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As of October 22, 2021 there are 18 apartments available for rent in New Bern, NC.

What is the average rent for a studio in New Bern, NC?

The average rent for a studio in New Bern, NC is $425.

For detailed rental price information, check out our New Bern, NC rental data.

What is the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC?

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC is $725.

For detailed rental price information, check out our New Bern, NC rental data.

What is the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC?

The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC is $838.

For detailed rental price information, check out our New Bern, NC rental data.

What is the average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC?

The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC is $1,475.

For detailed rental price information, check out our New Bern, NC rental data.

What is the average rent for a 4-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC?

The average rent for a 4-bedroom apartment in New Bern, NC is $1,900.

For detailed rental price information, check out our New Bern, NC rental data.

How much do you need to earn to live in New Bern, NC?

Based on average rent prices in New Bern, NC, for a studio you would need a yearly salary of $17,000 to live comfortably.

Use our affordability calculator to search for New Bern, NC and learn more.

The most popular neighborhood in New Bern is Downtown New Bern where we have 6 listings. Next is Taberna, where we have 1 listings, followed by Five Points with 0 places.

How can I tour apartments in New Bern, NC virtually during Covid19 & social distancing?

For the cheapest apartments in New Bern, NC we recommend using our cheap filter. You can also filter by price: Under $240, Under $440, Under $740

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134 Apartments for rent in New Bern, NC

New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, so if you're a Coca Cola fan... take a hike!

A New Bern resident himself, Nicholas Sparks used this town as the setting of his novel The Notebook. In eastern North Carolina along the state's Inner Banks, New Bern sits on the spot where the Trent and Neuse rivers meet. Originally a Native American community, it was settled in the early 1700s by Swiss immigrants who named the town after the Swiss capital of Bern. The second-oldest North Carolina town, it briefly served as the state's capital in the founding years when the capital rotated among many of the cities. Tryon Palace was the state capitol building during this time. While it burned down in the 1790s, an exact replica was built at the same location, and it's now a popular tourist attraction and historic site. Early on in the Civil War, the Battle of New Bern was fought, with the town being under Union control until the end of the war. Today, the city has a population of about 30,000.

Moving to New Bern

Many of the historic homes are situated close to the waterfront, with more than 150 homes on the National Register of Historic Places. The downtown area is made up of several walkable historic districts, with plenty of crape myrtle bushes--the city's official flower--and mini parks, pedestrian areas and quaint shops. New Bern is a popular spot for retirees and home to lots of Northern transplants. So if you don't like a Long Island accent or can't live without a 3am rave, you might not enjoy New Bern that much.

Neighborhoods in New Bern

Like much of the South, there's really not a distinct area of town you can categorize as bad. In New Bern, sometimes the best spots are one street away from the worst. Try to visit areas you're interested in at different times of the day to get a better feel for how the neighborhood really is.

James City: There are no waterfront properties here. This newer area on the south side of town is known for its large homes on larger lots, but you can find a few rentals if you look hard enough. If you're looking for a convenient spot close to, well, anything, you may want to look to the north or west.

Fairfield Harbour: On the northeast side of town across the Neuse River, you have waterfront property, plenty of space and plenty of rental homes. The drawbacks? There aren't a lot of apartment complexes, and it has higher rents than other areas.

Rhems: The southwest corner of New Bern is a popular spot for rentals, including townhomes, apartments and homes. Trendy (and expensive) gated community Trent Woods is just south of Rhems, so you can enjoy the upscale grocery stores and nice roads without having to sell your first-born to afford it.

Downtown Historic District: The Persimmons Waterfront, with its grand historic homes and picturesque streets, is the selling point for this 'burb. Rental prices here are hit-or-miss, as is the space you'll be renting. You might hit it out of the park (and pay through the nose) for a rehabbed loft, or save serious money and score a serious fixer-upper.

Living in New Bern

Because of the pleasant (yet humid) subtropical climate and the waterfront areas, most of New Bern's social life revolves around outdoor activities, especially those on the water such as fishing and boating. Yes, summers tend to be hot and humid (there's that word again), and July temperatures regularly reach the high 80s, but spring, fall and especially winter tend to be much milder here. Summer afternoon thunderstorms happen almost daily, and you can easily separate the locals from newcomers by how they handle this weather (Hint: it doesn't storm for long, so there's really no need to cancel all your plans for the day because of a little rain.).

You can be at the beach in less than an hour and to the state capital of Raleigh in about two hours. New Bern has some of the highest gas prices in the area, so try to drive slightly out of town to fill up.

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Pre-application process open for Carolina Ave. Apartments

An artist's rendering shows units at the planned Carolina Avenue Apartments affordable housing complex in New Bern. Construction on the $13 million project is underway, with the first buildings anticipated to be ready by October.

Construction of a new affordable housing complex on Carolina Avenue is progressing on schedule and is set to be completed in October, according to Tharesa Lee, interim executive director of the New Bern Housing Authority. 

Lee said construction crews are currently installing foundation slabs and plumbing for the Carolina Avenue Apartments project.

“It’s going really good. In 43 days we’ve only had 3.83 inches of rain and for eastern North Carolina that’s pretty good, so we’ve been able to get a lot of work in. It takes a while to build a complex of this magnitude,” said Lee. 

A groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held on October 23, 2020. The $13 million, 84-unit affordable apartment complex is located southwest of downtown New Bern at 801 Carolina Avenue. The apartments will serve residents who earn up to 60% of area median income with some units reserved for those at 30% of the median income.

The proposed rents are projected to be from $283 to $580 a month for a one-bedroom apartment, $328 to $680 a month for a two-bedroom, and $370 to $770 a month for a three-bedroom. 

More:PHOTOS: Carolina Avenue Apartments - Breaking Ground

The project dates back to October 2018, when the Housing Authority told the New Bern Board of Aldermen that it was moving forward with a plan to purchase property and offered the city $200,000 for the 8-acres of city-owned land. The move was given extra urgency because of Hurricane Florence, which caused significant damage and loss of housing in the New Bern area.

In Trent Court, a total of 108 of the housing complex’s 218 units were damaged and the 12 buildings in which those units were located were permanently closed and recommended for demolition. Current Trent Court residents as well as those that required relocation due to the flood will be given priority consideration during the initial Carolina Avenue Apartments lease-up phase. Housing Authority staff will also assist any Trent Court residents with interest in the new apartments. Lee said there are currently 228 residents living in the 110 units remaining at Trent Court.

“We’re looking at preparing the residents for the change, because it’s coming,” said Lee. “We’re going to be doing some financial wellness classes to help people prepare for that.”

An angel statue sits with other items rescued from an apartment at Trent Court in New Bern following Hurricane Florence in September 2018. [TODD WETHERINGTON / SUN JOURNAL STAFF]

Though they will receive a “first come” preference, Lee stressed that current residents of Trent Court will not be automatically transferred to Carolina Avenue. The residents will be required to apply during the initial lease process. Because the property utilizes the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program all paperwork must be completed within a 120-day window of move in. There will be an application fee of $11 per adult as well as criminal and credit background checks. 

Lee said the property is currently accepting pre-application information for apartments. Individuals interested in leasing information can call (919) 878-0522 ext. 265.

Carolina Avenue Apartments will be managed by Raleigh-based Excel Property Management through a site manager and maintenance staff. Residents will have access to onsite amenities including a community building with a computer room, an exercise room, a laundry room, office space for management staff, playground and a covered picnic area.

According to Lee, plans for the demolition of the condemned Trent Court buildings have been slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We’re almost there but I would say we’re anywhere between nine and 15 months away,” said Lee. “I think we would be much, much closer if COVID hadn’t slowed it down.” 

The Carolina Avenue project is part of New Bern’s Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI), a renovation effort that encompasses the greater Five Points area and includes a plan to renovate the Trent Court area. The CNI plan calls for the creation of a new Trent Court that would complement the surrounding historic district and include mixed income housing and possibly retail outlets. 

Lee said those plans are still in the preliminary stages.

“They are still looking at all of the possibilities. There’s a lot of ideas so what you’ll see in the plan will be mixed-use, multi-family walkup townhouses, all of those things. But the river’s not going anywhere, so we would have to do it totally differently.”

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Queens Court New Bern NC. Two Bedroom apartments in a quiet, residential community

25 Cheap Apartments for rent in New Bern, NC

Finding cheap apartments in New Bern takes some ingenuity and effort, as well as quick action. Before you head out on your search, bring along pay stubs, bank statements, letters of recommendations from landlords or employers, and identification. The more proactive you are about your search, the easier it will be to score a deal.

Look for cheap apartments in New Bern by regularly scouring listings and looking during slower renting seasons, like winter. You can still find a deal if you move during the summer months when apartment hunting is more competitive.

You may be able to find cheap apartments in New Bern in neighborhoods that are located away from attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. You may need to look farther out than you would prefer, but access to highways or public transportation can get you into the heart of New Bern.

The building you choose can also make a difference in finding a cheap apartment in New Bern. Older buildings that need some updating are more likely to have better deals. Walk-up apartments without elevators, on-street parking and few amenities like on-site fitness centers can also signal affordable rents in New Bern.


Apartments nc cheap new bern

Apartments For Rent in New Bern, NC

New Bern Guide

What's it like to live in New Bern?

New Bern is very quiet overall, as the streets tend to be very tranquil.

What kinds of homes are available in New Bern?

Single detached homes are the predominant housing type, representing the majority of buildings in New Bern, while mobile homes are also present in the housing stock. This municipality also has quite a good selection of housing sizes; this municipality is notable for those looking for three bedroom homes. Roughly two thirds of the properties in the municipality are occupied by homeowners while the remainder are rented. The median year of construction for buildings in this municipality is 1987.

What are the schools, restaurants and shopping like in New Bern?

High schools and primary schools are not plentiful in New Bern, and consequently not always within walking distance. Residents benefit from public and private schools at both the elementary and high school level. With respect to food, a vehicle is generally needed in this municipality to access one of over 50 supermarkets.

What are the best ways to get around in New Bern?

The favored method of transportation in New Bern is usually driving. It is especially convenient to find a parking spot. Walking is not very practical for renters in New Bern since running common errands is inconvenient.

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