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The Best Warm Gray Paint Colors

A collection of the best warm gray paint colors along with real-life examples of each option to help you pick the best paint color for your own home!

A collection of the best warm gray paint colors! This post also includes real-life examples in homes to help you pick the color that may be best suited for your house!

Whenever January rolls around, I&#;m immediately in the mood for some room makeovers and refreshes! And one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update a space is with paint! Today I&#;m sharing the best warm gray paint colors that I think tend to look good in the widest variety of home and lighting conditions. Along with that, I&#;ll be sharing images of the colors in real-life spaces so you can get a better feel as to how they look off the paint chip.

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The Best Warm Gray Paint Colors

I feel like we&#;re going to be seeing less and less cool gray paint colors over the next few years. As we see more wood tones coming back and spaces that feel much warmer and cozier, we&#;ll also see the gray paint color trend shift to warmer tones. You may have also heard the term &#;greige&#;, which is really just a hybrid of beige and gray. It&#;s essentially the same idea, but even slightly more warm than warm gray paint colors. And although several of the colors I&#;ve chosen look very warm on a paint chip, they definitely have gray undertones when you put them up on walls! I think you&#;ll agree that most of these could be considered perfect neutral paint options!

Following are what I believe to be the best warm gray paint colors that will look good in a variety of homes and lighting conditions! Much like white paint colors, I do not recommend color matching warm gray paint colors (unless you go pretty dark). I&#;ve tried it in the past, and I don&#;t feel like the color matching is accurate. And this goes for all brands! So, I tried to include some fairly comparable options with a variety of paint brands.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

Although technically an off-white, Benjamin Moore&#;s Balboa Mist is a beautiful warm gray color that is a serene neutral. It has subtle nuances of white that suits tranquil, serene environments as well as creates color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces. Perfect if you have colorful artwork or accessories!

We have Benjamin Moore Classic Gray in our guest bedroom walls and it&#;s one of my favorite neutrals! It&#;s a definitely chameleon, but is one of the very best light warm grays. It can look gray in some lights and much warmer in other lights, but it&#;s an excellent neutral if you don&#;t want something in-your-face!

Behr Silver Drop

We had Behr Silver Drop in our dining room right before we painted it Benjamin Moore Simply White. It&#;s another chameleon color that can change warmer and cooler depending on the time of day and lighting conditions.

Dining Room Painted Behr Silver Drop via Life On Virginia Street

DINING ROOMSOURCES: Dining Table | Linen Dining Chairs | Striped Rug | Chandelier(look for less here) | Velvet Table Runner | Hutch Details | Art: old &#; One Kings LaneOlive Leaf Topiaries & Wreath: old &#; World Market

Behr Dolphin Fin

We actually used Behr Dolphin Fin in our other guest bedroom back when it had striped walls. It leans more true gray, but has warm enough undertones that it can work well in a variety of homes! Especially if your space faces south and receives more natural sunlight!

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

One of the more popular Benjamin Moore Gray colors, Gray Owl has also been a top seller for them for awhile. It&#;s a very versatile light warm gray paint that can work well in a variety of homes!

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Living Room via The Creativity Exchange

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

If I had to pick one color that universally looks good in every home I&#;ve seen it in, I would immediately say Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray. It&#;s the color we use in all of our investment properties and everyone that walks in asks what it is! It appeals to the beige lovers and the gray lovers equally! You can take the full tour of one of our rental homes that we essentially gutted and painted fully in Agreeable Gray.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray Dining and Kitchen Area via Life On Virginia Street

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

My mom painted their entire first floor Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray and she couldn&#;t love it more! It definitely leans a bit more gray, but it still has slightly warm undertones to avoid it feeling cold or stark. It&#;s a beautiful whole-house option!

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray via The Creativity Exchange

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter has long been considered another &#;perfect&#; paint color if you&#;re wanting a gray greige look. It comes off a bit dark in some homes, so if you love the look and tones, you can always ask the painter counter to mix it at 50% or 75% (or whatever variation) to lighten it up to the perfect color for your home!

Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray

A much deeper and rich warm gray, SW Dorian Gray is perfect for moodier spaces! And, as you can see in the photo below, it&#;s warm enough that it can even pair with brown tones without looking &#;off&#;. It also adds a lot of depth and dimension to a space!

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray is one of those colors that looks warmer on the paint chip, but will likely show up cooler once painted on your walls. But, it&#;s a beautiful warm gray that works well in bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces and looks great with marble that may have a variety of veining and colors. I would argue the photo below makes it appear slightly warmer than it may in other spaces.

The photo below shows the same space just to show how the color can change based on lighting and angles!
Additional Paint Color Inspiration

If you’re looking for even more paint color inspiration, be sure to check out these other posts by clicking on their titles below:

Free Paint Color Organization Printables

If you frequently paint your home like I do, it can sometimes be difficult to keep all your colors (and paint cans) organized! I recently created a free paint color organization printable set that I think you will all love!

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Simply complete the form below and I&#;ll email the PDF files over to you to start using today! It will also subscribe you to my email list, but you can easily unsubscribe at any time if that isn&#;t your thing.


I hope you found these ideas and the best warm gray paint colors helpful!

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Warm Vs. Cool - Choosing The Best Gray Paint Color

When choosing a paint color, gray, a best neutral color, comes in endless shades and tones. In this post, we will explore warm versus cool grays and how they can differ based on how you are viewing them. The color shown online can vary from screen to screen and show up differently based on light and device settings. We always recommend  trying a sample on a board and moving it throughout the room at varying times of day to best capture different lighting throughout the day. 

When it comes to choosing a warm or a cool gray for your space, Store Operations Training Manager Chris Carbone says, "I always talk about how a cool gray is more of blue or green undertone while a warm gray has more of a yellow or red or brown undertone. If the house has a lot of warm colors the cool gray will become a lot more blue and “icy” feeling. A warm gray gives you more of that popular greige and natural. Conversely a cooler toned house with a warm gray the walls turn very troupe or red. I like to take the classic color chip with and hold different grays and then you can really see the cool or warm tones come out." 

We have rounded out 13 best Benjamin Moore gray paint colors, denoting whether they are warm or cool, and show them online, as a paint chip, and painted with two coats on a color board. Read on to choose your favorite warm or cool gray!


Amherst Gray HC

Amherst Gray Color

Amherst is a deep gray with hues of green and yellow. It's a popular choice for home exteriors or on a front door in contrast to a crisp, white trim. 

Coventry  Gray HC

Coventry Gray Colors

Gray with a slight blue undertone (if you are looking for a "grayer gray", may try Thunder AF) and part of the Historic Color Collection, time-honored hues that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces.

Eternity AF

Eternity Colors

A darker gray, Eternity is cool, classic, and timeless. It's part of the Affinity Collection, a group of well thought out colors that work seamlessly with one another. 

Stonington Gray HC

Stonington Gray Colors

Stonington Gray is a light, modern gray that works well in a variety of spaces, from sitting room walls to kitchen cabinets. Stonington Gray is regularly revered as a Benjamin Moore Best Gray paint color. 

Wickham Gray HC

Wickham Gray Colors

Benjamin Moore's Wickham Gray is a pale gray that changes with the light and seasons. We used it in a house in Chatham and against a  pale green, pale greenish blue and it was incredible how it played off of those colors. Wickham Gray changes with the light; it can go from warm to cool." - South Coast Today


Shoreline Colors

" My go-to neutral shade is Shoreline. I searched high and low for a pale gray that would not read blue, green, or lavender, and this color has just enough pigment to contrast well against crisp, white trim, but not so much that you can't use it everywhere - even on the ceiling!" says Claire Paquin of Clean Design. 


We will include one neutral - Gray Owl. Gray Owl can be both cool or warm, depending on how it is accented. If there are blues, purples, and grays it can appear more cool. If the room is furnished with red, yellow, or brown the color can appear warmer. 

Gray Owl OC

Gray Owl is an all-out unadorned, approachable color that pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances in a modern kitchen. 


Classic Gray

Classic Gray Colors

"Classic Gray is just a whisper of gray. Just enough gray to give some contrast against white trim, giving a hint of color and warmth." - Evolutions of Style Blog

Pale Oak OC

Pale Oak Colors

Reminiscent of the majestic white oak, this beautiful neutral is graceful and elegant, conveying a sense of style and quiet restraint.

Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist Colors

"This Benjamin Moore paint color, straight from the Off-White Color Collection brings tranquil tones of white and serves as a beautifully neutral backdrop." - Architectural Digest

Edgecomb Gray HC

Edgecomb Gray Colors

A go-to gray that's timeless with a modern edge, this earthy, organic neutral is soft and stylish, creating a setting that feels distinctly personal. 

Revere Pewter HC

Revere Pewter Colors

A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that calms and restores. A great transitional color, it's perfect for an open floor plan. 

Pashmina AF

Pashmina Colors

"It's a muddy colour with a green undertone and has slightly more intensity & depth than the popular 'Revere Pewter'. It's one of those rare colours that often works well with both the beiges and the grays," says designer Claire Jefford. 

Which of these best gray paint colors is your favorite? Do you prefer cool or warm gray? 

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BM Gray swatches
Ben Moore Gray

Choosing a Benjamin Moore gray paint color may seem a bit intimidating with the number of options they carry. Knowing a few useful bits of information will help you easily find the perfect shade of gray for your walls. 

Want to paint like a true professional?

Check out this must-have painting tool used by our painting crew.

A few tips to know before we get into the best Benjamin Moore gray paint colors.

Paint colors are often created by using two or more colors. An undertone is created when there is a higher percentage of one color over the other.

Want to figure out what undertone you should go with?

•Pick up a few gray color chips your like. Stack them on top of one another to see brightness levels and undertones.

•Use gray color chips and layer them on your home furnishings. This can help you see what undertone will work best in your room.

•Buy gray paint samples and paint large swatches on walls in different lighting conditions. Or use Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples. They are super easy to use and mess-free!

Now the question of a warm or cool gray paint?

Warm grays, or brown-gray—or the ever so popular “greige”—are very welcoming, while cooler gray paint colors like green-gray and blue-gray, have more of a modern feel. 

Light exposure plays a large role in the gray’s undertone.

Opt for a warmer gray paint color if your room has north-facing light. The reason is, northern light reveals more of the gray paint’s blue and green undertones.

The more flattering south-facing light gives you the opportunity to the variety of gray paint colors you can use in your room.

Find more information on how light affects paint colors here

Doing the painting yourself? Grab this essential painting tool to help you along the way.

Top 10 Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

I decided to share a few gray paint colors that are underrated in my opinion. People tend to go to the most popular colors by default and you can’t blame them those colors are popular for good reason.  However, there are so many grays Benjamin Moore carries that are just as gorgeous as the popular grays. 

BM Gray Paint Colors

Let me start with the lighter gray paint colors first. Lighter grays are by far more popular and are always requested by customers. I have some great light warm gray options as well as light cool gray options to share with you. 

Benjamin Moore Light Gray Paint Colors

Silver Satin – Benjamin Moore OC

living room painted Benjamin Moore Silver Satin, with tv over fireplace

Silver Satin is a much lighter gray paint color. It can almost be considered an off-white. Silver satin is a warm gray that has a slight purple undertone. This would be a great home office paint color option.


Gray Cloud – Benjamin Moore

master bedroom with bed and fireplace with walls painted benjamin moore gray cloud

Gray Cloud is a Benjamin Moore gray that is on the cool side. This cool-toned gray paint color can look almost like an icy blue in certain lighting. It can also be considered a blue gray paint color.

For instance in north-facing rooms. The visible temperature in north-facing rooms is cool and the color of the light is bluish. So if you decide to go with BM Gray Cloud in a north-facing room you can expect to see the blue tones come out.

 If you are looking for a gray paint color with a cool undertone, Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud is a fantastic option.


Gray Owl – Benjamin Moore OC

Gray Owl painted walls in Office with small table

Gray Owl is a Benjamin Moore gray that is very versatile. It’s a light gray with a nice balance between cool and warm tones. Gray Owl works best in rooms that have little natural light. The more natural light a room has the cooler this Benjamin Moore gray will look.


Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore HC

bedroom with bed and BM Edgecomb gray painted walls

Edgecomb gray is another Benjamin Moore gray that has a warm undertone. Edgecomb gray is slightly lighter than Revere pewter, yet still light enough to work well in any room. Pair it with a warm white to make it really pop.


Don’t forget to pick up theseamazing painting tools! They will only make your life easier!


Mid-Toned Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

Stonington Gray – Benjamin Moore HC

Stonington-gray painted walls in bedroom with cozy bed

Photo Credit: Mobby.Me

Stonington Gray is a gray that has a bluish earthy undertone. The undertone is definitely more on the cool side, so if you are looking for a grayish-blue color, this may be for you. It would also be an amazing option to paint your kitchen cabinets.


Wish – Benjamin Moore AF

BM-Wish painted walls in bathroom with double vanity and toilet

Wish is a Benjamin Moore Gray that is fairly light. Wish is a warm-toned gray paint color that is quite neutral. It can be considered a greige because of the yellow and gray it has in it.

Since Benjamin Moore Wish has yellow undertones it will look more beige in a south-facing room. 

BM Wish is such a versatile paint color, it will work beautifully in any type of design.

Wish is also a part of Benjamin Moores Affinity Color Collection. If you are interested in another great paint color from the Affinity Collection, BM Thunder is one to check out.


London Fog – Benjamin Moore

kitchen cabinets painted with benjamin moore london fog

Photo Credit: Home Bunch

London Fog is a gray paint color that is on the lighter side in terms of mid-toned grays.  Its undertone is brown and in daylight, London fog can look more taupe.

I absolutely love how London Fog looks on Kitchen Cabinets.


Let’s take a quick break to talk about testing paint samples.

Instead of physically going to your nearest paint store to grab your samples, you need to try  Samplize Peel & Stick paint samples.

Why should you try Samplize?

  • Super affordable
  • Mess-free
  • Non-damaging
  • Made with real manufacturer paint
  • Displays color just like a wall
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reusable

These peel & stick paint samples are super affordable and allow you to test a paint color in all different areas of a room without the mess of a traditional paint sample! 

 You know how I feel about testing paint colors, it’s a must! 

Don’t create more work for yourself. OrderSamplizenow and have them shipped directly to you.  No-fuss, no mess! Check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore HC

Revere Pewter painted walls in dining room with built in cabinets and dining table

Revere Pewter is a gray that is highly popular. It’s a warmer gray that is on the lighter side. BM Revere Pewter is an exceptional gray that will create unity in your room. 


Need a trim color? Check out the 8 Best White Paint Colors for Trim

Coventry Gray – Benjamin Moore HC

Wall-color-is-Benjamin-Moore-Coventry-Gray. in bedroom with bed

Coventry Gray is a gray that’s sort of a chameleon. It’s a mid-toned gray that can look cool in a lot of natural light, while in little natural light it will pull warmer. Coventry gray is a beautiful gray paint color that has gained popularity over the years. 


WAIT! Before you start painting make sure you have the best painting tools to make your job easier. It will take hours off your painting times!

Dark Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

Chelsea Gray – Benjamin Moore HC

Chelsea gray striped wall with hanging picture

Chelsea Gray is a Benjamin Moore gray that is darker than most of the gray paint colors in this list. Chelsea Gray is neutral so it doesn’t pull too like or too cool. It is a great option if you are looking for a dark gray paint color. 


Don’t forget about your exterior!

Gray is a popular choice for not only the interior of your home but also the exterior of your home. Benjamin Moore’s gray paint colors will complement most roof colors, as well as brick. Gray paint on doors, trim, or shutters provides the perfect balance to a home of any color.

READ MORE:20 Awesome Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

There is an irrefutable sophistication to gray paint. You can pair it with almost any other color of paint, from rust orange to bright magenta, and it will provide you with an overall balance. 

Equal parts stylish and sensible,  a gray paint color is a design favorite. 



painting checklist
The Most Popular Gray Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


The color gray has held its position in the world of design for a very long time. But recently, we have seen designers moving away from grays in favor of warmer neutrals.

But if you are familiar with the term "greige", then you will already know that there are some wonderful warm grays that were also very popular a few years ago. Greige simply is a color that has gray and beige.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Walls In Eggshell Finish

The moving away from grays isn't so much that gray is a bad color. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad color if it is used in the right way. The problem was the overuse of it.

Interiors became gray on gray central instead of people expressing their style and personality in their homes.

Gray will forever be a mainstay for designers like me.

It was very rare that I even used cooler grays anyway. They were often a bit too cold and modern for the work I do. I was always in favor of the warmer grays, which often had a wonderful neutral back drop to a design scheme.

Over the years, I developed a list of my favorite warm grays and this post will showcase nine of the lighter shades of greige that I love and I personally think will never be outdated.

Before I get to the paint colors, please keep in mind that color is affected by light, so they may appear different in your home. We always recommend trying samples painted on walls or on poster board in your home first. Observe the colors at different times of the day.

I would also strongly recommend that you invest in some of Benjamin Moore's color fan decks before selecting your color. The fan decks are helpful in that they are arranged in some cases by how colors relate to each other, or arranged in collections of color.

The Affinity Collection by Benjamin Moore includes colors that work very well with each other.

Benjamin Moore Affinity Collection

Here are a few other fan deck of color collections.

Benjamin Moore Off Whites | Benjamin Moore Classic Fan Deck | Benjamin Moore Collections Fan Deck

Ok, let's get to it - The nine best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors That Will Never Be Outdated

1 - Revere Pewter

Foyer Walls Painted In Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Eggshell Finish

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is by far the most popular warm gray there is. I personally have used it many times. In fact, the photos above are of my home with Revere Pewter walls.

It is a very versatile color. I sometimes can see gray, beige, khaki and even blue in it depending on the time of day.

#2 Classic Gray

Kitchen With Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Walls

There is not a whole lot of wall space visible in this shot, but the tiny piece that you can see in this photo of my kitchen is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray in eggshell finish.

There is a lot of light coming in from the window across the room, so Classic Gray is slightly darker than what you are seeing here.

Classic Gray is one of my go-to warm grays

3 - Gray Owl

Master Bedroom Painted In Benjamin Moore Gray owl

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl can actually read as a cool gray as well as a warm gray. It's a color that I have used quite a bit because it is pretty versatile. It works very well in bedroom spaces because it feels nice and serene. I think it is the hint of green in it.

4 - Silver Satin

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin is another one of those colors that can feel like a cool neutral as well as a warm.

Here we used it in this living room that gets tons of natural light with its tall windows and soaring ceiling. But if you look carefully off to the right in that hallway that doesn't get as much light, you can see a truer view of the color

This is a closer look at the same hallway

5 - Balboa Mist

The above image is on of our projects in progress. We painted the newly installed millwork in Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist in satin finish.

In some photos of this same room, the color seems a bit darker. But this image shows a truer version of the color.

Here's another project where we used Balboa Mist

Living Room With Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist

6 - Collingwood

Benjamin Moore Collingwood

I recently specified Benjamin Moore Wish for a lower level of a home we are working on, and quickly had to pivot to Collingwood after the first wall was painted. The Wish turned out to have a bit of purple in it - at least to my eye, and in the lighting of the space.

Collingwood is a very beautiful, warm gray that worked perfectly for what we were trying to accomplish. I have specified quite a bit when I flipped homes with a realtor I was partnering with, but I never stuck around for photos of those spaces.

The above hallway was painted in Collingwood in an eggshell finish

7 - La Paloma Gray

If you are looking for a more mid-tone warm gray, then La Paloma Gray is a great option. It does have a hint of khaki or green, but you can see from the image above that it is a great neutral back drop that doesn't dominate the color palette

8 - Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray in this image is not quite true to the color. In fact, you will notice that the two walls look completely different, when they are the same color. So test before committing to this.

Edgecomb Gray is one of the more popular Benjamin Moore colors, so it seems to work for a lot of people

9 - Himalayan Trek

This one is one of the lesser known colors, but it is a rich and warm gray that has quite a bit of brown in it.

This one can get pretty tricky, so be sure to test it first.

Pin to Pinterest for easy reference.

Check out some of my color palette downloads for inspiring color palettes, including some neutrals. Click HERE

And these fabulous coordinating pillows by Arianna Belle. See more pillows HERE

Emperor's Garden Grey | Kubus Argent | Leopard Linen Taupe and Ivory | Latte Velvet | Poetical Grey | Channels Taupe

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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Moore warm gray benjamin

These Are Designers' Favorite Warm Gray Paint Colors

You don't need 50 shades of gray to pick a paint color. In fact, too many choices can result in paint color paralysis. Just go stand in front of a wall of paint chips at the hardware store for proof with hundreds of shades and tones of the same color. Why is it that when we want to choose a simple neutral paint color, we're suddenly faced with over choices? Luckily, there are design experts who have pored over the many shades of gray on the market for us already, making the selection a breeze.

  • Color Family: Gray 
  • Complementary Colors: No complementary colors
  • Pairs Well With:Blush, light oatmeal shades, blues
  • Mood: Warm and cozy
  • Where to Use: Try them in north-facing rooms that don't get much natural light

Gray has always been a paint color of choice. After white, it's one of the most common picks. But here's the thing: Gray paint can feel a little cold if you don't choose the right shade. To make the process of choosing a warm gray paint color a little easier, we've turned to the experts. Over the years, we've interviewed dozens of interior designers on their favorite paint color choices, from Shea McGee to Nate Berkus, and now, we've brought them all together here. If you're looking for the perfect shade of warm gray from brands such as Farrow & Ball or Benjamin Moore, look no further. From light to dark, below are the only warm gray paint colors you need for your next paint project.

01of 09

Farrow & Ball Cornforth White

"The color is slightly warm and subtle but saturated, so it looks great with everything," says designer Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates.

Farrow & BallCornforth White$99


03of 09

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

"It's a soft, warm gray that works beautifully in a white kitchen," designer Amanda Reynal of Reynal Interiors says. "It complements most stone countertop tones and allows for a multitude of accent colors."

Benjamin MooreGray Owl$80


04of 09

Benjamin Moore Shoreline

"This color mixes well with jewel-tone colors like emerald green and cobalt blues, which we are loving right now," designerJay Jeffers says.

Benjamin MooreShoreline$80


05of 09

Farrow & Ball Calluna

"This gray is imbued with just the smallest touch of lavender, creating a certain depth that makes it one of my newest favorites as a neutral," designer Robert Passal says.

Farrow & BallCalluna$99


06of 09

Sherwin-Williams Knitting Needles

"This is a very soft gray that has great light-reflecting qualities. It's a great choice for both cabinetry and walls," designer Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design says.

knitting needles

Sherwin-WilliamsKnitting Needles$38


07of 09

Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone

"This color feels bright and airy during the day, but in lower light, it becomes sexier. It's a fantastic backdrop for art," Jeffers says.

Farrow & BallPurbeck Stone$99


08of 09

Farrow & Ball Pavillion Gray

"This is a neutral paint color that feels warm and soft and pairs well with a white, stone-like calacatta marble," according to designer Lauren Bradshaw.

Farrow & BallPavilion Gray$99


09of 09

Benjamin Moore Dior Gray

"For a powder room, you can go darker and create a dramatic moment with a dark paint choice or even an unexpected wallpaper," designer Nate Berkus says. "Otherwise, for a full bathroom, go pale, like gray. My go-to is Dior Gray from Benjamin Moore. With white tiles, brass, and chrome, you can't go wrong."

Benjamin MooreDior Gray$80


This shade looks great paired with a blush.

Best Gray Paint Cololurs by Benjamin Moore

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