Crochet striped moss stitch throw

Crochet striped moss stitch throw DEFAULT

One of my favorite things about learning to crochet is having the ability to make nice gifts for my friends and family. Being able to use a skill of mine to create something for someone that is different and more personalized than what can be bought has been such a joy. The only negative side I have found is that I can grow attached to an item while making it, and then wish I was keeping it for myself. Of all of the gifts that I have made so far, this blanket was the hardest to give away. It is so soft, and the perfect sized couch blanket. And although it was made for friends as a wedding gift, look how nicely it matches my living room!

This project is a great beginner project, and works up pretty quickly with bulky yarn. As an added bonus, it is machine washable! This is the first of my crochet projects that I have put in the washing machine, and while I was definitely nervous about it, it turned out great. After the first wash, some of the stitches shifted and settled, so I had to re-trim some of the ends. Nice and clean and ready to be wrapped!

This pattern is a simple moss stitch repeat, switching back and forth between a solid and striped yarn. The final blanket measures 40″ x 60″.

To complete this project, you will need to know the following stitches: sl knot and ch, sc.

You will also need the following supplies:

6mm (US J) crochet hook [Affiliate Link]

Tapestry Needle [Affiliate Link]

Red Heart Soft Essentials Yarn [Available at Michaels]
7 skeins Solid – Seafoam (#7504)
8 skeins Stripes – Maritime Stripes (#7940)

To begin, ch 150. To vary the size, chain any even number. Skip three ch spaces and sc in the fourth ch from hook. Continuing along ch, skip one ch, sc in the next and ch 1 until you reach the end of the row. End with ch 2 and turn.

Skip sc from previous row, sc in ch space from previous row, ch 1. Repeat until end of row, ending with ch 2 and turn.

Repeat the second row until you reach the desired number of rows. I switched between solid and striped yarn at unplanned points to keep the lengths of the stripes varied. Below are the number of rows I made of each color before switching for the 214 rows of the blanket.

12 rows solid
6 rows stripes
5 rows solid
6 rows stripes
6 rows solid
12 rows stripes
14 rows solid
9 rows stripes
6 rows solid
6 rows stripes
4 rows solid
13 rows stripes
8 rows solid
5 rows stripes
9 rows solid
5 rows stripes
5 rows solid
4 rows stripes
8 rows solid
9 rows stripes
5 rows solid
8 rows stripes
6 rows solid
5 rows stripes
5 rows solid
3 rows stripes
6 rows solid
11 rows stripes
13 rows solid

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This pattern was designed by me and is intended for your personal use. I have provided it for free on my blog, and the selling of this pattern is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in selling completed items based off this pattern, please notify me and credit me as the designer.


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Welcome to Daisy Farm Crafts!

Hello! It’s Hannah, Tiffany’s daughter, and I’m excited to share this striped blanket I designed that uses the even moss stitch, a simple stitch that is perfect for beginners like me!  The blanket also has a nice ribbing border that takes some practice to figure out, but works quickly once you get the hang of it.

crochet striped even moss stitch blanket

(If you’d rather have an ad-free PDF version, click here to visit Etsy.)


Paton’s Shetland Chunky – 5 skeins aran, 2 skeins gold, 2 skeins charcoal tweed, 2 skeins toasty tweed

Size K Hook

Tapestry Needle


Appx. finished size: 36 x 34


Half Double Crochet (HDC): Yarn over (YO), insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

Slip Stitch (SL ST): Insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop and pull directly through loops on hook.

Double Crochet: YO, insert your hook, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through two loops, YO and pull through remaining two loops.


Start by chaining 88 with Aran.

Row 1: Slip stitch into the second chain from hook. Then HDC into the next stitch. Alternate a slip stitch (SL ST) with HDC to the end of your row. The last stitch should be a SL ST. Chain one and turn.

Row 2: SL ST into the SL ST you just made then HDC into the HDC. Alternate again all the way across your row. Always SL ST into a SL ST, always HDC into a HDC. Always chain one and turn.

Repeat row 2 for the remainder of the blanket. 

You will be working 4 rows of each color. To change color, when you reach the end of the row, insert your hook as normal for the last SL ST, but instead of pulling through with the same color, pull through with the new color. Then chain one and proceed as normal.

Here is the color pattern:

4 rows Aran

4 rows Charcoal Tweed

4 rows Aran

4 rows Toasty Tweed

4 rows Aran

4 rows Gold

crochet striped even moss stitch blanket


You will be making a ribbed stitch look on each side of the blanket, working one side at a time.

Pick either side to work across. Using off-white, pull up a loop in the corner and chain 3. DC across the entire side. Stop when you reach the first corner, chain 3 and turn. This counts as your first DC.

Insert your hook from front to back around the post of the next DC and work your DC (FPDC). Then, around the next DC, insert your hook from the back to the front and work your next DC. (BPDC). Now continue alternating FPDC and BPDC around each DC. When you get to the last DC, work that one as normal-into the top of the stitch. chain 3 and turn.

Work back across the row with your alternating FPDC and BPDC matching each stitch to start making the ribbed look.

Do not tie off, simply chain 3, and start working across the end of the blanket, working 2 DC into the sides of the DC stitches, and then one DC per stitch. Chain three and turn and work back across in the same manner you did and work your ribbed stitch.

When you finish 3 rows, chain 3, and now work in the same manner up the side, again working one DC per stitch. When you finish working the ribbing up this side and then across the last end, chain 1 and work a SC into each DC all the way around the entire blanket and 3SC into each corner space. Tie off and weave in the ends.

Here is a video you can watch to show you how to work FPDC and BPDC:

Block the blanket if needed by either hand washing and then reshaping and laying it out to dry, or simply use a spray bottle

crochet striped even moss stitch blanket

Thanks for stopping by! We love to see finished blankets from the patterns we share, so if you’d like to tag us on Instagram or leave a picture on our Facebook page, we’d love to see it!

Happy Fall!



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Welcome to Daisy Farm Crafts!

Crochet Striped Moss Stitch Throw

Hey, it’s Hannah.  One of the very first crochet blankets I ever made (well one of the first blankets I made that was actually worth keeping) was this beginner-friendly Modern Moss Stitch Blanket:

Crochet Modern Moss Stitch Blanket

I didn’t really plan it out before I made it – I just told my mom that I wanted to make something black and white to use as a blanket for my living room in the new apartment that my husband and I had just moved into.  I told her I wanted to do something a little more interesting than just single crochet and she suggested using the moss stitch and as soon as I started adding the black stripes it quickly became one of my favorite stitches.  I love how crocheting into the chain spaces makes the stripes look like dotted lines.

Ever since I made that blanket I’ve wanted to make another version to get that dotted line effect and this time I decided to use some chunky Bernat Roving yarn.

Crochet Striped Moss Stitch Throw

When I first started this blanket, I was planning to alternate some black stripes with the gray, but as soon as I started crocheting with the black I realized I was almost out of yarn… So in the spirit of economizing (and laziness) I decided to just use what I had and make the stripes all gray and I’m actually really glad I did because I think it turned out to be a great neutral throw. Sometimes it’s better to just keep things simple anyway :).

The Bernat Roving yarn is so soft and fun to work with and I love that it makes the stitches and the dotted line effect even more pronounced.  I think this blanket would look cool with lots of different colors subbed in for the gray and might make a great wedding or graduation gift!

(an ad-free PDF of this pattern is available on the Daisy Farm Crafts Etsy shop.  Free pattern below.)


7 skeins of Bernat Roving yarn in Rice Paper

3 skeins of Bernat Roving yarn in Putty

Size L hook


Tapestry Needle

(Finished size appx. 35 in. x 45 in.)


Chain 100 (or any even number) in white.

ROW 1: SC in the 4th chain from the hook, *CH 1, SK 1 CH, SC in the nxt CH* repeat to the end of the row. (The last stitch should be a SC in the last chain.) CH 2 and turn.

What I’m telling you to do is chain one after you make that first single crochet, skip the next chain, and single crochet into the next one. Repeat working a single crochet, chain one, skip over the chain space until you get to the end of the row.

ROW 2: SC in the CH 1 space, *CH 1, SK next SC, SC into the CH 1 SP* repeat to the end working your final SC into the space between the last SC and CHs. CH 2 and turn.

Translation: Single crochet in the chain 1 space from the row below, chain once, skip over the single crochet in the row below, work a single crochet into the chain one space. Repeat this all the way across and find the space between the last single crochet and the turning chains. Chain 2 and turn.

ROWS 3-10: repeat in white.  At the end of the 10th row, pull through with gray just before you finish your last single crochet.  When you’re pulling through with the gray you should have two loops on your hook.  Then chain 2 with the gray and turn.

ROW 11: Work 1 row of the moss stitch (SC plus chain) in gray.  At the end of the row, pull through with white before you finish your last single crochet.  Chain 2 and turn.

ROW 12 and 13: Work 2 rows of the moss stitch in white, then at the end of the second white row, pull through with gray.

ROW 14: Work one row of gray,

ROW 15 and 16: then two rows of white, repeating  ROWS 14 -16 until you have 4 lines of gray.

Crochet ten rows of white and then work 4 rows of gray again, with two rows of white in between in each row of gray.

I ended up with five sets of the gray stripes when I felt like the blanket was as long as I wanted it.

Crochet Striped Moss Stitch Throw


For this blanket I just made the tassels the same way that I did on my Modern Mesh Stitch Blanket.

Supplies:  A small notebook (or a DVD case would work), Scissors, Yarn, Large Hook (optional)

Wrap a piece of yarn around the notebook horizontally 10 times.  Then cut the yarn in half.

Take the pieces of yarn and fold them in half.  Insert the folded end into the chain space above the starting chain. You can either do this just with your fingers or with a large hook – whichever is easier for you.

Turn the yarn so that the loop is facing you.

Pull the ends through the loop…

And pull tight to make a knot.  Trim the ends to your desired length and to even them out.

For this blanket I put the tassels about 8 stitches apart, but you can put them wherever you like! You can also make the tassels thicker or thinner and put them in every chain space if you want more of a fringe look.

Crochet Striped Moss Stitch Throw

Thanks so much for coming to learn about this pattern!  I hope your project turns out great.  Even though I’ve made several blankets now, I’m still very much a beginner at crochet, but I love how creative crochet allows me to be, even with simple stitches.

Though I feel like I’ve kind of plateaued in my crochet abilities – I feel pretty confident in my ability to make a decent blanket, but I have no knowledge when it comes to baby sweaters or hats or mittens or hot pads…sometimes I forget how many different things there are that can be crocheted.  The thought of making a baby sweater or anything that works in the round seems way over my head, but eventually, I’ll just have to be brave and just start practicing…

Speaking of brave…for a while now my mom and my sister and I have been talking about how awesome blogs are for being able to record our family history and make sure the things that we learned from our grandmas get passed down to our own (future) children, so we’ve decided to cook and bake our way through my Grandma Anna Vee’s recipes.

She is my Dad’s mom and she passed away from cancer when I was three, so I didn’t have the chance to know her very well, but we always had the box of her recipes in our cupboard when I was growing up, but since I’ve moved out and lived on my own, I haven’t really made any of them.  So we thought it would be good for us to get them all online where we all have easy access to them.

We only have time to make a few a month so it will probably take us a while to get through them all, but we’ll be sharing our progress on Instagram if you want to follow along!



Fun Crochet Technique: Moss Stitch in a Square

Moss Stitch Striped Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Nice classic blanket made of moss stitch. This is a very cool solution that is quite popular. If you are new to this stitch, learn it in the included tutorial!

The blanket is made in light, neutral colors. It’s very cool because the blanket fits into any type of interior. This is a very fun and easy crochet pattern. The moss stitch fits perfectly here and completes the pattern completely. The best yarn for the pattern is Patons North America Inspired. The blanket in the photo has a size of 127 x 155 cm. Good luck!

Moss Stitch Striped Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is here


Throw crochet striped moss stitch

Black and White Striped Moss Stitch Blanket

Here’s another Moss Stitch Blanket for you this week! This one was made by my friend Barbara (you may remember her for THIS post) and this is her second crochet project ever! She really has got the hang of it! Her first blanket was simple SC stripes which turned out beautiful but she was anxious to try another stitch so we moved onto another beginner friend project using the Moss Stitch (SC + chain 1). She made the blanket and then I added the border and the cute little cactus to the corner 🙂 I love the ease and consistency of this stitch. It’s completely reversible and I like how the stitches make sort of zig-zag.

In progress! You can even see her cute baby bump in the pic below! Her baby boy is now almost 2 months old!

So you know how small mistakes can become happy accidents? When she first started this blanket, Barbara was having trouble counting her rows and ended up alternating her black stripes between 6 and 8 rows. But I told her not to frog it and to keep going and alternate the black rows so some are thicker (8 rows thick) and some are thinner (6 rows thick). I love how this jazzed up the finished blanket!

– Bernat Super Value Yarn in Black and White (2 black, 1 white) and a big of lush green if you want for the border and cactus. Shop all colors HERE at

Get 20% off Bernat Super Value yarn with code RCMBERNATSUPER20
Valid August 9 to 25th

– Size H Crochet Hook
– Tapestry Needle

Finished Size: Approximately 34 inches tall x 24 inches wide

Striped Moss Stitch Blanket:
starting with black yarn
Chain 104, SC +chain 1 in second chain from hook, skip a chain, SC + chain 1 in next chain, repeat all the way down chain (you should en on a SC), chain 1, turn
Row 2: SC in first stitch, SC + chain 1 in next chain space, SC + chain 1 in all the chain spaces from previous row, end with a SC in the last SC stitch, chain 1, turn
Row 3: SC in first stitch, SC + chain 1 in the next chain space, SC + chain 1 in all the chain spaces from previous row, when you get to the end of the row you will skip over on SC stitch and make SC in the last SC stitch, chain 1, turn
Row 4-6: repeat row 3,
Join in white yarn after row 6, chain 1, turn
Row 7-8: repeat row 3 but with white yarn
join in black yarn after row 8, chain 1, turn
Repeat pattern making 6 (or 8) rows of gray and 2 rows of white until you have 14 white stripes and 15 gray stripes.
When you get to your last row, continue around with black to make a border. I continued the moss stitch (sc + chain 1) on all the edges (SC + chain 2 + SC in the corners). Do the best you can on the rough edges. Just place your stitches as consistently as possible.
Make 4 rows of black on the edges and 2 rows of green. I ended with a round of reverse SC to finish the edge!

If you want to make the Cactus you can find the pattern HERE.

I love the southwest style of the finished piece but remember you can pick any color combos and they will look great with this stitch!!

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***
Want more free patterns? Keep in touch on my Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Page for new pattern sneak peeks and when they will be available on my blog! And feel free to post pictures of your finished hatsand/or links to your shops on my Facebook wall so all can see. Be sure to also follow me on my Repeat Crafter Me INSTAGRAM account!
Crochet Pattern: Moss Stitch ( in a Rectangle Crochet Blanket)

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