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22 Best Haircuts for Men With Thin Hair to Look Thicker

High and Tight for Thin Hair

High and Tight for Thin Hair

Instagram @rebel.bible

Thin minimalist haircuts are always in style. This thin cut puts a present-day touch to the military cut by brandishing thicker top hair.

Undercut Faux Hawk on Thin Hair

Undercut faux hawk on thin hair

Instagram @kat.domz

The undercut faux hawk on thin hair offers a stylish camouflage for men with thin hair. It utilizes close clippering on the sides and cuts the top short with lots of texture, blending the thinner areas of the hair. If thinning is predominant in the temple and in the front hairline, this may not be the right cut for you since hair is needed in the front to create the faux hawk style.

Long Slicked Back Curls for Fine Hair

Long slicked back curls for fine hair

Instagram @nathan.b.adams

Long slicked back curls for fine hair bring a zing to your curls and add volume to the hair. The fade is kept low graduating into the top smoothly to help build the transition for the curls. The best way to tame the curls is to dry some sea salt spray into them and then use a strong pomade or paste to hold them back throughout the day.

Thin Faded Undercut

Thin faded undercut

Instagram @topboy_83

The thin faded undercut is a wise choice of style for anyone suffering from thinning hair. The shorter the sides are, the longer and thicker the hair will appear on top. This cut is easy to style as well, a little bit of product, a brush or comb backward, and off you go to start your day!

Ivy League with Drop Fade

Ivy League with Drop Fade

Instagram @kvenzo.barber.cuts

For the classic gentleman&#;s hairstyle with a modern punch, this ivy league haircut is on the top of the list of hairstyles for men with thin hair. The tapered fade makes for the retro vibes of the ivy cut.

Buzz Cut on Thin Hair

Buzz Cut on Thin Hair

Instagram @seanhairdesign

Looking for a haircut that&#;s easy to manage, saves a ton of products, and will flatter thin hair? Then, this sharp and slick buzz cut is for you!

Thin Pompadour Fade

thin pompadour fade

Instagram @alan_beak

How can you extend a fade on the sides when you have thin hair? Through a guard skipping technique! It works wonders in terms of aesthetics and innovation for the trained eye. Plus, it&#;s a great way to make your thin hair look thicker.

Rugged Quiff Skin Fade

rugged quiff skin fade

Instagram @barbertownworcs

The fact that you have thin hair is not a problem, but an advantage if you know what haircut to get. One way to go about it is this quiff hairstyle.

It works by letting hair gather on top then pulled back one on top of another to create a sense of fullness. Meanwhile, cutting the sides low will create contrast. A bald fade with the beard and glasses gives a total hipster vibe if that&#;s what you&#;re going for.

Slicked Back Style on Thin, Short Hair with Bald Fade

Slicked back with bald fade is one of the coolest haircuts that men with thin hair should try. The shaved sides give emphasis to the hair on top, creating a much fuller effect.

Professional Cut for Men Over 40 with Thin Hair

This is a modern conservative look for the professional man with thin hair who desires more style. &#;You can achieve this with a tapered nape and temple area, along with the sharp lines,&#; says barber Yolanda Campbell of Atlanta, GA.

This is a very easy hairstyle that would work on all guys with various lifestyles. This haircut is great for men with thin hair and a straight texture. This is a style that you can wash and go with very little time spent on maintenance.

Campbell recommends hair products like a mousse or even a leave-in conditioner when styling. &#;Allow the hair to air dry or you can blowdry for a more defined look,&#; she adds.

Texturized & Masculine Haircut

This thin short haircut is texturized, hand-styled, and a bit messy. &#;The sides are faded from one into the transition area with a skin taper in the back,&#; barber Aaron Rohrer describes.

&#;My favorite thing about this look is that it looks masculine and super easy to maintain for guys within thin hair,&#; says the Washington-based stylist.

The number one thing for any guy to consider about their hair is their lifestyle. Rohrer explains, &#;I always ask guys what their routine is and how much time they spend or want to spend on their hair. From there, I make my recommendations.&#;

Clean & Mature Crop

This thin haircut is a clean mature look created by barber Bruce of Glens Falls, NY. A lot of young men and athletes are sporting the full beard look today as it&#;s manly and sporty at the same time!

&#;I really like how the beard comes to a point at the top of this look to accentuate the round face,&#; Bruce states. For styling products, Bruce uses a custom-made sandalwood and tea tree oil beard balm to soften and style the beard. The Ampro Coconut Oil Styling Gel is also great to give the hair a nice wet look. It also has an attractive fragrance to draw the ladies&#; attention!

Bruce mentions, &#;I rub the gel against the grain of the hair direction to create a spiky hair effect. No comb is involved at all! This is classic skin fade on the side, too.&#;

Side Part Comb Over for Men Over 60

This look is a business cut with classic taper sides for men with thin hair. &#;My favorite thing about it is its versatility. You have the option for a hard side part as it is styled in the photo, or without which gives a more laid-back look,&#; describes stylist Ginger Polichino-Brand of Bristow, VA.

This look is perfect for men looking for a modern and fresh style with minimal upkeep. It can be achieved with just a little product. Polichino-Brand states, &#;pomade was used to aid in controlling the hard part and to add shine. A mousse or gel would also work if styling wet hair.&#;

This look fits many face shapes, hair types, and lifestyles and can be altered to fit each individual by opting for a tighter fade in the back or a longer top.

Straight and Sleek Haircut with Hard Part

This haircut is simple and elegant with easy maintenance for the modern-day man with thinning hair. &#;It&#;s classy but rockstar at the same time, and looks fab in a suit and funky in denim,&#; states barber Kashy of Australia.

This men&#;s haircut with curly hair would look awesome with no product at all.

As for face shapes, this haircut doesn&#;t discriminate, although a sharp square jawline will get the heads turning. All in all, this style is for men who like a short, sharp, and crispy clean hairstyle which is no fuss in the early mornings while getting ready for work.

Thin Side-Swept Hair with Taper Fade

This is a very modern side-swept haircut with a taper fade for thin hair, which is a masterpiece by cosmetologist Kennadi Prior from Provo, UT.

It&#;s a good mix between the style of leaving it long on the sides and fading the sides extremely short. This haircut is great for men with thinning hair because the extra length both on the top and sides increase the appearance of volume of hair.

For styling, Prior suggests using a paste for even more added volume and to keep the shape in place. &#;This is a great haircut for guys who don&#;t take too much time in the morning to style their hair, as well as those men that have a full hair routine,&#; Prior advises.

Tight & Clean Textured Hair Cut

This is a tight and clean look for thin hair that allows for a little fun expression on top. It was created by barber and stylist Julie Fulginiti from Hawaii.

&#;While I always love a strong fade, what I like most about this cut is the textured top,&#; Fulginiti explains. Then, adds, &#;a textured crop is my favorite to cut. Maybe it&#;s the feeling of breaking into the structure and messin&#; it all up!&#;

Fulginiti emphasizes, &#;it&#;s a no-muss, no-fuss haircut that is great for men with thinner hair who doesn&#;t like to spend the time styling his hair. Just mess it up and be out the door.&#;

Mohawk Fade on Fine, Thin Hair

This hairstyle is a mohawk fade with a wet, spiked-up finish to flatter men with finer hair. It was created by barber Juan Carlos Rivera of Anchorage, AK. &#;I recommend it to guys who want to look juvenile even if they are wearing a semi-formal suit,&#; says Rivera.

To create the style, Rivera suggests using Alpha Products and American Crew.

He adds, &#;I prefer to apply this look to men who have had a fresh facial and clean face. I mean no facial hair, but it really depends on the shape of the face. It looks more accurate when you have a very clean facial look.&#;

Combover with Razor Shaved Fade

This is a medium straight razor-shaved fade with a natural and sleek side part, created by California-based stylist Edgar Argumedo. What&#;s great about this haircut is the simplicity and cleanliness that it provides.

&#;I&#;ve used Suavecito Firme Pomade, but you can also achieve this look with Tip Top Pomade and/or Shiner Pomade. I highly recommend all of these products because of their water soluble base, and because they give that wet look without damaging or giving dandruff to the scalp,&#; Argumedo notes.

This comb over with fade looks great on men with an oblong, oval or diamond-shaped head. Those who have thick or thin hair can rock this look but, clients with thinner hair get that extra clean look.

Simple Crew Cut Fade

Here&#;s a simple fade with a number two crew cut on top, done by barber Don Oudoms. The California-based barber says, &#;It&#;s almost a buzz cut, but not quite. I love it the way it blends in with the top of the hair which brings more definition to the client&#;s face.&#;

This look can be styled with a strong pomade, or even with a simple gel like Johnny B. &#;I can also create this fade to where no product is needed and it has a dry look to it. Sometimes less is more,&#; Oudoms adds.

This is definitely for guys who like to have low-maintenance hair. A slimmer face structure is greatly preferred for this type of cut. Oudoms emphasizes that this would best fit any man who would want a clean-cut look that would give off a great first impression.

Low Skin Bald Fade for Gents with Thin Hair

This is a low skin bald fade haircut that works on thinner hair. It was designed by barber Albert Arias from California. The blending is what makes it nice-looking. This style is a nice clean cut for guys who want to keep it short.

&#;I use a very small amount of Johnny B. You don&#;t need a lot of gel because using just a little bit gives it that nice bright look. I also use Red One Agua Hair Gel Wax. Both products work well,&#; Arias states.

This look is recommended for dudes of any age whether they have thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, or straight hair. Arias adds, &#;I believe the low bald fade looks good on any face shape and size and this haircut suits any lifestyle.&#;

Skin Fade With Hard Part

This style is a skin fade with a hard parting, pushing the longer hair on top over to make a slight pompadour haircut. &#;I did the fade using a Wahl foil shaver to take it right down to the skull on the sides,&#; says barber Huw Jones, describing the look.

Jones opted for something that wasn&#;t greasy to make sure it didn&#;t weigh hair down that&#;s very fine. The product used is the Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax, then finished with hairspray.

Thin Faux Hawk Style

Thin Faux Hawk Style

Instagram @mgrandehair

Comb hair towards the center and brush up for the classic fake mohawk style that&#;s perfect for gents with thin hair!

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/mens/thin.html

Thin hair can do the most terrible things to a man&#;s confidence. Even the best-dressed, or the fittest of them all. Thing is, most of us will face the thinning truth at some point as we age, which is why finding hairstyles for men with thin hair, isn&#;t just a &#;that&#;s his problem&#; kinda thing, cause you could be next, Jason Statham.

The Thin Down

While you can spend loads on hair volumising products and anti-hair loss pills, there actually are tried and tested hairstyles for men with thin hair, which will make your hair look normal, luscious even, and it&#;s all in the way it&#;s cut. But first, here are some things to stop doing if your hair is thinning. First up, accept it.

&#;Understand that balding happens to 80% of men,&#; says Jules Tognini, senior stylist at Togninis and Philips Shaving and Grooming ambassador.

And as for prevention? &#;My number one tip is don’t wash hair too often&#;, adds Jules. &#;A lot of hair products are filled with substances that can strip moisture in your hair and cause hair damage. Smoking is also another cause of hair loss. In fact, I believe 65% of men that smoke have a greater risk of hair loss.&#;

So, putting the thick back into thin hair again, here are the best hairstyles for men with thin hair, and you don&#;t have to shave it all off to get there, Bruce Willis.

Swept Back Pompadour

Starting to develop a monk-like bald patch at the crown of your head? Go for the swept back pompadour. &#;Flip your hair back,&#; says Jules. &#;With this style try keeping your fringe long.&#;

This creates height at the front and sees the hair sweep back towards the crown of the head. The visual trick is using the longer hair at the front to sweep over the thinning area at the back.

Best for: men who are thinning at the crown or back of the head.

How to get it: Product and styling adds volume to this look. Use a hair dryer to help guide your hair into place, especially if you&#;ve got an awkward hairline. Plus, the air builds height that makes hair appear fuller.

&#;Then use a generous amount of a styling paste to control the style and keep your bare spots secret. My tip is to avoid a wax and use a dry product instead, as greasy hair can make your balding spot look worse,&#; adds Jules.

Short & Textured Hair

Short and textured or messy, is another hairstyle for men with thin hair. The dishevelled nature makes it look like you have more hair on top, due to the extra volume. &#;The shortness will make your hair feel thicker,&#; adds Jules. &#;Sometimes if you try too hard to cover your balding spot it can make it look worse.&#;

Best for: men who have front head baldness, beyond a receding hairline.

How to get it: Use a texturising product like water-based pomade, rubbing a dab of product between palms, before working through the hair with fingers, messily of course, and you&#;re done. If you&#;ve got straight hair, then try spiking it a little, but go easy on the product, and avoid looking like a porcupine.

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Fringe Or Parted Hair

Inspired by the Don Draper do, grow your hair longer on top and keep the sides and back short. The whole idea is to wear your hair forward.

&#;Any haircut that consists of hair swept forward or to the sides work perfectly well for men with thinning hair,&#; says Jules.

Best for: a receding hairline, and men seeking a more refined option with their thin hair.

How to get it:  Use a lightweight, medium hold product that won’t weight hair down, like a matte-finish, water-based pomade. Oil-based ones are, yes, oily looking, and are hard to wash out.

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Fade Hairstyles

An undercut and/or fade makes hair on top look more prominent and thicker, thanks to the contrasting short sides and back, so it&#;s perfect for gents starting to thin.

Best for: men who have still have some hair at the front, and who&#;s job means they can indulge in a more fashion-y hairstyle.

How to get it: grow your hair to a medium length on top and comb it across to the opposite side for maximum fullness. Add some volumising powder at the roots to add thickness and fullness making the hair follicles sit up near the scalp.

Ultimate Thin Hair Sin

As tempting as it is, there is one major thin hair sin to avoid. &#;Don’t do the comb over,&#; says Jules. &#;This is when the hair is grown long and combed over the bald area to minimise the evidence, obviously.&#;

And, think quick. As soon as you notice that you are balding, take action to prevent it from getting worse.

&#;For instance, try switching shampoos to an organic product that makes your hair look thicker,&#; concludes Jules.

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50 Stylish Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Men’s hair may get thinner with age. And there are men whose hair is naturally fine or not as dense as they would like. Actually, it’s not such a big problem if you choose the right haircut and learn how to style your hair quickly so that it looks nice and stylish. We offer to your attention 50 best hairstyles for men with thin hair. You will certainly find here something that looks right and may work for you personally.

Best Mens Haircuts and Hairstyles for Fine Hair

So, what is the best hairstyle for men, whose manes are not like a lion king of animals has? We have the answer, so don`t be upset to see your hair is thinning. You may save the situation by making a new trendy haircut. Texturizing, comb over, undercuts, messy styles and slicked back variants – this is just the beginning of the whole list of possibilities. These photos below will show you different hairstyles for thin hair men can use in casual, sport and formal looks. See the ideas and remember: a right hairstyle can really change your image!

#1: Thin Hair Spiked Up

If you struggle with thin hair, then think upward. This hairstyle brings hair up in the center to detract from the lack of thickness. Add some well landscaped facial hair to further divert attention away from thinning hair.

#2: Thin Hair Hipster

Hipster hair is great for those experiencing some minor thinning – check out this style that features a close cut all around the sides and back, leaving as much remaining hair as possible up top. A few days of facial hair growth brings a further fullness to the look.

#3: Pair a Haircut with a Beard

Thinning hair don’t care? Say it with a full, dignified beard. When it comes to thinning hair men tend to panic and add products they don’t really need and can actually make the situation worse. Instead, grow a thick, regal beard that will capture attention before your thin mane can even show up to the party.

#4: Romantically Long Haircut

It’s the stuff of fairytales and romance novels – a man comes along with long, flowing locks. But what if your hair is thinning? Don’t worry – women love hair that flows down the neck. Wear your hair long, loose and effortlessly swept back.

#5: Haircut That’s a Work of Art

Receding hairline haircuts are not only needed by older men – younger guys experience hair loss as well. Embrace this change by adding some ink! Simply shearing hair off half the head and replacing with an artistic, meaningful tattoo can make the rest of your hair appear thicker.

#6: Simple Haircut for Busy Men

If you are struggling with a receding hairline, don’t worry about looking like a grandpa just yet. There are plenty of men’s hairstyles that bring shape and dimension to the hair you still have. Style it right and your secret is safe!

#7: Subtle Spikes for a Receding Hairline

Hold onto your youth by returning to a hairdo you likely sported in elementary school. Cut close and yet kept long, this style features combed back hair with light spiking. Your hair will look thick and young again.

#8: Natural Color for Thin Hair

One solution to thinning hair is to simply embrace it. If you are going gray, thinning hair can actually look handsomely dignified.

#9: Add Length to a Receding Hairline

If your hair seems to be flying South, then grow it out to make it seem on purpose. Long, combed back hair naturally looks thicker. Add in a square bottom cut midway down the neck and you will love the youthful, flowing hair result.

# Haircut for Thinning Hair

Even young men have thin hair, and fortunately it can be concealed in a variety of ways. This is one of the best haircuts for thin hair out there – the hair is left thick on top and brought forward, fading it down into barely there facial hair.

# Slicked Back Fade Cut

When it comes to hairstyles for men with receding hairlines, it might seem that your options are limited. However, concealing thinning hair while still looking your best is easier than you think. Slicked back hair adds height, detracting from the fact there isn’t a lot of thickness. The fade cut along the back and sides also works to distract and conceal.

# Longer Lightened Hair

This hair cut combines height and color. Lightening hair not only minimizes the appearance of fine hair, it also brightens up the face and provides you with a cool, casual look. There’s a reason women do it so often, steal this trick!

# Sideswept Hairstyle

Another way to minimize the look of thinning locks is to avoid uniform short haircuts. Use flattering undercuts that provide a contrast of lengths. Shear one side’s under layer, and then form a deep side part, sweeping the longer hair over to the other side.

# Spiked Style with Facial Hair

Looking cool is essential for modern men. Thinning hair doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a lack of style. On the contrary, some hairdos look even better on men with receding hairlines. Front spikes and subtle facial hair are a few ways to conceal while also looking your best.

# Long Bed Head Style

If you have very thin hair, go with a punk-inspired style that focuses on length (and a little bit of chaos) rather than texture. Adding some thicker facial hair can also help men with thin hair feel better about their appearance.

# Choppy High and Tight

Choppiness creates texture that always looks more voluminous than sleek hair, especially when the length is short. We love this combo of blunt edges and textured interior of the hair on top. By shearing the sides of the hair and adding in some subtle, sculpted facial hair, guys tend to look more youthful with a trendy undercut.

# Heightened Side Part and Bangs

Front fringe really helps receding hairline haircuts look their best, but you need to be careful not to weigh down your facial features with too much heaviness in the front of your style. Brush hair back and to the side to add height.

# Deep Side Part and Fade

Guys with thin hair can rest assured that this updated version of a classic childhood cut will make the grade every time. Go for a deep side part and cut one side shorter than the other to add the illusion of thickness. Of course, growing out facial hair also helps to make the final look mature.

# Pushed Back Hair with Color

The best haircut for a man with a receding hairline is a textured side part that pushes hair to the side and backwards with some lift at the roots. This combover can be held in place all day with a high quality mousse or styling gel that is applied while hair is still damp. You can also add a lighter hue to your hair to make it seem more textured than it truly is.

# Spikes with Highlights

Spikes and jagged edges are excellent in haircuts for men with thin hair. Whether you choose a side part, high spikes up top or all around choppiness, this is an easy, low maintenance option for any man.

# Long Wavy Haircut

If you were blessed with natural waves, work them into a soft, longer style that will conceal thin spots and make you look like a romantic. If your hair is curly, this could also work for you as long as frizz is kept under control with a quality product.

# Military Style Buzz Cut

Keeping hair short and closely coiffed will minimize the appearance of thin hair. Men with the ability to grow a fair bit of facial hair can also benefit from a well sculpted beard to keep attention on the face rather than the hairline.

# Faded Deep Side Part

Using a strong styling gel or moose, brush medium length locks straight back while hair is still damp. Go for a close fade on one side to make hair appear fuller and more directional. Men’s haircuts for thinning hair don’t need to be complicated – sometimes it’s just as simple as changing an angle.

# Full Facial Hair as Compensation

If you are lacking up top, a good trick is to grow a very full beard and mustache. Not only will this draw attention away from a receding hairline, but it will also keep you relevant as facial hair has definitely made a comeback.

# Volumized Brush Back Style

Adding layers of volume into male hairstyles is a tried and true trick for creating the illusion of thickness. Play with various lengths, angles and holding mousse to find the correct combination for your individual hair type and personality.

# Beach Kissed Tousled Hair

Inspired by a touch of bed head, this laid back summer look is perfect for many different types of men. The best hairstyles for receding hairline issues often include color to lighten, brighten and conceal.

# Faux Hawk Cut

Go punk with a faux hawk cut that is not only fun to wear, but can minimize the appearance of hair loss at the same time. Spike and shape the thicker sections of hair, leaving the thinner regions to play a subtle, supporting role.

# Multilayer Cut with Shorter Sides

When you see the final result, it’s easy to understand why men would opt for a multilayer cut. There are so many quick fixes that come with this style, from accentuating facial hair to concealing thin patches.

# Wavy Forward Hairstyle

If you’re browsing haircuts for receding hairline, don’t forget to embrace your natural hair texture. If you have naturally curly or wavy strands, let them flow free. Brushing them forward can also help minimize thin areas.

# Rugged Punk Style

Modernize a popular punk cut with a rugged fade and carefully sculpted facial hair. This isn’t your typical playground style – this one is all grown up and ready to impress.

# Conceal That Receding Hairline

Losing your hair? Get creative instead of depressed with this style that involves strategically styled strands with a strong hair gel. Using a fade in your hairdo makes the eye travel downward, allowing the hair on top to look fuller.

# Thin Hair Style Options

Shave off the back and sides of your head, so the eye wanders upward to the deceptively thick section of top hair. Throwing in an unshaven face is also a great way to disguise thinning hair.

# Slick and Sexy Thin Hair

Rock a side part and give your hair some instant volume. If your hair is thinning up top, a groomed side style paired with facial hair will do the trick. Be sure to use a strong product that will hold all day – the thinner your hair, the more prone you are to cowlicks and flyaways.

# When Curly Hair is Thin Hair

Mens hairstyles for thin hair are often geared toward straight-haired guys – but what if you are fortunate enough to have curls? Thinning curly hair can be even more distressing as you’ve long been accustomed to very thick locks. Get a square haircut featuring back and side fades. To keep a boost of body throughout your head of curls, use a styling gel that will hold all day.

# Haircut with a Party in the Back

If you want something different, young and edgy, place a fuller section of hair in the back instead of up top. The rest of your hair can be faded up – a sort of reverse fade that definitely looks out-of-the-box.

# Neat Preppy Hairstyle

A preppy hairstyle with a side part accentuates your wide cheekbones and strong jawline. Alan Ritchson’s style looks % manly, neat and formal. Use hair wax to give your thin on top hair the needed shine and structure.

thin hair hairstyle for men

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

# Perfect Tapered Haircut

Thin hair is not always a problem. If you are not dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline, you can afford many haircut varieties. Ryan Gosling, for example, wears a cool tapered short haircut for fine hair. Style it with a side part for a trendy look.

tapered mens haircut for thin hair

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

# Undercut Haircut for Wavy Hair

Trendy undercut haircuts are ok for thin hair if your keep the top section relatively short. When the temples and nape are clipped to #1 or #2, there’s a contrast in lengths between the hair on top and on the sides, which also adds visual thickness. Kellan Lutz has wavy hair and it’s an extra bonus for thin hair.

undercut haircut for thin hair men

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

# Ivy League for Fine Hair

Slick hairstyles are not a contraindication for thin hair, as most men think. Will Young wears his Ivy League cut slicked back and to a side. To get the right effect with slick hairstyles, choose proper styling products. Styling waxes and creams with a matt finish work best for thin hair.

slick hairstyle for men with thin hair

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

# Short Cut with Edgy Quiff

Dolph Lundgren is still as cool, strong and sexy as he was in the 90’s, but his hair has got a bit thinner. Not a problem for a super hero. The actor opts for a short haircut with an edgy quiff. The bleached ends are one more trick that works as an optical illusion – hair with the darker roots appears thicker.

short hairstyle for men with thin hair

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

# Classic Gelled Hairstyle

If your hair is dark and thin and you have it cut short, it may work for you as it did for Matt Damon. Short dark hair looks thicker. Well, short doesn’t mean extra short all over the head. You may get a slightly elongated top section and a nice, small quiff.

short haircut for men with thin hair

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

# Receding Hairline Haircut

If your hair is of normal density, and your hair line has just begun to recede, you may try medium short haircuts with point cut ends styled towards your forehead and to a side, like Ewan McGregor’s. But as a rule, all the attempts to conceal a receding hairline fail. Another option is to wear a shaved head or a buzz cut. Will Arnett goes his own way, accepting himself as he is and wearing his comfortable length in a neat slicked back men’s hairstyle.

Hairstyle for men with thin hair and receding hairline

DFree / Shutterstock.com

# Messy Hairstyle for Men with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair doesn’t mean you should wear only extra short hairstyles. Dominic Monaghan tries on a cut with elongated top and nape section and accurately trimmed edges. This variety lets him reveal the wispy texture of his hair that looks thin but very appealing.

cute short hairstyle for men with fine hair

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

# Thin Hair with Faux Hawk

If your hair is relatively thin, meaning not extremely thin, remember that texture and a light curl make it appear thicker. Easton Corbin’s haircut is very simple, but he always styles it with lots of texture. Texturizing pastes are the best in this relation.

mens short haircut for thin hair

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

# Short Razored Haircut

Here’s one rule that works in style invariably: when you want to distract attention from something, attract it to something else. The razored finish for the ends in Kevin Alejandro’s male cut immediately catches the eye. Apply some mousse and blow dry your hair upwards.

short haircut for men with thin hair

DFree / Shutterstock.com

# Simple Buzz Cut for Fine Hair

Stylists often recommend a very short haircut for thin hair. Not necessarily an extra short buzz, but the shorter, the better. Aaron Eckhart follows this recommendation and gets a neat, professional look.

very short mens haircut for thin hair

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# Gelled Look for Thin Curly Hair

Matthew McConaughey has already faced the problem of thinning hair and a receding hairline, but at the expense of curly texture his hairstyles still look cool. The style in the photo, however, is not his best option. The curls on top look great, but those at the back stick out awkwardly. The bottom line: commonly thin hair doesn’t like gel. It’s better to use pastes, mousses and waxes instead.

gelled hairstyle for men with thin curly hair

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# Simple Yet Showy Men’s Hairstyle

Styling pastes enhance the texture of your hair and control the shape of your haircut. Benjamin McKenzie’s hairstyle takes only a few minutes. Blow dry your hair away from your face and apply a bit of styling paste to your temples, smoothing them backwards. Then work some more product into your quiff, styling it with your fingertips up and backwards.

simple hairstyle for men with thin hair

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# Disheveled Spikes for Thin Hair

Stephen Dorff’s bold hairstyle appears effortless and spontaneous. In case you like disheveled edgy looks, you need a haircut with point cut ends and a medium hold styling product. If your hair is thin and you want to style it in spikes, it shouldn’t be too long on top.

disheveled hairstyle for men with thin hair

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# Tapered Preppy Hairstyle

Tapered haircuts with the longest length at the quiff and neat sideburns are best mens haircuts for thinning hair with a receding hairline. Alexander Skarsgard has chosen the right cut and the flattering preppy style to match. Style your quiff with a lift at the roots.

preppy hairstyle for men with thin hair

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Well, these photos demonstrate us that looking manly and stylish is possible with hair of any length and thickness. There’s no universal haircut and hairstyle to flatter everyone, but there’s definitely your most suitable option. We wish you to find it and feel confident no matter what happens. Even a so-so hairstyle looks good on a confident guy.

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21 Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair

If you&#;re worried about finding hairstyles for men with thin hair, you shouldn&#;t be. Some 85% of men will experience major hair thinning by the time they&#;re 50, and then there are men who have naturally fine hair. While fine or thinning hair doesn&#;t pose a health risk, worrying about how it affects your looks and style is understandable. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of men&#;s hairstyles for thin hair. It&#;s simply a matter of getting the best haircut and then styling your hair to avoid bringing any attention to your hair loss. From short haircuts like the buzz cut and crew cut to long styles like the comb over, men with fine hair have a number of cuts and styles to choose from.

Here are the best haircuts and hairstyles for men with thin hair. These short, medium and long styles will look great for your thin or thinning hair!

Hairstyles For Men with Thin Hair


How To Style Men&#;s Thin Hairstyles

We recommend getting a short haircut such as an undercut or high fade paired with a buzz cut, crew cut, or side part. Generally speaking, any short men&#;s hairstyle is ideal. Long fine hair does not distract people &#; so growing your hair out will only bring more attention to your receding hairline or thin hair because of the contrast.

Haircuts For Men with Thin Hair

Furthermore, avoid hair gels since these types of styling products clump your hair together and further accentuate your thinning hair. Any hair product with a matte finish is good. We recommend a good hair wax for a strong hold but natural texture that will cover any bald spots.

Best Men&#;s Haircuts For Fine Hair

Beyond that, it&#;s all about finding the best hairstyles for your thinning hair. Now take off that baseball cap and head to your barber to actually try one of these haircuts for men with fine hair!

Thin Hair Comb Over Pomp + Skin Fade + Beard

Thin Hair Comb Over Pomp + Skin Fade + Beard

A short comb over on top with a high skin fade on the sides can be an excellent way to style your thin hair.

Shaved Sides + Comb Over + Full Beard

Shaved Sides + Comb Over + Full Beard

One way to fix a bad hairline is to cut away any contrast. Shaving your sides or getting a high razor fade can prevent people from seeing your receding hairline.

Textured French Crop + Tapered Sides

Textured French Crop + Tapered Sides

Using a quality styling product can help you texture your hair and avoid exposing your scalp. And the short cropped top and tapered sides pictured here provide the perfect example.

Buzz Cut + Bald Fade + Hair Design

Buzz Cut + High Skin Fade + 2 Line Design

As one of the most low-maintenance and simple haircuts out there, the buzz cut completely eliminates the problem. If you&#;re ready to take the plunge, get your hair clippers and trim your hair very short.

Slicked Back Pomp + Mid Fade + Beard

Slicked Back Pomp + Mid Fade + Beard

The slicked back remains one of the most popular styles. When combined with a small pomp and a fresh fade on the sides, this hairstyle will transform any guys look.

Messy Textured Hair + Undercut + Long Beard

Hairstyles For Thin Hair Men

A messy hairstyle can help maximize the area your hair covers while offering a cool, natural look.

Short Spiky Hair + Hard Part For Receding Hairlines

Short Spiky Hair + Hard Part For Receding Hairlines

A receding hairline or even thinning hair can become a part of your style if you know how to pick the right haircut. In the picture above, we see spiky hair parted to the side with a clean undercut.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

A completely different approach to thin hair involves trying a mohawk. By cutting your sides very short and leaving a thin strip of hair on top, the mohawk or even faux hawk works well with any type of hair.

Short Hair on Top + Cool Hair Designs

Short Hair on Top + Cool Hair Designs

Like the previous example, finding a cool way to make your hair unique can bring positive focus to your sense of style.

Low Taper Fade + Faux Hawk

Low Taper Fade + Faux Hawk

This spiky faux hawk looks good with thin blonde hair. Paired with a low taper fade on the sides and a stubble beard, and people will hardly notice the fine hair.

Thin Pompadour Fade

Thin Pompadour Fade

High Drop Fade + Hard Side Part + Long Beard

High Drop Fade + Hard Side Part + Long Beard

Long Comb Over + Undercut

Long Comb Over + Undercut

Crew Cut + Side Swept Fringe + Short Sides

Hairstyles For Receding Hairline

Classic Taper + Textured Crop + Side Swept Front

Thin Hair Men

Thin Hair Comb Over + Fade + Full Beard

Thin Hair Comb Over + Fade + Full Beard

Textured Spiky Hair + High Bald Fade

Textured Spiky Hair + High Bald Fade

Sours: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/hairstyles-for-men-with-thin-hair/

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