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Bigg Boss 9 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23
Khoon chusne aaya song plays, everyone dances.

Bigg boss says Mandana and Yuvika are free from punishment of double trouble. Mandana thanks big boss, Rishab and Rochelle hugs Mandana. Yuvika and Mandana hugs each other.

Kishwar says to Prince that Rochelle is taking help from Aman to play game. Prince says no Rochelle is very clever, she can fool Keith every easily, Mandana says to Kishwar that dont be surprised if Rochelle becomes your best friend for her benefit, Kishwar says that will not happen. Prince says friendship that i, Kishwar, Suyyash, Mandana and Rimi have, is very different from Keith and co, Kishwar says our bond is genuine.

Luxury task is given to inmates, task is “hotel big boss”, Mandana and Rishab will be guests while all inmates will serve them as staff, Prince will be manager, Guests can ask anything and staff have to fulfill their wishes, Staff will keep trying to make guests happy with their serving while guests will keep showing non-satisfaction, guests can complain about services at complaint desk where one inmate should be present all the time, task will be continuously on at day and night, all bring things from store room for task.
Bigg bos calls Mandana and Rishab in confession room, he says we are giving you secret task, you have to make sure that two inmates leave task with their will, they should not only deny any task but should be out of luxury budget task, if you succeed in secret task then you will be safe next week. Mandana says to Rishab that we keep irritating three people so much that they end up saying that we will not do this task anymore, who you think we should choose? Rishab says Kishwar doesn’t like you much and backbites about you a lot, Mandana says we should focus three people, Mandana says we have to hurt their ego so we should choose Suyyash, Rishab says other two inmates in focus should be Digi and Kishwar, they choose Kishwar, Digi and Suyyash for their secret task.
Rishab and Mandana comes out of confession room, inmates serve them and gives them drink, Prince ask what he will like in lunch? Rishab tells him. Rishab and Mandana comes in bedroom, Mandana says to Prince that its not clean here, Prince says I will call someone to clean it.

Yuvika ask Prince if these guests will give us money or not? Prince says don’t know what they are going to give us? Rishab calls Prince and says this swimming pool is not clean? Aman and Suyyash are cleaning it, Prince says give them sometime, they will clean it, Mandana says manager we have not come here to listen your excuses. Kishwar, Digi and Yuvika make fun of Mandana in kitchen. Mandana brings Prince in bedroom and says its still not clean, there are so much hairs on couch, what is this? Yuvika and Digi brings tea for them, Rishab adds sugar in it, he gives smirk to Digi, he thanks Yuvika for making tea, Yuvika says I don’t know your taste it tea so pardon that, Rishab says I decide taste of tea seeing who has brought it so its fine for me, he adds whole pot of sugar in tea. Digi and Yuvika comes in kitchen and tells Kishwar what Rishab did.

Kishwar serves Juice to Mandana, Mandana ask her to add spice in it, Kishwar adds and brings it for her smilingly, Rishab says I want juice too, Kishwar goes to bring it, he ask her to add spice too, Mandana whispers to irritate her more, Rishab says when we are bad even then we are good.
Kishwar and Suyyash drinks remaining juice. Kishwar brings juice for Rishab, he ask her to put ice in it, she goes back, Mandana ask Rishab to irritate Suyyash too. Kishwar puts ice in her mouth then adds it in juice, Digi laughs, she brings that juice for Rishab and smiles, he drinks it and says your smile is good.

Rishab says to Prince that my feet are aching, Prince ask Keith to message his feet, Rishab says someone else should do it, Prince calls Suyyash, suyyash start messaging his feet, Rishab ask him to do it calmly, Rishab is eating while suyyash is messaging his feet. Kishwar says to prince that he is purposely making me and Suyyash work, Prince says I called Keith to do work but he said call someone else, Digi says I feel like slapping that Rishab hard. Prince says Mandana is throwing so much tantrums.

Bigg boss announces that some guest is coming in house, all should be prepared to welcome her. Sargun Mehta enters house, inmates welcome her, Prince takes her luggage, Yuvika applies tilak on her forehead, Digi serves her appetizer. Sargun meets Rishab and Mandana. bigg boss welcomes in hotel BB and says this is 7star hotel, when we will ask you about its service then you will rate this hotel, if you rate it less than 5stars then it will affect Prince in nominations, sargun says okay.

Sargun says to Rimi that why are you silent? you are most interesting inmate, your kind of prototype has not come in bigg boss till now who scold Bigg boss only, i vote for you, Rimi says what have i done? Sargun says even when you dont talk, your expressions are entertaining enough, Rimi gives lame expression and ask if her face is shown on Tv? Sargun says yes, your every expression is shown on Tv, Rimi says now i will have to stop showing expressions too, Sargun laughs and says maybe you will become more interesting if you start talking and till you are interesting people will keep loving you.

Rishab says to Sargun that we have to do something that inmates will keep cleaning house, Rishab says i have option for Digi, she is vegetarian so i have plan for her. Sargun says they have problem cleaning washroom so we will make them do it.

Sargun and Rishab goes in washroom, they start messing up things in washroom, they pours shampoo everywhere and throws tissue all around washroom while all inmates are sitting in lounge, Kishwar comes to check washroom but Sargun ask her to leave, she leaves.

Aman and other comes in washroom and are shocked to see messed up washroom, Kishwar says i will bring someone to clean it, Keith comes and says from where did these 1star guests have come in 7star hotel? Kishwar calls everyone in washroom, Prince says to Kishwar that clean this washroom now, dont throw this in dustbin, i will put these things in Sargun’s luggage, Kishwar ask him to relax, he says they cant destroy our hotel, Kishwar says its just task.
Prince comes to Sargun and says why did you destroy boys washroom? how will girls clean it? Sargun says its upto us which washroom we wanna use.
Suyyash says to inmates that they cant destroy property of house, digi says if Kishwar is cleaning washroom then she should not come out of here for one hour.
Sargun ask Rimi why did she come in hotel if she doesnt wanna work here? Rimi says even i dont have answer for that, Sargun ask if she is not able to handle people? Rimi says its not like i cant handle people, i know to do that, Sargun says then do it, why are you silent? Rimi nods in no.

Rishab says to Digi that you have make chicken dish for me, Keith can help you, Digi says i am vegetarian so i cant cook it, Rishab says but we want you to do it, Keith says lets do it.

Prince says to digi that you dont have to eat it, just cook it, you will not even touch it, Digi is tensed, Suyyash says to Prince that understand her point of view too, Aman ask Digi if she can stirrer chicken in pan? Digi agrees to cook it, all cheer for her.

Rishab says to Prince that we want to play game with staff, we will throw bone and Suyyash will become dog and will bring it back while crawling like dog, Suyyash agrees. Rishab throws bone, Suyyash brings it back like dog. Keith is helping digi in cooking chicken, he ask her to just pretend that she is cooking while he will cook it, Digi has covered her mouth and nose with cloth to not smell chicken. Rishab is throwing bone here and there while Suyyash is picking it like dog, Mandana points out that Digi is not making chicken but Keith is doing it, Prince says you can go in kitchen and check it, he ask Keith to be away from Digi, Keith says i have just made Singaporean rice. Rishab gives Suyyash name as Oscar and keep moving him like dog, Prince says to Kishwar that i will make this Rishab dog for whole game, he will see it now.

Mandana comes to Rochelle and ask her to not help Digi, she says Rochelle is helping Digi to cook chicken, she cant cook it. Prince comes to Digi and ask her to cook nicely, she gets angry and says you dont teach me how to cook it, Prince says sorry, Digi ask him to get lost, Mandana ask Digi to use cutting board for cutting, Digi says you cant tell me way of my cooking, Mandana says to Prince that she is cutting in pan only, i dont want food like this which is not hygienic, Mandana says if she doesnt wanna make chicken then ask her to leave it, Digi says to Prince that everything is not permanent(taunting Mandana i guess).

Kishwar is making water for guests, she spits in juice, puts ice in it and brings that water for Rishab, Rishab drinks it.

bigg boss says its time for Sargun to check out of hotel BB, he ask if she is satisfied with staff and services of hotel? if she is not happy then she can remove one star from reception of hotel, Sargun says staff is good here but what Digi said was not good, she said how can someone stoop low? i wanna tell her that this is task and we have to make inmates do that work which they cant, we cant ask you to clean house using broom as you know how to do it so idea was to make you work which you dont know, my team(guests) thinks that one star should be taken from you people so i will be with my team, she removes 1star from hotel and says now you are 6star hotel, she ask Suyyash to play well, he says you will see it, she leaves house.

Rishab has made Kishwar dog, he throws bone while Kishwar crawls and keep bringing it back to him, Suyyash watches it from far and starts crying, Yuvika and Prince consoles him, Prince says see Kihwar is sporting about it, we will make cock, audience will make him dog, aman also consoles him.
Aman comes to Rishab and says you can do anything but my personal thought is that its going beyond limits, Rishab says if i was in their place, they would have done same, Aman says i dont know about them but you should not do it, Rishab says i have seen everyone as viewer so i know them, Aman says i was just requesting you, Prince comes and says you cant request them let them do what they are doing, Rishab says i will do what i want, Rishab continues making Kishwar crawl like dog.

PRECAP- Ali Quli Mirza, Vj Andy and Sanaa Khan comes in house as guests. Ali doesnt like services, he says there should be feel in house, Andy ask them to do synchronized swimming dance, show some hotness in water, Keith and Rochelle dances romantically in swimming pool while all other hoot for them. Later Ali says Aman will go bald, he shaves Aman’s head, Aman takes it sportingly. Later Rishab makes some inmate stand like cock, Prince says to Rishab that you must have stood like this, Rishab says when did you see me that you are saying this? they both get into argument, Rishab ask him to lower his tone, he can raise his voice too, Prince says do it, raise your voice, he gets angry on Rishab, he calls him cock, Rishab says you are cock not me.

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Bigg Boss 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

BB Adalat
Day 37
3:15 PM
Eijaz says they blame me for putting Jaan’s hand inside the toilet. Jasmin says if someone made you do that, you would be fine? Eijaz says the task was about giving them orders which they can’t follow. I thought he wouldn’t do it. Jasmin says I would have done it, I wouldn’t have given you the pleasure of becoming a devil. Eijaz says it was my task.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates’ change is important in this house. You people entered the house with three seniors, then the scene flipped and seniors left. You people saw this house dividing into green and red zones. The scene will flip again as we are closing the red-zone from now on. But that doesn’t mean you are not in danger. Now friendships will be at stake. It’s time to wake up and show your energy. This is your last chance to wake up.

6 PM
Nikki tells Eijaz that you are taking fake sympathy from Eijaz by telling him that I asked you to put his hand in the toilet. Eijaz says you think that? Don’t waste my time. Nikki says I like to waste time. Eijaz asks Jaan to not involve me in this small topic. Jaan calls Nikki and asks what you told him? Nikki says I told him that he is lying by saying it was my planning. Jaan asks Eijaz to clarify. Eijaz tells Jaan that if I hugged you and told you something then I shouldn’t have. Jaan says you are fighting with me again. Nikki says you told me that it was my plan to make you put your hand in the toilet. Jaan says he did but he won’t accept now.

6 PM
Abhi asks Eijaz what’s the issue? Eijaz says I wanted him to not do the task so I used Nikki’s name. Abhi says it was a team-effort. Eijaz says they have childish love issues so it’s useless.

Nikki tells Pavitra that we made the strategy to use toilet as a threat but I didn’t ask Eijaz to make Jaan put his hand in the toilet. I never said that to Eijaz.
Eijaz tells Shardul that I want to end this toilet seat issue.
Nikki tells Jaan that don’t become emotionally blackmailed, you can’t use your mind? You dance to Eijaz’s tunes. Jaan says why are you getting angry with me? I don’t listen to him. Nikki says I am always right.

3:30 AM
Shardul asks Pavitra if Kavita changed? She is acting very sweet now. Rahul says she looked hot when she entered the house but she is useless. Shardul says she will go off in time. Rahul says I think she wants to connect with everybody now. Pavitra says she will make alliances but maybe she is genuinely sweet. She will blast in the coming days for sure.

Day 38
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song gandi baat. They all dance. Aly shakes the glass and dances.

8:45 AM
Aly tells Shardul that I won’t eat now, if they don’t take me out of here. Kavita asks him to pass time. Aly says they should tell me when they will bring me out. Shardul says they must be planning something. Nikki says they do everything suddenly, you never know. Aly says they should at least inform me. He takes off his mic. Bigg Boss asks him to wear his mic but he says no. This is enough, write and tell me when I am leaving from here. Tell me about my test report and when I can leave from here.

9:30 AM
Jasmin tells Aly that they talked about Sunday morning. Aly says I have waited so much, I have given 8 tests and it takes only 8 hours to get the reports. Thsi is a Bigg Boss so they can find the report, I can take on these people too. I will break the wall then to hell with their rules. This is enough. Kavita says you must feel caged. Aly says they should tell me if they want to keep me here or let me go. I will break everything here, I am going crazy. Jasmin asks him to calm down. Aly shouts that they didn’t tell me they will keep here locked, I came here to do the show. Jasmin says they have to follow the SOPs. Aly says it only takes 24 hours for the report. He shakes the glass and says I can break it in a minute. He shouts and says I am trying to be respectful but they are keeping me locked. It’s just *******.
Abhi says he kind of broke the glass. Rubina says everyone is asking him again and again so he is getting irritated.

10 AM
Eijaz tells Rahul that he only has a small room. We were getting angry in the red-zone when we had more space. Rahul says I can understand his frustration. He is locked there.

Jasmin asks Aly to not get angry, you should just wait till Sunday. She sees his hand bleeding and says you have to control your anger.

11:30 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we tried to make you understand the importance of time but some inmates didn’t understand at all. You have change with time. Nobody likes to be caged in a room but we have to be careful of the disease that’s spreading in the world. Everyone is following the SOPs. We haven’t made these rules, government has made these rules and all inmates have followed them before entering the show. Aly has to follow those rules too. We wanted Aly to spend his quarantine time inside the house so he could understand the game but still be careful. We gave him everything and all the benefits to him. We don’t tell anyone the time in the house but we will tell right now so we are sure that everyone is safe. All woke up yesterday at 10 AM then Aly went to give a test. PCR test takes 24 hours but Aly woke up at 8 AM today then Aly started making fuss around 8:30, he cursed and threw his mic. He even tried to break his room’s glass. This is not acceptable at all. We wanted to welcome him the house with smiles but that’s not the case. Anyway his PCR report is here and it’s negative so he can enter the house now. We just want to tell him that he has to follow the house rules. Bigg Boss says Aly we are opening the glass door so you can enter the house. He tells everyone to not enter Aly’s room till their next order.
Jasmin asks Aly to say sorry. Aly says I am sorry for over-reacting. I am really sorry. I got very angry. The glass door opens and he enters the house. All clap for him. Jasmin hugs him tightly. He says I am sorry. Jasmin says don’t get angry and I won’t cry. Let’s promise. Abhi hugs Aly. Aly meets everyone.

12:15 PM
Aly tells Jasmin that he will braid her hair. She sits on his knees. Shardul says all are happy now.
Rahul tells Nikki that Jasmin-Aly looks so nice together, I want this too. I am happy for them but I am sad for myself. I want someone with me here but I have someone outside. I want a support system in the house. Nikki says you want someone? Rahul says I want someone to stop me when I am going wrong. Rahul tells Jasmin that when I see you with Aly, I feel sad that someone stops me when I am going wrong too. I want to become someone’s need. Jasmin says I can be your friend only right now. Rahul acts like fake crying.

12:30 PM
Rahul tells Nikki that you always ask for proof of friendship. You tell your friends to not talk to others. Nikki says it’s not like that, I think we won’t get along because of the way you act but I avoid your talks. Rahul changes the topic and asks what she ate today? She says Jaan made me breakfast, she leaves.

1 PM
Nikki sits in Pavitra’s lap and tells Rahul that I don’t want to fight. Rahul says I am clear, he hugs her and laughs. He asks what she ate? Nikki gets upset. She cries so Rahul asks why are you crying? Nikki says I was hurt by something you said. Rahul says what? Pavitra says I will come later. She leaves. Nikki tells Rahul that we were friends in the red-zone but you talked about Jasmin-Aly and said that you wanted something like that. Rahul says you want to become that kind of a friend? Nikki says I want to be that kind of a friend. Rahul says you felt bad? Nikki hides her face and says I don’t want to spoil my makeup. Rahul pulls her back and asks what happened? Nikk says you called me a neutral friend, I don’t like this neutral word. She weeps so Rahul hugs her and says what happened? He asks her to not cry. Nikki says you have called your friendship neutral like it’s nothing. Rahul says I might have done a mistake, he hugs her.

3:45 PM
Aly looks at the clothes in BB Mall and says this is s*xy attire. I will ask someone to wear it. Jasmin says don’t give attention to others, you are my friend only, I get jealous if you flirt with other girls. You flirt outside the house but not here.

7:15 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that I know what I said has hurt you, I realized that I said few wrong things, I seriously want to say sorry for that. Eijaz says you have some expectations from me? Pavitra says I was just emotionally attached. I don’t want to hurt you. Eijaz says I accept your apology but don’t touch me in anger, it’s my trigger. Pavitra says I will remember this.

9 PM
The inmates come into the garden to see Farah, Charrul and Amith sitting in a glass box. Farah says I am happy to see Aly outside in the house. Bigg Boss says it’s time to put down your points without any hesitation. The audience wants to know some answers so we have called some guests here. He welcomes Amith, Charrrul and Farah Khan. He says Farah will be the judge of this court. Farah says I feel like this is my house. Bigg Boss asks Farah to start her court proceedings. Farah says Salman is so patient this year, he is doing an amazing job. We have some questions. The journalists will call one person and they will clarify their stance. The journalists will give you points and if they don’t agree then I will take over for the decision.

Eijaz: Charrul says to him that your image is looking opposite outside the house. Eijaz says you people write what you know but I don’t bring my personal life out in public. Farah says they are provoking you but you are very patient, the public is liking it. Amith says you have friends and enemies here? Eijaz says I have no friends here. Amith says he has some animal passion for Pavitra. Farah says I loved their chemistry, they don’t have teenage romance, we saw the chemistry but their love was destroyed last week. Pavitra says I made a big issue out of nothing. I didn’t have a plan, it just went out. Farah asks Eijaz what he thinks? There has to be love when you have so much anger. Eijaz says there is a passion but it can turn to animosity. She always talks about cutting or killing me. Pavitra says I just say it in anger. Farah asks Pavitra to talk sweetly, how will he love you like this? Pavitra says he keeps provoking me. Charrul says passion is on both sides. They ask others. Abhi says I don’t understand. Farah says it’s not fake. They are both genuine. Farah asks Eijaz if Kavita is the same outside and here? He says no. Farah says real personalities come out in this show. I was shocked to see your avatar here as I knew you from before. Kavita says when you are emotionally hurt then you blast. He is very obsessive about the game. Farah says what’s wrong with that? He is doing things for the show. Kavita says he can build his image here but don’t use other’s emotions here. Farah tells Kavita that your eruption was uncalled for. Kavita says you don’t know what happens here for 23 hours as they show 1 hour only. Farah asks Aly to speak. Aly says Eijaz was very excited to see Kavita in the house. Eijaz says she was my friend. Kavita says I don’t want to be his friend. Aly says I felt like Eijaz was very happy to see her. Kavita says he gave me the responsibility of friendship which was not there. I should have told on the stage only that we are not close friends. People were scared in the house because I thought I was a close friend of Eijaz. Eijaz says I was going through a difficult time and called her at that time. Kavita says he just plays the victim card. Farah says he is not playing a victim card, he is being genuine. Kavita says I was being nice to him outside the house. Farah says but then your goodness was for nothing because you kept bragging about giving him food. Farah says Eijaz only Pavitra understands you. Only she takes your side and always shows the right side. Kavita says I told him that. Farah says you were b*t*hing about Eijaz with Pavitra when you had a fight with Eijaz? Pavitra was smart enough to understand that Kavita was playing a game. Pavitra and Eijaz should become friends, you both understand each other. Fight but don’t let other people use it against you.
Charrul says to Eijaz that people are not taking you seriously in the house? Eijaz says if people are making fun of me when I am a senior then it shows their personalities. Farah says Aly was right to call out to Jasmin. You people bring ageism here. You people don’t respect him. Jasmin says I tried to talk to Eijaz a lot but he got hyper and didn’t talk to me. I got scared of him. Farah says you are a baby? Jasmin says he keeps a barrier in front of him.
Amith asks Eijaz if he will make friends moving forward? Eijaz says I came alone and will go alone. Farah says you have to make relationships here. Eijaz says you say that Pavitra understands me but she went off on me. Farah says she went possessive and won’t do it again. Pavitra says I said sorry to him. Farah says Eijaz is looking very good when you disrespect him and he doesn’t show anger. He asks Eijaz to break the wall, you can take someone home, make-up with Pavitra. She asks Pavitra to give him a hug. Eijaz smiles and hugs Pavitra. Farah asks Eijaz to lighten up and chill. He smiles.

Rubina: Farah says nice shoes Rubina. She thanks her. Charrul asks if her fight with Bigg Boss has ended? Rubina says it was not a fight against Bigg Boss, I didn’t watch the show before so I questioned things. I thought I had the right to question but I have adjusted now. Amith says you do tasks very well but then you get lost in the house. You are not giving time to the show. Farah tells Rubina that you were mind-blowing in the angel-devil task. You nailed it, you were doing comedy and not screaming at others. But don’t show entertainment in the tasks only, entertain the house too.
Charrul says let’s say tomorrow is the finale and you are competing against Abhi so who will win? Abhi says as per the performance, it should be Rubina. Rubina says I think it should be me. Farah says all husbands want to learn from Abhi how he makes his wife stay in the garden and stays himself in-doors.
Charrul says Rubina looks like she still a TV serial bahu. Farah says Rubina and Jasmin are both doing TV soaps. You were telling big statements to Abhi. Amith asked Rubina if Abhi was not with you in the show then would your strength increase or not? She says I am just understanding the show. Farah says when Abhi sends you to the red-zone then he talks to others but when you are together, you both are always together and not talking to others. You both are playing family-house here. Rubina says I take time to open up. Farah says a pair can’t win, play your individual game. Farah asks Rubina to entertain more.

Kavita sulks so Farah asks her to not sulk. Enjoy.

Aly: Amith says to Aly that you came here for Jasmin so how she is playing? Aly says she is the same as outside. Farah says she is not interesting then. Jasmin has become vanilla. She was entertaining before. Aly says at the start, she was trending but suddenly that incident happened with Rahul and she went down. Farah asks if her group was wrong? Aly says I don’t see her being a puppet of anyone. Farah says but now she is following you around. She said sorry to Eijaz as you asked her. Aly says I asked Jaan also to say sorry to Eijaz because he is senior. I got angry in the morning but she calmed me. Farah says I don’t want to see part 2 of Rubina and Abhi. Aly says we are playing our game individually but we will tell each other where we are going wrong.
Charrul asks Aly who is going right to win the show? Aly says I think Rahul knows what he is doing. Abhi is playing very well, he didn’t go to the red-zone at all. Farah says because he sends his wife all the time. All laugh. Aly says I think Jaan and Shardul are getting weak. Farah asks Aly to not play as a couple but as a solo. Aly says I didn’t plan to come here but I promised to support Jasmin to make her win and I want to follow the promise and make Jasmin win still.

Pavitra: Farah says she is blushing today only? Farah asks Pavitra if she was jealous when Eijaz saved Jasmin? Don’t lie. Pavitra says it was not jealousy but I thought he would take my name. Farah says so you were possessive? It would have hurt me if he had saved someone else also, it’s not just Jasmin. Eijaz says I didn’t want to be unfair to my friends.
Amith tells Pavitra that you take a stand against your friends only. Pavitra says I talk about anything I think is right.
Charrul asks if she has expectations from anyone in the house and who can expect from her? Pavitra says Eijaz can keep expectations with me, it’s my feeling so I will express it. Rahul can keep expectations from me. They can trust me. I like everyone here so everyone can keep expectations with me but I should trust them too. Farah asks who she can trust? She says I can trust Shardul, Eijaz, Rahul, Jasmin, Kavita, Aly and everyone else. Shardul says she didn’t take Jaan’s name. Farah says Jaan can’t trust himself even.
Amith asks Pavitra if Aly will support her against Jasmin? Pavitra says I will try to take his support but they have an understanding so I won’t keep expectations from him when it comes to Jasmin, she is his priority and I understand.
Charrul asks if she gets loud to hide her fears? Pavitra says I like to speak loudly only. Farah asks Eijaz and Pavitra to trust each other, she tells Eijaz that only Pavitra has stood up for you. She asks Pavitra to not tell anyone that you made them the captain. Pavitra says it was my mistake and I won’t repeat it. I won’t brag about anything like that.

Farah says there are no issues that are real, it looks like all the issues are just duties related. Focus on the game.

Jasmin: Farah says look at her smile. Farah says why are you not entertaining here? You were very entertaining in Khatron. Jasmin says Rahul’s incident put me back but now I am back. I am real. Farah says you switch off sometimes. Jasmin says yes because people fight on things that don’t make sense. Like Eijaz and others make issues out of nothing. They don’t get over things as they want reactions from me. I won’t show my ugly side, they can provoke me all the want but they won’t get the reaction. Farah says but you look vanilla, you are a popular star. I think the first thing to hit you was that Nikki became the first confirmed contestant and not you because you are a bigger celebrity. Jasmin says the thing that hit me was when Nikki said that I am a *** otherwise I would have been confirmed. I don’t want to hurt others to take my things. Farah asks Jasmin to not cry, I am proud of you that you are not crying anymore.
Farah tells Jasmin that don’t say that you respect them but then you drag them. Jasmin says they have to earn respect with their actions. Farah says you keep bringing Eijaz’s glory days like a taunt that he is not in his prime anymore. Jasmin says Eijaz takes jokes very seriously. Farah asks Eijaz to give her back sometime. Eijaz says I don’t want to stoop to her level. I will feel bad. Jasmin says it’s not Eijaz is very innocent, he keeps poking me. Eijaz says I came here to play. Jasmin says then don’t say that he doesn’t give back. I said sorry to him and I don’t want to insult him. Farah says you call him a senior in a demeaning way. Jasmin says sorry to Eijaz. Farah asks Eijaz to hug her. Aly says she even made a card for him. Jasmin hugs Eijaz and says I am sorry. Eijaz says she is genuine now.

Nikki: Farah says to Nikki that I loved you in the first week. You did what you wanted too, you were different. Nikki says I have a soft corner now as I know them but it won’t be there anymore. Rubina laughs.
Amith asks her if someone is not her friend? Nikki says Abhi and Rubina, they are very silent. They talk behind my back, they are scared of me. Rubina says we don’t want to waste energy on her.

Episode ends.
PRECAP – Farah tells Jaan that you plot against Nikki but then cry in front of her, you are so fake. You are ready to throw anyone under the bus for your gain so nobody can trust you.
Farah tells Rahul that you are not genuine here. Rahul says I have no expectation from anyone here. Jasmin says then why do you want them to prefer you when it comes to saving from nominatios?
Bigg Boss gives the nominations task in which inmates have to make sacrifices for each other. Jaan tells Nikki that she will have to destroy her personal blanket to save him. Nikki cries and says this is playing with emotions. Aly asks Rubina to sacrifice her brown bag. Abhi tells Aly that you will have to sacrifice your dollu (soft toy) to save me, I am feeling bad too. Aly and Jasmin cry. Aly says I can’t sleep without at night. Rubina tells Jasmin that if you want to save me then you will have to nominate Aly directly. Jasmin cries and says he came here for me only.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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Bigg Boss 14 November 4 episode: Highlights

Rubina Dilaik, Nishant Singh Malkhani, Jasmin Bhasin and Kavita Kaushik were nominated for evictions. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to vote for the one who they think would have got the maximum votes for eviction from the audience as well. However, as this season is all about twists, Bigg Boss announced that the housemates’ decision should match with the audience’s opinion.

He mentioned that if the Green Zone contestants would not be able to make a right guess, there will be two evictions. One after another, Green Zone contestants – Shardul Pandit, Rahul Vaidya, Naina Singh, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Nikki Tamboli, Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia voted for the contestant they think the audience would not want to see in the show. By the end of the process, Nishant Singh Malkani received maximum votes, and he left the house immediately.

Unfortunately, Bigg Boss revealed that the housemates’ decision did not match with the audience’s opinion who voted out Kavita Kaushik. Hence, by the end of the show, Kavita, who entered the reality show a week back as a wild card, got evicted. After the eviction process ended, Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin joined the Green Zone contestants.

Also read | Kavita and Nishant evicted from Bigg Boss 14

Shardul Pandit, Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik and Naina Singh have been nominated for eviction this week.

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Karishma Tanna Hot Dance Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss (Hindi season 9)

Week 1 Entrances
  • On Day 1, Digangana & Roopal, Kishwer & Aman, Rimi & Suyyash, Rochelle & Prince, Mandana & Keith, Ankit & Arvind and Vikas & Yuvika entered the house in pairs and were tied to each other.[88][89]
  • Pairs have to mutually decide which pair they want to nominate. As a result, Ankit-Arvind, Roopal-Digangana, Rimi-Suyyash & Vikas-Yuvika were nominated for this week's eviction.
  • On Day 2, the housemates were presented their first luxury shopping task. They had to face their phobias for a predetermined amount of time. Each pair had to challenge another pair to face a test.
  • Prince & Rochelle chose Digangana & Roopal to confront the fear of bellybuttons (Omphalophobia) by holding their face against a big belly until a klaxon sounds. Digangana & Roopal passed the task.
  • Keith & Mandana chose Ankit & Arvind to face the fear of balloons (Globophobia) where they had to inflate ten balloons until the balloon bursts. Ankit & Arvind passed the task.
  • Aman & Kishwar chose Vikas & Yuvika to face the fear of gaining weight (Obesophobia) by consuming all the provided food items within fifteen minutes. Vikas & Yuvika failed to complete the task in the given time.
  • Ankit & Arvind chose Rimi & Suyyash to confront the fear of becoming bald (Phalacrophobia) by removing all the hair from their head. Rimi & Suyyash quit before the task commenced.
  • Rimi & Suyyash chose Aman & Kishwar to face the fear of music (Melophobia) by playing a mouth organ place fixed in a fish's mouth until a klaxon sounds. Aman & Kishwar passed.
  • Vikas & Yuvika chose Aman & Kishwar to face the fear of hair (Trichophobia) by applying a facemask with hair as main constituent until a klaxon sounds. Aman & Kishwar passed.
  • Digangana & Roopal chose Rimi & Suyyash to confront the fear of needles (Trypanophobia) which involved getting a permanent tattoo saying Bigg Boss on their forearm. Rimi & Suyyash quit before the task commenced.
  • The pair which performed the best in the task was automatically nominated by Bigg Boss for captaincy – Aman & Kishwar . Housemates nominated another pair to join them and chose Vikas & Yuvika. These two pairs competed against each other in a fight for house control.
  • Vikas as the new captain, alongside Yuvika, was allowed his suitcase.
ExitWeek 2 Tasks
  • Kishwar and Aman were landlords and had to be against the other contestants. If they win they will be free from being tied up. Arvind is the umpire willthe rest of the housemates are workers. They had to sell grind flour to the landlords.
ResultPassed – Aman & KishwarOther Tasks
House Captaincy Task

After Aman & Kishwar won the 'Laagan' task, they got an opportunity to perform and get an chance to win the captaincy task. All contestants were given a chance to support either Aman or Kishwar. Mandana was the referee. At the end Kishwar won the task and was the next captain of the house.[91]

ResultPassed – KishwarDouble Trouble Room

Aman & Kishwar both go to the room. Bigg Boss gave them two options to pick. They will tell their decision by pressing the button. First option is if one of them select it then whole house will be free from partnership. If both of them select it then whole house will be free from partnership but they will become partner again. If none of the two select it then one more pair of their choice will be in partnership, all other will be free. Aman had pressed the button and that all the housemates are free.

PunishmentsN/A ExitsWeek 3 Tasks

Prince & Suyyash will be against each other. They have a fan page on the wall in the garden. They will update status and send friend request to inmates, inmates will provide support by becoming their friends and liking their status, if any inmate wanna change support then they will announce in camera and then change their side. Kishwar will supervisor of task and is not allowed to be on either side. The one who has the most friends will win the task and become captain while loser will be nominated directly. If rules are broken then Prince or Suyyash can block friends of the opposite sides, Kishwar can give her input when it comes to blocking, blocked user will wear street jacket and have to sit on chair placed in the garden.

Prince's team: Aman, Arvind, Keith, Rochelle, Rimi, Yuvika
Suyyash's team: Digangana, Mandana, Vikas
ResultWinner – PrinceFailed – SuyyashOther Tasks
House Captaincy Task
  • Prince and Suyyash had to convince the other contestants to vote for them for House Captain. Prince became the winner while Suyyash was nominated for eviction for next week.[94]
ResultWinner – PrinceOther Tasks
Shh! Kid Will Wake Up:
  • Inmates will bear some hurdles in this task and they have to be silent for a while. If they make noise, then the kid will wake up. For first challenge of the task, one inmate will be chosen to do it. He or she will go in activity area and wear cap by using elastic strap, captain Prince will keep pulling and pushing that strap to hit neck of person till red light doesn't switches off there.
  • MANDANA: Prince had to hit her neck by moving the elastic band.
  • DIGANGANA: Digangana had to face an ice bucket over her head.
  • KEITH: Prince had to hit a shoe on Keith's bottom.
  • ROCHELLE & VIKAS: Housemates had to throw balls on their face.
  • SUYYASH: Prince had to wax Suyyash's legs.
  • They won the luxury budget task.
Double Trouble Room
  • Prince had to nominate three inmates who broke the rules many times. He nominated Mandana, Rochelle & Yuvika. All three went to the room and were given four options:
  • 1) If any 1 of them presses the buzzer, the other 2 will have to face the punishment
  • 2) If 2 of them press the buzzer, the 3rd person will have to face the punishment
  • 3) If all 3 press the buzzer, they will have to choose 2 members from the house to face the punishment
  • 4) If no one presses the buzzer, they will have to choose 1 person in the house to face the punishment

Rochelle had pressed the buzzer hence making Mandana & Yuvika the servants and they got punished.

PunishmentsN/A ExitsWeek 4 Tasks
Hotel BB9 Task
  • Mandana & Rishabh will be guests while the other housemates will be staff. Prince is the manager. Guests can ask anything and staff have to fulfill their wishes, Staff will keep trying to make guests happy with their serving while guests will keep showing non-satisfaction, guests can complain about services at complaint desk where one inmate should be present all the time, task will be continuously on at day and night, all bring things from store room for task. Sargun Mehta, VJ Andy, Ali Quli Mirza and Sana Khan came as guests as well for the task.[97]
ResultWinner – Mandana & RishabhFailed – Staff & ManagerOther Tasks
House Captaincy Task
  • Mandana & Rishabh both had to fight and maintain their balance by standing on a plank placed over the pool. They will have to fight with padded poles and see to it that they don't fall into the pool.
ResultRishabhMandanaDouble Trouble Room
  • Inmates had to choose three names they thought did worst in the BB9 Hotel task. They chose Rimi, Rishabh, Mandana. Bigg Boss gave four options:

1): if one of you presses the button then other two will sleep without mattress on bed. 2): if two of them presses the button then the one who didn't push button will sleep without mattress. 3}: third option is that if all three presses the button then all inmates will have to sleep without mattress while three of them will sleep on beds 4): fourth option is that if none of them presses the button then all inmates will sleep without mattress, they have 5minutes to decide. They choose option three.

  • Prince gets nominated for next week after fighting with Rishabh.
  • Rishabh enters the house on Day 22
  • Puneet enters the house on Day 25

Nov 9 bigg 3 boss

The room was a mess, all things were out of place, and. It looked like he had really moved in here recently. She was tired and hungry, but at home he had nothing in the refrigerator except a bottle of wine.

Karishma Tanna Hot Dance Bigg Boss 9

After the next game Igor took off Masha's panties. Unlike Anya, her pubis was as smooth as a scarlet girl. And in the dim light of the floor lamp one could see her rather large labia, between which one could see. The folds of the labia minora, already shiny from Masha's secretions. The guys were already very excited, and it was no longer interesting to return to the cards.

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