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Invest in Your Appearance: Understanding Hair Restoration Cost

Hair loss is prevalent in both men and women. The condition can significantly impact your quality of life but treatment is available. Dr. Joseph Galitzin uses sophisticated hair restoration technology to improve patients' confidence in their appearance. Our team is trained and certified to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE) using the ARTAS® Robotic System. At Skin Care at 5th Ave., we understand hair restoration is an investment. Your goals should not be compromised due to treatment cost, which is why we accept flexible financing through CareCredit®. In order to determine hair transplant cost at our office in Peachtree, GA, we will take several factors into account, including your degree of hair loss. Customizing your treatment plan will allow us to provide the most accurate estimate. 

Black and white image of sad-looking bald man

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your hair, hair restoration can be a worthwhile investment. 

Evaluating Your Treatment Goals

One of the most important factors that will determine the final treatment cost is how many grafts are needed to meet your aesthetic goals. For most patients, we are able to complete approximately 1,700 grafts per treatment. If you require more grafts to meet your hair restoration goals, we may need to schedule a follow-up procedure which will add to the overall cost of your treatment. 

Hair Thickness and Degree of Hair Loss 

Generally, the number of grafts needed will depend on the degree of your hair loss. The extent of hair loss in men is usually determined by The Norwood Scale, while the Ludwig Scale or Savin Scale is used for evaluating women. Larger areas of thin or missing hair will require more grafts, which will obviously raise treatment cost. If you are simply restoring a receding hairline as opposed to a significant portion of your crown, your treatment cost will likely be lower. 

Your goals should not be compromised due to treatment cost, which is why we accept flexible financing plans through CareCredit.

Robotic FUE works best for patients with dark, thick hair because the ARTAS system is more easily able to identify these hairs for grafting. In addition, if you have very fine hair, you will require more grafts to restore adequate fullness and coverage to the area. 

Cost Compared to Other Treatments 

FUE is generally more expensive than follicular unit transplantation, or FUT, surgery. During FUT, a strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head. Although it is more expensive, FUE is much more precise, leaves negligible scarring, and is considered to be a virtually painless harvesting method.

The ARTAS unit is equipped with a stereoscopic vision system which will select the most viable hairs and strategically remove follicular units without affecting the appearance of the donor area. The robotic system also significantly minimizes the risk of human error and fatigue which can occur during manual transplantation. Lastly, there are no incisions, staples, or stitches required and most patients will be able to return to work and normal activities a day or two after treatment.

Financing Is Available

Although hair restoration is considered a cosmetic treatment and is generally not covered by insurance, Dr. Galitzin is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. We believe anxiety due to cost should never be a deterrent. Our practice works with CareCredit to help you arrange low-interest, flexible financing. 


Interested in finding out more about NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

latest hair loss solutions

Dr. Monte Slater and the Team at Buckhead Hair restoration offer the latest hair loss solutions

At Buckhead Hair Restoration in Atlanta, Dr. Monte Slater takes great pride in his ability to keep his patients satisfied with the results of their procedures. Currently, the spotlight seems to be shining on NeoGraft Hair Transplant – a relatively simple procedure that works for hair loss in women and of all ethnicities. This is important because until NeoGraft Hair Transplant there were few solutions for African-American women suffering from traction alopecia (balding from pulling, tight hairstyles, braids & weaves).

NeoGraft Hair Transplant is the very first FDA approved FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Restoration method that is both minimally invasive and long lasting. It doesn’t leave a linear scar – making it a great choice for short hairstyles, in addition to long hairstyles and for the young and the not so young. NeoGraft Hair Transplant - Stop hiding your hair in photoshoots

NeoGraft Hair Transplant is virtually pain-free with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime (about 3-5 days normally) and the results are long lasting. Yes, if you have additional other areas of balding you can repeat the treatment without any issues. Pending you are a good candidate and medically cleared. Right now, NeoGraft is the Star of Buckhead Hair Restoration, as the results from last year’s procedures are now coming back!  Happy patients with newly grown hair. 


What about the $2.00 Graft? 

Diagnose Hair Loss book a Free Hair Analysis in two locations. Hair Restoration in Atlanta with Dr. Monte Slater and Team consider NeoGraft Hair Transplant even if you are young!

Many young professionals come to speak with Dr. Monte Slater about their hair loss issues and the number one concern is budget! 

So what is the deal with the $2.00 Graft Advertising? Well, the $2.00 Graft is a great marketing tool, but unfortunately for patients going there expecting a third of the cost … The fine print will let you know that the $2.00 per graft is only being charged for a very minimal amount of the total grafts. This means your average cost for the procedure is going to be the market average of Atlanta area hair clinics. “The $2.00 Graft Gimmick” is not the only method used in ads and on billboards, the marketplace is full of half truths as it relates to hair restoration, and realistic expectations are rarely set, but the $2.00 billboard is certainly a great marketing idea.


Often the  FUE NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure is not offered in hair clinics advertising “cheap grafts” and the strip method is still being performed for half of the cost, but a hefty price. A huge linear scar at the back of the head that is often referred to as the smiley face scar. To our surprise, many athletes and celebrities have opted for the strip method in the past. Go to Google and type in hair transplant scars and see what results you will get. Interestingly enough, we ran across a site with many natural remedies, a good read and good information on hair loss and hair restoration methods. If the FUE hair restoration is offered and it is not NeoGraft, chances are you will not get the same quality team. The newest google ads now advertise the shave less method of hair transplantation. We will address that in our next article. DON’T STOP READING NOW…… HERE COMES THE ANSWER ON COST.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant COST in the Atlanta area

NeoGraft Providers charge between $5.25-$8 per graft depending on the hair clinic and exact location. Buckhead hair restoration is always competitively priced and charges between $3000 to $12500  depending on the total amount of grafts. In addition, interest-free financing is available for up to 12 months. Affordable payments are available as low $200-$300 per month.

 It is not any different than any other cosmetic procedure, they are never cheap but having your hair back is so worth it. We like to establish long lasting relationships and will take “Post NeoGraft Care” very seriously. Dr. Slater is extremely helpful when it comes to explaining the aftercare to his patients and even sees his patients after hours when needed. 

 If you are a young male and losing your hair, chances are that you have male pattern baldness, which means you will probably continue to lose hair. Yes, it is not inexpensive, but much like a loan for expensive hobbies,  (hunting equipment, musical instruments, cars), you can get a loan for the sake of your hair, grow old with hair and repeat NeoGraft in the future to address other areas of balding.

Did you know that more than eighty million men and women in the United States suffer from bald or thinning hair? In order to regain their confidence, these men and women are turning to specialized doctors like Dr. Monte Slater. 

If you hate the idea of “going under the knife,” NeoGraft is the right fit for you. Rather than using a scalpel, NeoGraft uses a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method to remove follicles from the “donor area” in the back of the scalp, then implant them into areas of the scalp where baldness or thinning is occurring. The hair in the donor area has to be shaved, however, the hair on top can often cover this area. If you are balding in the crown area, chances are that you have to keep your hair in a short style until the hair grows back.  

NeoGraft provides America’s most experienced hair technicians that work as a team side by side with Dr. Monte Slater. He is on premise and on the clock during the entire procedure and his medical expertise and guidance assure the best possible outcome. This results in a hair transplant that looks natural, discrete, and comfortable. 

If you want to work with leading edge technology, you should give us a call today at (770)-415-8071. You can also visit our official website to schedule an appointment today.

At Buckhead Hair Restoration, we work hard to make your life more comfortable and less stressful. If a NeoGraft Hair Transplant sounds right for you, we’ll be happy to help. The first step to  NeoGraft Hair Transplant is the initial evaluation in which Dr. Slater determines if you are a candidate for NeoGraft. You have to have a good donor hair in order to perform NeoGraft and this will be determined by Dr. Slater at your consult. It is always helpful to send pictures via email by attachment prior. You can email us anytime to begin the dialogue. 

Choosing Buckhead Hair Restoration for NeoGraft Hair Transplant means choosing Dr. Slater

Virtual Hair Loss Consult Monthly Hair Restoration Specials - Buckhead Hair Restoration Specials

Why choose our company when you can choose anyone in the Atlanta area? Because Dr. Monte Slater is a double-board certified physician with more than thirty years of experience in medicine. Not only does he serve as our medical director, but he knows NeoGraft extremely well. He opted for NeoGraft for his personal procedure and has been offering NeoGraft Hair Transplant for the last 5 years. 

In addition, Buckhead Hair Restoration offers non-surgical solutions that include NeoLT Light Therapy by NeoGraft, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, Lasercap™, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Slater will determine which treatment is best for you and will discuss your options at your visit with him. Many patients opt for NeoGraft with Post Treatments that include NeoGraft Hair Care Products and  NEOlts Light Treatments as well as PRP Hair Loss Therapy.  If you want to work with a team of true experts, you’ve come to the right place. 

Many patients that opt for NeoGraft also use NeoGraft Hair Care Products, NeoLTS Light Treatments, and PRP Therapy.  If you want to work with a team of true experts, you’ve come to the right place. 

If your hair loss is not genetic or hormonal, you can keep your hair healthy by including consistent exercise, drinking plenty of water and reducing stress in your life.  If you are not sure why you are losing your hair, Dr. Slater can perform a blood test that can determine if it is indeed hormonal or if there is a possibility of other deficiencies. 


Women over 40: Follow this link to take your hormone quiz 

Men over 40: Follow this link to take your hormone quiz

A little pearl for the patients: 

Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic is the sister company of Buckhead Hair Restoration and the staff of this boutique concierge Aesthetic Treatment Center and Anti-Aging Center is lead by no other than  Dr. Slater. Remember he is a double board certified physician with 30 years of medical experience in the health industry. 

Though we do not accept insurance lab work is affordable and often needed to determine additional medical issues. 

At Buckhead Hair Restoration, we have your best interests in mind – and we want to keep you happy, healthy and confident.

We’re prepared to help you – every step of the way. And it all begins when you schedule your first appointment with our main office.



We look forward to hearing from you soon. If you are not able to attend in person, one of our team members can help determine the cause of your hair loss with a pre-consult via skype or facetime. Fill out the form below if you are interested in a virtual consult. 

Live Online Session Request

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Hair Transplant in Atlanta

Nashville Hair Doctor Patients Share Their Experience

Hair Transplants at Nashville Hair Doctor follow the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE method where each follicle is extracted and transplanted individually. This ensures that your hair restoration is virtually pain-free with only minimal numbing required. Minimal downtime and trauma lead to a fast recovery, allowing you to return to work or your regular activities within 1-2 days. And our patients are able to achieve natural looking results without any scarring at the back of the head as is often the case with other methods.

Nashville hair doctor patient review2,800 Grafts, 6 Months, and a New Hairline

David B. wanted to make sure he had something done before his thinning hair became so obvious that others would notice. He visited Nashville Hair Doctor for a consultation, weighed all the information he was given, and scheduled his NeoGraft hair transplant for July 2018.

Just 6 months later, David is surprised by his early results. “I was told to expect results at 14 months,” he says. And while his hair growth will continue to improve, he is pleased with the much fuller crown and hairline he has already achieved.

1,500 Grafts to Repair a Previous Hair Transplant

Mitch G. was disappointed with the results of his previous hair restoration done with the Strip Method. “It left me with an ugly scar on the back of the head,” he says. He gave it another try by uploading his picture using Nashville Hair Doctor’s online quote form.

It has been four years since his NeoGraft procedure, and he is still very happy with his results. “I now have the good hair I wanted,” says Mitch.

If you aren’t sure whether a hair transplant is for you, get started by requesting a free, confidential, no-obligation quote at the click of a button.

Hair Transplant Sydney - Consultation Part 4 - How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Cost

If you are considering hair transplantation, you are likely considering the cost as well. At Kalos Hair Transplant, we understand what an important decision permanent hair restoration is and we want to make it an invaluable investment towards your quality of life and self-confidence. Dr. Benjamin Stong and his highly trained team bring exceptional skill and knowledge to your Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) or NeoGraft Hair Transplant procedure. He is proud to be the only plastic surgeon in Atlanta that offers the revolutionary NeoGraft system. You can rest assured that your procedure will be performed by a trained team, under the guidance of a reputable double board-certified plastic surgeon in a safe, state-of-the-art facility. Our commitment at Kalos Hair Transplant is to deliver the most natural results using the most advanced hair loss technology available

How much do hair implants cost?

The cost of hair implants is different for each patient. You will be charged primarily based on the number of grafts needed to address your specific hair loss concerns. To gain a more accurate estimate of your expected hair transplantation cost, a consultation with Dr. Stong is best. He will listen to your hair restoration goals and calculate the amount of donor hair you have available and evaluate your donor hair type (color, texture, etc).

Your cost can also vary depending on which hair restoration procedure you choose. We offer both Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transfer. The FUE method tends to be more expensive because it uses an individual follicular unit removal. However, patients must also take into consideration that the FUE method using NeoGraft does not leave linear scarring. A permanent hair transplant procedure can range from $4000 to $20,000 in cost, depending on your individual needs and preferences.

At Kalos Hair Transplant, we work hard to ensure you get the most value for your investment. We respect your budget needs and your desire to have a healthy, full head of hair sooner rather than later. Therefore, our office team can work with you to find easy, affordable payment options or financing plans when needed.

To learn more about your hair transplant cost, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Stong of Kalos Hair Transplant in Atlanta.


Atlanta cost hair transplant

Hair transplants are a popular treatment for thinning and balding hair, but some patients are hesitant because of the cost.

Dr. Joseph Galitzin works with patients in the Atlanta, GA, area to provide sensible and affordable hair restoration solutions.

Learn how the Hair Restoration Institute of Georgia can help you.

The Average Cost of a Hair Transplant

When patients visit our hair loss clinic, their first questions typically involve the price of hair transplantation. Here is some general information about the cost of treatment.

General Price Range

The price of hair transplants can range from as low as $4,000 to as high as $20,000. During the consultation process, we can determine how much your hair grafts will cost.

Varies by Patient

Keep in mind that each patient is different, and that the transplant technique must be fully customized for optimal results. That's why the complimentary consultation is so crucial.

Get Your Price Quote

Save Money with Our Specials

We want as many people as possible to enjoy the many benefits of hair restoration. That is why we regularly offer discounts. Check out our latest deals to see how you can save money on hair transplants.

Payment and Financing Options


Hair transplantation is considered an elective procedure and is rarely covered by health insurance. However, coverage may be available for hair loss caused by an injury or illness. Check with your insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. Since hair transplant costs can pose a financial burden to households, we can discuss various payment options that will help you get FUE without placing excessive strain on your finances.

Financing Plans

If the upfront hair transplant cost is too much, we accept financing through CareCredit®. CareCredit breaks the total cost of treatment into affordable monthly installments. This allows you to experience the benefits of hair grafts.

FUE Hair Transplants Have a High Success Rate

Schedule a Free Consultation Speak with a Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Joseph Galitzin is a trusted hair restoration specialist who's built a reputation for excellence. He's changed the lives of many men and women who suffer from hair loss.

Thanks to ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration, hair transplants are much safer than ever before. The advanced technology helps surgeons harvest and place follicular grafts, minimizing the risk of human error while also achieving natural hair density and distribution.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact the Hair Restoration Institute of Georgia. Our Peachtree City practice serves patients from Newnan, the greater Atlanta area, and surrounding states. You can reach our clinic by phone at:

Call Us: (770) 487-2645

The Hair Restoration Institute of Georgia

Request a Free Consultation

"It was a very pleasant experience. The staff was helpful and informative. Everything was explained in detail before the procedure was performed. Thank you"Satisfied Patient

The True Costs of Getting a Hair Transplant

During the consultation process, we also go over the time and risks involved with the treatment process. These factors go beyond the price of hair transplantation and are important for patients to consider.

Recovery Time

Harvesting hair grafts and placing them requires time to recover. FUE patients can return to work after a day or two but need to avoid strenuous activities for one to two weeks so the grafts heal properly.

Post-Surgical Care

While recovering from the hair transplant, it's important to keep the donor area and the new grafts clean. Dr. Galitzin will go over cleaning instructions for the grafts and how to care for your scalp as it heals.

Side Effects

Swelling around the donor area and recipient sites are both common side effects following FUE hair transplantation. These minor side effects can be easily managed by following your aftercare instructions.

Potential Complications

Hair transplant patients face a risk of infection, scarring, and dissatisfaction with final results. Thanks to ARTAS and other measures, we minimize the risk of hair transplantation and ensure patient safety.

Working with You to Find the Right Hair Loss Treatment

"Had such a great experience! So personal and professional. Friendly and efficient."Satisfied Patient


What Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Unlike many chain hair restoration clinics, North Atlanta Hair Restoration has only one surgeon: Dr. Danyo. He is one of only 400 people in the world certified through the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Danyo performs every graft on every patient at our office. He has personally performed over 2 million graft excisions and placements and is one of the world’s foremost practitioners of Shave-less FUE.

This expert approach sets North Atlanta Hair Restoration apart. Our practice may be more expensive than the chains, but you can be sure your procedure will be done correctly the first time. Many of our clients come to us after less-than-satisfactory experiences at the hair restoration chains.

A hair transplant procedure is an investment, to be sure. However, many of our clients tell us they are pleasantly surprised by our prices. The cost we quote you is the cost you pay. We are a small, tight-knit team that treats each patient like family - we will never nickel-and-dime our patients, or attempt to up-sell you.


Now discussing:

Cost of Hair Restoration

Cost of Hair RestorationHair Restoration Goals

To determine your hair restoration goals, it’s best to start with a consultation with Dr. Charkawi. Learning about the physical causes of hair loss, the latest treatments available, and giving thought to your individual situation are all part of the decision-making process when it comes to hair restoration. The next logical question is, “How much does it cost?” Zach Charkawi, M.D. the founder of Men’s Health Atlanta, has invested a great deal of time and study in the area of hair restoration. He understands his patients’ feelings and works with them to form a short-term or long-term plan to achieve their hair restoration goals. Hair restoration can be done in stages, and Dr. Charkawi discusses treatment plan options and the financial aspects of the rejuvenation process in depth with his patients.

The Consultation

The first step in the hair restoration process is the consultation. The cost of a consultation is $150.00.  This consultation fee will be deducted from the total cost of the procedure when you move forward with the hair transplant procedure. We accept cash and all major credit cards for the consultation fee. At the consultation appointment, Dr. Charkawi will use several evaluation tools to determine the best course of action for addressing your hair loss:

  • A complete scalp examination including a microscopic evaluation of your hair
  • A thorough patient medical history
  • A full assessment of hair transplant options
  • A hair design and decision on the number of grafts needed for your transplant
  • Lab work or scalp biopsy in some patients*If there is a medical condition causing the hair loss, it must be treated before any hair restoration plan is undertaken.  If we don’t discover another medical condition causing hair loss, the most likely diagnosis is male-or female-pattern baldness.

Hair Implant Cost

Since each patient has a particular “look” or goal in mind, the cost of hair transplants varies. Once Dr. Charkawi has examined you and clearly understands your hair restoration goal, he can calculate the number of grafts needed to affect the change you want. This will allow Dr. Charkawi to give you a price figure that you can understand and trust. Prices for the FUT procedure typically average around $4 to $6 per graft for the STRIP method. The automated FUE method typically requires twice the amount of labor and time as compared to the linear STRIP method. Each graft costs $8. The surgical fee is increased according to the amount of time required to complete the procedure. A permanent hair transplant procedure can range from $5000 and up depending on the method you choose and the extent of your hair loss. A $1,000 deposit fee must be paid to schedule the procedure.  The deposit is completely refundable if you cancel 14 days prior to the date of surgery. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards for surgical fees.


Hair transplants are not typically covered by insurance. Therefore, we do not file insurance paperwork for our clients. However, you can check with your insurance carrier to see if any part of the procedure is covered.  We will prepare any documents that you require to submit an insurance claim.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

Make an appointment for a consultation to see what can be done about your hair loss. Dr. Charkawi is here for you with offices conveniently located in Johns Creek, GA. Individuals in Buford, Gainesville, Cumming, and Dunwoody are convenient to Dr. Charkawi’s clinic. Men’s Health Atlanta is open daily. If you feel bald is not beautiful, give him a call.


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