Long medium triangle box braids

Long medium triangle box braids DEFAULT

20 Hottest Triangle Box Braids You’ve Gotta See

Triangle Box Braids for Little Girl with Beads

Triangle Box Braids for Little Girl with Beads

Instagram @novemberlov3

Triangle box braids for little girls with beads manifest both cuteness and edginess. This is such a next-level hairstyle, teaching younger ladies to take care of their kinks. They’re sure to love how stylish and unique it appears.

Triangle Crochet Box braids

Triangle Crochet Box braids

Instagram @ateliebadu

Triangle crochet box braids on a shoulder hair length are sassy and striking! Customize it by embellishing with accessories such as hoops and cuffs. Keep it plain and black for a classic style that’s easy to grow out.

Middle Part Triangle Box Braids

Middle Part Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @mahalas_touch

Wants a very long hair that reaches your thighs? This middle part triangle box braids style will give you more than what you need. It’s low maintenance and will protect your natural hair. To add a hint of brightness, ask for two strands of blonde to go with your black braids.

Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids

Red Short Bob Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @kersti.pitre

Thinking that a long protective hairstyle is a kind of conventional? Don’t waste time and get yourself these red short bob triangle box braids. Its shoulder-grazing length is just perfect, like where you want it to be. And, sure, you can’t ignore that popping color, which lightens everyone’s mood. Feel free to add cuffs and other gems for a more glamorous effect.

Triangle Box Braids With String

Triangle Box Braids With String

Instagram @mgbeautyhair

If large braids with golden add-ons are your thing, this hairstyle must gladden your heart. Wear these long triangle box braids with strings and cuffs to make you always ready for a rave-up! Love this? See these cute long box braids here!

Burgundy Triangle Box Braids

Burgundy Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @blessbyess

Go loud and bright! Give these long, jumbo burgundy box braids with triangle parts a whirl. The white strings wrapped around a couple of plaits add a sense of aesthetic delight to the utter look.

Medium Triangle Box Braids

Medium Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @raizmistica.vix

Pull off a hairstyle that has a great aesthetic root pattern for a little bit of surprise. Complete your style by wearing these medium triangle box braids. These will give your tresses such a fuller and polished edge.

Honey Blonde Triangle Box Braids

Honey Blonde Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @laid2impress

Wanting a hairstyle that will give you an effortless glamour? Rock these gorgeous honey blonde triangle box braids to pump up your look. The bright pink ombre is sure to match your edgy but flirty aura. Dig this color? Then here are some more blonde box braids for you.

Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Instagram @xoxo__drii

Such a great way to keep a versatile, chic, and protective hairstyle! Carry out a strong impact as you wear these long triangle goddess box braids. On-fleek edges, blonde highlights, and rubber bands prove that details make things extra.

Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @urban_kinks

Got a bubbly personality with the charm of an empress? If yes, you shouldn’t miss giving these jumbo triangle box braids a shot! With added accessories, show them how a shoulder-length style can make a statement. See more of the best jumbo box braids.

Large Triangle Box Braids

Large Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @slayed.elegance

Are you passionate about getting your kinky tresses plaited or twisted? Don’t have time to keep on styling your locks first thing every morning? These layered large triangle box braids fit the bill. Its beauty will not fade if you can keep it tight and free from frizz.

Triangle Box Braids in a Bun

Triangle Box Braids in a Bun

Instagram @braids_bytoni

Giving you that classy and stylish look are these triangle box braids in a bun. Let some of the curly strands to display to create extra details on your black hairstyle.

Long Triangle Box Braids for Thin Hair

Long Triangle Box Braids for Thin Hair

Instagram @lacorisehair

This is such a gorgeous hairstyle to let you have a versatile look, ideal for your every mood. These are the long triangle box braids for thin hair, giving you a confident and edgy finish. Have a young girl in your life? Check out these cute box braids for kids!

Parted Big Triangle Box Braids

Parted Big Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @braids_by_cencen

These are solid and straight-up classy! Explore these parted big triangle box braids and wear them down like a diva.

Triangle Box Braids With Rubber Bands

Triangle Box Braids With Rubber Bands

Instagram @hairbygat

Give your conventional black protective hairstyle a twist just for kicks. Time to boost your triangle part box braids with rubber bands and more dainty hair jewels.

Side Parted Triangle Box Braids with Crimped Ends

Side Parted Triangle Box Braids with Crimped Ends

Instagram @hairbynishaa

Crimped ends are what makes this side-parted triangular box braids exceptional than ever. The idea here is to offer your black protective style an added length and flair.

Thick Cornrow Triangle Box Braids

Thick Cornrow Triangle Box Braids

Instagram @purity_k_beauty

Gorgeous thick cornrow triangle box braids to satisfy your craving for a fresh aura! The aesthetic lines on the scalp plus the polished edges are fair reasons to get your black mane braided.

Triangle Box Braids With Color

Triangle Box Braids With Color

Instagram @_rsbraid

If you no longer find your protective style delightful, feel free to upgrade your look. These triangle box braids with color are to lighten your black locks using a touch of blonde hue.

Triangle Box Braids With Curly Ends

Pop some twist to your hairstyle and pull off these knotless triangle box braids with curly ends. These add length to your black mane as if you’re opting for a Rapunzel mane.

Q&A with style creator, Dayonne
Hairstylist / Braid Professional @ Slayn Attraction Hairstyles in New Jersey

How would you describe this look?

This look is called the knotless bohemian box braids (triangle parts). First, I love this look because of the knotless beginning, which causes less tension and more flexibility when styling. Also, it gives a more natural look versus the traditional method of box braids where the knot is visible. The bohemian hair attached to the ends gives this style a very feminine and boho look, and I think that’s what my clients love most about it.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s definitely beneficial to our natural hair. For the initial install, there is no tension and strain on the hair, especially on the hairline, which is most females’ concern. Also, it’s low maintenance, and the versatility is amazing!

Small Triangle Box Braids

Such neat work! Opting for these small triangle box braids on your black curls is sure to flaunt your edgy taste. This is how you should level up your protective hairstyling game.

Q&A with style creator, Christina Dotson
Hair Stylist / Braider @ Braids by Christina in Miami Gardens, FL

How would you describe this look?

This style is a large knotless plaits with triangle parts. I love the fact that it has less tension on the client’s natural hair. It’s also very durable and lightweight.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This style is for all hair types, and it can be styled in multiple ways. It’s great for the girl who just wants to get up and go and don’t have to worry about their hair. It’s also long-lasting for about 4-6 weeks or longer.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/black/triangle-box-braids.html

If you are looking for a convenient style, one that you don’t have to think too much about then the triangle box braids are right for you. It’s a great look for any season depending on when you would like to stop worrying about your style. If you have damaged hair then trying out a protective style may be just what you’re looking for. These styles are easy to create with the right hairstylist. You can try out these protective styles this spring and have gorgeous, healthy hair by the summertime.

The triangle box braid is not your standard box braids. These styles had been sectioned off so that it appears as if you have triangles on your head. The triangle look is a way to switch up the style. By using triangular sections, you can frame the face beautifully. We have many different options to choose from.

Check out these 65 Cool Triangle Box Braids That Are So Convenient:

  1. A Pop of Color

We have to admit that the best part of this style has to be the grey coloring. It just makes the whole look pop.

2. Standard Styles

The thicker the braid you have, the fewer braids you will need in your hair. It’s a simple style that you are sure to love.

3. A Process

With any box braid style, it’s a matter of staying still for a couple of hours. As women me must sacrifice for beauty.

4. Long Braids

A great braid style that you are sure to love. It’s simple and it shows off your long hair.

5. The Bun

Buns are great styles for spring and summer. These are gorgeous triangle braids.

6. Red Styles

Red should totally be your hot new color this season.

7. Glorious Braids

A great style that you are sure to love regardless of the season.

8. Small Braids

Triangle box braids can come in many shapes and sizes.

9. Triangle Styles

The triangles on top really create a unique look for you. They are a great style for children because you don’t have to worry about styling their hair every day.

10. Creative Styles

This remarkable braid travels all around the head. Your child will love this creative style.

11. Stunning Styles

If you are looking for a cool design for your child this summer than look no further than this one.

12. Thin Styles

It doesn’t matter the age; box braids can be worn by anyone.

13. Working Through It

This will show you part if the process of getting braids done in your hair. It’s something that certainly takes some time.

14. Special Styles

This unique style has different sizes of braids in it. It’s a great style to try out.

15. Dreadlocks

These aren’t box braids but as you can see you can still get the triangle style in the scalp with dreads as well.

16. Simple Braids

A great style that is simple and one that you can enjoy for months on end.

17. Thin Braids

The size of your braids is really going to determine the type of style that you have. These are great braids for any occasion.

18. A Bold Style

A great style that you are sure to love this spring. It’s simple and you can wear these styles anywhere.

19. Tiny Braids

You can see how different your style can be when you have small braids. This ones are quite small so she was likely sitting in the chair for more than four hours.

20. Triangular Designs

A great style that you are sure to love no matter where you go.

21. Shiny Designs

If you need to protect damaged hair, then box braids are a great way of doing that.

22. Slick Styles

A protective product is always added to the style to achieve an awesome style.

23. Sexy Styles

If you are looking for a sexy style this summer than you can’t go wrong with this one.

24. Summer Looks

Braids and some accessories are all you need for a fresh new summer look.

25. Thick Braids

You can see here the difference it makes when choosing large, thick braids as opposed to thin braids.

26. Blonde Braids

A great style that really stands out because of the color.

27. Partial Updo

A great style that you are sure to love because of the simplicity if it. You can wear partial updos to any event that you need to go to.

28. Stunning Styles

A great style that you are sure to love no matter what. We love these stunning styles because they can be worn to the beach or out with the girls.

29. Triangle Box Braids

A simple style that can be worn anywhere.

30. Styling Choices

Another example of a simple style that you can wear with braids.

31. Add Some Color

A great style that has many different tones in it. This would be a great summer look.

32. Sexy Styling

A great sexy partial updo that you can rock out wherever you go.

33. The Accessory Game

A bold look that you are sure to love. The accessories really make a difference in this look.

34. Thin Styling

Another example of a simple style with small braids.

35. Convenient Styles

A great style that is easy and low-maintenance. You can keep these styles in for months.

36. Long Styles

Triangle braids are great for long hair; it will provide you with a convenient style.

37. Golden Styles

If you are looking for a great style for summer than why not make your braids golden. They are sure to draw the eye wherever you are.

38. Purple Styles

A stunning style that is made perfect by the striking purple shade throughout the style.

39. Memorable Styles

If you want a look that is sure to turn heads, then try this style on for size.

40. Twisty Braids

The triangle sections are made this time with some twisty braids. It gives you a whole new look to try out.

41. Simple and Soft

This soft look has an air of romance to it. It’s a stunning style and you will be receiving compliments all day.

42. From Above

This is a great photo that allows us to see the triangular style that is created on the scalp.

43. Intricate Styles

Now, this triangle braid style is created completely different from the rest. It provides more of a zig-zag style. If you want a unique look, then you have found it here.

44. Thick Braiding

This style is sure to please you. There are only a few braids and they are multi-colored.

45. Cool New Looks

A great style that has triangles and small braids.

46. Children’s Styles

This would be an amazing flower girl style. If you are looking for a cute style for your child for an event, then this would be the perfect one.

47. Add Some Bangs

If you like the look of bangs, then you can still achieve that style with braids.

48. Pretty Styles

A great style that is both convenient and pretty.

49. Ponytail Styles

A great style that doesn’t require braids. As you can see here, you can still have the triangles without braiding. We love this look for children; it’s so cute.

50. Splashes of Color

There are only a few strands of color in this style, but it still makes it pop.

51. The Closeup

Here we get a closer look at the previous style. You can easily create this style at home.

52. Sectioning the Hair

Here we get to see the beginning process of box braids. It looks like she is going for a thicker braid.

53. Stylish Buns

Braids are great for events because they give you an original style. If you have places to go, you can work your braids easily into multiple styles like this one.

54. Elegant Styles

A stunning style that will be the talk of any party that you go to this year.

55. Blonde Designs

You really can’t go wrong with the color blonde, especially for a summer shade. Try it out and you will see what we are talking about.

56. Braided Triangles

It looks like the sections were also braided by tiny braids. This creates a totally cool new look that people will be in awe of.

57. A Two-Toned Style

Sometimes all you need is a little color change to spruce up your look. Braids always look good with two tones.

58. Cute Styles

Another great example of the braided style happening right before our eyes. This is a simple look that is also cute.

59. Beautiful Braids

Sometimes our hair needs a little TLC and when that happens braids are the best way of protecting your hair from further damage.

60. Small Braiding Designs

Small braids take longer to create, but they have their own unique style.

61. White Styles

We love the gorgeous addition of the white strands to the braided look. It really makes everything pop.

62. Make a Star

Another great example of a simple design.

63. Red Braids

A couple of red braids will spruce up your style.

64. Tiny Twists

This is a very unique style created with small twisty braids.

65. Simple Length

A great style that is perfect for long hair.

Sours: https://www.styleinterest.com/triangle-box-braids/
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Triangle Braids: Taking Your Box Braids to the Next Level

If you’ve been looking for a new way to update your braided locks, the triangle braids may be the solution! These add a difference in parting compared to regular box braids and can refresh your favorite look.

What Are Triangle Braids?

Triangle braids are your traditional box braid with a twist. The sections in traditional braided hairstyles usually use rectangular or squared shapes to separate each piece of hair. However, in the case of the triangle braid, the section is triangular. Does this interesting trend sound like you? Here are twenty different snazzy styles to inspire you!

#1: Scarlet Triangle Box Braids with Wrapping Detail

A great advantage of box braids is a possibility to add fake hair in any color. This means you can choose absolutely any color under the sun for your style without any damage that comes along with chemical-based hair dyes. The triangular-shape parting creates interest without overtaking the style.

#2: Ebony Triangle Braids with Elegant Hair Cuffs

Luckily, jewelry isn’t limited only to the body! Utilizing hair cuffs or rings offers a touch of elegance with Cleopatra vibes. Pairing these with triangle box braids makes for an all-around put together hairstyle. Easily snap accessories into place over braids, cornrows, or twists.

#3: Half-Up Bun with Wrapped Front Braids

A hair wrap string is a pretty addition to your overall style. Different colors of strings or cords can be chosen depending on the color of your hair. Braids are just as versatile as unbraided hair. Try experimenting with a half-up half-down bun or pony like this one!

#4: Triangle Part Box Braids with Magenta Peek-A-Boo Highlights

A great feature of plaits is their protective function, preventing damage and breakage. It can also be a great solution for those who have just had a “Big Chop” for the hair health reasons, but miss the length.

#5: Thick Triangle Braids for 3C-Type Hair

Triangle part box braids work for any hair type and face shape. If you have a particular parting that you feel flatters your face, share your thoughts with your stylist. Here is a creative way to part your braids on the crown.

#6: Chunky Blonde Triangle Part Braids with Dark Roots

Bleaching natural hair may make it frizzy, dry, and damaged — something no one wants. Poetic justice braids with rubber bands are the perfect solution to this as no bleach is needed to lighten your hair.

#7: High Twisted Bun with Chunky Box Braids

An easy way to elevate your braided topknot is by meticulously laying your edges. Babyhairs, also known as edges, are traditionally “laid” or smoothed down with a wax-based butter, pomade, or gel. This adds a 90s, polished feel to any updo.

#8: Mahogany Poetic Justice Braids with Gold Cuffs

Triangle part braids can be a cute and understated hairstyle. This makes them an ideal canvas for unique add-on details. Golden cuffs are the best choice for reddish brown and black braids.

#9: Dark Braids with Silver String and Cuffs

Cuffs, strings and cords added to box braids may ooze tribal vibes enhancing the ethnic feel of your hairstyle. It is great for those with a bohemian-inspired lookbook, however, many African American girls will easily adopt a similar style, regardless of the preferred fashion style.

#10: Braids with Straight Bangs and Festive Peek-A-Boos

Braids don’t have to cover the whole head, in fact, leaving your bangs free from the hairstyle adds uniqueness. This makes for a pretty style with a twist — ideal for a student, working professional, or full time mom.

#11: Bold Teal Box Braids with Triangle Parts

Box braids with triangle parts are flattering on almost anyone! However, creating such a look requires a lot of manipulation and scalp tugging. If you find that even combing slightly knotted hair can bring a tear to your eye, box braids might not be for you.

#12: Refined Purple Triangle Braids

A clean, pin-straight middle part is again all the rage. This refined and polished criss crossed parting pairs perfectly with the textured plaits. Color can make them even chicer!

#13: Side-Parted Chocolate Brown Triangle Braids

A side parting is a worthy alternative to a centre parting, just in case you are more into asymmetrical hairstyles. When choosing a string to be wound around your braids, select a color that is much lighter or brighter than your braided hair.

#14: Triangle Micro-Braids with Blonde Highlights

Micro box braids with triangle parts form a fascinating pattern on the scalp. Highlights are added by braiding in blonde extensions blended with your natural hair color.

#15: Thick Triangular Braids with Ombre Effect

These braids truly stand out thanks to their varied thickness and a fade of color. If you have always wanted to try ombre, box braids are a great opportunity.

#16: Hot Neon Pink Triangle Part Braids

While some jumbo triangle box braids have perfectly symmetrical partings, others are more intricate. An unnatural color, like neon or pastel, intensifies the funky vibes of the braids that otherwise may seem traditional and, therefore, a bit boring.

#17: Burgundy Faux Locs Highlights

One way to add interest to your big triangle box braids in black is to throw colored faux locs into the mix. The variety of textures and the contrast of colors elevate the hairstyle and perfectly update it.

#18: Side Parted Black Box Braids with Wavy Ends

Leaving the ends of the braids un-braided and curling them is another way to customize your hairstyle. The styling lasts on synthetic hair even without a product.

#19: Jumbo Black and Caramel Braids

The pierced braids exude the contemporary boho chic. A few caramel-colored pieces create a very rewarding splash of color now when warm hues in the wardrobe are so popular.

#20: Bright Golden Triangular Braids

Although box braids are as old as the hills, you may wear them in modern colors and modern ways. Check this metallic blonde combover. It’s stunning, to say the least!

We hope you have found the triangle braids that took your breath away and inspired to make an appointment with a professional braider!

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/triangle-braids/
How to Part for Triangle Box Braids- How to Tuck Hair

41 Pretty Triangle Braids Hairstyles You Need to See

One of the hottest braided looks are triangle braids. These funky braids are a different take on the much loved box braids. Instead of boxes, your hair will be sectioned into triangles. By using this shape instead, you get a cool, creative and trendy hairstyle. We love triangle braids and think you will too so, we have found 41 of the best looks on Instagram. There are colorful braids, accessorized styles and more. Take a look, you won’t be able to decide which one to try first!

1. Red Triangle Box Braids

First up we have these gorgeous red triangle box braids. The braids are chunky, long and are in a bright red shade. We love this look because the red color really makes the triangular pattern stand out. It is a trendy hairstyle that is perfect for the ladies who want to look bold. These braids have been finished off with a cord, you can use a cord or not, depending on your own style.

2. Stylish Thick and Thin Triangle Braids

You can make braids look unique by creating cool patterns like these. Here we have triangle braids with very thin braids in-between the triangles. This is such a stylish and creative idea! You can be as simple or as intricate as you like. So, recreate something like this or add in a few more small braids, maybe even try different colors too.

3. Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Next, we have jumbo triangle braids that have been accessorized with cords and cuffs. Accessories like these can really jazz up your braids and make your hairstyle unique to you. Go for something glam and gold like featured or add some vibrant cords and other things like beads.

4. Multicolor Triangle Part Braids

Looking for a hair idea that makes a statement? Then these braids are for you. Here we have long triangle part braids that start off black then blend into light purple, blue and then yellow. This is such a gorgeous set of colors. You can recreate this or try your own color palette. Multicolor styles like this work best on longer braids so you get the full effect of the color change.

5. Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Another way you can glam up your braids is with added curly hair. These long triangle braids have curly hair at the ends. This combination is gorgeous and it just gives the braids a chic and stylish look. You can have long braids like featured or try curls with shorter braids too.

6. Long, Accessorized Triangle Braids

Our next hairstyle features gorgeous triangle braids with more cool accessory ideas! Instead of cords and cuffs, here we have cords with shells and a braid wrap. Little accessories like these make the simplest of braids look amazing, and you can express your own style by choosing your favorite colors and patterns.

7. Caramel Blonde Triangle Braids

Next, we have a stylish braid idea. These chunky triangle braids are a beautiful caramel blonde shade. Blonde looks so trendy with braids. This blonde color will suit everyone, but you can choose a cooler and brighter blonde if you prefer. Either way, blonde braids like these will give everyone hair envy!

8. Thick Triangle Part Braids

If you are looking for a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to wear, this next idea is for you. Here we have thick and long triangle braids. We love the triangle pattern used here because is so neat and stylish, it looks amazing. You can recreate long braids like these or try this pattern with short braids too.

9. Sleek and Stylish Triangle Part Box Braids

Next, we have another braid idea that looks effortlessly beautiful. These are long triangle braids but the triangular pattern is different. The triangles used here are smaller so the pattern looks more intricate. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will suit everyone. To jazz it up a little, you can add braids in other colors.

10. Black and Copper Braids

When adding color to your braids, you don’t have to go all out. You can just add a few bold braids to your look, just like this. Here we have black and copper braids. As you can see, the color still looks gorgeous but it is subtler than the styles where all the braids are colorful. Copper is a stylish color and it will look amazing on any braid length.

Sours: https://stayglam.com/beauty/triangle-braids/

Medium triangle box braids long

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