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Zabbix is software that monitors numerous parameters of a network and the health and integrity of servers.

Zabbix has native support for monitoring JMX applications by introducing a new Zabbix daemon called "Zabbix Java gateway". Zabbix Java gateway is a daemon written in Java. When Zabbix server wants to know the value of a particular JMX counter on a host, it asks Zabbix Java gateway, which uses the JMX management API to query the application of interest remotely.

This charm is designed to be used with Zabbix Server/Proxy charms.

There is listed a few major configuration options which can be changed:

listen_port - Port to listen on incoming connections from Zabbix Server/Proxy

An example, juju set zabbix-agent listen_port=10062

Known Issues / Caveates

Zabbix server/proxy can use different database types, so while relation to database is not added, there is no installed Zabbix server/proxy packages. We recommend to add a relation between Zabbix agent and Zabbix server/proxy after adding relation Zabbix server/proxy with one of available database types. The charm Zabbix server/proxy supports only MySQL database.

In case of relation with Zabbix proxy new host will be not added to monitoring. This option is available for relations with Zabbix server only.

Web Interface username/password

Login: Admin Password: zabbix


Zabbix Documentation 5.4

If you use and scripts for starting Zabbix Java gateway, then you can specify the necessary configuration parameters in the file. The startup and shutdown scripts source the settings file and take care of converting shell variables (listed in the first column) to Java properties (listed in the second column).

If you start Zabbix Java gateway manually by running directly, then you specify the corresponding Java properties on the command line.

LISTEN_IP zabbix.listenIP no IP address to listen on.
LISTEN_PORT zabbix.listenPort no 1024-32767 10052 Port to listen on.
PID_FILE zabbix.pidFile no /tmp/ Name of PID file. If omitted, Zabbix Java Gateway is started as a console application.
PROPERTIES_FILE zabbix.propertiesFile no Name of properties file. Can be used to set additional properties using a key-value format in such a way that they are not visible on a command line or to overwrite existing ones.
For example: "<password>"
START_POLLERS zabbix.startPollers no 1-10005Number of worker threads to start.
TIMEOUT zabbix.timeout no 1-303How long to wait for network operations.
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Provided by: zabbix-java-gateway_3.0.12+dfsg-1_allbug


zabbix-java-gateway.jar - Zabbix Java/JMX monitoring agent.


/etc/init.d/zabbix-java-gateway [ start|stop|restart|status ]


"Zabbix Java gateway" is a daemon to collect information from JMX agent. When Zabbix server wants to know the value of a particular JMX counter on a host, it asks Zabbix Java gateway, which uses the JMX management API to query the application of interest remotely. The application does not need any additional software installed, it just has to be started with "" option to Java on the command line. Java gateway accepts incoming connection from Zabbix server or proxy and can only be used as a "passive proxy". As opposed to Zabbix proxy, it may also be used from Zabbix proxy (Zabbix proxies cannot be chained). Access to each Java gateway is configured directly in Zabbix server or proxy configuration file, thus only one Java gateway may be configured per Zabbix server or Zabbix proxy. If a host will have items of type JMX agent and items of other type, only the JMX agent items will be passed to Java gateway for retrieval. When an item has to be updated over Java gateway, Zabbix server or proxy will connect to the Java gateway and request the value, which Java gateway in turn retrieves and passes back to the server or proxy. As such, Java gateway does not cache any values. Zabbix server or proxy has a specific type of processes that connect to Java gateway, controlled by the option "StartJavaPollers". Internally, Java gateway starts multiple threads, controlled by the START_POLLERS option. On the server side, if a connection takes more than Timeout seconds, it will be terminated, but Java gateway might still be busy retrieving value from the JMX counter. Zabbix server or proxy will try to pool requests to a single JMX target together as much as possible (affected by item intervals) and send them to the Java Gateway in a single connection for better performance. It is suggested to have "StartJavaPollers" less than or equal to START_POLLERS, otherwise there might be situations when no threads are available in the Java gateway to service incoming requests.


-V, --version Display version number.


zabbix-java-gateway.jar recognises the following Java options: -Dzabbix.pidFile-Dlogback.configurationFile Example: -Dlogback.configurationFile=/etc/zabbix/logback.xml -Dzabbix.listenIP-Dzabbix.listenPort-Dzabbix.startPollers


/etc/zabbix/logback.xml Logging configuration. /etc/zabbix/zabbix_java_gateway.conf Miscellaneous parameters.


<> <>
ZABBIX Сервер 4.2, Пошаговая установка на Linux CentOS 7.6

Zabbix Documentation 5.4

2 Setup from RHEL/CentOS packages


If installed from RHEL/CentOS packages, the following information will help you in setting up Zabbix Java gateway.

Configuring and running Java gateway

Configuration parameters of Zabbix Java gateway may be tuned in the file:


For more details, see Zabbix Java gateway configuration parameters.

To start Zabbix Java gateway:

# service zabbix-java-gateway restart

To automatically start Zabbix Java gateway on boot:

RHEL 7 and later:

# systemctl enable zabbix-java-gateway

RHEL prior to 7:

# chkconfig --level 12345 zabbix-java-gateway on

Configuring server for use with Java gateway

With Java gateway up and running, you have to tell Zabbix server where to find Zabbix Java gateway. This is done by specifying JavaGateway and JavaGatewayPort parameters in the server configuration file. If the host on which JMX application is running is monitored by Zabbix proxy, then you specify the connection parameters in the proxy configuration file instead.

JavaGateway= JavaGatewayPort=10052

By default, server does not start any processes related to JMX monitoring. If you wish to use it, however, you have to specify the number of pre-forked instances of Java pollers. You do this in the same way you specify regular pollers and trappers.


Do not forget to restart server or proxy, once you are done with configuring them.

Debugging Java gateway

Zabbix Java gateway log file is:


If you like to increase the logging, edit the file:


and change to "debug" or even "trace" (for deep troubleshooting):

<configuration scan="true" scanPeriod="15 seconds"> [...] <root level="info"> <appender-ref ref="FILE" /> </root> </configuration>

JMX monitoring


Gateway zabbix java

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