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l3200 hyd oil level

PrestonI only have 40 hours and cannot see the hyd oil level in sight gauge on the new L3200 HSt kabota, and ideas?
jm.Preston..That is a real sensitive little sight gauge. First of all need to have the loader and all rear 3 point lift arms down. Unit needs to sit for at least 4 hr, over night is better..Then if you do not see fluid you do need to add some KUBOTA supper UDT. Not unusual for a new unit to need a couple of quarts after everything gets ran in. Add slowly and check often as there is not a lot of oil required to bring it back up to level.
Smokindog JM, Has it on the peg. But one other thing to look for. If the hydraulic oil is above the sight glass it will look like no oil. That is one
thing I don't like about a sight gauge. It takes
some getting use to before you mess with adding oil. I had the same thing going on, had to get my son to let out oil while I watched the sight glass. Had him stop draining when I finally saw
the oil level show up. This was due to me over filling because I could not see oil in the gauge and thought it was low.

jm.SD Go to watching all time, thinking that about the first of next week we will be out of commission for a month or so.. Have a good one . jm You may well be right it may be over full. Usually just a tint of brown that I can catch but to the untrained eye would be easy to think you were not seeing oil... Have a good one jm.
SmokinDog HI JM. I will do what I can, not as good as you
on here.

Sours: http://www.ssbtractor.com/wwwboard/view_all.cgi?bd=kubota&msg=33177



BChecking Transmission Fluid Level

1. Park the machine on a flat surface, lower the

implement and shut off engine.

2. View the fluid level through the fluid level gauge.

If the level is too low, add new oil to the prescribed

level at the oil inlet.

(See "LUBRICANTS" in "MAINTENANCE" section.)

(1) Gauge

(A) Oil level is acceptable within this range.

A If oil level is low, do not run engine.

BChecking Coolant Level

To avoid personal injury:

A Do not remove radiator cap while coolant is

hot. When cool, slowly rotate cap to the first

stop and allow sufficient time for excess

pressure to escape before removing the cap


1. Check to see that the coolant level is between the

"FULL" and "LOW" marks of recovery tank.

2. When the coolant level drops due to evaporation, add

soft water only up to the full level.

In case of leakage, add anti-freeze and soft water in

the specified mixing ratio up to the full level.

(See "Flushing Cooling System and Changing

Coolant" in "EVERY 2 YEARS" in "PERIODIC

SERVICE" section.)

3. When the coolant level is lower than "LOW" mark of

recovery tank, remove the radiator cap and check to

see that the coolant level is just below the port. If level

is low, add coolant.

(1) Recovery tank

A If the radiator cap has to be removed, follow the

caution above and securely retighten the cap.

A Use clean, fresh soft water and anti-freeze to fill the


A If coolant should leak, consult your local KUBOTA


(A) "FULL"

(B) "LOW"

Sours: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1199328/Kubota-L3200.html?page=58
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Kubota L3200 Maintenance and Servicing


Kubota L3200 Periodic Maintenance

Every Ten Hours or Daily Checking

Check engine oil level. If after checking the oil level is low, add it.

Check transmission/hydraulic oil level. When transmission/hydraulic oil is low, add recommended volume.

Checking engine primary/secondary air filters. Install a new filters element if necessary.

Check the coolant level in cooling system. If the coolant level is too low, add coolant in cooling system.

Check engine speed, steering, hand brake and service brakes. Repair any damage if required.

Oil And Filter Change

Every 100 hours

Clean the fuel filter element. Engine fuel filter part number: 6A320-59930.

Check engine primary air filter element. Clean if necessary. Air filter part number - TA040-93230.

Inspect engine secondary air filter element. Clean as required. Part number - TA040-93220.

Lubricate the front axle bearing assembly. Gear Lube: SAE 80W-90.

Every 200 hours

Change engine oil. Recommended oil type: SAE30, SAE 10W-30 or 15W-40, SAE20. API service classification CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4 or CI-4. Oil system capacity (Kubota D1503-M-E3): 6.0 qts (5.7 L). After filling, check the engine oil level with a dipstick.

Replace engine oil filter. Engine oil filter part number: HH164-32430. Before replacement procedure, clean the filter housing from dirt. When the filter is replaced, check the oil level. If required, add it.

Every 400 hours

Changing transmission/hydraulic fluid. Fluid type - Kubota UDT, Kubota Super UDT or Super UDT-2. How much to change: Transmission/hydraulic system capacity - 29.2 qts (27.5 L). After adding transmission/hydraulic fluid, check the level with a dipstick.

Replace filter in hydraulic line. Hydraulic filter element part number - HH3A0-82623. Check the transmission/hydraulic fluid level after installing a new filter. Add oil if necessary.

Change fuel filter. Fuel filter element part number: 6A320-59930. Check the correct operation of injection pump.

Front axle oil change. Front axle Oil: SAE 80W-90. Front axle capacity: 4.8 qts (4.5 L).

Yearly Maintenance

Kubota L3200 replacement parts

Engine Primary Air Filter. Part Number: TA040-93230
Engine Secondary Air Filter Element. Part Number: TA040-93220
Engine Oil Filter. Part Number: HH164-32430
Engine Fuel Filter Element. Part Number: 6A320-59930
Drive Belt. Part Number: 15469-97010
Hydraulic Oil Filter. Part Number: HH3A0-82623

Change filter and engine oil. Service lubricating system components.

Change engine air cleaner elements.

Change transmission/hydraulic fluid.

Change hydraulic filter.

Drain water from fuel tank and replace fuel filter.

Clean oil cooler fins and radiator.

Drain, flush and refill cooling system. Cooling system capacity: 6.3 qts (6.0 L).

Check all hoses and clamps.

Check battery charging.

Check and adjust valve clearance.

Check and adjust fuel injectors.
























Sours: http://tractorgearbox.com/kubota_l3200_maintenance.html
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L3200 HST - Hydraulic Fluid Amount?



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Hi to all I'm new on here and looking for a little help. I just serviced my L3200 HST 2011 tractor and did the hydraulic filters (both replaced) and replaced the fluid. I don't have an original owners manual but followed the fluid capacity shown in a L3200 owners manual (non HST) of 7.2 gal. When I look for my fluid level in the sight glass I see nothing. I'm coming to the conclusion that I may have overfilled the tractor with the super UDT2 kubota fluid.

Can anyone confirm the actual amount of fluid stated in the owners manual for a L3200 HST 4WD model?

Anyone know where I can get an owners model for the HST L3200, I'm realizing that the manual I have is for just a L3200 with manual transmission.

Many thanks.
Sours: https://www.orangetractortalks.com/forums/threads/l3200-hst-hydraulic-fluid-amount.45450/

Level kubota fluid l3200 hydraulic

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Kubota Oil \u0026 Oil Filter Change for L Series Tractors (#64)

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