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The F is a line of twin-tail, twin-engine, supersonic, multi-role military aircraft developed by the American aerospace company McDonnell Douglas. This iconic family of aircraft first took to the air on July 27, and entered service with the U.S. Air Force in The F lineage remains in use to this day by the United States and also by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. One of the most successful tactical jet aircraft in history, the F has claimed a total of more than air-to-air kills with zero losses. Initially built as an air superiority platform, the various models of the F have collectively performed a broad array of missions, including close air support, reconnaissance, strike, and even electronic warfare, among others.

Integral to the success of the F is its exquisitely detailed engineering. The jet can reach speeds of Mach , has an immense thrust-to-weight ratio allowing it to roar to 60, feet from sea level in mere seconds, and has proven eminently maneuverable at subsonic speeds. Designers carefully balanced its afterburning turbofan engines, main wing, fuselage, and tail to attain the type of performance synergy all iterations of the F exhibit. Furthermore, the overall form of the F makes it incredibly survivable, with one landing safely with a wing missing and after a mid-air collision.

The F's sleek, elegant lines evoke drama and performance, but visually reveal only a portion of this aircraft's capability story. Each member of the F lineage is a true beast in the air, providing explosive power and accelerate and climb, intense maneuverability, and heart-stopping speed.

Being one of the first few military jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the F Eagle by DC Designs has stirred up plenty of interest and a fair bit of critique as well. Here&#;s a round up of what some of the community are reporting on the module.

A round up of reviews and impressions

Having a go-fast fighter jet as legendary as the F in any flight sim is going to attract attention and as one of the first jets in Microsoft Flight Simulator that is Mach 2+ capable (at least in real life), a lot of people were interested to experience the performance of the jet in the sim. Would the terrain engine be capable of loading in new information quickly enough (seems to not be a problem), would the sim be able to handle those speeds (not yet, although some trickery with the flight model makes it sort of possible), and would it be any good? Well&#; listen in on these reviews.

Summary and my thoughts

The summary of what&#;s being said around the community is that the F by DC Designs is not likely to live up expectations if you&#;re looking for a high fidelity experience. The cockpit appears as a rough approximation of the real jet&#;s appearance and there are issues with the HUD, sim performance with the battery and avionics on, and there are other visual maladies such as overwing vapours and afterburner effects that don&#;t look particularly convincing. Some of the reviewers were unconvinced by the sound while others thought it to be alright. There&#;s also the issue of transonic flight modeling which Microsoft Flight Simulator just doesn&#;t have yet although they are working on it.

There&#;s also issue of price with the aircraft being priced at $40 USD in the Just Flight store which seems a little steep for this aircraft &#; granted there are four variants available.

DC Designs for their part have made a recent post on their Facebook page suggesting ongoing improvements including updated texture work and revised methods that should improve FPS particularly when the HUD is in view.

At this point I&#;m not interested in writing a review on the module. I already struggle a bit with military aircraft in a civil aviation focused flight sim &#; although Aeroplane Heaven&#;s Spitfire Mark I and IndiaFoxTecho T Goshawk I might make an exception for. In this case, if the modeling were at a high fidelity level I might be interested to see how it compares to a military oriented flight sim such as DCS World but at this point I don&#;t see that being the case at the moment. That said, for some of you, you might find the speed and performance of something like this suitably interesting to you. If the DC Designs F is for you, I&#;ll let you make that decision. F Eagle by DC Designs is available for $40 USD in the Just Flight webstore.

My other take on this goes a little like this: If flying an F sounds fun but you also want to sling some AMRAAM&#;s in a full up conflict I&#;d suggest giving the FC for DCS World a shot. It&#;s not a full fidelity module (so no clickable cockpit) but the flight model is at the peak of what DCS offers, it&#;s fully combat capable, and price is $ USD with sale prices frequently taking it into the single digits. Here are my thoughts on making it your first jet fighter. In the future, we may also be treated to the FE Strike Eagle by RAZBAM for DCS World although it may be a while yet before that becomes a reality.

Those are my thoughts. What do you think? Is this aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator for you?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator F Eagle Add-On Review (DC Designs)

After months of anticipation third-party add-on developer DC Designs released its F Eagle package for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The add-on includes four variants of the aircraft, the FC, the FD, the FE Strike Eagle, and the Israeli FI.

It&#;s priced at $37 on Just Flight&#;s store and comes with its own installer, which means the process of getting it on your PC is relatively painless.

Do keep in mind that a manual and paint kit are available in the Just Flight folder of your Star menu. While this is not a very complex aircraft, it&#;s better to read it before you start flying.

Since a video shows more than a few thousand words, below you can check out a full flight from take-off to landing, following along as I put the FE Strike Eagle through its paces among the twists and turns of the famous Jedi Transition and Star Wars Canyon in California.

The package also includes several liveries, so you&#;ll have a variety of colors to enjoy even before the artistically-inclined get their hands on the Eagle and create new ones, which is bound to happen.

Before we continue, we need to get a few caveats out of the way: this is not an ultra-detailed aircraft that requires 40 minutes of flipping switches before you can even taxi to the runway. It aims to reproduce the feeling of flying an F, but not the detailed procedures involved in such a task.

On top of that, Microsoft Flight Simulator really isn&#;t built to simulate this kind of fighter jet, at least out of the box. This means that the developers had to jump through hoops to make some things work, and some are simply impossible at this stage. For instance, you can&#;t get even close to the Mach a real F is capable of achieving, even it&#;s still extremely fast if you&#;re used to Microsoft Flight simulator&#;s default birds.

That being said, the developer has pledged to continue to improve the F in parallel with the evolution of the simulator itself, which means that features will likely be added as Microsoft starts supporting them.

Microsoft Flight Simulator F15

Last, but not least, there is no combat in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so don&#;t expect to start dropping bombs and launching missiles. If you&#;re into that, you&#;re better off with DCS World.

Graphically, the model is nice but not exceptional, and with some parts that look a bit rough around the edges, especially in the cockpit.

The liveries are well-designed, but the developer didn&#;t use decals, which means that they aren&#;t as crisp as they could be.

That being said, the looks of the aircraft are still pleasant and there are some elements of brilliance, like the reflections on the canopy and the fully-modeled (visually) weaponry, but improvements are due for the future and will certainly be welcome.

The afterburner effect and the engine nozzle animation look fantastic, and pushing the throttle all the way forward is very satisfying, despite the speed limitations.

Microsoft Flight Simulator F15

A laudable visual Easter Egg is the addition of engine and sensor covers, wheel chocks, ground power unit, and even an armed guard, which you can activate via unused switches in the cockpit.

There are a few glitches and blurry textures here and there. While the HUD is working (and is very useful when you&#;re flying low and fast and can&#;t lower your eyes on the gauges), it becomes blurry if you&#;ve set antialiasing to TAA. Dropping it to any other option is a viable workaround for now.

Speaking of the HUD, it&#;s also a performance hog, basically halving my frame rate on a rig with RTX , Ryzen 9 x, and 32 GB RAM, and p and Ultra settings. Apparently, it happens only for some and the developer is already aware and is looking into it. Yet, at the moment, this is an issue if you happen to be affected.

The F sounds great, but there are some looping problems with certain sounds (for instance the startup crank) that I&#;m guessing is a result of the developer coming to terms with using the Wwise middleware for the first time. That being said, once you&#;re all started to, this aircraft is a pleasure to listen to.

Microsoft Flight Simulator F15

Functionally, we certainly have to come to grips with the limitations I mentioned above.

While all relevant controls are modeled in the cockpit, many are completely inoperative. As I mentioned before, this is not designed to be a complex aircraft, but I would have honestly enjoyed at least a bit more complexity. It&#;s so simple that even many default aircraft in the base simulator require a heavier workload to operate. I guess this is mostly a matter of taste, and I&#;m fairly positive many will appreciate the accessibility featured by this add-on.

The navigation system and autopilot are included, but I would define them as rudimentary. You have very basic TACAN/VOR/DME radio-navigation and a three-axis autopilot. That&#;s it.

That being said, this is an aircraft that you&#;ll likely want to hand-fly most of the time, and here we come to the positives.

In terms of the pure fun of flying around, this is likely one of the best and possibly the best option available, especially if you enjoy going fast and low.

Flying nap-of-the-Earth on DC Designs&#; F is an absolute joy thanks to the flight model that feels like a great balance between challenge and forgiveness.

Being a rather heavy aircraft, the F is a very stable platform, so it won&#;t get away from you at the slightest mistake. Yet, you need to be careful on landing, because it&#;s easy to drop like a rock at low speed if you don&#;t keep an eye on your lift.

DC Designs modeled the Eagle&#;s payload not only visually, but also functionally. While you can&#;t drop bombs, they will certainly affect your flying.

Microsoft Flight Simulator F15

You won&#;t be surprised to learn that I have never flown a real F, so it&#;s difficult to assess the degree of realism of the flight model, but it certainly &#;feels&#; right in most situations. The only exception being the excessive rudder-happiness during the take-off roll.

When you drop under a hundred feet with the throttle rammed all the way forward, challenging yourself to fly as close to the ground as possible, the Eagle comes into its own. Yet, its extreme climb capabilities mean that it&#;s also a pleasure to rocket it into the stratosphere with reckless abandon.

This is not the kind of aircraft most will use for tranquil flights in a straight line from A to B (albeit I guess you can, and it&#;ll get you to B very quickly), and that&#;s perfectly fine. We already have plenty of planes for that purpose.

On the other hand, it&#;s an awesome joyride machine, whether you want to challenge the world&#;s canyons or practice formation flying with a friend.

It&#;s in combination with Microsoft Flight Simulator&#;s lush and immense world that the F really shines, helping you forget the flaws and technical limitations.

Granted: you can fly fighter jets in DCS and other simulators with a much deeper degree of fidelity, but this is the only one in which you can combine this warbird&#;s performance with the entire planet, its mountains, its valleys, its canyons, and its spectacular weather.

Since this is a review, I can&#;t ignore the fact that this aircraft add-on comes with its share of technical shortcomings, and that DC Designs will have to work hard to improve it over time.

Yet, when I fly through a deep canyon at knots with my palms sweating on the stick and throttle, and my heart racing in my chest, you can bet that, at least for a while, I forget all the issues in favor of the fun.

DC Designs F C, D, E &#; I Eagle for Microsoft Flight Simulator

DC Designs F C, D, E &#; I Eagle for Microsoft Flight Simulator Critic Review
Reviewer: Giuseppe Nelva | Copy provided by Publisher.


  • It&#;s extremely fun to fly.
  • Modeled payload.
  • Many selectable liveries and four variants.
  • Very intuitive and accessible.
  • It will make you feel like a Top Gun without requiring months of study and practice.


  • Technical limitations.
  • Too many inoperative controls.
  • The visuals are a bit rough.
  • Barebones autopilot and navigation systems.
Release Date
January 21,
DC Designs F-15 - Endlich Überschallgeschwindigkeit / MACH 2+ ★ Microsoft FLIGHT SIMULATOR

DC Designs F C, D, E & I Eagle (for MSFS)

23 November
Further improvements have been made to the MSFS version of the F Eagles, with the implementation of ordnance selection via the in-sim loadout page.  This allows the user to dynamically change the weight of relevantly named stations, and see the ordnance appear there along with dynamically increased aircraft weight.

All external textures have been increased to 4K resolution, and the paint kit has also been altered to match. The virtual cockpits now have active MFD screens displaying all important flight information, as well as a dynamic weapons loadout screen that matches the user's ordnance selection.

Even when heavily laden, the Strike Eagle is still a formidable aircraft with high performance throughout the flight envelope.  The various improvements can all be seen in these latest screenshots. 

16 November

Not too far off completion now, the DC Designs F Eagles for Microsoft Flight simulator are being modified to take advantage of the new simulator's effects, such as dynamic rainfall on the canopy glass.  Some effects created by DC Designs will remain however, such as the "G-Vapour" effects above the wings when performing high-G manoeuvers, and of course the modelled and animated afterburner flames.  One major change is the way that stores will be presented. These will now be selectable in the simulator's main menu via the "External Fuel" and "Station Loads": this method ensures both dynamically loading stores, but also includes the extra benefit of including the weight of those stores upon the airplane - the FE Strike Eagle when fully-laden will handle very differently to the FC at its lightest combat weight.  

Here are some new images, one shot shows external weapons but no fuel tank, for maximum combat manoeuverabilty.  There's a shot showing off the G-Force - low-pressure vapour effect over the wings and min-burner flames in the exhaust cans and the final shot shows the rainfall effect in action on the Eagle's canopy.


Simulator f15 flight microsoft 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is too slow to keep up with this third-party F add-on

By Andy Chalk

The iconic fighter, developed by DC Designs, will be restricted by the game's flight model, which tops out at Mach 1.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an outstanding flight sim, but it's very light on high-performance machines: There are plenty of jetliners and prop-driven small craft, but not a single afterburner to be seen. That will change later this month, though, when simulation add-on developer DC Designs unleashes its take on the famous F Eagle fighter.

The package will include the FC, D, E, and I variants, all "accurately rendered," although as ObsidianAnt noted in the preview video above, they're not intended to be high-fidelity, "study level" simulations. Instead, the overarching goal here is to digital pilots the chance to have some fun with a screaming machine that can do things no other plane in the game is capable of, in a "vast and highly detailed world" that no other flight sim can match. The DLC will also include a full operations manual, paint kit, and eight liveries:


  • rd FS based at RAF Lakenheath
  • rd Fighter Wing, Oregon Air National Guard
  • th Fighter Wing, California Air National Guard
  • 1st Tactical Fighter Wing, Langley AFB, Virginia


  • th Fighter Squadron, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
  • st Fighter Squadron, 'Bold Tigers', Mountain Home AFB
  • st Fighter Squadron, 'Tiger Meet'


  • N 69 Squadron 'Patishim' (Hammers)

It seems unlikely that players will be able to deploy any of the Eagle's arsenal—that's a whole different flavor of simulation—but if you want to climb from floor to ceiling in seconds or try your luck at a super-fast flyover of New York City, this is definitely going to be your plane of choice. In fact, this bird is a little too fast for Flight Simulator to handle: The description on Just Flight warns that the game currently doesn't support supersonic flight, meaning that unless and until the flight model is updated, the F will top out at Mach1. (Which, for the record, is still really fast.)

DC Designs' F package will be available through Just Flight for $37/£27, although anyone who already owns it for "legacy platforms"—Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D—can snag it for $/£ It's set to come out on either January 20 or

Thanks, Polygon.

Andy has been gaming on PCs from the very beginning, starting as a youngster with text adventures and primitive action games on a cassette-based TRS From there he graduated to the glory days of Sierra Online adventures and Microprose sims, ran a local BBS, learned how to build PCs, and developed a longstanding love of RPGs, immersive sims, and shooters. He began writing videogame news in for The Escapist and somehow managed to avoid getting fired until , when he joined the storied ranks of PC Gamer. He covers all aspects of the industry, from new game announcements and patch notes to legal disputes, Twitch beefs, esports, and Henry Cavill. Lots of Henry Cavill.

NEW F-15C EAGLE Jet in Flight Simulator 2020 - 4K Ultra Graphics

DC Designs F

I just bought it and … I don’t know … I have mixed feelings about it.

The flight model is more or less decent with a few bugs, for example the wing location is further back than it should:

Moments of inertia doens’t follow any logic:


when it should be:


If the logic is maneuverability, is the aerodynamics section what should be tweaked instead of copy/pasting from another plane.

the aerodynamics can be improved… that is, it is an airplane that can be flown… but it seems to be copied from another without testing enough.

Regarding to the maximum speed, the f15 eagle is capable of mach +, but this version does not pass above kts, nor at high altitude, (unlike the eurofighter typhoon that i already have and which reach perfectly ).

Cockpit: both versions HUD, textures are blurry… not to mention, the horrendous fps drop i suffer by non sense.

Workaround, enter panel.cfg and comment all the gauges for example:

gauge00=F15_MFD!F15_MFD, 12,12,, // MFD Left Display → //gauge00=F15_MFD!F15_MFD…

Perfect 60fps now (is worth the sacrifice because the hud and mfd etc,
don’t contribute too much in info…):

The visuals are ok with any glitch like when i nose up and the wings froze until i nose down:

(sorry about hdr washed colors)

Automatic pilot can be improved too…

I don’t know, I feel like having spent 35€ to have to remake the flight model, the engine, etc. at my whim. Looks like I’m only paying for a animated 3D model with 3d virtual cockpit and html bad coded panels. Seen like this, I see the purchase profitable, but I don’t feel like I’m piloting a real F … I honestly expected a lot more quality from a company like this …



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