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20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

You have several options when deciding which part-time job is right for you. Many part-time positions have the potential to earn well above minimum wage. In this article, we examine 20 part-time jobs that pay well. While the jobs listed below are almost always hourly, shift-based or self-scheduled, there are many other positions that can become part-time by speaking with your manager or prospective manager. There are also many traditionally full-time positions that employers might be looking to fill part-time. You can find these jobs by filtering by part time on the left-hand side of the search results.

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High-earning part-time jobs

1. Customer service representative

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Communicate with customers on behalf of a company. Communication may be done in-person, over the phone, via email or website chat. Customer service representatives ensure customer concerns are addressed and feedback is relayed to the right teams.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent will be required for most jobs, however, some roles may require a special license if in finance or insurance industries.

2. Bank teller

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Greet customers when they arrive and direct them to the appropriate station within the credit union. Process deposits, withdrawals and other banking transactions for a high volume of customers.

Requirements: Basic math skills, completed training by the bank.

3. Warehouse worker

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Organize, retrieve and maintain inventory as shipments arrive to the warehouse. Replenish stock when it runs low and keep the warehouse organized and clean. Data entry or machine operation may be required in some warehouse roles.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent may be required. Ability to lift and move inventory that may be heavy.

4. Personal driver

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Drive passengers to and from different locations. Provide excellent customer service to ensure passengers are comfortable. Drive safely, keep a clean vehicle and find the most efficient routes.

Requirements: Reliable form of transportation, valid driver&#x;s license, clean driving history.

5. Phlebotomist

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Perform blood draws on patients for various medical tests. Label vials with correct patient information. Provide a positive experience by selecting the best collection method depending on the patient&#x;s needs.

Requirements: Valid phlebotomy certification (details vary by state).

6. Delivery driver

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Pick up orders and safely deliver them to their intended destination. Delivery driver job duties vary depending on who they work for and may involve planning routes to ensure an efficient delivery trip as well as documentation of goods that have been delivered.

Requirements: Delivery drivers are required to have a valid driver&#x;s license. Many companies also want to see a clean driving record or may require applicants to take a driving exam.

7. Nanny

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Provide childcare within a designated time frame. Responsible for feeding, bathing and putting children down for naps. They also organize activities, help with homework, oversee playtime and may be tasked with driving children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

Requirements: Reliable form of transportation, experience caring for children.

8. Mail carrier

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Deliver incoming and retrieve outgoing mail and packages. Follow specific mail routes and provide proper notice in case of a failed delivery attempt. Ensure signature is provided on certain deliveries.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent, passing score for entrance exam.

9. Bookkeeper

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Bookkeepers can work for a company or set their own schedules by maintaining their own client base. They are responsible for balancing and maintaining accurate ledgers. Bookkeepers coordinate bank deposits and report financial results on a regular basis.

Requirements: Bachelor&#x;s Degree in Accounting or related field.

Brand ambassador

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Embody professionalism and brand personality as an interactive, customer-facing representative. Distribute marketing materials like samples, flyers or coupons. Answer questions about the brand or product and inform customers about upcoming specials or events.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent preferred.

Security officer

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Security officers are responsible for keeping watch over a specific place of business. Duties may include inspecting buildings, apprehending trespassers or unauthorized individuals, reporting security breaches or violations and reviewing security cameras.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent is typically required. Some businesses may require a driver&#x;s license as well as a clean background check.


Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Receptionists work in a variety of settings. Duties may include answering phone calls and emails, helping clients make appointments, welcoming clients, data entry and taking messages for key staff.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred for most receptionist positions. Communication and organizational skills are essential to this career.

Personal shopper

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Develop a loyal customer base and deliver consistent, high-quality shopping experiences. Maintain deep knowledge of various stores and their products. Make purchase recommendations based on the client&#x;s needs.

Requirements: High school diploma or GED preferred.


Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Freelancers are individuals who sell a specific talent, skill or product by setting their own prices and working hours. There are freelance designers, photographers, writers, consultants and more. They are responsible for building their own client base and handling all payments.

Requirements: Varies based on freelancer.

Construction worker

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Construction workers use tools and machinery to build various projects. They work with a team to complete whatever project the manager has outlined.

Requirements:Construction workers must have physical mobility in order to lift and move heavy objects. There are various licenses and certifications that construction workers can pursue if they wish to operate more advanced machinery.


Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Ask students about difficult topics or subject areas to set improvement goals. Review recent homework assignments and tests to work through problems the student did not answer correctly. Communicate with parents/guardians about trouble areas or any other issue that requires attention.

Requirements: Reliable form of transportation, ability to pass a background check and drug screening.

Administrative Assistant

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Administrative assistants work to support customers, employees and management teams. Job duties are varied and typically involve administrative work such as answering calls and emails, setting appointments, data entry and supporting the needs of the business.

Requirements: Administrative assistants typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, although some employers may desire a bachelor&#x;s degree.

Real estate agent

Average salary:$82, per year

Job duties: Network and prospect to find potential clients. Travel to properties with clients to show homes and help them compare properties based on their needs. Guide clients through the process of staging and preparing their homes for sale. Negotiate contracts so the terms are as favorable as possible for the client.

Requirements: Current and valid real estate license.

Occupational therapist

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Conduct patient evaluations to determine physical condition, limitations and personal goals. Communicate with health care providers to confirm plans of care. Provide therapy guidance, support and education during patient sessions. Generate reports for patients and their physicians and families.

Requirements: Master&#x;s Degree in Occupational Therapy, current state OT license.

Speech pathologist

Average salary:$ per hour

Job duties: Evaluate, diagnose and treat clients with vocal impairments. Create a treatment plan with various activities and exercises based on patient needs. Perform individual and group therapy sessions. Work with other health care professionals to confirm and improve upon plans of care.

Requirements: Valid state speech pathology license.

Getting a part-time job provides flexibility to spend time with family or pursue other passions or sources of income. While these jobs are high-paying options for those in search of a part-time position, there are many others that might be a good fit for you. For any job title, you might find it useful to perform a salary comparison to discover the average pay in your location.


Easiest Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Income

Are you looking for an easy part-time job? There are many options available, depending on your expertise and needs.

Perhaps you want a second job that’s less demanding than your first one. Or maybe you’re in school and want to earn some extra money while still having time for your studies. You might need a weekend job, or simply want to boost your income with a part-time job that isn't too stressful.

Before you start applying, remember that an “easy” or "best" job is in the eye of the worker. It all depends on what’s a good fit for you.

What might seem to you like the easiest job ever could be challenging for someone without your skills.

For example, if you’re a people person who loves to talk to anyone and everyone, being a product brand ambassador could be a great fit. But, if you’re an introvert who would rather work quietly on your own, there are other options that would most likely be a better fit for you.

Keep that in mind when you’re reviewing job options and considering which jobs you could do without working too hard. Review tips for lining up a job that fits your needs and your availability.

25 Easy Part-Time Jobs

Here’s a list of some of the best part-time jobs that can boost your earnings without increasing your stress levels:

1. Appointment Setter

If you have good communication skills, appointment setting could be the job for you. You’ll be setting up appointments for salespeople, either in-person or on the phone. You may need to call prospective customers, or you could be following up on leads generated by the company. According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for appointment setters is $

2. Brand Ambassador

If you’re a friendly people person with enthusiasm and the ability to stand on your feet, and you can work flexible hours, including weekends, this job might be a good fit. Brand ambassadors communicate, give away samples, and share product benefits with prospective customers. Per Glassdoor, full-time brand ambassadors make around $32, per year.

3. Classroom or Library Monitor

Whether it’s in a classroom, library, gym, or on a bus, a monitor is responsible for keeping order and maintaining discipline. The job requirements include strong communication skills, and the ability to work with children. Comparably says that full-time classroom monitors earn around $21, annually.

4. Customer Service 

If you like helping people, troubleshooting problems, and solving issues, a job in customer service is worth considering. There are many different roles available, and many customer service jobs involve online work so you can work from home. The schedule is flexible, so you may be able to easily work around your day job or school schedule. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that customer service representatives earn median hourly pay of $

5. Data Entry 

Data entry is another job that can be done either online or on-site. You’ll need to be able to type quickly and accurately. For some jobs, you’ll need specialized skills like a knowledge of legal or medical terminology. Do be aware that there are many online data entry scams, so take care to avoid them. One dead giveaway: data entry jobs that pay much more than the typical hourly wage of around $

6. Delivery Driver

Do you have a reliable car? Do you like driving? There are plenty of jobs available delivering food, flowers, packages, and anything else that is delivered directly to a customer’s front door. These jobs offer median pay of $ per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Some positions come with great perks, like free or discounted food, auto insurance discounts, roadside assistance, and a flexible schedule.

7. Fitness Instructor 

Do you spend a lot of time at the gym? Becoming a fitness instructor is a way to get paid for sharing your healthy lifestyle. Depending on your skill set, you could provide individual instruction as a personal trainer or teach group classes. This job pays a median hourly wage of $, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

8. Food/Product Demonstrations

Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Many grocery stores, product manufacturers, and specialty retailers hire part-time workers to demonstrate recipes and provide product tastings. If you’ve got kitchen skills, consider using them to earn some extra money. Per Snagajob, demonstrators earn an average of $11 per hour.

9. Freelance Work 

Freelancing is a way to use the skills you have already developed to boost your earnings. There are many employers who don’t want to commit to adding an employee to the payroll, and freelance job opportunities are plentiful. You can work as much or as little as you want. If you’re not sure what you could do, browse the job postings on Upwork or Outsourcely to get some ideas. Pay varies widely depending on area of expertise and client base, but skilled freelancers earn a median hourly rate of $28, according to Upwork’s Freelancing in America study—more than 70% of workers in the U.S.

Guest Services Representative

Hotels, clubs, museums, visitor centers, event spaces, children’s activity venues, and other organizations need guest services associates to help things run smoothly. You could be taking reservations, planning a party, giving a tour, or hosting an event. The hours are flexible, and you can work on an event-basis or a regular schedule. On average, these jobs pay an average of $ per hour, according to PayScale.

Hotel Concierge

If you have the scoop on the best places to dine and things to do in your community, a part-time job as a concierge at a hotel or resort will enable you to share your advice with guests. Staffing a concierge desk is a good easy job option for someone with people skills. Per PayScale, the average hourly wage for a concierge is $

House Sitter/Caretaker

One of the best things about being a house sitter or a caretaker is that you don’t actually have to do anything other than make sure the property you are watching is safe and secure. You may need to arrange repairs if there’s a problem, and perhaps do some routine maintenance. When you’re working for the right client, it’s not much different than hanging out at home. PayScale’s data shows that house sitters earn an average hourly rate of $

Market Research/Survey Caller 

One of the easiest types of phone calling jobs is conducting surveys or market research. You don’t have to try to sell anything. Rather, you’re asking questions or collecting information for your employer. Market research callers typically earn an average of $ an hour per Indeed.


Many greeting card, flower, newspaper, and other specialty items in grocery stores, department stores, and pharmacies are stocked by outside vendors. Those vendors hire part-time merchandisers to replenish displays, order stock, and set up promotions. The hours are part-time and flexible, and if you can lift boxes, this is an easy job to do. This jobs pays an average of $ per hour, according to PayScale.

Newspaper Delivery

The paper boy (or girl or person) still exists. If you have early morning availability and a reliable car, delivering your local newspaper can earn you some extra money. You might also be able to get a gig delivering phone books. (Yes, those still exist, too!) Per Indeed, paper carriers earn an average of $ a week.

Online Sales

There are people who make a decent living selling on eBay or Amazon. There are others who use it as a way to supplement their income by selling online. If you’re crafty, Etsy is an option for selling your wares. Does your closet need a clean out? Sites like Poshmark make it very easy to sell your extra stuff.

Parking Attendant

The easiest parking job may well be booth attendant, where you dispense or take tickets and collect fees. If you’re a car buff, valet parking might be the job for you. The job pays around $10 an hour, but depending on where you work, you may have the opportunity to park some very special vehicles. You’ll need a valid driver’s license for most positions.

Pet Sitter

Are you an animal lover? If you’ve got room in your home for a guest or two, you can earn money taking care of dogs, cats, and other pets while their owners are away. That’s the easiest way to do it, but pet sitters who come to the owner’s home are also in demand. Sitters earn an average of $ per hour, according to PayScale. Check out apps like Wag and Rover for easy ways to get started.


When you think about what makes a job easy, also think about what makes a job fun. Working for a huge mainstream retailer might not be your idea of a great job, but there are small local companies that could be an option. Think bookstore if you’re a book lover, pet store if you’re a pet lover, liquor store if you’re a wine connoisseur, or hardware store if you’re handy. Some of the best hourly retail jobs pay between $9 and $25 an hour.

Rideshare Driver

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies pitch themselves as one of the best ways to earn easy money. You can sign up online to get hired, you may be able to get paid instantly, and you can set your own schedule. Do keep in mind that you’ll need a reliable four-door vehicle, driver’s license, and insurance to get started. Per Ridester, Uber drivers can earn between $5 and $25 per hour on average, depending on their city.

Restaurant Host

Working as a waiter or waitress is a common second job, but a host or hostess job may be easier for some. If you’re outgoing and friendly, can manage the guest flow if the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, and can juggle phone calls while you’re doing other tasks, this is an option to consider. These jobs earn an average hourly wage of $, according to PayScale.

Salon/Spa Front Desk/Reception

Are you able to multitask? Are your interpersonal skills top-notch? Front desk positions involve greeting clients, managing a schedule, and answering the phone. You may also handle product sales and give tours to new or prospective clients. Receptionists earn a median hourly rate of $, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social Media Helper

Some of us can’t get too far away from our social accounts. If you’re one of those people who spends too much time on social, you can put it to good use and get paid for using your social media skills. Businesses, large and small, need help promoting their companies and engaging with customers. According to PayScale, social media specialists earn an average hourly rate of $

Test Proctor

As with most of these jobs, you’ll need flexibility in your schedule. Some exams are offered on evenings and weekends, while others are online. Test proctors check identification, monitor the testing environment, report irregularities, and complete testing paperwork. On average, a test proctor earns around $25, per year, according to Glassdoor.


If you’re a college student or teacher, tutoring jobs in your area of expertise are a way to make extra money without a long-term commitment. For most jobs, you’ll need an academic background in the subject matter you wish to tutor. You’ll also need patience and excellent communication skills. The average hourly rate for a tutor is $, per PayScale.

How to Find the Best Part-Time Job

1. Know where to find the right job for you. There’s no one best way to find a part-time job. It all depends on the type of job for which you’re applying. Craigslist is always a good source of part-time job listings. FlexJobs is an option for remote work. The top job sites are always an option for finding jobs to apply for. Use the advanced search options to qualify your search by type of job (part-time), job title, and location.

2. Look to your favorite businesses. Do you have a favorite store, coffee shop, gym, or salon where you’re a regular? Check to see if they are hiring. Customers can make the best employees, and you’ll have an in with the hiring manager. If you're interested in working from home, there are part-time jobs available in many different sectors.

3. Network. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors that you’re looking for a part-time job that isn’t too stressful or demanding. Networking does work, and it’s among the top ways people get hired.

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16 Best Part-Time Jobs – Make $1, Extra Per Month

If you want to pocket some extra cash, a part-time job is a good way to make that happen. But, not all part-time jobs are the same. A lot of them only pay minimum wage or need you to work times that would be impossible to fit in with the rest of your life.

The good news is that there are good part-time jobs out there. I’m talking about side jobs that do pay well and are even flexible.

Pinky swear, the best part-time jobs aren’t unicorns. They do exist.

But first, why get a part-time job?

Cutting your spending is a good way to increase the amount of money you can put towards debt or retirement savings, but reducing your expenses can only go so far. Finding a part-time job to increase your income will naturally give you more financial options.

I mean, an extra $1, a month will go a lot farther than just finding an extra $ in your budget. If you increase your income and cut expenses, then you can really expedite your financial goals.

But, the hard thing is finding the best part-time job for your already busy schedule. As a working parent, flexibility has always been a huge factor in the jobs I’ve taken. Working online is inherently flexible, but you can find some of the best part-time jobs offline too.

Flexibility isn’t the only important thing – the best part-time jobs are ones that pay well for the work done. Your time and sanity are incredibly valuable, so if you’re going to make some sacrifices, you should be paid well for them.

Here are 15 of the best part-time jobs for

1. Work as a digital marketer

Digital marketers are the ones who create and run the ads you see online, specifically on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great place to get the message out about a new product, service, or event.

Big companies use huge teams of people for marketing work, and that makes it hard for small businesses to compete. Sure, small business owners can learn how to run Facebook ads, but many lack the time to learn how to run an effective ad strategy.

Because those small business owners realize what Facebook ads can do for their business, many are willing to pay for digital marketing services. And they pay well – $1, to $1,/month per client.

Running Facebook ads definitely falls under the high-paying category, but it’s also incredibly flexible. Most side hustlers are able to manage a client in just hours a week outside of their normal job.

Sound interesting?

The Facebook Side Hustle Course teaches you everything you need to know about:

  • Setting up and running an effective ad campaign
  • Finding clients who need your services
  • Getting those clients to say “yes” to hiring you

The course also comes with 24/7 access, weekly live-trainings, and a free month of coaching.

2. Deliver with Doordash and Postmates

On-demand delivery apps like DoorDash and Postmates make it easy for people to have food and grocery items delivered right to their door.

The increase in online delivery apps has created a huge demand for drivers lately, which is why this part time job is at the top of our list. You can expect to make $$20/hour on the side as a delivery driver. 

There’s no set pay, and each company has a proprietary formula for calculating your earnings. These include factors like distance, difficulty, time of day, and location. Drivers for all companies get to keep % of their tips, which is a great perk.

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the delivery driving options, I’ve done reviews on some of the most popular opportunities for drivers. To make the most money, I recommend signing up for all of these apps and choosing the deliveries that you make based on how much each task pays.

These apps all feature similar driver requirements - you have to be 18 years old, drive a newer model car (which typically means less than 20 years), agree to do a background check, and have a clean driving record.

Blogging can be a great way to make extra money on the side over time, and the income potential is practically unlimited. This website, for example, started as a part time job for me on the side of my teaching job. Now, this site rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue.

The idea of blogging is actually pretty simple: You create articles on a website around a specific topic, build an audience, and eventually sell products to that audience.

There are many ways to monetize a website, from ads to sponsorships to promoting products for a commission (this is called affiliate marketing). 

The great thing about blogging is that it's flexible. You can work when and how you want to, and you can grow it as little or as much as you'd like.

Some bloggers make a few thousand dollars per month, while some make millions of dollars per year from their laptops.

If you're interested in starting a blog of your own, go ahead and check out the free blogging course below. You'll learn how to choose your blogging topic, how to create a simple website quickly, how to get your first 1, true fans, and how to monetize your blog to make money in your spare time. 

4. Work part-time as a private tutor

Private tutors are needed for all sorts of subjects, and from elementary to high school aged kids. You’ll need to have a strong knowledge of the subjects you tutor on, and it averages around $$40/hour.

You can make considerably more, $85/hour or more, if you’re a certified teacher or can do college test prep.

If you look online at the average per hour pay for house cleaners, you’re going to find a wide range, from an average of $/hour to $$50/hour. What that range reflects is the difference in working for a cleaning company or working for yourself.

As someone who once worked this side gig, I made a minimum of $45/hour working for myself. I ended up getting some really great clients who also paid me to housesit and run errands, and I even got Christmas gifts and bonuses.

I’ll admit that the work wasn’t pleasant, but I was able to set my own hours and make a good side income.

6. Interpreter/Translator

In the U.S. this is a high-paying part-time job if you’re fluent in more than English, paying an average of $24/hour. Hospitals are generally high need areas where you would be responsible for translating between patients and medical staff. But there are a number of places to find jobs, including:

  • Call centers
  • Schools
  • Online translation services
  • Companies who need software or other types of technology translated

I’ve heard from more and more of my friends that they are working as part-time fitness instructors for yoga and barre classes or even working as personal trainers. Many of them are working this part-time job because it’s a way to take classes for free while also earning a decent hourly pay.

This article outlines why working as a fitness instructor is a great side gig, for reasons like free classes, an average pay of $18/hour, and building a better fitness routine for yourself.

Working as a server in a restaurant is a no joke part-time job that can be physically demanding at times. At the same time, it can be an incredibly fun job, and when you factor in tips, servers make an average of $17/hour. Servers in high-end restaurants often make more than that, especially if you’re willing to work on the weekends or during the holidays.

Fun fact: Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest days of the year for restaurants.

Landscapers are responsible for mowing, trimming, planting, weeding, mulching, hauling dirt, etc. It’s a great part-time job for people who enjoy being outdoors and don’t mind a little dirt under their nails.

Landscaping jobs can range anywhere from $$20/hour. You can find one-time jobs on websites like Craigslist, and this can be a good way to build a steady client base.

Dog walker/pet sitter

Taking care of other people’s pets as a part-time job might possibly be the most fulfilling job on this list. Who doesn’t want to get paid to pet a good doggo all day?

Pet sitters can earn around $$40 a day and up to $75 for overnight visits, and dog walkers can earn around $15/hour. estimates that a family of four pays around $$ for a personal chef to prepare five meals a week. That pay doesn’t include the cost of food, and pay jumps if you’re in a big city.

In addition to cooking dinners, you can also cater to private events, make freezer meals, and more.

Working as a customer service representative involves spending your time on the phone or online answering questions, responding to complaints, and directing customers to specific help. More and more customer service reps are now working part-time from home, and pay averages nearly $14/hour.

While the pay isn’t the highest on this list, the fact that you can do it from the comfort of your home makes it one of the best part-time jobs.

Work as a house sitter

House sitters make an average of $$45/day. It’s not a high-paying part-time job when you consider what that means per hour, but consider how easy it would be to do on the side of your regular job or another part-time job. It’s also pretty easy work – watering plants, taking in the mail, maybe feeding animals, etc.

Online English tutoring

We’ve already talked about how needed translation/interpretation services are, and working as an online English tutor falls a little under that umbrella. There are several online platforms for English tutoring, but VIPKid has consistently been a top pick for parents and tutors.

Here’s how it works: VIPkid connects its teachers with young Chinese and Korean students with the goal of helping them learn English. The hours are flexible, you work as much as you want, and you can earn up to $22/hour.

To start teaching through VIPKid, there is a short application process. Surprisingly, you don’t need to be a certified teacher to teach through VIPKid – you just need experience working with children, which can include:

  • Raising your own children
  • Working at a daycare
  • Tutoring
  • Babysitting

Do part-time freelancer work

Freelancing went from my part to full-time job because the pay is good and I’m able to work around my family’s busy schedule… really it means I don’t have to take time off work when one of my kids inevitably gets sick and needs to stay home from school.

While I’m a freelance writer and editor, you can work as a part-time freelancer for nearly any skill you have, including:

  • Sound design
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Film editing
  • Photography
  • Web development
  • Accounting
  • Proofreading

Because more and more people are working online (hello freelancers and digital marketers!), virtual assistants are being used to manage tasks that don’t need to be done by the business owner. These are things like managing a calendar, billing, etc.

I know Bobby has an incredible virtual assistant who basically holds the whole M$M team together, and she also does things like scheduling blog posts, managing social media accounts, and contacting clients.

Virtual assistants don’t require formal training, but for high-paying jobs that pay an average of $$50/hour, it doesn’t hurt to learn as much as you can, including how to find clients. There are a couple of great courses for that:

The final word on the best part-time jobs of

Being able to make some extra cash when you need it is such a great feeling. You can pay off debt and save more. The hard part is finding a job that fits an already busy schedule. The jobs on this list don’t just fit your schedule; they pay well. And that’s even better.

The BEST Jobs For Teens HIGH PAYING Part Time Jobs

Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

College shouldn't be about making money, but with the cost of tuition and fees rising 16% to 18% from the to school years, working while in school has become a necessity for many. One problem that college students face is finding a part-time job that fits into a schedule that is non-traditional but frequently changes. On top of that, finding a job that pays enough to make it worth investing the time can be a challenge as well. If you're looking for that perfect part-time college job, here are a few ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • There are plenty of part-time jobs for students in college, ranging from on-campus work study jobs to paid jobs at local businesses.
  • The best part-time jobs for college students are flexible and related to a student's intended area of study, allowing them to both make money and get more experience in their field.
  • Some of the best part-time jobs include being an administrative assistant, babysitting, tutoring, or working as a fitness instructor.

Administrative Assistant

You might think of an administrative assistant as somebody who sits at a desk all day, answers phones, and types letters. While that is true of some administrative roles, some executives are looking for part-time help when their workload is unusually high. Technology even allows administrative assistants to work remotely as virtual assistants. Salaries can be $20 or more per hour, but there is a wide range depending on the type of work needed. A similar on-campus job can include working at the library front desk or help desks, often meaning that simple jobs such as filing books or simply manning one area of the library can allow you to study when there are fewer people around.

Aerobics Instructor

Do some people call you a "gym rat?" If you love fitness and like to teach others, a part-time job as an aerobics instructor or personal trainer may be an ideal part-time job for you. Personal trainers require additional certifications, but teaching a fitness class does not. The average hourly pay for this position is around $21 in and you receive the added benefit of being paid to work out!

Residence Advisor (RA)

How about making money by saving money? Some colleges and universities offer free or discounted housing to those who will work in their residence hall. Divide the amount of money you would save with free or discounted housing by the number of hours you would have worked at another job to figure out the average hourly rate. The only catch is that these jobs are considered work-study and are not available to all students. Still, if you love meeting others and can see yourself as a friendly face within a college community, the job of an RA may be for you.

Computer Tech

If you're a technology guru, look for a job either on or off-campus as a tech support worker or retail clerk in a computer store. Especially for those pursuing degrees in areas like computer science, tech support can offer valuable insight into the kinds of issues the average computer user encounters. This knowledge is helpful for those who may later develop software applications as well.

Bank Teller

Many bank tellers work on a part-time basis. For those in the finance field, becoming a teller is an entry-level position that may result in an even better position upon graduation. The average salary may only be $14 per hour in , but it's a great way to start a career in the financial industry. Some banks have branch locations on the campuses of local universities, making it a good job for students without a car.


Of all of the jobs here, this may be the lowest-paying job, but you're sure to find a lot of work if you're reliable, trustworthy, and good with children. If you're concerned about getting your homework done, look for parents working second or third shifts. Once the kids go to bed, get to work. Hourly pay can range from $5 to $30 per hour as of , but combining babysitting with tutoring can yield even better rates.

The Bottom Line

Before looking for part-time work while in school, search for a job that is related to your field. Even if it pays little or no money, ask people that you know if they can find work for you, as most people are more comfortable with hiring individuals they know, rather than reading resumes and going through the interview process. By landing a job in your area of study, you can both learn more about your potential career path while making some extra money on the side. An internship or low-paying job in a field related to your future career is likely a better choice than taking a job that provides you with no contacts in your field of choice.


Jobs best part time

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This list of the best part time jobs offer a great way to supplement your income. If you love the work you’re doing, you can even grow those part time jobs into a work from home business.

Many of the part time jobs we’re featuring lend themselves to freelance work. This means you can choose your own clients as you gain experience and set your own rates.

Here’s how to get started with 27 of the best part time jobs out there. Many also offer free online courses to help you learn the ropes.

best part time jobs

Best part time jobs to start online

If you have a computer and a reliable internet connection, many part time jobs provide a reliable way to earn money. Even better, you won’t need to make a big investment.

You probably have the tools you’ll need already. A bit of tech-savvy helps and you’ll have a chance to put your creative or technical chops to work.

1. Proofreader

part time proofreader job

If you’ve got an eye for detail and a strong command of grammar, consider working as a part time proofreader. Technology has certainly changed the world but the demand for written content hasn’t waned.

It’s also unlikely that writing and proofreading will be automated out of existence. Automated tools can help, but they also have limits. Proofreaders check for spelling, grammar, and structure errors before a publication goes to print.

Angie, a proofreader who started part time, offers an excellent example. Putting her knowledge and experience as an English teacher to work, Angie now earns enough to pay her mortgage. Perseverance pays dividends.

Angie started by earning less than $ in her first month. By month 3, she earned $ She kept adding new clients as the months went on. Now, Angie earns enough with her home-based part time job as a proofreader to pay the mortgage each month.

Like many in the proofreading field, Angie got started with an online course from Proofread Anywhere. The online company started by Caitlin Pyle, a veteran proofreader, offers 2 free courses. Choose from General Proofreading or Transcript Proofreading, the latter of which commands higher rates.

Take more courses to hone your skills further. Many who started as part time proofreaders have leveraged their knowledge into full time earnings.

2. Virtual assistant

part time virtual assistant job

Online connectivity has changed the work landscape forever. Business owners can now leverage a broad talent pool by using remote workers for many roles. This creates opportunities for part time virtual assistants.

Work can range from general office tasks to specialized duties. Because you usually work part time for each client, your income is naturally diversified. It also means you can choose your clients as you gain experience.

Carrie works as a virtual assistant, splitting her work hours between 4 clients. As a stay-at-home mom with 2 toddlers at home, working as a VA is a perfect fit. Working from her home in Illinois, she built her VA business to about $2, per month.

Carrie’s success as a part time VA isn’t unique. However, you’ll find higher income opportunities if you specialize. For example, general office work might pay less than WordPress website management. You’ll find VA jobs in both of these roles — as well as many more.

Long established as the goto resource for virtual assistant training, Horkey Handbook was founded in The site offers a wide assortment of courses designed to help you launch your career or even specialize.

Choose from email management, project management, real estate, and more. The site also offers a portal to help match prospective clients to virtual assistants with the skills they need.

3. Tutor

part time tutor job

It might surprise you to learn how many opportunities you’ll find to work part time as a tutor. For tutoring, most of us think of core subjects, like math, science, and English.

However, a growing market for specialized tutoring offers a way to turn your knowledge into earnings. The tutoring market includes hundreds of topics. These range from traditional academics to programming or even music.

One of the leading websites for tutoring,, offers innovative ways to connect tutors with students. TutorMe is selective, so you’ll have to document your expertise through an online application.

The site then uses an online portal to connect with students. Your students can choose you based on your ratings or through a matching system. A proven set of online tools gives you the resources you need to coach students and manage your workflow.

Of course, you could begin part time tutoring without using an online portal like TutorMe. However, there are some advantages to working with an established tutoring site. First, you’ll probably find it easier to build your business.

Students can find you easily and you’re marketing your services without geographic boundaries. It’s all virtual. Payment is a breeze too. TutorMe pays like clockwork every week.

4. Freelance writer

part time freelance writer

Technology creates opportunity. With the internet at our fingertips everywhere we go, the demand for part time writers has never been higher. As in most fields, specialization often boosts earnings in freelance writing. Working as a freelance writer is probably among the best part time job in terms of earning possibilities.

For those with specific industry knowledge, earnings opportunities can be higher. But you can get started with minimal experience if you have a way with words and a passion for proper grammar.

Laura, a freelance writer, makes her own hours and uses a popular online freelance site to build her brand. She’s passionate about the work she does and uses her skills to help her clients tell their brand story.

Online portals offer a convenient way for clients and freelancers to find each other. Laura uses the popular gig-work site, Fiverr. She leveraged her excellent ratings to qualify for Fiverr Pro, a hand-picked group of top-rated freelancers.

This group attracts clients who are willing to pay more for exceptional work. The commitment you make to quality pays dividends later. Don’t let the name fool you. Fiverr isn’t just for $5 gigs.

We found writing gigs posted for $1, While most jobs don’t pay quite that much, there’s plenty of room to earn if you do quality work. As one of the leading freelance websites for writers, Fiverr has the power to get you noticed.

5. Transcriptionist

part time transcriptionist

Transcriptionists convert audio (or video) to text. Working as a part time transcriptionist used to mean working in a medical or legal office. Times have changed and the demand for transcription has expanded with the growth of online video.

Medical and legal transcription is still needed. But general transcription can help you ease into the field without a specialized vocabulary. Fleurdamae, a transcriptionist from Chicago, started her training 10 years ago.

Within months, she was hired by several companies. Now, she has as much work as she wants. She credits her success to starting with a course that taught her the essentials of the profession.

As part of her training, she also learned the basic business skills she uses today to keep clients. Earning a basic income with one-off jobs is one thing. Building a business with repeat clients is another. offers a course in general transcription as well as a specialized course for legal transcription. You can get started with a free intro course that explores transcription as a career.

Another key point is that the course discusses the skills you’ll need and whether transcription is the right choice for you. also offers ways to help you find work.

6. Virtual stylist

part time virtual stylist job

Let’s face it. Not everyone has strong fashion instincts. Some of us need a helping hand to look our best. That’s where your fashion sense can help you earn money as a virtual stylist.

And like other jobs on our list, you can start out by working part time. Because the work is virtual, you can work from home or even at your favorite coffee shop.

Annette from San Francisco works as a virtual stylist and loves the flexibility of the job. She cherishes the chance to change the lives of others while helping them choose styles.

The job’s flexible structure lets her stay in contact with clients while at home or out and about. Virtual stylists like Annette know that relationships with clients are key. By building loyalty, she enjoys ongoing income and more freedom than traditional jobs.

Consider Stitch Fix if you think a career as a virtual stylist might be for you. Stitch Fix offers virtual stylist opportunities in trend-conscious locations throughout the country like Austin, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis.

Workers with the company describe the work environment as a close knit family. For a career that allows you to express your creativity, working as a virtual stylist might be the right choice. Of course, the employee discount helps you look your best too.

7. Data entry

part time data entry

While not as glamorous as some of the other jobs on our list, part time data entry jobs are still in demand. In a data entry job, you’ll input data from forms or other sources. In most cases, you’ll use a keyboard, but data entry can also be performed by other methods.

You might also use scanning, disks, or even voice input. You’ll need good focus and good typing skills. Most employers prefer a typing speed of words per minute. Some employers may require higher typing speeds.

On, we found pages of jobs that use data entry skills. Flexjobs lets you narrow the field by choosing only remote jobs. You’ll find part time, full-time, and flexible jobs in a wide range of industries.

You’ll also find some overlap between data entry and customer service in some cases. For example, many of the jobs listed on Flexjobs center on health program enrollment or loan processing.

Others may require experience or specialized training. Examples include medical billing or accounting data entry.

8. Manage Facebook ads

facebook ads

With billions of users worldwide, Facebook remains the world’s largest social network. Millions of Americans log on daily and many check in several times per day. That many eyeballs add up to big opportunities for businesses that want to advertise.

However, not every business owner fully understands how to manage Facebook ads. Other business owners recognize the value of having someone else manage ads. This is your chance to put your digital marketing savvy to work.

Some successful Facebook ad managers report making $1, to $2, per month. And that’s per client. Mike is a great example of someone who turned facebook ads into profit. When Mike graduated from college with a pile of student loans, he started a fitness website to earn money.

After creating content for the site, he spent time each day promoting the site. In time, when he’d learned the best strategies for Facebook advertising, Mike’s website business really found its stride.

Competing websites took notice and Mike started to gain his competitors as clients. He managed their ads as well, being paid well enough that eventually, it became his primary source of income.

Mike and others like him learned the ropes for Facebook advertising through a course. Online advertising is expensive. Learning everything the hard way may be possible. But it’s also costly.

Fortunately Laptop Empires offers a Facebook ads course that flattens the learning curve. You’ll learn the basics — as well as advanced techniques that set you apart from the rest.

9. Scopist

part time scoopist

You can think of a scopist as a proofreader and editor for court transcripts. Scopists review stenotype transcripts or voice recordings of court proceedings. They edit the transcript for missing words, punctuation, and spellings.

For court transcripts, proper spelling of names and technical terms is essential. After scoping, the scopist returns the transcript to the court reporter. Because the scoping isn’t done in the courtroom, scoping offers a perfect work-at-home opportunity.

With the right training and a computer, you can get started in this well-paid in-demand field. Putting her strong grammar skills to work, Vicki started her training to become a scopist back in

Since then, work opportunities have grown as online tools improved. What started as a way to earn money from home became a full-time income. Vicki later chose to go to court reporter school, using the knowledge she’d gained as a scopist.

If you have a knack for grammar and spelling, consider enrolling in a scoping course. Linda Everson’s Internet Scoping School gets high marks from its graduates. You’ll find a free intro course that includes a word test to assess your skills. You’ll also learn how to find clients to build your income.

Best part time jobs to start from home

If you’re looking for some extra income, there are several other ways to work part time without leaving your home. First, be sure your home is set up to accommodate the job you’re considering.

You may need storage space or special equipment. In some cases, you may need to check with your township or HOA.

1. Dropshipper


What if you could sell products online but didn’t need to keep any inventory on hand? What if you didn’t even need to do any shipping yourself? Sounds pretty good, right? That’s how dropshipping works.

You make the sale, but the shipping and inventory management are handled by the supplier. In effect, you’re the matchmaker, helping consumers find the products they need.

As a dropshipper, you act as a curator in a way. You choose which products to sell and use an online store to market your wares. However, you don’t need to stock or ship anything.

This structure keeps your startup costs low and lets you focus on marketing. You’ll also have more time to find other great products to sell. And one of the biggest benefits is that you can make your own work schedule.

Many dropshippers use to give their store all the tools they need for success. Shopify is unique in that the service scales perfectly. If you’re just starting out, you’ll find low cost plans.

As your store builds and you want more features, your plan can grow along with your growing business. What you sell is up to you. Consider partnering with top dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress, SaleHoo, or Doba.

2. Flea market flipper

part time flea market flipper

Have you ever wondered how much flea market sellers and eBay sellers make? It might be more than you think. Sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are the virtual flea markets of our generation.

With the right eye for hidden value — and a bit of training — you can turn trash into treasure. From small items, like collectibles, to large items, like furniture, there’s money to be made as a part time flipper.

Like many other jobs on our list, you can make your own hours. However, you’ll need some space for inventory. You’ll also need to learn how to spot value.

Kelly traded in her two jobs to earn $5, per month as a flipper. She’s a single mom with a daughter in nursing school. Every penny counts. Flipping has given Kelly the income she needs and the freedom she craves.

After working a full-time job as well as a part time job for decades, a fun job with fewer hours seemed like a perfect fit. Her first sale was an old vacuum that had been sitting in the basement. After a bit of cleaning, it sold for $

Time to reinvest in more bargains. Kelly learned her skills from Flea Market Flipper. The site offers a 2-week course and has helped hundreds of people like Kelly turn their spare time into big money.

3. Event planner

part time event planner

If people compliment you — saying you never miss a detail, you might have what it takes to work as an event planner. We tend to think of event planners as the people behind the scenes who put together parties.

That’s only one possibility. You can also find work planning seminars, conferences, trade shows, and more. Anywhere people gather for a common purpose, an event planner probably played a big role.

With a median pay of nearly $50,, this career choice is both lucrative and fun. Amanda works as an part time event planner. Like many others, she had the skills but felt she needed direction. She also needed more clients.

After enrolling in a course, she added new clients within a few months. With income building and confidence in her future, Amanda was able to quit her job and focus on her business.

Dating back to , Event Planning Blueprint has become a leader in the industry and offers online event planner certification. Learn the ropes and as your business grows, use Event Planning Blueprint to take your business to the next level.

4. Selling on Amazon

selling on amazon

Did you know that more than half of all Amazon sales aren’t sold by Amazon? Selling on Amazon is big business and gives even small sellers a trusted platform with massive reach.

Whether you make your own products or know a great source, Amazon offers a way to reach customers. There’s even a way to sell print-on-demand products.

With a few clicks, you can be selling that awesome t-shirt or hoodie design you imagined. Scooter and Kristi were looking for a business they could run together. They needed a business that could replace Scooter’s income.

Side gigs are great, but the couple wanted freedom as well as financial security. Scooter and Kristi now run an Amazon seller business and work the hours they choose.

Many Amazon sellers got their start by taking a course from The Selling Family. The site, run by a real Amazon seller family, offers 11 courses. From the getting-started basics to accounting and marketing guidance, you’ll find the tools you need for success.

5. Subscription boxes

subscription boxes

If you’ve ever seen those ads on TV for razors delivered monthly, then you’re already familiar with subscription boxes. The market isn’t limited to shaving gear, however.

You can build a subscription box business around a wide range of products. Clothing and grooming products top popular subscription box lists, but the only real limit is your imagination.

Some sellers use hand-crafted items in their boxes. Others use a curated selection of items they think their buyers will appreciate.

Mike and Anna run a well-known subscription service with an adult-beverage twist. They turned their passion for mixed drinks into a business that allows buyers to try new drink recipes at home.

They use the Marketplace at Cratejoy to help them grow their unique business. Even the best ideas need a spark. Cratejoy helps create awareness, putting subscription boxes in front of 4 million shoppers each month.

Putting all the pieces together to build a subscription box business brings its own challenges. Fortunately, Cratejoy gives you all the tools you need. A template-based site designer makes getting started a snap.

Cratejoy’s Marketplace gives you additional exposure. Built in checkout and back-end tools help you plan your business growth.

6. Host dinners

host dinners

Foodies can turn their passion for cooking into a lucrative part time job. You don’t need the big overhead and commitment of a restaurant to get started. Instead, you host dinners for groups — large or small — making the experience uniquely personal.

You’ll find opportunities to host dinners all over the world. If you’ve got a memorable space and culinary skills, working as a dinner host might be a perfect fit.

Odile hosts dinners in Paris and partners with the well-known dinner hosting site She enjoys the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and share her passion for food.

Setting her own rates, Odile earns extra income from dinner hosting and looks forward to each new event. As a dinner host, you are part of the experience for guests., as one of the leading dinner hosting sites, may be choosy about who they accept as a dinner host. After all, the goal is to provide a pleasant and memorable experience.

Be prepared and put your best recipes forward when applying. Once accepted, you can set your own pricing while processes the payments for you.

7. Rent baby gear

rent baby gear

If you have kids, you already know that babies, while small, need a lot of gear. Cribs, strollers, and car seats are just some of the items families need. While most families with babies have their own gear, many of these items don’t travel well.

Imagine taking a crib on a plane. Travel destinations form the primary market for baby gear rentals but there are opportunities everywhere. Meaghan provides baby gear to travelers in San Antonio, TX.

From The Alamo to the Downtown River Walk, San Antonio offers attractions that draw people from all over the world. For those traveling with babies, the service Meaghan offers is invaluable.

She also helps grandparents get ready for family visiting with young ones. As a mom, Meagan feels a special connection to other families and offers the care she’d want for her own family.

If helping traveling families sounds like a fit for you, take a closer look at BabyQuip. Founded in , BabyQuip has baby gear down to a science, while maintaining a personal touch.

Getting started is easy and BabyQuip even provides insurance coverage. If you have kids yourself, don’t worry. BabyQuip is kid friendly. Bring your little helpers along on deliveries.

8. Voice actor

part time voice actor

Streaming video and audio continue to grow and demand for voice actors also remains strong. From online ads to e-learning or even video games, there’s a market for voice overs.

Whether your voice is high, low or somewhere in between, there’s work to be found. However, you’ll need a few key skills. Clarity and enunciation are essential. Voice over gigs favor clear and easily understood voice actors.

Pacing is also essential. If you speak fast normally, you’ll have to slow things down. You’ll also need some basic acting skills. Most jobs don’t require hollywood-level acting skills but you do need to assume a role.

Commercials, documentaries, or e-book narrating all require a different role — and sometimes more than one. Christy is a mom of 3 and also works as a part time voice actor.

What she loves about voice acting is that she doesn’t have to choose between parenting and work. Voice acting gives her the flexibility to excel at both.

While Christy had worked in broadcasting and voice work for years, her business really took off when she joined

The platform offers a way to get your voice matched to the right projects while also offering secure payment. You’ll also find tons of resources that can help build your success.

9. Deliver groceries

deliver groceries part time

On-demand services are sweeping the nation. It’s not just food deliveries and streaming movies, though. Grocery deliveries are growing, helping businesses to meet demand.

Stores need capable and friendly people to make deliveries. For busy households or people unable to travel easily, home deliveries have become essential.

However, your opportunities to earn aren’t limited to grocery deliveries. Some service providers offer fast food delivery, drug store delivery, or even convenience store deliveries.

You’ll need a reliable vehicle, preferably one that gets good gas mileage. In some markets, you can use a bicycle. Pay structures vary depending on which company you work with.

You’ll also want to check with your insurer or the service provider to learn about your insurance options. Most auto policies won’t cover delivery use of your vehicle without buying a rider for added coverage.

Postmates, one of the companies making waves in this new space, offers the chance to earn  on your own schedule. The service is app-based, with a mobile app for iOS or Android that lets you log on when you’re ready to work.

Postmates also offers weekly guarantees and promises that you’ll keep % of your tips.

Best part time jobs to start in the weekend

Some people like to relax on the weekends. Others like to stay active. If you prefer to stay busy, there are plenty of weekend part time jobs to consider. For some, you can work from home. For other jobs, you might need a certain type of vehicle.

1. Teach English online

teach english online part time

Online learning isn’t just for college classes. A global market for English teachers leads a whole new type of online learning. Most online teaching jobs favor those with teaching experience, but you’ll also find jobs that accept the right beginner.

Kate worked for 15 years in a classroom, but she wanted a change. She traded the early mornings of standard teaching for online teaching where she could make her own schedule.

Kate now teaches English to students from China. The format is full immersion, so she doesn’t need to speak another language. What Kate learned is that kids all over the world love to learn.

With a base pay of up to $9 for a 25 minute class, the earnings offer a fair trade for the flexible work schedule. VIPKid is one of the companies to watch in this evolving market.

Because the classes use your webcam, you can work from anywhere — anytime you want. Students choose which classes to take, so you’ll always have someone to teach. VIPKid even puts together the lesson plans for you.

2. Transcriber

part time transcriber job

If you’re a quick typist, consider working in transcription and captioning. While many jobs pay by the hour, you’ll earn by the minute — and the money can add up fast. Working as a transcriptionist can pay over $1 per minute.

Video caption work also pays well. Expect captioning rates of up to $1 per minute, but with higher average earnings than transcription. If you know a foreign language, rates can triple.

Tammy works part time doing transcription to supplement her income as a legal secretary. Often, full-time jobs don’t pay quite enough to cover the bills. In her free time, Tammy’s transcription work makes up the difference.

The nature of the work means she can work when she wants and as much as she wants. And there’s no need to get dressed for work. She can work in her PJs or put in some time after work at the office. offers great ways to earn as a transcriptionist or captioner. The company pays weekly via PayPal and gives you hundreds of jobs to choose from. Top earners bring home an extra $1, per month while making their own hours.

3. Bookkeeper

part time bookkeeper job

With over 30 million small businesses in the US, demand for bookkeeping is huge. Many small business owners don’t have the experience to keep books properly.

Others recognize the value of having an expert do the bookkeeping while the owner runs the shop. If you know your way around a ledger, working part time as a bookkeeper offers a great way to make money.

As a single mom with 2 young kids, Kim needed a way to earn more while also having time for the world’s most important job. She took some courses to hone her skills but also looked for a way to set herself apart.

By learning how to interpret the numbers, Kim can give business owners keen insights they use to improve the business. It’s like being able to see in the dark. Now, Kim earns over $1, per week with just a handful of clients.

Kim used the knowledge she gained from to bring more value to her clients. That unique value translates to both loyalty and higher earnings. also offers a free intro course with 3 classes to help you learn how to run your own bookkeeping business.

4. Pet sitter

part time pet sitter job

If you have a way with animals, pet sitting offers a way to earn some extra money. Most days, the work might not even feel like work. After all, you’re working with some of the best friends on the planet.

As a pet sitter, your duties can range from dog boarding to house sitting, as well as walks and play dates. While the job is mostly fun, you’ll also need to be responsible.

Expect an application process that includes a background check. Dog sitters earn up to $1, per month working part time. Boarding a dog, where a dog comes to stay with you overnight, can double your earnings.

Cari works as a pet sitter in Plano, TX. She loves animals and enjoys the freedom of making her own hours. Cari uses, an app-based service that matches pet sitters with clients who need a helping hand.

When she’s ready to work, she marks herself available on the app. Within 2 days following her service, her payment is ready to withdraw. Rover offers training and around-the-clock support, which makes getting started a breeze.

5. Sell photos

sell photos

Experts estimate that the world will take over trillion digital photos this year. Most photos only have sentimental value, but if you have a knack for capturing a moment, you can earn money.

The digital photo market could be worth up to $4 billion in coming years. With 5% projected annual growth, it’s not too late to jump in. John sells photos on several popular stock photo websites.

Businesses, bloggers, and individuals purchase a license to download his images. The license governs how the photo can be used. What makes selling photos attractive to John is that a single photo can continue to earn him money.

Many times, the license can be sold more than once. Better photos get multiple downloads. One of the top stock photo sites,, has a long history of making money for digital photographers.

The site has paid out over $1 billion to shutterbugs since its founding. However, you’ll need to gather your best work. When applying, 70% of your photos must be accepted for inclusion on the site.

Partnering with a big site has its benefits, though. Using Shutterstock’s traffic to build your business is easier when compared to rolling your own.

6. Share your car

share your car

Sharing is caring, but did you know you can also make money by sharing your car? Most of us know about ride sharing. Companies like Uber and Lyft have become household names.

Car sharing borrows from this idea, but someone else does the driving. There’s a market for private car rentals — and you don’t always need a fancy car. Choices range from family sedans to slinky sports cars.

Osama may not be your average car-sharing entrepreneur. The year-old built his microfleet one car at a time. But it all started with a Hyundai Elantra. Now, his fleet includes a Porsche, a Mercedes, 3 BMWs, and a MINI Cooper.

What Osama learned, however, is that there’s big demand for clean vehicles. For consumers, car sharing is often more affordable than traditional car rentals. For fleet owners, the revenue also helps pay for the cars themselves.

If you’re ready to put your car to work, consider With Turo, you’ll get the exposure you need. By earning great ratings, you can keep customers coming your way.

Everything is app-based, so you can stay mobile. Turo even offers 3 insurance protection plans to protect your car and shield you against liability claims.

7. Pick up trash

pick up trash

Litter and trash aren’t just unsightly. Trash is also bad for business. Businesses who know this pay to have trash picked from the grounds. Litter that gathers or blows onto lots means opportunity for the right person.

It isn’t glamorous work but with the right tools, you won’t even need to get your hands dirty. One “trashpreneur” describes his work as going for a walk.

Dave expects to make nearly $, this year cleaning lots. His startup costs were almost nothing, however. Getting started, he needed to buy trash bags and a litter scoop. He already had a broom.

You might have one too. By reaching out to local commercial real estate companies, Dave quickly landed some clients. By word of mouth, his business grew from there.

Expect to work after hours. In most cases, you’ll work after the businesses or offices have closed. Many in the business got started by buying a how-to book from

In any business, it’s helpful to have someone give you some tips on what to do — and what not to do. Brian, the site’s founder, lays it all out for you in plain English.

8. Sitter

part time sitter

Technology also puts a new spin on babysitting. Modern apps offer a way to find a trusted sitter. If you love spending time with kids, sitting can be a great way to earn some extra money. reports that a typical rate for sitters nationwide approaches $17 per hour.  Rates vary by location, however. For example, rates in Boston come in at $20 per hour. By comparison, rates in Tampa may be closer to $15 per hour.

Kara works as a sitter. She started sitting while in college as a way to cover costs. Now, after graduation, she still sits for some families but she also offers in-home daycare.

Kara notes that she’s built ongoing relationships with many families and that the work often lasts for years. As one child gets older, the family might have a second child.

If you think you’d enjoy sitting, consider The site makes it easy to get work as a sitter in your area. However, you aren’t just limited to babysitting. Sittercity can also be a great place to find nanny jobs, companion care jobs, or even pet sitting jobs.

9. Tasker


Odd jobs can pay more than you might think. From shopping to furniture assembly to home repairs, there’s strong demand for people who can get the job done. Busy lifestyles mean less time for some types of tasks.

And let’s face it. Some of us are all thumbs. We could use some help now and then. However, if you’re focused, friendly, and know your way around a toolbox, there’s money to be made.

Christopher started working as a tasker 6 years ago. As a musician in NYC, living expenses can outpace what he earns from his music gigs.

Tasking helps make up the difference and give Chris peace of mind while still doing what he loves. He also meets lots of great people, many of which ask for him again.

If working as a tasker sounds right for you, take a close look at TaskRabbit. This app-based platform lets you choose what type of tasks you want and you can set your own rates.

Just as importantly, you can also set your own schedule. In addition, TaskRabbit even offers onboarding sessions to show you the ropes.

Bottom line on best part time jobs

In years past, people worked for one company for decades. However, in many ways, technology offers more freedom in today’s work world. Now, you can work full time or part time earning money in several ways instead of just one.

You can also make your own hours — and it’s hard to put a price on that. Maybe you’re looking for a part time job to earn some extra money. Maybe your part time gig can evolve into full-time work — or even a larger business someday.

Before combing through the job listings online or in the paper, consider one of the best part time jobs on our list. You might be happier overall when you can make your own rules.

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21 Best Part-Time Jobs for Teens and High School Students

When I was a teen, I had grand dreams of becoming a famous movie star/singer/writer/trapeze artist. But considering I couldn’t afford anything that wasn’t free, I (my parents) decided I should get a part-time job until the whole trapeze artist thing panned out.

Before I dive into all 21 possible jobs, here are some things to take into consideration when you’re looking for one of your first jobs.

  • Location: It’s important to be able to get to your job easily and relatively stress-free. Not only because you’re more likely to show up because you didn’t miss that third bus you had to take, but because it’ll leave you in a better mood while you’re working.
  • Schedule: Make sure the job you’re applying for fits your schedule. If the job requires you to work a morning shift and you’re in class, it’s not going to work. If you want to be in two places at once without defying physics, try standing on a state border with one foot in each state. But for now, choose a job that you'll be able to balance with school.

  • Experience: Make sure to note what kind of experience is needed for the job before you apply. For example, becoming a lifeguard requires CPR training. While some pools offer the training, others don’t. It’s kind of like applying to be a waitress without ever trying the restaurant's food. Crazy, right?

  • Your Experience: One last thing to think about it what kind of experience do you want to have? If you think stocking shelves is the absolute worst thing you could do, you’re probably not going to want to be a grocery store clerk. There are a lot of options out there so it’s a good idea to choose one that doesn’t make you want to hurl every time you think about it.

So now that you’re a job-hunting expert, here are 21 jobs for anyone under 21!

Local Business Jobs

1. Barista

Ah, the sweet smell of coffee. Working as a barista will hone your skills at making the perfect cup. It gives you the opportunity to become a coffee snob, should you so desire. Also, you get all of the delicious caffeine nectar your heart can handle (literally). But ye be warned, this job comes with some VERY early morning shifts.

2. Juice/Smoothie Shop Cashier

The only thing you need to know going into this job is how NOT to stick your hand into a blender. Maybe a little bit of basic math as well. Now that you’re an expert, you get to blend fruit to make somebody’s breakfast or snack time drink. You also get to partake in the frozen wonderfulness that is smoothies, while gaining some valuable money-handling experience.

3. Front Desk Receptionist (At a Spa, Salon or Hotel)

You love people. People love you. Wanting to work as a receptionist means you’re also ready to meet the demands of the patrons. Even if it means giving someone a wake-up call at 3 in the afternoon. Also, think of all the potential discounts you’ll receive on the services that your business has to offer!

4. Front Desk Associate at a Fitness or Yoga Studio

Breathe in. Breathe out. Are you centered? Do you love fitness or yoga? Okay, you’re qualified! Also, you’ll probably get a discount on classes or maybe even free use of the facilities.

5. Retail Sales Associate

This is the job where you’ll learn to hate everyone and gain respect for every retail worker you interact with for the rest of your life. This is a highly worthwhile job for anyone who loves clothes and people. You’ll get discounts on trendy outfits while also walking away with some interesting tales about customers.

Food Service Jobs

6. Waitress/Waiter

The movie-esque quality of being part of a wait staff is fact. Starving artist or just plain starving, being on a wait staff is great. You get to chat it up with people and gain respect for the staff you interact with each shift. Plus, you gain extra money from tips and learn the basics of the restaurant business.

7. Dishwasher

Armed with a hose and sink, this is a solo position that is great if you can handle washing hundreds of dirty dishes per shift. You get to chat with the busser occasionally, but it’s usually a job where you get to be with your thoughts and the dishes. Some great perks are playing music in the background and usually free meals each shift.

8. Busser

You’re the Robin of the restaurant, partnering to fight negative restaurant experiences with the waiter (Batman). What could they do without you? You swoop in and clean up the table for the next guest. But unlike Robin, after you save the day you’re rewarded in sweet, sweet tips!

9. Hostess/Host

You’re the welcoming face that people see when they come into the door. This position is best for someone who is organized and can handle a busy environment while staying cheerful. Some perks are the delicious discounted food, returned smiles, and tips.

 Catering Staff

White shirt/black slacks will most likely be your uniform. Whether it’s a wedding or fancy gala, you’ll get to mingle with the fanciest dressed. Perks are the free leftover food and the chance to experience new places.

Ice Cream Scooper

This is as close to being ice cream as it gets. You’re right in the action of scooping the delicious frozen treats for children and families alike. Prepare to have a sore forearm through training, but it’ll be worth it when you get to eat all of the ice cream you want!

Grocery Store Stocker

If you don’t mind the tedious work of lining goods upon goods down grocery store shelves, you have the perfect skillset to work at a grocery store. You’ll also learn how to bag groceries quickly and conveniently like a pro! (Tetris skills a plus, but not required.)

victory point cafe in berkeley jobs for teens and highschool students

Entertainment Jobs


This is as close to “Super Hero” as it gets as a young person. You learn how to save lives and keep people having fun at your local pool or water park. While some swim-related establishments offer CPR training, not all do. Before you apply, check the places you’re hoping to work to make sure you're qualified.

Movie Theater Cashier/Usher

Here it is. The beginning. Your first step closer to stardom (probably not). But no better way to begin learning how cinema works than in a movie theater. You’ll have to remember where all of the theaters are, stock the candy shelves without eating all of the candy, and be ready to prepare and serve snacks. But, think of all the free popcorn!

Bowling Alley: Game Room Attendant

Do you enjoy loud and energetic crowds? Do you like to help people enjoy games? Working at a bowling alley is a great way to do this! Also, you’ll learn to love bowling since working there will leave you no excuse but to play all the time!

Ice Skating Rink Attendant

Maybe the whole figure skater thing hasn’t panned out. Or maybe it has and you and the ice are so close you can’t imagine spending a day without. Working at the rink lets you help others love the ice as much as you do. You’ll man the skate rental areas, help the instructors, and assist minorly injured skaters with band-aids and ice packs.

Childcare & Education Jobs


I would have put this under the “Extreme Sports” category if we had one. If you love kids and are good at playing with them and generally making sure they don’t hurt themselves, you’re already more than qualified.

Teacher Assistant/Tutor

Pretty good at a certain subject in school or just plain good at explaining things? Helping someone else learn something strengthens your understanding of that skill. That’s a pretty sweet return gift for helping someone out.

Camp Counselor

This should really be called Professional Kid Wrangler. As a camp counselor, you get to let your inner kid out while also directing little ones in the right direction (literally and figuratively). Plus, many camps are held during the summer, so it won’t take away homework time during the year!

Driver Jobs

Food Delivery Driver

If you have a will of steel, you can deliver food to hungry people. (I would personally eat everything all the time if this was my job). You also get a sweet discount on food. This job’s better for the belly and the wallet! You just need to have a driver’s license and be over 18 to be qualified.

Valet Parking Attendant

As long as you’re capable of not getting into a car accident at 10 mph, this is a job for you. There’s also a chance you’ll get to sit in some sweet rides. Oh! You also need a driver's license. You’re definitely going to need one of those.

Even high schoolers have options, so take them while you can. Who knows, you may even find something you're truly passionate about!


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30 Companies Hiring for Part-Time, Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs

Looking for the best part-time, remote work-from-home jobs? To help you start your search, here are the top 30 companies that commonly hire.

People seek part-time work for all kinds of reasons. Some want the freedom and flexibility that part-time work allows. Other people need to balance outside responsibilities with work. And sometimes people want to work, but not all the time.

Recently, we analyzed part-time job postings from our database and identified companies that frequently hire for part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs.

To view more information about the company and to see past online job openings, click the company name. If you’re a FlexJobs member, log in, and you’ll see full postings for open positions.


FlexJobs is the longtime leader in helping job seekers find the highest-quality remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs. You can sign up for premium-level access to our database of hand-screened job listings, as well as job search and career webinars, and many other great resources! Learn today how FlexJobs can empower your job search!


administrative icon Top 30 Companies for Part-Time, Remote Jobs (Part-Time, Work-From-Home Jobs)

The company list below is based on an analysis of over 50, companies in FlexJobs’ database. These companies frequently post jobs with part-time schedules that are either partially or fully remote. “Part-time” in this analysis means the jobs required fewer than 35 hours per week.

1.Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep is an academic support organization that provides test preparation and college-education consulting services to adults and parents of college-bound children.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Appointment Setter
  • HR Generalist


Angi is a tech company offering a digital marketplace to connect millions of homeowners across the United States with verified home improvement professionals and services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Content Editor
  • Content Researcher


BELAY is a fully remote virtual solutions company offering virtual administrative assistants, webmasters, bookkeepers, and services to help individuals and organizations grow.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Executive Assistant

4.BKA Content

BKA Content, founded in , is a writing, editing, and content-creation company with team members across the United States who provide affordable, on-page and off-page content solutions. The company&#;s specialties include branding, meta descriptions, press releases, blogs, landing pages, and product descriptions, among others.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Webpage Rewrite Content Writer
  • Custom Blog Writer


Edmentum provides educational solutions to 8, school districts nationwide. Edmentum&#;s products include Study Island, Courseware, EdOptions Academy, Calvert Learning, ESL ReadingSmart, Exact Path, Assessments, Reading Eggs, and EducationCity.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Teacher, Math
  • Teacher, Spanish


Equivity is a % remote virtual assistance services company that offers consulting, insurance, finance, legal, real estate, technology, and other services to help “busy professionals lead more personally fulfilling and productive lives.&#;

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Virtual Paralegal
  • Virtual Email Marketing Specialist

7.Expert Business Development

Expert Business Development (EBD) is a boutique business development firm that helps clients generate and maintain crucial business contacts. Working primarily with financial service organizations, such as banks and credit unions, Expert Business Development provides sales strategy design, database development, appointment setting, lead management, and e-marketing services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • B2B Lead Generation Specialist
  • Lead Generation Specialist


FlexProfessionals is a privately-held staffing and recruiting firm specializing in flexible work arrangements for seasoned professionals in broad fields, including finance, project management, technical and proposal writing, sales, marketing, office management, public relations, human resources, web development, and graphic design.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Recruiter
  • Capital Markets Administrative Assistant

9.Grand Rounds Health

Grand Rounds Health provides an employer-based solution to help employees and their families decide whether or not to receive medical treatment and where to get it. Additionally, the company works to help patients get the healthcare they need when they need it without having to visit a traditional doctor’s office.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist


GreatAuPair provides an international, online network for caregivers and families to safely and conveniently connect. Since , its trusted job-matching service has helped million people safely hire home workers for their loved ones.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Cultural Exchange Local Childcare Coordinator


Throughout its global operation, Kaplan is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. With this mission and mindset, the company supports over 1 million students worldwide.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Editor I
  • MCAT Prep Instructor


Since , Kelly has pioneered workforce solutions in the staffing industry, connecting skilled workers with top businesses and Fortune companies in a broad range of industries.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Customer Account Specialist
  • Data Analyst &#; Cognos


Kforce is a professional solutions firm that works with top employers nationwide to build and manage elite teams within the fields of technology and accounting & finance.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Copywriter
  • Service Manager

LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions was established to provide a more effective communication method for non-English speakers. Today, the company is a leading provider of face-to-face, over-the-phone, and videoconference interpreting and document translation services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Hawaiian Interpreter
  • Turkmen Interpreter


ModSquad modernizes outsourcing services that &#;lighten the load of digital engagement&#; for some of the world&#;s most prestigious global brands. The company serves a varied clientele that includes startups, international agencies, global corporations, and Fortune enterprises.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Gaming Moderation Support &#; German Language
  • Gaming Support, French Language


Pearson is a publicly-traded, international learning company offering an extensive range of content, tools, products, and services for educators and learners of all ages.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Theater Scorer
  • Writing Tutor


Prof is a woman- and minority-owned startup that specializes in simplifying rapid hiring cycles, particularly for part-time faculty in the higher education landscape.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Adjunct Faculty for Forensic Victimology
  • Adjunct Faculty for United States History

Profit Factory

The company provides educational and consulting services to entrepreneurs and owners of companies of all sizes to help them streamline their processes, projects, and people.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

Rasmussen University

Rasmussen University is a for-profit, private institution of higher learning offering associate’s and bachelor’s degrees from campuses across Minnesota and in several other states.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Adjunct Instructor &#; Art in the World and the Workplace
  • Adjunct Instructor &#; Healthcare Financial Management and Economics

Soliant Health

Soliant Health places professionals in a broad range of specialized disciplines, including surgical technologists; registered nurses; occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory therapists; cytologists, histologists, and medical lab technicians; family practice physicians, internists, and psychiatrists; pharmacy technicians and pharmacists; and CT, MRI, radiology, ultrasound, and sleep technicians.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Speech Language Pathologist

Southern New Hampshire University &#; SNHU

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a nonprofit, private institution of higher education offering a variety of over undergraduate, graduate, and certificate degree programs. It caters to all types of students, offering evening, weekend, hybrid, and online courses.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Adjunct Faculty – Literature
  • Adjunct Faculty – Health Information Management

Strayer University

Strayer University is a private educational facility with more than 60, students enrolled. Strayer University specializes in higher education for working adults seeking career advancement.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Adjunct Faculty in Public Relations &#; Undergraduate
  • Adjunct Faculty in Business Strategy

Stride, Inc.

Stride serves children, teenagers, and families nationwide with web-based, interactive classes and learning modules that combine in-person, online, and blended instruction techniques to meet the unique learning needs of every student.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Middle School English Teacher

Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies specializes in on-demand, outsourced accounting services for small businesses, such as payroll and human resource administration; accounts payable and expense management; financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis; revenue recognition, customer invoicing, and accounts receivable; and bookkeeping and month-end close.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Virtual Staff Accountant

TELUS International

A world leader in language translation and localization services, TELUS International offers content and testing, global marketing, machine intelligence, multilingual websites, and engineering services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Online Data Analyst
  • Spanish Speaking Search Engine Evaluator


TranscribeMe is a leading information technology and services company specializing in worldwide translation services.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Transcriptionist &#; Transcriber

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors, a Nerdy company, is a nationally recognized company connecting students with personalized tutoring services in both academic and test prep subject areas.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Online Middle School Tutor
  • Online High School Tutor

VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is self-described as the global expert in digital recording technology, and the company&#;s mission is to help clients transform their digital content into actionable information.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Law Enforcement Transcript Editor
  • Insurance Investigations &#; Transcript Editor

Walden University

Following a student-centered philosophy, Walden University focuses on meeting the unique needs of working adults pursuing advanced degrees.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Faculty, Contributing &#; Bachelor of Science, Social Work
  • Clinical Instructor &#; MS Nursing, Adult Gerontology Primary Care NP


Welocalize provides product- and content-translation services to companies. The translation solutions offered by Welocalize are flexible, customizable, and include support throughout the process of product development to entering the market.

Recent part-time, remote, work-from-home jobs:

  • Ads Quality Rater &#; Mandarin &#; Simplified Chinese
  • Marketing SEO Specialist


clock icon Part-Time, Remote Jobs Hiring Now


news icon Popular Categories for Part-Time, Work-From-Home Jobs

Historically, some of the most popular job categories for part-time, online jobs include:


check mark icon Using FlexJobs to Find a Part-Time, Work-From-Home Job

Part-time work is generally under 30 or 35 hours per week. How the part-time schedule is defined, though, typically depends on the employer’s needs and sometimes the worker’s preference as well. This is usually determined by a combination of how much the worker wants to work and how many hours a company would like. Most part-time job listings include an estimate or range of hours needed for the role.

Whatever your reason for seeking part-time work that can be done remotely, as you can see, there are tons of stay-at-home job opportunities across a variety of job titles and fields.

FlexJobs members get full access to our job postings every day. Not a member? Consider joining and get full access to the database, which includes the best work-from-home jobs, along with other perks available only to members.

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