Dog gate 42 inches wide

Dog gate 42 inches wide DEFAULT
The Best Dog Gates

It's not just the best baby gate of the 20 we've tested: The Cardinal Gates SS Stairway Special is also the best gate for keeping dogs (and less mobile cats) restricted within your home. Building on the research and testing we did for baby gates, plus additional testing at home with a dog and two cats, we found that the SS is easy for humans to open but impossible for pets to unlatch. It’s also quick to install, easy to position, and durable, and it will damage your walls less than a pressure-mounted gate.

The Cardinal Gates SS Stairway Special screws directly into your wall studs, so it's more secure and sturdier than pressure-mounted gates, and it's easier to install than most other gates of either variety. Not even the craftiest of dogs can barrel through or open it, but it’s easy enough to use that you can open it without breaking your stride. You can place it in almost any doorway or passage up to 42½ inches wide regardless of where your wall studs or stair fixtures align—most gates require them to be directly across from each other. (It can also fit in wider openings, with use of a 10½-inch or 21¾-inch extension, sold separately.) The SS is tough enough that even an overly enthusiastic Great Dane won’t damage it, thanks to its entirely metal construction, and in our tests it was able to handle an adult male sitting on it without deforming or misaligning.

The North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate costs a bit less than our main pick and isn’t quite as sturdy because its latch is plastic rather than metal. You also must install it in a doorway, or wherever you can find studs lined up directly across from one another, unlike with our main pick, but it fits in spaces up to inches wide. That said, it’s easy to install, it locks automatically behind you (unlike our main pick), and it’s still more secure than the competition.

At 36 inches high, the North States Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gate adds 5 inches of height to the already tall-for-its-category North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate. It’s not necessary for most dogs, and it still won’t stop most cats, but if you have a very tall or overly acrobatic pet it could be just enough of an obstacle.

The North States Deluxe Decor Gate is more like a small fence than a gate—it works for openings up to 6 feet wide. It’s less stable than the other types of gate since it has to cover such a wide stretch of space. It also has a bottom rail that you might trip over, and compared with the closure of the Cardinal Gates SS, its self-closing latch is less secure (though easier to shut behind you). Of the wide models we tested, the Deluxe Decor had the largest door.

Everything we recommend

Why you should trust us

Our guide to dog gates builds on the extensive research and testing we undertook for our guide to baby gates. For that guide, Doug Mahoney interviewed four veteran babyproofers and relied on his own experience, both as a parent of four children and as a year veteran of construction trades. The writer of this guide, Kevin Purdy, has a dog and two cats, and deeply regrets the damage he has done to multiple walls with pressure-mounted gates. He has also written a number of guides about other items that take a lot of abuse, including standing desks, dog crates, and platform bed frames.

Who this is for

A cat standing behind a gate installed at the top of a flight of stairs.

Gates limit where a dog can roam inside a home, preventing that dog from getting into trouble, or being injured, in places it should not be. They allow your dog much more freedom than a crate, saving you the worry over whether every square inch of your home is dogproof. Some people use their gates overnight, others while they’re out of the house during the day, and still others keep their dogs gated the majority of the time.

While our picks are sturdy, they are not meant to rein in a dog with severe anxiety or destructive-chewing issues. Dogs that want to get out will get out—they'll work their way through a wall if they have to, and they can certainly work past a few wall-mounted screws.

Some cats, notably heavier or older cats, can be contained by a gate. But most can jump over it, use another ledge to get around, or simply squeeze between the bars. And using a gate works only if you want to keep both cats and dogs out of the same space. While some gates offer a smaller cat door, we do not recommend them—see What about cats, and gates with cat doors? for more.

How we picked and tested

Although pets and children aren't the same thing—most toddlers can't jump 3 feet straight up—many of the factors that make a good baby gate also apply to pet gates. This time we didn't require certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, and we added a category, taller gates for tall or agile dogs. But most of Doug's other baby-gate criteria apply here too:

  • Hardware mounting: Hardware mounts that screw into door frames or wall studs are safer for both humans and animals and do less damage to your home than pressure gates, which put rubberized pads against walls and railings. Pressure gates are common and inexpensive, but they’re less secure against pushing, shift out of alignment over time, damage the walls and banisters you place them against, and have bars along the bottom that are easy to trip over.
  • Simple one-handed operation: You’ll open and close a gate multiple times per day, so an uncomplicated lock is worth seeking out.
  • Durability: Gates that have a lot of plastic pieces won’t withstand much abuse from animals or people, so we looked for gates that were mostly or entirely made of metal.
  • Placement versatility: Many gates work only if the hinge hardware and latch hardware are directly across from one another. That’s fine for doorways, but finding a wall stud that lines up perfectly with a stair post, or another wall stud, is not always an option.
  • Easy setup with clear instructions: In our test group, the best models used the fewest screws while remaining secure, and took less time to set up.
  • Good value: Most hardware-mounted gates cost between $40 and $, while fabric retractable gates start at $60 and run up to $ We focused on models in those ranges, and ignored those far above or below.
  • Width coverage: We sought out gates that covered a wider gamut of stairwells, hallways, and doors, beyond the standard inch door frame.
  • Good color options: You don’t get a lot of color options with gates—one is the norm, and two is a lot. But the color or colors offered should be something that can work with most homes’ looks and won’t get grimy easily from contact with hands and paws.
A bunch of gate components and screws sitting on a carpet.

Doug Mahoney tested 20 gates for our guide to baby gates, and we gave him two more to test that we thought would work better for pets. For testing, Doug framed out two standard-size, inch-wide doorways and installed each gate. He opened and closed them, tried to push their doors out of locked position, sat on them, and squeezed each lock mechanism. Doug then took the gates that passed those initial tests and installed them in his home, to see how they would hold up over weeks of use. Doug’s kids, ages 3, 5, and 8 at the time of this writing, helped abuse each gate through a healthy amount of pushing, pulling, and slamming.

Two mock doorways installed in a room with a baby gate installed.

In addition, Kevin Purdy installed two gates, the top pick and an automatic-closing variant, at the top of the stairs in his household, to see how a dog and two cats fared with the best pick for babies. More than two months of testing bore out our assumption that a safe, sturdy, and convenient gate for babies was also the best pick for most pets.

Our pick: Cardinal Gates SS Stairway Special

A dog sitting behind a Cardinal Gates SS Stairway Special gate.

The Cardinal Gates SS Stairway Special is exceptionally sturdy and simple to install and use. Its latch is easy for humans to get used to but hard for a dog to open. It’s easier to set up than other gates, and unlike many competitors it can be installed at an angle, so you don’t have to find two wall studs that line up perfectly across from one another. The locking system is entirely metal, and the gate itself doesn’t bow under pressure. None of the abuse we visited on this gate—sitting on it, hip-checking it, twisting it against its mounts, and repeatedly removing and reinstalling it—had any impact, while many other gates strained or came loose. It fits openings from 27 inches wide up to 64 inches (with extensions, sold separately). It’s available in white or black, and if you want, the same manufacturer has a very similar wood version, with the same latch and hinge.

The SS installs in about 20 minutes and mounts to your wall studs or doorframe with four screws. (You should always mount a gate to solid wood, not into drywall or sheetrock, no matter how good you think your drywall toggles are.) Unlike most gates we tested, the Cardinal SS can be installed at an angle—so you can install the gate securely even if your wall studs don’t line up perfectly.

The installation instructions are clear, and an included printed ruler helps you measure the right distance off the ground. The gate can go in any opening between 27 inches and 42½ inches wide—and up to 64 inches wide using 10½-inch and 21¾-inch extensions, sold separately.

To latch the SS, you just lift it up, align the metal peg at its top with a hole in the mounting bracket, and drop it in: Metal tabs on each side of the peg catch around that hole and prevent the gate from lifting up again. The metal tabs require you to press two fingers down on opposite sides of the gate to open, so unless your dog has an accomplice, it’s unlikely to be able to open the gate. Gates that automatically swing shut and lock are more convenient, but the SS is more secure, and you can immediately tell whether the SS is locked.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The metal latch and hinges on the SS are noisier than their plastic counterparts: There can be a thud when the gate drops into its latch, and a slight tinkling of metal if the locks are loose. If your pets paw at the gate, as ours did when we first installed it, you will hear metal-on-metal contacts at the latch, rather than the quieter plastic of other gates.

The SS’s lock is secure, but since you have to drop it into place, it won’t automatically shut behind you. That's not really a flaw, though; in our testing, automatic-locking gates could easily slip out of alignment with use and fail to latch. Because unlocking the gate involves lifting and squeezing two metal tabs and then lifting the entire gate slightly, it could be difficult for people with limited hand mobility or with grip issues.

If your baseboard is taller than 5½ inches, you’ll need to use a small piece of wood between the upper screw and the wall to make the gate line up. Such tall baseboards are uncommon, but it’s an obstacle you may have to consider.

The SS is pricey for a hardware-mounted gate, especially if you're buying more than one. We believe this is a worthy investment because it’s so safe and so well-made. Such a durable model should have no issue lasting through multiple pets over the course of many years.

As we note in our baby gate guide, Cardinal Gates recalled the SS in October in Canada because of a chemical in the black finish, as well as a potential choking hazard posed by plastic endcaps in the gate frame. The gate is now in compliance following the company’s changes to both elements; there were no reports of injuries, and the gate never violated US standards.

Budget pick: North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate

The North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate installed in a doorway.

If you don't need a gate that installs at an angle, or if you'd prefer a self-latching option, consider the North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate. It costs a bit over half as much as the Cardinal Gates SS, and it has more plastic parts, so it's less suitable for large or boisterous dogs. It's not as easy to install as the Cardinal Gates model, though it's still not bad, and unlike the SS it latches automatically when it swings shut. Opening it requires less effort than on our top pick, too: You press a button, lift the door slightly up and out, and then swing it behind you.

The Easy Swing & Lock fits passages between and inches wide. It requires eight screws total to set up (four on each side, two at each attachment point), twice as many as our top pick, and you need to use fussy paper templates to correctly place the screws on each side of the opening (the Cardinal Gates model needs no templates). Those extra screws don’t add extra security or stability to the mounted gate; our top pick is just as stable with four screws. While strong, the plastic hinges of this gate flexed some when we leaned our weight into it, unlike the metal hinges of our top pick. If your dog protests being locked up by hurling itself at the gate, or tends to sprint at the gate at full speed when it sees you come home from work, you may want the reassurance of our top pick.

For tall or acrobatic dogs: North States Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gate

The North States Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gate is almost exactly the same as our budget pick, except for a few key differences: It stands 36 inches tall, rather than 31 inches; it is available only in linen white; and it has “Tall” in its name. Besides that, it offers the same setup (fussier than our pick, but doable for most people), automatic push-shut latching, and the second-best sturdiness of our runner-up pick. If your dog can clear a inch gate, adding another half-foot on the top may be enough to keep your pet in check.

For wider openings: North States Deluxe Decor Gate

The North States Deluxe Decor Gate installed in a hallway passage.

The North States Deluxe Decor Gate covers openings up to 6 feet wide on its own, and up to 87 inches with an added extension. Of the three wide gates we tested, this North States model had the widest opening, plus a lock that was easy to use (and very similar to the locks on our other North States picks).

The Deluxe Decor has three panels, with the center panel being the gate door. If you install it across an opening smaller than 72 inches, the panels arc, like a bay window, and add a bit of stability. In a inch opening that three-panel construction makes it a bit more wobbly than a single-pane gate.

While the lock is similar to that of the North States Easy Swing & Lock—press a button, lift the door, swing it back to latch it—the gate door and its lock are not as resistant to stress and tampering as those of our top pick or budget pick. The extra width and multiple panels of larger gates make them inherently more flexible, and with some aggressive pulling, they can sometimes yank open. This isn’t a problem for smaller pets, but a larger or heavier dog may be able to ram through the gate. The Deluxe Decor also has a bottom rail, which could cause a tripping hazard for humans; if you're using it at the top of the stairs, you should place it at least 2 feet away from the first step, so humans who trip have a chance to recover their balance.

What about pressure-fit gates?

A pressure fit gate installed in a doorway.

We don’t recommend pressure-fit gates for most people. They’re less secure, their bottom brackets are a tripping hazard, they often do more damage to walls than screwed-in hardware-mounted gates, and they can also damage stair posts and railings if mounted tightly enough to be secure. Pressure-mounted gates might seem tempting for dog owners who are bringing their pets to other people's houses, but given the potential for damage or gate failure, you're better off bringing a crate and a solid leash if you want to restrict your dog’s movement. (Doug Mahoney goes into more details about the problems with pressure-mounted gates in our guide to baby gates.)

What about cats, and gates with cat doors?

Reasonably spry and thin cats will be able to leap over, squeeze under or through, or parkour their way around any gate you install. Some less-mobile or less-motivated cats may still be corralled by one of our gate picks, but a gate won’t do much to stop most felines.

We tested a wide, hardware-mounted gate with a cat door, but found it clunky to use and oddly sized, so we can’t recommend it (more in the Competition section, just below). Most other gates with a cat door are also pressure-mounted, which we don’t recommend. And while in theory the cat door is for cats only, your golden lab may decide one day to try to figure out if it actually could wriggle through the cat door.

The competition

Cardinal Gates makes an automatic-locking version (model MG) of our top pick, with the same all-metal build. It locks differently than either our top pick or our auto-locking budget pick: You pull up on a spring-loaded hook and push out to let the door swing outward, and the gate closes shut behind you when you push it back toward the latch. It’s trickier to install than our top pick or budget pick because it requires two screws on the hinge side of the gate plus four screws in a box pattern on the latch side, and if you miss a wall stud on either side of the latch, it wiggles loose and can easily misalign. It also can’t be installed at an angle, limiting its placement. These are issues that you can overcome if you truly value automatic closure over stability and ease of installation, but we believe the SS is more likely to work for most homes.

The Storkcraft Easy Walk-Thru Tall Metal Safety Gate is not that different from our North States tall-gate pick. It's a good choice if you want a black gate, since the North States model comes only in white, but overall we prefered the cleaner aesthetics of the North States gate, as this Storkcraft model has a series of screw holes along the top and bottom rails.

The Carlson Maxi Extra Tall Walk-Thru Pet Gate is a wide, hardware-mounted gate with a small pet door, a rarity in our search, but it has too many problems for us to recommend it. The latch for the main door is clunky, and tedious to open and close. The sizing allows for widths of 34½ to 38 inches and 50 to 59 inches, but no widths in between, due to how the extension pieces fit onto the main frame. A 4-foot (inch) opening is not an uncommon size. The gaps in the sizing make this gate oddly inconvenient to measure for, and more than a little annoying to set up. The main gate opening is a narrow 16 inches, and in our experience, even relatively thin testers found their legs brushing on the sides while passing through. The cat door has no mechanism to keep it closed, so it swings open or slams shut while you’re opening the main door. This gate might create more problems than it solves.

About your guides

Doug Mahoney

Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and supervisor. He lives in a very demanding year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home. He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning.

Kevin Purdy

Emperor Rings Dog Gate - Extra Tall 42" Ht

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Carlson Lil Tuffy$Pressure-mounted
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Regalo Home Accents$Pressure-mounted
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1. Carlson Extra Tall Pet Gate: Best for dogs and cats

Carlson’s Extra Tall Pet Gate spans 29 to 37 inches wide and stands 36 inches tall, making it one of the tallest on our list.

The extra height makes it the best option for medium to large dogs, but a byinch pet door provides a way for cats or smaller dogs to pass through while keeping your larger pup out.

A one-touch safety release lock lets you easily pass through the door using only one hand to unlatch it.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletTall
Pro BulletTwo doors for pets and people
Pro BulletOne-touch lock
Con Heading


Con BulletNarrow door
Con BulletPet door size

While it may prove a challenge to keep any large dog contained, with 36 inches of height, this model will give your dog a challenge. (If you want the dual function of a gate with a small pet door but don’t need a full 36 inches, Carlson also offers a inchmodel).

The swing door is a bit on the narrow side (16 inches), so it may not be the most comfortable gate to walk through.

Though it may seem small, medium to large dogs have been said to regularly shimmy their way through the little pet door—though this seems to be a problem across the board for gates with this function.

2. Toddleroo by North States: Best for stairs

Many pet gates are pressure mounted. This means there's a bar that runs across the floor, applying pressure on both walls to keep the gate in place. This bar can be a trip hazard, especially on stairs.

The Toddleroo by North States attaches to a wall stud on one side and latches securely on the other side, eliminating that bottom bar altogether. Despite its name, it works great as a pet gate. Jumpers might just hop over it, though, since it's not available in "extra tall." 

Pro Heading


Pro BulletWalk-through function
Pro BulletOne-handed opening
Pro BulletPush closed to latch
Pro BulletLooks nice
Con Heading


Con BulletPuts holes in your wall
Con BulletCan be tricky to install level
Con BulletSome pets might jump over it

Rather than using a traditional latch, the door on this gate features a one-touch safety release lock. It can be easily manipulated with one hand but locks tightly to keep pets (or children) from opening it.

Tip: if you want your cat to move freely up and down the stairs while your dog stays put, mount this gate high enough for the cat to slip underneath but low enough to block the dog.

3. Carlson Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Pet Gate: Budget pick

This pressure-mounted gate by Carlson stands 23 inches tall and expands from 26 to 42 inches wide. The plastic honeycomb design is perfect for small pets who will slip through any opening they can.

Easy-to-clean, weather resistant plastic makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use without the worry of rust.

What's more, the pressure-mounted rubber bumpers make it easier to transport than models that use adjustable spindles.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletPrevents escape
Pro BulletVersatile
Pro BulletEasy to move
Con Heading


Con BulletShort
Con BulletSides aren’t adjustable

At 23 inches tall, it is on the shorter side, so it's not good for large pets. Puppies and cats might try climbing on the honeycombs. 

As with any pressure-mounted gate, take care not to jam this gate too tightly to the wall or you'll dent the drywall. 

4. Regalo Super Wide: Best for open floor plans

Every other pet gate on this list assumes you have a standard-size doorway to work with. But how do you corral a puppy in the kitchen (and off the carpet) when you have an open floor plan?

Try the Regalo Super Wide. It's a whopping inches long and can easily be adjusted to fit a smaller space. It folds for easy storage, and the accordion folds add extra stability to the gate.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletSturdy
Pro BulletAdjustable
Pro BulletEasy to store
Con Heading


Con BulletScrews into wall

The Regalo Super Wide must be screwed into the wall at either end, so it's not ideal for renters. It features a step-through gate with a one-handed latch and can be used as a corral or play pen by connecting all panels in a circle. 

Tip: Set this up around your tree for Puppy's First Christmas.

5. Bow Wow Barrier: Best for front doors

The Bow Wow Barrier stops door-dashing dogs and cats in their tracks. Specifically designed for doors, not necessarily doorways, the Bow Wow Barrier lets you open the door for packages, pizza, or trick-or-treaters without having to hold your dog's collar or do an awkward shimmy out the door. 

You only attach it to the door when you need it, so it won't stop you from entering or exiting your home. You can open the door up to 28 inches with the Bow Wow Barrier attached.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletEasy to use
Pro BulletVersatile
Pro BulletUnobtrusive
Con Heading


Con BulletNot chew-proof

6. Richell Freestanding Pet Gate: Best for renters

This inch-high freestanding gate by Richell adjusts from to inches wide. It’s sturdy, stylish, and easily moveable, but it’s best for small pets.

No wall installation is required for this one, so it can be easily picked up and moved.

And, unlike many freestanding pet gates, the Richell gate has stabilizing feet with rubber bottoms to keep it in place on hard flooring.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletEasily moveable
Pro BulletStays in place
Pro BulletNarrow gaps
Pro BulletPivot side panels
Con Heading


Con BulletAwkward feet
Con BulletDifficult to adjust

The bars are close together on this gate, preventing small animals like cats from slipping through.

The side panels pivot to allow you to customize the angle of your gate in different locations.

While useful, the support feet of this gate do stick out from the wall, creating a potential tripping hazard, and they don’t entirely fold in, making it awkward to store.

You can adjust the width of this gate—but it is manual—requiring you to unscrew the support screws, move the gate, and then re-screw it back together.

7. Carlson Lil’ Tuffy Expandable Gate: Best step-over gate

Lightweight and portable, the Carlson Lil Tuffy step-over pressure-mounted model is a great budget buy.

It expands from 26 to 42 inches wide, but at only 18 inches tall, it’s best for those with small pets who can't step over it.

This pressure-mounted gate uses rubber bumpers rather than adjustable spindles. As a result, it’s not suitable for areas with baseboards or other features that require variable adjustment between top and bottom.

Pro Heading


Pro BulletAffordable
Pro BulletEasily moveable
Pro BulletEasy for humans to step over
Con Heading


Con BulletSides aren’t adjustable
Con BulletCurved corners
Con BulletLarger animals can step over

The rounded corners of this gate can pose a hazard if your pup props their paws on top of the gate. It’s uncommon, but it is possible for paws to slide over the rounded edges and get stuck between the gate and wall.

How To Make A DIY Baby Gate - DIY Dog Gate

The 8 Best Dog Gates For Any Space

If certain areas of your home are off limits to your energetic pup, a sturdy pet gate is essential. The best dog gates are durable, can be adjusted to fit in your doorway or stairway, and are easy for you to walk through while keeping your dog contained. And if you have a cat, some gates have smaller built-in doors that still give kitty free rein of the house.

While you want to choose a dog gate that’s the right width for your doorway (and most are adjustable), you also want to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand pushing, jumping, and gnawing from your pup — a big factor that went into the selection of all these picks. Style-wise, you have a few options: Most walk-through gates are made from metal, but if your dog isn’t prone to chewing, you can choose a heavy-duty pet gate made from wood or sturdy mesh fabric that might blend in better with your decor. Have a high jumper on your hands? (Border collies, looking at you.) Opt for an extra-tall gate that rises up to 42 inches to keep them contained. And if you want to place a barrier at the top of the stairs, be sure to choose one without a threshold at the bottom so there’s nothing to trip over and send you flying when you pass through.

You’ll also want to consider installation. Wall mounting is the most secure option, but if you don’t want to drill, you can choose gates that are pressure-mounted, installed with sticky hooks, or completely freestanding.

Whether you’ve got a new puppy or a curious older dog, these are the best dog gates on Amazon that’ll keep your pup safe and out of trouble.

1. The Overall Best

For a versatile option, you can’t beat this pet gate you can walk through. Boasting more than 11, reviews, the sturdy steel gate can be pressure-mounted or wall-mounted to suit your space, and it extends to fit doorways, hallways, or at the bottom of the stairs. Plus, you can give your cat some roaming freedom with the built-in 8-byinch pet door, which can also be locked when not in use. Installation hardware is included.

  • Width: 29 - inches
  • Height: inches

According to a dog owner: “We bought a new Doberman who immediately took a liking to our cat's wet food. We placed the cat's food in different areas of the house, and the dog always found it. [] We bought this gate - problem solved. We leave the small, cat door open, and the dog can't get in."

2. The Best For Jumpers

If your canine can leap sky high, this is the best dog gate for jumpers to help keep them contained. Rising to a height of 42 inches, the heavy-duty metal gate offers tool-free, pressure-mounted installation, and features a inch by 8-inch pet door for cats, which latches closed when not in use. Plus, the walk-through gate swings one or both ways so you can pass through with ease, too.

  • Width: 8- 38 inches
  • Height: 42 inches (also available in ainch height)

According to a dog owner: “So sturdy, easy to set up, easy to open, not much chance of an animal getting caught between the bars, tall enough to keep pets where you want them, and it's also nice looking. Win/win!”

3. The Best Dog Gate For Stairs

When placing a gate at the top of the stairs, you’ll want one without a threshold, which can be a trip hazard that you'll definitely want to avoid. Designed without a threshold, this is one of the best dog gates for stairs, and it will still keep your dog out of forbidden areas. Another plus for your security? The gate only swivels in one direction, so you don’t have to worry about it swinging open over the stairs. It can be extended to an impressive width of 47 inches and can also be used in other parts of the house, too. Since it's wall-mounted, it takes a little extra setup, but all the installation hardware is included.

  • Width: - inches
  • Height: 31 inches

According to a dog owner: “Easy to open. Works well. Keeps the dogs out of the basement.”

4. A Durable Mesh Gate That’s Scratch-Resistant

This mesh dog gate comes with eight sticky hooks that you can place in most doorways, and it’s durable enough to keep dogs contained. The gate works somewhat like a side-mounted roller shade with two height-adjustable poles on each end — all you have to do is unroll the fabric to fit the width of your doorway. There’s no walk-through gate, but you can pass through easily by unhooking the corner. And even though this gate is made from mesh, it’s super sturdy, and one reviewer reported that it stands up well to scratching.

  • Width: up to inches
  • Height: - inches

According to a dog owner: “This gate is the best for keeping dogs or my kids in or out of a room. [… ] It's easy to retract and close. Everyone who comes to my house always ask [where] I got it from cause it is very sturdy and strong!”

5. A Freestanding Wooden Gate With No Setup Required

For the easiest setup possible, opt for this freestanding heavy-duty pet gate. The extra-wide gate is made from New Zealand pine wood with steel bars, and there are stoppers on the bottom to keep it stable and prevent your dog from pushing it out of the way. Instead of a hinged swing door, it uses a sliding mechanism to open up a pathway for you to walk through, but keep in mind: This may not be the best option if you have a particularly strong or energetic pup, as it might get knocked over.

  • Width: 41 - 70 inches
  • Height: 28 inches

According to a dog owner: “Works great! I bought this because I didn't want a permanent gate attached. So far the dogs haven't been able to push it because of the stoppers.”

6. An Extra-Wide Wall-Mounted Gate

If you want a wall-mounted option but have a big hallway or an open floor plan in your home, this extra-wide dog gate extends to a width of 72 inches to give you plenty of coverage. Made from sturdy steel with a matte bronze finish, the gate can be mounted with hardware on straight or angled walls, and features a one-way swing door in the middle for easy access.

  • Width: - 72 inches
  • Height: 30 inches

According to a dog owner: "This filled the big (doorless) opening to my bedroom and is working well so far. I have 3 dogs that get up and make messes if they are out in the house while I'm asleep. [] I love the wide gate that is bigger than what is on most baby gates. I am happy with it so far and it looks like it will last for a while."

7. The Best Outside Dog Gate

The best dog gate for outside is weatherproof, so it’ll stand up to the elements while keeping your pup safe. The hardware-mounted gate is made from lightweight stainless steel and aluminum, and if you’ve got offset deck posts, it can be mounted at angles up 30 degrees. Plus, since there’s no threshold, this gate can be mounted at the top of the stairs without creating a trip hazard. However, the door does swing in both directions, so keep that in mind for stairway safety.

  • Width: 27 - inches
  • Height: inches

According to a dog owner: “I bought this gate a few months ago when we moved to a new house on a busy main road. I wanted something to contain my dogs to the deck in case they darted out the door to prevent them from running off into the road. It has been through rain, snow, hail, and heat (we get all four seasons in one month here in Kentucky) and it still looks brand new. It functions well, looks great, and stays latched."

8. A Circular Gate & Exercise Pen

This circular dog enclosure is great for giving your pup an exercise area outside, and it can also be used indoors — some reviewers place it around the Christmas tree to keep the dog from messing with decorations and gifts. It’s made from metal with a rustproof black finish, and it sets up in a flash — just unfold and connect the eight panels, and your dog will have a play space of up to 16 square feet. Plus, the gate folds totally flat for easy storage. It comes in various heights, with or without a door, and ground anchors are included for outdoor use.

  • Available heights: inch, inch, inch, inch, inch

According to a dog owner: “We used this to keep our puppy from getting into the Christmas gifts and peeing on the tree Skirt. It worked like a champ.”


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Dog Gate: 5 Best Inexpensive Dog Gates in 2020

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