Pulp riot velvet and lilac

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Pulp Riot Semi Permanent ml - Lilac



  • Conditioner based and so easier to apply
  • More vibrant, it lasts longer, and it fades better
  • 16 semi-permanent colour shades including clear for pastelisation
  • Highly pigmented for vibrant results
  • Fades evenly and true to tone
  • Incredible conditioning shine thanks to quinoa seed formula base
  • Lasts 25 to 42 hair washes
  • Removable with blank canvas
  • Beautiful fragrance


Easier to Apply: Pulp Riot have a conditioner base for smooth application that fully saturates with less effort and less product.

More Vibrant: Highly concentrated pigments create deep vibrant results.

Lasts Longer: Deeper shades fade over 42 washes, lighter pastels fade over 25 and neons fade over washes.

Fades Beautifully: Fades true to the original tone. Blues won’t fade green, pinks won’t fade into salmon.

Easier to Remove: Deeper shades fade over 42 washes, lighter pastels fade over 25 and neons fade over washes.


Pulp Riot only uses the highest quality vegan ingredients chosen for their reparative and restoring properties to maintain and improve the integrity of the hair. In addition, we selected superior dye molecules to create longer lasting colours that can be professionally removed from the hair with less effort and more consistency. Finally, we use more expensive pigments with deep rich colour that increase longevity and fade beautifully while staying within the same tone as the original shade. Blues don’t fade green, and pinks don’t fade into salmon. Our commitment to using the best ingredients means that with each application, hair is healthier, allowing for longer lasting beautiful colour.


Powered by Quinoa: A nourishing vegan protein that strengthens, repairs and hydrates the hair.

Conditioner Base: Allows for easy application, and less product is needed to fully saturate the hair.

Safe & Cruelty Free: Our direct dyes are vegan and free of ammonia, parabens, gluten, PPD and MEA.


Pulp Riot’s exclusive fragrance creates a pleasant experience for clients and artists

The underlying pigment in the canvas plays a big part in the end result. Make sure to compensate in your formula or pre-tone the hair if needed to create your desired shade. We also recommend strand testing to ensure the best result. The lighter the hair, the brighter the result.

Best on Level 9+: Lighter shades Blush, Lemon, Lilac, Mercury, Powder, and Seaglass.
Best on Level 8+: Our Neon Electric shades Area 51, Candy, Firefly, Lava and Nirvana.
Best on Level 6+: Deeper shades Absinthe, Aquatic, Cupid, Fireball, Jam, Nightfall, Noir, Smoke, and Velvet.


Check out Pulp Riot TV an incredible education and entertainment platform for hair featuring everything from how to get started to recreating the industry shaking techniques from the world’s top artists and more; and it’s all free.



  1. Do not use a conditioner or treatment prior to applying Pulp Riot
  2. If pre-lightening the hair, make sure to completely shampoo out bleach or toner
  3. Do not mix Pulp Riot with a developer
  4. Apply Pulp Riot to clean, dry hair
  5. Saturation is key. Working with 1/2 inch sections makes saturation easy
  6. Leave on the hair for 25 to 40 minutes, w
Sours: https://www.capitalhairandbeauty.co.uk/hairdressing/colour-bleach/semi-permanent-colour/pulp-riot-semi-permanentml-lilac

How Long Does Pulp Riot Color Last?
That&#;s the question we get asked most often. With semi-permanent hair color, you shouldn&#;t be asking how long it lasts&#; instead, you should be asking, &#;How long does it fade?&#;

After application, the hair goes through a vibrant period, and then over time the hair goes through a fading period, where sometimes Pulp Riot colors can look even more beautiful. How long the colors stay in the vibrant period, how long they go through the fading period, and how beautiful they look during the fade are dependent on 3 things; the quality of the dye, how it is applied, and aftercare.

Quality of Dyes
Not all dyes are created equal. The dyes used in Pulp Riot are the very highest quality of dyes. They&#;re more expensive, but they&#;re more vibrant, they last longer, and they fade true to tone. Cheaper dyes are less vibrant, the vibrant period is brief, they fade quickly, and they fade poorly (the pinks fade to a salmon color, the greens fade to a muddy color, etc.)

Proper Application
Pulp Riot should be applied to clean dry hair. Care should be taken to make sure the hair is fully saturated. No developer should be used and using a conditioner or treatment prior to application because some can create a barrier. Pulp Riot should process at room temperature for 25 to 40 minutes and then rinsed with cool water, without shampoo.

Proper Aftercare
We recommend that you wait a couple of days to wash your hair for the first time. When washing, a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo should be used on the scalp area, and you should just let the shampoo run through the ends while rinsing with cool water. Dry shampoo is also a great option.

We also strongly suggest that excessive time in chlorinated water or well water will shorten the life of the color. Also, it should be noted, that while rare, certain medications and hair porosity issues can sometimes have a significant effect.

So, how long does Pulp Riot color fade? With proper application and aftercare, the lighter colors fade beautifully up to 25 washes, and the bolder colors fade beautifully up to 42 washes.

Sours: https://www.stellaluca.com/orlandos-first-pulp-riot-salon/
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Pretty in Purple: Color Melt and Magic Using Pulp Riot Velvet, Lilac and Nightfall

Gina Montemagni is a new stylist in Central Massachusetts with a huge passion for the beauty industry. “I’m located in a very small town and my dream is for my work to be seen so I can make people so happy to rock hair like this,” she says. “I love playing with dimension and watching my beautiful colors process! Color trends like this aren’t popular around here so I go bananas when I get a color client. My dream is to leave the salon every day with tie-dyed hands and a beaming smile from my client.”

To create this velvety vibrant shade, Montemagni used Pulp Riot shades of Velvet, Lilac and Nightfall.

“Before I even touched the hair with chemicals I clarified it to get a nice clean canvas,” she says.

Step 1: Balayage the hair to prelighten to a level Rinse and dry. 

Step 2: Apply Pulp Riot Nightfall to the base and pull it through to about two inches down the strand to melt into the next color.

Step 3: Melt the next shade into the base by taking small sections and alternate between Pulp Riot Velvet and Pulp Riot Lilac to bring dimension. 

Step 4:  Process for 35 minutes. Rinse in cool water and condition.  

Step 5: Dry, curl and fishtail.

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Sours: https://www.modernsalon.com//pretty-in-purple-color-melt-and-magic-using-pulp-riot-velvet-lilac-and-nightfall
Hair Transformations with Lauryn: Purple Balayage Pulp Riot Transformation Ep.1

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Lilac and riot pulp velvet

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Dyeing My Hair Purple - Pulp Riot Velvet

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