4 ft aluminum fence panels

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48 Inch Tall Aluminum Fence Panels

48 inch tall aluminum fence panels are often for a basic perimeter or barrier fence. 4 foot tall fence is for when you don’t want to obstruct a view and mark property lines. All of our fence brands carry 48 inch tall fence in all styles. Residential grade aluminum fence is often for around a home or a light commercial property. Residential panels can support about 350 lbs of pressure on the top horizontal rail. Fence panels are generally 72 inches wide that you can trim down to fit any fence run. All FenceTown 4 foot tall fence panels are powder coated, which will prevent peeling and cracking, and is a high quality alternative to standard paint.

Two rail 48 inch tall fence panels like the Onguard Heron or Specrail Derby should make most pool codes.Fence styles with double pickets or wire fences also make most pool codes. You would have to use a 54 inch tall fence panel or higher to make pool code with a three rail fence style. Browse our aluminum pool fence page to see fence styles that will make most pool codes.

Most pool codes or Boca codes require that the pool fence be at least 48 inches tall and have a bottom horizontal rail no more than three inches from the ground. Most pool codes want 45 inches between the two innermost rails so a child can’t get a foothold and pull themselves over. FenceTown 48 inch tall aluminum fence panels ship directly to your home or business. If you send us a basic line drawing like the example on our Free Quote page, we can help you get all the correct items for your project. You can also call or email us with any questions you have about our aluminum fence.

Sours: https://www.fencetown.com/fence-panels/shop-by-aluminum-fence-height/48-inch-4-foot-tall-fence/

Aluminum Fencing

An aluminum fence is a highly durable, stylish option for homeowners looking to define their yard without blocking the view.

Our aluminum fencing selection includes some of the most versatile fences on the market. From pools to yards to public property, aluminum fencing can match any terrain and any architectural style. How? Our aluminum fences have a few special features and options that take them to the next level.

The Versatility of Aluminum Fencing

You can place an aluminum fence just about anywhere. Need a fence around the perimeter of your backyard, but it’s sloped? No problem!

Our fences are designed to conform to the terrain of your backyard without hassle. They can run over an uneven perimeter with minimal effort — no terraforming required for most installations. Even when you’re working with uneven ground, we can ensure you’ll love the look of your aluminum fence. It’ll look professional, clean, and beautiful.

The ‘Rackable’ Aluminum Fence

Our aluminum fences are versatile because they implement a “rackable” design.

All of our aluminum fencing “racks” 30 inches over 6 feet with no special rails. That means one post of a 6-foot panel can be installed 30 inches above or below the other post. The process is simple, just put pressure on one post up or down, and it will slide into place.

Our rackable fences can adjust to the slope of your property. The top of your fence will run parallel with the ground, and you won’t get unsightly gaps between panels. Our aluminum fencing accommodates all but the steepest grades.

Aluminum Fences Stand Firm

The aluminum fences we install are made to last. Many other fences on the market deteriorate over time, but ours resist some of the harshest environments. You can enjoy your fence for many, many years.

Aluminum is one of the sturdiest fencing materials on the market today. The powder coatings boost its weather-resistant properties and will counter chipping, peeling, or cracking. That’s why aluminum fencing withstands sweltering summers and bitter winters, with torrential wet seasons in between.

That durability means you can get limited lifetime warranties from some of our manufacturers.

These are some of the most durable fences on the market today. Unlike materials like iron or steel, aluminum fences resist rust and corrosion.

Our fences include one of the strongest fastening systems on the market. Instead of old-fashioned stainless-steel screws, they use an advanced rivet system. It strengthens the fence, provides easier racking, and, best of all, you can’t see the inner-workings of the system from the outside.

Aluminum Fences are Low Maintenance

Because aluminum fences resist the weather so well, there is very little maintenance required. For other types of fences, you need to paint or coat them every other year. However, aluminum fences come prefabricated with a durable, weather-resistant coating. The only additional required maintenance is an occasional washing.

Even washing your aluminum fence is simple. In most cases, all you will need to do is rinse off the rungs and wipe them down with a dry cloth. Because of the protective coating, dirt and grime have a difficult time sticking to aluminum fences.

Aluminum Fencing in a Variety of Styles

We have a wide selection of heights and style options.

Need just the right color? You can pick a powder coating to match the surroundings or your home.

Need an extra-sturdy fence? We can get you panels with four rails for extra stability.

Have an odd area to fence? Our fences are made to be cut to fit any size area large or small.

Want to personalize your fence? We offer fences with pickets made for attaching toppers (also known as finials). We even have a selection of these decorations you can order directly from us to complete the look of your yard.

If you don’t see the options you want in our selection, give us a call. We know how to track down exactly what you need, and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect fence!

Aluminum Fencing for Pools

If you have children, a pool fence is a must for their safety. An aluminum fence around your pool can even help deter animals from getting in.

Most local governments require a fence around the perimeter of your pool. We can make sure your new aluminum fence fits your specific zoning regulations. Just be sure to check your local zoning regulations before you purchase an aluminum fence to ensure it meets your particular zoning regulations.

Aluminum fencing is available to meet BOCA swimming pool code. It adds beauty and safety to your backyard while also providing protection. An aluminum fence is easy to install over a weekend with the help of friends or family. Our fences don’t have “good” or “bad” sides; they’re universal, so you don’t even need to worry about which way they face.

Aluminum Fencing for Front Yards

Front Yards, no matter the size, can always benefit from an aluminum fence. Whether you want to keep larger pets in your yard or wild animals out, an aluminum fence protects both the inside and outside.

Even if you’re not interested in the safety an aluminum fence can bring to your yard, they can spruce up the aesthetic of your yard. Aluminum fencing is a great way to accent your yard because it highlights what’s already there. Unlike other types of fences, the design of an aluminum fence is classic and non-intrusive.

Aluminum Fencing Adds Value to Your Home for Cheap

People will be more willing to buy your home when you’re ready to move if you have an aluminum fence. Aluminum fences, with their classic designs, add curb appeal because of their sleek appearance, the increased security they bring to a home, and their beautiful look.

What makes aluminum fencing an excellent investment for your home is its price compared to other types of fence. Aluminum fences benefit from the same characteristic different types of metal fences do (security, privacy, and aesthetics) but at a fraction of the cost per foot.

Aluminum fencing typically costs anywhere between $25 and $40 a foot, whereas fences made from other materials, like wrought iron or steel, can cost upwards of $50 a foot.

In addition to the higher upfront cost of wrought iron and steel fences, these types of fences require extra maintenance because they are not weather resistant like aluminum. Imagine repainting your fence every other year to prevent rust. That’s just a hassle!

Aluminum Fencing is Better for the Environment

All metals are environmentally friendly, but aluminum is more so. Aluminum fences are made of recycled material, unlike other types of metal fences. Most aluminum fencing is 70% recycled aluminum from cans, car parts, and aluminum products.

Aluminum fencing is also coated with an environmentally safe coating, unlike some other fences. Treated wood can damage the soil it touches over a long period.

Aluminum Fencing for Enhanced Security

While many people associate aluminum fences with form over function, it’s quite the contrary. Because aluminum fencing can be tailored to meet specific needs, it can create a more secure yard.

Unlike chain link fences, aluminum fences resist cutting, making them an excellent option for people who want to protect what they have.

In addition to being more resilient against intruders compared to chain link fencing, aluminum fencing is customizable. You can pick a style that offers more or less security based on your needs. For example, many aluminum fence styles offer varying height and rung density. If you want better protection, choose an aluminum fence that is taller with more rungs. It’ll help keep the things and people that you don’t want in your yard out, and it’ll help keep the things you love in!

Quick and Easy Installation

Unlike other fences that can take weeks to install, aluminum fences have a quick and easy installation process.

Aluminum is a light-weight metal, meaning there’s no hassle because there’s no need to pick up heavy materials during installation. Aluminum fences are straight forward to install. Just place posts in the ground and then attach the panels.

Check out our instructional installation video to learn more.

Contact Us for More Information!

Are you interested in installing an aluminum fence in your yard or around your pool? We can help you!

We’d love to help you pick out the right fence for your yard. We’ll take you step by step through what you’ll need to do to have your very own beautiful, durable, safety-enhancing, aluminum fence. If you have any questions about pricing, styles, or other options, please give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide any information you need to make your decision.

Sours: https://www.fencingdirect.com/products/category/aluminum-ornamental-fence
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