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Aloth is a Companion in Pillars of Eternity 2. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristcs. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


"A sharp-featured elf comes to the fore. As he meets your eyes, he gives you a knowing nod.

He's earned a few new scars, but you recognize Aloth Corfiser all the same."



Aloth Information

You can recruit him after cleaning the Engwithan Digsite arena pit and speaking with Benessa. She introduces him to you as "Engferth", a new animancy trainee with few experience but glowing recommendations. Here you have an option to keep his secret or to disclose his real identity (of course, this wouldn't win you any points in his eyes).

You can recruit him just before going to Arena Sub-Level, in that case he will help you to reach Oderisi and take his notes; or you can speak with Benessa and recruit him after taking the notes.

If you reject his service for the first time, he'll go to Port Maje on his own and meet you near the stairs to Governor Clario's Estate; here you have to make a final decision to accept his company or to say farewell.











Special Ability

Aloth's Character Traits

Aloth's character traits slightly depend on his position towards the Leaden Key.


  • Dutiful: admires people who take responsibility and don't shirk the tasks presented to them.
  • Autonomy (if dismantles the Leaden Key): believes kith should have the freedom to determine their own futures and appreciates efforts that support this principle.
  • Stewardship (if leads the Leaden Key): believes in benevolent authoritarianism.


  • Irresponsibility: finds it distasteful when others do not take their duties seriously or attempt to evade their rightful responsibilities.
  • Pride: is put off by people who proclaim their own merits in defiance of all decorum and decency.
  • Traditional: is wary of traditionalism for its own sake and distrusts those who adhere rigidly to old habits and rituals.




Tips and Notes

Aloth will be a returning companion from Pillars of Eternity in which your choices in the first game will greatly affect his current position in Deadfire

Legacy Effects:

Dismantle Leaden Key - Starts with Aloth's Leather Armor (Unique), Aloth's Grimoire, Keybreaker Scepter (Unique) and a Rapier.

Leads Leaden Key - Starts with Aloth's Leather Armor  (Unique), Aloth's Grimoire, a Scepter, a Rapier, and Thaos' Headdress (Unique - in inventory)


Aloth Quest

The Painted Masks




Sours: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Aloth

Aloth Corfiser


Mig: 12 Con: 10 Dex: 15 Per: 12 Int: 16 Res: 13

Aloth Corfiseris an elvenwizardand one of the companionsin Pillars of Eternityand Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Obsessive and dutiful, Aloth can be found in Gilded Valenear the entrance to the Black Hound Inn. If you sort out his little problem with the locals, he'll join up with you. In the sequel, he's found at the Engwithan dig site, masquerading as Engferth, a young animancer.


Aloth is a 62-year-old slender Wood elf with pale skin and straight, dark brown hair. He is from the Cythwood, part of the mainland of the Aedyr Empire, and brought up in a servile family employed by Aedyran nobility.[1]

Although surrounded by wealth and prosperity, young Aloth's home was not a particularly healthy one. His father worked hard as a steward to an erl, but it was his mother who supported their home through a haemneg to another man. The haemneg is an Aedyran institution derived from the human-elf imperial concubinage, allowing for a married human and elf to formalize a relationship, ostensibly for the purposes of politics and administration. Hers was to a landed thayn that was a five day ride away from Cynthwood. The income was enough to support her family, but she was away from home most of the time. Aloth's father considered this to be shameful; not only was his wife the primary breadwinner of the household, but her absence led him to believe that she was involved in an affair with the thayn. The rage drove him into alcoholism and frequent outbursts directed at his wife, whenever she was around, and at Aloth in her absence.

Aloth studied as an arcane knight at Bragganhyl academy.[3] He lost favor after trying to inform instructors about a student-run animancy experiment that would eventually kill a dozen students.[1]


Five years into his training, his father's beatings came to a head and resulted in Aloth's Awakening. It occurred when his father learned that Aloth was struggling with magic missiles and flame shields. As he kicked his son, curled up in a fetal position on the floor of the kitchen, Aloth retreated into himself. The trauma caused Iselmyr to emerge, taking over his body and filling the parts of his soul he retreated from. Iselmyr lashed out, breaking the father's arm in three places. He never raised a hand against Aloth again.

On his mother's advice, fearing that he would become an outcast, Aloth hid Iselmyr and his awakening. In no small part due to the fact that Iselmyr was an uncouth provincial from a very long time ago (judging by her Hylspeak vernacular). She tended to surface in stressful situations and take control of his body. Worse yet, she acted without thinking, escalating even the most minute of encounters. As such, Aloth developed an almost pathological need for control in every aspect of his life. He dropped his guard in very few instances, as was the case when he avoided a romance with Ymir, a fellow student from the academy that Iselmyr attempted to pursue.[3]

Leaden Key[]

During his final year of training, one of Aloth's instructors introduced him to the Leaden Key. He joined because it would provide postings far away from the Cythwood, Aloth's father, and his erl. Additionally, several of his colleagues had abandoned their studies to pursue Animancy, which Aloth felt needed to be stopped. The Leaden Key seemed to offer solutions to these problems and Aloth "sincerely believed they wanted to keep kith from the folly of their own foolish ambitions".[4]

Aloth's work in the Leaden Key required espionage. He arrived in the Dyrwood in 2822 AI to observe animancy and its spread in the region. His handler met with him every few months to receive his reports and issue new leads. His last assignment was to Gilded Vale, to keep an eye on the events surrounding Raedric VII. At that point he lost contact with his handler and the Leaden Key, whether due to reassignment, death, or sacrifice of his handler, he doesn't know. By the time he met the Watcher he was on his own for several months. He joined the Watcher seeking direction, correctly surmising that they were on the trail of the Leaden Key.[4]

Pillars of Eternity[]

Aloth often voices his concerns over Animancy. He is initially strictly opposed to its practice, viewing it as an affront to the gods.[1] But, he becomes conflicted during his travels with the Watcher.

Aloth doesn't initially disclose his ties to the Leaden Key. However, the Watcher opens his eyes to their true nature and their activates related to Waidwen's Legacy. He reveals his relationship to the group after the Animancy hearings. At which point, the Watcher can decide to either forgive Aloth for his secrecy or banish him. This choice affects his ending. If the latter is chosen, Aloth's story unceremoniously ends; finding himself with nowhere he feels he belongs, he decides in his desperation to head to Eir Glanfath, where he tracks down one of the ancient machines, ending his life by sacrificing his soul to it. Should he remain with the party, the Watcher's influence (see Endings) on Aloth expresses itself in his ending slides.

The Watcher can choose to help Aloth come to terms with his awakening during his personal quest Two-Sided and later influence his choice to either accept or suppress Iselmyr (see Iselmyr Resolution).

5 Year Interlude[]

The choice he made at Sun-in-Shadow defined his life over half a decade. Aloth visited Aedyr for the first time in years, visiting either his father (if he favored authority) or his mother (if he favored autonomy) and comes to terms with their actions.

If Aloth did not suppress Iselmyr, they come to an agreement where she can partake in battle.[5]

Aloth focused on his goals with the Leaden Key. His drive to help kith as strong as ever. However, after having followed someone else's lead for so long, the task proved to be more challenging than he thought. As was the case with a little village in Old Vailia, where influence from a past heretical cult had left the village with a practice of ritual bloodletting.

  • If he decided to dismantle the Leaden Key, Aloth thought to end the ritual by assassinating the tyrannical priest who presided over it. So he arranged for the priest to have an 'accident'. The villagers took the death as an ill-omen and began bloodletting every single week, turning on neighbors for giving too little... villagers began to die.
  • If he decided to lead the Leaden Key, Aloth thought to end the ritual by inserting a new ruler. He "adjusted" some of the deeds pertaining to the ownership of the land. However, the comtessa who inherited the land did nothing to stop the blood letting ritual. Even worse, she taxed the villagers to pay for a new plantation and conscripted half of them to defend it.

He decided to track down an ancient and remote Leaden Key sect in the Deadfire Archipelago so he could observe their workings and use that knowledge for his goals. For this purpose he created the persona of Engferth, a talented pupil with a tragic past, to ingratiate himself with the Vailian animancers at Port Maje. Since animancy is a subject of interest to the Leaden Key, he figured this would lead him to the sect.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

The Watcher meets Aloth at the Engwithan dig site outside Port Maje. Aloth may have earned a few new scars, but he's no worse for the wear. He asks the Watcher to help him find the ancient Leaden Key sect known only as "The Painted Masks".

Aloth reveals he struggles with feeling responsible for the incident in Old Valia. After investigating the mysterious sect, the Watcher either convinces Aloth that he isn't responsible (allowing him to continue is work) or that he is responsible (causing him to drop his pursuits). (See Deadfire Endings)


Pillars of Eternity[]


  • Aloth is the first companion you can recruit. However, if you don't recruit him before the animancy hearings (thus starting Act 3) he will leave Gilded Vale and become unrecruitable.
  • He is first and foremost a powerful wizard, making him one of your highest sources for damage. However, his focus on magical firepower has left him less than optimal for melee.
  • The Collector's Edition Guide describes him as "obsessive, detail-ortientated, deferential, instructive, dutiful, imperturbed by violence."[1]

Companion quest[]

Iselmyr resolution[]

Although not a factor in Aloth's ending slides, the player can guide Aloth to either accept or suppress Iselmyr. If Iselmyr's favor is 1 or above, Aloth will accept her. If her favor is 0 or negative, Aloth will suppress her.

  • The first dialog that affects this choice happens after completing Never Far from the Queen when Aloth first speaks about Iselmyr.
    • "She seems reckless." → -1 Favor
    • "Sounds like you could take a few cues from her." → +1 Favor
  • The second dialog happens during Two-Sided when speaking with Bellasege.
    • "You can't let her make these decisions for you." → -1 Favor
    • "I think she's trying to help you stand up for yourself." → +1 Favor
  • The final dialog happens just after speaking with Sîdha and Rîhenwn in Twin Elms.
    • "I can't imagine having her in my head." → -1 Favor
    • "She's not that bad" → +1 Favor


Aloth's endings change depending on which trait is higher, Autonomy or Authority. There are several conversations where the player can influence these traits:

  • During Two-Sided.
  • Speaking with Aloth after completing Two-Sided will provide additional dialog about Iselmyr and his parents:
    • "Not necessarily. Most people have more sense than that." → +1 Autonomy
    • "That's true. People are too easily led." → +1 Authority
    • "She shouldn't have abandoned you like that." → +1 Autonomy
    • "I'm sure she was trying to take care of you in her own way." → +1 Authority
    • "Nonsense. You accomplished that on your own, and you would have been fine without him pushing you." → +1 Autonomy
    • "It's hard to see it at the time, but sometimes pressure is useful." → +1 Authority
  • Selecting "As long as you don't forget who's in charge. I'm keeping a close eye on you from now on" after the Animancy hearings provides +1 Authority.
  • After speaking with Sîdha and Rîhenwn in Twin Elms:
    • "Like it or not, she's part of you. And she could be a source of strength if you learn to work with her." → +1 Autonomy
    • "Your whole life, you've been taking orders. If you can't assert your authority over her, you'll never have it anywhere else." → +1 Authority
    • "That's how it's supposed to be. You search for answers elsewhere and find them in yourself." OR "I've been with you the whole way. I still am." → +1 Autonomy
    • "Most people need that kind of guidance. You don't." OR "You haven't been on your own. I got you through Brackenbury, remember?" → +1 Authority
    • "I'm sure we'd find our way on our own." → +1 Autonomy
    • "Let's just hope that's not the case." → +1 Authority
  • After speaking with Iovara in the final act:
    • "Thaos is wrong. Most people are fundamentally decent. Knowing the truth can only make them better." → +1 Autonomy
    • "It's an outrage! There's no excuse for misleading people like this." → +1 Autonomy
    • "People need something to believe in..." → +1 Authority

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]


  • Aloth is found at the Engwithan Digsite, posing as Engferth among the animancers. He will rejoin you quite promptly, though before you embark on a dungeon crawl, you can listen to the glowing recommendation he received from Selona and the backstory he crafted for himself in order to ingratiate himself with the animancers.
  • If you do not recruit him at the digsite, he will be found in front of Governor Clario's Estate in Port Maje Harbor.
  • If you do not recruit him at all, he will make his way to Ori o Koīki, but will be killed by the Wahaki tribe.
  • He comes with the unique Keybreaker Scepter or Thaos' Headdress (depending on whether he rejected Thaos or took his place respectively) and his old leather armor, which now has a blue Aedyr sash.




  • Xoti and Maia's dutiful approaches results in a natural increased reputation for Aloth.
  • Tekēhu's carefree attitude and hubris greatly vex Aloth.
  • If Aloth became Grandmaster of the Leaden Key it causes some negative reputation with Edér.
  • The Watcher can romance Aloth if your reputation is 2 and you pass a dialogue check (give Aloth his space).

Deadfire endings[]

Aloth's endings change depending if he feels responsible for the consequences of his actions or absolved. The endings are decided in one of two ways:

  • Choosing a specific dialog option at the end of The Painted Masks. This will outweigh his absolution or responsibility traits, unless you let Aloth decide for himself.
  • If you don't complete the quest, or don't decide for him, whichever trait is higher (given during certain conversations) will dictate his ending.

Behind the scenes[]



Sours: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Aloth_Corfiser
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Pillars of Eternity Video-Based Walkthrough by David Milward

Pillars of Eternity logo



Why He's Included and How to Use Him

In terms of roleplaying, Aloth's destiny can be played towards good or evil. In this instance, I have him usurp control over the nefarious Leaden Key organization from Thaos.

He is my main damage-caster, crowd-controller and enemy debuffer. It is possible to have a Wizard become a viable warrior through spells like Llengrath's Siphoning Image and Citzal's Martial Power and such, but I prefer to use him in the other three roles.

A lot of battles can won outright with Aloth using Eldritch Aim as a primer for the Pull of Eora spell, which keeps enemies rooted in place. That in turn allows him to bombard the enemy with spells like Chill Fog, Malignant Cloud, Chain Lightning and Wilting Wind.

Aloth is actually a passable damage caster if you give him hefty Might bonuses that stack from both his weapon slot and another item slot. He won't be as good as a Watcher Wizard that has his or her Might pumped up during character creation, but he still sufficed for my purposes.

He also has spells like Call to Slumber and Gaze of the Adragan that can incapacitate or debuff enemies.

Lastly, he's also the only member of the evil party that has a bonus to Mechanics, so he becomes the lock-opener and trap-disarmer pretty much by default.


He can be recruited at #9 in Gilded Vale.

Personal Quest



  • Might 12
  • Constitution 10
  • Dexterity 15
  • Perception 12
  • Intelligence 16
  • Resolve 13


Athletics: This skill is important for any character on harder settings, even squishy spellcasters. It helps any character go longer without fatigue or exhaustion between camping, which is especially crucial during the Hard or Path of the Damned settings. It also provides bonus Health and Endurance.

Mechanics: Aloth is the only member of the evil party whose character class provides a bonus to this skill. So I pretty much have to make Aloth the trap disarmer and locksmith by default.


2nd Level - Marksman: Provides an Accuracy bonus to whenever Aloth attacks his enemies at a distance with his scepter, which is a lot of the time.

4th Level - Blast: Pretty much obligatory for any Wizard who attacks at a distance with a magical implement. This talent in particular augments the use of the Kalakoth's Minor Blights spell (see below).

6th Level - Penetrating Blast: It provides a +5 Damage Reduction Bypass for his Blast Talent. That would be meaningful enough when he uses his usual Scepter, but it also makes his use of Kalakoth's Minor Blights that much more effective.

8th Level - Secrets of Rime: I begin to take this line of talents not just to augment the damage from Aloth's offensive spells, but also to augment his damage when he uses Kalakoth's Minor Blights. It is sensible to take the Freezing damage talent at this point, since Aloth still makes frequent use of Chill Fog. There will be other offensive spells too like Ninagauth's Shadowflame.

10th Level - Scion of Flame: It will augment his use of Fireball when he uses it, as well as Kalakoth's Minor Blights.

12th Level - Spirit of Decay: Now is a good time to get this talent as he will have just learned the Death's Ring spell.

14th Level - Heart of the Storm: Now is a good time to get this talent as he will have recently learned the Chain Lightning spell.

16th Level - Dangerous Implements: It is a modal ability whereby Aloth will increase his damage with either his scepter, or his Minor Blights, by 25%. The drawback is having to take 3 Raw Damage each attack.


1st Level:

  • Eldritch Aim - Learned on second level up. This spell, which provides a +15 bonus to Accuracy, will eventually become Aloth's 1st-level mastered spell. What I have in mind is that he starts off with this spell every battle, and thereby empowers the rest of any sequence that he may want to lead off a battle with. *Mastery* It becomes Aloth's mastered spell on his 9th level up. If he needs to start a sequence of spells, the efficacy of which depends on Accuracy, he can pop this off for free at the start of the battle and then initiate the rest of his sequence (e.g. Pull of Eora in particular).

  • Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights - Aloth already has this spell in his Grimoire. It only affects enemies within its area of effect. One benefit is a -10 penalty to Accuracy, which can be very significant in the early levels. The second benefit is a -10 penalty to Will, which may prime his enemies up for other spells which target the Will defense.

  • Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp - Aloth already has this spell in his Grimoire. Applies both Freezing Damage and a -10 Accuracy penalty on a single-target. Can be useful for hitting the boss enemy during lower-level encounters.

2nd Level:

  • Miasma of Dull-Mindedness - Taken on 3rd level up. Imposes -6 penalties on Intellect, Perception, and Resolve. It only affects enemies within its radius. Since it reduces Deflection through the Resolve penalty, it will stack with powers or spells that directly debuff Deflection.

  • Mirrored Image - Taken on 3rd level up. Provides a Deflection bonus of +30, which gets reduced each time the caster gets struck in combat. Can be useful in a pinch, since even the best efforts to protect the Wizard by hiding behind a tank or using crowd-control can sometimes not work out.

  • Merciless Gaze - Taken on 4th level up. A long-lasting spell that converts 15% of Hits into Critical Hits. Can be useful in battles against enemies with high Endurance.

  • Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon - Learned from Osrya's Grimoire. It both inflicts Corrosive damage on enemies caught within its small area of effect, and will heal Aloth at the same time. Can provide a useful self-heal option for Aloth when he needs it.

3rd Level:

  • Fireball - Learned from Osrya's Grimoire. Inflicts Burning damage on anyone caught within its medium-sized area of effect. It won't win battles by itself. What it does have going for it is that it is unleashed almost instantly, which makes it a great first strike option before the enemies close in.

  • Kalakoth's Minor Blights - Taken on 5th level up. Creates a Wand-type weapon that lasts for 60 seconds. Each time you use it, it inflicts damage of a random type (e.g. Burning, Freezing) over a small area of effect. However, it is also a magical implement for purposes of the Blast talent. That means each enemy caught in the initial area of effect will in turn set off a Blast that inflicts damage over more areas of effect centred around each target struck by the initial attack. That can lead to a kind of ripple-effect whereby the damage can really add up for enemies caught in the heart of the initial area of effect. This is one of the key spells for Aloth.

  • Llengrath's Displaced Image - Taken on 5th level up. Adds +25 Deflection, +25 Reflexes, and turns 50% of all incoming Hits into Grazes, for 45 seconds. This is one of the key defensive resources for Aloth should he get caught by any enemies that happen to get around the party tanks. It also makes the Arcane Veil talent unnecessary in my opinion.
  • Expose Vulnerabilities - Taken on 6th level up. Reduces Damage Reduction and Deflection only for enemies caught within its area of effect. Can be useful for softening up enemies when party members and numerous enemies are interlocked with each other in an intense physical confrontation.

4th Level:

  • Wall of Force - Learned from the Singed Grimoire. Wall spells are best used at narrow chokepoints, where mobs will often trip over each other trying to get through and take damage from the wall multiple times. My preference amongst the wall-type spells is the Wall of Force, partly because I have other spells in mind for other spell levels, and partly because it also inflicts Hobbled on its victims.

  • Pull of Eora - Taken on 7th level up. Sets up a small gravitational vortex at a spot chosen by the caster, pulling all nearby creatures towards it. That makes it an ideal crowd-control spell, since Aloth can start combat by placing this in the path of oncoming enemies, keep them tied down around the vortex, and then blast away with his offensive spells. This can come in handy in very large scale fights, since even tanks like Eder can get overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

  • Essential Phantom - Taken on 7th level up. Summons a duplicate of the Wizard, which can hit its enemies with Shocking damage at a distance.

  • Iron Skin - Taken on 8th level up. It will increase Aloth's Damage Reduction in case he needs it in the event that enemies get close to him and attack him up front.

5th Level:

  • Malignant Cloud - Taken on 9th level up. Cloud-damage type spell that inflicts Raw damage over its duration. It is one of the few powers that can inflict Raw damage on multiple targets. One application is to blanket it over archers and spellcasters who are hanging back and tend to stay in the same spots at a distance. The other application is when Aloth is keeping the enemies under crowd-control through a Pull of Eora. The two spells together provide a potent combination.

  • Call of Slumber - Taken on 9th level up. This is the key resource for the evil party should they get swarmed by numerous foes from all sides. It allows Aloth to render enemies, and only enemies, Prone in its area of effect.

  • Llengrath's Safeguard - Taken on 10th level up. It increases all Defenses by 20 and Damage Reduction by 10. It is another defensive resource that can be handy in a pinch when he needs it.

6th Level:

  • Gaze of the Adragan - Learned from the Singed Grimoire. It's enemies-only radius may be smaller, and it doesn't last very long. The key point behind Petrification is that it both inflicts a massive hit to Deflection, and any character that hits the target will inflict double damage. It can be very effective in the right situations.

  • Chain Lightning - Taken on 11th level up. It inflicts Shocking Damage only on enemies, with the most damage being inflicted on the initial target.

  • Death's Ring - Taken on 11th level up. It inflicts Corrosive Damage only on enemies within a certain radius centred around the Wizard. It can be a great spell to use when multiple enemies swarm the party from all sides. It can even kill weaker enemies outright.

  • Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar - Taken on 12th level up. It will inflict Freezing Damage in an area similar to Fireball, but will also leave behind a hazard-zone in its wake that will Hobble any victims that pass through.

7th Level:

  • Concelhaut's Crushing Doom - Learned from The Ironclasped grimoire. This is arguably the best-single target spell for singularly powerful enemies in the game, since it provides multiple chances of knocking its target Prone. Crushing damage over the duration is a plus.

  • Tayn's Chaotic Orb - Taken on 13th level up. It inflicts random negative status effects only on enemies. It can be useful in some situations, like for example if you want to debuff several enemies who are right in the mix with your warriors.

  • Wall of Draining - Taken on 13th level up. This spell can be used when I conduct fights where the enemy has to approach me through a bottleneck. Any beneficial effects they may have (e.g. Barbarian Frenzy) will lose duration, and at the same time increase any beneficial effects that Aloth may have on himself (e.g. Eldritch Aim).

  • Ninagauth's Killing Bolt - Taken on 14th level up. Will inflict plenty of Raw Damage on a single target.

8th Level:

  • Llengrath's Superior Elemental Bulwark - Learned from Llengrath's Grimoire. The spell provides 100 points of Damage Reduction against elemental attacks and lasts for 30 seconds. Can really come in handy in battles against dragons and enemy spellcasters.

  • Minoletta's Piercing Sigil - Taken on 15th level up. It provides a powerful defensive resource for Aloth should he get swarmed, in addition to his other buffs. It will both push away and Stun any enemies who melee strike him in combat.

  • Wilting Wind - Taken on 15th level up. It inflicts a lot of Raw Damage over a very wide aura, and also inflicts Weakened on its targets. The latter point can also help Maneha take full advantage of her Brute Force and Threatening Presence abilities.

  • Kalakoth's Freezing Rake - Taken on 16th level up. It inflicts plenty of Freezing Damage plus Weakened and Hobbled on all targets within a very large area.

Mastered Spells

9th Level - Eldritch Aim: Aloth will have the option of using this for free whenever he encounters a fight where he needs to start off with crowd-control (e.g. Call to Slumber, Pull of Eora) and therefore would welcome the boost to his Accuracy.

11th Level - Merciless Gaze: Can be used every fight to both ramp up the damage of his offensive spells, and also the damage from Kalakoth's Minor Blights.

13th Level - Kalakoth's Minor Blights: It's really an easy choice. During long treks through dungeons where careful use of spells may be required, Aloth can simply choose to use both Kalakoth's Minor Blights and Merciless Gaze together every fight and then bombs away.

15th Level - Essential Phantom: He can now, every fight, summon a lightning cannon that can fire away on its enemies from a distance.


Abydon's Hammer: A reward for The Rising Tide quest. The hammer, despite all the buildup and cool-sounding abilities, is actually not that great of a melee weapon. You can't 'Durganize' it to increase its attack speed, nor does it have much of anything in the way of 'on hit' effects. What it does have going for it is that its +4 Might will stack with the +4 Might bonus from the Maegfolc Skull. The hammer is actually an ideal weapon for a damage-caster for that reason. Granted, Aloth doesn't have the greatest stats to be an optimized damage caster. But he does well enough, and the idea certainly commends itself if you wanted a Might-maximized damage caster for your own Watcher build. The stun all enemies within 4m once per encounter power is sugar on top, and may come in handy during some battles.

Gyrd Haweanes Stenes: A reward for the task called A Call to Court. A Soulbound Scepter that once upgraded will have a very high Accuracy bonus (+21) and a 10% chance of Dominating its target on a Hit or Critical Hit. It will serve as Aloth's default weapon, and it's a sound choice since its Dominate power will often sow chaos amongst my foes. However, keep in mind that I prefer other weapons for other situations. I prefer Kalakoth's Minor Blights when I want Aloth to crank out damage during a lengthy battle. I prefer to have Abydon's Hammer equipped when I want him to use higher-level offensive spells. Still, the scepter provides a good option either by default or in some battles where I may want to take advantage of the Dominate power.

Maegfolc Skull Looted from Roedwith after pursuing the bounty on her. The obvious benefit is the +4 bonus to Might, which will soon stack with the +4 Might bonus provided by Abydon's Hammer. Despite the fact this Might score isn't great to begin with, Aloth is not bad as a damage caster. And he becomes quite good at it through this combination.

Cape of the Master Mystic Looted from Laenric after pursuing the bounty on him. The +12 bonus to Deflection will stack with the Deflection bonus provided by the Llengrath's Safeguard spell. The Invisibility power is quite meaningful for a Wizard like Aloth, since he is more physically vulnerable. Should he get struck with a Critical Hit, the Invisibility power provides an escape route and an opportunity to reposition him away from the thick of things.

Aloth's Leather Armor: Already part of his starting equipment. It is the only armor that provides a +10% bonus to area of effect, and that in turn frees up his ring slots for rings that provide bonus spells. I add the following enchantments: Legendary (+8 Damage Reduction), +2 Intellect, Corrode-Proofed (+3 Corrosive Damage Reduction), and Durgan Iron. The last enchantment is to reduce his Armor Speed Penalty, and thus increase the speed with which he casts spells in succession.

Gauntlets of Swift Action: Obtained as a random item from the "Endless Paths - 12th Vithrack" section of the Random Drop List. The obvious benefit is that it helps him cast his spells faster, especially when he needs to protect himself with multiple buffs in a flash. It also helps him attack faster with either his scepter or his Kalakoth's Minor Blights.

Telda's Ring: Purchased from Lora at #25 in Copperlane. It provides 2 bonus 2nd-level Wizard spells, and a bonus 4th-level Wizard spell. In a game setting where I have less Camping Supplies, more bonus spells for a Wizard is a good thing. In fact, my entire set up for Aloth is to free up his ring slots for rings that provide bonus spells.

Ring of the Selonan: Looted from a dead body at #4 in the Pearlwood Bluff Cave. It provides 2 bonus 1st-level Wizard spells, and 2 bonus 3rd-level Wizard spells. I wear it for the same reasons as for Telda's Ring.

Belt of the Stelgaer: Purchased from Cartugo at #22 in Ondra's Gift. It increases his Dexterity by +2, and thereby allows him to cast spells and attack with projectiles faster. And it also means that his Dexterity bonus comes from a source other than his ring slots. The -33% Knockdown reduction time is sugar on top.

Malina's Boots: Purchased from the merchant named Azzuro. Keep in mind that none of the boots available in the game are anything close to game breaking, so I find what utility I can in them. Aloth is always pretty vulnerable whenever enemies get close to him, and more so should he get Stunned or knocked Prone. I figure the Boots should keep him relatively safer in such situations.

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Sours: https://sorcerers.net/Games/Pillars-of-Eternity/Walkthrough2/characters/aloth.php

Pillars of Eternity Story Companions Builds

Hello all, I am a lazy soul who hates to skim through videos to just get two bits of information, so I’m taking the time to write down the information found in the Nerd Commando Game Studios videos (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here). I make ZERO claims this is my original work, all I’m doing is writing the information down, because I’m a reader not a visual learner.

Note: the recommendations are a mix of personal opinion and what Nerd Commando recommends. The beauty of this game is you can mix and match tons of talents a builds, so nothing is set in stone ever. Have fun experimenting too!

Pillars of Eternity Story Companions Builds

Aloth Ranged Build

Aloth Ranged build

Recommended AI setting: Crowd Control
Recommended weapons: Rod, scepter, wand & mandatory spell book
Recommended armor: light/medium

  • Level 2- Chill Fog, Blast
  • Level 3- Bewildering Spectacle, Curse of Blackened sight
  • Level 4- Miasma of the Dull-Mindness, Arcane Veil
  • Level 5- Kalakoth’s Minor Blights, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion
  • Level 6- Llengrath’s Displaced Image, Penetrating Blast
  • Level 7- Confusion, Essential Phantom
  • Level 8- Maura’s Writhing Tentacles, Marksman
  • Level 9- Ryngrim’s Enervating Terror, Arkemyr’s Wonderous Torment, Minoletta’s Minor Missiles
  • Level 10- Malignant Cloud, Wound binding
  • Level 11- Citzal’s Martial Power, Gaze of the Adragan, Infuse with Vital Essence
  • Level 12- Arcane Reflection, Dangerous Implement
  • Level 13- Substantial Phantom, Wall of Draining, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion
  • Level 14- (Doesn’t really matter but picked Tayn’s Chaotic Orb), Hardened Veil
  • Level 15- Wall of Many Colors, Caedebald’s Blackbow, Paralyzing fireball if available or Confusion
  • Level 16- Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake, for wands pick Weapon Focus Adventurer and for the warbow pick Spirit of Decay

Eder the Tank build

Eder Tank build

Recommended AI setting: Hold Ground
Recommended weapons: I like a sabre and shield personally
Recommended armor: HEAVY.

  • Level 2- Weapon and Shield
  • Level 3- Defender
  • Level 4- Wary Defender
  • Level 5- Vigorous Defense
  • Level 6- Hold the Line
  • Level 7- Overbearing Guard
  • Level 8- Superior Deflection
  • Level 9- Weapons Specialization (pick whichever one you outfit your Eder with weapons wise)
  • Level 10- Weapon Mastery of whatever was picked above
  • Level 11- Take the Hit
  • Level 12- Wound Binding
  • Level 13- Unbroken
  • Level 14- Weapon Focus (of your choosing)
  • Level 15- Triggered Immunity
  • Level 16- Apprentice’s Sneak Attack

Durance “The Plan B” build

Durance “The Plan B” kinda sorta off tanky build

Recommended AI setting: Tbh I’ve found they all kinda sorta stink, so… Aggressive is the best bet I’d imagine, then maybe support.
Recommended weapon: Sword and shield, due to inspired flame
Recommended armor: Medium/Heavy

  • Level 2- Weapon and Shield Style
  • Level 4- Cautious Attack
  • Level 6- Superior Deflection
  • Level 8- Inspired Flame
  • Level 9- Prayer Against Fear
  • Level 10- Scion of Flame
  • Level 11- Prayer against Infirmity
  • Level 12- Heart of the Storm
  • Level 13- Dire Blessing
  • Level 14- Bonus 4th Level spell
  • Level 15- Prayer against Bewilderment or Devotion for the Faithful
  • Level 16- Bonus 3rd level Spell

Kana the Bow Shooter build

Kana Shooter build

Recommended AI: Summoner
Recommended weapon: War bow
Recommended armor: medium/light

  • Level 2- But Reny Daret’s Ghost, Ancient Mastery
  • Level 3- Come, Come Soft Winds of Death
  • Level 4- White Worms Writhed, Beloved Spirits
  • Level 5- Sure-Handed Ila Nocked Her Arrows with Speed
  • Level 6- At the Sound of His Voice the Killers Froze Stiff, Marksman
  • Level 7- Dull the Edge Blunt the Point
  • Level 8- Rejoice My Commrades!, Apprentice Sneak Attack
  • Level 9- The Dragon Thrashed
  • Level 10- Oh, but Knock Not on the Door, Weapon Focus Adventurer
  • Level 11- Whatever the last first level spell is
  • Level 12- Seven Nights She waited, Secrets of Rime
  • Level 13- Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr
  • Level 14- Their Champion Braved the Horde Alone, Interrupting Blows
  • Level 15- Whichever 5th level phrase you want
  • Level 16- The Bride Caught their Rose, Outlander’s Frenzy

Sagani Build

Sagani build
Recommended AI: Aggressive
Recommended weapon: War bow
Recommended armor: medium

  • Level 2- Resilient Companion
  • Level 3- Predator’s Sense
  • Level 4- Vicious Companion
  • Level 5- Vicious Aim/Driving Flight
  • Level 6- Weapon Focus Adventurer
  • Level 7- Stalker’s Link
  • Level 8- Marksman
  • Level 9- Binding Roots
  • Level 10- Merciless Companion
  • Level 11- Stunning Shots
  • Level 12- Apprentice’s Sneak Attack
  • Level 13- Twinned Arrows
  • Level 14- Outlander’s Frenzy
  • Level 15- Defensive Bond
  • Level 16- Strengthened Bond

Pallegina Off-tank Build

Pallegina Off-tank build
Recommended AI: before respec Aggressive, but after support
Recommended Weapon: video suggests a weapon and shield, however I like two handed swords on her, so to each their own
Recommended armor: Heavy

  • Level 2- Vielo Vidorio
  • Level 3- Zealous Focus
  • Level 4- Weapon and Shield Style
  • Level 5- Sworn Enemy (later respec to Lay of Hands)
  • Level 6- Wrath of Five Suns (later choose greater lay of hands)
  • Level 7- Reviving Exhortation
  • Level 8- Superior Deflection
  • Level 9- Hastening Exhortation
  • Level 10- Critical Focus
  • Level 11- Reinforcing Exhortation
  • Level 12- Deep Faith
  • Level 13- Scared Immolation
  • Level 14- Scion of Flame
  • Level 15- Coordinated Attacks
  • Level 16- Weapon Focus (whatever you have equipped)

Hiravias Shapeshifter build

Hiravias Shapeshifter build
Recommended AI: Shapeshifter
Recommended weapon: Shapeshifter means use those claws, unarmed 🙂
Recommended armor: Medium/Heavy (not sure on that last one tbh)

  • Level 2- Wildstrike Shock
  • Level 4- Heart of the Storm
  • Level 6- Greater Wildstrike Shock
  • Level 8- Apprentice’s Sneak Attack
  • Level 9- Nature’s Mark/Nature’s Vigor/Tanglefoot
  • Level 10- Savage Attack
  • Level 11- Hold Beasts
  • Level 12- Weapon Focus Peasant
  • Level 13- Purge of Toxins
  • Level 14- Two Weapon Style
  • Level 15- Wicked Briars
  • Level 16- Beast Slayer/Fast Runner

Grieving Mother rapier/siletto/hearths harvest build

Grieving Mother build
Recommended AI: Defensive or Damage, though I don’t imagine crowd control would be bad either.
Recommended weapons: Rapiers, silettos, the hatchet Hearths Harvest & shield
Recommended armor: light/medium

  • Level 2- Antipathetic Field, Weapon and Shield style
  • Level 3- Mental Binding, Psychovampiric Shield
  • Level 4- Amplified Trust, Biting Whip
  • Level 5- Ectopsychic Echo, Puppet Master
  • Level 6- Recall Agony, Draining Whip
  • Level 7- Body Attunement, Going Between
  • Level 8- Phantom Foes, Weapon Focus (Noble, or whatever you use)
  • Level 9- Tactical Meld, Secret Horrors
  • Level 10- Ringleader, Vulnerable attack
  • Level 11- Amplified Wave, Disintegration
  • Level 12- Mind Plague, Apprentice’s Sneak Attack
  • Level 13- Time Parasite, Stasis Shell
  • Level 14- Borrowed Instinct, Bloody Slaughter
  • Level 15- Defensive Mindweb, Reaping Knives
  • Level 16- Detonate, Superior Deflection

[WM] Devil of Caroc dual wield build

Devil of Caroc dual wield build

Recommended AI: Cautious, she’s not a super tank, gotta be sort of gentle
Recommended weapons: dual wielding fast weapons (silettos, rapiers, daggers)
Recommended armor: Cannot remove her default armor, but you can enchant it some at least…

  • Level 2- Two Weapon Style
  • Level 3- Reckless Assault
  • Level 4- Vulnerable Attack
  • Level 5- Finishing Blow
  • Level 6- Devastating Blow
  • Level 7- Dirty Fighting
  • Level 8- Vicious Fighting
  • Level 9- Persistent Distraction
  • Level 10- Weapon Focus (whatever you have on her)
  • Level 11- Deathblows
  • Level 12- Deflecting Assault
  • Level 13- Sap
  • Level 14- Weapon Focus (whatever the second weapon on her)
  • Level 15- Coordinated Positioning
  • Level 16- Shadowing Beyond

[WM] Maneha Tanky DPS Build

Maneha Tanky DPS build

Recommended AI: Either one!
Recommended Weapon: Whatever one handed weapon you’d like and a shield
Recommended armor: Medium/Heavy

  • Level 2- Weapon and Shield Style
  • Level 3- Savage Defiance
  • Level 4- Vulnerable Attack
  • Level 5- Bloodlust
  • Level 6- Accurate Carnage
  • Level 7- Frenzy
  • Level 8- Superior Deflection
  • Level 9- Barbaric Shout/Thick-skinned
  • Level 10-Apprentice’s Sneak Attack
  • Level 11- One Stands Alone
  • Level 12- Weapon Focus (Ruffian, or whatever you have on)
  • Level 13- Barbaric Retaliation
  • Level 14- One-Handed Style
  • Level 15- Dragon Leap/Echoing Shout
  • Level 16- Stalwart Defiance

[WM] Zahua Unarmed build

Zahua unarmed build

Recommended AI: N/A
Recommended weapons: Unarmed
Recommended Armor: Medium

  • Level 2- Lesser Wounds
  • Level 3- Turning Wheel
  • Level 4- Two Weapon Style
  • Level 5- Swift Strikes
  • Level 6- Lightning Strikes
  • Level 7- Duality of Mortal Presence
  • Level 8- Apprentice’s Sneak Attack
  • Level 9- Crucible of Suffering
  • Level 10- Savage Attack
  • Level 11- Iron Wheel
  • Level 12- Weapon Focus Peasant
  • Level 13- Long Stride
  • Level 14- Beast Slayer
  • Level 15- Resonant Touch
  • Level 16- Sanctifier
Sours: https://www.yekbot.com/pillars-of-eternity-story-companions-builds/

Aloth pillars of eternity

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Watcher tries to confess to Aloth - Deadfire. Pillars of Eternity II

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