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There are a great many benefits to purchasing complete engagement or wedding rings that can help you in your search for "the one". As finished offerings, the center diamond is already secured. This way, you can purchase the ring you've chosen without labor costs and prolonged assembly time. Our collection of complete diamond rings offers gorgeous selections that your fiancée-to-be will love!

From halo to three stones, our complete engagement rings offer every style you can imagine in multi-colored gold and even platinum. If your girlfriend likes traditional looking rings, we have a large assortment of these quaint and charming options. One of these has a smooth 14k yellow gold band with a sparkling princess cut diamond at the center. On each side of it lies a smaller trillium stone that beautifully accentuates the luster of the princess diamond. Another naturally designed ring uses three round cut diamonds nestled together on a 14k white gold band. The simplicity and symbolism of this three stone will make your proposal all the more sentimental. We also have more ornate, dramatic options if your significant other loves the shimmer of a plethora of diamonds. Three halos sit atop a 14k yellow gold band with round center diamonds inside each. On the band and halos are small round cut stones as well. As a complete engagement ring, it's a stunner! A double halo is used in a sophisticated split shank ring studded with round diamonds for a brilliant appearance. Platinum is a precious metal used in an engagement ring with trillium and round diamond accents and a large round center stone.

This collection also has several striking complete wedding rings that can make your ring search much more efficient, as these sets include two rings. With the engagement and wedding ring in one set, they're designed to naturally fit together. For a very elegant and luxurious set, the engagement ring features two 14k white gold strips decorated with round cut diamonds. At the center lies a larger round stone and with a stunning matching wedding band. Another set has a double halo on a wider band with dimensional round diamonds and a curved wedding band. Complete wedding rings offer an excellent value no matter what style you choose.

A great many halo bridal sets featured here pair metals together to create uncommonly seen looks. Some team yellow and rose gold, others combine white with yellow gold. By using a secondary color, the set offers a two-tone appeal that will dazzle and delight. One white gold ring set even uses enhanced blue diamonds and a black pavé setting!

If you have any questions about our complete diamond rings, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you. If you live near one of our 14 locations and would like to make an appointment, simply book online or call us at 888-539-3574.

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diamond bridal sets

You and your partner were made for each other. Shouldn’t you say the same about your engagement ring and wedding band? Browse Helzberg’s diverse selection of bridal sets featuring dazzling engagement rings and gorgeous companion wedding bands.

white, yellow & rose gold bridal set rings

Our stunning bridal sets come in varying shades of gold, so you can find a match for your bride’s individual style. Get a refined, fashion-forward look with pretty pale white gold. Warm rose gold looks great on varying skin types, and classic yellow gold is elegant and timeless. Whatever their metal preference, Helzberg has the perfect bridal set.

moissanite bridal sets

Looking for a nontraditional way to celebrate your love story? Radiant and luminous, moissanite is a fashion-forward  diamond engagement ring alternative. Its flickering rainbow flashes look especially beautiful in our bridal sets. 

lab grown diamond bridal set

Prized for their dazzling quality and low environmental impact, lab grown diamonds glitter with fire. Whether you prefer a traditional solitaire or striking double halo, our diamond bridal sets come in a variety of shapes and styles. 

morganite bridal sets

A lovely semi-precious stone, Morganite is popular for its breathtaking clarity and beautiful blush tones. Available in purple, pink, salmon, peach and rose, morganite has become a popular diamond alternative for today’s brides. Centered amid a stylish bridal set, the eye-catching gem’s delicate color makes it a modern-day classic.

Sours: https://www.helzberg.com/engagement-rings/bridal-sets
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Men's Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring

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Sets 14k wedding ring

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Men's Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring

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