Tractor pto driven water pumps

Tractor pto driven water pumps DEFAULT

PTO Water Pump, 4 In., PTO Shaft Included

Product Overview

When installed, this pump will be attached to the rear of the tractor using the three point hitch with the PTO shaft attaching to the rpm, 6 spline PTO of the tractor. The gearbox shaft of the pump is also rpm and 6 spline. Safety guards must be in place around the PTO shaft as it is dangerous when exposed. The gearbox must have the appropriate amount of SAE 90 gear oil from proper maintenance. It is designed to operate on a range of tractors with engine horsepowers from 15hp to hp and the rotational force of the tractor’s PTO shaft powers the pump by attaching to the shaft on the gearbox of the pump. You can adjust your tractor’s engine speed as needed to reach your appropriate rate. This pump has a flow rate of GPM and must be operated in open and well ventilated areas. Pump must be drained prior to freezing temperatures.

  • GPM
  • 4 inch inlet (suction) and outlet (discharge)
  • Comes with attaching hose barbs for both suction line and discharge lines, suction line strainer (filter net), and PTO shaft to attach pump to the tractor that is , 6 Spline on each end.
  • Tractor HP required is a range of 15HP to HP
  • Pump Gearbox accepts RPM and geared to supply the required 3, RPM to the pump and uses SAE 90 Gear Oil
  • Maximum Suction Lift: 23 FT
  • Total Head: 82FT
  • For outlet/discharge hose, use ASC# - 4" Blue PVC Discharge Hose
  • For inlet/suction hose, use ASC# - 4" Green PVC Suction Hose
  • The ASC# sealed washer that fits in the hose connections, can get pinched if not careful, or can deteriorate over time, it is recommended to keep a couple of extras on hand so your pumping experience will not be halted.
  • For replacement PTO cross/Universal Joint, use ASC# - PTO Cross Kit #4
  • For some helpful hints on the set up of your pump, click here
  • For tips on troubleshooting, click here
  • For a listing of normally stocked repair parts, click here
  • Gearbox is shipped WITHOUT oil
  • Requires to quarts of 90 Weight Gear Oil

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Pump Style  
Pump Type  
Inlet Diameter  
Outlet Diameter  
Self Priming Pump  
Max Gallon Per Min (GPM) (See Pump Curve For Your Duty Point Estimates)  
Maximum Pressure (PSI)  
Max Total Head (Static)  
Engine/Motor Brand  
Housing Material  
Solids Handling  
Engine/Motor Type  
Pump RPM  
Port Type(s)  
Impeller Type  
Impeller Material  
Seal Material (Mechanical Or Other)  
Seal Type (Mechanical Or Other)  
Pump's Useable Keyway  
Shaft Length (Inch)  
For Use With Gas or Diesel Engines Having  
Shaft Diameter  
SAE Flywheel Housing Size  
SAE Clutch Size  
Starting System  
Agency Compliance  
For Potable Water Use  
Temp. Range High (F)  
Stk. Itm.  
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    Portable tractor PTO driven water pumps by Paddock Machinery. These pumps are capable of high flows and are fast to deploy as they mount to the 3 point linkage on your tractor. Available in a range of sizes they are fantastic for farming, irrigation and emergency water transfer during floods and disaster times.  

    Paddock PTO Tractor Water Pump
    • Transfer Pumps in 3", 4" and 6" sizes available with flow rates up to , L/hr
    • High Pressure series in 2", 3" and 4" with discharge heads to 82m
    • Suitable for use with Cat I/II tractors
    • Attaches to 3 point linkage setup
    • Includes PTO shaft and pins
    PTO Pump Applications

    Every farmer should have one of these Paddock tractor PTO pumps. No more messing around with small engines or maintaining a dedicated trailer mounted water pump engine, instead use your existing tractors reliable diesel engine and PTO system to pump water on demand. Quickly mobilise this pump on the back of your tractor to areas otherwise difficult to access. Engage the standard rpm PTO shaft and the pump begins operation. Vary the PTO speed and engine rpm to change your discharge pressure and flow rate. Ideal for large water transfers, temporary irrigation plus so much more.  

    These pumps are also ideal for SES, Army, rural fire brigades and other emergency service type organisations who need to deploy equipment and move water fast. Their simple design means a reliable and robust solution is always at hand. 

    Transfer Series

    The transfer series of pumps (SPTOWP3/4/6) are ideal for bulk water moving. Move water between dams, tanks, creeks or whatever is needed. These pumps are configured for high flows and high suction lift with discharge heads of m. These pumps have heavy duty cast steel impellers and diffuses making them robust and tolerant to dirty and brackish waters.

    High Pressure Series

    The high pressure series of pumps achieve higher discharge heads, up to 82m, making them suited to applications where water needs to be moved longer distances or for applications such as spray irrigation where great pressure at the nozzle is necessary. Ideal for use as a firefighting pump, simply start the tractor and you're ready to deploy. Fast to setup and relocate with ease. The high pressure series come in either 2", 3" and 4" sizes with further specifications and flow curves available in the table below.

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    Water pumps pto driven tractor

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