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On-Call Bulky Item Collection Program

Got extra stuff?

Santa Clara single family and townhome residents can now schedule bulky item collection service for $125 per service. Payments are made over the phone using a major credit card. Check out our collection guidelines for more detailed information once you have scheduled your service.

Here's how it works:

  • Contact Mission Trail to schedule your pickup day and pickup location. Appointments are first-come, first-served. If you live on a private street, please confirm with your owner’s association that we have written permission to enter your street before scheduling.
  • Prior to your scheduled cleanup day, two 4’x4’x4’ bags will be delivered. Each bag will hold up to 2 cubic yards of garbage.
  • Place the bags in the street curbside when you are ready to start filling them. If you live in a townhome, please contact your owner’s association before scheduling to confirm additional placement instructions.
  • Fill the bags with miscellaneous items*. Commonly disposed of items include books, magazines, toys, clothing, exercise equipment, housewares, packaging materials (styrofoam blocks, large boxes), & yard trimmings.
  • Next to the bags, you may put out up to three bulky items. Common bulky items include mattresses, sofas, dishwashers, water heaters and similar furnishings and appliances.
  • Using a special flatbed truck, Mission Trail will return on your scheduled service day to remove the bags and bulky items.
  • Your two bags and bulky items will be collected in one trip on your scheduled collection day. Everything must be ready prior to 6am. Charges may apply for rescheduling or if multiple collection trips are requested.

Ready to schedule your On-Call Cleanup? Give us a call at 408-727-5365. We’ll send you a confirmation notice along with a list of collection guidelines. Please contact us as far in advance as possible. Appointments are scheduled in the order received.

*Each bag has a weight limit of 1.5 tons. If the bag is unable to be lifted by our truck, the customer will have to remove items until the bag can be safely removed. Items labeled toxic, poisonous, hazardous, or flammable cannot be collected through the On-Call Cleanup Program. Please do not place liquids, automotive batteries, fluids, treated wood, tires, hazardous or infectious waste in the On-Call Cleanup Program bags.Contact us for available collection options or visit one of Santa Clara County’s free drop-off facilities. Visit or call 408.299.7300 for information.


Residential Garbage & Recycling

Household Hazardous Waste

household hazardous waste program logo

The countywide residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program resumed operations  on June 11, 2020 with modifications to follow appropriate social distancing protocol. Face coverings are worn by all staff and are required for all residents dropping off waste. Appointments for essential small businesses are available on Wednesdays. 

Santa Clara will host three temporary HHW drop-off events in 2021 - 

  • February 27 - CANCELED*
  • April 24 - CANCELED*
  • September 25 - CANCELED*

*Residents can still schedule appointments at the permanent drop-off location in San Jose. A limited number of appointments for hazardous waste drop-offs will be available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Attendees are required to make an appointment and will receive a confirmation letter with the new participation requirements to maintain their safety of attendees and staff. To make an appointment, please visit

Seniors may contact Heart of the Valley at 408-241-1571 to request pick-up of HHW and pharmaceutical waste. Please note that the Shelter-in-Place order may have affected this service. 

Other Household Hazardous Waste disposal alternatives: 

  • Motor oil and oil filter curbside collection: Place motor oil in a plastic container labeled "waste oil". Tape the lid down with masking or duct tape. Place used oil filters in a leak-proof plastic bag. Place items by your recycling cart on your regular collection day. You may set out up to three 1-gallon containers of used motor oil per week.
  • Dry cell battery curbside collection: Tape the positive terminals and place in a zip-lock bag on top of your garbage cart. Residents with front-load bin service may drop off batteries at any Santa Clara Fire Station seven days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Fluorescent bulb curbside collection: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) can be placed in a zip-lock bag next to your recycling cart on your regular collection day. Fluorescent tubes can be dropped off at any of these locations.
  • Explosives and Ammunition: Call the Police Department at (408) 615-4700.
  • E-waste: Find a local e-waste recycling center at
  • Paint: Find a drop off location at
  • Medicine: Expired and unwanted medicine disposal locations can be found at 

Need to dispose of other materials not listed here? Visit to find local recycling centers. 

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South Santa Clara County

Yard Waste Voucher: Each residential customer will receive two (2) Yard Waste vouchers annually to deliver clean yard waste to Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy, free of charge. See annual vouchers for additional details and restrictions.

Disposal Vouchers: Each residential customer will receive two (2) Disposal vouchers annually to deliver garbage and other non-organic/non-recyclable debris at the Kirby Canyon Landfill, free of charge. See annual vouchers for additional details and restrictions.

Curbside Clean Up: Up to two (2) Curbside Clean-ups may be scheduled per calendar year on an on-call basis. Waste is limited to normal household debris – additional restrictions apply. Contact Customer Service to schedule at least 48 hours in advance of normal collection day.

Bulky Item Collection: Furniture, appliances, and other large items may be picked up at your curb for a small fee per item. Contact Customer Service to schedule.

Holiday Tree Collection: Undecorated holiday trees can be picked up curbside between December 26th and January 31st. Please remove the stand, cut the tree to approximately 4-foot lengths and place the sections next to the Organics container on your regular service day.

Used Motor Oil and Motor Oil Filters: Contact Customer Service to obtain a FREE GreenWaste oil jug and filter bag. Place the filled oil jugs and filter bags next to your carts for collection. No more than two (2) 1-gallon filled containers will be collected per service.

Household Batteries: Please place your household batteries in a clear zipper-type plastic bag and place on top of the recyclables cart. Please contact Customer Service prior to your collection day to notify the driver.

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For large items that don’t fit in your bins, like old furniture, appliances, or extra bags of recycling and trash, customers may schedule a Bulky Item Collection for a fee. Call us at (408) 588-7200 or email our office for bulky item collection rates.


Audits and Consultations
Our Waste Zero Specialist helps businesses apply best management practices in collecting recycling, composting and landfill materials. We provide a single point of contact to help you implement new recycling programs or improve your existing program and make sure you have the resources you need.

Depending on your type of business or residential property, the team will:

      • Visit your site to discuss sustainability goals and potential space requirements/restraints
      • Conduct audits of your waste stream to suggest bin sizing and reduce costs
      • Customize your service options and equipment to meet your needs
      • Provide signs, fliers, stickers, and training at no additional cost

Our Waste Zero Specialist is familiar with assisting all business types — from office buildings, hotels and hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, and shopping centers to large commercial residential properties.

Every January we offer curbside holiday tree collection. Once you’ve removed all the tinsel, lights, decorations and stands from your holiday tree, you can leave the tree next to your residential carts, or at the designated area determined by your property manager.

Trees must be cut to 5 feet or less – flocked trees are acceptable. Cut pieces may be placed inside your yard waste cart for service.

Please note: trees may be collected by a separate driver than regular recycling driver

Property Managers: tenants may place trees in a central location; please call to arrange a pickup.



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On-Call Garbage Pickup

  • Household garbage
  • Painted wood no more than 6-feet long and stacked neatly (railroad ties are hazardous and cannot be picked up)
  • Small amounts of dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt, brick and tile are accepted if boxed and weighs no more than 50 pounds per container (up to 250 pounds total)

Items We Cannot Accept:
Appliances (please arrange a bulky item collection) TVs, computer monitors or other Household Hazardous Waste, Electronic / Universal Waste; items with oil, diesel, or gasoline.

On-Call Yard & Wood Waste Pickup

  • Branches
  • Lumber
  • Wood
  • Branches and lumber can be up to 6 inches in diameter and 6-feet long; please bundle or box branches and trimmings; each bundle or box may not exceed 50 pounds

Items We Cannot Accept
No ice plant, cactus, poison oak, palm fronds, or bug, moth or ant-infested material; painted trees; plastic bags.

Since wood will be composted, we cannot accept painted, varnished, stained or treated wood (like railroad ties).

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors October 19, 2021 9:30 AM

Annual Cleanup Campaign

2021 Annual Cleanup Campaign

The 2021 Annual Cleanup Campaign occurred May 3 - May 28, 2021. The 2022 Cleanup Campaign dates and area map will be available in December 2021.

Need to dispose of items prior to 2022?

  1. On-Call Bulky Item Collection Program for residents living in single-family homes and townhomes in Santa Clara - This program is designed for on-call collection of large items that don’t fit in residential carts such as old furniture, appliances, or mattresses. For $125, residents may call and schedule the removal of up to 3 bulky items and two debris bags of material from the front curb of their residence (debris bags are provided). Not all HOAs participate. To check eligibility, program guidelines, or to arrange for a collection, contact Mission Trail Waste Systems at 408-727-5365.

  2. Free Disposal Day for Santa Clara residents - September 19, 2021

    Appointments (between 6 am and 12 pm) are released 2 weeks prior to the event. Call Mission Trail Waste Systems at 408-727-5365 to make an appointment. Visit and click on "Free Rubbish Disposal Day" in the drop-down menu for more information.

  3. Mission Trail Transfer Station – located in Santa Clara and open to the public. Discounted rates for non-commercial, non-hazardous waste are available to those with proof of Santa Clara residency. For fee pricing and more information, please visit Mission Trail Waste Systems - Transfer Station or call 408-727-5365.

What You Need to Know

This is your opportunity to set out bulky items not routinely collected by weekly garbage, yard trimming and recycling collection services. Not all developments participate in the Cleanup Campaign.

The Cleanup Campaign is a service for the residents of the City of Santa Clara, NOT for people from other communities, contractors or businesses.


This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Questions? Contact the Department of Public Works at 408-615-3080 or by email at [email protected]

Set-out Instructions

  • Place materials on public streets at least 3 feet from any obstructions such as fire hydrants, fences, poles, cars, trees, bushes or walls. 
  • Place materials in the gutter in front of your home no earlier than the Saturday prior to your assigned collection week, and no later than 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of your designated collection week. Early set-outs are subject to a $150 fine.
  • Materials must be placed in the street, by the curb, in front of the house where the materials are generated (if a private street, materials must be placed on nearest public street). Placing materials in front of a neighbor’s house will be deemed illegal dumping.
  • Be courteous to other residents; Do not place piles in alleys, private streets, bike lanes, or against fences, retaining walls, hydrants, or landscaping. Sidewalks must remain clear of obstructions at all times. 
  • Do not place piles in front of curbs painted red for “No Parking,” as large piles can obstruct the view of motorists pulling out of driveways.
  • If you witness illegal dumping, get the driver and vehicle description, and vehicle license number and call 408-615-3080 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) or 408-615-5580 (after 4:00 p.m. and weekends).
  • Do not trim or remove City street trees. This is a violation of City Code 12.35.020 and subject to a $1,000 fine and all associated replacement costs. Call 408-615-3080 for information.
  • Violation notices will be left at homes where materials have been improperly set out. If you have questions about what can be set out or need assistance in determining which collection area you live in, please contact the Street Department at 408-615-3080.
  • Reminder: Many items that are placed out each year can be reused or recycled. For information, please visit the Center for the Development of Recycling at or call them at 1-800-533-8414.

Accepted Materials:

  • Only set out materials generated from your home and place only in front of your address.
  • Bulky items such as old furniture, carpets, mattresses, toilets, foam packaging, etc.
  • Appliances, tires, e-waste (anything that requires a plug or battery to operate), fencing, branches and brush (no longer than 6 feet in length). Separate each of these materials for special collection.
  •  All concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick, rocks, drywall and/or sawdust must be set out in a heavy duty construction debris bulk bag no larger than 1 cubic yard to prevent debris from getting into storm drains. Failure to use a bulk bag for these items is subject to a $150 fine.

Acceptable bags are made of tarp or plastic material made specifically for construction debris and can be no larger than one cubic yard in size. Bulk bags can be purchased at a retailer of your choice or through our Municipal Utility Services.

A total of 1 cubic yard of bagged debris will be picked up at no charge.
Any additional bagged material will be collected for a fee of $25/cubic yard.

Do not set out:

  • NEW in 2021 - Regulations imposed by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) classify treated wood waste as a hazardous material. Treated wood can be identified by color (typically green or yellow tint), or by staple-like marks on the surface. This material must be managed as construction hazardous waste and will not be collected during the Cleanup Campaign. Fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, decking and grape stakes are all examples of chemically treated wood. For a list of facilities accepting treated wood, please visit the DTSC website.

Pressure-Treated Wood

  • Recyclable materials. Use the weekly curbside recycling collection for these items.
  • Contractor generated landscape or construction/demolition debris
  • Motor oil and filters may be recycled by single family homes curbside. Label container with motor oil and tape the lid down. Place used oil filters in a leak-proof plastic bag. Place near your recycling cart on your regular collection day.
  • Household hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, automotive fluids, solvents, fertilizers, cleaning products, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), or sharps. Illegal set out of hazardous materials is subject to a $500 fine. Visit to schedule a FREE drop-off appointment or call the County Household Hazardous Waste Program at 408-299-7300.
  • Biohazardous waste or biomedical waste such as diapers, sanitary napkins, sharps and syringes, human and animal waste, and any other infectious materials.
  • Salvageable items that could be reused or recycled.  Instead, visit or call 1-800-533-8414 for more information.
  • Ammunition and explosives.  For safe disposal, call the Santa Clara Police Department at 408-615-5580.
  • Medications.  Safely dispose of expired or unwanted medications at the MED-Project kiosks located throughout the City.  For additional information and a list of locations, visit 

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