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Elkhart County Corrections Center INMATE & FAMILY SERVICES

Elkhart County Corrections Center

C.R. 26
Elkhart, IN


Photos and Videos of Elkhart County Corrections Center


Inmate Search, Booking Information & Mugshots

The Inmate Search Page for the Elkhart County Corrections Center:
•    Inmate’s Booking Information
•    Inmate’s Mugshot
•    Criminal Charges
•    Bail / Bond Amounts
•    Recent Arrests

Inmate Mail Policies, Address and What can be Mailed

Mail Dos & Do Nots:
•    Mail Policies
•    What Not to Mail
•    What is Allowed?
•    Can You Mail Photos?
•    Electronic Messaging

Inmate Phone Policy & Account Registration 

Calling Friends & Family from Elkhart County Corrections Center
•    How Do Inmates Call?
•    What Phone Service Do They Use?
•    What is the Cost?
•    Prepaid Cards or Collect Calls?
•    Emailing Text & Photos

Inmate Accounts, Sending Money & Commissary

Money & Commissary at the Elkhart County Corrections Center
•    Adding Money Online / At the Facility / By Mail
•    Minimums & Maximums
•    What Service is Used?
•    Commissary & Care Packs

Inmate Visitation Rules, Schedules & Video Visits

Everything About Elkhart County Corrections Center Visitation 
•    Who Can Visit
•    Registration
•    Visitation Schedule
•    Visitation Rules
•    Visitation Dress Code
•    Remote Video Visits

Inmate Bail, Bonds & How it Works

Bail Bonding from the Elkhart County Corrections Center
•    How to Bail Bond
•    Where to Bail Bond
•    Bail Bond Agents
•    Self-Release Bonding
•    Bail Bond Cost

About the Elkhart County Corrections Center

The Elkhart County Corrections Center, located in the city of Elkhart, in Elkhart County, Indiana is a medium to maximum-security facility.

Every year this facility has Bookings, with a daily average of  Inmates and a staff of .

Inmates range from low level misdemeanor offenders to those being held and awaiting trial for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder. Therefore, the security level must be high.

Correctional officers in Elkhart County Corrections Center are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves, visitors and inmates from violence. 

All of the men and women being held in the Elkhart County Corrections Center are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Elkhart County Court System and been sentenced to one year or less. 

The Elkhart County Corrections Center also houses inmates arrested by this county’s municipal police departments. 

A full list of the cities and towns can be found below.

Family and Friends of inmates are allowed to:
•    Receive phone calls from the inmates, 
•    Provide them with commissary money
•    Receive and send them mail
•    Schedule a time to visit. 

Convicted and Sentenced Inmates

When an inmate is convicted and sentenced to a year or more, they are transferred to the Indiana State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  

Inmates that are convicted of a misdemeanor and/or sentenced to less than one year of a state crime serve their time in the jail. 

Illegal immigrants convicted of a state or federal crime will first do their time, then may be transferred into ICE custody for deportation.

Sours: https://www.jailexchange.com/city-and-county-jails/indiana/elkhart-county/elkhart-county-corrections-center

Exchanging Emails with an Inmate in Elkhart County Corrections Center

Since Elkhart County Corrections Center contracts with GTL ConnectNetwork, they either already or will soon provide you and your inmate the ability to use their Messaging Service to send and receive electronic messages.

Depending on the facility, inmates can either view messages from you by:

Viewing it on a device at the jail,

Viewing it on a Kiosk in their unit,

Print it out, and/or

Respond electronically.


How do I pay for the GTL Inmate Messaging Service at Elkhart County Corrections Center?

GTL lets you pay for inmate messaging services:

- Online,

- Over the Phone,

- Using a Kiosk at Elkhart County Corrections Center,

- By US Mail, and

- Depositing Funds at Designated Retail Stores.


How much does it cost to send and receive messages?

Rates to send messages vary and are subject to change.

The typical cost is $ per message, plus $ per photo and $ per 30 second video.


How does GTL Inmate Messaging work?

Step 1

Confirm the current GTL Message service options at Elkhart County Corrections Center.

Step 2

Sign in or create an account to make a deposit.

Step 3

Add your phone number(s), information and Facility(ies)

Step 4

Fund Account

Step 5

Send and receive messages 24/7

Step 6 (optional - additional fee)

Attach a photo and/or video to your messages (where available) using the iOS or Android mobile app.

Get the iOS app

Get the Android app

Sours: https://www.jailexchange.com/city-and-county-jails/indiana/elkhart-county/elkhart-county-corrections-center/mail-an-inmate
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Mail Procedures to Change at Elkhart County Correctional Facility

from Elkhart County Sheriff's Office · 25 Sep 18

ELKHART- Beginning October 1, inmates will no longer receive their non-legal and non-commercial mail at the Elkhart County Correctional Facility. Inmate mail needs to be sent to:

JailATM.com- Elkhart County Jail
Inmate Id: Inmates full name
South Bend Ave Box #
South Bend, IN

All non-legal and non-commercial mail sent to the address given will be processed by the mail scanning vendor and delivered to the inmate electronically via kiosks or tablets, and the original mail item will be destroyed.
The inmate name and ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard. Failure to include this information could result in lost or misdirected mail. Electronic correspondence, including picture attachments, can also be sent immediately at www.jailATM.com. To find the inmate ID number, go to http://www.elkhartcountysheriff.com/divi
Normal mail rules still apply and content violations may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate. Prohibited materials include:
• Racy or pornographic pictures
• Pictures or descriptions of illegal activities
• Pictures or descriptions of the use or manufacture of firearms, explosives, or other weapons
• Drugs or biohazards on the envelope or contents
• Threatening or violent content
All legal and commercial mail should continue to be sent to the facility directly.

25 Sep 18· Subscribers of Elkhart County Sheriff's Office in General


Sours: https://nextdoor.com/agency-post/in/elkhart/elkhart-county-sheriffs-department/mail-procedures-to-change-at-elkhart-county-correctional-facility/
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