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Driving Directions

The main campus of UT Health San Antonio, Floyd Curl Drive, is in the South Texas Medical Center, and near Interstates 10 and The Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long Campus is 12 miles northwest of downtown San Antonio and 7 miles from San Antonio International Airport. The campus is bordered by Babcock Road, Merton Minter Boulevard and Floyd Curl, Louis Pasteur, and Medical Drive.

From Interstate 10
Exit at Medical Drive and turn west on Medical. (From I West, this is to the left.) Take Medical for miles to Floyd Curl Drive, which is the second stoplight past Fredericksburg Road. Turn left onto Floyd Curl. The main entrance is near Medical Drive. Ask at the gate for directions and parking.

From Interstate
Exit at Fredericksburg Road and turn north on Fredericksburg. Continue on Fredericksburg to Medical Drive. Turn left onto Medical. Turn left again onto Floyd Curl Drive, which is the second stoplight on Medical. The main entrance is on the right. Ask at the gate for directions and parking.


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FAQs for ZIP Code Map, San Antonio, TX

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– Switzerland: Swiss Federal Office of Topography

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This Google Maps feature highlights which San Antonio businesses are black-owned

Businesses with a Merchant Center account can set up the black-owned attribute in the settings of the profile. Doing so will place an orange icon with a black heart beside the business listing.

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San Antonio is home to about 20 businesses which have opted into the feature, ranging from restaurants to jewelry stores.

Google shared how company data shows a spike in interest for black-owned businesses. The company's blog post said the goal is to make supporting these businesses easier.

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"In the past 12 months, Google search interest for 'black owned businesses' has skyrocketed % based on Google Trends data comparing January-December to January-December ," the blog post said.

See the San Antonio map of black-owned businesses participating in the feature below:


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