Ford ranger exhaust flange bolts

Ford ranger exhaust flange bolts DEFAULT
Default2.5L Exhaust Bolt Sizes

Getting ready to remove my catalytic converter pipe on my 2.5L to fix a rattling heat shield and leak (gonna weld everything).

I've already got the CC pipe to muffler pipe unbolted, I just need to get the two bolts that hold the CC pipe to the exhaust manifold off.

I've been PBing the bolts for the past 3 days and tried breaking one loose through the wheel opening. The breaker bar moved but the other end of the bolt appeared not to move. I decided to stop before that bolt breaks all the way and shuts my truck down for a few days.

I'm almost 90% sure those bolts from the manifold to the cat pipe are gonna break. This will probably leave me with unbolting the exhaust manifold to extract the broken bolt.

Question: What sizes are these two sets of bolts?
1. Cat pipe to manifold (2 bolts)
2. Exhaust manifold bolts (8)

Anyone have Dorman part #s they know work?

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98-00 4.0L LH Exhaust Manifold

1998-00 Ford Ranger
1998-00 Ford Explorer
Ford Truck, 1998-2000, Explorer/Ranger, V6 4.0L (LH)
Includes manifold gasket and studs.
Product Description More like a kit than a single part, many of our Exhaust Manifolds include gaskets and downpipe hardware for easier installation. Since this part is a direct replacement, the exact fit adds another layer of efficiency and convenience. Heat-shield may be included for protection of engine components where applicable Cast iron or stainless tubular construction protects against warping or cracking Leak-resistant for long-lasting performance A rigorous quality inspection has been undertaken to ensure product standards Product Specifications Color/Finish: Natural Exhaust Manifold Inlet Port Shape: Round Flange Bolt Hole Quantity: 0 Flange Stud Hole Quantity: 2 Gasket or Seal Included: Yes Heat Shield Included: No Installation Hardware Included: Yes Item Grade: Standard Replacement Manifold Bolt Hole Quantity: 6 Material: Cast Iron Package Contents: Exhaust Manifold, 1 Manifold Gasket, 2 Bolts Package Quantity: 1 Packaging Type: Box

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How to install new exhaust flange bolts into old exhaust manifold, the easy way

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Flange ford ranger bolts exhaust

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Replacing Exhaust Connection Flange (97 Ford Ranger)

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