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EZ SPA® is a water care program that combines simplicity and incredible water quality in a once-a-week application. This specially blended formula manages spa water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day.

EZ SPA TOTAL CARE® contains a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale and stain inhibitor, water conditioner, and balancers (pH, TA and CH) to keep spa water clean, clear and trouble free. Spa water treated with EZ SPA TOTAL CARE® is odor and foam free. The concentrated formula creates a PROACTIVE water care program that PREVENTS problems instead of treating them on a REACTIVE basis after they occur. EZ SPA® is compatible with ozone and mineral purifiers as well as traditional sanitizers and balancers.

Convenient and easy to use – just once-a-week
Superior water quality with less chemicals and testing
Formulated for use with chlorine, bromine, salt, ozone and mineral purifiers

EZ SPA TOTAL CARE® is a proprietary, multi-function granular compound for spa water care. It combines a clarifying agent, stable oxidizer, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, TA and CH) – all in the same bottle! Spa water treated with EZ SPA® remains scale free and foam free. The convenient, once-a-week application allows spa owners to spend more time enjoying the spa and less time troubleshooting and maintaining it. EZ SPA® is compatible with ozone and mineral purifiers as well as balancers and traditional sanitizers (chlorine and bromine).

Sours: https://hotspringspasofkc.com/water-care/ez-pool-spa/

EZ Spa EZSTC2 Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Preventative Chemical Treatment Blend for Hot Tubs and Spas, 2 Pounds

EZ Spa EZSTC2 Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Preventative Chemical Treatment Blend for Hot Tubs and Spas, 2 Pounds

EZ Spa

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Product Details

  • EASY CARE: Make sure your hot tub water is crystal clear and clean all summer long; Use weekly to keep your hot tub water ready for a dip at all times until the weather turns cold
  • 2 POUNDS TO GO AROUND: 2 pound blend of concentrated hot tub maintenance chemicals
  • FEWER CHEMICALS: Preventative design uses fewer chemicals to stop problems before they arise
  • UNIVERSAL BLEND: Designed for use with chlorine, bromine, salt, ozone, and mineral purifiers
Item Weight2 pounds ( kg)
ManufacturerEZ Spa
Item model numberEZSTC2


Size:1 Pack

Taking care of your hot tub has never been easier thanks to the EZ Spa Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Chemical Treatment Blend. This hot tub chemical balancer is designed to work as a preventative treatment. Start using it with each fresh fill of the water and reapply once a week. Algae, sediment, and bacteria won't find any foothold and your water will remain crystal clear. Total Care is a special blend of clarifyer, oxide, balancers, and more that prevents problems before they start. You'll use fewer chemicals that are less harsh, meaning there won't be any stinging of sensitive eyes. The spa water preventative care supply includes 2 pounds of Total Care, plenty to keep even the largest home hot tubs or spas ready for guests at all times. Make your life a little easier and let the EZ Spa Hot Tub Total Care Weekly Water Chemical Treatment Blend take total care of your hot tub. Note: This item cannot be shipped to California and will be cancelled/refunded if order is placed.

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EZ Spa Chemical Line

Taking care of spa water can be a difficult task for some. There are so many different chemicals and tasks that can become confusing over time. We are now offering new spa chemicals that are convenient and easy to use. EZ Spa is a water care program that combines simplicity and great water quality in a once-a-week application. This formula is specifically blended to manage spa water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day.

Ez Spa Total Care


  • Extends the life of fresh water while helping with TDS levels

  • Less need for filter cleaning

  • Likes high calcium levels (+) - attaches to the calcium for longer oxidation life

  • No floater needed

  • Compatible with high levels of CYA

How does it work?

Total Care is simple to use. Its concentrated formula oxidizes contaminants, conditions and clarifies, inhibits scale and foam, and maintains water balance. After the initial water balance, add EZ Spa just once a week with E-Z Boost for clean, clear spa water.

When to use it?

This is great for first time spa owners or customers looking for a simpler alternative to bromine or chlorine. You should add 1 oz per gallons as part of your weekly maintenance.

EZ Spa Start


  • Removes metals, phosphates, scaling carbonates and organic debris from fresh water

  • Works by making these organic materials heavier and easier for filters to grab

  • Treats water discoloration from fresh fills

  • Simple application and then quick filter rinse after 12 hours of circulation

  • Alternative to Leisure Time Metal Gon

How does it work?

When using at start-up, EZ Spa Start treats the source water by removing metals, phosphates, scaling carbonates and organic debris to keep the water clear and stain / scale free.

When to use it?

Use when you are filling your spa for the first time or doing a routine drain and fill. Use 1 oz per gallons and let it circulate for 12 hours. Then remove the spa filters and give them a quick rinse.

EZ Spa Boost


  • Acts as a weekly sanitizer when used with EZ Spa Total Care

  • Can be used after heavy bather use

  • Alternative to Rendezvous Activate

How does it work?

This fast-dissolving granular formula sanitizes and disinfects spa water and is part of the EZ Spa once-a-week water care program.

When to use it?

This is great for new spa owners or customers who are looking to switch to a simpler weekly maintenance program. You can add this once a week along with EZ Total Care. You should also add a dose after having lots of people in your hot tub in order to keep the water sanitized. Use 1 oz per gallons.

For more information you can visit: https://www.apiwater.com/products/spa/ez-spa/

Sours: https://www.angiespools.com/post/ez-spa-chemical-line
EZ Spa®

EZ Spa Total Care Complete Spa Maintenance - 1 lb.

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Spa total care ez

  • &#;Just wanted to thank you for a great product. After four weeks of trying several different products and also adding way to much chlorine, we can finally see the bottom of our pool. Added Revive! at 6PM last night, by the time we went to bed, we could notice a difference and when I got up this morning everything had settled to the bottom. Used the vacuum for about an hour this morning and were swimming this afternoon. Will probably have to vacuum once more, but so glad this product was recommended to us.&#;

    &#; Donna, Ohio

  • &#;Easy, simple, worry free…these all describe how my pool maintenance has been since I started using EZ POOL! I have a big pool and it is not a big job with E-Z POOL, just once a week. Once the pool is open and clear in the spring, I just have Caryl’s experts test my pool sample once a week to make sure the balancing chemicals and pH are good. Algaecides are not needed. Brush, brush, brush, as Caryl recommends and my pool is beautiful all summer! Also, it is gentle to the skin and does not effect your hair color. I highly recommend E-Z POOL!&#;

    &#; Trish, Greensboro, NC

  • “I have used the EZ Spa now for four years. It is the best spa treatment I have ever used. It makes the water feel really soft and refreshing. I use it once a week and forget it. My spa stays crystal clear. I love this stuff. Not to mention when you use EZ Spa you don’t have to buy so many other chemicals. I also noticed that EZ Spa is extremely gentle on the skin. I can’t say enough about how good this stuff is. Try it, you’ll love it!”

    &#; Terri G., NJ

Sours: https://www.apiwater.com/products/spa/ez-spa/
Spa eXact® EZ Photometer (#486202) Easy \u0026 Accurate Hot Tub Water Testing!

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