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Are you looking for some posing ideas for a wedding photoshoot? Wedding pictures are truly important for every family so you have to make sure they are flawless. 

To get good images, you need to take care not only of right settings and good lighting. Poses also matter! In this article, you will find 14 most popular wedding photo poses for couples to show their feelings. 

Blind Folded By Her

It is believed that a groom can’t see a bride in her dress before the wedding. To get an interesting and memorable shot, take a photo of a bride standing behind a groom and closing his eyes before he actually sees her.  This is a very good wedding photo pose to begin with. 

The First Look

Capturing the moment when a groom and a bride first see each other is one of the best wedding photography ideas Many photographers opt for a candid style but you can a bit of preparation and choose a nice background for such a photo. 

You can take such a picture in different ways. The easiest way is to capture the moment when a groom turns around to a bride after she came to him from behind. 

To make a photo even more interesting, blindfold a couple and capture them removing fabric stripes simultaneously. Alternatively, you can photograph them arriving at a nice location and seeing each other. Capturing the genuine emotions of a couple results in amazing photos. 

 First Dance Together

Usually, couples have their first dance at the reception but if they don’t feel comfortable with it, it’s a good idea to have them practice it during the photoshoot. This way, they will behave naturally and you will have nice pictures.

The Hand Kiss

A hand kiss is a great wedding photo pose if you are after romantic images. This gesture shows how a man cares about his wife-to-be. When a couple takes this pose, make sure to snap a close-up shot and maybe even focus on rings. 

5. The Walk

If a couple feels uncomfortable when posing, photograph them walking. Ask them to start walking away from you and then return towards you looking at the camera or somewhere else as if you are not there. 

Encourage them to talk about something, recollect their first date, or some funny stories that happened to them. Thus, they will feel relaxed. 

Genuine reactions and emotions of a couple are the core of beautiful and lively photos. Don’t forget to take both half-body and full-body pictures. 

Follow these tips:

  • Ask a couple to hold hands
  • Suggest them to walk slowly towards you
  • Encourage them to talk or laugh when walking

6. Catch the Weather

If it starts raining during a photoshoot, don’t worry. You can take advantage of such weather conditions to take an interesting photo. You may ask a groom to cover a bride from the rain with a jacket or an umbrella.

UseLightroom Wedding presetsduring editing to adjust colors, lighting, exposure, and fix standard defects. If you don’t have enough experience and you want to get professional looks, address wedding photo editing services .

7. The Shoulder Rest

Ask your couple to hold hands looking in the opposite direction from a camera. Then a bride should look at the camera over her shoulder and a groom needs to look at her. 

This is a very popular wedding photo pose as it’s simple to repeat, while an image always looks beautiful. Also, a bride seems thinner this way.

8. The Kiss

A kiss is one of the most popular wedding photography poses. All a couple needs to do is just to kiss while hugging or holding hands and you will play with angles. Make sure you include the background in photos and take close-ups.

Before photographing a kissing couple, tell a groom how to hold his bride for better pictures. 90-degree angle from the camera is the best option, as images will look like scenes from romantic movies. 

9. Admiring the Dress 

Brides are always very excited about wearing a wedding dress so make sure you capture a bride admiring it.

10. Tying the Bow Tie

As for a groom, take photos of him fixing his tie, suit, lacing shoes, or fastening the watch before meeting his bride. 

11. The Cake Cutting

Another great idea for a wedding photo is to capture newlyweds before they cut a cake. All couples are excited about such pictures but they often forget about posing and looking at the camera during this moment.

Before taking this photo, remind a couple to look at the camera and smile before they start cutting it. Capture the cutting process too as you can get very interesting and even unexpected shots. 

12. Lying on the Grass

If you are looking for more unique wedding photo poses, consider taking photos of a couple laying on the grass, looking at each other, and smiling. 

They can be laying holding hands or a bride may put her head on a groom’s shoulder for a more romantic image. 

However, you can only take such a photo if you have additional gear such as a drone, but the results will definitely impress you and a couple. 

13. Intimate Looks

Another idea for wedding photography is capturing intimate looks. Ask newlyweds to stand in front of each other with a groom hugging his future wife. 

Forehead rest is also a good pose for such a photoshoot. Ask newlyweds to look at each other while holding hands and keep their heads close. They can also kiss for a more tender image.

Follow these tips to get better pictures:

  • Ask a couple to turn their head towards each other
  • Minimize the distance between them 
  • Use this pose to create a more intimate atmosphere 
  • Encourage a couple to kiss

H3 14. In the Car or Near the Car

Having a car on a wedding photoshoot can be a winning option.

This image can serve as a signing-off on your album. A couple can sit in the car and look behind saying goodbye to the guests. This wedding photo pose is very popular because of a motion element. 


19 Engagement Photo Ideas and Poses That Are Fun, Easy, & Elegant

These romantic and fun engagement photo ideas are fun and easy to recreate with any couple. Use the prompts to inspire your clients and keep your creativity flowing!

Engagement Photo Ideas, Poses & Prompts

Couples come in all makes and models. They’re tall and short and thick and thin. Some are shy, while some love the spotlight. And some fall naturally into photo-worthy poses, while others need a bit more guidance.

One thing is true, though: no matter who the lovebirds are, they expect you as the photographer to capture that connection on camera.

Get clients. Get paid. Get happy. Get ShootProof

Before the Posing: Start with Connection

The engagement shoot is often the first time a couple has been professionally photographed with one another. You have the wonderful opportunity to show your clients what their love looks like from the outside: the way they laugh together, hold one another and interact with each other.

The best thing you can do at the outset of your engagement photo shoot is to help your clients relax. Explain that their only job is to be as absorbed in one another as possible. You’ll guide them as needed to make sure their engagement photos are fantastic.

Find Out What Makes Your Clients Unique

If you’re on the shy side (or your clients are), get the couple to open up by asking them to share their wedding story with you: how they met, their first date, how they fell in love and decided to get married.

If you can do this before their photo shoot, plan ahead for a themed engagement photo shoot that will highlight what truly makes the couple unique.

Impress them with ShootProof Galleries

Delivering gorgeous images to your clients is a key workflow step for photographers. It gives you a chance to offer you wow your customers and provide value above and beyond their expectations! So make sure to send your sweet couples a custom gallery when you’re done snapping those photos!

Dani Marie’s clients brought their retrofitted van to the beach for a series of breezy engagement photos, while J.J. Au’Clair’s clients took a more formal approach to their afternoon in a light-filled atrium. Sometimes all you need is a colorful background, like the carnival in Heather Frank’s photographs!

Best Engagement Photo Poses

The following are inspiring pre-wedding photoshoots and engagement photoideas that work with any client. Add your own creative photographer spin, and don’t forget to have fun! Your clients will thank you for making them look amazing.

Best Traditional Couple Poses

Hold Hands

Getting a couple to hold hands is one of the best starter poses for clients who are a bit nervous in front of the camera. The couple can stroll along with their hands clasped, adopt a standstill pose with their fingers intertwined, or evolve their handhold into a fun little twirl!

As a photographer, you can use this opportunity to get a few close-up photos of your clients’ hands – especially if they’re wearing engagement rings!

Embrace Like You Mean It

A hug is a hug is a hug. Or is it?

Every couple has their own way of embracing. Draw out their most natural hugs by telling the couple to:

  • “Leap into each other’s arms”
  • “Give each other a bear hug”
  • “Snuggle close, close, CLOSER!”

Nose-to-Nose & Forehead-to-Forehead

Set a foundation pose by getting your clients close and connected by instructing the couple to stand nose-to-nose or forehead-to-forehead with one another. They’ll respond with every emotion from quiet romance to big belly laughs, giving you the chance to capture engagement photos that are sure to be some of their favorites!

Back to Front

This engagement pose is one of the simplest ideas to keep your clients close with one another while still seeing both of their faces.

Ask the shorter partner to stand or sit with their back to their sweetheart’s chest. If both partners are approximately the same height, use a staircase to create height variation with the back partner sitting one step higher.

Guide the partner in the back to wrap their arms around their fiancée. You can make a wide variety of photographs using this pose simply by changing lenses, adjusting your angle, and slightly tweaking the way your clients are positioned.


Positioning a couple side-by-side is one of the most natural ways they can pose. Let them feel what it’s like standing side-by-side with one another during their actual wedding day. Ask the couple to hold hands with one another and position their bodies facing the camera while looking at each other. 

Kiss Lightly

If your couple is going to kiss, remind them to “kiss lightly” so you don’t wind up with a series of NSFW photos. And if your photography clients still don’t get the hint, tell them to “kiss like your grandmother is watching!” That should tame their passions enough for a few loving photos that are safe for sharing.

If the kiss still feels too intimate, encourage the couple for a kiss on the forehead, cheek, nose, or hands instead. And don’t forget: keep shooting, even after the kiss ends. The “not-quite-kissing” moments are some of the most romantic moments!

Do the Dip

This cute pose is another way of doing couple kissing shots for a wedding photographer. Instruct one of the couple to wrap their arms around his fiancé’s waist for this engagement photo. She’ll need to hold onto the nape of his neck while placing another hand over his chest. 

Once she tosses her head back, this is your cue to capture the photo-moment pose. The couple can also end the pose by kissing or dancing around. This technique makes the pose much more romantic! 

Ring Shots

Most engaged partners have at least one engagement ring between them. Sometimes you’ll find an engagement ring on each partner’s hand or a personal token like an engagement necklace or bracelet with one another. Find out what symbols of love your couple is wearing, and document those treasures with the same care you’ll use to document their love in the engagement photo shoot.

Detail Shots

Darling details like lightly-held fingers or intertwined legs offer the opportunity for a beautiful detail photo. We love the great way the Scobeys capture their clients blurred by bokeh behind their hand-to-hand connection and the great way Dani Marie’s photo emphasizes the sandy bottoms of her clients’ feet.

Get One for Grandma

Creative angles and emotional motives are must-have in any collection of photos. But with every new pose you should also ask your clients to turn and smile at the camera with one another for at least one photo. 

These more traditional portraits are perfect for newspaper engagement announcements and will look gorgeous framed on Grandma’s mantle.

Best Fun and Creative Couple Poses

Themes & Stories

While it’s great to take inspiration from other photos, you don’t want to get so obsessed with duplicating a specific pose that you overlook the natural connection happening right in front of the camera and in front of you. Follow the light and your clients’ lead, and you’ll make photos that tell their unique story – not someone else’s.

Fresh Perspective

Think BIG when planning your next pre-wedding or engagement shoot. Do you have a ladder that would allow you to shoot down on your subjects? What happens if you lie on the ground and angle your camera up?

When you shoot from a dramatic perspective, you can highlight vast architectural details, like in the photo from the Scobeys, above. Or, as in the above two engagement photos from Jules Photography, you can get creative with big chalk drawings or prism-enhanced photos.

Cheery Chow Down

Food is a global connector. We all love to cook a new dish in the kitchen or snack on yummy treats! Use this universal passion to inspire a food-themed photo shoot your clients will LOVE.

  • have the couple share a meal on one plate for intimacy
  • go out for ice cream or milkshakes and take a stroll through town
  • pop a bag of popcorn and snack on the sofa
  • whip up something delicious in the kitchen and take it on a picnic
  • meet together at a cafe for coffee and croissants in a cozy booth
  • connect over beers or glasses of wine at a moody dining establishment

Rainy Day Portraits

You can plan and communicate until you’re breathless, but you can’t control the weather. Bummer, right? Avoid the last-minute panic by preparing engagement shoot locations that include covered options.

  • the home can be a super-cozy spot for indoor photos
  • get permission to take engagement photos in a store or restaurant like LaJoy Cox did for her IKEA photoshoot
  • parking garages, subway shelters, and train stations offer awesome light and beautiful lines

While train stations can look amazing in engagement pictures, shooting on the train tracks themselves is almost NEVER a good idea. You can get permission to shoot in the station (or look up your local ordinances), but photographing on railroad tracks is both illegal and highly dangerous.

The only time your clients should pose on the tracks is when they’re walking on a legally designated pedestrian path, as in Alyssa Joyce’s photo above.


Stunning Scenery

Did your clients choose a special location for their engagement photo shoot? Commemorate the experience with simple engagement photo ideas that allow plenty of room for the scenery. Soften the “snapshot” feel with a wide aperture and some sweet bokeh, and you’ll have a photo great for postcards and save the dates.

If the beautiful background includes meaningful signage or other details, use a smaller aperture (a large f-number) so those background elements will be in focus. If your aperture is too large (a small f-number), bokeh may blur the backdrop into an unrecognizable mish-mosh of shapes.

Don’t Forget Fido

A couple with a fur-baby would LOVE to have their pets pose in a few portraits! Every pet, from dogs to cats to lizards, adds one-of-a-kind cuteness to any photo.

If your next photoshoot will include pets, come prepared with an assistant to help wrangle the animal for a few fur-free portraits. These guidelines will help you and your clients involve their animals without any added stress!

Perfect Props

“Props are cheesy.” “No one uses props anymore.” “I don’t own any props.”

If those phrases mirror your own thoughts, think again! ANYTHING you add to an engagement photo is a prop – and there are some cool ones out there! Find out what props might have meaning for your clients, then coordinate with them to have the right props on hand.

  • smoke bombs (check your local laws!) or balloons
  • bikes, motorcycles, and cars
  • hand-made signs, like in the Scobey’s photo above (#1)
  • printed photos of the couple when they were younger, or portraits of their parents or grandparents, as seen in Shelby Laine’s photos (#2 and 3)


Getting a couple to move is one of the quickest engagement photo ideas to help them feel comfortable. Go for a piggy-back ride pose, or ask one partner to pick up the other and spin them around.

Some partners don’t do well with scripted posing. In this case, try playing some fun music and let them play around. Have the guy lift his lady in the air, much like how actors pose for romantic-comedy film posters. 

Maybe they prefer making goofy faces instead of serious poses. Whether it’s a tickle-fest or snowball fight, discover what makes a couple laugh genuinely. Natural and spontaneous interactions often result in better storytelling. 

Engagement Reenactment

Your couple may not have photos during the actual proposal, so this is the perfect chance for a photographer to re-stage the romantic moment! It’s either you take shots at the proposal location or create a whole new mood for them to reenact the proposal. 

Best Relaxed Couple Poses


A walking pose is one of the easiest engagement photo ideas to help a couple loosen up during a shoot. You can try ideas and variations like walking forward, walking sideways with one person leading the other towards the camera, directly facing the photographer, or walking away from the photographer. 

Ask the couple to hold one another’s hands and walk at a normal pace. As a photographer, it’s your job to coach them on what they can do while walking, such as smiling or talking at one another. You can also tell them to imagine how they will walk on their actual big day. 

Bring a Blanket

Throw down a picnic blanket and get the couple to snuggle close on the ground. This is a simple solution when there isn’t any proper seating available outdoors.

You can keep a neutral-colored blanket in the back of your car for use with any clients for engagement photos, but it’s even better to ask the couple to bring their own blanket. Their blanket from home holds its own memories for the pair – and they can color-coordinate it to their outfits!

Face Away from the Camera

One fun way to help a couple feel comfortable posing for a photographer is to ask the couple to face away from the camera. Let the couple imagine how they would pose if no photographer is pointing a camera at them. In some instances, an unscripted pose can create more natural-looking yet romantic photos. 

Lazy Day Lounging

We love our partners for all the things we have in common, from the activities that keep us busy to the ways we choose to spend our laziest days. Make sure you find out how your clients like to lounge and capture a few shots of the couple connecting in a quiet space.

Having an engagement photo shoot in your clients‘ house is a sweet way to commemorate their first home together. But if shooting in their residence isn’t an option, make sure you look for other spaces and engagement photo ideas that offer a homey vibe.

Kiyah Crittendon’s Airbnb ideas create a home-like ambiance without the need for her clients to deep-clean their house before their photo shoot. Other engagement photo ideas include:

  • bring a cozy chair outside that’s big enough for two to lounge in
  • hang a hammock and invite your clients to snuggle close
  • get permission to take photos in a shop or restaurant with a warm vibe

Home is Where the Heart Is

Photographs inside the home are wonderful, but what about engagement photos that show off the house’s exterior? Whether your engaged couple lives in a compact apartment or a sprawling mansion, make sure you get the couple to pose outside of their new home will be treasured as they move into the future together.


The best engagement photo ideas happen once you set foundation shots and then build upon a couple’s vibes. Pose the couple, yet don’t forget to let them feel free. 

Whether your clients want a romantic or fun setup for their engagement sessions, what matters most is that you capture all the beautiful and natural moments they can cherish forever. 


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save the date shoot

Save The Date Photoshoot Ideas In Kerala

Save the date photoshoot Ideas  become more popular today. Wedding is one of thing Keralites never dare to skimp on. In Kerala, marriage is a grand program, affair and photography are an integral part of it. Somedays back wedding photography is just taking group photos wherein the newly-weds posed with guest’s relatives. Nowadays, wedding photography is an important part of our life, it is all about describing stories and capturing life in frames.

Save The Date

Save the date photoshoots, and pre-engagement photoshoot is more prevalent nowadays. In addition Couples are looking for different ideas to shoot they’re saving the date pictures in the smart, cutest and unique way. To help out brides and grooms, we curated the photos of best save the date photoshoots. Moreover these images will give a lot of ideas to steal/abduct. So, if you are looking for ideas scroll down the images and also remember to bookmark the calypso photo gallery page for reference.

Save The Date Photoshoot Ideas

Great ideas for sharing with family and friends that your big day is just around the corner. Here we share save the date photoshoot ideas

  • The Piggyback Ride posing

save-the-date-Piggyback A piggyback ride pose is a great way to capture the playfulness of love. This pose is always helpful if you happen to be a good deal shorter or taller than your spouse. Not only is this photo pose a fun way to be photographed cheek to cheek since the shorter partner usually is the one getting lifted.

nautical-themed Another abiding trend we’ve been seeing in save the date photos is nautical themes. eg: tree pieces, handicraft materials, etc

  • Enjoying a Favorite Activity Together


In couples who have more favorite activities together, photos taken around your favorite shared activities are the best way to show your love through common interests. eg: cooking, playing, reading, etc.

  • Posing at the Location You Met


‘Posing at the Location You Met’, It is a creative one and it is can be see in love marriage. The venue of photoshoot is a favorite place of grooms and bride.

  • Balloon Engagement Photos

When you are in love, it sometimes feels like you are floating. Similarly featuring balloons in your engagement photos conveys the sweet buoyancy of love.

  • Antler Save the Date Photos

Antlers are everywhere in wedding decor lately, serving as rustic centerpieces, components of bridal bouquets, and folksy focal points in contemporary engagement photography.


In this idea focusing feet of groom and bride. One of the ablest save the date photo ideas is announcing your wedding date on your feet or shoes. So couples who live in the country have done this with branded boots. Somehow couples who live in the city have pulled off the idea with high heels modern shoes and dress shoes.

save-the-date-pet In the frame, Groom and Bride as unfocused and cute pets like cat, dogs, etc are focused Calendar. It’s just a normal design, in the frame, groom & bride unfocused and the date of the wedding displayed as a calendar.

Importance of Save the date photography

Not only do Save the Dates allow your guests to do just that Save the Date on their calendars. But this is the best opportunity to pass along some great planning information. Above all Save the Dates, method allow you to the wed venue/add travel details for your out of town guests,and mostly allow your friends, relative, or distance guests to start planning for your wedding.


Read More
How To Look Good In EVERY Photo - How To Pose For Photos - Model Tips - Emily DiDonato

20 Creative Save the Date Ideas You Need to Steal

Play around with your font choices and colors, your card design, the photo arrangement and presentation, as well as the way your photos are even captured for this creative card. The overall look and feel of the card will be truly something special you will be pleased with for years to come. Get your wheels turning with the following 20 card ideas and be sure to pick a save the date style that best reflects your creative side.

1. Selfie

Girl kissing her boyfriend on his cheekBut first…Let’s take a selfie! We are in the age of smartphones, so let’s take advantage and use it for our wedding announcement. Show off your best smile (and ring) in this selfie themed card. Everyone loves a good selfie and you can save money on taking the photo yourself versus hiring a professional photographer.

2. Black & White

Black and white save the dateThis traditional, classic and clean-cut save the date will ensure everyone marks your special day on the calendar. You and your partner can also wear black and white clothing in the photo so the whole save the date card is cohesive.

3. One with Nature

Save the date with forest treesCapture the beauty in this ethereal announcement. It is perfect for any couple hoping to tie the knot in nature because of the whimsical leaf design. Any couple that loves the outdoors will love this. And it’s only fitting to take your save the date photo in nature as well.

4. Cheers to Us

Gay couple at lunchRaise your glasses and toast to your approaching wedding day. You can sip your favorite drink in a location that matches. For example, head to the winery with your glasses of wine or sit on a barrel of whiskey with your bourbon. Pop! Clink! Cheers!

5. Hashtag

Hashtag themed save the dateThis save the date is perfect for the social media loving couple that wants to ensure all their guests know the wedding hashtag. Brand your card with the hashtag you choose to use on your wedding date or simply find a saying that represents you and your partner fittingly.

6. Wardrobe Changes

Couple in different outfits in save the dateEveryone wants their wedding day to be movie picture perfect. Why stop there when you can do the same for your save the date? Dress up and take photos that show everyone just how fabulous you and your partner are. Your card will be the star of the show.

7. Rustic Chic

Couple relaxing in rustic sceneIf you’ll be wearing cowboy boots and getting married in a barn, then your photos should incorporate this rustic chic feeling. Take your photos in front of a wood barn, a hay barrel, a tractor or on a farm.

8. Bold Date

Gay couple on save the dateBe daring in this bold, colorful and attention-getting save the date. You and your partner will catch anyone’s eyes in this bright card. Remind all your guests how vibrant you and your partner are by reflecting it in the save the date.

9. Written with Love

Couple posing on save the dateYour save the date recipient will always be reminded of the love you and your partner share in this bold ‘Love’ design. Capture the hearts of everyone by choosing a romantic photo of you and your partner.

10. I Do

Simple "I Do" save the date“I Do” are the two most important words you will say on your wedding day. Why not start early and state them on your wedding announcement? Be bold and let everyone know how excited you are to say these special words. Couple this with a simple but sweet photo for the perfect save the date card.

11. Twinkle Lights

Couple kissing in Christmas lightsGet tangled up in some twinkle lights for your card photo. You and your partner will definitely shine bright in this creative twinkle light idea. This is a perfect save the date to really illuminate your love.

12. So in Love

Couple embracing on save the dateYour wedding is full of romance and love, and so is this dreamy save the date. No one will question how in love you and your partner are in this “So In Love” save the date. During your photoshoot, be sure to capture photos that truly depict how in love you are.

13. Ampersand

Couple posing with ampersand pillowThis card idea is perfect for all the couples that want simple, clean and minimal weddings. This modern design is effortless, easy to read and straightforward. Choose a photo that will be the focal point and add your wedding date. Sometimes, less really is more!

14. Barefoot Kisses

Barefoot couple at beachShow everyone what a perfect pair you and your partner are by this romantic design. Choose a photo where you and your partner are sharing kisses while wandering barefoot in the sand or grass.

15. Bohemian Vibes

Couple kissing during a romantic sunset in the fieldShowcase your inner flower child with this bohemian inspired vibe. During your photoshoot, you and your partner should dress in your boho best and pose in a natural setting. Every guest will know you and your partner are free-spirited in this fun and ethereal style.

16. Silhouette

Silhouette of coupleThis traditional and classic save the date will look best using a silhouette engagement photo as the focal point of the card. Choose up to three photos and add your wedding info on this ornate design.

17. Pumpkin Patch

Couple in pumpkin patchFall in love with this pumpkin patch inspired photo shoot. Layer on your best fall clothing and find your pumpkin worth keeping, for life. Just make sure you find that perfect autumn day. Don’t have a pumpkin patch around? Try other vegetable or fruit farms that would be fun and creative.

18. Don’t Look at the Camera

Couple embracing on save the dateJust how lovely can you be while not looking at the camera? Sometimes the best photos are the candid shots where you and your partner are not even looking at the lens. A candid photo and card shows your audience just how strong your love is.

19. Inspired by the Seasons

Winter themed save the dateYour guests will warm up to this wintery seasonal inspired save the date. Do not let the cold freeze you out when choosing your design. Add a winter themed photo you took during your engagement photo shoot and be prepared to impress your guests with this snowflake design!

20. Underwater

Couple having fun under the waterrTake the plunge in this underwater save the date. Everyone, including yourselves, will think you and your partners are mermaids in this fun design. So go ahead, dive into this awesome wedding announcement idea.


Poses date photoshoot save the

Wedding photoshoots have always craved novelty. Forcing the professional photographers to invent fresh themes and ideas to present a new look in the images. Blending creativity with professionalism, wedding photography attained a different level. Discussed here are the top wedding photoshoot poses for the bride and groom in Kerala. Go through the poses and identify the ones that will add glamour to your wedding photography and choose those. We also offer you support in guiding you concerning exceptional wedding photoshoot ideas and providing comprehensive coverage for your wedding photoshoot.

Let us know your requirements. And our professional team will provide you coverage for a pre-wedding photoshoot, save the date photoshoot, engagement photos, and videos, wedding photography, post-wedding photoshoot etcetera. We have a team of creative and experienced professional photographers equipped with the latest photographic equipment and support accessories. Just browse through the packages offered and choose the one that suits your budget and meets your requirements.

1.     An Affectionate Glance

The couple standing side by side; the bride with her face turned towards the groom. Both of them look into each other’s eyes that are filled with love and care. A perfect backdrop that comprehends their dressing and style. A talented photographer can depict the image in such a way as if their world amalgamating into one.

2.     At Your Service

The groom kneeling in front of the bride, silently conveying that, “I am at your service today, and forever.” A smile on both their faces, indicating how closely knit their hearts are. How strong their bond is.

3.     A Caring Forehead Kiss

Reassure the oath of togetherness, to be there for her during every crisis, to protect her in this (still) patriarchal society; a forehead kiss is more than what your eyes could see.

4.     Wide Angle Photo

Capture a brilliant image in wide-angle. That will portray the vastness, wildness, and unpredictability of life in a creative manner. The groom may be in a proposal posture (kneeling) or any other suitable pose depending on the scenery. The photographer’s imagination can make the image a poetic one.

5.     Kiss behind a Veil

Kiss is the most evident form of love. The couple may be in a kissing posture, visible or invisible (hidden behind a veil) depending on the couple’s perception and the mood of the scene. The image should be balanced perfectly to make it appear as a reflection of pure love.b

Be aware of some safety tips if you are planning your wedding during the pandemic.

6.     Carrying Her

Carrying her is a beautiful pose that captures the cuteness of the couple, as well as, the strong bondage they share. It is also the indication of the promises they made to each other, to support one another throughout life.

7.     Back Hug

A cute and attractive pose, the back hug is one of the most popular wedding photoshoots poses. The way to visualize it in the most elegant and appealing mode will depend on the ability of the professional wedding photographer.

8.     Look into the Distance

The bride and groom may stand together and look into the distance. The camera may be placed at an ideal point behind them, to capture the image magnificently. The couple would indicate the silent contemplation of the future.

9.     Cute and Mischievous Poses

The couple’s cute and mischievous actions can be captured candidly to portray the beautiful moments effectively. This can be done instinctively or with the couple posing according to the directions of the photographer. Professional photographers, being experts in wedding photography, can try out different methodologies to get the image elegantly.

Also, read – To Become a Successful Wedding Photographer in Kerala

10.   View From the Top

The photos taken from the top of the position above appear differently. The couple may be lying down or sitting or standing, looking up and smiling, laughing, or giving a pose. The perfectly captured photo will turn the look and feel into a mesmerizing one.

The Brief

The beauty of the photos will depend on the professional wedding photographers you choose. The imaginative agencies will be able to deliver you awesome results without spending a lot. More than exorbitant locales, the creativity of the professionals is what distinguishes one from others.

Explore the agencies providing custom-tailored wedding photoshoots and select the best one. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it stunning with splendid photoshoots.

To know more – 10 Places for Wedding Photoshoot in Kerala 

For making your marriage function immemorial with brilliant wedding photography, contact us now.

Save the date photoshoot - Kerala Traditional Style #manu_kadakkodam_photography

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