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A/N: Fic with 사랑은 환상! | Love is an illusion BL webcomic. SQUEALING SANTA FOR @ticklygiggles​ - my beloved who’s out here on Purge Day and not log-off protesting just like me, hi there gurl! ( ° ͜ʖ °)

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Summary: A story of how ‘laughter’ makes its way in Dojin’s relationship with Hyesung, in their everyday lives, and eventually, their little family, becoming a very important main aspect that holds together their happiness. And all that through the simple act of tickling.

Word Count: 3073

[1] Pre-pregnancy

The first time Dojin noticed, was actually during the first time he made love to Hyesung. Anytime he would trail his fingers down his skinny ribcage, or grab his side for support, Hyesung would twitch a little. 

Dojin thought at first he was just sensitive, but the definition definitely changed to ‘ticklish’ during the second time they made love, because that was definitely a giggle he heard in between all those in-heat moans. A very cute, soft and squeaky giggle. 

Of course Dojin hadn’t acted on it, since well, he had things to do, and a certain someone was literally begging him to take him. Still, he stored the information away in his head, just for later.

That stored information definitely bothered him the next day. He was at practice with the band, his fingers were tickling the ivories, but in his mind, he was tickling Hyesung. He was trying, trying very hard to imagine what his laugh would sound like. What it would look like if he wasn’t looking 24/7 pissed, annoyed or angry, but actually laughing brightly. He couldn’t. 

It annoyed him that he couldn’t. Dojin was fantasizing of tickling Hyesung, yet that fantasy wasn’t complete without the ability to imagine what it would be like.

“Dojin?” Dojin could hear Heesu and others call his name repeatedly. They were probably confused as to why he was spacing off like this, after suddenly coming up with an awesome new song like that as if he had all his shit together. Technically, he didn’t have his shit together. He banged the piano with his fists, startling everyone. 

No, he needed to go home now, and tickle Hyesung. The curiosity was unbearable! On his way home, he was thinking it through a lot. How Hyesung would react, how Dojin should even handle it. Just barge into his room and tickle him, was that it?

When he came home, multiple scenarios had already flooded his head, and he just decided to follow his instincts and desires. It wasn’t like Hyesung had any right to complain after jumping him like that last night. 

Slamming the door open to Hyesung’s room, he found him on his bed in nothing but his bathrobe. Throb. Dojin’s desire and curiosity dragged him towards the bed, and he could see Hyesung look at him in confusion as he spat some words of protest for barging in like this, but none of the words reached Dojin’s ears. 

As if blinded with lust, or in this case, the desire to make Hyesung laugh, he grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down on his back on the bed.

“W-wha! Hey, nonono, I’m- I’m not in heat! What are y-AAH!” Dojin had immediately slipped his hand in Hyesung’s bathrobe, his long fingers digging into his warm and bare side, and Hyesung was already making noise. 

“AH-wha.. Let go-hey! Eehh noho!” They were barely giggles yet, just little yelps and squeaks, but the moment Dojin started to wiggle his fingers, scribbling all over both Hyesung’s sides while the smaller guy squirmed and thrashed, giggles and laughter began to fill the room.

“Hehehe-that tickles, Dojihihin j-jeheerk! Gehehet off! No! Noooo!” Hyesung was whining and yelling like he would in any case actually, but this time it got all mixed with laughter, thanks to this mere touch. Dojin smirked. This was definitely better than his non-existent expectations could’ve ever been. The blush on Hyesung’s cheeks and that bright smile, those teary eyes and the squeaky and pitchy sound of his laughter.. He needed more.

“AAHHaha no! Not the-not thehehere, stop! Stahahap!” It wasn’t hard to pin the smaller guy down and attack the accessible spots on his body.

Hyesung got more hysterical when Dojin clawed at his ribcage. He had started off slowly and quite peacefully, but the more he enjoyed this, the rougher and more merciless he got. He tickled his ribs, he poked his tummy, and every new spot he tickled would elicite louder, better and prettier reactions than the previous. 

Hyesung’s bathrobe left his torso bare and vulnerable by the time the struggling had basically undressed him, giving Dojin better access to his smooth, soft and sensitive body.

The party began for real when he actually managed to shove his hands in Hyesung’s armpits, where he tickled him until Hyesung was basically screaming and thrashing like a little banshee.

“AAHAHAh you suhuhuuck! I hahahate youuu!” Hyesung screamed. Dojin stared at his face with this priceless expression that could probably only be caused by tickling. He couldn’t help but remove one of his hands from his armpits, just to lovingly comb his fingers through Hyesung’s hair while the blond sobbed and whimpered.

“Stohohop tickling- I’ll dieehehe!” Dojin seriously thought it could be possible: killing Hyesung with tickles. He had to be careful now if he didn’t want to commit a murder. He couldn’t help but wiggle his fingers over his tummy one last time before releasing him from his strong hold. 

The poor thing immediately curled up, panting and wheezing. He would probably never understand why Dojin had to tickle him to death like this out of the blue. He would never.

“I’ll g-get you for this.. You a-asshole,” Hyesung hissed, though he still sounded whimpery and a bit giggly, and Dojin couldn’t help but think this was the cutest Hyesung could probably ever be. Even cuter than that… steamy state he was in last night.

“So, found a job yet?” he began casually. Hyesung didn’t look up, but just continued to lie there. He shook his head.

“I’ll get you.. for this..” he repeated. Dojin smirked. He’d like to see him try. 

[2] Mid-pregnancy

“I’ll get you for this.” It was thing Hyesung said a lot. Always. Dojin remembered the first time clearly, but Hyesung had never managed to actually do it. Not before Dojin would sweep him off his feet, tickle him to death and piss him off again. 

Dojin did this a lot, because it was always better than to watch that forever-frown on that cute face of his.

Besides, Hyesung was pissed at him most of the time, so why not at least give him a reason to, and make him laugh at the same time? It was mostly for Dojin’s own entertainment, but he could swear it sometimes worked in forcing that frown to disappear from that cute babyface. 

Even after Hyesung got pregnant, he wouldn’t stop sneaking in random tickle attacks here and there. Sometimes he’d even take advantage of Hyesung’s vulnerable state, just like Hyesung took advantage of it. The little dork thought he could live a life in pregnant luxury right now, well fine, Dojin would do anything for him - well, technically speaking the baby - but that did not mean he could get back at him with a very tickly comeback. 

Heesuu would often ask him to stop doing it, stating that Hyesung’s laughter was gonna harm his ears sometime. Dojin didn’t care. Heesuu had no idea that that very ‘harmful’ sound was like angelic music to his own ears. 

It was only when Hyesung’s belly began to grow when Dojin had to hold himself back, because tickling him could exhaust his body and maybe even harm the baby if he wasnt careful. 

And, that was also when Karma showed up. And it wasn’t even Hyesung who got him in this predicament. It was Dojin himself. 

After the baby had gotten active, showing its health by moving around so much in Hyesung’s popped out belly (God, Dojin could die from overflowing happiness right now), he had to deal with a bawling Hyesung all the time. Like he was a baby himself.

Hyesung wouldn’t cheer up no matter what he did. Crying about the size of his belly, about the healthy baby, about anyting actually, Hyesung was one depressed little ball of neverending tears, so Dojin was desperate. Playing music, presenting him movies, getting him the most delicious food, nothing would ever calm him down. 

Which was why Dojin had offered, just this once, for him to tickle him. Without even knowing what that might turn out to be like. He never allowed anyone to tickle him. No one.

“Are you serious right now?” Hyesung’s eyes were still puffy from crying, but he definitely looked eager to hear more about this cheer-up-offer. Hyesung sat in his bed, rolled in a blanket like a little burrito, and his eyes lit up when Dojin told him “..If you want… You can finally get your revenge after all this time. By tickling me, I mean. If that’s what would cheer you up.” 

“I’m serious,” Dojin said, though his entire body was tingling and his mind went crazy with nerves right now. He assumed he was still ticklish. He was sure he was, strange enough. As a kid and teen, he got tickled a lot by his friends and siblings, but somehow they grew out of it. He sure as hell remembered what it felt like though. 

“It would! It definitely would cheer me up. You’ve been such a dick to me all this time. I’m still angry I couldn’t do it by myself, but yeah sure, if you’re offering willingly,” Hyesung rambled. Dojin chuckled.

“Of course you couldn’t do it if I didn’t offer. You’re so tiny after all.” Triggered, Hyesung immediately jumped up - in such a wild way that it scared Dojin because omfg the baby - and he pushed him down so Dojin ended up lying on his back on Hyesung’s bed.

“Now you’re going to get it!” Climbing on top of him, Hyesung found his most ideal position by straddling him, and he eagerly wiggled his fingers. Dojin stared at Hyesung’s belly that was showing. It felt like the baby was going to watch this. So not cool.

“Ready?” Hyesung asked, smirking. 

“Yes,” Dojin said. No. Of course he wasn’t ready. He was screaming inside, regretting this oh so bad, afraid that Hyesung would forever laugh at him after seeing him laugh and finding out how much a touch can tickle him too and-

AH!” Hyesung’s eyes widened when the first squeaky reaction was drawn from Dojin. And all he had done was a little poke in the side. Hyesung’s surprised expression soon turned into a sneaky one again.

“Well this is gonna be fun.” Dojin couldn’t remember the last time he had lost control over his laughter like this. Hyesung’s fingers were sending little shockwaves through all of his body by tickling his sides and ribs, and all Dojin could do was lie there and resist throwing his pregnant roommate off him. 

“AHAha! Aaaahh!” Dojin whined uncharmingly when Hyesung had pushed his shirt up a little to tickle all around the bare skin of his belly button. He couldn’t move his shirt up further because Dojin’s arms were folded around himself for protection, but Hyesung kept pushing, saying:

“Away with those arms, or I will cry again.” Now that was a strange threat, but definitely legit. Dojin did some inner crying as well and obediently moved his arms. This made Hyesung able to push his shirt up all the way to his chest, and his little fingers did their happy thing to Dojin’s hypersensitive bare sides and ribs. 

“EEhehehe!” Dojin wasn’t protesting. He wasn’t swearing. He was just laughing and allowing Hyesung to give him what he actually deserved after all those times he attacked him despite his helpless state and tiny body that was unable to fight him off. 

Dojin would desperately try to cover his face with his arms because he was so embarrassed of his laugh, but Hyesung tickled his underarms every time he tried, forcing him to show his face to him. 

“If only your fans would see this. Look at that smile. Who knew you could do it hm? Who fucking knew~” Hyesung teased like a villain, too pleased with this revenge. Dojin was doing it for him. For the baby. He had to deal with getting tickled some more until Hyesung felt satisfied, and it grew worrisome when that time didn’t come. 

Even when Hyesung moved off him and Dojin thought ‘release!’, Hyesung just simply crawled towards his feet and began to test his sensitivity there.

“Shall we sing the baby a little song? This little piggy?” Dojin wanted to yell at him so bad, but he was busy laughing as Hyesung tickled his feet, and he arched his back, his feet twitching and his toes curling. The thoughts how it wasn’t fair would often cross his mind everytime Hyesung hit a very sensitive spot (read: toes) that could make him shriek. But then again, he’d always think: it was fair. He deserved it, and if this was making Hyesung happy again - which it obviously did - he was doing it for a good cause. 

“No fucking way. Have you gone insane?” Both him and Hyesung looked up at Heesu who had entered without them noticing, probably to check what all the noise was about after arriving at his appartment.

“T-there was no other wa-hahahay!” Dojin continued to laugh since Hyesung merrily continued the tickle torture, sending Heesu this happy triumphant smirk.

“You, stop that this instant!” Heesu already stomped towards Hyesung to drag him away, but Dojin bolted upright, yelling: “No! It’s alright!”

Both Hyesung and Heesu gaped at him in shock.

“… I can handle it. It’s okay. Just let him,” he said, despite being breathless and oh so tired. Heesu kept staring at him, then stared back at Hyesung and with a loud grumbly sigh he turned away again and headed for the door.

“Ugh fine. Call me when you’re done, I can’t hear or see this.” And so Heesu was gone again, and Hyesung looked at him with this cute confused look.

“It really is okay?” For a moment, the evil torture-villain had made place for a considerate and kind side of Hyesung, and Dojin blushed a little.

“…Yes. It’s okay. If it makes you feel better.” 

The evil smirk was back in an instant, and Dojin smiled fondly.

“It definitely does~” Hyesung chanted, and before he knew it, Dojin was already laughing his head off again. Well for a pregnant guy, Hyesung did have the energy to tickle Dojin until both of them got so tired they passed out on bed and slept through a long night with goofy smiles still plastered on their faces. It was actually the first time they slept together without doing anything. Heh, funny. 

[3] Post-pregnancy 

It was like a dream. The dark days felt like a dream too, a very distant and bad one. But this, it still felt like too good to be true. 

Dojin smiled at the ceiling. Hyesung lay curled up next to him, his tiny body fitting in his arms perfectly. They had been napping together after a tiring walk around the city of Byul. 

His hand that was resting on Hyesung’s sleepy body was tickling him very lightly, making Hyesung squirm against him and giggle each time.

“S-stop it Dojihin… Not now..” Sounding like he was about to drift off again. 

“Then when?” Dojin tickled him some more, and he rolled a bit to the side so he could pin his fiance’s petite body beneath him.

“N-naha d-don’t! I’ll… wake up Byul hehe~” Hyesung giggled. 

“Oh no you don’t.” Dojin kissed him, shutting him up and drinking his delicious laughter as he went for some rougher and more merciless tickling. He was taking a risk, but with his love for Hyesung’s lovely ticklish body, he loved taking this risk. Always.

“GYaha dohohon’t!” Hyesung cried as he managed to break free from Dojin’s kiss. Shit. Dojin had to hunt for his lips again to keep him quiet. Unable to reach him for another kiss, he reached out and held his hand over his mouth. 

“Hmphphh!” Hand-gagging him, Dojin pulled him closer and loved to feel the despair in Hyesung’s struggles as he started to tickle his lower abdomen, wiggling his fingers all over the sensitive flesh and getting dangerously close to his inner thighs - one of his most sensitive spots.

“UUfhhhuh!” He felt Hyesung drooling all over his hand, on purpose, but this didn’t scare him away. He continued to make Hyesung suffer, making sure his voice would not wake up Byul, and he even managed to lean in and blew a raspberry in his neck.

Uhnmmmhfhfhph!” Hyesung’s hysterical muffled squeaks were a true delight. The way he squirmed in his arms was kind of a turn-on, and Dojin felt how he lost his self-control, wanting to tickle him more and more. And so he made a mistake. He released Hyesung’s face, resulting in loud booming laughter that got all the way to Byul’s bed. 

“WHEEeeeee!” The baby’s cry startled them both, and though tired and exhausted, Hyesung sat up and laughed triumphantly.

“Haaaha! Suckerrrr! You know how to fix this!” Hyesung sang triumphantly as he went on his way to get Byul from his bed. Dojin blushed and sighed, setting himself down on bed in a stretched out position, waiting for Hyesung to return. 

You see. They kinda had a thing going on in their family. There was Dojin himself, who got a kick out of tickling Hyesung. He just had to tickle him, on regular basis. Then there was Byul, who would cry most of the time whenever he heard Hyesung’s laughter, for whatever reason. What he did love? Dojin’s laughter. It would always make Byul laugh along with him, in the cutest most adorable way. 

So yeah. Basically, the risk of tickling Hyesung was to have to make up for it by letting Hyesung tickle him back, to make the whole family happy again and to be very honest… Dojin didn’t mind that much, at all.

“There we are! What do you say Byul, wanna hear daddy laugh to make you feel better?” Hyesung said in his awkward baby voice. Hyesung was definitely the best in baby’ing when it involved a certain plan to wreck Dojin before their son’s eyes.

“Ueeeyy!” Byul cried, and Hyesung put him in his chair that stood by the bed, so he could watch. 

“Well.” Hyesung rolled his sleeves and smirked as he straddled Dojin, a familiar position. Dojin sighed and smiled helplessly.

“Ready?” Hyesung asked. Ready to get wrecked- I mean, ready to hear their son’s beautiful laughter and see Hyesung’s delightful look of enjoyment- even if it’d cost him his own breath and a tiny part of his dignity? Hell yeah. 

“Whenever you are!” 


Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

Set during the half-year period until Chapter 60. The progress of the Beta perfume seems to be fine, and so Dojun’s relationship with Heesoo. Dojun’s business partner from Japan came to South Korea where one of his daughters surprisingly almost resembles Heesoo. However, several rape-murder cases suddenly increased in South Korea after the last case that happened in Japan, where the majority of the victims are Betas. The situation had make Dojun worrying more about Heesoo despite the young Beta is constant reassuring of his safety.

At the same time, the South Korea’s police force had to ask assistance from their neighbour country through Keishichou and a female Superintendent General, who appears to be knowledgeable about the said cases.

Little did they know that the cases are more than just murder cases?

-Story discontinued.

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