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I finally got around to rigging up a hoist. Very simple. Some of the hardware I had lying around, some of it I got in the hardware aisle at Lowes. Here's a list:

4 single axle swivel pulleys
2 single axle wall-mount pulleys
2 light-duty cargo straps
4 lag hooks
scrap lumber
boat trailer hand crank

I basically just made it look like the hoists available for purchase online, but instead of a come along for mechanical advantage I had a hand winch from an old boat trailer that I used instead. I pulled the Jeep in the garage, marked the corners of the hard top on the ceiling and found the closest joists. I lagged in a hook on each corner and hung a swivel pulley. Then I screwed in a wall-mount pulley next to the corners closest to the walls. This kept the rope from the front corners flush with the ceiling and allowed all four ropes to meet the winch at the same angle. Then I rigged up a scrap lumber contraption to allow the winch to sit far enough away from the wall to use the hand crank and I lagged it into a stud. Pulled the TJ in, lined it up, ran two cargo straps from corner to corner and tied the cargo strap hooks to the rope. Up she went, couldn't have been easier. Total time was about 3 hours.

Cost wise the hardware would set you back about $30 from Lowes... The hand crank winch can be had a marine store for somewhere around $50. If my hardtop ends up falling on my '77 Mercury I will come back and let everyone know what not to do.






JL JOURNAL : DIY Homemade Hardtop Hoist on a BUDGET

More than its weight, and it does weigh quite a bit, the biggest reason why most people never remove the hard top on their Jeep JL Wrangler is because of its big bulky size. Even if you could manage to remove it on your own, it’d be crazy awkward to handle and then there’s the question of, where do you put it once it’s off? If you’re lucky enough to live in a home that has a garage and one that’s big enough for you to park your Jeep in, hanging your hard top from the ceiling is gonna be your best bet. Unfortunately, most of the aftermarket hoist systems available today are pretty pricey. So, what do you do when you want to open up your Jeep but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Well, for about $25, you can make your own hard top hoist and this episode of the JL JOURNAL will show you how.

What You Will Need:
(6) Screw Eyes
2×4 – Wood
(4) Tie-Down Straps
Drill Bit
Screw Driver
Stud Finder
Tape Measure

I hope you find this video to be helpful and please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. 1995 f250 2wd leveling kit
  2. Fitness 4 u springfield mo
  3. Home depot extension cord

Introduction: Jeep Hardtop Hoist

Here are the materials I used to make a simple hoist for the hardtop on my jeep.

all from Lowes

4  20' bags of rope -  be sure to get strong enough rope to hold the weight of your hardtop but not too thick.

5 pulleys

5 wood screw hooks (sorry 2 are not in this picture.  I am working on getting a new picture)

4 tie down straps ( sorry these are not in this picture. You can see them on another picture holding up the hardtop.

1 hand crank boat hoist (this makes it all worth it.  I got it at Lowes for $40  Also not in this picture) 

Step 1:

Back into the garage with your jeep and measured the width of your hardtop.  Make sure if you were to raise the hardtop to the ceiling it would not hit your opened garage door.

Screw in the wood screw hooks into the ceiling of the garage about an inch wider than the width of the hardtop.  Make sure you hit a stud and penetrate deep into the wood.  Drywall will not hold up your hardtop!!!

Place a pulley on each hook.

Step 2:

Set another hook into the ceiling pretty much over the location were you will mount the hand crank hoist.   YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOUR HOOK SCREW HAS TAPPED INTO A STUD SECURELY.  You should be able to hang the entire weight of the hardtop from it.

 Run a separate rope thru each of the four pulleys to the single pulley above the hand crank hoist.

Step 3:

Here you can see the rope running down thru the hoist.



Step 4:

I connected four tie-down straps to the end of the ropes and then used their hooks to hook to the bottom of the hartop.

You should leave enough rope to be sure the hardtop can be lowered all the way to the ground.

Also you will have to play with getting the ropes to stay level when hoisting it up. 

Step 5:

I found that if i lowered it to the ground and pulled all the ropes tight thru the hand cranked hoist and then while hoisting it up twisted the four ropes together it went up level.

Just because I did this in my garage doesn't mean it won't fall on somebody or something when you build it!!!!!

I warned you, so don't try to sue me.

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Top diy hoist jeep

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DIY Jeep Hard Top Hoist

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