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Now that you have a stellar idea of who sits at the top in leaderboards (Bleach Brave Souls: PvP Tier List) and who doesn’t, let’s talk about why some of these S tier and A tier characters are so strong!

1 Jugram Haschwalth (TYBW):

At the moment, Jugram is beyond broken. You’d think the Flurry along with Poise would be all they’d add to him. Maybe they’d give him shields at some point, something like a Pierce Barrier too? Nope, the developers really did a one eighty on this one. They gave him straight up invincibility, and to make matters even worse; you take damage every time you attack him. Jugram has these two passives known as Brave Battle Invincibility and Brave Battle Counter. So he has invincibility in given moments, and if you attack him in others you basically get it dealt back. So as a Jugram player, just walk into the middle of all that chaos and watch everything become dust. Instead of another Jugram or a Chad with really high defense, Jugram is basically unkillable in the current state of the game.

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2 – Askin Nakk Le Vaar (TYBW):

Askin is responsible for making the attribute stat a meta thing. Askin’s SA is the thing that is the talk of the town right now. Instead of giving his team a boost, Askin applies a rare debuff on the opponent team which greatly reduces their ATK, DEF and FCS by 33%. On top of that it also overlaps their boost and disables it. This would honestly not be too strong but Askin does it all one by one because of his super-slow cast times due to the attribute stat. His debuff can be cancelled by another boost or another Askin who just uno-reverses it. However, this is where the Attribute stat comes in as it can greatly increase or decrease your cast times. In this light, Askin becomes a meta character simply because of his Special Attack and his ability to cast slow.

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3 – Yasutora ChadSado (Bond Version): 

Chad is a very old character, especially in the Bleach universe. It’s actually insane how he has still kept his position at the very top, but lucky for him he is still the best main booster in the game. Jugram’s release has made Chad even more important now, he’s probably the only option you have against a maxed out Jugram player. A good Chad with a Level 3 Transcendence in Defense stats can hold Jugram back but it also makes him vulnerable to SP-based attacks. While that seems like it’s not going to happen much, it is still an Attribute Stat meta which means anything can happen at any time.

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4 – Kenpaichi Zaraki (CFYOW Truths):

Kenpachi keeps his position as the best DPS in the game by a far and thorough margin. DPS are a weird lot in BBS, mainly because of how confusing the meta becomes but Kenny’s still got it. The problem for Kenpachi right now is that Jugram has released, and everyone wants that dude. However, if you don’t have Jugram at the moment then please use Kenny, he’s an incredible alternative although he’s nowhere close to Jugram whatsoever.

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5 – Riruka Dokugamine (Machine Society Version):

Riruka and Kenpachi are essentially the same character in all departments, same kit and same play style. Although they do have one minor difference, in that Riruka’s killer is a bit worse and she’s slower and tankier. No matter, Riruka is a great alternative for Jugram as well if you don’t have him yet or if you don’t have Kenpachi either!

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6 – Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (CFYOW Truths):

Grimmjow is thankfully still the same character that we all know and love. He’s still got his uber strong natural attributes in his Enhanced DR, high Bruiser, good killer and a good affiliation. The problem with him is that there aren’t many great match ups for him, you need either a Jugram with him or you’re not going to be surviving much in the attribute meta.

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7 –Nnoitora Gilga (CFYOW):

Nnoitora is a very commendable and quite decent main booster and a really good alternative for Chad. He’s obviously quite far from being as good as Chad at boosting because of his lack of Enhancer and his incompatibility with the attribute stats. He’s still a super solid and extremely fun pick though, with his transformation move-sets and his safe affiliations.

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8 – Tokinada Tsunayashiro (CFYOW):

Tokinada is a very experimental character. His main strategy is the LDS, which means that you have to die and revive yourself so that you can hit enemy units from a distance. It’s a strategy that takes a lot of people by surprise and that’s often why it works. He’s also a pretty decent primary booster but you’d have to be mental to use him in the current Meta, but he’s a really good DPS when it comes to it.

9 – Ichibei Hyosube (TYBW):

Surprisingly, Ichibei was probably the best character in the game for a while until Askin and Jugram came out, now he’s the lowest rated S-Tier character. He is countered much harder than anyone else by Jugram and Askin, they have a killer on him which can basically take him out within moments. Others can definitely hold their own, especially Chad and Nnoitora. Worst part though, he doesn’t have a special ability or team support and doesn’t fit well with most team compositions. But the reason why he’s still an S-Tier is his extremely high DPS attack power, he also has an enhanced bruise and his pierce barrier skill is mighty strong. Not to mention the infamous Flurry + Poise skillset. He’s still a terrific character, but he might be getting kicked off the list pretty soon not going to lie.

10 — Yoruichi Shihoin (Fierce Battle Version): 

Yoruichi is currently suffering from the same issues as Ichibei. However, what makes her a better contender against Jugram, is that she has a much better killer and her enhanced DR is a mighty saving grace for her. She’s much weaker than she used to be before that’s for certain, but she can hold her own against almost any and all DPS and if she can against Jugram, then she’s a viable pick.

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BLEACH Brave Souls: Battle tips & Strategies help you fast level up

Bleach Brave Souls is an action, role play game developed by KLab Games. It is well known for reporting in 2017 for having downloads more than 25 million. This game is highly based on the popularized manga and anime bleach. You can build teams with favorite bleach characters who have unique special abilities.


BLEACH Brave Souls


Bleach Brave Souls is available in android and iOS platforms and consists of so many collectible characters in their combat to level up the characters.


Yet this game is highly enjoyable, you should have the right knowledge on where to start and how to play it wisely to succeed in this game. So there are tips. If you follow these correct tips, you can become wiser in his knowledge to perform it cleverly. Let's find out those tips.


When building your team be sure to make it wisely

When you are building your team, make sure to build it more balanced and covering the weaknesses of low stats. Don't create a group by picking up randomly. You have to be more concerned about Team effects and make your team according to that to form higher energy. Think that you are building a PvP team. This PvP team will make your team more strength and no matter how intense the opponent is. You will be easy to battle. If you got the corresponding week advantage, it makes you easy to farm materials to each of the characters. Here are some of the stats.

  • STA – Make points
  • ATK – Normal attacking damage to a smaller degree but high strength attack. And also to least degree specialized move damage.
  • DEF – Received damage
  • FCS – Hit chances critically
  • SP – Attack vigorously and specialized move damaging


BLEACH Brave Souls


Spending your orbs on every banner would be a disadvantage

You will pay some more if you lose more. That is, a general theory belongs to all. But this is a disadvantage for everyone. Do not ever practice such things and follow the community pages to get updates in gatcha events. Then you will see a few of the events have the double chances to get five or maybe a 5% chance to get 5. Just focus on these events, mainly to build a good team. Until you are doing that, make farm your orbs. Don't look or concern about other events because you will tend to try them to get your luck and get decent 5.


Play as a gathered team

You may game in a room that full of many players and everybody in there is highly in need of finish raids and go to next. When you skip it, other players will be more satisfied, but if you need to see those all animation, it is better to use the single-player quest. Be aware of the times where your team is able and not able to finish quests. Think that you are going to a level 140+ raids. You have to make sure to have one of the advantages, or two benefits or all maxed characters out and are not in autoplay mode. So it is said that you have to know about judging whether your team can make it or not.


Don't try high-level raids. If you play in a team and are trying high-level raids, it will waste your other members' time. Always switch your character before you start the quest. If you died in a team playing, don't quite suddenly. You can watch it still and take the materials of your team has collected.  Let your team members get the healing bomb when they need it. A low health team member will decrease the strength of your team.


Now let's turn into strategies of how you can play the Bleach Brave Souls. There are a few essential strategies in here.


BLEACH Brave Souls

Try to complete your levels with three stars.

It may sound easy for you. But this is important. When you play Bleach Brace Souls, you have to aim in three stars always. It is a proven factor that you have hardly completed the game by showing a one star. Two mean that you had optional two conditions. But three says that you have fully completed the both. These critical conditions will help you to complete the level without getting killed in battle.  When you earn stars, it receives a Spirit Orb who is useful in summoning the more allies. So try to make stars into three always.


You can win Spirit Orbs in events too. But you will unable to use them in facilitating the shortcuts. You can use them in more characters.


Keep following the orders.

Orders are the quests. You can find these quests in the game menu, and its location is on the left side of menu. Orders are optional, but it gives you rewards by completing them. Those rewards can be coins, tickets, etc. these orders or the quests are always divided into categories like daily, weekly, free, and event. And they are refreshing when you have completed hem.


Use Dodge Roll

In the game, when you are playing it, there be occasions that your enemies are trying to launch attacks. Then you will see a flashing red light surrounding them. This light is a point to know the time you have to use your dodge roll. You can avoid those attacks by using the dodge roll. Make two attacks while your enemies are flashing red. You have to hit your dodge roll by swiping the screen. To do this, it will require so many practices, and if you need to complete the levels without taking any damages, it is worth doing some more training in this.


The Elemental Hierarchy

Bleach Brave souls have the nature of the elemental system. It is included in so many games.  This elemental system is known for having a specified alignment that is so much strong against one element and maybe a week against another component. Red is beating green, and Green is beating blue. Blue is beating red and likewise so on. It is a formula for three of the five elements. Purple and orange are the other elements. Make sure to check on your stage select screen, and there you will see your enemies adopted elements. By checking it, you can set up your game by taking the right type of character who has the most potent element against the opponent's character.


BLEACH Brave Souls


If you have unneeded character gather them to the one you prefer

In some situations, you will receive more of the characters that you are not in need to use them all. You will have more characters that you don't need for yourself. If you are no longer in need of those characters, you can set them to make more power for your favorite character. Or you can use them to build a strong character that plays a vital role in your team. This whole procedure is known as augmentation. It makes the chosen style to gain more experience.



Those can be known as the complete guide for battle tips and strategies to play and make you fast up the levels in-game effectively.  It can be known as the best android game, which is mainly based on the anime. So those who love anime say that this game would be a perfect choice for you all. To become more successful and efficient, is it reasonable to use these tips and strategies wisely and guarantee that you can be the highest level in the whole game by following them?

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BLEACH Brave Souls

Over 60 Million

Downloads Worldwide!

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3D fast-paced
hack-and-slash action3D fast-paced
hack-and-slash action

Bleach is now in a game!
Make the strongest team possible
with beloved
characters!Bleach is now in a game!
Make the strongest team possible
with beloved

Bleach is now in a game! Make the strongest team possible with beloved characters!Bleach is now in a game! Make the strongest team possible with beloved characters!

Move about freely
in the world of Bleach!

You'll find characters from the anime
as well as original characters
from the
novelization!You'll find characters from the anime
as well as original characters
from the

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    Ichigo Kurosaki

    Even when he had finally achieved the life he yearned for, a life without the ability to see ghosts, Ichigo still felt that something was missing. At that time, he met Ginjo and was dragged into learning to acquire the power of Fullbring.

  • Rukia Kuchiki

    Rukia Kuchiki

    Despite being promoted to lieutenant of Squad 13, Rukia still can't resist cute things, even when fighting Fullbringers.

  • Sosuke Aizen

    Sosuke Aizen

    Former Captain of Squad 5 and leader of the rebellion against the Seireitei. Aizen commanded the Espada in the fight against Ichigo and his allies.

  • Ulquiorra Shifar

    Ulquiorra Shifar

    Arrancar #4 and an Espada. Extremely dangerous, Ulquiorra can regenerate any part of his body except his brain or organs.



    The founder of Xcution. His Fullbring, Cross of Scaffold, comes from his cross-shaped pendant. He trains Ichigo in the use of Fullbring and then steals his powers.

  • Tokinada Tsunayashiro

    Tokinada Tsunayashiro

    The new head of the Tsunayashiro Clan, one of the Four Great Noble Clans. Tokinada attended the Soul Reaper Academy at the same time as Shunsui and Jushiro and was married to Kaname's close friend Kakyo. He is using Hikone as part of some nefarious scheme.

How To Brave Souls: Building a PVE Team!

BBS Character Building Guide


This guide will only be covering the 4 basic builds (NAD,SAD,Hybrid and SAR builds) and is mainly for beginners but veterans may find this useful and if there is any errors in this, please do tell me and ill fix it.

SAD ~ Strong Attack Damage

NAD ~ Normal Attack Damage

SAR ~ Strong Attack Recharge

DR ~ Damage Reduction

So why build a character properly?

Its so that you can do decent damage in pve or survive long enough in pvp to win against the enemy team.

what are wrong builds?

putting a Chappy on a SAD unit

putting a Yuki on a unit with a Chappy on it already.

Using an accessory of a different colour

Examples of wrong builds

user uploaded image
user uploaded image
user uploaded image

NAD Build

user uploaded image

Pretty simple, all you have to do is build for attack. Do note that an another spin on this build is NAD with DR

user uploaded image

Examples of accessories for NAD builds



~Hollows bait

Recommended accessories for Newbies

Chappy,Pupples and hollows bait/HP increasing accessories (Incomplete hogyoku,Captains robe,isshins charm and Enraku)

SAD Build

user uploaded image

The SAD build may be a bit more difficult.This is because the way Strong Attack Damage is calculated includes your attack stat

SA1 = (((Attack - Defense)+(SP * 1.2)*SAD%)

SA2 = (((Attack - Defense)+(SP * 1.5)*SAD%)

SA3 = (((Attack - Defense)+(SP * 1.8)*SAD%)

Do Note!

these are estimated strong attack damage.

So it would be quite safe to go for a yuki and pupples combo to get that slight increase in attack to do a bit more damage with your strong attacks

Examples of Accessories for SAD Builds


~Fortification pill

~Tenshintai (increase in special attack damage)

Recommended build for Beginners

Yuki,Pupples and Fortification pill/HP increasing items

Hybrid Build

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Since frenzy grimmjow came back, his soul trait is perfect for the hybrid build.

So what is a hybrid build?

Its just making an increase in both attack and sp instead of focusing on one.

Now how do you know if a character is a hybrid despite having a soul traid for NAD and SAD?


Look for the berserker,bruiser,devastation and the bombardment skills

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

An increase in 40% to 50% in either bruiser or berserker in a unit with a SAD or NAD soul trait respectively, most likely means they are a hybrid

Examples of a hybrid build are

-Attack Hybrid

-Sp Hybrid

Ill explain these builds in the next part

Examples of accessories for hybrid builds

-All stats items

SAR build

user uploaded image

The SAR build can be incredibly useful but only for pve especially when using a SAR unit with a boost strong attack.

Example Butterfly Aizen.

This is because he is one of the few units that can use something know as the infinite boost as he has a strong attack recharge soul trait.

Examples of units with boosts but no recharge soul trait

~HW soifon


~FB Ikkaku

These units cannot use infinite boosts.

So what does an infinite boost look like?

user uploaded image

First make sure you have either 50% or 52% strong attack recharge, then when you press the boost strong attack, you will get 19 seconds cooldown almost immediately,

user uploaded image

Now after the cooldown finishes you will notice you still have your boost, so just use the strong attack again and you will get an infinite boost essentially.So just sit back, relax and keep boosting

user uploaded image

accessories for SAR units depend on their character.

Some go for either yukis or chappies so experiment on the unit.

though for aizen i recommend for either SP hybrid or SAD


Brave souls builder bleach team

Bleach Brave Souls Team Effect Guide

KenpachiCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 11MayuriCaptains, Research & Development Chiefs, Soul ReapersGrimmjowArrancarNellielArrancarYachiruLieutenants, Soul Reapers, Squad 11NnoitoraArrancarIchigoGetsuga, Rescuers, The Internal StruggleWhite IchigoThe Internal StruggleSzayelaporroArrancarKaienLieutenants, Soul Reapers, Squad 13, Where the Heart LiesMomoLieutenants, Lil' Shiro, Soul Reaper Academy Class of 2066, Soul Reapers, Squad 5AizenCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 5, Terrible AmbitionOrihimeRescuers, What Is a Heart?RukiaPride of the Kuchikis, Soul Reapers, Squad 13, Where the Heart LiesByakuyaCaptains, Pride of the Kuchikis, Soul Reapers, Squad 6TessaiN/AIkkakuSoul Reapers, Squad 11UlquiorraArrancar, What Is a Heart?ShinjiVisoredChadRescuersGenryusaiCaptains, Soul Reapers, Unconditional LoyaltyPescheArrancarZangetsuGetsugaHachigenVisoredHiyoriVisoredUruruN/ASajinCaptains, Soul Reapers, Unconditional LoyaltyDon KanonjiN/AUryuRescuersToshiroCaptains, Lil' Shiro, Soul Reapers, Squad 10YoruichiOld Friends, Rescuers, Stealth Force CommandersKanameCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 9, Terrible AmbitionSoi FonCaptains, Soul Reapers, Stealth Force CommandersRetsuCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 4RenjiLieutenants, Soul Reaper Academy Class of 2066, Soul Reapers, Squad 6RoseVisoredGantenbainneArrancarMashiroVisoredRangikuLieutenants, Memory of a Vow, Soul Reapers, Squad 10DordoniArrancarKisukeOld Friends, Research & Development ChiefsLoveVisoredLisaVisoredIkkakuSoul Reapers, Squad 11YumichikaSoul Reapers, Squad 11KenseiVisoredCirucciArrancarIllfortArrancar, Grimmjow's FracciónesShawlongArrancar, Grimmjow's FracciónesMashiroVisoredShunsuiCaptains, Soul ReapersEdradArrancar, Grimmjow's FracciónesIzuruLieutenants, Soul Reaper Academy Class of 2066, Soul Reapers, Squad 3JushiroCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 13LuppiArrancarGinCaptains, Soul Reapers, Squad 9, Terrible AmbitionHanataroSoul Reapers, Squad 4KukakuPyrotechniciansGanjuPyrotechnicians

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