The spiritual plant master transmigration

The spiritual plant master transmigration DEFAULT

Translator: Flying Lines

Chapters: 397

Tags: transmigration, cultivation, magical space, family, alchemy,  side CPs


Xiao Jingting, a postgraduate agriculture student transmigrates to family outcast in the wild mainland. Xiao Jingting, who has been single for more than 20 years, is excited to find that he has a handsome male wife, but his wife sleep in another room, and his two sons treat him like a monster. Xiao Jingting was somewhat frustrated to find that his predecessor was a scum who was only good at eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling and even beat his wife and children.

Now, how could he reverse his image?

Impressions:Hmm... this is basically, cultivating into the peak of life with your whole family in tow~ XD

So our MC transmigrates into a scumbag. The original already has a ger wife and 2 sons. This new world is a cultivation world. After MC transmigrates with his magical space, of course, his personality changed and his shou discovered it but he was happy with MC (eldest son also discovered it). So our MC and shou family's life started to get better. He also meets the relatives of the original and became close to his second brother. Some family schemes and conspiracies, an arrogant big bro, eccentric parents and conniving relatives etc. There are some faceslapping happening, you know, the typical drama. It's fun to watch though XD

Laters, MC left their small town and traveled around with his family. His 2nd son gets invited/taken away to join a Sect because of his qualifications, so MC & shou also worked hard to earn money so they can go to the Sect to see their son. After getting there, MC became a spiritual planter near the sect. Eldest son also worked hard to enter the Sect. The MC family gets reunited. Some adventures, secret realms etc later and MC also becomes a powerful cultivator (but its a secret), winning so many treasures, and of course, offending major forces, MC family fleds to a different continent(?).  Eldest son and second son, found their side CPs in this arc.

In the new continent, MC and his whole family became powerful, some faceslapping, another secret realm, MC winning the treasure again and being hunted then going back to his Continent after he became quite powerful. Then MC reunites with the original's second brother, and laters, the original father (They already discovered that MC is not really their son/brother but didn't say anything.) They also discover shou's hidden identity and shou's parents are added to MC's family XD They stay in this Continent for a long time until MC reached the peak then decided to ascend/go t the fairy realm. (Only MC and shou)

After ascending, they got separated and MC became a spiritual planter again. Some troubles, MC and shou reunites then MC living low-key selling pills. Laters, their third son also accidentally ascend and after meeting his side CP gong, they reunite with MC. So MC's all three kids are now married. XD Some adventures etc, cultivation, and MC's 2 other sons and their side CP also ascend. Then MC family is reunited. MC becomes famous as an alchemist for pill-refining. Laters, it was revealed that his cultivation is also very strong. Anyway, step by step until he became a top-rank alchemist (9th level alchemist) and also high cultivation rank (Immortal Emperor?). The ending was a bit abrupt but it was sweet so I guess its okay? Lol. 

Hmm... I've been reading nothing but fluff so its been awhile since I've read a novel with so many ups and down, lol, faceslapping etc.

At first I thought it would be a farming novel (cos of the title) and it was a bit at first, with MC growing plants in the village then doing business like the normal poor-to-rich trope, but then it became about cultivation with MC winning treasures and getting stronger and being hunted down so MC and his whole family escape, rinse and repeat. It's just instead of just MC, it's MC and his whole family, their family also starts growing either by adding in their in-laws or one of MC's son get married etc. When MC is weak, the 'stronger' relatives would be his backing and when he gets stronger, he'll help them back. I suppose it's the usual development~ It just never gets tiring, cos when you've had enough of MC's adventure, the next arc would be about his son and his side CP, or about helping his in-laws solve their problems etc. When their family is separated, it'll show what's happening in MC's side and then switch to what's happening over on his son's side. Overall, it has a nice pacing so you don't feel that its too repetitive. It's also one of the reasons, I was able to binge-read it.

Drawbacks would have to be too... short? Lol, I KNOW it's 397 chaps but seeing that you've got MC and his whole family. I hoped that other characters would be focused on as well. Like his son and their respective CPs, there were arcs when they got together with their CPs but later, there were only brief mentions of their adventures. I mean, there was so much potential (arcs?) there, like the 2nd son CP life in the Sect when they ascended or Eldest son side CP life when they were in the Octopus family, but it was only briefly mentioned when they were reporting to MC after their reunion. I guess, the arcs became more and more MC-focused after they ascended, even shou was only there as an accessory. This was why I felt that the ending was a bit abrupt cos the later arcs was mostly about MC getting stronger and stronger then suddenly, they went to 'retire'(?), having a 'world of two people' then a #spoiler Wedding of a Century. Sometimes, I don't even know where the shou is, cos only MC would be having conversations. In the lower realm, eldest son CP and 2nd son both had kids (the shous were pregnant) then when they ascended, there was no mention of the kiddies anymore. What happened??? The family-centric plot slowly changed to MC-centric in the later arcs, although I didn't realized when I was reading it cos of the pacing.

Overall, it was good since I was able to binge read it. Just that, I guessed I hoped the other family members would also be focused on like in the first couple of arcs (cos like I said, the later arcs became more MC-centric). My fave part would have to be when 2nd son was in the Sect (and not allowed to go outside) so MC and his whole family worked hard so they can all reunite~ Ha... the good old first couple of arcs. Lol. I wanted more romance/fluff ~~

Anyways, read this for upgrade text, (weak to strong) and family cos although, shou and MC's sons didn't get much focused on in the later arcs, but in the end, they were all always together helping each other. (When MC was still weak, it was always a group fight. Lol XD)


Xiao Jingting, a postgraduate student working on agriculture, transmigrates to a loser in wasteland. To his surprised, he who has been a single man for over 20 years now owns a handsome male wife. Unfortunately, his wife sleeps in separate rooms with him, and his two sons treat him like he is a monster.

Storm in a Teacup

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Xiao Jingting took Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong to the direction of Zhongtian. Suddenly, an eagle was heard.

A giant eagle hovered in the sky, and Xiao Jingting guarded the two little cubs behind him like an enemy.

Under normal circumstances, there will be no monsters in the village. Xiao Jingting looked at the giant eagle in the sky and recognized it at once. The giant eagle was the one who had fought with the python before.

The eagle retreated angrily that day. Today, he probably saw him drop the order and rushed to provoke him.

Because this time it came out to be farming, Xiao Jingting did not expect to encounter such a tricky monster, so he did not bring out the green bamboo sword.

Xiao Jingting waved his hands and spawned two thorn vines towards the belly of the giant eagle. As soon as Xiao Jingting shot, he noticed that the speed of spawning thorn vines was two or three times faster than usual. Xiao Jingting calmed down suddenly. Hawk is injured, and his level has been upgraded by one level. No surprise, his chances of winning are great.

Xiao Xiaodong looked nervously behind Xiao Xiaofan, watching Xiao Jingting fighting with the giant eagle. Xiao Xiaofan blinked his eyes, looking nervously and curiously at Xiao Jingting.

The calmed Xiao Jingting was full of horsepower, and the rainy arrows from the sky came down from the top toward the giant eagle. The vines on the ground were divided into two and divided into four, from the bottom up, straight toward the belly of the giant eagle. Stuck in the past...

Seeing the arrow on the eagle's wings, Xiao Jingting's eyes suddenly lighted up. The last time Xu Mu'an attacked the giant eagle's arrow, he had not yet taken it out.

Xiao Jingting directed the vines, entangled the arrow on the body of the eagle, and pulled it out fiercely.

When the arrow was pulled out, blood spewed out, and the flight of the giant eagle became very unstable.

Taking advantage of his illness, Xiao Jingting's offensive was even more severe.

The eagle screamed, as if he understood that the general trend was gone. The eagle was full of hatred and rushed in the direction of Xiao Xiaodong behind Xiao Jingting. Xiao Jingting threw a note to block the attack of the giant eagle.

The giant eagle was blown out by Xiao Jingting, and Xiao Jingting immediately spawned countless vines that entangled the giant eagle's neck and cut off the giant eagle.

"Good, Dad is so powerful!" Xiao Xiaofan clapped his hands, full of admiration.

Xiao Jingting didn't worry about making a few knives on the giant eagle to let those vines vanish into nothingness.

Xiao Xiaofan was jumping and jumping, excited, but Xiao Xiaodong thought of something deeper.

"Dad, your strength seems to have risen!" Xiao Xiaodong tentatively said.

Xiao Jingting smiled, did not speak, secretly said: Xiao Xiaodong, this little guy is born with a Qiqiao Linglong heart, heavier than adults.

Xiao Jingting put away the giant eagle and said with satisfaction: "I will not go to the field today. I will sell this eagle and exchange some silver."

Xu Mu'an is gone. There are still many snake meats at home. There are only three mouths in the house. Although Xiao Xiaofan is greedy, he can't eat much of his appetite. The eagle meat is not good for a long time. Use it for some money.

Although the snakeskin at home is a bit shabby, it should be able to sell a couple of silver.

When Xu Muan left, Xiao Jingting took all his family to Xu Muan, which would leave his pockets empty, and Xiao Jingting was a bit unpleasant.

Xiao Jingting smiled bitterly in his heart. After coming to this world, he always seemed to toss himself up and down. Fortunately, this giant eagle looks good, and should be able to sell thirty or two silver.

Xiao Jingting's eyes slanted at will, and he saw Xiao Xiaodong's expression of admiration. When he saw Xiao Jingting's eyes, Xiao Xiaodong returned to a serious look.

After all, Xiao Xiaodong is a child, and all children adore heroes. Just as Xiao Jingting's "heroic performance", Xiao Xiaodong has changed Xiao Jingting a lot.

Xiao Jingting smiled bitterly in his heart. The awkward child was so small, like a little old man.

When the crisis was lifted, several villagers came out and greeted Xiao Jingting. Xiao Jingting had long noticed that when he was fighting with the giant eagle, there were a few villagers watching and watching. This person came out, and Xiao Jingting also looked as usual.

Several villagers praised Xiao Jingting. Some of them were keen and asked for Jing Jingting’s strength. Xiao Jingting vaguely talked to the people before he got out.

Qiu family.

"Brother, did you say that Xiao Jingting is a level 4 morale trainer?" Qiu Bai asked.

Qiu Li nodded and said, "Some villagers who saw Xiao Jingting's actions said so, it may be that they were blind."

Qiu Bai secretly said: Although the villager's mouth is broken, but there is no wind and no waves, maybe Xiao Jingting is really a fourth-level. The fourth-level spirit planter and the third-level spirit planter are not a concept. There are also several fourth-level spirits in the village. Planter, but those are old men, how old is Xiao Jingting!

Xiao Jingting's level 3 will be so farming, now level 4, the spiritual plant that can be planted must be more high-end, and the more money will be made.

Qiu Bai denounced that he was blind and did not seize the opportunity. Xiao Jingting was so capable, saying that in the future, he could be promoted to the sixth floor and the seventh floor. It is possible that the strength reached the sixth and seventh floors of Qi training.

"Brother, Xiao Jingting seems to be very cold to you recently!" Qiu Lidao said.

Qiu Bai lowered his head, cold? Xiao Jingting can describe him not only indifferently.

Qiu Li looked at Qiu Bai and said, "Recently, Xiao Jingting has changed a lot, and those hoofs are also about to move. I see Xiao Jingting doesn't seem to be trying to kill you. He seems to be really tired, the masters of those big families. , Seeing one who loves each other, there is no good thing.

Seeing that Xiao Jingting was well developed, Qiu Li occasionally knocked on Qiu Bai to get benefits, but Xiao Jingting changed a lot. Sometimes, he didn’t wait for Qiu Bai to speak, and sometimes he slipped. Sometimes, Qiu Bai spoke. Was ousted by Xiao Jingting for some reason, or found other words to cross.

Qiu Bai returned without success, making Qiu Li disappointed with Qiu Bai.

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