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If you’re running your own business or just working from home regularly, setting up an office can really help to keep you organised, active and professional. If you’ve got room, it’s always a good idea to keep your work life and your domestic life separate, and furniture has a role to play in that too.

Take your bookcase, for example. You might have a bookcase in the living room with all your novels, travel books and other entertaining reads on them, but where do you keep all your work-related books and magazines? If you’re serious about maintaining a good work-life balance, keeping all your work books in their own bookcase will be a real help. From an organisational point of view, it can really help, but also it can help psychologically – you’re more able to switch off when your two lives are separated.

At Dunelm, we have a superb collection of bookcases, from small desktop ones to full-size bookcases and corner units for those who need a lot of reading matter in their work lives. They’re all designed to be smart and accessible, and have shelves to accommodate the whole range of book sizes.

The style of the bookcase will be determined by the style of your office, so we stock the complete range, from strictly business to homely and warm. After all, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating a whole room to their office – many home-workers just work from a particular corner of the room or from the couch, so having a style of office furniture that’s consistent with the rest of the decor in the room is vital.

If you do have a dedicated office, the rules might be a little different, as you can choose a bookcase that’s a little more pared-down, perhaps a budget bookcase, as you’ll spend most of your time on the computer or paperwork, and are probably trying to keep costs down. That’s not everyone’s idea of an office, of course – if you want to push the boat out and have a really slick office with modern boutique styling, we’ve got plenty of gorgeous office bookcases to choose from.

If you’re running the type of business where you regularly have clients round to discuss projects, it really pays to show them that you’re dedicated to the job, not just running a sideline – and a bookcase stuffed with professional books and business literature really helps convince them that you mean business.



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Education and knowledge, books and stationery Books and stationery sketches, education and knowledge. Vector scheme, draft and book, check list and textbooks, palette and pencil, shelf and laptop, brush and rulers, scissors divider, protractor black and white bookcase stock illustrations
Room over Temple Bar, gateway to City of London (illustration) "Scanned directly from 'Old and New London - Its History, its people and its places', published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. Illustration of room over Temple Bar, London. Temple Bar is the only surviving gateway to the City of London, where it once stood at the junction where the Strand meets Fleet Street for more than years. A bar is first mentioned here in , at which time it was probably no more than a chain (or bar) between wooden posts. Due to its vicinity to the Temple, an area where the guilds of lawyers organised into what would become the Inns of Court in an area that is now considered aLegal Londonai, it was commonly referred to as Temple Bar. A little over a century later however, this was replaced by a handsome gateway, which was built from timber and had the addition of a prison above it." black and white bookcase stock illustrations
Collection of books. Hardcover books in a stack, open book, top view book in sketch style. Textbooks, literature, education, study. Black-white vector illustration. Hand drawn and isolated on white. Collection of books. Hardcover books in a stack, open book, top view book in sketch style. Textbooks, literature, education, study. Black-white vector illustration. Hand drawn and isolated on white black and white bookcase stock illustrations
Literary genres - line design style icons set Literary genres - line design style icons set. Bookstore, reading, library content. Detective, biography, science fiction and nonfiction, books for children, graphic novel, fantasy, adventure, romance black and white bookcase stock illustrations
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Ana White Kentwood Bookcase Build

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DIY BOOKSHELF MAKEOVER - Painting Laminate Furniture - Bookshelf Makeover - My Experience

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