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[Top 11] RE3 Remake Best Shop Items To Buy

11. Hip Pouch

This small, belted pouch is good for carrying more items on your person. While the game already comes with several pouches that can be found in game already, who doesn’t need more inventory space? There is a great way to enhance the looks of your character too since all extra pouches appear on your character in-game.

Why the hip pouch?

  • Inventory space
  • It helps with achievements where you can’t use inventory boxes and you need all the space you can get.

Hip Pouch Details:

  • Will be added to your character as a design as well.
  • It creates two spaces per pouch.

Price: 4800P


  • There are no stats available on this hip pouch since it’s used primarily for looks and inventory space. Each pouch usually adds two spaces of inventory, one per item unless it’s large like the grenade launcher. Then it would take up two spaces.

10. STARS Field Combat Manual

STARS was supposedly one of the few groups that could ever stop the Umbrella Corp from taking over the world- though unfortunately, many were turned like Wesker, hunted down like Jill, or still fight the never-ending battle today like Leon. This manual, edited by the one and only Christ Redfield, explains how to perform physical feats like the Perfect Dodge much easier!

Why the STARS Field Combat Manual?

  • Enhances perfect dodge.
  • Great lore-friendly insert from a well-known character.

STARS Field Combat Manual details:

  • This can be purchased for a fairly low price and can be used for both Carlos and Jill. 
  • Chris Redfield also makes mention to an old manual he had in RE5, when he and Sheva are about to get fed to alligators.

Price: 6400P


  • Since this is a combat manual, there are no stats to be stated. Though it increases the ability of perfect dodge by about forty to fifty percent during gameplay.

9. Assault Coin

The assault coin is just how it looks. Having this coin in your inventory increases your attack power substantially. These can stack up to two, but is the inventory space capable of taking the extra baggage? 

Why the Assault Coin? 

  • The assault coin packs that extra punch that you might need to get you through a certain encounter, especially with the Nemesis. Want your knife strokes to take out people in one-shots? Done!

Assault Coin Details:

  • This coin is the same price as the other coins in the store only for 4000P.
  • These can double stack for the maximum amount of damage your character can unleash.

Price: 4000P


  • Because of this being a coin, there are no stats to speak of. 

8. Iron Defense Coin

Like it’s sister coins, this one is for defense as the name states. You will be able to take a lot more damage with one or two of these in your inventory. For a fairly low cost compared to some, you can get a bulletproof vest… er, coin? 

Why the Iron Defense Coin? 

  • The defense coin packs that extra kick that you might need to get you through a certain encounter, especially with the Nemesis. This will help you take direct, usually one-hit kills, without even flinching.

Iron Defense Coin Details:

  • This coin is the same price as the other coins in the store only for 4000P.
  • These can double stack for the maximum amount of defense your character can have.

Price: 4000P


  • Because of this being a coin, there are no stats to speak of. 

7. Recovery Coin

While it’s sister coins help with attack and defense, this coin helps with your recovery time! A lot of players reported not using the health items given in-game (and there is even an achievement for that), this coin will definitely help you make it through the game and get that achievement. It’ll slowly regenerate your health the longer you carry it. 

Why the Recovery Coin? 

  • The recovery coin helps you through one the easiest or hardest difficulty of the game by slowly regenerating your health over time. You can double it up like your other coins as well. 
  • Coins can be used for both Carlos and Jill, but make sure they have the ability to swap ahead of time by either storing them in an inventory box or by leaving them nearby. (Careful using the inventory box in case you’re going for that achievement!)

Iron Defense Coin Details:

  • This coin is the same price as the other coins in the store only for 4000P.
  • It helps with not having to use healing items at all (achievement!).

Price: 4000P


  • Because of this being a coin, there are no stats to speak of. 

6. Hot Dogger

As the name hilariously implies, the Umbrella-designed weapon is a knife that can be superheated. When slicing an enemy, it will catch them on fire immediately and burn them to death. You know, as an alternative to stabbing your enemies to death!

Why buy the Hot Dogger?

  • Besides its ability to light enemies aflame while battling hordes of the undead, this knife is as infinite and glorious as the standard. Which has been improved on since Resident Evil 2, where it could break with too many uses. 
  • Nice new animations with this unique blade. Like using it as a katana at times and lightning the Nemesis satisfyingly on fire.
  • Great against drain bugs or Deimos. Single slices are all that you need to take out these bug vomiting monsters.

Hot Dogger Details:

  • This is the first and one of the only upgrades from a standard weapon that Resident Evil 3 offers. 
  • Is the only ‘hand-to-hand’ combat weapon in-game besides the standard knife.
  • With unlimited durability and no ammo, this is a must-have for your inventory.

Price: 7200P


  • Unlimited durability and no ammo to refill. 

5. Samurai Edge

Whether you love guns or just love the look of this piece, you can own the modified Beretta 92F. This one has been modified to Jill Valentine’s particular tastes. With a wonderfully smooth recoil, enhanced firepower, and accuracy. Jill, and you, will be happy to have this in their arsenal. 

Why the Samurai Edge? 

  • Fantastic recoil, firepower, and accuracy.
  • Jill Valentine’s specific weapon, a reintroduction to the one seen in Resident Evil 2.
  • 15-shot capacity and beefed fire-rate.
  • Fun Fact: this weapon was given to Jill by Joseph Kendo on behalf of the Kendo Gun Shop in Raccoon City. It was one of the last weapons to ever be made there and was apart of the STARS weaponry phase, where each member earned their specific weapon.

Samurai Edge Details:

  • Game modification weapon to the real, original Beretta 92.
  • It can be bought fairly cheaply compared to the other weapons in the store.
  • An excellent lore-friendly, head-shot bound weapon that will help you on your playthrough!

Price: 5600P


  • While there are no specific stats on the weapon’s rate of fire or various abilities surrounding it, there is no question that this gun outshines the basic one that is given to you at the beginning of the game. 


Arguably one of the best guns in the game, this energy weapon is straight out of Fallout lore. Developed by Umbrella to help fight virus-infected water monsters, this is based on ‘airborne electrical phenomena’ that can stop standard shamblers with one shot.

Why buy the RAI-DEN?

  • This taser like gun has been known to give you that extra second while being chased by Nemesis and definitely is apart of your much-used arsenal.
  • Ammo is extremely hard to find and often is never dropped while on a playthrough as some players have reported.
  • Can easily take out enemies one after another. This gun is a slightly altered version for the one given to use in Resident Evil 2 while in the sewers. 

RAI-DEN Details:

  • Named after Raiden, a lightning deity in Japanese mythology, this weapon does pack the power of the gods.
  • Defeating enemies often count towards Magnum kills. Multiple players have reported a bug that lets you use magnum ammo as well with no fix in sight.

Price: 12000P


  • As Resident Evil 3 continues to be a fairly new game, there is not currently stats for this modified version of the RE2 remake. There has yet to be another ‘stun’ use gun in-game.

3. Infinite MUP Handgun

While only slightly more expensive than the Samurai Edge, there has been a lot of discourse on whether to choose the MUP versus the Edge. While the Edge has a 15 shot compared to the 16, it also doesn’t have infinite ammo like the MUP. The MUP, in retrospect, doesn’t have nearly the stopping power of the Jill’s Samurai Edge.

Why the Infinite MUP Handgun:

  • Well-balanced, 16 shot, with decent accuracy.
  • Infinite ammo and the largest handgun magazine available.
  • Less powerful than the Samurai Edge, but trading power for the amount of bullets you currently have.

The Infinite MUP Handgun Details:

  • Many players have rated this gun out of all of the store inventory, 2 of 5 stars.
  • No customization or any changes can be made to the weapon.
  • Besides saving your inventory space with no ammo usage, it doesn’t feel worthy of the 8k you spend on it in the shop.

Price: 8000P


  • There are no stats available to compare to, though multiple sources report it is less powerful than the standard-issue gun you start the game with. 

2. Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

Each and every player the moment they got to play as Carlos, was impressed with the size of his gun. This assault rifle was optimized by the UBCS (Umbrella’s ‘response’ team) with a short barrel length, allowing for a great fire rate and stopping power.

Why the Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle?

  • Sitting at the second-highest expensive weapon in the store, you definitely want this purchase to be worthwhile. And besides the Samurai Edge, we recommend you buy this first. 
  • Unlimited ammo, the best stopping power of all the weapons, best fire rate, and with the ability to mow town Lickers, Nemesis, and whoever else makes the unwise choice to challenge you. 

Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle Details:

  • Carlos’ main weapon for the majority of the game. 
  • This can be used both by Jill and Carlos with infinite ammo.

Price: 28400P


  • Because of the games new release, there are no stats available on the weapon. But since it is the only upgraded version from the original (and only) assault rifle in-game- we’re pretty sure that the infinite ammo is a perk! 

1. Infinite Rocket Launcher

Currently sitting at the most expensive item in the store, you might have to do multiple playthroughs just to get enough money to purchase it! But absolutely no one can deny how bad we want to use literally Nemesis’ rocket launcher… with unlimited ammo!

Why buy the Infinite Rocket Launcher? 

  • Nemesis only main weapon. 
  • Unlimited ammo and literally one-shots everything but Nemesis. 
  • The ultimate, unlimited, over-kill weapon.

Infinite Rocket Launcher:

  • The recoil is ridiculous on this weapon, use with caution if multiple things in your area can explode!
  • The rockets do more damage than the explosion according to its in-game description. The players beg to differ when they can’t find the zombie they originally fired at.
  • This gun, like the other infinite ammo variations, can save you massive amounts of inventory space. But like the grenade launcher, it takes two spaces.

Price: 62400P


  • There are no stats available for this weapon. Unlimited ammo.

Resident Evil 3: 15 Best Items To Buy From The Shop (& How Much They Cost)

The fun – or rather, nightmare – isn't over after a single playthrough of the Resident Evil 3 remake. Once the credits roll, players unlock a shop from which they can buy special items using points accumulated by completing Records.

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There is quite a selection of special items to choose from, and the following list will help sort out which ones are worth the hard-earned points based on how helpful they are in future playthroughs. Choosing the right things to buy is essential to making the harder difficulty modes more manageable for anybody who is not an absolute master at the survival horror game.

Updated October 4th, 2020 by Christopher Fain:With Halloween on the way as well as the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, fans find themselves returning to the recent remakes in droves. With popular streamers like Orchlon breathing new life into the fandom, there's no better time to dive into this zombie-infested world. The new game plus item shop still delivers on some fantastic purchase options to spice up additional playthroughs.

Whether fans of the series are more into super-powered guns or just want to strut around in iconic clothes, the shop has everything a zombie-loving heart needs. Everything for a price, that is.

15 Lock Pick - 2,800 Points

A lock pick may seem like a trivial item, but for those who wish to unlock every hidden chest and room, they're hot commodities. Lock picks are specialized tools that allow players to pick locks, as the name suggests, when no keys are available.

These handy tools are available throughout the game, but they're very hard to find. On additional playthroughs, these relatively cheap items become extremely valuable. Stock up on lock picks in preparation for the next locked chest or door. That, or to find a good hiding place.

14 Bolt Cutters - 2,800 Points

Many, if not all, of the Resident Evil games have chains to cut through. They often lock doors or block off important areas players must reach. The usual go-to tool for this is a pair of bolt cutters, although they're not always available when necessary. Bolt cutters cut both chains and cables along with any other similar items.

As players begin their second playthrough, they may not remember where the bolt cutter locations were. If not that, then maybe they simply don't want to deal with the monstrosity guarding them. Either way, their best option is purchasing a pair in the shop for a menial 2,800 points.

13 HOT DOGGER - 7,200 Points

Only Umbrella would develop a weapon with a whimsical name like HOT DOGGER. And the whimsicality of it doesn't stop there. This corporate-designed, anti-bioweapon dagger has the ability to superheat itself. When stabbed through zombies, their bodies light up in flames.

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It's a neat, glowing weapon that doesn't quite make sense, but it adds a whole lot of fun to new plays. After blowing through dozens of bullets and killing hundreds of zombies, it feels good to stab one in the head and watch the flames.

12 Samurai Edge - 5,600 Points

For a gun with superior accuracy, massive firepower, and Jill's personal touch, there's no better option than the Samurai Edge. This 15-shot 9 mm is one of the best handgun options in the game. This is one shop item that is only available after beating the game once, offering further incentive to do so.

Imagine taking out hordes of zombies so much easier with Samurai agility. It's Jill's personal favorite and destined to be the players' as well. It only takes a few shots to discover why.

11 Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle - 28,400 Points

For a whopping 28,400 points, players get access to a beast of a weapon known as the Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle. This incredibly fun and equally powerful 5.56x45 mm assault rifle was made specifically for this outbreak by U.B.C.S. It's short, fairly lightweight, and advertised to be an excellent choice in urban environments, ironically.

While there are definitely assault rifles available in the first playthrough, none compare to the Infinite CQBR. With this weapon in-hand, Nemesis doesn't stand a chance.

10 S.T.A.R.S. Gear - 2,000 Points

This one has no gameplay functionality, but any fan of the series would kill to play as Jill in her iconic outfit from the debut entry. It makes one wonder just what they could do if Capcom decided to do yet another remake of the first game.

Of course, this is unnecessary, because the 2002 reimagining for the GameCube is still an exceptional horror game that holds up well today. Fortunately, Jill wears whatever outfit is selected in all the cinematics.

9 Infinite MUP Handgun (8,000)

For anybody whose first playthrough was on either of the first two difficulty modes, the Infinite MUP Handgun will be helpful in tackling "Hardcore" mode. With unlimited pistol ammunition, Jill can make sure every zombie is dead and save up the more powerful ammunition for powerful monsters and boss fights.

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Resource conservation is a vital aspect of the higher difficulty modes, but anybody who doesn't want to deal with it has an alternative in the Infinite MUP Handgun.

8 Crafting Companion (4,800)

The Crafting Companion yields more ammunition from mixing gunpowder while equipped. This is especially helpful on higher difficulties where the gunpowder concoctions dole out less ammo than usual.

When mixed with the Infinite MUP Handgun, one will never have to worry about running out of Shotgun or Grenade Launcher Ammo. The player will also end up with more Lightning Hawk bullets by the end, which comes in handy during the penultimate boss encounter.

7 Recovery Coin (4,000)

When equipped, the Recovery Coin slowly heals Jill. While in the caution state, the recovery is relatively quick; however, when in danger, it takes a notable amount of time. Fortunately, one can buy two and equip them simultaneously for even quicker healing.

One of the Records tasks the player with beating the game using only one recovery item, making the Recovery Coin particularly vital. The one healing item in question is for a story event. A Drain Deimo infects Jill with a Parasite and she must use a Green Herb to flush it out.

6 Iron Defense Coin (4,000)

The Iron Defense Coin acts just like its name sounds, ramping up Jill's defensive capabilities. When paired with the two healing coins, most enemies are far less threatening.

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Even on the higher difficulties, Jill can take quite a beating from the zombies and the two types of Hunters before a game over. It is almost essential for getting an S rank on the highest difficulty, where autosaves are disabled and one can only use a Typewriter five times.

5 Assault Coin (4,000)

Attacks become more powerful with the Assault Coin. On "Hardcore" mode and above some of the enemies have an absurd amount of health, so having at least one of these evens the odds.

Bosses especially tend to drain most of Jill's ammunition, but the Assault Coin gives every bullet an extra punch, saving on ammunition.

4 RAI-DEN (12,000)

This energy weapon is more stylish than practical. When on Jill's back, electricity can be seen coursing through the transparent part of its body. The gun is pretty much a one-hit kill when targeting an enemy's weak point.

Unfortunately, it is completely useless against other parts of the body. Only accurate players will find a lot of use for the Rai-Den, but it is a neat weapon and not too expensive compared to some of the other special firearms.

3 S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual

Dodging is essential to surviving Raccoon City's zombie-infested streets. The timing is tight, but buying and equipping the S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual makes the mechanic more forgiving.

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This is essential for playthroughs on "Inferno" mode, where even with all the defensive items some enemies can still swiftly take Jill out. The last boss, in particular, has an instant kill move, so dodging is the only defense.

2 Hip Pouch (4,800)

Buying the Hip Pouches from the shop gives the player extra inventory space without having to find them in the world. With all the aforementioned special items, one will also need to buy all the available Hip Pouches to equip them at the beginning of the game.

They help save time during speed runs and make a no item box run less stressful.

1 Infinite Rocket Launcher (62,400)

While ludicrously expensive, the Infinite Rocket Launcher is worth the investment. It takes out every normal enemy with one hit and makes quick work of most bosses, even on the highest difficulty. For an easy path towards saving up enough points, farm kills for the Records that require a certain body count with each gun.

Players can repeatedly save and reload certain areas without losing the kills because the count is saved to the profile and not the individual save slot. With the Infinite Rocket Launcher, all other guns are insignificant and the harder difficulties are a piece of cake.

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Resident Evil 3 Wiki Guide

Beat Resident Evil 3 Remake on any difficulty to unlock The Shop for Resident Evil 3's remake on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Here, we'll break down everything available for purchase in The Shop, what each thing does, and how much it costs.

Item Description Cost (points)
Jill - S.T.A.R.S. Gear Jill’s S.T.A.R.S. gear, as she wore during the Mansion Incident 2000
Recovery Coin Gradually regenerate health when held. Carry two to increase the effect. 4000
Defense Coin Greatly increases your defense when held. Carry two to increase the effect. 4000
Assault Coin Greatly increases your attack power when held. Cary two to increase the effect. 4000
Crafting Companion While held, increases the amount of ammo gained when crafting. 4000
S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual A manual of compiled S.T.A.R.S. close-range combat knowledge. Edited by Chris Redfield. While held, physical feats such as Perfect Dodge become easier to perform. 6400
Lock Pick A specialized tool which allows a skilled user to unlock simple locks when no key is available. 2800
Bolt Cutters A tool for cutting chains, cables, and the like. 2800
Hip Pouch A small belted pouch, good for carrying more items. Will be placed in the game when purchased. Will not be available in Assisted mode, as this would exceed the maximum inventory capacity. 4800
HOT DOGGER As its name implies, this Umbrella-developed anti-bioweapon knife is used by those who like to show off. This blade can be superheated, causing the target to burst into flames. 7200
Samurai Edge 15-shot capacity 9mm handgun. It’s been customized according to Jill’s personal specifications. Excellent across the board, with exceptional accuracy and firepower. 5600
RAI-DEN An energy weapon developed by Umbrella based on airborne electrical phenomena. It possesses great stopping power, but only when targeting enemy weak points. 12000
Infinite MUP Handgun A very well balanced 16-shot 9mm handgun. Its pinpoint accuracy has led to its adoption by countless militaries. 8000
Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle A 5.56x45mm assault rifle optimized by U.B.C.S for this operation. Its short length affords great mobility, even in urban settings. 28400
Infinite Rocket Launcher A recoilless rocket launcher that fires 84mm projectiles. The piercing power of the rocket causes more damage than the explosion. 62400

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Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3

A terrifying new version of the classic third game in the survival horror series, Resident Evil 3 tells the story of S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine, as she escapes from a crumbling Raccoon City, and the relentless Nemesis.
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Resident Evil 3 Remake | RE3 Remake

Shop - How to Unlock & What to Buy

Check out this guide about the Shop in RE3 Remake (Resident Evil 3)! Know what items and weapons you should buy, how to earn points, how to unlock it, infinite weapons, & more!

Table of Contents

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Shop Items & Recommendations

List Of Shop Items

Get Points Fast By Farming Records

You can farm points fast by reloading saves as the progress will remain, even after a load. You can finish off weapon related records quickly by using this method.

How To Earn Points Fast Guide

Get Coins When Challenging Harder Difficulty

Coins For Farming

The coins that buff you dramatically helps make the game easier during your subsequent playthroughs. Use them to farm points and to clear more challenges.

Check Out the Iron Defense Coin Here!

Infinite Ammo Weapons Are The Best

If you have enough points saved, you can just buy infinite ammo weapons to swiftly beat the game's difficult enemies. This can significantly improve your following playthroughs as it removes having to worry about managing your resources and ammo.

Check Out The Infinite Ammo Weapons Guide Here!

What Is The Shop

Use To Unlock Secrets

Unlocked Shop

The Shop is a place where you can buy items and weapons such as infinite ammo guns, item buffs, skins, and tools to access certain parts of the game.

Buy With Records Points

Challenge Points

To purchase items in the shop, you can use the points that you can earn by completing in-game challenges. These Records can be completed during the main story campaign and can be viewed via the Records menu.

Check out All Record & Reward List here!

How To Unlock The Shop

Clear The Game First

Shop has been unlocked

In order to unlock the Shop, you need to finish the game in all its entirety first. Afterwards, you'll get a message telling you that the Shop is now accessible.

Check Out The Story Mission Walkthrough List Here!

How To Access The Shop

Shop from the Main Menu

You can access the shop from the Main Menu. There, select "Bonuses" and choose "Shop".

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Story Walkthrough

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Data Base & List

Other RE3 Related Guide

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Shop resident items 3 evil

Shop Weapons and Items cover

This page contains information on the shop in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). Read on to learn what items and weapons you can buy as well as their point cost to unlock!

We recommend buying the infinite weapons as they can make the game easier on harder difficulties and even trivialize some encounters. The most rewarding records are also the ones you need to play on harder difficulties to complete.

List of All Weapons

Completing the condition for a record will reward you points based on the record that was completed. The harder it is to complete the more points you will receive.

See the guide below for the list of records and their rewards!
All Records Guide

Some records require you to do a certain action several times. The progress of these records persists through every save file. This means you can load a save, complete an action that counts towards the progress of the record, then reload the same save file with the progress still being saved.

After completing the story mode on any difficulty you will unlock the shop and records will show the point reward for completing them. To go to the shop, simply go to the Main Menu and open the Bonuses menu. From there you can open the shop.

Beginner Guides

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Resident Evil 3 Remake (PC) No Damage - Inferno (No Bonus Items/No Item Shop)

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