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Custom Liveries - Create,Show & Share

Does anyone else creates custom Project Cars 2 liveries?
If so, feel free to show and/or share them.

Personally i'm working on a few fantasy AOR liveries for a selection of cars and classes.

Ligier JS P2 Nissan - White base V1


Ligier JP P2- Yellow base V1


Next will be the Porsche 911 RSR GTE.



Thread: Vehicle custom liveries - How to + FAQ

FILE NAMERECOMMENDED SIZE*DDS FORMATVEHICLE PARTRELATED TOLIVERY_PLAYER2048x2048DXT1VehicleMain liveryLIVERY_FRESNEL1024x1024DXT1VehicleLivery reflections per angleLIVERY_SPEC1024x1024DXT5VehicleLivery specularity and glossynessLIVERY_AI1024x1024DXT1VehicleAI Livery. If AI uses the "Custom Livery"PAINT_CHASSIS256x256DXT1VehicleChassi and Roll Cage colorsWHEEL_DIFF512x512DXT5WheelWheel liveryWHEEL_DIFF_BLUR256x256DXT5WheelWheel under rotationWHEEL_SPEC256x256DXT5WheelWheel specularity and glossynessWHEEL_SPEC_BLUR256x256DXT5WheelWheel specularity and glossyness under rotation
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Sebastien NovA

The liveries below are compatibles with both PC1 & PC2. See the ReadMe file for installation.

BMW 320 GROUP 5 – Gulf livery – v1.0

2015-05-31_000012015-05-31_00003DOWNLOAD link

SAUBER MERCEDES-BENZ C9 – Test Car Livery – v1.0

SAUBER C9 Test Car Livery 1SAUBER C9 Test Car Livery 2DOWNLOAD link

PAGANI ZONDA CINQUE – Black&Red livery


Like this:


Project Cars 3 - All Cars \u0026 Race Cars Liveries

How to create custom liveries in Project CARS

Arse biscuit

Project CARS, according to fans, is one hell of a racing game. We’ve got our own review on the way, but its safe to say that the game is a hit and has been well worth the wait. It’s gorgeous, cars are fast ‘n furious and the in-game AI would sooner smash the paint off of your vehicle than give you a gap. Sounds rad. But what would be even better than that? Custom liveries on your car, that’s what. Here’s how you can achieve that.

The catch here of course, being that only PC gamers will be able to do this. Sorry PlayStation and Xbox One fans, you’re out of luck on this feature. Having a bit of photoshop knowledge (And Adobe Photoshop or GIMP itself) will also help, but you can get everything you need to get started, right over here on the Project Cars forums. It’s a neat little feature, so expect to see plenty of custom jobs from the growing Project CARS community that happens to be rather active right now.

It’s not too challenging. Basically, you’ve just got to line your liveries up, with some photoshop on a template such as this:


Line everything up, chop, edit and change as you see fit. I recommend putting Peniston Oil liveries on all the doors, for all the giggles. The instructions are easy enough, so go make us proud. 4K liveries are supported, provided that your PC can handle all those extra pixels and whatnot. Massive thanks to Uberutang for the link.

Last Updated: May 11, 2015

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Livery 2 project cars custom

Project Cars – MOMO Community Liveries Pack now available!

The finest Italian style, a long tradition of quality: this is what racers all over the world think of when they see the famous Momo Italy logo.

To celebrate that history, Slightly Mad Studios has released the Momo Community Liveries Pack for Project CARS on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam. This set of fabulous new designs to race in the game includes five created by the amazing Project CARS fan community in collaboration with Momo! These designs feature on some legendary machines:  the Caterham Superlight R500, Ford Sierra Cosworth Group A, Palmer Jaguar JPLM and two classic F1 cars, the Lotus 78 & 98T. Naturally, all of these beloved cars feature Momo steering wheels as well.

Momo’s spectacular racing colours of red and yellow are famous the world over, and will no doubt be worn with pride as the racing drivers of the future go wheel-to-wheel in the world’s only Community Assisted Racing Simulator, Project CARS.  Momo turns cars from simple tools into a way of life.

“We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Momo to create these unique liveries for fans to enjoy in Project CARS. Momo brings fantastic heritage, passion and authenticity to the game and many of the development team have Momo products in our real cars! We can’t wait to see all of the awesome photos and videos that our community will share of the Momo cars racing side-by-side in the game.”Andy Tudor – Creative Director, Project CARS. The Momo Community Liveries pack is the latest in the series of On Demand content updates for Project CARS, which also includes the Classic Lotus Track Expansion and Feature Update 6.0 available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

How to Install Custom Livery on Project CARS 2
****** PC Only! ******

Sorry, custom liveries for consoles (PS4 and XBOX One) aren't available at this moment.

Install a custom livery

Just extract and overwrite files under "[your drive]:\[your system]\STEAM\SteamApps\common\pCars\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries"

You can find amazing liveries in the Download Database Forum.

Livery Creation Guide

What do I need?

1. Photoshop CS (or higher) or any other software (e.g. GIMP) that can deal with PSD and DDS file types.

2. ????

3. A bit of knowledge how to use Photoshop, GIMP or whatever software you chose.

4. Official Paint Templates
By Fernando Pedace

by Jan Frischkorn (SMS Vehicle Art Manager)

Can we just use 1 custom livery per car?
Yes. Only 1 custom livery per car at moment.

There is a 3D viewer?
No. But you can save the DDS while game is running. See the "3D Viewer Alternative" in the "Tip" section of this FAQ.

Where do I find the custom textures?
In your pCARS runtime under "[your drive]:\[your system]\STEAM\SteamApps\common\pCars\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries" you will find default custom liveries for all cars.
They are all white and show a black wireframe.
Simply replace these textures with your own and choose the "Custom Livery" in the GUI selection.

Will my liveries be deleted when I uninstall the game or install a new version?
We've changed the installer to not replace the files if they're already present, or uninstall them if they've been modified from the defaults, so it should be fairly safe.
But if you blindly delete your whole pCARS folder say, you'll lose them.
So you better keep the PSD files of your liveries somewhere safe.

I have problems saving the DDS files. What can I do?
Save the livery as TGA.
Then open the TGA and save the DDS from there.
That will usually always work. Sometimes there are problems saving DDS files from layered PSD files.

What settings do the liveries need to be saved with?
You save them as simple "DXT1" DDS with all MIP maps.
Set the DDS plugin to "create new mip maps".
The DDS file should be saved as a square image, so if a PSD file is not square (e.g. 4096x6144 pixels), you first need to resize it to 4096x4096 before exporting it to DDS).

Are metallic effects possible?
No, only solid paint is possible at the moment.
The shaders for these effects are too complicated to be externally influenced.
However, chrome and matte effects are possible. See specular + fresnel maps at the bottom of these FAQ.

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Project Cars 2

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The repository should be cloned into the steam installation folder for Project Cars 2. If you installed in the default location on drive C this would be and the complete parth to the files would be .

If your file manager prompts you to overwrite existing files you want to say yes, as the default skins are blank white templates and will need to be overwritten.

NOTE: Currently if you clone the repo it will also download the Screenshots and Documentation.


Project Cars 2 only allows skin substitution for one variant of each car. Chris has in some cases produced multiple replacement skins for the same vehicle. Any of the skins that have a number after the word livery in the filename are a variant, but only one will be picked up by the game and that will be the one that does NOT have a number.

As an example there are multiple Ford Mustang RTR skins included currently:

You will need to place the one that you want into the games folder, and if it's one of the variants, you will need to rename it so the number is removed after livery.


I have put the screenshots on their own page, this is mostly so you don't have to load 40+ images to read the installation instructions.


These car skins were made by and © Chris Broomfield, AKA Horsewood and kindly shared.



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