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Nissan 350Z Engine Water Pump Replacement

The water pump is a crucial component to keep your engine cool. The cost of a water pump replacement depends on the year, make, and model of your car.

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RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Nissan 350Z Engine Water Pump Replacement is $614. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

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2008 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 138,000 miles

Laguna Hills ,  CA 92653

$1,120 - $1,368

Nissan logo

2003 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 177,000 miles

Phoenix ,  AZ 85037

$440 - $538

Nissan logo

2006 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 Base • 130,000 miles

Fort Worth ,  TX 76177

$392 - $479

Nissan logo

2008 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 117,000 miles

Chino Hills ,  CA 91709

$986 - $1,206

Nissan logo

2006 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 129,000 miles

Fort Worth ,  TX 76177

$392 - $479

Nissan logo

2005 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 118,000 miles

Whittier ,  CA 90602

$435 - $531

Nissan logo

2005 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 118,000 miles

Whittier ,  CA 90602

$435 - $531

Nissan logo

2005 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 118,000 miles

Whittier ,  CA 90602

$352 - $430

Nissan logo

2003 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 150,000 miles

San Jose ,  CA 95122

$509 - $622

Nissan logo

2003 Nissan 350Z

3.5L V6 • 124,000 miles

Camp Pendleton ,  CA 92055

$463 - $565

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Sep 7, 2021 11:52 AM

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What is an Engine Water Pump?

The engine water pump is arguably the most important part of the cooling system. Let’s get one thing straight before you get a little confused: though it’s called an engine water pump, it’s not exclusively pumping water. Usually, the water pump is actually pumping coolant through the engine.

While going through the engine, the coolant absorbs the heat that the engine is created as it works. Kind of like your water at the gym, right? The coolant then passes through the radiator, where the heat is removed from the liquid, allowing it to cool down again, so it can absorb more heat, and keep this happy process rolling along. The engine water pump makes sure that this process keeps on keeping on. This component is necessary for the proper functioning of your car’s cooling system, which is really important.

How important? Imagine working out in a sauna without any water, and tell me how long you can go before you start to break down…

Most water pump’s last a good amount of time, but wear and tear can cause them to eventually die, at which point they’ll need to be replaced.

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Symptoms of a failing Engine Water Pump

Overheating engine

Without that exchange of heat, the temperature of the coolant will rise and rise. And as it does, it will fail to absorb heat from the engine and the timing belt, causing the temperature to rise and rise and eventually overheat. So, if you notice a rising temperature needle from your thermostat connected to your dashboard, don’t ignore it.

Warning lights

Warning lights are there for a reason. And no, the reason isn’t to annoy you. They’re there to warn you when something’s wrong, like an overheating engine or problem in your radiator or pump. Keep your eye open for a warning light telling you that the coolant or overall system is hotter than they should be.


Sweating is good for you, but not good for the water pump. Keep a watchful eye out for any leaks under your car coming from the pump. This is general advice, not just water pump advice. But if you notice a leak pooling under your car, it could be your coolant, which tends to smell a little fishy, or sometimes a little sweet. That could be the result of a water pump that didn’t show up to work or a radiator that needs to be replaced

Funky noises and sights

A failing water pump could start making a whining noise. Yes, it’s going to be annoying. But the pump is just calling on you for help, so be kind and listen. You can also sometimes visibly spot a busted water pump. If the pulley that is attached to the pump is looking a little loose, that might be a sign that it’s time for replacement. Additionally, steam coming from the engine could also be a tell-tale sign.

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How urgent is an Engine Water Pump replacement?

To put it simply, we humans get uncomfortable and start to feel worn out when we’re exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time. So does your car. If we can’t stand being hot for too long, neither can our cars.

Ignoring a water pump replacement can lead to catastrophic failure, which leads to a big ol’ dent in your wallet. You don’t want that. Get the pump replaced as soon as possible.

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Nissan 350Z Water pump replacement

Why do Nissan 350Z water pumps need to be replaced?

The water pump on your Nissan 350Z is what controls the coolant flow through your engine and radiator.

Without it, the coolant would just sit and boil inside your engine, and cause it to overheat! It is a vital part of keeping your engine running and needs to be replaced as soon as an issue is found to keep your engine running at normal operating temperature.   

A water pump replacement starts at around $300 and can increase to $1000+.

Water pumps can be electric or mechanical belt-driven both can fail over time. When a water pump fails or the seals wear out the pump can leak coolant, compromising the cooling system in the vehicle. When coolant is lost it can lead to the Nissan 350Z's engine overheating and cause permanent damage and failure.

Many water pumps are located in front of the engine and driven by the timing belt or drive belt. Depending on the vehicle it can take a lot of labour time to access the water pump. This is one of the reasons why mechanics suggest the water pump is replaced at the same time as the timing belt, as they are typically in the same location.

The last thing you want to do is replace a Nissan 350Z timing belt and then have a leak in the water pump soon after. It's best practice to have them both replaced at the same time to save on time and money.

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Sours: https://www.autoguru.com.au
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2008 Nissan 350Z Timing Chain Replacement Cost

While traditionally the timing belt has been preferred to a timing chain, manufacturers have made the switch to using timing chains in the past few years. It’s a more reliable solution which lasts longer, and although it can be a little more expensive upfront, it will be the cheaper and more reliable option over time.

Replacing the timing chain is a complicated job, and the labor costs can be quite high. For most cars, a timing chain replacement costs between $ 413 and $ 1040 , or you can order the parts themselves for $ 88 and $ 245. It is a tricky repair though, so unless you’re particularly skilled it’s usually best left to a mechanic.

Timing Chain Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are some sample costs for having the timing chain replaced at some of the leading garage chains in the country. Prices will vary from state to state and from car to car, but they should give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay.

Your Mechanic

Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $ 437 – $ 783


Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $ 416 – $ 941

Mr. Tire

Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $ 440 – $ 895

Pep Boys

Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 6 Months $ 422 – $ 1040

What Is the Timing Chain?

The timing chain works as the connection between the camshaft and the crankshaft, and the main responsibility of the chain is to operate the inlet and exhaust valve gear during the stroke cycle of the piston. The chain keeps these valves opening and closing at specific intervals, helping the engine to function properly.

Until recently, the vast majority of cars were built to use a timing belt instead of a timing chain. Using a timing belt was usually more cost effective than using a timing chain, with the only cars opting for the chain being higher-end sports cars.

Recently this trend has actually been in the opposite direction, with the timing chain taking over as the preferred option. A timing chain will need replaced far less frequently than a timing belt, resulting in a lower cost to maintain your 2008 Nissan 350Z for the owner.

Benefits of Timing Chain Replacement

While a timing chain will usually last far longer than a timing belt, it will suffer from wear and tear and will need replaced at some point during the life cycle of your 2008 Nissan 350Z .

Faulty timing belts can cause some serious damage to the engine if they’re not repaired, and in some cases it can completely disable your 2008 Nissan 350Z . Manufacturers were being increasingly blamed for these problems, which has led many to make the switch from belt to chain. As a result, car owners need to more aware of what the timing chain is, how to spot a potential problem with it and how often it should be inspected and replaced.

One of the main problems with the timing belt is that they weren’t being changed as often as they should be. Replacing a timing belt is a fairly costly repair, so many people would simply sell or trade in their car instead of having it repaired. In many cases this would result in someone else buying your 2008 Nissan 350Z and not being aware of the timing belt problem until it was too late.

The use of a timing chain helps reduce the likelihood of this happening as it’s designed to last much longer than the belt, so unless you’re buying a much older 2008 Nissan 350Z there should be less risk of major repairs in the future.

When Should You Have Timing Chain Replaced?

There are usually a few signs that the timing chain on your 2008 Nissan 350Z should be replaced, some more subtle than others. Poor fuel economy and occasional misfires could be caused by a timing chain issue, as could difficulty starting your 2008 Nissan 350Z or the engine making a rattling sound regularly.

If you notice any unusual sounds from the engine or anything out of the ordinary then you should take your 2008 Nissan 350Z to your mechanic. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue and if it’s a problem with the timing chain it’s best to have the replacement done fairly quickly.

While timing belt replacement can be expensive, the damage caused by a faulty chain will be much more expensive to fix so it’s best to tackle the problem early. By taking the financial hit early you can avoid major engine damage which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

What Is Done During Timing Chain Replacement?

  1. Replacing the timing chain is a big job which will likely require multiple parts of the engine being disassembles and rebuilt
  2. Before the main work starts the engine will be cleaned thoroughly with de-greaser
  3. The mechanic will determine the firing order of the car
  4. They will ensure that the number 1 cylinder is up by removing the spark plug and placing a screwdriver in the spark plug hole, with the piston near the top of the screwdriver
  5. The battery cables will be disconnected and the radiator cap will be removed
  6. The coolant will be drained from the engine
  7. The mechanic will then remove the radiator hoses, remove all drive belts, remove the heater hoses, remove the water pump and fan and finally the timing chain cover
  8. There will be a mark or a dot on both the old chain and the tooth of the chain gear. The engine will be rotated until these marks are aligned
  9. The mechanic will scratch a new reference mark across the chain and the gear with a screwdriver, before loosening the tension gear and removing the chain
  10. The gear will be lubricated prior to the new chain being installed
  11. The new timing chain will be placed onto the gears, ensuring the marks align properly
  12. The camshaft sprocket bolts will be reinstalled
  13. They will then use a hammer and punch to drive out the crankshaft seal
  14. The new crankshaft seal will be tapped into the timing cover and the seal will be covered with oil
  15. The mechanic will then start replacing the timing chain cover, reinstalling the fuel and water pumps and the fan
  16. The radiator will be filled with coolant and the various belts and hoses will be reconnected
  17. The battery will be reconnected and the engine started

How to Save Money on Timing Chain Replacement

Replacing the timing chain is something which should be carried out by a qualified professional rather than a repair you attempt at home. It’s a complex and time-intensive repair, and getting it wrong could cause some pretty serious and expensive damage to your 2008 Nissan 350Z .

The best way of saving money on timing chain replacement is to have the work done early before it causes any further damage to your engine. The cost of the replacement can be high, but it’s a mere fraction of what you’d have to pay if it started causing problems with other parts of the engine.

Get a few quotes from garages in your area to see what you can expect to pay, and go with the place that offers a fair price and which has a good reputation. Quality work is every bit as important as saving money on your auto repair , so go with someone good who won’t rip you off.

Sample Timing Chain Replacement Costs

Below are some example costs for replacing the timing chain on some of the most popular models in the country. These prices should be used as a guide only, as every garage will have their own pricing structure.

Model Labor Parts Total
Ford F-Series $ 499 – $ 614 $ 114 – $ 167 $ 613 – $ 781
Chevrolet Silverado $ 484 – $ 741 $ 137 – $ 199 $ 621 – $ 940
Ford Focus $ 319 – $ 550 $ 97 – $ 145 $ 416 – $ 695
Toyota Camry $ 389 – $ 650 $ 161 – $ 245 $ 550 – $ 895
Toyota Corolla $ 415 – $ 766 $ 144 – $ 231 $ 559 – $ 997
Nissan Altima $ 334 – $ 708 $ 88 – $ 171 $ 422 – $ 879
Honda CR-V $ 289 – $ 674 $ 124 – $ 205 $ 413 – $ 879
Honda Civic $ 315 – $ 667 $ 145 – $ 224 $ 460 – $ 891
Honda Accord $ 347 – $ 587 $ 110 – $ 201 $ 457 – $ 788
Ford Fusion $ 299 – $ 419 $ 121 – $ 189 $ 420 – $ 608
Sours: https://www.mycarspecs.com/cost/nissan/350z/2008/base/timing-chain-replacement-cost
Water pump replacement 06 Infiniti M35

Cost to Replace Nissan 350Z Water Pump

Nissan 350Z Maintenance and Repair Cost Estimator: March 2013


ItemQuantityLow  High  
Labor - Replace The Nissan 350z Water Pump
Drain existing coolant/antifreeze. Disconnect and remove existing water pump. Install and connect new water pump with new gaskets and seals. Fill cooling system with new antifreeze/coolant. Verify proper engine temperature control and leak free operation.
2.4 hours$196.27$221.19
Parts - Water Pump
Includes drive belt, gasket and other good stuff
1 pump$165.09$185.84
Parts - Antifreeze/coolant
Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze / coolant. Includes rust and corrosion inhibitors. Nitrate and Phosphate free. Meets or exceeds ASTM D3306, D4985 specifications.
2 gallons$31.09$35.00
Core Deposit - Water Pump
Payable only if existing unit cannot be used for rebuilding/resale.
1 pump$33.18$37.35
Disposal fees
Fees for proper handling and environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of used fluids, parts, and materials.

Total cost - excluding local taxes $410.25$462.06

Cost to Replace Nissan 350Z Water Pump - References

We recommend the following online resources for trustworthy information about Nissan 350Z maintenance, repair and service. These resources deliver honest real world ownership perspectives and useful facts for anyone researching the cost to replace the water pump on the Nissan 350Z.

  • [1] Automotive Cooling Systems A common sense guide to understanding the operation, maintenance and repair of automobile cooling systems.
  • [2] How Cooling Systems Work A useful summary of how an automobile cooling system works and common maintenance and repair issues with cooling systems.
  • [3] Nissan Forums One of the internet's most active online communities for the Nissan. Pictures, modifications, discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself service, repair and customization articles.
  • [4] Club Nissan The leading online forum for Nissan Enthusiasts and Owners. Pictures, discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself articles.
  • [5] Forum Nissan One of the internet's top forums for Nissan Truck owners and enthusiasts. Owner submitted gallery pictures, discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself articles.
  • [6] Aftermarket Versus Manufacturer Car Parts - Is it Worth the Premium Cost? An authoritative industry study that compares the average cost, quality and warranty history of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to Aftermarket substitute parts.
  • [7] United States Bureau of Labor Statistics Wage Data by Area and Occupation Survey summaries of regional wages for automotive repair professionals.

Cost to Replace Nissan 350Z Water Pump - Notes

Cost estimates are based on industry average productivity levels for the repair and local labor rates charged by experienced automotive professionals. These estimates show a range of fair prices for your vehicle and geographic area. Auto repair shop prices are set by each shop and may be different than price ranges estimated here - particularly if the scope of work varies from that described here.

Homewyse is a trademark of Costwyse LLC. All other trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

Sours: http://www.autowyse.com/nissan_350z_service/cost_to_replace_350z_water_pump.html

Cost pump 350z water replacement

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