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2012 Ford Taurus repairs by problem area

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Ford Taurus in Ohio, United States
Jul 2015 - Dec 2015
Dec 2015

33000 mi

US $100
Disconnection of rear lights from break lights. Break lights did not illuminate noticeably when pressing on the breaks 
Ford Taurus in California, United States
Mar 2014 - Dec 2016
Oct 2014

48800 mi
replaced the 2 roof trim pieces because when they got wet they turned white. Dealer broke one of the pieces. Said that they were going to replace but never did. Driver seat cover comes loose at the front clip. It has been repaired 3 times already with no luck. 
Nov 2014

52000 mi

US $200
Replaced seat cushion because cover wouldn't stay on 
Oct 2016

66300 mi

US $400
The chrome around the taillights is coming off again. This will be the 3rd set of taillights counting the original lights 
Ford Taurus in Georgia, United States
Feb 2012 - Mar 2013
Sep 2012

6000 mi
The A/C system was not blowing cold air even with the unit set to MAX. The dealers checked the system and found it to be low and recharged the system. They also added a dye to the system so they can see if any leaks are present. 
Ford Taurus in New Jersey, United States
Mar 2012 - Jun 2018
May 2014

18100 mi
check engine lite 
Apr 2017

40000 mi
Pot hole repair. Front side marker lites replace sockets and bulbs. 
Ford Taurus in Pennsylvania, United States
Oct 2014 - Jun 2018
Jun 2016

47000 mi

US $400
A/C Recharge (needed) and intercooler cleaning (preventative) 
Mar 2017

56000 mi

US $100
Rusty steering column replaced after I heard a squeak. 
Jan 2018

61000 mi

US $540
Corrosion of rear turbo oil supply tube, leaking oil, required replacement. 
Ford Taurus in Iowa, United States
Sep 2011 - Mar 2016
Oct 2015

62000 mi

US $200
Replace front strut mount bushing and alignment 

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Ford Taurus in Pennsylvania, United States
Aug 2011 - Jul 2015
Aug 2011

40000 mi

US $160
Slow cranking but always started. Battery replaced and back to normal. 
Ford Taurus in Missouri, United States
Feb 2017 - Feb 2018
Oct 2017

82000 mi
Ford Taurus in Texas, United States
Aug 2015 - Mar 2016
Oct 2015

28200 mi

US $30
Windshield washer pump was INOP. I replaced it with OEM parts in less than an hour. 
Ford Taurus in New Mexico, United States
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014
Nov 2013

22900 mi
Cruise control when set, and needing to slow down, vehicle would downshift hard. Re-flashed computer, fixed. Purchased vehicle used, Drivers door handle very loose, replaced inner door parts, fixed. Cruise control when set, and needing to slow down, vehicle would downshift hard. Re-flashed computer, fixed. 
Jun 2014

32000 mi
Blowing hot air climbing small hill. Previous dealership visit claimed no problem found, revisit found AC very low. 
Ford Taurus in California, United States
Jan 2014 - Jul 2018
Oct 2014

18000 mi
Leak in suspension rod 
Jul 2018

71000 mi

US $380
Trunk suspension replaced Replace ABS Wheel alignment 
Ford Taurus in Michigan, United States
Oct 2011 - Aug 2018
Nov 2011

10 mi
Front passenger power seat motor squeals loudly. Ordered new seat motor and track. front passenger power seat motor squeals. Repair under warranty. trunk lid misaligned, black paint peel from B pillar cover, wheel unbalanced (vibration at 70-75mph).  
Dec 2011

280 mi
Steering wheel leather stitching came off, Gear shifter leather peeled off, rear leather seat cover sag. rear trunk lid out of alignment, B pillar cover on passenger front door scratched from inside. Headlamp fogging in rainy day Power seat motor and track replaced. Moisture inside drivers side headlamp. Vehicle still vibrates above 70mph. 
Feb 2012

3900 mi
Trunk lid edge rubs with rear bumper cover. Trunk lid need to be adjusted and rear bumper cover partial repaint. 
Apr 2012

5500 mi
Water and dirt leak at rear lower door seal. Ford TSB replace all door seals.  Drivers side power seat jammed, replaced seat track.  Trunk lid rubbed with rear bumper cover, readjust rear trunk but issue persist. 
Jun 2012

8200 mi
rust under both rear door Leather cover detached from front passenger seat touch up the areas where paint has been rubbed off. Can't do anything, design defect. Sync completely died, radio switching l/R speakers randomly. Sync system died. Buttons not responding. USB and Aux jack not working. 
Oct 2012

13000 mi
Sync died for second time. Reset sync module. Problem comes back after 2 weeks after reset. Dealer could not do anything because hardware passed self test and software up to date. 
Dec 2012

16000 mi
sync module need to reset, bluetooth not functioning... 
Nov 2013

30000 mi
shifter chrome bezel peeled. dealer replaced entire shifter knob. 
Apr 2014

35200 mi
Sync always in privacy mode, can't receive phone call through Bluetooth. 
Jun 2014

36000 mi
Radiator has small leak. Car smells like coolant after long drive. 
May 2015

51000 mi

US $300
right rear caliper froze. Repaired and left rear froze within 3 days. Replaced both. 
Sep 2016

69000 mi

US $300
Rear not releasing. Caliper not stuck. Issue with caliper bracket design, pads stuck and failed to release. Damaged rotors too. New design released by ford in 2014 (part no starting with 192) to correct issue. 

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Ford Taurus in United Arab Emirates
Nov 2012 - Apr 2016
Apr 2013

32860 mi
The brake pedal had a cushion feel after the 50k major service and even in the service at 40k. The brake was still good but felt the pressure is low specially when used contineously in traffic. The whole booster was replaced they said. 
Ford Taurus in California, United States
Aug 2011 - Sep 2015
Jun 2015

56000 mi

US $500
Replaced 3 faulty TPMS sensors. 

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About CarComplaints.com ®

CarComplaints.com ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem.

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Vehicle Problems
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2012 Ford Taurus Owner Reviews & Common Problems

Maria M on June 25, 2021
2012 ford Taurus excellent condition!
Brand new tires. Changed brakes, suspensions, oil regularly. Zero performance issues at the moment. Drives really good. Has one hundred and twenty five thousand miles. Outside of vehicle is 8/10. Two fender benders from previous owner on both sides of the fenders. But does not interfere with drive itself.
Mandi U on June 24, 2021
Amazing car especially for a growing family!
This has been a fantastic family car! It gets great gas mileage and runs smoothly. Also very roomy! I have two small children and there’s always plenty of room for all of their things. There’s a good bit of trunk space also. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone with a family whose looking for a change!
Lauren T on May 16, 2021
Safe, family friendly, easily controlled.
Listed as safest sedan in 2012, great turn radius, very easily controlled, heart build not quick to fall apart, as long as you keep up to date on the maintenance the car will run for years and years. Very comforting knowing my baby is safe and sound when riding in my ford Taurus.
Robin W on May 4, 2021
Not a lot of money or work involved to keep it running.
My vehicle is nice and roomy, great leg and body room, I have never had any problems with breaking down somewhere and maintenance is regularly maintained so it keeps running great. Don't have to put a lot of money into this car to keep it going and it gets great gas mileage.
Mackenzie T on May 1, 2021
2012 ford Taurus: pros and cons of a spacious car.
My vehicle has high performance and no issues. The comfort fits an average family of 4 and there is plenty of legroom. It has cruise control, no Bluetooth for radios, automatic windows, and a huge trunk. My car is space grey and is very easy to keep clean. I would recommend getting plastic floor mats, as mine came with cloth ones. The inside is very spacious and is easy to clean. The turn radius on my car specifically is very off, but the other ford Taurus at my house includes a very easy turning system.
Hana A on April 23, 2021
If you are looking for a smooth ride and good on gas, get the Taurus.
The cars interior is wide and large that is very comfortable to fit in. The drive is very smooth and it is very durable. The wooden vintage look on the front dash is beautiful. It is also very good on gas and the heating and cooling system works fast. The trunk is huge!
Derrick R on April 17, 2021
The limited trim is awesome.
My car has the limited trim, so it has heated leather seats in the front and the rear. The seats are also cooled. Has a sunroof and come on stock 19 inch rims. Comes with rear view cam and the screen is inside the rearview which is pretty neat. It is only FWD which I do not like but definitely not a deal breaker.
Margaret L on April 8, 2021
My vehicle for me is one in a million. It's durable, affordable and reliable.
My car is ford Taurus. Its is a mid size car. Its is from 27,800. Its horsepower is 288 to 365 hp. Mpg up to 18 city/26 highway. Curb weight 3,917 to 4327 lbs. Its dimension is 203l 76w 61h. My model is 2012. Ford Taurus is a great car. It is very reliable and comfortable. It also makes a statement of its own. My car color is white and although it might be prone to stains and dirt but trust me, it is a sight to behold. The car was manufactured in the United States. Its spare parts are really easy to find. I bought the car through the company itself and it came with a good discount and warranty. I also read up a lot of reviews about the car before I bought it eventually. I would summarize by saying that one the most important thing to look out for when buying a car is not only how well it represents your personality but also, durability, comfort and price.
Hannah H on April 5, 2021
Ford Taurus: comfortable, efficient, modern.
The seats on this car are extremely comfortable. Seat coolers and heaters are added plus. Led lights on the floor outlines on interior of car. Large tank for bigger gas fills. No key or hole to open the back trunk, which makes it impossible to open if the battery dies.
Marisa O on March 31, 2021
My Ford Taurus, the greatest car of my life!
No problems. It performs well in city driving as well as highway driving. I bought it used in 2016 and it is the most reliable car I have ever had new or used. It is a pretty silver color with a gray leather interior. I give people rides in it and am proud to show it off.
Hannah S on March 30, 2021
Great and comfortable 2012 ford Taurus.
2012 ford Taurus, very nice car and very reliable. Has heated seats for comfort, and has an aux outlet although there is no Bluetooth. Speakers are very nice. Never had any performance issues. My leather seats do have some cracks but nothing major. Also has lots of space for storage.
Thomas L on March 19, 2021
Ford Taurus what I think about it.
Love the car, got it used from a lot for a really fair price. Includes power windows and locks, Bluetooth and sync 3 features. It has a sunroof and a really big trunk. It gets good gas mileage and has a big sized gas tank also and it can be filled up for less than 40$.
Robert M on March 17, 2021
The size of the trunk space is huge.
My vehicle is large enough to transport 5 people comfortably. It also has a great sound system that I enjoy listening to. The trunk space is huge and even more so when I lower the back seats.
Ame W on March 8, 2021
My amazing car. Ford Taurus 2012.
It is amazing comfortable, and reliable. Also, the performance is outstanding and very good. Economic and convenient. I really love it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who want a comfortable car. The repairs do not cost much and it considered an economic car. One of my favorite cars.
Dawn J on March 5, 2021
The ford taurus 2012 - dependable.
My car rides smoothly, gets good mileage (30 mpg highway) and only requires quarterly oil changes. The trunk space is roomy without being cavernous and the passenger space is quite satisfactory. It always starts, even in below freezing weather; although, it usually sits in a garage.
Rachel E on March 4, 2021
Great driving classy vehicle.
Great car. Mpg is a little low. Wish I had fog lights. Smooth ride. No mechanical issues. Interior layout is convenient. Good stereo system. Would buy again. Car is spacious but doe. Interior lighting is fun. Snt feel too big when driving. Gets attention. Easy to drive.
Tina M on February 25, 2021
Handles great in all road conditions and is very comfortable for long road trips.
Is dependable and comfortable for trips. It has all of the qualities I was looking for.
Connie W on February 25, 2021
Luxury car you'll want to keep forever.
My only complaints on this car is the acceleration is lagging in traffic and some blind spots. I have had few issues with this car. . I like the back sunscreen for the back window. I love the heated seats in both front seats and back seats of the car. The trunk is very roomy.
Carolyn M on February 23, 2021
Great ride has been maintenance free.
I have no complaints. I love the way it drives. I like the gas mileage. I do not like the road noise.
Kyle L on February 14, 2021
2012 ford Taurus sho twin turbo. 0-60 in 5.2 seconds.
The ford Taurus sho is an exciting and thrilling sports sedan. It has a twin turbo v6 engine that does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. It has massaging front seats for your back and bottom. But not both at the same time. The shifter goes into manual and paddle shifters give you the feel of driving an exotic car.
Mary R on February 10, 2021
Because of its performance and style I highly recommend the Ford Taurus.
My 2012 Ford Taurus is very dependable. It is silver in color and the style is so unique that people often mistake it for a Lexus at night. I haven't had any major problem in the six years I have had it. The only problem I have had was the starter; which I had to replace. It is easy on gas and takes to the road like a champ.
Larry M on February 3, 2021
2012 ford Taurus model sel gray color.
Front tires, rear shocks, and brakes replaced in 2018 before august. Passenger side front wheel bearing blew around 45000.00 miles. Normal oil changes every 5000 miles. Air filter replaced for the purpose of improving mileage. Has 128000 miles on vehicle as of December 2020.
Jacob H on January 31, 2021
Overall it is a great vehicle for long trips.
The car drive smooth and has little to no issuers. The Bluetooth is a little difficult to hook up but the speakers sound great. It has a nice interior, heated seats and sunroof. It can go fast easily. It even tells you when you need to change your oil, a lil screen displays (change oil soon).
Stephanie L on January 24, 2021
It is silver with a black interior.
I love the Ford Taurus. It's reliable and gets great gas mileage for being a midsize. I love the space it gives for my groceries in the trunk and my kids in the back seat.
Tylinn W on January 21, 2021
Trustworthy, reliable, vehicle for any car-buyer.
The car has been extremely reliable over the years. It is a smooth ride and not too big or small. It is easy to park and is great in snow and/or ice. Over the last 8 years I haven't had any major issues with it. I would recommend this car to any prospective car buyers.
Mike F on January 19, 2021
Reliable. Can drive it wherever and can trust it to start right up.
Reliable, nice size and convenient. Fell in love with Taurus vehicles. Large trunk, back up camera and warning. Love the interior.
Matthew B on January 14, 2021
I recommend the 2012 ford Taurus sel.
I have no problems with my Taurus. This is a great car if you have a family or even if you do not. It is big, it has trunk space, it can go fast. This car is reliable I have been all over California with this baby and have had no problems. If you are thinking about getting this car, get it. There's no reason not to.
Patrika T on December 26, 2020
Ford Taurus 2012. My car is quite the catch it is smooth.
I have a pearl white Taurus which was a one owner when I purchased the vehicle. Since I have put on quite the miles due to traveling and my job. Recently, I was in two hurricanes where the wind was strong that some of the paint come off. I am having the most problem with this vehicle when it comes to tires. I cannot seem to not keep a flat. I changed one today.
McKenna M on December 24, 2020
My favorite part is the great sound system.
Comfortable, great features, speaker quality great. Love the rear camera in rear view window. Leather interior with custom lighting. Bought used so some small problems like the seat warmers not working but other than that great quality for great price.
Mary L on December 9, 2020
Once you drive or ride in a ford Taurus you will be amazed .
This car is wonderful ! Very reliable, just make sure you do the regular oil changes & you'll have no problems. It is very comfortable & spacious to all passengers, even in the back seat. This car rides and feels like I am riding in a Cadillac only without the Cadillac price tag .
Chanel L on December 2, 2020
The inside review if ford.
I have always loved ford and Chevrolet cars, maybe it is because others have always labeled them as being dependable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend both of these vehicle brands to people who are interested in purchasing a vehicle, but my first top recommendation would be a ford.
Bama rules on December 1, 2020
Bought new in 12. Has been a great car. At 113k miles engine has suddenly developed a miss and a peck
Chloe J on November 23, 2020
Ford Taurus review: buy it, you will not regret it!
I bought my car used and I have loved it since the day I bought it. I have never had a problem with it and it has been a reliable, comfortable car! It has plenty of room for my family and we enjoy all the features it has to offer! We have made plenty of long road trips in this car and it does so well on gas mileage!
Erika W on November 21, 2020
I have never felt safer In a standard size car which handles extremely well and very sturdy
My Ford Taurus is extremely spacious despite the compact look from the outside. While inside I feel safe, which is important to me considering my two daughters are generally in the car with me.
Regina S on November 13, 2020
My vehicle is sporty, roomy for my whole family, repair maintenance is minimum.
I love my vehicle. Besides the basic maintenance I've had no repair issues. I have owned the vehicle for five years the performance has not changed, I would recommend this vehicle for families. There is enough leg room and both the front and rear seats my husband and I are both right around 6 feet tall.
Angelique D on November 8, 2020
The bumper sits really low.
I like the space, however I hate the style. It's also terrible on gas. The material that was used to make/design the care is very cheap.
Kevin P on November 8, 2020
It is extremely dependable.
Technology, speed and responsiveness, phone connectivity is what I like.. What I do not like is the display panel on the info center is hard to read on sunny days. When I get a low tire pressure warning, it does not tell me what tire is low..
Alexandria A on November 7, 2020
Good spacious car with all the upgrades.
This vehicle is actually really good, it has leather interior and it has all the upgrades for the Taurus. The rear view camera is shown through the rear view mirror which is pretty cool. It has blind spot mirrors which I love! So far it is a reliable car, we are at about 200,000 miles and it is running good. The trunk space is phenomenal. It is a dense car so you feel really safe driving it.
Anita G on November 4, 2020
I love my ride! It's the most comfortable ever!
I love my Ford Taurus. It is spacious, it is comfortable, it carries passengers well. It has a huge trunk space. I love the color of my car, charcoal gray. I love the interior, it stays so clean,
Stephanie K on November 3, 2020
The car is super comfortable and reliable.
I really enjoy this car. It is extremely reliable and sturdy. Although it is easy to speed and the break is squeaky. I also like the seats, they are super comfortable and the whole are is very roomy. The trunk is also extremely roomy. The ac cools down the car super fast, but the heat can take awhile sometimes.
Nathan F on November 1, 2020
Ford luxury sedan drives like a boat.
Heated seats, ac seats, Microsoft sync, Bluetooth, leather seats, auto headlight, steering wheel controls, privacy blocker on rear windshield, auto high beams, 19' alloy wheels, large trunk, lighted doorways, mood lights, Sirius XM radio, wide and spacious.
Marlena S on October 28, 2020
Cool car. Overall I am pleased with my car purchase. I find it funny that people mistake my car for a police car.
The tartus I drive so far has had no major problems in regard to going to the shop. Minor issues would be more be more trunk space and more reliable GPS navigation. Comfort wise I like the dual ac system.
Jennifer B on October 26, 2020
That the car is heavy duty and great for all seasons
It's a vehicle with plenty of space, it is reliable and a heavy duty vehicle which makes it good for all the seasons. I dislike how hard it is when something needs to be replaced on it they can be expensive parts and hard to get to...
Logan M on October 22, 2020
Hardest vehicle to park that I've driven to date, and I've driven trucks for years.
Bulky, hard to park, windows are strange shapes and a number of blind spots
Chandra F on October 19, 2020
Heated leather bucket seats.
Leather is so soft and heated seats are perfect. No bad blind spots in the rear window, easy to change lanes. Very smooth and quiet to drive. Excellent on fuel, road trips are a breeze with great mileage and cruise control on the steering wheel. Bluetooth, radio, volume control all with the touch of a finger on the steering wheel as well.
Tristian T on October 14, 2020
I have aftermarket rims on it.
The only problems I had with the vehicle is the power steering pump. I changed it once and it needs to be changed again. The second problem is the strut bearings. I think all ford vehicles have this problem after so many miles. I current have 230k miles and my ford Taurus and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down.
Joyce F on October 11, 2020
That they are economical to maintain.
It gets great gas mileage it is spacey and comfortable when driving I love the interior the color and how the gauges look in the inside.
Amy B on October 1, 2020
Ford is the best car I have driven.
It is easy to drive wherever I need to go. Easy to maintain with no major issues. No complaints at this time, love it.
Anna N on September 26, 2020
It is very durable. I bought it as a used car and it has functioned well for me.
My vehicle functions well, but the brake and gas pedals are less responsive than I would like them to be. I like the exterior and the color of the car. I also think that it is a dependable vehicle that does not use up too much gas.
Brittany F on September 16, 2020
It is reliable and has not given me any problems.
There are no problems with my car. It is really comfortable and it is just what I need. It is nothing too fancy. It is just a useful car and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is big enough for me. It is not small and it is not huge. I love my car. There is no point in trading my car or getting a new car because it is reliable.
Barb W on September 6, 2020
Best car we've owned thus far.
Drives and handles great. It gets get gas mileage around 26 mpg. Very comfortable get for long road trips. The trunk is huge lots of carry space. Put the back seat down and you could carry a 6 foot ladder and not have to tie down the trunk . Best car we've had.
Shannon T on September 6, 2020
Rear back up assistance. I like the rear back of assistance.
What I like about the 2012 Ford Taurus are the leather seats, power seats and windows, rear back up assistance, and the amount of space inside of the car. I do not like the gas mileage. The performance is pretty good except there are some suspension problems.
Ani D on September 1, 2020
Love my car awesome ride!
Very comfortable car to drive. No serious problems. Very nice car easy to get in and out fun to drive. Nice trunk. It really bumps the music when you turn it up. Would be a great car to put subs in because the trunk is quite large and there is not a lot that rattles in the car.
Jim M on August 25, 2020
Trunk room cannot be undervalued
Comfortable leather seats, decent gas mileage. Quiet ride, holds 5 passengers. Very large trunk space.
Robert W on August 21, 2020
It runs okay but does the job. It is good on gas and the ac blows cold.
Ride is smooth. The cabin space is not big enough for a guy with my frame. The vehicle has had electrical issues.
terrell B on August 20, 2020
That It's safe for the kids to leave in
It's too small and the engine is too load.
Morgan M on August 18, 2020
Drives fast and smooth like a sports car but also feels safe.
I honestly love my car. It drives fast and smooth. Has a lot of car and trunk space. It accommodates to almost any basic sized family needs. The air conditioning and heating system adjust to the driver and passenger separately so there isn't just one overall set temperature.
george a on August 18, 2020
That as good as it looks (candy apple red in color), and driving comfortable and reliable, it still gets 24 miles to the gallon during highway driving.
I've put 170,000+ miles on this Ford Taurus, mostly highway miles. Very comfortable touring vehicle and very reliable. Comfortable in every way!
Nick B on August 16, 2020
Modern features in the car were ahead of their time when created.
Great gas mileage with a comfortable interior. The features in the car were ahead of their time, so even without a touch screen you see in most cars, the features are pretty modern and updated. The car is reliable and I haven't had any problems with it over the last two years. It also has great trunk space. I can pack a weeks worth of luggage for 4 people and still have space to fit a cooler.
Ashley M on August 7, 2020
Ford Taurus review opinion.
This vehicle drives very well, gas is not to expensive & it does last a good while! Definitely recommend!! One thing I would really recommend is getting windows tinted, I did the mistake of tinting them late! Best part is that the seats can be adjusted to be warmed up, or cooled down!!
Lakeisha G on August 6, 2020
Love it! My car is so awesome wouldn't trade it.
I love the size of my car the most, it is the perfect size for me and my family not to big not to small if I could change anything it would be the buttons on the radio. I also love the shape I am not really to fond of the box cars. I plan on keeping this car in the family and it is very reliable.
James C on August 1, 2020
The car has a lot of space and features for a low cost.
The car is a good value for the size and features. Nice interior and runs smooth. The dash has a very dated feel and the front wheel drive system spins its wheels easily from a stop.
Andrew L on July 31, 2020
Large, spacious, and comfortable vehicle that gets decent gas mileage and can fit large families or belongings.
The car is very large and spacious. It is also incredibly comfortable for both short and long term driving. I can see through all windows and mirrors with ease. I have no complaints.
Hattie S on July 27, 2020
Luxury at a reasonable price is the best feature of my vehicle.
My vehicle provides great gas mileage and has a comfortable ride when traveling. It has modern features such as syncing with my phone, driving directions and satellite services. I enjoy my Sunday rides and luxury features without the added price.
Alyssa D on July 25, 2020
Extremely spacious. Perfect for a family !
At first I thought that I was going to hate my Taurus. Then I fell in love with everything I thought I was going to hate such as, how long the car is. Now I love the space and it is so perfect for us and our 1 and 5 year old ! It comfortably fits a large convertible car seat !
Amanda B on July 17, 2020
Spacious trunk and great Gas mileage
The vehicle is really smooth with driving, the gas mileage is awesome with the traffic I go through, and the car has a lot room in the back seat and trunk.
barbara W on July 12, 2020
Ford Taurus sedan good road trip car
It is a good car could be better on gas. It is roomy and plenty of power ports for all the phones. Smooth ride comfy for long trips. Sirius radio CD am FM radio. Huge trunk. Great car for road trips. Easy handling, great in the rain and the snow. Good looking car. Blue in color
David K on July 7, 2020
Great car, great value, couldn't ask for more!
I love my 2012 Ford Taurus . It is a fun comfortable car that is great for getting around and fell as having a little fun. There is ample space and cup holders. A huge trunk is great for shopping and hauling around stuff. The maintenance on this vehicle is not too bad for it being a sports sedan.
Brenda D on July 2, 2020
Great car inside and out!
The Taurus has been a great car. It really has the space of a SUV, the trunk is huge and the interior material is durable. It is now almost 10 years old and I have only had to replace the battery. There has not been any major problems. The ride is smooth it looks great inside and out.
Faith A on July 1, 2020
Interior layout and features.
The vehicle is very durable and has a smooth drive. The only problem I have is the middle console in the back makes it hard to get in and out the car but makes a nice storage space. Has heating for the front seats and middle row. Has a separate air control for the back seats.
shirley h on June 29, 2020
I like the style, the color good on gas. No dislikes. No complaints.
It is very good gas saver and the ride is smooth and the seating is comfortable.
Laura S on June 9, 2020
I would recommend the Taurus to anyone looking for an affordable vehicle.
I love my Taurus it is very roomy for a car. The trunk is huge I can fit a cooler and two suitcases. It has excellent gas mileage we spent only 100 to go on vacation to the outer banks this year. It is large enough and high enough to go great through the snow. I haven't found any problems yet.
Jefferson M on June 3, 2020
My rims. The lights that display at night.
My vehicle drives good although it is a used car. It saves good on gas. The inside is very spacious and has lights inside of the vehicle at night. I have heard a lot about Ford cars not being very great cars but so far I have not had any problems with my used car.
Rob E on May 5, 2020
A solid sound system, strong engine and is equipped for driving long distances.
The Ford Taurus has been a great car for us. It is big enough to take the grandkids on short adventures and comfortable for my wife and I to take 5 hour plus road trips. I would recommend the Taurus to anyone. As far as durability, we lift approx. 1 Mile off pavement and the Taurus has held up extremely well. The engine runs out very well and the overall comfort of the vehicle will exceed your expectations.
Scott H on April 29, 2020
Taurus keeps moving on and moving forward.
No serious problems. Brakes, rear wheel bearings. At 100k miles the car was tuned up and battery was switched out for a new one. Auto start has stopped working and dealership had no idea on how to fix other than put a new auto start in. Gas mileage on average is 30 mpg.
Cathy C on April 23, 2020
Reliable and safe. Goes in the snow. Never got stuck. Awesome ride.
This is my 3rd Ford Taurus. I have never been broke down or stranded. Never had to make any major repairs. Only minor, brakes. Tie rod. & etc.. No complaints at all.
christy k on April 14, 2020
It is perfect for a family of 5 and yet its compact enough
I have a 2012 Taurus and it is a root beer brown color. It is super sporty looking and goes plenty fast. I have no complaints.
Chloe-Ana D on April 13, 2020
Ford Taurus has the best room!
I have absolutely loved my vehicle! Other than the regular maintenance, I haven't had any problems at all. It has been a very reliable vehicle. We love having the extra space in the trunk to haul everything. We love the extra room having the stadium seats in the back. There's plenty of legroom up front as well.
Philip B on April 13, 2020
2012 ford Taurus: is it the car for you?
Very reliable, easy to drive, nice large trunk, comfortable seating, does not have Bluetooth connectivity which is an issue, decent gas mileage about 25 per gallon, decent looking car, good ac and heat, no issues with anything except the power steering has went out which was a relatively expensive repair.
Kyle C on April 12, 2020
One of the best cars ever.
The ford Taurus is a pretty neat, compact car with plenty of gears and gadgets that makes it perfect car for a family of 4. It drives smoothly and it does not break down a lot as long as its maintained. It's a smooth ride sitting inside, so smooth that if you have babies they will not wake up at all during the car drive.
Kyle R on April 10, 2020
Fast driving V6 white Ford Taurus
There are a few things that don't work great on the car. I like the way it looks, don't love it. Drives fast. Needs paint work. The sunroof is good. The speakers are good. I like the trunk space. Lots of room. Smooth ride. It is a noisy ride through. There is a lot of headspace.
Annie S on March 22, 2020
Ford Taurus a dream of a drive.
Nice and roomy. Also, drives very nicely and smooth. Four door sedan is comfortable with plenty of legroom. Stylish body on outside and perfect size. Many upgrades are available including trim packages. Safety features include backup alarms and reinforced doors. Protective safety locks are included.
Martha R on March 20, 2020
Excellent condition and value.
Absolutely no problems, only had oil changes, new tires, and usual upkeeps. Rides very well and like new, with 135,000 miles. Purchased this vehicle in 2015 and it has served as our main vehicle for work and trips. Interior is in excellent condition and backseat riding is spacious and comfortable.
Crystal R on March 8, 2020
Taurus SHO is excellent and spacious
I have the SHO version of the Tarsus and I love it. I have only had it for a few months. I bought it used. The only issue I have had is the key fob is not unlocking the doors. Performance is amazing, it is comfortable and has every imaginable feature you could ask for.
Mary M on March 4, 2020
Great and reliable vehicle with solid performance.
Comfortable and reliable. Has a nice, modern look. Minimal maintenance required. Maintain their performance throughout life if vehicle. Comfortable on the inside, spacious. We can fit 2 car seats and also seat a third person in back seat. Roomy front, came move set back.
Linda G on February 29, 2020
My car is in excellent condition for It's age.
First of all, Ford's have always been very dependable for me. My current Taurus is the most luxurious vehicle I have ever had. I have leather seats (heated and cooled), 2 automatic driver seat settings, heated seats in the back, it is larger and comfy. The color and shine for this vehicle is beautiful, even for being 6 years old. The mileage is good, the maintenance is reasonable, and I have currently had no issues with my Taurus.
Pam M on February 26, 2020
It is really too big. It's not economical on gas and it's not comfortable.
It is a gas guzzler. It is just too big. The dashboard is too high and I feel like I'm driving a tank. It does have a huge trunk which I do like.
Jamie J on February 16, 2020
The ford Taurus is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle.
My ford Taurus is very comfortable. It rides smooth and gets good gas mileage. It is roomy and the trunk is large. It's been a very reliable vehicle. It has lots of helpful features like electric seats and heated seats. I would definitely recommend it as a reliable family car.
R S on February 13, 2020
It has been a good car for the price i paid
I like the gas mileage that the car gets. The price was right and it was american made, but not gm or chrysler.
Tina Y on December 28, 2019
A smooth operator: this vehicle is beautiful and performs like a dream.
I love this vehicle. It has proven to be reliable as well as comfortable. The interior is spacious and it is easy to connect my phone to play music. You can also connect Bluetooth so that you can answer calls hands free. There is plenty of legroom for all passengers. I have not experienced any issues with this vehicle. It is great on gas and mileage and runs smoothly. This car is a great size. It is not too big or too small.
diane c on December 26, 2019
For the money it is the best car you can buy both value and appearance and functionality
Love this vehicle, roomy, runs great, have had no problems.... The only challenge is that we heard Ford is not making them any more
Rachel L on December 23, 2019
Ford Taurus: An economical fit for your family.
This is a reliable vehicle that will comfortably seat four people, but can seat 5 total. My husband is tall and it fits him well. He doesn't feel squished while driving. The seats are leather and are comfortable. It was Bluetooth capabilities to allow for hands-free driving. It only holds about 14 gallons of gas, but has excellent gas mileage. It also has a large trunk, which makes it possible to pack everything needed for a trip or for kids sports, activities, etc. It has required very little maintenance other than regular oil changes. Overall it's a great vehicle and meets the needs of our family.
Elizabeth H on November 12, 2019
What's wrong with my vehicles.
My minivan has been sitting for 2 years and. Needs a new transmission put in it so it can run. And probably needs 4 new tires as it has been sitting for 2 years. But I am currently driving a 2012 ford Taurus se and it runs pretty good but does need some work done to it.
Sours: https://www.vehiclehistory.com

Ford problems 2012 taurus

The Ford Taurus was incredibly popular with consumers over the years. With enough size to accommodate the family, yet economical enough for commuters and daily drivers, the Taurus won the hearts of thousands. With so many Taurus’ on the road, you can expect a host of common problems too. We dove in to find out more about some of the most common problems, based on the accounts of Taurus owners that you should know.

Automatic headlights not working

A good number of consumers experienced issues with the Ford Taurus’ automatic headlights not working. Possible failures with the sunload sensor or the Smart Junction Box (SJB) are probable.

If your Taurus has malfunctioning headlights, it’s best to have a professional diagnosis first to determine your vehicle’s cause. 12 model years seem to have issues, including the early to mid-2000s.

Camshaft sensor magnet may damage synchronizers

The check engine light may come on, as an indication of a problem with the synchronizers. The magnet designed for the camshaft position sensor might become dislodged from its mount, causing synchronizer damage.

What you’ll experience are longer crank times when trying to start the engine. The remedy here is a complete replacement of the magnets and synchronizers. Taurus owners across 16 model years, from 1995 through 2010, and various V6 engine configurations reported these issues.

Engine stalling or hesitation upon acceleration

On extremely cold days, vehicles can often struggle to start. But, for the Ford Taurus, some owners who experience difficulties during cold starting, also report stalling out when idling, and even hesitations during accelerations.

If you’re experiencing these types of stalling, you could be, like many others, have problems with the idle air bypass valve. This valve is designed to keep the vehicle idle steady at a standstill. Over 13 model years are affected by this valve issue, including 1990, 1994, 1997, and 1998.

Engine buck and misfire at freeway speeds

Nothing is more frightening than cruising along at highway speeds when your car starts bucking and misfiring. Unfortunately, this is one of the second most common problems with the Ford Taurus. Consumers report not only experiencing the misfires but then when attempting to diagnose the problem, no fault codes were stored in the control module.

Some suggest this is caused by a more intermittent problem with the camshaft synchronizer assembly. There is a Ford service bulletin for this concern, citing diagnosis can be made by monitoring the knock sensor. Complete replacement of the synchronizer assembly is the only option. With over 18 model years affected, from 1992-1995+, this was one of Taurus’ more serious problems.

Engine oil pan gasket leak

This single most reported Ford Taurus problem is the leaky engine oil pan gasket. While it might not seem like a terribly dangerous concern, the sheer number of consumers experiencing a burning smell has outnumbered the other complaints so far.

An oil pan gasket replacement can be a $300+ replacement, and enough to be a nuisance. The leaky gasket affects over 20 model year Taurus’ from 1990-2014, and across a multitude of engine configurations, as well. The 2.5L four-cylinder, 3.0L V6 DOHC, 3.0L V6 SHO, 3.4L V8 SHO, and 3.8L V6 show consumer issues with this gasket.

If you’re in the market to find a larger sedan and are on a budget, the Ford Taurus is worth a look. When buying used, it’s always recommended that you consult a vehicle history report. With an older model Ford Taurus, it’s best to check for any fixes of these commonly reported problems.

You can save yourself some hassle with the higher mileage sedans. At the very least, you’ll know what issues to be asking about before you buy.

Sours: https://www.motorbiscuit.com
Misfire Problem Solved - Ford Taurus

The 2008-2016 Ford Taurus and Taurus SHO with automatic climate control may have a problem with frequent fan speed changes when using the heater or air conditioner. Normally, the fan speed changes only to maintain a selected temperature, but when the fan speed changes frequently and needlessly, there is an issue with the fan speed control unit.

The fan speed control unit, sometimes erroneously called the blower motor resister, regulates the speed for the blower motor in order to maintain the temperature set by the driver. When it fails, the fan will run at random settings, and the climate control will be inaccurate.

Note: this does not affect the temperature of the air that comes from the vents, it affects the amount of air that comes from the vents.

The repair is simple, and quick. The control unit is located behind the glove box in most models, and removal and installation takes only minutes.

Also note: this only applies to vehicles with single or dual automatic climate control.

Sours: https://www.mycarspecs.com/problems/ford/taurus/2012/base/

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