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Appraisal Data

Appraisal Data

Members can search El Paso County, TX certified property tax appraisal roll data by Owner Name, Street Address, or Property ID. TaxNetUSA members with a El Paso County, TX Pro subscription can search both certified and preliminary appraisal data by Year Built, Square Footage, Deed Date, Value Range, Property Type, and many more advanced search criteria. All members have the ability to download search results *.

Appraisal Data for El Paso County is up to date as of Jul 26, 2021. Custom bulk data is available. Please contact us for a quote.

GIS Maps

Interactive GIS Maps

Property GIS Maps are displayed on property detail pages in El Paso County, TX for all registered members (where available).

TaxNetUSA members with a El Paso County, TX Pro subscription also have access to the Interactive GIS Map, which allows Pro members to map search results, select properties using easy drawing tools, download selected parcels as a Downloadable List, and print mailing labels. *

Land Sketches

Land Sketches

Land Sketches, where available in El Paso County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the property. Land Sketches are useful in determining the perimeter and square footage of a property, and are especially helpful to Surveyors, Appraisers, Foundation Repair companies, Lawn Care businesses, and Insurance Agents.

Land Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. See the pricing schedule for credits.

Improvement Sketches

Improvement Sketches

Improvement Sketches, where available in El Paso County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement. Sketches are useful to Residential Appraisers, Foundation Repair and Lawn Care businesses. View a sample sketch report.

Improvement Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. See the pricing schedule for credits.

Delinquent Property Tax Data

Delinquent Property Tax Data

Contact Us

TaxNetUSA offers solutions to companies that need Delinquent Property Tax Data in one or more counties, including El Paso County, TX, and want the data in a standard form.

Delinquent Tax Data products must be purchased over the phone. Call us at (877) 652-2707 for delinquent data pricing today. Or contact us and we’ll get back to you.

* Downloadable Lists and mailing labels require Credits.

Sours: https://www.taxnetusa.com/texas/elpaso/

As the second-largest landowner in the state, we rely on maps. A lot.

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) is publicly available and provides a catalog of:

  • All surface trust land (2.8 million acres)
  • All trust mineral estate (4 million acres)
  • Ownership records for all trust surface land and mineral estate
  • All current lease records on trust assets
  • And more!

You can view the data in several ways:

(Hint: the map server is the most popular and easiest to use!)

Tips for using the map server:

Access the online map server.

  • The fastest way to look up state owned land records is by using the "find" tool. You can search by Township/Range or Section, County, Lease Number, Lessee Name, Property Name or Lat/Long coordinates.
  • Use the help tab for assistance. 

Use the map server to download a copy of a lease:

You can download a copy of a lease and any associated lease riders with three easy steps:

  1. Click the parcel of land on the map or enter the lease number in search box.
  2. Select the lease record number from the left column.
  3. Click the orange L in the top left column (pictured right).

Viola! You will see the lease record and can download it. 

We are continuing to make more copies of State Land Board leases readily available to you through this map server. If you can't find what you're looking for, we're here to help! Simply fill out this form or contact us. 

Sours: https://slb.colorado.gov/maps
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When planning any type of improvement to a property, it is a good idea to locate the property lines to make sure your planned improvements are on your own property and that required setbacks are met (see Property Zoning for general setback information).

Will the City Locate My Property Line for Me?

The City of Colorado Springs does not offer surveying services for private property. Any licensed surveyor listed in the phone book will be able to locate your property line for you. 

If you are planning to construct a building or other permanent structure, the surveyor can also produce a site plan or plot plan for you, showing existing buildings and improvements, as well as any proposed improvements.

If you are planning to construct a fence or some other type of improvement that does not require a full site or plot plan, you can ask the surveyor to perform a “property line locate,” which is oftentimes less expensive than a full site plan or plot plan.

Talk to your selected surveyor to determine which service you will ultimately need.

What Does a Surveyor Do?

A surveyor will locate property lines by either recovering property corners, or setting them if they are not already in place. Often, this may be an easy task if the property corners are easily found where the surveyor visually approximates them to be.

They may simply be visible or easily located using a metal detector. Most property corners will be marked by a rebar driven into the ground with a “surveyor’s cap” place on top. The surveyor’s cap will have inscribed on it the surveyor’s license number, and sometimes the company name that the surveyor is working for.

Older properties will sometimes have only a rebar, an iron pipe, a fence post, or possibly even a chiseled “boundary stone.” In cases where the corners are not easily located, the surveyor will first research the plat wherein the property was created, or the “legal description” if the property is not platted.

Unplatted lots will sometimes have prior surveys that the surveyor may reference, sometimes not. Using the plat, prior survey or legal description along with surveying instruments, the surveyor can “traverse” to the mathematical location of the corner and look for it using the previously described methods.

Various other evidence may be employed by the surveyor to find the corners including fence lines, hedge lines, marked trees, or anything else that is mentioned in the maps and/or “field notes.” If all attempts to find the corner are exhausted and the corner is not found, the surveyor will set his/her own rebar and surveyor’s cap using the plat, map and/or legal description along with the application of surveying principles, when necessary.

In cases where the surveyor sets property corners, he/she will file a land survey plat with the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder where the property is located.

Upon request of the property owner, the surveyor will mark the corners with survey stakes and/or other markers so that the corners can be easily located by the owner, contractor, or whomever has a need to know where the property lines are.

In most cases the property line will be the straight line between the property corners; the only exception being when the boundary “line” is actually a curve, which usually occurs along a curved section of street right-of-way. When necessary, a surveyor can set several temporary markers (survey stakes, nails etc.) so that this curve may visually be approximated.

By first setting the “radius point” of the curve, a surveyor may easily set such a point at any place along the curve that is needed by the owner, contractor etc.

Sours: https://coloradosprings.gov/planning-and-development/page/property-lines
October 21, 2021 El Paso County Commissioners Court Special Session Meeting


The Honorable Delia Briones, County Clerk, is pleased to provide our constituents with this website to electronically search our Historic Index Books. This website is designed to provide you with 24-hour internet based remote access to our index records as an alternative to in-person couthouse access.

Land Record Index Books supported on this site have a date range from 1874 to 1975. To purchase the land records associated with this site; please contact the Recording Divisionat 915-546-2074.

QuickLink Lite Application

The Recording Division is responsible for recording and indexing various property records, military discharge records, and cattle branding. The Division is also tasked with filing assumed names for businesses and corporations.

Effective September 1, 2021.
House Bill 3415 87th Legislative Session: All Documents for filing in Public Records with the County Clerk's office will require government-issued photo identification from filers.

Effective July 19, 2021.

The County Clerk’s Northeast and Ysleta Annex offices will be open on a walk-in basis for the following services: Record Property Records and Assumed Names from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM with minimum capacity.

The Downtown Office will be assisting with all recording services by appointment only.

County Clerk’s Northeast and Ysleta Annex officesWALK-IN:

    • Face masks are required to enter the building.

Downtown Office BY APPOINTMENT:

  4. RECORD DD-214
    • You may record property records, foreclosures, plats, DD-214, cattle brands, and register assumed names.
    • Face masks are required to enter the building.
    • You may schedule an appointment by sending an e-mail request to [email protected] or by calling (915)546-2074.   
    • Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes and are available between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.


    • Mailing address:

      El Paso County Clerk's Office
      Attention: Recording Division 

      500 E. San Antonio Ste. 105

      El Paso, Texas 79901 


  • You may request copies for DD-214 electronically.
  • You may record your property records electronically.
    Please e-mail: [email protected]




Walk In:

  1. Complete form (Incorporated or the unincorporated form), and have it acknowledged by a deputy.
  2. All owners must be present.
  3. Present valid government issued ID.
  4. Personal checks are not accepted.
  5. To waive the fees for retired veterans, please check-mark the box on the form and provide a copy of ID or proof of Veteran Status. 

Filing by Mail:

  1. Complete form (Incorporated or the unincorporated form).
  2. The form must be notarized and contain original signatures.
  3. Send your form with a Cashier's check, Business check, or Money order payable to " El Paso County Clerk, County of El Paso, El Paso County, or County Clerk(s)."
  4. Personal checks or cash are not accepted.
  5. To waive the fees for retired veterans, please check-mark the box on the form and provide a copy of ID or proof of Veteran Status. 


  • The filing fee is $29.00 and 0.50 cents per additional owner.
  • If it is an incorporated business, it is a flat $29.00 .
  • Cashier's checks, Business checks, or Money orders are acceptable made payable to " El Paso County Clerk, County of El Paso, El Paso County, or County Clerk(s)."

For any general questions, please e-mail: [email protected]

eRecording Registration Form
eRecording Payments

Sours: https://www.epcounty.com/clerk/recording.htm

County el maps paso plat

Township and Range Lines

Township and range lines divide land into 36 square mile areas (six miles x six miles). Township lines run east-west parallel to baselines every six miles. They are designated as Township 1N, etc., or Township 1S, etc. Range lines run north and south parallel to meridians. They are designated as Range 1W, etc., or Range 1E, etc.

Townships are created by the intersection of township and range lines. Each township is six miles square and divided into 36 sections. Townships are about 49.5 feet shorter at the top (north) than at the bottom (south) as these lines converge as they continue toward the North Pole.

The sections within a township are numbered consecutively from the northeast corner (Section 1), following a back-and-forth course until the last section in the southeast corner is numbered (Section 36). The one-mile-square areas typically contain 640 acres. They are the smallest subdivisions that were actually surveyed on all four sides. Compass directions are used to locate parcels in sections. The directions are abbreviated “N”, “S”, “E”, and “W”. Sections are usually divided into half and quarter sections: N1/2, NW1/4, etc.

Irregular townships were corrected along the northerly and westerly line of townships. Where these corrections occurred, government lots were established. These lots contain more or less than 40 acres and were assigned numbers, i.e., Lot 4 Section 16 instead of NW1/4NW1/4. Lot numbers were also used when ground barriers prevented the establishment of complete 40-acre tracts. This occurred where streams, lakes, or cliffs were involved in a survey.

Metes and Bounds: Metes are measures of length and bounds are boundaries. Metes and bounds are used when it is necessary or desirable to describe a parcel with irregular boundaries which does not conform to the rectangular system. The point of beginning and boundaries are identified in relationship to a monument, i.e., recognized marker, such as a section quarter corner, bridge, pile of stones, or natural features, such as a lake, stream, tree, etc.

For example:A tract of land in the northwest one-quarter (NW1/4) of the northwest one-quarter (NW1/4) of Section 30, Township 1 south, Range 60, west of the 6th P.M., described as follows: commencing from the northwest corner of said Section 30, thence south 20 degrees 30′ east 140.60 feet to the point of beginning; thence north 88 degrees 55′ east 200.00 feet; thence south 125.00 feet; thence south 88 degrees 55′ west 200.00 feet; thence north 125.00 feet to the point of beginning.

Sours: https://assessor.elpasoco.com/gis-legal-descriptions-parcel-numbering/
The Northeast Side of El Paso

El Paso County Assessor's Office

Popularity:#4 of 69 Assessor Offices in Colorado#106 in Assessor Offices

El Paso County Assessor's Office Contact Information

Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number for El Paso County Assessor's Office, an Assessor Office, at East Vermijo Avenue, Colorado Springs CO.

El Paso County Assessor's Office
27 East Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80903

Free El Paso County Assessor Office Property Records Search

Find El Paso County residential property tax assessment records, tax assessment history, land & improvement values, district details, property maps, tax rates, exemptions, market valuations, ownership, past sales, deeds & more.

Map of El Paso County Assessor's Office

View map of El Paso County Assessor's Office, and get driving directions from your location .

Related Public Records Searches

Find GIS Maps, Land Records, and Property Records related to El Paso County Assessor's Office.

Assessor Offices Nearby

Find 5 Assessor Offices within 40.5 miles of El Paso County Assessor's Office.

External Links

Find 23 external resources related to El Paso County Assessor's Office.

About the El Paso County Assessor's Office

The El Paso County Assessor's Office, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, determines the value of all taxable property in El Paso County, CO. Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to as personal property. Property assessments performed by the Assessor are used to determine the El Paso County property taxes owed by individual taxpayers.

Property owners may contact the Assessment Office for questions about:
  • El Paso County, CO property tax assessments
  • Property tax appeals and reassessments
  • Paying property tax bills and due dates
  • Property tax rates and tax roll
  • El Paso County GIS maps, property maps, and plat maps
  • Property records and deeds in El Paso County

El Paso County Home & Property Tax Statistics

Find El Paso County Home Values, Property Tax Payments (Annual), Property Tax Collections (Total), and Housing Characteristics. Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau; American Community Survey, 2018 ACS 5-Year Estimates.

 El Paso CountyColorado
Median Home Value$254,300$313,600
Median Rental Cost (per month)$1,119$1,196
 El Paso CountyColorado
Median Property Taxes$1,213$1,647
Median Property Taxes (Mortgage)$1,268$1,729
Median Property Taxes (No Mortgage)$1,029$1,423
 El Paso CountyColorado
Property Taxes$242,564,400$2,851,055,200
Property Taxes (Mortgage)$187,934,100$2,134,711,800
Property Taxes (No Mortgage)$54,630,300$716,343,400
 El Paso CountyColorado
Total Housing Units268,6222,352,202
Occupied Housing Units253,379 (94.3%)2,113,387 (89.8%)
Vacant Housing Units15,243 (5.7%)238,815 (10.2%)
Owner Occupied Housing Units161,564 (63.8%)1,371,145 (64.9%)
Renter Occupied Housing Units91,815 (36.2%)742,242 (35.1%)
Housing Units (Mortgage)74.1%71.7%
Housing Units (No Mortgage)25.9%28.3%

Assessor Offices near Colorado Springs

Sours: https://www.countyoffice.org/el-paso-county-assessors-office-colorado-springs-co-14f/

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