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Dead By Daylight Killer Guide: The Nurse

One of the most interesting and competitive online experiences, Dead by Daylightpits 4 survivors against one player-controlled killer. With a huge roster of both survivors and killers, fans of the game are spoiled for choice in regards to their options within Dead by Daylight. From the Hillbilly to the Demogorgon players can choose a variety of interesting and unique killers to play with based upon their preferred style of play. The gameplay of Dead by Daylight is relatively simple, survive the onslaught of the killer while completing various objectives throughout the map, while the killer's primary objective is to kill the survivors as quickly as possible. This creates one of the most addictingly intense matches in any competitive game on the market.

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With such a huge roster of original and classic horror creatures and killers, players have a bounty of options to satisfy their bloodlust. However, one of the strongest killers in the game, is one of the original members of the cast, The Nurse. A killer so powerful she has received a necessary rework to tone her down a notch to fit the level of the rest of the cast. However, even with this rework, the nurse is still one of the strongest killers in the cast with a toolkit so useful that she will always terrorize survivors no matter the meta. This guide will explain how to play the Nurse effectively and the basic gameplan when using the character.

The Nurses Abilities in Dead by Daylight

The Nurse's ability is relatively simple to wrap your head around. However, that is not to underplay the character's strength, as this one ability is what solidifies the character as among the best in the game.

Spencer's Last Breath is the Nurse's one and only ability and is what makes the character so powerful. In a nutshell, Spencer's Last Breath is an ability that allows the Nurse to teleport quickly across the map. The longer you hold the ability the further the character will travel allowing the character the ability to cover large amounts of distance in an incredibly short period of time.

On paper this ability does not seem all that useful, yes it allows players to travel the map incredibly quickly but there is another layer that makes the move such a threat in the Dead by Daylight meta. By adding additional time to Spencer's Last Breath the Nurse can blink multiple times in succession. These multiple blinks add an additional second to the recharge period per blink used in succession but it can be used to rapidly cover the distance of a fleeing survivor in an instant.

The Nurse also has the ability to attack immediately out of her blink, allow for a rapid way to strike Survivors running way from the fearsome killer. However, if you choose to attack out of this Blink and miss then the Nurse is placed in a recovery period that slows her movement speed and forces her to recover before she can attack. Even with this drawback being able to strike out of such a fast and powerful ability is yet another reason the character is still a force to reckoned with.

Something to consider when deciding when or when not to blink with the Nurse is that the ability has a major drawback. If a survivor shines a flashlight on the Nurse as she is blinking she will be stunned by the flash for a short period of time. Stunting her movement and chasing of the survivors. So be careful when choosing when or when not to blink. A well-timed flashlight can place the Nurse at a severe disadvantage.

How to Use Spencer's Last Breath Effectively in Dead by Daylight

Given the Nurse's relatively simple toolset it may come across as easy to excel with the character, however, this is not the case. Although Spencer's Last Breath is simple in theory it takes a master Nurse player to unlock the moves true potential. Here are some essential tips and tricks to master the Nurse's distinguishing ability, and the best way to utilize the powerful ability in the context of a match of Dead by Daylight. 

The first, and by far the most important, part of playing the Nurse is to truly have a feel for a map's layout before playing the killer. As the majority of her toolkit revolves around being able to quickly and rapidly cut off fleeing survivors with Spencer's Last Breath. There will be shortcuts or particular paths that can give the character an edge in hunting the survivors and learning these routes will up your success rate with the character. So be sure to memorize the location of a map's generators, shortcuts, pallets, and overall layout so hunting will be much easier.

Although it may be tempting to spam Spencer's Last Breath to traverse the map, be sure to use the ability wisely and sparingly. Using the move will not only slow your killer's movement speed but also the frequency that players use the teleportation ability the less likely they will have it when they need it the most. If you do decide to use the blinking ability to travel the map be sure to opt for a longer distance blink instead of smaller blinks in rapid succession. That way you are more efficient with your blink usage and recharge time.

Finally, when playing the Nurse you have the ability to quickly and rapidly take out fleeing survivors, but that doesn't mean you should blindly chase players throughout the map. Be wise in your pursuit of other players, make smart and tactical use of your superior ability that way you can teleport to a useful cut-off point. Instead of wasting blinks to pop up behind a player use your teleportation to blink in front or beside a survivor that way you have the positional advantage to ambush the fleeing survivor.

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Dead by Daylight is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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Dead By Daylight: 10 Tips For Playing Nurse

Dead by Daylight is an intense asymmetrical multiplayer game where four survivors are pitted against a powerful killer. Dead by Daylight is known for its vast array of unique killers and even licensed property killers such as Pyramid Head and Freddy Krueger. While the main gameplay goal for the killers is to down all of the survivors in order to put them on a sacrificial hook that sends them to The Entity, each killer plays quite differently.

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One such killer is The Nurse. The Nurse is a terrifying specter that haunts the trials by floating through the air in order to attack the survivors. She has an ethereal presence to her which makes her one of the more mysterious killers in the game. Getting to grips with The Nurse can be challenging since she possesses specific skills and perks.

10 Learn About The Nurse's Weapon Description

The action in Dead by Daylight plays out in first-person if you happen to be the killer. The Nurse has a thematic weapon in that it's a bone saw. This blood-tinged weapon is easy to use but takes some time to master. Essentially it has a short reach but does decent damage due to The Nurse being able to lunge with it.

Since it's a smaller weapon, The Nurse is able to regain composure more rapidly for another swing at the survivors. This bone saw weapon can be used as a quick attack or as a windup attack. Just be wary that the lunge attack has a bit of a cooldown due to it taking more energy overall.

9 Understand The Personal Perks

Each killer in Dead by Daylight has its own unique personal perks. These perks are tailored to the playstyle of each killer. The Nurse's three perks, Stridor, Thanatophobia, and A Nurse's Calling all favor a stealthy and tactical approach. For example, the Stridor perk makes the survivors' pain grunts louder so The Nurse can more easily track.

The Nurse is a great character for quickly getting up close and personal with the survivors. It's best to get to grips with each of the perks and as you level up your bloodweb, you can equip even more of them to make her stronger. You may not click with each perk since it depends on how you play but her personal perks are quite advantageous.

8 The Right Loadout For The Nurse's Playstyle

One of the most unique aspects of Dead by Daylight is that you can equip different items to enhance your killer. These are unlocked through the bloodweb and offer a nice boost to your chosen killer's current skills and weapon. Since a big part of The Nurse's style is quietly and swiftly moving across the map, using enhancements to minimize noise and cooldown time is critical.

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Fortunately, the bloodweb offers a plethora of enhancements depending on your personal playstyle. However choosing an enhancement that, for example, lowers the cooldown time of The Nurse's Blink ability, could greatly improve movement across the map.

7 Get To Grips With Her Movement Speed

The Nurse is one of the slower-moving characters, that is until she uses her Blink ability. In many circumstances, and depending on survivors' perks, they can run faster than The Nurse. Due to this slower overall movement speed, you should focus on intercepting and flanking survivors during a chase.

The chases in Dead by Daylight are some of the most intense sections of the game, yes, even for the killers. Survivors have a lot of tools in their arsenal that can help them evade the killers. Despite The Nurse's slower speed, her main weapon attack does have a decent lunge range which can potentially close the distance gap.

6 Track With The Scratch Marks

While this tip might be useful for any survivor, it also comes in particularly handy with The Nurse since her Blink ability can be used in combination with tracking. Essentially, as survivors sprint across the map, they leave red, glowing scratch marks which determine the route they are moving.

Since The Nurse does move slower overall, learning to track the scratch mark patterns can provide a great advantage to downing the survivors more efficiently. There are perks the survivors can use to limit their scratch marks but taking the time to read the way they move can mean the difference between a hooked survivor and a runaway survivor.

5 Using The Blink Ability Successfully

The Blink ability is a fantastic mobility skill that is unique to The Nurse. This Blink ability can single-handedly change the game because she can close a distance gap within seconds. This ability makes The Nurse move through walls and structures at incredible speed in order to teleport through the map. Unfortunately once The Nurse uses this ability, she goes into a brief exhaustion phase.

A great tip to remember is to only use the Blink ability when quickly moving to a generator or when stalking a running survivor. There are perks and enhancements from the bloodweb that can lower the cooldown and exhaustion penalty for this ability.

4 Stalking Survivors With Your Ability

One of the best overall tips when playing Dead by Daylight as a killer is to stalk the survivors. The Nurse emits a loud screech when using her Blink ability which can give away her position but learning to use this in tandem with a failed survivor generator check can mask the noise somewhat. Basically, Blink can be used to stalk so long as you time it correctly.

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Stalking survivors is particularly useful when they are grouped up repairing a generator or working to unhook a survivor. Be aware of your movement ability and its cooldown in order to close the gap when survivors are least aware of your presence. It takes a lot of skill to do this but the more you play with The Nurse, the better you will get at it.

3 Always Damage A Generator

Breaking or damaging a generator will make it much harder for survivors to get the job done. Often, damaging a generator enough times will break it which means the survivors need to restart its fixing from the beginning and can only speed it up with certain perks or with a toolkit. The Nurse should focus on damaging generators so she can focus on tracking survivors.

This tip also pertains to other killers but can come in handy with The Nurse because timing is everything with her Blink ability. By damaging a generator and then using Blink to chase the running survivor, extends the repair time for any other survivors that happened to be nearby.

2 Moving Through Walls Like A Ghost

As a killer, flanking is vital to success. However, flanking isn't always the best course of action since many smart survivors know how to circumvent a chasing killer. Often this is done by dropping a pallet, jumping through a window, or playing cat and mouse around an environmental structure.

The Nurse can eliminate this issue by moving through the structure or objects with Blink. Aside from getting nearer to the survivors, The Nurse can quite literally teleport through objects, negating any mind games the survivor might have been trying to play. It can be risky due to the ability exhaustion effect though so keep that in mind.

1 Sometimes Slow And Steady Wins

Simply put, playing slow and steady as a killer can often be the best way to be victorious during a trial. While much of the game is about chasing, speed, and stalking, some of the best players know that a thoughtful and meticulous approach to downing and hooking survivors is the best course of action.

Your personal playstyle will most certainly dictate how you approach each match but a slower and more steady pace can mean you make fewer mistakes as The Nurse. Take the time to understand the Blink ability in terms of getting closer to survivors. It sounds simple but takes a good amount of practice to master the trial.

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Dead by Daylight Wiki

Teachable aNursesCalling.png

IconHelp bloodpoints.png

Unlocking this Perk makes it available in the Bloodweb of all Killers

Unlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.

The Auras of Survivors, who are healing or being healed, are revealed to you when they are within a range of several metres.

"Still attached to the fragments of her past life, she is drawn to those in need of help."

May be unlocked in the Shrine of Secrets or in The Nurse's Bloodweb atLevel 40.

This New Add-On Combo Should Not Exist
Dead By Daylight - How To Play As The Nurse

Unlike Resident Evil and most horror games, Dead By Daylight lets players control the Monster. Among them, we have the Nurse. She is by far one of the most challenging characters to master in Dead by Daylight. Here, you'll learn how to play as the Nurse effectively!

The Nurse is the only killer whose base speed is slower than a survivor's. However, she is also the only killer who can ignore most of the things survivors use against killers.

It takes a long time to use her effectively, especially for those who don't know how to use her unique ability. However, she is unstoppable when mastered.

How To Play As The Nurse: Mastering the Blink

The Nurse's ability is the blink. It allows her to travel great lengths in a straight line. After blinking once, players will have some time to do it again before she gets exhausted and looks down for a couple of seconds.

To survivors, she appears to be teleporting around. It is not instant, though. Instead, she flies towards a destination going through all physical objects in the way.

#1 - Get It Down To Muscle Memory

How To Play As The Nurse

The blink is quite hard to control. The longer a player holds down the button, the further she will travel. The ability has a maximum reach, which is achieved when she closes her fist.

To stay close after charging all the way, aim down before releasing the button. A short blink after a long charge can trick survivors or avoid letting them go too far from the Nurse.

The second blink won't ever be a long one. Players have a limited time to perform it before the Nurse shows signs of exhaustion, so it can't be charged for too long.

#2 - Approach, Then Adjust

dead by daylight the nurse about to hit a survivor

Generally, it is quite hard to Blink next to a survivor at a perfect distance on the first try. Appearing too close might help them to trick the Nurse and escape by turning around completely. On the other hand, landing too far might cause the second attempt not to reach them.

Ideally, the second blink must be done behind the survivors. The perfect blink distance will have enough space for a second one. It will also give the player time to react if the survivors try to run through the Nurse.

#3 - Pay Attention To The Amount of Blinks You Have

dead by daylight the nurse about to teleport

The ability works with both a cooldown and a charges system. Players have two charges, and they have a limited time for a second blink. Since the second one is essential to hit an attack, blinking before both charges are restored might cause survivors to create a great distance from the Nurse if the attack is missed.

If the first blink does not make you confident that you can hit someone with the second one, it is better to wait to regain the charge before trying again.

A Nurse's Calling

dead by daylight a nurses calling in action

Using Perks that fit your playstyle is part of the experience of playing Dead by Daylight. Each killer has exclusive perks, but there are some of those that they all can use. The Nurse's Calling is one of the best perks, if not the best, for this monster. It causes the Nurse to see the auras of those who are healing or being healed.

If someone is healing at a blink distance and the Nurse knows where they are, chances are those survivors are about to be hooked.

Final Thoughts

dead by daylight defines the nurse as a hard character

Even the game says the Nurse is hard. This is no understatement. She is slow, missing attacks with her is punishing, and her special ability is hard to control. However, once mastered, she can ignore most of the difficulties that other killers face when tracking survivors!

Don't expect to do well with her in your first trials. Just follow the tips and insist on how to play as the Nurse found here until blinking at the right distance becomes second nature.

About Davi Braid

Davi Braid loves videogames but is especially addicted to fighting games, good storytelling, and tabletop RPGs. He is a passionate writer who finally has enough courage to say that DarkSouls 2 is his favorite game of the franchise.


Nurse daylight dead by

Quotes left.pngA new varmint has entered the arena. I spotted her as she, somehow, moved through a wall. Clad in bandages that tell an untold tale of something horrid. This...nurse as it seems, brings me new angst during my lonely nights, as my mind runs amok.Quotes right.png
~ Benedict Baker

Sally Smithson or "The Nurse" is one of 25KillersIconHelpLoading killer.png currently featured in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogo.png.

She was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER I: The Last Breath Chapter, a Chapter DLC released on 18 August 2016.


The Nurse is a warping Killer, able to blink through obstacles and quickly close gaps with her Power.

Her personal Perks, StridorIconPerks stridor.png, ThanatophobiaIconPerks thanatophobia.png, and A Nurse's CallingIconPerks aNursesCalling.png, allow her to decrease Survivor abilities and track them when they are injured.

She is focused on spotting and tracking, making it harder for Survivors to hide.

Difficulty rating: Hard
(based on the amount of time and effort that is required to properly learn to play her and use her Power effectively)


BK NU charPreview.png
Additional Lore can be found in Tome VI - Divergence: The Cleansing of Crotus Prenn.

Sally Smithson came to town with dreams of children's feet and laughter in a wooden home built by her husband Andrew. But life came not with smiles but with plans of destruction. Andrew worked as a lumberjack - a job with its perils. One day, Andrew's foreman had to pay Sally a visit, forever changing her life. She was alone.

Without food on the table and no other option, Sally had to find a way, but the only employment she could get was at the Crotus Prenn Asylum. Nobody sought employment there unless they were in dire need. Just like Sally. Without any education, she started at the bottom, doing the hard night shift.

Over the years, her mind had reached its limits, two decades of seeing horrid things that violate the eyes. Memories that are re-played every night. Being abused verbally and physically, by people without limits. Sally saw insanity from the outside, just to catch it herself.

Finally she could not take it any more and concepts of purification emerged inside her. She did what she felt was necessary. As the morning staff arrived one day in September - they found over fifty dead patients, lifeless, in their bed along four staff members, also dead.

Only Sally had survived the night, but her mind was gone, rocking back and forth non-stop. Exactly what happened is only known by her, but it seems that some of them had been choked as they had marks around their necks. They got her into an ambulance, but that ambulance never reached the hospital. It was found crashed in a nearby wood, all the staff dead and Sally nowhere to be found.

The Nurse's Perks

These are Perks which start off only appearing in The Nurse's BloodwebIconHelp bloodweb.png. After achieving Level 30, Teachable versions of these Perks can be found:

  • Stridor - Level 30
  • Thanatophobia - Level 35
  • A Nurse's Calling - Level 40

Once obtained, other Killers will be able to find The Nurse's Perks in their respective Bloodwebs from that point onwards.

StridorStridorYou are acutely sensitive to the breathing of your prey.
  • Increases the volume of Survivors' Grunts of Pain by 25/50/50 %.
  • Increases the volume of Survivors' regular breathing by 0/0/25 %.

"If you do not stop and catch your breath... she will."

ThanatophobiaThanatophobiaTheir courage fades in the face of their undeniable mortality.
Each injured, dying, or hooked Survivor incurs a stack-able 4/4.5/5 % penalty to all Survivors' Repairing, Sabotaging, Blessing, and Cleansing Action speeds, up to a maximum of 16/18/20 %.
"She plays with us and revels in our pain."
A Nurse's CallingA Nurse's CallingUnlocks potential in your Aura-reading ability.
The AurasIconHelp auras.png of Survivors, who are healing or being healed, are revealed to you when they are within a range of 20/24/28 metres.
"Still attached to the fragments of her past life, she is drawn to those in need of help."


Weapon: The Bonesaw

Nurse Weapon01.png

The Bonesaw is the primary weapon of the Nurse. Rusty metal implement for tearing through flesh and bone.

  • When she attacks, she swings her whole body into the swing.
  • When hitting a survivor, she wipes the blood off with her fingers.
  • The Bonesaw has a shorter lunge-attack range, but a larger range itself. This means that the Nurse has a bigger chance of hitting them by clicking than the other killers, but less of a chance when holding the attack button down.

Power: Spencer's Last Breath

FulliconPowers breath.png
Quotes left.pngA powerful and violent last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Warden Patrick Spencer.
Channelling its energy allows The Nurse to pierce and jump through the Spirit World in a blink multiple times in a row. Doing so leaves her in a state of fatigue.
Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to charge a Blink:

  • Blink for up to 20 metres upon activation.
    • During the ensuing Chain Blink Window, charge again to initiate a Chain Blink of up to 12 metres upon activation.
    • After either the Chain Blink Window closed or the final Chain Blink elapsed, enter a state of Fatigue (2-3 seconds).
  • Grants 1Chain Blink.

Interacting with the Spirit World leaves The Nurse vulnerable to Lightburn.
While charging a Blink, exposure to bright lights stuns her and forces her to abort the Blink.
Lightburn also prevents The Nurse from charging another Blink.

Power Trivia


  • The Fatigue duration is determined by the amount of Blinks The Nurse executed:
    • 1 Blink causes Fatigue for 2 seconds.
    • 2 Blinks cause Fatigue for 2.5 seconds.
    • 3 Blinks cause Fatigue for 3 seconds.
    • 4 Blinks caused Fatigue for 3.5 seconds (no longer achievable).
    • 5/6/7 Blinks caused Fatigue for 4 seconds (no longer achievable).
    • If The Nurse initiated an attack before going into Fatigue, an additional cool-down of 1 second is incurred.


  • A Blink takes 2 seconds to fully charge.
    • The Charge duration determines the maximum available Blink distance, whereas The Nurse's aim within that distance will determine the Blink's target location.
    • The Charge duration also determines the maximum and minimum Blink Reappearance duration.
  • The maximum Blink Distance is set at 20 metres.
  • The minimum Blink Distance is set at 1 metre.
  • The maximum Blink Reappearance time is set at 1.5 seconds.
  • The minimum Blink Reappearance time is set at 0.25 seconds.
  • Blink Tokens take 3 seconds per Token to recharge.
  • The Nurse travels the Blink distance in a set time frame of 0.5 seconds.
  • The Chain Blink Window is open for 1.5 seconds.

Due to her interaction with the Spirit World, The Nurse suffers from a unique mechanic called Lightburn, which makes her vulnerable to FlashlightsIconItems flashlight.png shining upon her.

  • Shining a Flashlight on The Nurse's body will block her from charging a Blink.
  • Shining a Flashlight on The Nurse's body while she is already charging a Blink will stun her and force her into Fatigue.

Add-ons for Spencer's Last Breath

Add-ons support Mouse-over functionality(desktop version only): hovering over the modifier words with your cursor will reveal the values behind them.
On mobile browsers, the values are displayed in small text after the modifier words. Desktop users experiencing issues with the mouse-over may temporarily switch to mobile view at the bottom of an Article page.
Wooden Horse}}
Wooden HorseAn unpainted toy carved out of cheap wood to resemble a horse.
Once the symbol of a deep connection between a catatonic patient and his nurse.
  • additional Blink Fatigue duration from missed Blink Attacks.
White Nit Comb}}
White Nit CombA parasitic nit comb taken from the clinic.
Once the symbol of a deep connection between an anxious patient and her nurse.
  • Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Blink Attack Score Events.
  • Blink Lunge range.
Plaid Flannel}}
Plaid FlannelA torn piece of red and black plaid flannel.
The scrap of fabric imbues The Nurse with devastating focus.
  • The Nurse can see the Target location of her Blink.
Metal Spoon}}
Metal SpoonA dull, partially rusted and stained metallic spoon.
Confiscated from Room 202's patient, the "Bad Man".
  • After hitting a Survivor with a Blink Attack that Survivor's Grunts of Pain are 100 % louder for 60 seconds.
Pocket Watch}}
Pocket WatchA charred and broken pocket watch with rattling pieces.
Taken from Nurse Moris' body.
  • Chain Blink Window duration.
Dull Bracelet}}
Dull BraceletA worthless piece of jewellery that might have an important significance to someone.
Taken from the "Anxious Girl's" body.
  • Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints for Precise Blink Score Events.
  • maximum Blink range.
Dark Cincture}}
Dark CinctureA black rope used as a belt in times of mourning.
Taken from Father Campbell's body.
  • Spencer's Last Breath Token Recharge time.
Catatonic Boy's Treasure}}
Catatonic Boy's TreasureA pine-cone which unexpectedly calmed a patient's repetitive movement.
Taken from the "Catatonic Boy's" body.
  • additional Blink Fatigue duration from Chain Blinks.
Bad Man Keepsake}}
Bad Man KeepsakeA rotten molar ripped from the "Bad Man's" cold dead hand.
  • After hitting a Survivor with a Blink Attack, the AuraIconHelp auras.png of that Survivor, when healing or being healed, is revealed to The Nurse within 28 metres for 60 seconds.
Spasmodic Breath}}
Spasmodic BreathThe twitchy and tremulous breath stolen from the "Bad Man".
Aggressively pulses and jumps at The Nurse's touch.
  • After hitting a Survivor with a Blink Attack, Spencer's Last Breath is temporarily disabled and The Nurse's Movement speed is increased to 4.6 m/s for 60 seconds.
Heavy Panting}}
Heavy PantingThe slow and bulging breath stolen from the "Fat Orderly" Kavanagh.
Dimly oscillates at The Nurse's touch.
  • maximum Blink range.
  • Blink Charge time.
Fragile Wheeze}}
Fragile WheezeThe whistling and rattling breath stolen from Father Campbell.
Silently curves and bends at The Nurse's touch.
  • Spencer's Last Breath Token Recharge time.
Ataxic Respiration}}
Ataxic RespirationThe irregular and deteriorating breath collected from the "Catatonic Boy".
Normally stable and calm, becomes incredibly agitated at The Nurse's touch.
Anxious Gasp}}
Anxious GaspThe gasp of surprise collected from the "Anxious Girl", which The Nurse was fond of.
Twitches vigorously at The Nurse's touch.
  • Blinking past a Survivor causes them to scream, awarding 200 Bloodpoints in the DeviousnessDailyRitualIcon deviousness.png Category.
Kavanagh's Last Breath}}
Kavanagh's Last BreathA powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Orderly Harvey Kavanagh, the "Fat Orderly".
In the hands of The Nurse, it wobbles with intensity.
  • maximum Blink range.
  • Blink Charge time.
Jenner's Last Breath}}
Jenner's Last BreathA powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Patient Mary Jenner, the "Anxious Girl".
In the hands of The Nurse, it trembles with intensity.
  • During the Chain Blink Window, press the Active Ability button to immediately Blink back to The Nurse's original location.
Campbell's Last Breath}}
Campbell's Last BreathA powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Priest Father Campbell.
In the hand of The Nurse, it crackles with intensity.
  • After reappearing from a fully charged Blink, The Nurse immediately Blinks at half charge in the direction she is currently facing.
"Bad Man's" Last Breath}}
"Bad Man's" Last BreathA powerful last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Patient known as the "Bad Man".
In the hands of The Nurse, it jolts with intensity.
  • After hitting a Survivor with a Blink Attack, The Nurse is granted the UndetectableIconStatusEffects undetectable.pngStatus Effect for 16 seconds.

"Bad Man's" Last Breath can only be triggered once every 60 seconds.

Torn Bookmark}}
Torn BookmarkA white and pristine piece of ribbon once attached to a sacred book. Serves as the symbol of a dispute.
  • Adds 1 Blink Charge.
  • Increases the Blink Recharge time by +50 %.
MatchboxA matchbox containing an odd collection of mismatched buttons. Serves as a reminder of a horrible place.
  • Increases The Nurse's Movement speed to 4.2 m/s for the entire Trial.
  • Removes 1 Blink Charge.


Main article: Achievements

There are currently 3 Achievements related to The Nurse.

A value of a Console Achievement which differs from the Steam (PC) version of Dead by Daylight is coloured Purple.


Players can customise their Character by choosing one outfit style from each Category. Blood-stained attire is obtained after The Nurse reaches Level 50 and prestiges.

Some Items of clothing can only be worn if the appropriate DLC is owned.

The Nurse's attire includes:

Base Cosmetics







IconNameBodyRarityDescriptionEventExclusive to Event Participation
TN Head01 4A.pngCrown of the Entity CategoryIcon head.pngEventA crown emanating a festive and ominous aura created by the Entity's biggest fan. Fourth Year AnniversaryYes
Crown 5A.png5th Anniversary Crown CategoryIcon head.pngEventA crown crafted for a very special anniversary.

"Thank you for supporting & inspiring us along the years!" - The Dead by Daylight Team

Fifth Year AnniversaryYes


IconHelp archivesGeneral.pngArchives

TN Head009.pngMalignant Growth CategoryIcon head.pngEventThere was no cure for the scorching mass expanding from her skull. Fluid Nightengale Hallowed Catalyst1 7
TN Body009.pngDripping Uniform CategoryIcon body.pngEventHer robe was torn by her swollen entrails, which extended to her chest and fused with her lungs. Fluid Nightengale Hallowed Catalyst1 15
TN W009.pngNeedle Saw CategoryIcon weapons.pngEventAn amputation saw injected with putrid serum to torture her patients with the pain she suffered. Fluid Nightengale Hallowed Catalyst1 23
TN W006 01.pngMetacarpal Saw (Cool Rust) CategoryIcon weapons.pngVery RareA Benjamin Bell-type instrument designed to cut through thick bones during your arbitrary amputation rounds. No OutfitNo Collection3 9
TN Head02 02.pngHazmat Mask CategoryIcon head.pngVery RareA jute sand bag tightly wrapped around the head and accessorized with a gas mask. No OutfitNo Collection4 27
TN Head012.pngWeeping Mask CategoryIcon head.pngVery RareAll she could do was cover her eyes and wish the horror would end. The Ashen Lady Divergence 6 19
TN Body012.pngWithering Soul CategoryIcon body.pngVery RareOnce a symbol of love; now a reminder of death. The cloth decays in the wind and drifts away. The Ashen Lady Divergence 6 1
TN W012.pngRose Decay CategoryIcon weapons.pngVery RareA bonesaw decorated with roses, it decays with the heart of its wielder. The Ashen Lady Divergence 6 68
TN Head007 01.pngDark Rose Gauze CategoryIcon head.pngRareElegant hair falls gently over the bloody linen cloth that covers her eyes. Dirge of Yesterday Tragic Love Opera 8 41
TN Body03 02.pngMourner's Wedding Gown CategoryIcon body.pngRareA vintage wedding gown, perfect for that special day tragedy. Dirge of Yesterday Tragic Love Opera 8 68
TN W007 01.pngLamenting Saw CategoryIcon weapons.pngRareA forged instrument with intricate, flowery metal work. Ideal for severing limbs, an action that helps numb the painful void in her chest. Dirge of Yesterday Tragic Love Opera 8 59
Completed Outfits
TN outfit 009.pngFluid Nightengale CategoryIcon outfits.pngEventWith foul serum still dripping from her wound, she broke free from her captor. Hallowed Catalyst1 7,15,23
TN outfit 012.pngThe Ashen Lady CategoryIcon outfits.pngVery RareThe life and love she had was no more, turned to dust and blown away. Divergence 6 1,19,68
TN outfit 007 01.pngDirge of Yesterday CategoryIcon outfits.pngRareA tearful look back on the past. Tragic Love Opera 8 41,59,68

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CategoryIcon outfits.pngOutfits
Nurse outfit 010.pngOn Probation CommonYour first weeks of training while working at the asylum. They say it gets better before it gets worse. Cotton Pillow Case (Smothered)

Ruined Nurse Outfit (Smothered)

Nurse Aberrations


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Nurse outfit 009.pngOn Probation CommonYour first weeks of training while working at the asylum. They say it gets better before it gets worse. Cotton Pillow Case (Fruitless)

Ruined Nurse Outfit (Fruitless)

Nurse Aberrations


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Nurse outfit 008.pngOn Probation CommonYour first weeks of training while working at the asylum. They say it gets better before it gets worse. Cotton Pillow Case (Decayed)

Ruined Nurse Outfit (Decayed)

Nurse Aberrations


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Nurse outfit 007.pngOn Probation CommonYour first weeks of training while working at the asylum. They say it gets better before it gets worse. Cotton Pillow Case (Strangled)

Ruined Nurse Outfit (Strangled)

Nurse Aberrations


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Nurse outfit 006.pngOn Probation CommonYour first weeks of training while working at the asylum. They say it gets better before it gets worse. Cotton Pillow Case (Drowned)

Ruined Nurse Outfit (Drowned)

Nurse Aberrations


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DBD: *TOP LEVEL* Rank 1 Nurse Vs SWF!- Dead By Daylight Killer Gameplay

It's a pity, of course, everything went so well. Straight unusually good, fuck, when else will this be. Well, I'll be a bastard, I must. I'll give him a chance, and then burn it with fire, let it get out on its own. You know, Oksank, Dimka is not a bad guy, - Romik, tearing himself away from her, tried not to fake.

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And not all at once) And she licked me. It was the best blowjob in my life, gentle, long. the tongue glided over the penis, then dropped and caressed the balls, fingers slipped into all the most unexpected places, and I lost. My head from the rush of desire. My beloved testicles.

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