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Mad Mod is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is known as one of the first recurring villains of the Teen Titans.

Publication history[edit]

Mad Mod first appeared in Teen Titans #7 and was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

One of the first villains to menace the Teen Titans, Mad Mod (real name Neil Richards) was a Carnaby Streetfashion designer with no actual superpowers of his own. His assumed name is derived from the popular Mod style in England at the time. He used his label as a front to smuggle goods inside his clothing. After being foiled, he later hatched a plot to steal the Queen of Britain's scepter, but was stopped as well by the Titans.[2]

The character disappeared following the cancellation of the original Teen Titans and was absent from the 1980–1994 series written by Marv Wolfman. The character resurfaced in the Dan Jurgans-written Teen Titans series of the mid-1990s, as an ally of the Mr. Jupiter-backed version of the Titans. The character was shown having renounced crime and designed the Jurgans Titans team's costumes. The character's clothing lines would later be referenced on occasion in various Teen Titans books, with the implication that Mod is a popular clothing designer on par with other real world fashion designers in the DC Universe.

In 2011, "The New 52" rebooted the DC Comics universe. Mad Mod was a member of a group known as "Diablo", that seeks to prevent the original Teen Titans from regaining their memories of their original incarnation of the group. Mad Mod is portrayed as a hipster figure as opposed to a "mod" complete with a handlebar mustache, much younger than his pre-New 52 incarnation. Mad Mod interrogates the super-heroine Bumblebee after her husband is kidnapped by Mister Twister who Diablo seeks to stop. When Mad Mod realizes that the Titans have regained their memories of their past activities, Mad Mod orders the team killed in order to stop Mister Twister from using them in an occult ritual.[3]

Powers and abilities[edit]

During the Mad Mod's heyday as a villain, he would match his outrageous clothing with a way out approach in his intricate but deadly traps. He would employ a gang of thugs to do most of the handiwork that needed muscle.

Mad Mod term[edit]

The term "Mad Mod, Poet God" was used by Peter Milligan for the unrelated DC character Shade, the Changing Man. Another unrelated DC character is the Mad Mod Witch from The Unexpected, later revealed to be a resident of the Dreaming known as "the Fashion Thing".

Other versions[edit]

In the alter future seen in "Titans Tomorrow", the Titans Tomorrow battled Mad Mod's synthetics. They later mentioned that they killed Mad Mod.

In other media[edit]


  • Mad Mod appeared in the Teen Titans TV series voiced by Malcolm McDowell. Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery such as robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. His ability to produce illusions resulted in surreal, 1960s-styled landscapes, and allowed "Moddie" to appear in several different forms; even appearing stylized in the manner of God as he appeared in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, or becoming a round Blue Meanie-esque figure. In one circumstance, he was able to use such a cane to drain the youth from someone, making them old and him young again. He has an English accent and is utterly anglophilic. Moddie, as he often calls himself, tends to view the Titans as rebellious "snots", and claims that they show no respect for their elders. He has an odd habit of calling people "my duckies". He first appears in "Mad Mod", where he kidnaps the Titans and places them in a psychedelic "school". He attempts to "teach them to behave" through hypnosis, using methods similar to the Ludovico technique (used in A Clockwork Orange, which McDowell starred in).[4] When his initial attempts fail, he leads them on a Scooby-Doo-like chase through a Yellow Submarine-esque maze. The Titans escape when Robin realizes that Mad Mod is as fake as the rest of their surroundings; he thus abandons his attempts to capture him in favor of searching for flaws in the illusion. He quickly notices one — Mod's weapons have made an intriguing hole in the backdrop, which leads into the illusion's internal works. This enables him to make his way to the control room where he confronts the real Mad Mod — a sickly-looking old man using an advanced computer to control the whole school and a hologram of his younger self. Robin, of course, has no trouble defeating him. In "Revolution", Mad Mod crashes the Independence Day celebration claiming the American Revolution was a hoax. He then remakes the entire city in the image of Old England by using hypno-screens to control the population and giant illusions to change the look of the entire city to that of Merry Old London, claiming that "the United States belongs to England again". Mad Mod also kidnaps Robin and uses his cane to drain his youth, reducing Robin to a weak and helpless old man, while Mad Mod becomes his younger self again. The other Titans are initially prevented from reaching Mad Mod and freeing Robin by various large robots modeled after the Coldstream Guards and Mad Mod anticipating their plans. Later, they succeed in getting the cane from him. Robin then uses it to reverse the aging effects. He breaks the cane, thus ending Mad Mod's rule over the city by deactivating his equipment. The Titans then chase after Mad Mod. Mad Mod's aged form made a cameo appearance in "The Lost Episode" as one of the audience members in the orchestra and is last seen fleeing when Punk Rocket strikes. He later has several small appearances as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil where he is somehow young again. In "Revved Up", Mad Mod was seen taking part in Ding Dong Daddy's race. He was last seen fighting in "Titans Together", where he was blown off his feet by Beast Boy's Tyrannosaurus form. He was briefly possessed by Jericho and then was crushed by Overload. Jericho then left his body. He was flash-frozen along with the rest of the Brotherhood in the end.
  • A super deformed version of Mad Mod appears in the DC Nation Shorts cartoon short series "New Teen Titans". The episode featuring Mad Mod had him using a machine to manipulate time in order to make himself young again by turning time back to the 1960s. His machine is shown as resembling a British phone box, with a similar design for the TARDIS from Doctor Who. In the short, the Titans are shown as they have been drawn throughout the decades with Mad Mod finally being defeated and Robin winding up in the future as a robot.
  • Mad Mod appears in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Salty Codgers". He was going around Jump City turning everyone into old people. Mad Mod even manages to turn the Teen Titans (except for Raven) into old people as well, much to Raven's initial delight as she adores old people.


Mad Mod makes a silent cameo appearance in the Teen Titans Go! theatrical film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. In the film, as many villains including Control Freak, Mad Mod appears strapped to a light signal which forms Robin's name in the sky during Robin's musical number "My Superhero Movie".


  • In Teen Titans Go! (the comic based on the cartoon), Mad Mod attempts to rule the world by selling people clothes that control their minds, and soon the civilians, along with Beast Boy and Starfire, are under Mad Mod's control and attack the remaining Titans. Cyborg uses a sonic device to destroy Mad Mod's clothes, which leaves everyone that wore the clothes naked, much to their shock and embarrassment — especially Robin upon the sight of Starfire. The Teen Titans then stop Mad Mod.
  • Mad Mod appeared in issue #7 of the comic book tie-in to Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This iteration is similar to his portrayal in the Teen Titans animated series. He captures almost all of Doom Patrol and plans to duplicate their costumes to sell to other villains and was defeated by the team and Batman. He appears again in the 15th issue but was stopped by Batman, Super-Hip and Brother Power the Geek. He appears at the beginning of Volume 2, #16 (the final issue), and is defeated by Batman and Batgirl.
  • Neil Richards exists as an artist based in Gotham City in the DC Extended Universe, as mentioned in the guide book Time Out Shortlist Gotham City and Metropolis, which was released as a tie-in to the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Video games[edit]


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Mad Mod

Other names

King Moddie I
Captor (by Starfire)
Demented doofus (by Beast Boy)
Scrawny little stick-man (by Cyborg)


To teach the Teen Titansa lesson (getting them to leave "hardworking villains" alone)

To turn Jump City into his jolly good England


His private robot army

Powers and abilities

  • Advanced technological skills
  • Specializing in hypnosis and holography
  • Hypnotism
This is the page concerning the character Mad Mod. For the eponymous episode, see "'Mad Mod (episode)".
Quote1.pngYes, I've been watching you children misbehave, and I hate misbehaving children!Quote2.png
―Mad Mod[src]

Mad Mod is a recurring villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans who has no superhuman powers, but remains a formidable enemy through setting up entire worlds of dangerous false realities for the Titans to survive. He does so through technology and the worlds he sets up purposefully mock known physics, history and human principles, while also making references to 1960's British Mod culture, hence his name.

Original character

He was a fashion villain in the original DC comic books the animated cartoon was based on, as he used fashion in order to steal goods for himself. While this was different from his character in the animated cartoon, the Teen Titans Go! comic issue "Naked City" references his DC comic book character when he tries to use fashion to hypnotize the citizens.

Character history


Mad Mod's first appearance was in the episode "Mad Mod". The Teen Titans woke up, locked in chairs and confused. Mad Mod introduced himself and claimed that the Titans needed a lesson in respecting hardworking villains, and he needed to teach them one, via "classrooms" with Hypnoscreens, and violent traps should they manage to break free. The Titans managed to escape, but they were still trapped in Mad Mod's psychedelic institution. At first, they struggled to keep up because Mad Mod controlled the entire place and the area did not follow any logical laws of nature, instead doing whatever Mad Mod willed it to.

Eventually they ended up back where they started, at which point Mad Mod announced they had "failed" their "classes" and would have to start all over, launching a full scale attack to restrain them into their chairs, while the Titans resisted and tried to grab Mad Mod's cane. However, after going through Mad Mod, revealing him to be a hologram, Robin figured out that this whole thing was a trap, and they hit a wall, which tore (it was actually a curtain). Behind the curtains, Mad Mod's real self (an old man) was controlling the dimension with his controls, but after realizing he had lost sight of Robin, Robin began tearing at the wires used to run the place, causing his illusions and holograms to malfunction.

His next appearance was in "Revolution". It was the Fourth of July, and Mad Mod hypnotized the entire city into believing that he was king, America was still British, and he transformed Jump City into an 1960s London. The Titans tried to stop him by confronting him on a train in the subway, but Mad Mod captured Robin and stole Robin's youth, rendering Robin old and useless. The other four Titans tried to devise plans, but all four of them had different and clashing opinions, whether they should do a sneak attack, seek out Robin, or a full frontal assault. All three of their plans failed (and everyone decided Beast Boy's plan to use gerbil army wouldn't work), and they ended up in a chase scene.

They managed to escape and hide in a courtroom, but they were all discouraged. However, Starfire took a look at how democracy works and concluded that they were failing because they were trying four separate plans instead of putting them together into one solid plan. They then combined their plans into one where they attack Mad Mod, but are captured by the robot soldiers and subdued except for Beast Boy, which was part of their plan. Beast Boy got hold of Mad Mod's cane and threw it up into the air, and just as Mad Mod was about to catch it, Robin grabbed it, reversed the aging effects and broke it, reverting the city back to normal. After a get together, they saw Mad Mod out of Robin's hold, and they chased after him. It is unknown if they captured him and threw him into jail, or if he escaped.

In "Revved Up", Mad Mod (now a young man again) was one of many villains who took part in a major desert race, driving a white car modeled after the Big Ben clock tower.

He appeared as one of the recruits of the Brotherhood of Evil at the end of "Homecoming - Part 2". When the Brain unleashed his plans and sent his pawns to capture Titans and Honorary Titans, Mad Mod was not seen capturing anybody. When Beast Boy led Herald, Más, Pantha and Jericho in an assault to the Brotherhood's base, Mad Mod participated in the first and second phase of the battle, but he wasn't seen getting hurt or attacking anybody. He was later seen as a flash-frozen enemy at the end of the battle.

Teen Titans Go!

Mad Mod made an appearance in the DC Kids and Cartoon Network comic Teen Titans Go!. In issue 8, Mad Mod used his fashion designer mentality (which was absent in the animated series) to hypnotize the citizens of Jump City, Beast Boy and Starfire. He deployed robots to attack the banks so as to attract citizens of Jump City when he (disguised as D.D. Ammo, fashion designer) persuade Starfire and Beast Boy to be spokesmodels for his retro clothing. As the citizens of Jump City followed suit, it was revealed that the clothes contained hypnotizing effect. They attacked Raven, Robin and Cyborg but ultimately their clothes were destroyed by Cyborg's special sonic vibration, leaving everyone else naked.

In It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World, Mad Mod tries to make the Titans even more famous by selling their merchandise and making them celebrities, in return he asks to be their manager. However, Robin and Raven suspect an ulterior reason. Everything is eventually revealed to be one of Mad Mod's illusions, designed to keep the Titans busy so that they will leave criminals alone.

Physical appearance

Both as a young man and an old man, he is thin, has small ears, and crooked teeth that tend to jut out.

Young man


As a young man, Mad Mod has cherry red hair in a mod cut with sideburns, is tall and skinny, and wears blue shades. He, like most mods, is very fashion conscious, and can be seen in the following outfits:

  • A Union Jack (British Flag) Mod Jacket with a black shirt underneath, white pants, tan Chelsea Boots, and a white neckerchief.
  • A black Mod suit with a white shirt, black tie, black pants, and black Chelsea Boots.
  • Same black Mod suit, but with an Army Parka, 3/4 riding helmet with the mod logo on it, and some riding goggles.
  • Briefly, a school uniform reminiscent of AC/DC guitarist Angus' Young's favorite outfit.
  • A King of England outfit (with a powdered wig in some scenes) that is all red with a crown, knee socks, and black colonial shoes, all accompanied by a royal fur-lined cape.

Old man

Mad Mod as an old man.jpeg

As an old man, Mad Mod's skin is darker, almost greyish in color. His eyes are more yellowed, his hair is grey, and he has a notable bald spot. His shades are replaced by reading glasses, and his outfit is replaced by a more comfortable sweater, loose pants, and some dark grey walker shoes. His eyebrows are thicker, and he is a bit shorter.


Quote1.pngSorry, love, but like I've always said, youth is wasted on the young.Quote2.png
―Mad Mod[src]

Mad Mod speaks with a British accent and is utterly anglophilic and a special fan of British popular culture of the '60s and '70s, including the Beatles, A Clockwork Orange and Monty Python. Moddie, as he often calls himself, is bitter about his age and thus envious of the Titan's youthful vitality, while also believing they should leave criminals alone instead of interfering with their plans. He has an odd habit of calling them "my duckies".

In the "Know Your Foes" series, Rob Hoegee mentions that Mad Mod wishes to remake the world in his own image, which is the main reason for his crimes; in the episode "Mad Mod", he wishes to reshape the Titans' minds, while in "Revolution", he wishes to take over a portion of the country and make it his way, with himself as king. Mad Mod creates his false realities how he sees fit, and they usually contain various artworks featuring himself, showing his large ego.

Powers and abilities

Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery and employs robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. In one circumstance, he was able to use such a cane to drain the youth from someone (Robin), making them old and himself young again. He also habitually employs optically induced hypnosis to make his victims submit to his will. Through his hypnosis and holograms, it looked as if he could control both matter and the laws of physics.

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Recap / Teen Titans S 1 E 10 Mad Mod

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Looks like The Ludovico Technique is catching on...

Beast Boy: Am I the only one who has no idea where we are?

Mad Mod: Why you're right where you belong, my duckies! You're in school!

The one with loads of trippy visuals.

The Titans find themselves trapped in a school run by Mad Mod, and must escape it before he brainwashes them.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: Zig-zagged. In the comics, Mad Mod was a largely-unimpressive smuggler and thief who would probably be more at home matching wits with Mystery Inc. This animated version is pretty muchArcade in all but name, capturing all five Titans offscreen and building a whole complex of technological (and psychological!) terrors to torture them with. But when all the gimmicks are stripped away, he's revealed to be a withered old man who folds the second Robin confronts him.
  • Alliterative Name: Mad Mod (and his VA, Malcolm McDowell).
  • Artistic License – Chemistry: In the midst of their Genius Bonus
    • When Robin and Starfire fall from the Zr tile, the column to their right goes Y, La, Ac, Ce, Th. (Yttrium, Lanthanum, Actinium, Cerium, Thorium) The current positions of La and Ac do not mean the elements, but are merely placeholders on the periodic table for the Lanthanide and Actinide series. The proper places for the elements (each box to the left for both Cerium and Thorium) are instead both blank.
  • Badass in Distress: All of the Titans are strapped to chairs that negate their powers. Beast Boy in particular tries to change into smaller animals, to no avail, while Starfire exclaims that her starbolts are useless. With that said, Robin, Cyborg and Raven manage to escape their bonds, while Starfire and Beast Boy need the others to help them.
  • Bilingual Bonus: A montage in "Mad Mod" in which the team chase down the titular villain is accompanied with the song "K2G" by Puffy AmiYumi. The lyrics are in Japanese, but if translated they make numerous references to sex and alcohol.
  • Breather Episode: Precedes Wham EpisodeApprentice, pt. I. This became a tradition in the series, for each season to have one Breather Episode immediately before the finale.
  • Deranged Animation: Though the entire series is notorious for it, this particular episode is only the first time where things are really trippin'...
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In the library where Starfire is trapped, Mad Mod tries to squish her with a giant library stamp because she refuses to look at the screen and says they are full of "meanness".
  • Disco Dan: "Mod" hasn't been in style since the '60s. Interestingly, the character wasn't originally this, as he was created in the '60s (and was a young man in that interpretation).
  • "Eureka!" Moment: Robin realizes that Mad Mod is fake after running through him and finding out he's a hologram. This allows him time to get behind the screens and to tear down the wire.
  • Evil Brit: Mad Mod. He's even the page image for the trope, albeit in a different episode.
  • Idiot Ball: Beast Boy with the hypno screens, if you know a hypno screen is coming, turn into an animal that doesn't need eyes... like an earthworm!
  • Jump Scare: During the Scooby-Dooby Doors sequence, Robin gets all the Titans together to open the doors at the same time. This narrows it down to one door, which Robin approaches with a huge grin. When he opens it, however, a giant T-rex roars at all the Titans.
  • The Ludovico Technique: Mad Mod's method of brainwashing, which is pretty fittingconsidering his voice actor.
  • Mad Scientist: Mad Mod is implied to be one, as he did create all his robots and illusion-machines.
  • Master of Illusion: (Mad Mod)
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Screw: Robin lampshades that the school makes him crazy from the inside out.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Although they are shown to have escaped by themselves upon meeting with Starfire and Robin, Cyborg and Raven's escape is not shown at all.
  • Older Than They Look: Subverted; Mad Mod is actually an old man, but uses his illusions to portray himself as a hip young man (who still sports the British mod style that was popular in the 1960s).
  • Running Gag: Beast Boy succumbing to Mind Control.
  • Sadist Teacher: Mad Mod fills this role.
  • Scooby-Dooby Doors: During the song sequence. Bonus point for frequently messing with the perspective, and with the doors opening in various ways.
  • Screaming Woman: Starfire, and amusingly, Raven, become this trope when Robin accidentally opens a door with a T-Rex inside of it during the infamous chase sequence.
  • Sensory Abuse: Holy hell.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Realizing that going through the Scooby-Dooby Doors is wasting the team's time and messing with them, Robin tells everyone to stop chasing Mod blindly. He has each of them open a door, narrowing it down to one. Unfortunately a T-Rex is behind that one and Mad Mod appears in the corridor.
  • Variations on a Theme Song: This isn't the first episode to have the opening theme performed in Japanese (that's "Nevermore"), but it is the first one that's completely and utterly bizarre. An episode with the opening theme in Japanese, for those unaware, is one that's going to be very, very strange, and this one most definitely is.


Teen Titans - Mad Mod

The Teen Titans chase down Mad Mod through a series of doors that parodies both Scooby-Doo and Yellow Submarine.

Example of:
Scooby-Dooby Doors

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/TeenTitansS1E10MadMod
robin got her youth back from mad mod

Mad Mod (a.k.a Detention)

Original Airdate

September 27, 2003

If you are looking for the character, see Mad Mod.

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"Mad Mod" (aka Detention) is the tenth episode of Season One and overall the tenth episode of the Teen Titans series.


The Titans find themselves trapped inside a weird labyrinth-like school where Mad Mod is the teacher.


Robin wakes up suddenly to find himself and his fellow Teen Titans captured and imprisoned in chairs which neutralize their powers. Shortly, their captor introduces himself: Mad Mod, a British-accented villain who has become disgruntled about the youthful Titans playing do-gooders and opposing "hardworking villains" such as himself. He has kidnapped them by filling their tower with knockout gas and brought them to his school to teach them to stay out of villain business once and for all. For this purpose, he separates the Titans, dumping each of them in a different classroom fitted with hypnosis screens to brainwash them into submission.

Robin manages to get free from his chair, but finds that getting out of Mad Mod's school is another matter entirely. Filled with optical illusions, robot sentinels and various other tricks, this place turns out to be a regular madhouse in which Mad Mod can appear and vanish as he pleases. Nevertheless, Robin manages to recollect Starfire and even Beast Boy, who has, however, already been affected by the hypnoscreens; they are soon rejoined by Cyborg and Raven, who have managed to free themselves on their own. Based on their experiences, they decide that the only way to escape is to apprehend Mad Mod for good.

As soon as they spot him, the Titans set out after Mod, but as before the villain proves to be very elusive, and whatever way they take, they always end up walking in circles. Finally, Mad Mod confronts them about being 'uncooperative' and declares that they have to undergo the entire brainwashing procedure all over again. The Titans attack him to get his ruby-tipped cane, which appears to be his control device for the entire school, but a number of traps and an army of robot busts move in to stop them, and one by one the Titans are recaptured. Only Robin makes it to Mod, but as he dives at him, he passes straight through the cane - and yet Mad Mod handles it as if it were the real thing!

Realizing that not only the entire school, but also the Mad Mod they've been chasing are not real, Robin decides on a different approach. Jumping through a rent cut into one of the walls by a robot bust, he makes his way behind all the illusion and proceeds to rip up delicate circuitry as he goes, eventually disabling Mod's technical tricks. Finally, he comes to the command room and has no trouble apprehending the real Mad Mod, a bitter old man with no exceptional fighting skills. The Titans emerge triumphant from their captivity, even though Beast Boy's susceptibility to hypnosis initially gives them some minor trouble before the end...


Main characters





  • During the chase scene where the Teen Titans chase Mad Mod, the song "K2G" by Puffy AmiYumi is played. Puffy AmiYumi are also the ones that sing the Teen Titans theme song in Japanese and English.
    • Another song, Mad Mod World, was originally planned to be used for the chase scene, before being replaced by "K2G". This song was never featured in the animated series.
  • In the science lab where Beast Boy was held, a periodic table is shown. It is mostly correct other than that La (Lanthanide) and Ac (Actinide) are not marked as a group of elements.
  • Starfire was in the library, Beast Boy was in the Science Lab, Cyborg was in the Computer Lab, Raven was in the Gym, but it is unknown what class Robin was in.
  • This episode's title song is sung in Japanese.


  • This is the first official episode where all five Titans are main characters in one episode.
  • This episode features the first appearance of Mad Mod in the series.

Cultural references

  • Mad Mod's theme sounds very similar to The Mar-Key's song "Last Night".
    • It should be noted The Mar-Keys were very popular among mod crowds and at mod nightclubs.
  • At one point, Robin flips up the head of a bust of Mad Mod, turning on a switch underneath. This is a reference to the original Batman TV show.
  • There are several obvious references to the animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine, including the Sea of Holes.
  • The chairs that hold Robin and Starfire's eyes open to make them look at the hypnosis screens is a reference to the Ludovico Technique from Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel, A Clockwork Orange. In fact, Malcolm McDowell, who voiced Mad Mod, played the role of Alex in Kubrick's movie adaptation.
  • One of Mad Mod's optical illusions was drawn from one of M. C. Escher's works.
  • Most of his hypnoscreens are some form of Op art.
  • The chase scene involving Mad Mod and the Titans in reminiscent of the recurring chase scenes from the Scooby-Doo TV shows.
  • The chase scenes are also similar to a scene from Yellow Submarine.
  • The scene of Robin chasing Mad Mod through a maze of black and white tiles is inspired by a scene from Richard Williams' cult animated film The Thief & The Cobbler.
  • Mad Mod himself is a reference to 1960's British Mod culture, and makes several references including:
    • Wearing two different "mod suits" each with a pair of Chelsea boots.
    • Riding a scooter while wearing a fishtail parka and a helmet with the Royal Air Force roundel, a mod symbol.
    • The Royal Air Force Roundel appearing on the missile used to attack Robin.
  • A Mad Mod parody of the statue, David of Michelangelo can be seen during the chase scene while the song K2G was playing, with the circular British flag appearing to cover its pubic area.


  • While Mad Mod said "I didn't go to all the trouble of building this school and filling your tower with knockout gas just to finish you off lickety-split.", Raven's hood is not up.
  • While Mad Mod said "You lot are nothing but a bunch of troublemakers!", the saltires on his Union Jack jacket shifted underarm.
  • As Robin says, "We will get out. And when we do--", Mad Mod's glasses lens is the same color as his skin, not blue.
  • The desks in Starfire's class would change from a 7x4 arrangement to 5x5.
  • As Starfire is carried up from a giant hypnoscreen, her armband disappears briefly.
  • In the screenshot where Raven picks up Beast Boy from his third hypnosis, there are 2 doors stuck on the background, one of which appearing in front of Cyborg.
  • When Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy make a plan as Beast Boy walks away, Cyborg turned his head and his left ear quickly turned human.
    • When Cyborg fell behind Robin, we can quickly see his left ear turn into his real human ear.


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Mad teen mod titans

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Mad Mod Scene From Teen Titan's

In general, I advise you not to be too zealous, and then you will leave here alive and relatively unharmed. I lay back on my back and stared at. The clouds running across the sky. Well, it happened, you achieved what you wanted. Satisfied with yourself.

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