice of haircuts, ranging through traditional lengths: short, medium and long. Most men though stick to short and medium-length haircuts, because they offer a stylish and low-maintenance look.

If you are an African American, your naturally thick kinky hair provides you with a bunch of options as to how you can have your hair cut and styled. Your haircut can tell much about you. Active, sporty men, for instance, opt for attractive short hairstyles or imaginative Mohawks. More creative personalities often choose a natural curly look or braided hairstyles. Younger guys love somewhat messy hairstyles with a cool mean look that drives girls crazy.

The Most Popular Haircuts for Black Men

Anyway, you can look through our selection of the popular in 2021 haircuts for African American men and try one of those stylish images.

#1: Bleached High Top

Do you have thick hair that you can’t seem to manage? Try embracing your robust, textured curls. Grow them out on top and throw in some bleached tips. The highlighted short dreads brighten up that hair and make it look more interesting and unique.

#2: Jet Black Flat Top with Shaved Designs

Prove that hairstyles for black men are anything but predictable by etching a cool design around your head. You can make it as simple or intricate as you want, just make sure it reflects your specific style and flair.

#3: African-American Textured Hairstyle

Show off your natural hair in a fresh, new way by letting it roam free … on the top of the head, anyway. The combo of faded temples and textured curls will add some structure and shape to your look that is containable and manageable. Yes, please.

#4: Dreaded High Top

If you thought long, textured locks on top were cool, try adding a cool design or two into the mix and watch the hair sparks really fly. Etch a long line around the entire half of the head to complement the full head of wild curls up top.

#5: Black Closely Shaved Fade

Dynamic black male hairstyles don’t always suggest keeping the hair long (or even medium) on the head. A super-short, barely-there buzz cut leaves little hair up top, but you can make up for it by growing out your beard. This way you can still have some hair on your head, without needing to style or maintain it all day, every day.

#6: Male African-American Temple Fade

Fades are among classic male styles, and it’s easy to see why. The cut delivers a clean, sophisticated look that is far from boring. It’s perfect for those with jam-packed schedules that leave them with little time for grooming.

#7: Designed Mohawk for Black Men

Take your faux hawk fade to new heights by throwing in a cool shape or line on the side. Let your hair be your wearable art and an avenue where you express your creativity. So pick up that razor and start shaving.

#8: Black High Fade with Textured top

Hairstyles for black men are at their best when they show off the natural texture of the hair. Expose your curls, while keeping them contained and opt for a high skin fade if you love stark contrasts.

#9: Retro ‘90s Cut

Remember that flat top haircut made popular in the ‘90s? Well, it’s back and better than ever! Give it a test drive by flattening out your grown-out hair on the top of the head and channeling your inner Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

#10: African-American Super-Short Line Up

Short haircuts are ideal for men on-the-go, as they require little-to-no maintenance. So, if you’re a busy guy with places to go and people to see, try a close cut with line up, and you’ll have a stylish, stress-free grooming routine.

#11: Black Boxy High Top Cut

Some black male hairstyles don’t need to be groomed or touched too often. For instance, the retro high-top with a full, robust beard is quite a statement-maker, but is far from high-maintenance.

#12: African-American Curly Low Fade

The best part about rocking curls is, well, rocking curls. Don’t hide your natural ringlets! Let them grow out and apply some styling gel to keep them looking great throughout the day. Don’t settle for a curl-free life! With a low fade and line up, you’ll have a neat style with natural texture.

#13: Natural High Top for Black Men

Some of the cutest high top fades with long hair on top come out for natural hair type 4 c. Combine with a high fade that works in pair with a line up. This look is great for those who like to have a little fun with their hair and get funky once in a while.

#14: Clean Black Fade with 360 Waves

The most stylish black men’s hairstyles are classic styles with small individual touches like a temple and nape fade, line up, shaved design, etc. Train your hair into 360 waves if you additionally want a textured yet smooth look.

#15: African-American Burst Fade

Natural afros have been in since 1960. Embraced and popularized by music and movie legends, the afro has deservedly become one of most loved black classic style. Upgrade your rounded afro with the popular today burst fade and line up for a modern look.

#16: Curled Mohawk

Mohawks are all well and good, but a textured, curled mohawk is the stuff of legends. This style is incredibly trendy and unexpected, and it gives your look an interesting edge. You’d be surprised how easy it is to style, too!

#17: High Black Fade with Lines

Black hairstyles for men take on sleek and chic forms when lines and 360 waves are involved. A faded cut with a thick, shaved part running from a forehead corner is incredibly cool and funky, without being too outlandish. In other words, it’s office-friendly.

#18: Angular Line up

You’ve probably seen a lot of fades with designs carved around the sides or back of the head. Well, why don’t you break the mold and try throwing your creativity to the front of the house, er, hair. Etch a line at the top-front of the hair to give it a cool spin.

#19: African-American Undercut

Get a little crazy with your hair and let it grow out nice and long – like, really long. You’d be surprised what wild, free locks can do for your look and self-esteem. Just make sure you keep them frizz-free with moisturizing products, curl-defining serums and/or mousse.

#20: Close and Clean African-American Haircut

Show the world how smooth and sleek African-American men hairstyles can be. Grow the hair out a bit and treat yourself to a flawless line up with a temple fade. This will give you some texture while keeping the hair close, manageable and oh-so nice.

#21: Simple Close Cut

Don Cheadle has a high forehead with a receding hairline. That’s why his best choice would be a closely cut haircut. Here is his new style from the Queen Latifah show.

#22: Well-Trimmed Afro

Kinky coils begin to cause you styling troubles only when they are long. And keeping them short and well-trimmed, you are gaining enviable density and fabulous texture. With this haircut Blair Underwood takes the best from what was given to him by nature.

#23: Fade on The Temples

Cuba Gooding Jr has opted for a clean look that can at the same time demonstrate the texture. This short fade haircut with polished temples is stylish, neat and simply cute.

#24: Accurate Buzz

Anthony Mackie shows with his example that natural black hair can be flawlessly cut for an impeccable smart look with geometric precision. I love the clean lines and accurate angles of this short classic hairstyle.

#25: Low Fade

Nate Parker’s low fade features a sculpted afro top with steep sides fading to the bare skin. Add an angled line of hair growth, like Nate’s, and you’ll get one of the chicest black male haircuts ever!

#26: Awesome Fade with Sideburns

Wow, what a flawless fade John Boyega is sporting! It can boast of optimal length and skillful gradation of hair with enviable precision of contours throughout the cut.

#27: Short Tapered Afro Cut

You have probably seen famous male model Adonis Bosso in all kinds of ad campaigns for mega popular brands, and now we can enjoy his handsome profile and chic extra short haircut with length reduction.

#28: Extra-Short Buzz with Slim Sideburns

Michael Wilcher needs an accurate neat haircut that frames his sculptured face but doesn’t distract attention from it. He got it with this extra-short buzz.

#29: Grown Out Buzz

Sasha’s brother male model Tediou M’Baye has grown out his buzz to bring out the texture of his cute dense kinky coils. This cut looks awesome on teenage African American guys.

#30: Polished Buzz

Trey Songz proves that you can acquire a cool smooth look even if your cut is not a fade. Trey keeps it one length that is short and carefully trimmed with particular attention given to the contours.

#31: Side Taper

Usher’s haircut is fabulous. It shows off his natural texture, demonstrates accurate contours and chic tapering of the above-the-ear sections.

#32: Natural Curly Top

Luke James rocks a rather big ‘fro on top with clean steeply tapered sides and back. This awesome haircut requires frequent trimming to keep it in shape, but it’s worth it, undoubtedly.

#33: Tapered Sides

Miguel is endowed by nature with a very cute curly texture that is not excessively dense and unruly. Thus, he chooses this nice medium haircut with tapered sides for a cleaner and more sophisticated gentleman`s look.

#34: Classy Curls and Natural Look

This is an awesome haircut for African American men. Neither short, nor long, it demonstrates natural kinky texture in its best light. Besides, you won’t have troubles, maintaining this thot boy haircut: a little bit of moisturizing gel will do just fine and that’s it.

#35: Extremely Short, Edgy and Wavy

This one is a very trendy haircut, based upon the contrast of lines and accentuated by unique hair texture of black men, – a very worthy option to try.

#36: Easy-Going Curls for an Easy-Going Guy

These trendy and attractive curls look very professional and natural at the same time. You feel like running your fingers through them.

#37: A Flat Top and a Fade Effect

This is a hot and attractive haircut for guys, featuring contrasts in lines and hair length. You will love it because it’s quite original and easy in maintenance.

#38: Simple and Flawless

Classic facial features can’t benefit better than from a simple short buzz haircut. With this haircut people will concentrate on your face, while you’ll always be confident that your hairstyle is flawless.

#39: Showy Frizz with Accentuated Sides

Men’s haircuts with thinner sides always look quite impressive. This haircut will suit any age and emphasize imposing appearance of a man.

#40: Curvy Braids

Braids are a popular theme for Afro-American hairstyles, both male and female. This one looks very harmoniously on younger guys.

Top 100 black men haircuts

There are many hairstyle options for black men to choose, ranging from traditional to more creative ideas. Here is a list of Top 100 Black Men Haircuts you can try.

1. FroHawk Haircut + Burst Fade

 FroHawk Haircut + Burst Fade - Black men haircuts

A classic black men haircut that looks great whether you have wider ringlets or tight curls. Some prefer super short sides with a skin fade. It is a stylish cut that showcases your natural hair texture.

2. Twists + High Fade + Carved Beard for black men

Black men haircuts - Twists x Fade + Carved Beard

A high skin fade on the sides with twists on top creates a stylish profile. The neatly carved beard blends well with the look.

3. Waves + Skin Fade + Full beard

Waves x Fade + Full beard Black men haircuts

Waves have always been cool especially when combined with skin fades. The full beard provides another trendy dimension and a very classy look.

4. Burst Fade Mohawk + Disconnected beard

Black men haircuts - FroHawk + Disconnected beard

The burst fade Mohawk offers a clean fade showcasing a naturally curly hair texture. The disconnected beard creates a clear distinction between your beard and mustache.

5. Curls x Low Fade Haircut

Curls x Low Fade Haircut

It is the most popular way guys cut the hair on the sides. Low fades with top curls have always been versatile as it creates a high-contrast look with the hair at the top.

6. Dreadlocks x Pony Tail + Fade

Black men haircuts - Dreadlocks x Pony Tail + Fade

A style that works well for the blacks is having dreadlocks with a high fade on the sides. Colored ponytail flames up the whole hairstyle making it conspicuous.

7. Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

Skin Fade + beard Black men haircuts

Skin fades are trendy for most men haircuts and are classy for those who blend with a disconnected beard. It gives a clear distinction between your beard and mustache.

8. Taper Fade + Full Beard

Black men haircuts

Taper fade can also work best for you even if your hair is naturally curly. Lots of guys go with the full beard since the trend is still going strong.

9. Afro x Undercut + Skin Fade

Black men haircuts - Afro x Undercut + Skin Fade

A rich hairstyle with a wild curly top. It requires less maintenance and the undercut is all about creating short sides. It can either be faded low or high.

10. Twists + Line Up + Design

Twists + Line Up + Design - Black men haircuts

One of the most favorite black men hairstyles. Twists with a lineup help maintain a fresh and clean look while the design makes the style unique.

11. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Black men haircuts

An amazing taper fade haircut that combines with waves running from the top. You need to keep the beard and mustache disconnected to get the full effect.

12. Colored American haircuts + Hard Part x Low fade

Black men haircuts

Color is a welcome addition to men’s hairstyle. The low fade and hard part keep this cut neat and tidy.

13. Amazing Design for black men haircuts

Black men haircuts

A great way to express yourself is by having an amazing design haircut. There are many barbers worldwide who are talented and can make any haircut you choose a reality.

14. Dreadlocks Mohawk + Line up

Dreadlocks Mohawk + Line up - Black men haircuts

Here is a variant of Mohawk that is made up of dreadlocks and a lineup. The dreads are medium in size and the lineups give an interesting and unique hairstyle.

15. FroHawk x Color + Line up

FroHawk x Color + Line up - Black men haircuts

Black men have the biggest advantage for the FroHawk combined with color on top because of their kinky and naturally thick hair. The color gives on the FroHawk makes you stand out.

16. Crew cut + Line up

Black men haircuts

It is a practical hairstyle that is stylish and requires low maintenance. With this style, you have the choice to maintain your sideburns or not.

17. Crew cut + High Skin Fade + Line up

Crew cut + High Skin Fade + Line up Black men haircuts

Another amazing haircut with sides and back of the hair faded high. This haircut for blacks is hot, stylish and easy to maintain.

18. Waves + Line up + Beard

Waves + Line up + Beard Black men haircuts

A short hairstyle that needs little effort. Wave haircut for black men has always been cool and the guys growing out their beard.

19. Curls + Hard Part + High fade

Black men haircuts

A great hairstyle choice with high faded sides. The hard part defines the contrast between the more voluminous top and the shorter sides.

20. Twists x Color + Temple fade

Twists x Color + Temple fade Black mens haircuts

A unique variant of the temple fades with twists a color combination at the top. It provides a number of options for men.

21. Buzz cut + Line up + Taper fade

Buzz cut + Line up + Taper fade Black men haircuts

This is one of the most conventional buzz cut hairstyles featuring a taper fade and a razor line. The mustache and beard are distinguished neatly.

22. Short Afro + Temple fade

Short Afro + Temple fade + Black men haircuts

Temple fades work great with a short afro. It is a hairstyle that highlights your chiseled face and masculine cheeks.

23. Burst Fade Fauxhawk + Carved beard

Burst Fade Fauxhawk + Carved beard - Black men haircuts

Also known as South of France Fade, the burst fade Fauxhawk features short hair on the sides and long on the top. It gives a classy look for a man with dark beard and mustache.

24. Blow Out for black men haircuts

Blow Out Haircut black men

A hairstyle that has had a long history since the 90’s. It is still wearable in the modern century with shorter sides, styled back and any length on top.

25. Short Curls + Taper fade

Short Curls + Taper fade Black men haircuts

Short curls and taper fade looks amazing for those who know how to deal with them. Consider this taper fade with curls to hide the curly locks.

26. Buzz cut + Disconnected Beard

Buzz cut + Disconnected Beard

The buzz cut is always perfect for bearded men as they like short haircuts. A disconnected beard spices up this haircut.

27. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Black men haircuts - Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

The shadow fade with waves is one of the popular hairstyles for black people. The primary feature of the taper fade is to blend the hair at the top with the hair on the sides.

28. Braids + Line up

Braids + Line up Black mens haircuts

Get in the action with braids, the hottest trend in men’s hairstyle that comes with a lineup cut. It is one of the best-braided hairstyles for black men.

29. Cool American haircuts + Skin Fade

Buzz cut + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

A buzz cut hair is stylish but can also blend well with a high skin fade. It is trendy because of the difference in hair lengths.

30. Crew cut + Drop Fade + Hard part

Crew cut + Drop Fade + Hard part Black mens haircuts

An innovative variation of the classic taper fade haircut. The drop fade is very popular as it can be applied to almost any hairstyle like the crew cut.

31. Sponge Twists + Temple fade

Sponge Twists + Temple fade Black men haircuts

These haircuts are cool! Temple fade with sponge twists looks great on most black men because of the high skills are needed to pull off that look.

32. Crew cut + Carved Beard

Crew cut + Carved Beard Black mens haircuts

It is a crew cut with a fade that relies on dimension. Black men with long beard and face like a legend will find this haircut looking awesome.

33. Dreadlocks + Design for black men haircuts

DreadLocks+ design for black men

A unique dreadlock for men that epitomizes an independent and bohemian lifestyle. The design on the sides is what distinguishes this style from other dreads.

34. Waves + Taper fade + Disconnected beard

Black men haircuts

Waves are always amazing combined with a taper fade, the disconnected beard add a lot of style too.

35. Buzz cut + Hard Part + Line up

Black men haircuts

Also referred to as a line in or a shaved part haircut, it is a modern variant of the classic side part. A razor part can accentuate a high skin fade or a buzz cut.

36. Waves + Taper Fade + Goatee

Black men haircuts

One of the best taper fade haircuts for men. It offers a clean, masculine look that is perfect for both professional and casual situations.

37. Curls + Hard part + Line up

Black men haircuts

The thickness of the hard part may vary depending on individual preference. The curly hairstyle at the top goes beyond with the placement of the part. The lineup provides a stunning look.

38. Sponge Twists + High skin fade

Black mens haircuts

It works best for black men because of the thickness and natural texture of their hair. Their height complements perfectly with a high skin fade on the sides.

39. Afro + Temple fade

Afro Haircut black men

Fades have always been the most popular cuts for black hair. The taper fade afro is straightforward and there are several variations, designs, and styles that can be applied to this haircut.

40. Short Sponge Twists + Line up + Design

Black men haircuts

Whether you want a lineup, a part, or hair design etched in, then you should decide on the length of hair on the top. Short sponge twists work best for a low maintenance haircut.

41. Buzz Cut + High Skin Fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

A classic men’s haircut featuring short hair all around. Generally, buzz cuts are given with electric clippers. Subtle sideburns lines blend with high skin fade on the sides.

42. Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard

Waves + Taper Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men haircuts

Waves are always cool combined with skin fades. The full beard provides another amazing dimension and a very cool look.

 43. Sponge Curls + Taper Fade

Sponge Curls + Taper Fade Black men haircuts

One of the best tapers fades haircuts for black men is the sponge curls. The short side often fades with a beard blackout.

44. Buzz cut + Skin Fade

Buzz cut + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

A buzz cut hair is stylish but can also blend well with a high bold fade. It is cool because of the difference in hair lengths.

45. Waves + Temple fade + Goatee

Waves + Temple fade - Black men haircuts

One of the most cool haircut for men. It offers a great, proper look that is match for both professional and casual situations.

46. Braids + Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard

Braids + Skin Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men haircuts

The fade is a versatile hairstyle that compliments something interesting like the braids.  Classy guys always combine the braids and skin fade with a disconnected beard.

47. Buzz Cut + Hard Part + Taper fade

Black men haircuts

Men who have relatively short hair will find the buzz cut an ideal hairstyle for men. Taper fade seems to work well for all hair and provides the freshest looks this year.

48. Waves + Hook part + Skin Fade

Waves + Hook part + Skin Fade Black men haircuts

It one of the fresh styles featuring close-cropped waves. It has a skin fade that blends into any length at the top.

49. Blow Out + Color

Blow Out + Color Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle for black men that gives an impression of a crazy image. Hair color highlights are the cute trends of blowout long curly hairstyles.

50. Crew cut + Skin fade

Crew cut + Skin fade Black men haircuts

Another very cool crew cut with a skin fade. It is always tapered on the back and at the sides but seems longer on the top.

51. Crew cut + Hook part

Crew cut + Hook part Black men haircuts

This is a short men’s haircut with a side part and can be brushed up into a short pompadour or can be styled with short bangs.

52. Bald Man Beard

Bald Man Beard

A style for the bead-conscious guys that blends well with bald heads. It is one of the hottest and attractive trends that define a guy’s masculine ruggedness.

53. High top + Fade

Black mens haircuts

This cut is tapered at the temple curly sponge to the top and the back of the head to provide a nice effect.

54. High top Fade + Hard part

Black men haircuts

The high top fade comes the highest on top of your head. It combines with lineups to give a stunning look.

55. Crew cut + Drop fade

Black mens haircuts

An ideal choice for men who want to look at their best with a combination of popular hairstyles. Maintenance is kept to a minimum and easily makes a great impression.

56. Sponge Twists Blow Out

Sponge Twists Blowout - Black men haircuts

This is perhaps the newest ways of defining twists, a popular hairstyle for black men that have gained a lot of popularity over the recent years.

57. Slicked Back + Goatee

Slicked Back + Goatee

The top and sides are left with dense and long curls, enhanced with natural products before being slicked backward. A light beard or goatee complements this hairstyle.

58. Blow Out Haircut

Blow Out Haircut 

It might be trending towards the throwback times but is still much wearable in the modern century. Sides are kept short with a slight taper off.

59. Crew cut + High Skin Fade

Crew cut + High Skin Fade Black mens haircuts

The secret of this hairstyle lies in the contrast. The top part becomes more prominent the more you keep the sides shorter. The high skin fade makes the top standout.

60. Curl Sponge + Hard part

Black men haircuts

One of the best ways to get natural looking curls. A short-cut on the side separating the front lineup highlights the top hard part giving you the cutest looks.

61. Waves + Low Fade + Line up

Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle that blends well with a relatively short hair styled by waves on top. The low fade gives a contrasting look when combined with the lineup.

62. Curls + Taper fade

Black men haircuts

Get a little crazy by allowing your hair to grow out nice and slightly longer. This hairstyle features natural curls with a slight taper fade on the sides to highlight the thick hair.

63. Waves + Hook parts + Fade

Waves + Hook parts + Fade Black mens haircuts

An easy to manage hairstyle featuring waves at the top with a lower fade on the sides. The hook parts complement the hairstyle with a clean line up.

64. Curl Sponge + Hi-lo Fade

Curl Sponge + Hi-lo Fade Black men haircuts

The thickness of your hair and natural texture will make this your favorite hairstyle. The Hi-lo fade adds a high profile with a side cut that runs to the back of your head.

65. Afro + Line up for black men haircuts

Afro Black mens haircuts

Afros are cool but require a stylish design to make them pop out. This hairstyle is enhanced with a lineup having slight fades on the sides that can be seen easily from the front.

66. Waves + Taper Fade

Black men haircuts

One of the best haircuts for black men with deep waves. The subtle shaving that depicts a taper fade on the lower sides draws much attention to the onlookers.

67. Waves + Bald Fade

Waves + Bald Fade Black men haircuts

The waves haircut has always been a cool style for men and will require minimal maintenance if combined with a bald fade on the sides.

68. High Top x Curls + Skin Fade

Black men haircuts

One of the trendy hairstyles for black men is the high top fade, mostly preferred because of its versatility. A skin fade makes the high top curls stand out. It looks good with a neatly shaved beard and mustache.

69. Dreadlocks x Half Up Man Bun

Dreadlocks black men

A versatile hairstyle for black men that never age in design. Long dreads can be eccentric when styled up with half-up man bun.

70. Dreadlocks + Color + Disconnected Beard

Dreadlocks + Color + Disconnected Beard Afro Black mens haircuts

Although most dreadlocks go well with a long beard, you can still look at your best with a clean disconnected beard. Adding some color on the ends gives a contrasting appearance.

71. Buzz cut + Taper Fade

Buzz cut + Taper Fade Black men haircuts

It is almost similar to the military buzz cut but has shorter fades on the sides. This is the best hairstyle for guys who want to accentuate a chiseled face and a strong jawline.

72. Waves + Hard Part

Waves + Hard Part - Black mens haircuts

A hairstyle that is most popular with celebrities. The waves appear more stunning because the hard part is made deep to form a contrast with the slightly faded sides.

73. Twists + Taper Fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

Twists with taper fade present a clean look and the precise lines of the haircut have made them dominant among stylish modern men.

74. Long Curls for black men haircuts

Long Curls - Black men haircuts

It can be unpredictable to have long curls but this is what makes the hairstyle much fun. There are infinite ways of styling your spirals whether you choose to blow dry it or air dry it.

75. Curls + Low Fade + Disconnected beard

Curls + Low Fade + Disconnected beard Black mens haircuts

A popular modern haircut for men with wavy or curly hair types. The curly low fade haircut offers a number of styles and variations to maintain your hair when combines with a disconnected beard.

76. Waves + Taper Fade + Original Hard Part

Black men haircuts

If you want to have the freshest looks this year, you might want to try out the taper fade haircut with waves. The original hard part makes you stand out and is highly versatile for other additions or variations.

77. Braids + Skin Fade

Black men Hairstyle

The locks are divided in two and each piece is skillfully braided as the two braids meet at the back. The skin fade makes the style pop out by creating a contrasting appearance on the sides.

78. Short Afro + Line up

Black men haircuts

It is one of the most versatile and modern afro hairstyles. It requires some length on the top and the lineup plays a significant role in your final look.

79. Side Part Line + Skin fade

Side Part Line + Skin fade haircut for black men

A modern variant of the classic side part that accentuates a high skin fade. The part line is extended slightly deeper to distinguish the top hair from the beginning of the fade.

80. Crew cut + Line up

Black mens haircuts

With a shorter cut like a crew cut, you are always prepared to get a clean line up haircut. The shaved layer starts from about two inches above your hair.

81. Waves + Line up

Waves + Line up Black men haircuts

It is a style for those who want a more formal look. It offers different variations and features a combination of texture on top with a clean lineup cut.

82. Mohawk + Hi-lo Fade + Disconnected Beard

Mohawk + Hi-lo Fade + Disconnected Beard Black men Hairstyle

A cool Mohawk with some style at the top featuring hi-lo fade that contrasts the top from the bottom. It gives a long-lasting impression when combines with a disconnected beard.

83. Buzz Cut + Hook Part

Black mens haircuts

One of the low-maintenance haircuts for black men featuring a hook part from the front lineup cut. It looks great with simple beard and mustache.

84. Buzz Cut + Line up + Full Beard

Black men haircuts

The buzz cut has been a classic hairstyle for men who love keeping short hair. Growing a full beard creates a divergence look as it stands out from your hair.

85. High Top + Color + Line up

High Top + Color + Line up Black mens haircuts

Perhaps the most notable types of black men hairstyles this year. It features some color on the high top with a clean undercut. The lineup creates a cool final look.

86. Buzz Cut + Hook Part + Skin fade

Buzz Cut + Hook Part + Skin fade - Black men haircuts

The hook part makes short hairs more charming and buzz cut can be your favorite hairstyle when combined with a high skin fade.

87. Braids + Hi-lo Fade

Braids + Hi-lo Fade Black men haircuts

Such a cool haircut for black men. The braids are divided into two, each piece braided skillfully at the top but left hanging at the back. The Hi-lo fade gives a more stunning appearance on the sides.

88. High Top + Color + Design

High Top + Color + Design Black men Hairstyle

Hair left long and slightly loose at the high top. It blends well with the color and design on the undercut. A versatile hairstyle that can matches several design variations.

89. Waves + Skin fade + Disconnected beard

Waves + Skin fade + Disconnected beard Black men haircuts

A hairstyle with waves at the top is always unique. The lower skin fade uses the disconnected beard technique to add emphasis.

90. Curl Sponge + Taper fade

Curl Sponge + Taper fade Black men Hairstyle

A haircut that makes a statement featuring a curl sponge with a taper fade on the sides. It works well for those with thick hair at the top.

91. Curved Flat Top + Hard Part

Curved Flat Top + Hard Part Black men haircuts

A black men’s haircut that wins the prize for creativity. You might say crazy but this style is incredibly amazing for those who want a different statement for their hairstyles.

92. FroHawk + Disconnected Beard

Frohawk black men

Here is another classic black haircut that breams with creativity. The FroHawk looks great whether you have wider ringlets or tight curls. It is highly emphasized with the disconnected beard.

93. Twists + Hi-lo Fade

Twists + Hi-lo Fade for black men

The twists and Hi-lo fade gives life and moment to the hair left on the top and delivers a noticeable contrast on the sides.

94. Afro + Color + Fade

Afro + color + fade haircut for black men

A variety of colors come handy for those who prefer the Afro. However, the purple color on top seems to blend well with your natural black hair. A well-trimmed beard determines your final look.

95. Buzz cut + High fade + Line up

Black men haircuts

This is the best buzz cut you can get for those who prefer a high fade. The primary secret is contrast and the lineup plays a major role in highlighting the haircut.

96. Natural curls + Mid skin fade

Natural curls + Mid skin fade - black men haircuts

Although curly hairs can be a challenge, it offers cool and original looks. The mid skin fade attempts to distinguish the top hair from the lower beard.

97. Braids + Reverse Fade

Braids + reverse V fade black men haircut

One of the unique and crazy hairstyles for black men. The reverse fade with braids on top gives a modern look and can give you the desired effect when done right.

98. Long Twists Blow Out + Line Up

Twist + fade black men haircut

A blowout haircut that presents you with an up-to-date variation of long contemporary twists. A clean undercut with a rather messy top makes the style appealing.

99. FroHawk + Hard Part

Undercut Long Curly Hair

Adding hair designs or hard parts makes you look extra creative and unique. The FroHawk can be designed to give you one of the best swag haircuts.

100. Bicolor High Top + Hard parts


Black men haircut - FLAT TOP

This is a different version of a High Top haircut for men with a hard part. A different color is added on one side to contrast with your black hair.

Tell us in the comments which one you prefer and what other Top 100 you would like to see!
And if you like this Top 100, share it on the social media, it help us a lot, thanks ✌

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Best Haircuts For Black Men

Finding the best black men haircuts to try can be a challenge if you aren’t sure about what new styles are out there. The top hairstyles for black men usually have a low or high fade haircut with short hair styled someway on top. But with all the latest trends in black men’s hairstyles, guys have never had so many styles worth trying. If you’re looking for a fresh new taper fade haircut as a black guy, this guide to the most popular and fashionable cuts and styles will help you choose a cool look. To inspire you with ideas, check out these 50 cool haircuts for black men to get this year.

Black Men Haircuts


Best Black Men Haircuts

From the high top and afro fade to the wave and line up, these haircuts for black men are hot, easy, and stylish.

Black Guy Hairstyles

High Top Fade

The classic high top haircut is back in all its 90’s glory. Also known as the box cut or box fade, the high top fade is a sharp and structured style perfect for those who want manageable but voluminous hair.

High Top Fade Black Men's Hairstyles

The style involves a fade down to the base of the neck, with short sides and about 3 inches of hair on top. The top section of the hair is cut into a rectangular shape that gives the box fade its name. Some go for longer hair on top, while others will prefer to keep it short and tight.

Black Men Haircuts - High Top Fade

The way you style the flat top depends on your personal preference. For example, some black men prefer low or high top fades with parts or a temple fade with a hair design.

Black Men High Top Fade Haircut

Ultimately, the flat top haircut is a classic for black guys, so ask your barber about this style next time you’re up for a haircut.

Afro Fade

As one of the best haircuts for black men, the afro fade is all about short sides and a wild curly top. With less maintenance required than the box fade, an afro fade with curly twists is a variant of the box cut, allowing for more natural hair growth on top.

Afro Fade Haircuts For Black Men

The sides and back of the hair are faded high, low or skin/bald. In complete contrast to the taper fade, about 3-5 inches of hair is left on top of the head to grow out and style in whatever way you like.

Haircuts For Black Men - Afro Fade

In fact, the afro on top can be long or short with curls, twists, or nappy black hair for a big finish. Overall, the afro fade is a classic black man’s haircut that works perfectly with black hair.

Big Afro Fade Haircuts For Black Hair

Short Part with Fade

The short part line is a popular and surprisingly easy style to pull off. No matter how short and thick your hair might be, ask your barber to shave in a hard part line on either side of the head.

Short Hair Fade with Part

The part adds some disconnected asymmetry to the style, reflecting styles such as the side part or the disconnected undercut. Better yet, a long surgical part can even be one aspect of a cool hair design carved into your fade.

Hairstyles For Black Men - Part With Fade

Line Up

Perfect for those who like to keep a sharp, clean hairline, the line up adds style and structure to your hair. Also known as an edge or shape up, your barber will shave a line straight across your forehead and around your temples to create a boxy look which frames your face.

Line Up Haircuts For Black Men

For black men sporting a buzz cut, waves, or a cool fade haircut, the line up is a distinct and effective way to accentuate a strong jawline and chiseled face.

Black Haircuts - Line Up

The one important thing to keep in mind is that the hairline will grow back fast, so having a pair of clippers at home for regular maintenance can help you keep it looking neat.

Black Men Haircuts with Lines


The wave is a divisive style in the world of hair. Your barber will either love it or hate it, but getting the cut is up to you. You’ll need special tools and product to maintain this hairstyle, most importantly a wave brush and thick hair.

Waves Haircuts For Black Men

Talk to your barber and see if they think the wave haircut could work for your lifestyle and hair type.

Black Men Haircuts - Waves

Curls with Fade

Black men with curly hairstyles always look fresh and trendy. If your hair doesn’t have the type of tight curls required for the afro fade and is instead more like ringlets, loose curls with a fade or undercut could be a great hairstyle choice for you.

Black Men Curly Hairstyles

The curls with fade haircut is certainly a popular hairstyle for black men. The faded sides and back provide a strong contrast to the curls on top, which can be styled loose and messy or parted to the side.

Curly High Top Fade - Curls With Fade

Buzz Cut

Practical, minimalist, and very short: the buzz cut is the hairstyle of choice for many black men. For those who like to play sports and don’t like to deal with difficult hair, the buzz cut is perfect.

Buzz Cut Fade For Black Men

If you’re going to work every day, the buzz cut looks sleek and neat all the time, with very little maintenance required. With your own clippers, you can maintain this style and do it yourself regularly by simply shaving all over your head with the same guard size.

Haircuts For Black Men - Buzz Cut

Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade, also known as a frohawk, is another classic black haircut, and it looks great whether you have tight curls or wider ringlets. Mohawk fade haircuts for black men offer a fashionable and cool look without the need for too much product.

Black Men Mohawk Fade Hairstyles

Simply and easy to get, the mohawk hairstyle just needs a drop or burst fade on the sides with thick, long hair on top of the head.

Hairstyles For Black Men - Frohawk

Some guys like the sides super short with a skin fade, while others like a high taper fade down to the neck. Either way, the haircut is classy, eye-catching, and the perfect way to showcase your natural hair texture with a stylish cut.

Mohawk Fade Haircuts For Black Men

Twists With Fade

Twists have been a staple for black men, but adding the fade to the classic style adds modern relevance. Before you get the cut, you’ll need at least 2 to 4 inches of hair on top of your head.

Black Men Twists Fade Haircuts

The cool thing about the twist with fade haircut is that the fade on the sides allows for variation. For example, you can get a high, low, skin, or burst fade. The final hairstyle will always look polished and unique.

Black Men Hairstyles - Twists With Fade

Cool Haircuts for Black Men

For most black men hairstyles, it’s best to show rather than tell your barber what you want. As a guide, bookmark or save this gallery of pictures to steer your barber in the right direction.

Cool Haircuts for Black Men

These top haircuts for black men are some of the freshest styles this year, so take a picture with you to the barbershop and get the best haircut of your life.

Temple Fade with Sponge Twists

Temple Fade with Sponge Twists

Twisted Curls with Drop Fade

Twisted Curls with Drop Fade

Short Afro Fade with Shape Up

Short Afro Fade with Shape Up

High Skin Fade with Flat Top

High Skin Fade with Flat Top

Mid Skin Fade with Hard Part and Afro

Mid Skin Fade with Hard Part and Afro

Skin Fade with Curly Hair and Beard

Skin Fade with Curly Hair and Beard

Faux Hawk Fade with Hair Design

Faux Hawk Fade with Hair Design

Frohawk with Burst Fade

Frohawk with Burst Fade

Half Moon Part Haircut with High Skin Fade

Half Moon Part Haircut with High Skin Fade

Short Afro Fade with Edge Up

Short Afro Fade with Edge Up

Drop Fade with Curly Frohawk

Curly Black Men Hairstyles - Drop Fade with Curly Frohawk

Low Skin Fade with Buzz Cut and Shape Up

Low Skin Fade with Buzz Cut and Shape Up

Curly Afro Mohawk Fade with Hair Design

Curly Afro Mohawk Fade with Hair Design

Low Afro Taper Fade

Low Afro Taper Fade

Mohawk with Twists

Mohawk with Twists

Waves with Shape Up

Waves with Shape Up

Long Dreads with High Skin Fade

Long Dreads with High Skin Fade

::..How To Do: Men's Braids With A High Top Fade (Braids Hairstyles with Braiding Hair Added)

Top 51 Hairstyles For Black Men

Getting the best black men haircuts can be tricky. With so many cool black men’s hairstyles to choose from, with good haircuts for short, medium, and long hair, picking just one cut and style at the barbershop can be hard. However, the top hairstyles for black men seem to incorporate a low, mid or high fade haircut with some kind of fresh styling on top.

From short buzz cuts and waves to box and Afro fades to curls and twists, haircut styles for black men have never been so fresh and trendy. Black guys can even create their own unique cuts and styles by combining a taper fade and design on the sides, a shape up at the hairline, and a textured top.

From the buzz cut to the burst fade mohawk to the high top fade, here are 51 popular haircuts for black men. Any black man will be inspired by these badass long and short hairstyles!

Black Men Haircuts


Best Black Guy Haircuts To Try in 2021

If you want to look clean and fresh, check out the latest cool black haircuts, including the afro, flat top, dreads, frohawk, curls and the line up haircut. Combine all these styles on top with a taper fade on the sides and you’ll have one of the most popular hairstyles of any black guy.

Whether you’re looking for a temp fade to go with your naturally curly hair, a retro look with an edge up to show off your long hair on top, or a low burst fade mohawk for a modern flair, you’ll love this collection of black haircuts!

Line Up Haircut

Black Men Haircuts - Line Up Haircut

With a buzz cut and line up, this simple yet cool short haircut is a popular one in barbershops. Usually paired with a taper fade on the sides, the buzz cut and shape up look sexy.

Long Top, Short Sides

Black Men Haircuts - Long Top, Short Sides

The burst fade mohawk has been trending strong. This sweet short sides, long top hair trend allows guys to choose from the different types of fades (high, low, mid, bald) and determine whether they want their mohawk to be wide, thin, short, medium or long. Ultimately, the mohawk fade is a badass cut and style women will love!

Temple Fade with Sponge Twists

Black Men Haircuts - Temple Fade, Sponge Twists

The temp fade has always been a favorite among black men. The perfect beard also adds a nice touch.

Twisted Curls with Blow Out Fade

Black Men Haircuts - Twisted Curls, Blow Out Fade

Fresh twisted curls combined with a low fade make this style look good.

High Skin Fade with Twists

Black Men Haircuts - Hi Skin Fade, Twists

The high skin fade on the sides creates a stylish profile that really highlights the twists on top.

Faux Hawk Fade

Black Men Hairstyles - Faux Hawk Fade For Black Men

The awesome haircut design on the sides makes this faux hawk fade a hot look for any guy with thick curls.


Black Men Hairstyles - FroHawk

This frohawk style is ideal for guys who want a short cut on the sides but a long Afro on top.

Low Fade with Twists

Black Men Haircuts - Low Fade

This low skin fade, line up, and short spongy twists offers young black boys a modern cut and style that’s sure to impress anywhere!

Line Up with Waves

Black Men Hairstyles - Line Up, Waves

Adding waves to any buzz cut provides another trendy dimension. Get a good wave brush and pomade to start creating these sleek 360 deep waves. And the thick, full beard makes for a very classy look.

Faux Hawk with Blonde Sponge Twists

Black Men Hairstyles - Faux Hawk, Twists

Another sick hairstyle for black men, this example combines a modern bald fade with thick sponge twists.

Short Buzz Cut

Black Men Haircuts - Short Buzz Cut

Burst Fade Mohawk + Thick Beard

High Burst Fade Mohawk + Thick Beard

Temp Fade + Sponge Twists

Temp Fade + Sponge Twists

Low Taper Fade + Juice Cut + Beard

Low Taper Fade + Juice Cut + Beard

Box Fade

Box Fade + Part

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Full Beard

Buzz Cut + Line Up + Full Beard

Waves + Fade

Waves + Fade

High Skin Fade + Curly Twists

High Skin Fade + Curly Twists



360 Waves + Shape Up

360 Waves + Shape Up

Drop Fade + Curls

Drop Fade + Curls

Low Afro Fade + Long Twists

Low Afro Fade + Long Twists



High Top Fade + Shape Up

High Top Fade + Shape Up

Thick Curly Hair

Thick Curly Hair

Burst Fade + Thick Twists + Hair Design

Burst Fade + Thick Twists + Cool Hair Design

Long Kinky Hair + Full Beard

Long Kinky Hair + Full Beard

Curly Afro + Long Beard

Curly Afro + Long Beard

High Bald Fade + Designs + Short Afro

High Bald Fade + Designs + Short Afro

Low Taper Fade + Short Textured Hair

Low Taper Fade + Short Textured Hair

Thick Afro + Fade + Goatee

Thick Afro + Fade + Goatee

High Drop Fade + Crew Cut + Beard Fade

High Drop Fade + Crew Cut + Beard Fade

High Fade + Line Up + Cool Beard Design

High Fade + Line Up + Geometric Beard Design

Bald Fade + Surgical Part + Short Twists

Bald Fade + Surgical Part + Short Twists

Low Drop Fade + Edge Up + Afro

Low Drop Fade + Edge Up + Afro

Bald Fade + Short Kinky Hair + Full Beard

Bald Fade + Short Kinky Hair + Full Beard

Shape Up

Black Men Haircuts - Shape Up

Line Up Taper

Black Men Haircuts - Line Up Taper

Skin Fade with Waves

Black Men Hairstyles - Cool Skin Fade, Waves

Taper and Hard Part with Wave Cut

Black Men Haircuts - Taper and Hard Part with Wave Cut

High Fade with Disconnected Part

Black Men Hairstyles - High Fade with Disconnected Part

Buzz Cut with Beard

Black Men Haircuts - Buzz Cut with Beard

Curly Faux Hawk

Black Men Hairstyles - Curly Faux Hawk

Flat Top

Black Men Hairstyles - Flat Top

Short Clean Cut

Black Men Haircuts - Short Clean Cut

Skin Fade with Curls

Black Haircut - Skin Fade with Curls

Low Skin Fade

Black Men Hairstyles - Low Fade

High Fade with Curls

Black Men Hairstyles - High Fade with Curls

Fade with Beard

Black Men Hairstyles - Fade With Beard

Hard Part with Cool Twists

Black Men Hairstyles - Cool Twists, Hard Part


Hairstyles black hair mens

After many reader requests, here’s a post dedicated to hairstyles and haircuts for black men.

There are so many options for these fresh haircut styles from close cropped waves to natural twists to geometric flat tops with retro flair.

Most of these styles are a combination of texture on top, a line up and taper fade.

Create your own unique style by choosing length on top, type of curls, and the placement of the fade. For something extra, add a surgical line or hair design.

Whether you want to wear hair short or long, faded or twisted, curly or carved, these are some of the coolest haircuts for black men we’ve seen this year.

Texture is one of the major hair trends of this year for all hair types.

For shorter hair, a waves haircut or by adding a hair design or can create that texture without much length.

If you want to grow your hair long you will find some cool options with braids and dreadlock looks below.

Every month we are seeing new types of fade haircuts. Add a high, mid, or low fade to short or long hair. Take it to the next level with a unique shape, V-neckline, curved part, or shaved line.

There are also haircuts that only work for black hair like the high top fade, modern afros, and stepped cuts. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to add some color for a truly bold look.

Okay, check out these pictures for 47 fresh and cool black men’s haircuts.

1. Waves + Low Fade


Step the Barber

With waves, a line up and blurry fade, this cool short haircut has a lot going on. The beard is also shaped for a clean cut finish.

2. 360 Waves


Eduardo Muller

When a short buzz isn’t enough, 360 waves add plenty of dimensions. This version expertly carves waves so they work with hairs whorl and land just right along the forehead. This is one of the most popular haircuts for black men who want to keep things short and stylish.

3. High Bald Fade Haircut


Wizzy da Barber

With a buzz keeping curls tight up top, this high-low fade raises the hairline dramatically.

4. Short Hair + Low Taper Fade


Frank Soto

This fresh cut has just enough length to create a rounded profile. The skin fade follows the same arc while a line up defines the forehead.

5. Deeper Waves


Frank Soto

Spinner waves look excellent at any length. Take care of those waves with conditioner and regular combing with a wave brush.

6. Short Hair + Burst Fade


Adam the Apprentice

This fresh cut has just enough length to look retro. Keep it tight with short sides and a burst fade.

7. Edge Up + High – Low Fade


Lundon New York

This short cut has just enough length to see some kinky curly texture. The edge up arcs directly into the beard but is interrupted by a low skin fade.

8. Short Sponge Twists + Beard


Pat Regan

This is the same cut as the last one but with more length and a touch of sponge twists at the top. Another haircut that has been one of the most popular haircuts for black men the past couple years.

9. Fade + Surgical Line


Cesar VI

This fresh style is all about geometry and gets extra detail from a surgical line that runs parallel to the tape up.

10. Hi-Lo Fade + Solid Line


Hawk the Barber Prodigy

Another cool style with even more length on top plus color. The sides feature a hi-low skin fade emphasized by a waving line.

11. Frohawk + Color

thetariqnevar-Atlanta_Falcons-Keion Carpenter-Hair-Cut-Color

Tariq Nevar

Keion Carpenter, formerly a defensive back with the Atlanta Falcons, rocks a cool cut and bold color. It’s a short frohawk accented with golden tips.

12. Curls + Temple Fade


Eye the Barber

This cool cut is a modern update on the retro fro. It’s shorter but still has that signature rounded profile. The edges are cool and clean with an edge up and temple fade.

13. Taper + Solid Line


Carlos Rivera

This dope cut combines loose curls on top with a cool fade around the sides and back. Hair tapers from thick down to the skin and is accented by a thick diagonal slash.

14. Twist Curls + Surgical Part


Germaine Walker

This cool cut for black hair extends the hairline into an arced part that also divides long hair from short.

15. Curls + Temple Fade


Dill Black

A temple fade and rounded neckline clean up the edges of this medium length curly cut.

16. High-Low Fade + Detail



We’ve seen other versions of this but every cut is a little bit different. Hair is rounded on top while a high-low skin fade plus surgical line keeps the sides short.

17. Curved Flat Top


Chris Boos

Retro hairstyles for black men are back in a big way. Flat tops for 2016 also feature curves, angles and lines.

18. Flat Top + Stair Step



This cool look will get you tons of compliments.

19. Tall Flat Top



Plenty of height in a flat top is also something to aspire to. This cut features rounded edges instead of the usual squared off sides.

20. Flat Top + Reverse Fade


Shawn Barbz

As if the top wasn’t cool enough, this cut features a double-V design at the back.

21. Long Curls + Surgical Line



This dope cut is actually a prom hairstyle for black hair. He’s looking sharp with long curls on top and down the back and shaved sides with a line accent. One of the coolest haircuts for black men we have seen this year. Very unique.

22. Long Twists + Fade

Ahmad Abdelrazzaq

Some of the best men’s haircuts combine contrasts, like this cool taper fade with long twists.

23. Stepped High Top Fade + Merman Hair Color

Cool Haircuts For Black Men

Maillot Fabien

Every aspect of this high top fade and beard has something interesting going on. The flat top features steps and shapes that are highlighted by multiple hair colors. The fade at the sides includes geometric patterns that complement the shaped beard.

24. Hair + Beard Design

Black Men Haircuts

Seu Elias

A cool trend this year is bringing a hair design into the beard. The jagged lines contrast a curly hair and a rounded beard shape.

25. Short Dreadlocks + Temple Fade + Black Beard

Dreadlocks + Temple Fade Haircut For Black Men

Freshly Faded – Derrick Banks

This dapper lock proves that gentlemanly style is all about the attitude. A temple fade creates a mohawk profile out of short locs. The cool hair looks great with a stylish shirt, suit and scarf.

26. Curly Mohawk

Curly Mohawk Haircut For Black Men

Ruben Cisneros

Here’s another temple fade mohawk but with curly hair instead of locs. A shaved line extends the tape up and provides a linear contrast to the rounded profile.

27. Medium Length Curls + Low Fade + Line Up + Beard

Medium length natural curls

Julius Cvesar

This fresh style combines shaved geometry with spiral curls. A line up and low fade cleans up the edges around medium length hair while the full black beard is shaped with a shaved square at the chin and curved line at the cheeks. This is one of our favorite black men’s haircuts to get right now.

28. Mohawk + Drop Fade

Cool Mohawk + Drop Fade Haircut

Here’s a totally different combination of a curly mohawk fade with a shaved line. The mohawk is concentrated on the top of the head and comes to a peak. A shaved line adds a part on one side while a drop fade goes down to the skin around the sides and back.

29. Medium Locs + Mid Fade

Black Men's Haircut With Medium Dreadlocks

Many medium length hairstyles for men are easier to manage with a fade and these medium length dreadlocks are no exception. With a line up at the forehead and mid fade around the sides and backs, locs can be worn loose or tied back.

30. Long Locs + Shaved Nape + Hair Design

Long Dreadlocks Haircut For Black Men

Julius Cvesar

Shaving hair behind the ears makes long hair easier to manage and looks very cool when worn up, especially when it reveals a cool hair design. These long dreadlocks are pulled up into a messy man bun but that is just one way to wear hair.

31. Half Moon Part + Short Twists

Cool half moon hard part haircut

Pat Regan

This cool high and tight haircut adds some slightly twisted texture to hair on top. A shaved half moon part divides hair into two sections while a pair of shaved lines cross each brow. Totally cool haircut for black men to try out.

32. Short Afro + Shaved Line

Short Afro For Black Men

Freshly Faded – Derrick Banks

This short afro gets a modern update from a squared shape at the forehead and shaved line above a temple fade.

33. Short Afro + Temple Fade

Short Afro Temple Fade Haircut For Black Guys

Lincoln Barber Shop

Here’s another short afro with a temple fade and taper at the neckline.

34. High and Tight + Double Part

High and Tight Haircut

Pat Regan

A pair of shaved parts add a cool detail to a classic high and tight. A great short haircut for black men.

35. Blowout Hair

Blowout Haircut For Black Guys

Ryhan Fernando

Cool curls with a low fade create a cool blowout hair.

36. Fade Haircuts for Boys

Fade Haircut For Black Boys

JM da Barber

You’re never too young to be stylish. This high and tight has plenty of texture on top. Fade haircuts are a great option for boys because they look great without styling.

37. Southside Fade Haircut

Southside Fade Haircut

Javi the Barber

The Southside fade is a variation of the high and tight that takes the fade all the way up to the crown of the head. It makes a bold statement with very little hair and is the ultimate low maintenance style. It is also an excellent choice for balding men because the fades extends over thinning hair at the crown.

38. Modern Afro Haircut

Modern Afro Haircut For Men

Lincoln Barber Shop

This longer afro haircut gets a modern finish from shorter sides and a vertical front instead of that classic rounded shape.

39. High Top Fade

High-Top Fade Haircut

Julius Cvesar

The high top fade is one of those cool hairstyles for black men that never goes out of style. Wear it in all it’s 90s glory with a turtleneck or style it modern.

40. Twisted Hi-Top Fade + Infinity Part

Twisted Curls High-Top

The Burgh Barber

This updated version of the hi-top fade adds lots of texture and a cool side part that meets the mid drop fade.

41. V-Shaped Neckline

V-Shaped Neckline Haircut For Black Men

The Burgh Barber

This V-cut neckline is a cool way to finish a mohawk or many other short haircuts.

42. Pompadour + Temple Fade

Black Men's Haircut Pompadour

kutz by kaine

This fresh looks cuts kinky curly hair into a rounded pompadour shape instead of the more common flat top. A temple fade at the sides contributes to that classic pomp shape.

43. Curly High Top Fade

Curly High Top Fade Haircut

Victor Cruz

This cool medium length haircut for black hair wears that classic high top with curly texture.

44. Buzz Cut + Line Up + Hair Design

Buzzcut For Black Boys

Shan Q Sharp

This buzz cut shaped with a line up and three shaved arcs is a high style, no maintenance cut that works for men and boys.

45. Waves Haircut With Hard Part

360 Waves Haircut For Black Men


The waves haircut is all about texture. A combination of growing hair out and brushing hair creates a spiral of waves that get more defined over time. Waves can coil around the head in 360 waves or add a fade. A super cool black men’s haircut for short hair.

46. Blue Hair + Pompadour

Cool Hair Design For Black Mens Hair

Jerrin Hawes

Plenty of guys straighten hair to create a pompadour. This gentleman takes the look to the next level with blue hair color, an undercut and elaborate hair tattoo.

47. Shaved Head + Long Beard

Shaved Head + Beard

Wizzy da Barber

This look is all about the beard. A shaved head means all attention is on the full and wide black beard shaped into a perfect curve at the chin and cheeks.

There you have it some really cool haircuts for black men from short hair, to medium length hairstyles to longer hair on top.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

How I Twist My Hair - Very Short Curly Hair Tutorial (Black Men)

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