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Power, portability and comfort is excellent with the Milwaukee M12 polisher. Navigating around headlights, pillar posts and wheel-openings is a breeze with the Milwaukee M12 polisher and sander. This will help any detailer get more work done with less effort.

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Detailing cars is not always about hoods, trunks (bonnets and boots for our UK friends) and other large areas. There are many areas that would typically require hand rubbing/polishing because the five or six-inch pad of the polisher won&#;t fit. These areas are a great fit for the Milwaukee cordless polisher sander. This polisher is part of Milwaukee&#;s M12 line (12V),therefore helping to keep the tool small and portable.

M12 Milwaukee Cordless Polisher Sander Features

The M12 Milwaukee cordless polisher sander comes with a 3-inch foam and 3-inch wool pad, so we can easily machine-polish pillar posts and mirrors. Headlights can now be polished without taping off the surrounding areas (care must be taken), which saves valuable time. Plenty of power is available when the trigger is pulled, regardless of the product that fills the pad, and the 12V Redlithium batteries fuel the powerful motor. Run-time with the 12V batteries is good, so you should be able t complete the job without a recharge.

Milwaukee did a great job engineering the M12 cordless polisher in terms of comfort and feel-in-the-hand (ergonomics is the word used nowadays). The M12 feels very balanced in the hand, almost perfectly. With the extended use 12V batttery, the M12 polisher seems almost weight-neutral, therefore it&#;s very easy to navigate the polisher where you want it to go. At only 5-inches long, ducking under wheel-wells and working around door jambs becomes simple with the M

Milwaukee Cordless Polisher SanderMilwaukee Cordless Polisher Sander Specifications

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery: M12 REDLITHIUM
  • Charger: M12 Charger
  • Length: &#;
  • Weight: lbs (w/ battery)
  • Sanding RPM: , RPM
  • Polishing RPM: , RPM
  • Tool Warranty: 5 Years


Power, portability and comfort is excellent with the Milwaukee M12 polisher. If there is one area that could use some help, it would be with the battery and/or power consumption. From my knowledge with other power tools, it would seem that a brushless motor would greatly aid in battery performance. Don&#;t get me wrong, one battery will get you though a vehicle without problem, but just not the whole day. I don&#;t have any hesitation recommending the Milwaukee M12 cordless polisher sander for getting more work done with less effort.

You can purchase the bare tool for $, or you can pick up the Milwaukee M12 x kit for just over $ You can purchase the M12 polisher here.


Milwaukee 3" Polishing Backing Pad Accessory

About the Milwaukee

The Milwaukee 3" polishing backing pad is designed for use with a grinder for sanding, polishing, and surface preparation applications. It is a high-performing disc attached to a power tool to secure and support accessories used for sanding, grinding, and polishing. This backing pad utilizes a great resistance to high temperature and breakage. It is constructed from premium grade materials that provide unparalleled performance in the most demanding tasks.

Since , Milwaukee is dedicated to developing new-to-world innovations, powering the most versatile and the most durable tools on the job site. They are focused on improving productivity for professionals in the trades, offering an unwavering commitment while focusing on providing trade-specific solutions that fully deliver maximum portability and productivity for the professional user.

Product Details

Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool
Product:Polishing Pad
Trade Tool Type:Plumbing
Tool Type:Hand Tool Accessories
Style:Sanding Disc
Mpn #
Shipping Dimensions" x " x "
Weight lbs.
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New Milwaukee M12 Cordless Polisher and Sander

Milwaukee M12 Polisher

Milwaukee has expanded their M12 line of cordless Li-ion power tools with a new variable speed polisher/sander. The new tool has separate polishing and sanding modes to ensure the proper speed range for the job.

The new M12 polisher/sander is intended to be a sidekick to a larger full-size polisher. According to Milwaukee, the M12 polisher is perfect for use on small, thin, or curved areas. Then, a full-size polisher can be used over larger surfaces.

Milwaukee M12 Polisher Trim Detailing

Milwaukee conducted field research with automotive detailers and found that they had shortened their detailing time by up to 20% when the M12 polisher is used in conjunction with a traditional polisher.

According to Milwaukee, the new cordless polisher can deliver the performance of a pneumatic polisher, but without the hassle of having to drag an air hose around.


  • Tool-free accessory holder
  • Removable side auxiliary handle
  • RPM polishing mode
  • RPM sanding mode
  • Weighs pounds
  • /8&#; length

The new M12 polisher will be available as a bare tool (), a 2-battery kit that comes with (2) compact Li-ion batteries(), and a 2-battery kit that comes with (1) compact Li-ion battery and (1) XC high capacity battery (X).

The M12 polisher/sander will ship with a 5pc accessory pack that includes (1) 3&#; sanding backing pad, (1) 2&#; sanding backing pad, and (3) polishing pads (1 wool, 2 foam).

ETA: August
Price: $, $, $ for the bare tool, compact battery kit, and compact and XC battery kits respectively.

Buy Now(via Home Depot)

First Thoughts

No, you&#;re not going to want to use this on a full car, but the new polisher/sander looks to be an appealing opting for light detailing work.

I also think that the new Milwaukee M12 polisher would great to use on headlights and other areas where you don&#;t really need to size of a traditional polisher.

This is somewhat of a specialty tool, but I think it&#;s nonetheless an appealing addition to Milwaukee&#;s sizable M12 tool lineup.

Why Not Just Use a Drill?

Milwaukee&#;s new brushed motor M12 drill can reach speeds of up to RPM, and the M12 Fuel can reach RPM. The new polisher can reach speeds of RPM for polishing, and RPM for sanding. When using a polisher or sander, you sometimes need speeds that high. Speed does the work in polishers and sanders, and not torque.

For reference, the edge of a 3&#; polishing wheel spinning at RPM can move at a linear speed of about feet per minute. This is the same linear speed the outer edge of a 7&#; polishing wheel rotating at RPM would move at.

As an aside, to get the linear speed of anything that is in constant rotational speed a given distance away from the center of rotation, multiply the circumference (diameter x pi) by the rotational speed. In the case of a 3&#; polishing pad, the linear speed at the very outer edge of the pad would be 3 inches x x RPM x 1 foot/12 inches = feet per minute.

So in addition to a motor and gearing that&#;s more conducive for polishing and sanding applications, the new M12 tool is designed with a removable auxiliary side handle that should make it easier to use and control than an ordinary 12V-class cordless drill.

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