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About Delta Dental

We protect more smiles than any other dental benefits provider.

Whether you're self-employed, transitioning from an existing dental insurance plan, retired, or just need dental coverage because your employer doesn't offer it, we offer cost-effective choices for individuals and families.

A not-for-profit organization, we're passionate about people and oral health. With the largest dental network in the U.S., our dental plans cover more people — individually and through company plans — and have more participating dentists than any other dental benefits insurance coverage program. With over 60 years of experience, and 62 million smiles covered in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, you can rely on Delta Dental for friendly, caring customer service, easy claims processing and easy, no-cost quotes.

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Affordable Dental Coverage for the whole family!

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About Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental is the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance. "Delta Dental" refers to the national network of 39 independent Delta Dental companies that provide dental insurance. Their core purpose is the advancement of the oral health of their customers, partners and consumers through dental insurance and the philanthropic efforts of Delta Dental companies.

As the first company to specialize in dental benefits, Delta Dental is passionate about oral health and its importance to future generations. Delta Dental member companies serve more than 80 million Americans enrolled in over 89, groups, and they help protect more smiles than any other dental insurance company.

For over 50 years, Delta Dental has worked to improve the oral health of Americans by emphasizing preventative care and making dental coverage affordable to a wide variety of employers, groups and individuals.

Why choose Delta Dental?

  • The most extensive dental network offering the widest selection of dentists nationwide.
  • Higher annual plan maximums
  • Affordable premiums
  • Dental and Vision benefits available on some plans
  • Use plan benefits nationwide
  • Brand name recognition

Who We Are

Delta Dental is America's largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier, providing dental coverage to over 80 million people nationwide. With Delta Dental, you can choose from a national network of more than , dentist locations nationwide.

  • Delta Dental member companies serve over one-quarter of the estimated million Americans with dental insurance, providing national dental coverage to over 80 million people in over 89, groups.
  • Delta Dental Premier offers a network of dentists that encompasses more than , dentists and over , office locations -- the largest network in the country.
  • Delta Dental PPO has a national network of more than 68, dentists practicing in over , locations.
  • DeltaCare USA has over 22, dentist office locations.
  • Delta Dental member companies posted approximately $15 billion in premium revenue during fiscal year , the system's 29th consecutive year of financial gains.
  • In , Delta Dental member companies processed over 81 million dental claims, or approximately million every week, with an accuracy rate of percent.
  • Delta Dental's unique cost-control measures and contractual agreements with dentists help to ensure quality care at moderate fees, collectively saving subscribers with group dental coverage over $ billion in

* Delta Dental is coverage underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company and available to members of Benefits Association Inc, in the Enterprise states. (AL, CA, DC, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, MD, MS, MT, NV, NY, PA, TN, TX, UT and WV)

Our best-selling Delta Dental plans

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Dental for Everyone
Gold PPO

Largest network of dentists

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $

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Dental for Everyone
Diamond PPO

Benefits increase after the first and second years

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $

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Dental for Everyone
Immediate Coverage

Immediate coverage with no waiting periods

Plan Type: PPO
Plan Maximum: $

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See why our Delta Dental Customers trust us to help them find the right plan

"I had a great experience with Manny. He is really helpful and funny at the same time which made me not afraid to ask as many question as I would like too."
"Reuben, the customer service individual could have not been more helpful (very knowledgeable) and was very pleasant to do business with. If the other employees are as competent and helpful as Reuben then, yes, I would recommend this company to anyone!"
"Very helpful in identifying the best plan to suit our needs. Agent was professional, polite and efficient. Would recommend without reservations."

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Delta Dental
Dental for Everyone Diamond Premier

Who can enroll in this plan?

Individuals who are 18 years of age, and their eligible dependents (unmarried children from birth to age 26). Individuals 65 years of age and over are eligible to enroll, and will be charged the same rate as those enrollees under

As long as you meet the plan’s general eligibility requirements and pay the applicable premium, your acceptance is automatic.

Delta Dental Insurance Company
P. O. Box
Alpharetta, Georgia

Disclaimers and Disclosures:

Dental for Everyone Plans are underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company. Coverage under the plans is available only to Benefits Association Inc. (BAI) members. If you are not a member of BAI you must join to be eligible for Dental for Everyone Plans. Estimated premium includes the $ per month membership dues for BAI and a monthly billing fee. Coverage under the plans is only available to BAI members in AL, CA, DC, DE, FL, GA, LA, MD, MS, MT, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT and WV.

This is a general group summary of the features of the Delta Dental Insurance Company plan issued to Benefits Association, Inc. When you purchase the plan you will receive a Certificate of Coverage that details your rights and obligations, as well as those of the insurance company.

This website provides a very brief description of some of the important features of this plan. It is not the insurance contract, nor does it represent the insurance contract. A full description of benefits, exclusions and limitations is contained in the Schedule of Benefits and your policy.

Rates shown are based upon the information you provided, and are subject to change based on the dental and/or vision plan's underwriting practices and your selection of available optional benefits, if any. Final rates and effective dates are subject to underwriting and are always determined by the dental insurance and/or vision insurance company. To be considered for reimbursement, expenses must qualify as covered expenses.

This site was designed to provide you with a general description of the plans you requested. Keep in mind that it does not include all the benefits and limitations outlined in the policies -- it is the insurance contract, not the general descriptions on this website, which forms the contract between you and the insurance company. is paid by the Insurance Company we represent. We earn commissions for each policy we sell. The commission rates vary by Insurance Company and may increase based on sales volume. There may also be a bonus or incentive. For more information on a purchased plan or plan quoted to you, please reach out through our contact us page. Inc, its suppliers or any third parties named in this site are not liable for any damages that result from using, or inability to use, the website and material listed within it, whether based on warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory and whether or not Inc is advised of the possibility of such damages. This includes, but is not limited to, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits or damages resulting from lost data or business interruptions.

The use of the website and its material, some of it supplied by third parties, is at your own risk. Although we strive to provide the most current and complete information on this website, we make no representations about the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the material found here. Please note that updates are made periodically to the website and we reserve the right to make them at any time.

The Smooch: Cavity Protection - Episode 2 - Delta Dental

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Find the Best Dental Insurance for You

Welcome to We make comparing dental insurance plans easier to accomplish for employers, families, and individuals. Within our extensive portfolio you’ll find quotes from top carriers like Madison Dental, Delta Dental, Careington, and Standard Life. In the designated area above, submit your zip code to locate a discount or full coverage dental insurance plan that’s right for you.

Provide your zip code and we will give you a list of dental plans that are locally available. A dental plan that’s a good fit, for your budget and needs, can be found no matter what part of the country you live in. We invite you to consider plan details for low cost dental insurance in a format that’s easy to understand. Our simple yet comprehensive charts make comparing rates, co-pays, and deductibles a much more straightforward affair.

Finding a dentist nearby who accepts your plan is a lot easier with Our wide-ranging options can provide you with access to crown, root canal, and orthodontia discounts. Find the dental health plan you need: full coverage or discount.

Affordable Dental Insurance that Works for You

Let us help you identify affordable dental insurance that works for you and for your entire family. With our support, you will have no trouble finding the correct one. Please direct any inquiries for further plan details to [email protected] We are ready to provide you with answers and solutions.

Discover exactly what you are looking for at the best price. Our customer service department is ready for you. Family, employer, and individual dental plans are all within easy reach.


Delta dental for everyone dental

Important information regarding coronavirus: As variants of the coronavirus emerge, Delta Dental advises its customers, providers, and others within our communities to follow the CDC’s guidelines. Learn more.

We make it easy to protect your smile and keep it healthy, with the largest network of dentists nationwide, quick answers and personalized service.

Individual dental insurance plans

Find your Delta Dental

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The national network of Delta Dental companies protects more smiles than any other dental insurance company. 

Have a question about coverage or looking for dental insurance? Connect with your Delta Dental to learn more.

Access your insurance and the tools to help you use it anytime, anywhere with the Delta Dental mobile app. App features may vary by geographic area and individual dentist participation.

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Learn about your Delta Dental benefits
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A healthy smile can make all the difference. That's why keeping smiles healthy is what we do. Whether enabling you to take care of small dental concerns before they become big problems or making complex dental treatments more affordable, a dental plan from Delta Dental can help you and your family achieve better overall health.

Dental insurance makes dental care more affordable! With a focus on prevention, dental insurance typically covers professional services like routine check-ups, cleanings and exams at %. This helps reduce out-of-pocket costs, so you pay less for the dental care you need.

  • check-mark-green

    Improved overall health: Research shows good oral health has a positive effect on overall health and well-being. During an oral exam, your dentist can detect signs of + diseases just by examining your mouth!

  • check-mark-green

    Encourage routine dental care for long term benefit: During preventive check-ups, your dentist is better able to detect problems early on and help you avoid more costly and complex procedures in the future.

  • check-mark-green

    Cost savings and budget management: Dental insurance helps you save money by covering up to % of preventive cleanings and check-ups and portions of more extensive procedures.

  • check-mark-green

    Coverage for the unexpected: Oral health problems can appear unexpectedly. Dental insurance makes it easier and more cost-effective to get the care you need so you don’t have to worry about the future.

At Delta Dental, we offer a wide variety of affordable individual dental insurance plan options. Explore our PPO, Dental HMO, managed, and discount dental plans, and learn about the different types of dental insurance coverage we offer using the chart below.

Delta Dental PPO is our preferred-provider option program. With Delta Dental PPO you have access to a network of dentists who accept reduced fees for covered services, giving you the lowest out-of-pocket costs.

Delta Dental Premier is our original fee-for-service plan that offers the largest network of dentists. These dentists have agreed to contracted fees with Delta Dental, so for covered services, you pay no more than your copay and deductible.

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier combines the Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier networks, which gives you the benefits of Delta Dental PPO and more. With this plan, even if your Delta Dental Premier dentist is not in the PPO network, you still receive the benefit of that dentist's contracted fee.

DeltaCare USA is Delta Dental’s dental HMO, which offers low-cost dental coverage with a focus on preventive care. Enjoy minimal or no copayments for preventive care and choose from a network of dentists to manage your dental needs.

Delta Dental Patient Direct

Delta Dental Patient Direct is a dental service discount plan. You choose from a panel of participating dentists who charge discounted fees for their services. You pay the discounted fee directly to your dentist at the time of treatment - with no paperwork to file

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Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™

Delta Dental Patient Direct

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Plans and rates vary by state. Dental benefits are administered by the independent Delta Dental companies.

DeltaVision®: DeltaVision is a vision plan, that offers pre-negotiated discounts on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and laser vision correction. DeltaVision may be available separately or as a part of your dental insurance.

Shop for a plan for you and your family.

Delta Dental companies offer individual and family dental plans in most states. Enter your state to learn more.


You will be directed to your local Delta Dental website.

Why do I need a dental plan?

Dental insurance helps you get the professional care you need to maintain your oral health, including regular teeth cleanings, fluoride and sealant treatments, and other types of preventive and restorative care. Routine brushing and flossing at home is a great place to start, but care from dental professionals is critical to achieving and maintaining a healthy smile and better overall health. 

What should I look for when shopping for dental insurance?

When shopping for dental insurance there are a number of factors to consider in order to choose the best plan for you and your family. First, evaluate your individual needs and understand your budget. Then, take a look at the different kinds of dental plans available in your area and what’s covered in each plan. You will also want to look at network size and applicable restrictions. 

What is the best dental plan for me?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dental plan, and one size does not fit all. Consider and try to anticipate the specific coverage needs of each member of your family and evaluate which plan is financially feasible by looking at things like annual maximums and deductibles, along with the type of services that are covered, to ensure that you will receive the level of care your family needs. 

Can I expect a waiting period?

Delta Dental encourages prevention, so generally, services like cleanings, x-rays, and exams are covered from day one. Some services such as fillings, crowns, or bridges may have a waiting period depending on your dental plan. Please review the details of your plan or contact our customer service team for specific information. 

Does dental insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

For cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening, coverage is usually not provided by employer plans and is rarely provided by any type of dental insurance.

What is some dental insurance terminology I should know?

The following are dental terms that are helpful to be familiar with:

- Premium: The monthly, quarterly, or annual amount you pay for dental benefits.

- Deductible: The dollar amount that a member must pay towards covered services before insurance benefits are paid. This can also be referred to as out-of-pocket costs.

- Coinsurance: The percentage of the costs you pay for a dental treatment after you meet your deductible.

- Copay: The fixed dollar amount you pay for a service covered under your dental plan.

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Viewing plans for , Date of Birth:    Effective Date:

Group dental insurance coverage presented through Benefits Association, Inc. (BAI)

Should you decide to enroll in one of these plans:

  • Membership in BAI is required. However, if you are not currently a member of BAI, you will be prompted during the enrollment process to accept membership in BAI.
  • The rates stated below include monthly billing, administration, and BAI membership fees
  • If you are currently a BAI member, please call the member services number located on the back of your membership card to enroll
If you would like to compare the benefits of the plans, you can do so by placing a check mark in the box at the top left corner of each plan and click the compare button. The percentages listed to the right of Plan Pays increase over a three year period. The lower percentage represents the first year coverage while the higher percentage represents coverage in the third year.

This website provides a very brief description of some of the important features of these plans. A full description of benefits, exceptions and limitations is contained in the Certificate of Coverage that will be issued upon completion of enrollment and receipt of applicable premiums and or enrollment fees.

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