Late night ratings march 2017

Late night ratings march 2017 DEFAULT

Fox News&#; &#;Gutfeld!&#; Finally Overtook Colbert&#;s &#;Late Show&#; in Viewers Tuesday

Fox News&#; 11 p.m. ET &#;Gutfeld!&#; finally beat every other late-night show &#; including Stephen Colbert&#;s &#;Late Show&#; on CBS &#; Tuesday in total viewership and the advertiser-coveted age demographic of 25 to When the right-leaning program debuted in April, host Greg Gutfeld and his promotional team made no secret of their ambition to overtake late-night rivals, but Colbert blocked him from the top spot.

On Tuesday night, &#;Gutfeld!&#; took in a total average of million viewers, with , in the key demo, on average. The &#;Late Show,&#; which has an p.m. ET start time on CBS, grabbed an average of million total viewers of whom , were in the demo. Jimmy Fallon&#;s &#;Tonight Show&#; &#; an NBC program which also airs at &#; came next with million total viewers, on average, and , in the demo. (It’s worth noting that “Gutfeld!” airs at 8 p.m. PT on the West Coast, and does not repeat at 11 p.m. when the broadcast networks’ late-night shows are on.)

In the to demo, however, Colbert still won, averaging , viewers to Gutfeld&#;s , and Fallon&#;s ,

&#;Gutfeld!&#; has routinely beaten Fallon&#;s program, as well as Jimmy Kimmel&#;s &#;Live!&#; on ABC in the past. &#;Live!&#; garnered an average of million total viewers on Tuesday, of whom , were between 25 and 54 and , were between 18 and

&#;Gutfeld!&#; competes not only with the broadcast late-night shows, but the 11 p.m. offerings on CNN and MSNBC. On Tuesday, MSNBC&#;s &#;The 11th Hour with Brian Williams&#; fell right behind the &#;Tonight Show,&#; pulling in an average of million total viewers. In the to demo, MSNBC pulled in an average of , viewers and in the to demo, that number was , CNN&#;s &#;Don Lemon Tonight&#; fell behind all of those as well as NBC&#;s &#;Late Night with Seth Meyers&#; and ABC News&#; &#;Nightline.&#; In total, CNN garnered an average viewership total of , on Tuesday, with , of those being in the to demo and , of them being in the to demo.


Stephen Colbert Is So Close to Dethroning Jimmy Fallon for the Season

Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS; Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has been TV’s most-watched late-night talker for three months now, a string of victories that has put him tantalizingly close to an even bigger — and once unthinkable — triumph: winning the –17 television season outright.

With about a month left before Nielsen closes the (ratings) book on its official measurement period, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’s lead over its CBS competition has shrunk to a mere 67, viewers. There’s not much time left for Colbert to close that gap, but industry insiders say it is possible he’ll catch Fallon, assuming he can continue beating his NBC rival by the same margins as recent weeks. If it happens, it’ll be a massive turnaround from where Colbert was a year ago — and the first time since the Clinton administration that CBS can claim a clear-cut win in late night.

Colbert’s comeback story is most impressive when you consider where the race for viewers stood just a year ago. As the chart below illustrates, at this point in the spring of , Tonight’s overall audience of million viewers was nearly one million more than Late Show’s inaugural season, which was averaging million viewers. Fallon’s nightly audience was about 30 percent bigger than Colbert’s that year. One year — and one President Trump — later, Fallon’s season-to-date average is a minuscule 2 percent better than Colbert’s, and shrinking. Even if Colbert can’t quite pull out the win by the end of May, he’ll have rallied from being a distant second to finishing in a virtual tie with his time slot competitor. What’s more, he’ll have done so by growing his audience by about 8 percent during a TV season in which almost every entertainment show in prime time, broadcast and cable, is losing eyeballs.

A Colbert win would also be an important psychological sea change at CBS. Save for the first years of Late Show With David Letterman, when Dave easily beat Jay, CBS has historically always played second fiddle to NBC in late night. Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show dominated for nearly three decades, and Jay Leno spent the bulk of his Peacock tenure at No. 1. The last time a CBS late-night host could claim a win over a NBC late-night host for a full season was in the spring of , when a Winter Olympics–boosted Letterman celebrated his second, and final, triumph over Leno. (The –10 season has to be seen as something of an asterisk in the history books, split as it was between Conan O’Brien’s last five months as Tonight host and Leno’s bizarro return. The tumult did allow for Letterman and Late Show to end up with the most viewers during the –10 season, if you compare his audience to the averages for both O’Brien and Leno. But Leno started beating Letterman almost immediately upon his return in March , and never looked back until he retired — again.)

As much as Colbert beating Fallon would make for an awesome CBS press release, it’s important to keep in mind that Fallon’s Tonight Show is not anywhere close to collapsing. Indeed, Fallon is still a comfortable No. 1 in the ratings demographic that matters most to (most) advertisers: adults under By that metric, Tonight () is nearly 20 percent ahead of Late Show () for the season to date, putting NBC in a good position to snag more money from ad buyers when networks start selling commercial time for next season later this spring. In recent weeks, Fallon has also been widening his demo lead over Colbert, perhaps indicating Colbert’s Trump bump has faded just a tad — or, just as likely, the return of The Voice to NBC’s schedule has boosted young-adult circulation at the Peacock. Fallon certainly can’t be happy about his Nielsen declines, but where it counts most — NBC’s bottom line — the former SNL star is still delivering a win. Plus, unlike during Conan’s brief reign at Tonight, Fallon has the complete confidence of his network’s bosses, not to mention the backing of producer Lorne Michaels.

So what does this tight race in overall audience mean for viewers and the hosts? Well, for one thing, expect the booking wars between Tonight and Late Show to be fierce in the weeks to come. Colbert and his producers will likely be trying to lure every A-list star they can think of in the hopes of getting the sort of bounce Alec Baldwin delivered last week. It wouldn’t even be surprising if Colbert went live for a night or five, though there’s been zero suggestion any such stunt is in the works. Fallon could also try to pull a few tricks, given his vast network of showbiz buddies. Assuming he’s available, it’s not hard to imagine Justin Timberlake making an appearance before the end of May. Longer term, the challenge for Fallon will be to not panic and start making radical changes to his format. Colbert, meanwhile, has to constantly monitor just how much interest his audience has in Trump-related monologues and bits, or whether audiences start to tire of the political focus as Trump settles in. And then there’s this: Ratings for linear TV networks continue to decline, and quickly. Younger viewers in particular are less interested than ever in watching a late-night show. No matter who’s No. 1 a year from now, odds are both Colbert and Fallon’s biggest rivals won’t be each other (or Jimmy Kimmel), but rather the allure of on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.


How Stephen Colbert Got His Groove Back
Stephen Colbert Is Close to Dethroning Fallon for the SeasonSours:
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Stephen Colbert&#;s &#;Late Show&#; Tops Jimmy Fallon&#;s &#;Tonight Show&#; in Season Ratings

Stephen Colbert&#;s &#;Late Show&#; has officially overtaken Jimmy Fallon&#;s &#;Tonight Show&#; in the ratings for the season.

With three nights left in the traditional September to May season, Colbert&#;s CBS late-night show is averaging million viewers per episode, compared to Fallon&#;s on NBC, according to Nielsen data through May Colbert&#;s victory marks CBS’ first late night win since the season, excluding when NBC replaced Conan O’Brien with Jay Leno midway through the season. &#;The Late Show&#; was also the only late-night program to post year-to-year growth in total viewers, up 11% from m.

There are some caveats worth mentioning, however. Fallon is still the late-night king of adults To date, Fallon is averaging a rating in the key demo, compared to Colbert&#;s , meaning Fallon enjoys a 33% advantage over his nearest competition in that measure, which is the measure most important to advertisers. In addition, it should be noted that late-night shows typically run all year, not just from September to May.

The two hosts have been going head-to-head in the ratings for months. Colbert&#;s viewership numbers have surged ever since the election of Donald Trump, with Colbert&#;s pointedly political comedy resonating strongly with viewers in Trump&#;s America. Some have also pointed to the now infamous moment in September on &#;The Tonight Show&#; when Fallon ruffled then-candidate Trump&#;s hair as the moment viewers began to change the channel. Fallon received criticism for being playful with Trump and opting to ask softball questions rather than press him on various controversial statements he had made on the campaign trail.

&#;I didn&#;t do it to humanize him,&#; Fallon said in a recent interview with The New York Times. &#;I almost did it to minimize him. I didn&#;t think that would be a compliment: &#;He did the thing that we all wanted to do.'&#;

Of course, Colbert&#;s rise has not been without controversy as well. He was accused of homophobia earlier this month over a joke he made at Trump&#;s expense, saying the only thing the President&#;s mouth was good for was &#;being Vladimir Putin’s c&#;k holster.&#; Colbert responded to the controversy during his opening monologue later that same week, saying he regretted his choice of words but stopped short of an apology.

&#;So while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be,&#; he said. &#;I’m not going to repeat the phrase, but I just want to say for the record, life is short, and anyone who expresses their love for another person, in their own way, is to me, an American hero. I think we can all agree on that. I hope even the president and I can agree on that. Nothing else. But, that.&#;

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Late Night BEWARE! There's a New Show DOMINATING The Ratings

The Late Show ratings rise to biggest audience since Stephen Colbert replaced David Letterman

&#;The Late Show&#; had its best week in the ratings since Stephen Colbert debuted as host.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert remained the highest-rated late-night show for a sixth week in a row, though The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon still had a slight edge in the demo despite being in repeats. For the week of March 6th, The Late Show drew million viewers, its largest weekly audience since Colbert&#;s first week as host in September According to the New York Post, that helped give CBS its longest winning streak in late-night since the season during David Letterman&#;s tenure while Conan O&#;Brien was hosting The Tonight Show.

The CBS program was up from 3 million viewers for the previous week, though it remained flat in the demo with a rating, slightly behind The Tonight Show&#;s , but above the rating for Jimmy Kimmel Live, which also took third place in total viewership with million viewers in the time slot compared to the million weekly average for The Tonight Show encores.

Colbert&#;s ratings bump is even helping The Late Late Show with James Corden, which had the biggest increase of the week from a to a demo rating, along with million viewers, giving it a rare win over Late Night with Seth Meyers in both measures, though the NBC show was also in reruns.

Elsewhere, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah dipped from a solid rating to a on Comedy Central, averaging just under 1 million viewers, while Conan increased from a to a in the demo.

Colbert has undoubtedly benefited from a Donald Trump presidency, along with other liberal-leaning shows like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Real Time with Bill Maher and The Rachel Maddow Show, which was the highest-rated cable news program last week. The MSNBC show likely got a big bump this week (Nielsen ratings have been delayed due to a power outage) thanks to a much-hyped episode where she unveiled one year of Trump&#;s tax returns (Update: The show had its highest-rated episode ever with million viewers and a demo rating per Vulture). But her long drawn out announcement has received plenty of backlash, and was even parodied by Colbert in Wednesday&#;s Late Show cold open.

The ratings for The Late Show are a huge turnaround from last fall when the series hit an all-time low since Colbert succeeded Letterman, falling to a rating and just million viewers in September of last year. But things have been on the upswing since the beginning of , especially since Trump&#;s inauguration, as viewers starting tuning in in droves to watch Colbert mercilessly mock the president&#;s every move.

Next: Stephen Colbert trolls Rex Tillerson over using a fake name

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Fallon has seen a precipitous drop in the ratings since last season, fueling speculation that liberals abandoned his show after his chummy interview with then-candidate Trump, prompting reports that NBC is urging the comedian to get more political in his sketches and opening monologue as a way to keep up with Colbert.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at p.m. on CBS. However, the late-night series is off the next two nights thanks to March Madness.


Ratings late march 2017 night

Stephen Colbert Tops Q1 Total Viewers In Late-Night; Jimmy Fallon Takes Demo

It&#;s official: The Late Show topped late-night TV in total viewers for the first quarter of

Stephen Colbert&#;s CBS show averaged million viewers, besting Jimmy Fallon&#;s Tonight Show on NBC by , viewers. Jimmy Kimmel&#;s JKL on ABC clocked M viewers in the quarter. One year ago, in Q1 ,  Fallon had trounced Colbert by K total viewers. The last time CBS enjoyed a late-night win in Q1 was

Not coincidentally, the first quarter of also marked Donald Trump&#;s move into the White House. The Trump administration has been very good for Colbert&#;s brand of bemused horseradish-calling.

That said, Fallon&#;s Tonight Show continued to dominate in all key demos, including winning 13 of 13 weeks in the adults age bracket with a /4, compared to Colbert&#;s /3 and Kimmel&#;s /3.

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Now We Understand Why These Celebs Can't Stand James Corden

In case you&#;re wondering who still watches late-night TV talk shows on TV when they air, here are some updated numbers for you to chew on&#;

As the TV season wound down this month, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS had solidified its hold as the most-watched show for a fourth consecutive year, attracting more than million viewers ( million versus million) than his nearest competition, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

But NBC, which added Rebecca Drysdale as Fallon&#;s new head writer in April, touted more recent metrics and spun the news digitally, announcing that The Tonight Show leads all comers on YouTube in our new quarantine age where each of the show&#;s hosts have been broadcasting from home. NBC cited stats revealing million YouTube views for Fallon&#;s clips since March 17, compared to Jimmy Kimmel Live&#;s + million YouTube views in second place.

Through the first week of May , here were the season averages:


  • CBS, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, rating/3 share
  • NBC, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, /3
  • Adult Swim, p.m a.m. ET,
  • ABC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, /3
  • Adult Swim, a.m. ET,
  • NBC, Late Night with Seth Meyers, /3
  • CBS, The Late Late Show with James Corden, /2
  • Comedy Central, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,
  • NBC, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, /2
  • TBS, Conan,


  • Stephen Colbert: million viewers
  • Jimmy Fallon: million viewers
  • Jimmy Kimmel: million viewers
  • Seth Meyers: million viewers
  • James Corden: million viewers
  • Adult Swim, p.m a.m. ET, , viewers
  • Lilly Singh: , viewers
  • Trevor Noah: , viewers
  • Adult Swim, a.m. ET, , viewers
  • Conan O&#;Brien: , viewers

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Who's winning and losing late-night TV under Trump

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While President Donald Trump has been a source of division among Americans, most of television's late-night hosts are in agreement: Trump makes for good joke fodder and pointed criticism.

But which ones are capitalizing the most in the time since Trump has taken office? Business Insider pulled the Nielsen ratings for TV's late-night shows to find out.

We compared the average viewership for each from January 1, , to February 26, , against the same dates in to see who had the most growth in viewership year-over-year (and who's been declining). What we found was pretty surprising.

Jimmy Fallon, once the young king of late night, has been dethroned by a rising Stephen Colbert, and political comedy in general is cashing in.

Take a look at the late-night winners and losers under Trump in the chart below:

Late night viewership
Skye Gould/Business Insider

Samantha Bee saw the greatest increase in her audience under Trump — by a huge %. Bee's weekly TBS show, "Full Frontal," premiered only on February 8 last year, however, and had the chance to steadily build her audience from scratch. But her pointed criticism could've fallen flat with audiences. Thankfully for her, that's clearly not the case.

samantha bee full frontal tbs evangelicals donald trump
"Full Frontal"/TBS/YouTube
HBO's weekly show "Real Time with Bill Maher" took the No. 2 slot for audience growth with a 68% increase in his audience. Maher saw a spike in viewership recently surrounding his controversial interview with conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos, an episode that saw a 12% boostin viewers week-over-week.

Of course, broadcast takes the biggest piece of the cake. Among those shows, Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" can claim the biggest increase since Trump took office. His decision to go harder on politics instead of ignoring his "Colbert Report" roots, led by a new showrunner brought on last year, seems to have been a good one. Colbert's audience grew 13% over the same period last year.

The greatest fall was that of Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show." Fallon has lost about 17% of his audience year-over-year. Fallon, whose show is known for its off-the-wall celebrity games, may have taken a big hit with his softball interview with Trump during the presidential campaign. Once the No. 1 late-night show in broadcast TV, the "The Tonight Show" has lost the ratings war to Colbert in recent weeks. Leaks from the show suggest he's going to try to follow in the CBS host's footsteps and get more political.

Fallon's ratings problem is pretty much every NBC late-night host's problem, as he's not helping to bring eyeballs to the programs that follow him. Seth Meyers, who has been celebrated for his sharp political commentary on "Late Night," is down 8%. Even Carson Daly, who isn't political at all, is seeing a 7% dip in audience for "Last Call."


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