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The Best Outdoor Extension Cords of 2021

Voltec, best outdoor extension cord

Credit: Reviewed / Jessa Rose Photography

U.S. Wire and Cable, 50-foot outdoor extension cord.

Credit: Reviewed / Jessa Rose Photography

How We Tested Outdoor Extension Cords

The Tests

To learn all we could about outdoor extension cords, we put them through the paces by using them constantly in daily life for over a month. Admittedly, it’s a tall task to discern overwhelming positive or negative qualities in heavy-duty outdoor extension cords. However, by using them in a variety of situations (including a North Carolina hurricane), we were able to parse the standout features and qualities that made certain extension cords better than others.

And just to spice things up, we decided to run over each extension cord with a 3,300-pound Jeep.

Testing outdoor extension cords by running them over with a Jeep.

Credit: Reviewed / Jessa Rose Photography

Both before and after we ran over the extension cords, we measured the voltage at both ends of the cords to learn whether the cords could stand up to the extreme pressure. We also exposed the cords to the elements to see how well they’d hold up in poor conditions.

Since all of the cords we tested held up to their expected power capacity and offered at least moderate durability, we put the most weight on our daily usage of the cords. In using each of them frequently, the ups and downs to each cord’s design, length, power capacity, and useful features became readily apparent. Paired with our objective tests and voltage measuring, we feel we’ve covered all the bases in determining the very best in outdoor extension cords.

Understanding Power Transmission When Buying Outdoor Extension Cords

In the simplest terms, the amount of power a cord can hold is related to the size of the wiring inside of the cord and the length of the cord. The longer the distance that power needs to travel, the thicker the internal conductive copper wiring needs to be. Cable thickness is measured in AWG, or American Wire Gauge, in which lower numbers signify thicker cables. For example, a 12-gauge cable has thicker conductive wiring than a 16-gauge cable.

Because of the increased thickness of the conductive wires, lower gauge cords are rated to carry a higher amperage. Most often, short extension cords will offer lower gauges and higher power ratings, while longer extension cords typically opt for the thinner high gauge wiring that make the long cord easier to manage. Most of the top cords on our list are rated for 15 amps (15 A) and can hold and safely transmit power for just about any application. Some cords are rated for lower amperage but are still useful in lower-power applications.

Testing the best outdoor extension cords

Credit: Reviewed / Jessa Rose Photography

It’s important to remember that each cord is rated for a certain number of amps. Constantly over-powering a low-rated extension cord is not only less effective but can also be dangerous. Running too much power through a low-power rated extension cord, such as a 100-foot 16-gauge cord, can actually cause damage from voltage drop and even fire from the overload. While we still considered some 16-gauge extension cords because of their useful length and affordability, it should be made clear that these cords aren’t safe for heavy machinery or other high-power applications.

Other Outdoor Extension Cords We Tested

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