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JAG season 6 episode 10

JAG - S06E10 - Touch and Go

Touch and Go

Harm's former partner Kate Pike is considering transferring back to the JAG office. It becomes complicated when a former CO of Kate is being considered as the new Inspector General and Kate confides to Harm that he made unwanted sexual advances to her when she worked for him. Lt. Singer appears at the door during Kate's conversation and soon afterward, the affair is reported by the Washington media, although Harm suspects Lt. Singer as the source, she denies she overheard anything. Eventually, Kate decides that Washington is just not the place to work and decides to turn down the Admiral's job offer.
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Episode 1


Tue, Oct 3, 60 mins

The Russians ask Harm (David James Elliott) to consult on reforming their military-justice system. Meanwhile, Mac and Roberts' court case takes a deadly turn. Part 1 of two. Cecil Flowers: James O'Sullivan. Dmitri Lazarenko: Nick Baybak. Lt. Col Sarah MacKenzie: Catherine Bell. Adm. A.J. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Lt. Bud Roberts: Patrick Laborteaux. Lt. JG Harriet Sims: Karri Turner.

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Episode 2


Tue, Oct 10, 60 mins

Conclusion. Sergei Zhukov (Jade Carter) startles Harm with a secret that takes on special significance when Krylov has Zhukov arrested for the crimes he committed. Meanwhile, Mac tries to get to Harm before the Russian president is assassinated. Gen. Krylov: Raymond O'Keefe. Capt. Volkonov: Alexander Kuznetsov. Mark Falcon: Rex Linn. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 3

Florida Straits

Tue, Oct 17, 60 mins

Harm is called to board a U.S. ship where the commander has rescued a girl trying to reach Miami, but the Cuban government demands that she be brought back to Cuba. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Laborteaux. Adm. Chegwidden: John J. Jackson. Mac: Catherine Bell. Lt. Brumby: Trevor Goddard.

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Episode 4

Flight Risk

Tue, Oct 24, 60 mins

Harm prosecutes a man responsible for F upgrades in which negligence led to two deaths, but the agendas of two Congressional opponents stand in his way. Brumby: Trevor Goddard. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 5


Tue, Oct 31, 60 mins

Mac prosecutes an ensign (Hayley DuMond) accused of killing her husband's lover. It's a televised court-martialand the defense attorney is Mac's former teacher (Tina Lifford). Elsewhere, Harm investigates a petty officer's supposed suicide. Lt. JG Andy Kingsley: Christopher Daniel Barnes. Misty James: Sofia Karstens. Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 6

The Princess and the Petty Officer

Tue, Nov 14, 60 mins

Mac and Harm have their hands full with the case of a Navy petty officer (Bailey Chase) who illegally smuggled an Arab princess (Kamala Lopez-Dawson) into the U.S. and married her. Rudy Boesch of "Survivor" has a cameo. Yousif Al-Mutawaf: Duke Moosekian. Adm. A.J. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Lt. Bud Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 7

A Separate Peace

Tue, Nov 21, 60 mins

Part 1 of 2. A high-profile admiral (Terry O'Quinn)who's an old friend of Harm's dadis accused of taking part in a civilian massacre in Vietnam, and Harm and Mac are given four days to investigate. Clayton Webb: Steven Culp. Younger Lt. Boone: Darin Cooper. Congresswoman Bobbi Latham: Anne-Marie Johnson. Lt. Bud Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 8

A Separate Peace

Tue, Nov 28, 60 mins

Conclusion. The court-martial of Adm. Boone (Terry O'Quinn) for war crimes begins, with Mac prosecuting, and Harm defending and asking Boone to take the stand to tell his story. Meanwhile, Bud and Harriet deal in different ways with their grief. Clayton Webb: Steven Culp. Young Boone: Darin Cooper. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 9

Family Secrets

Tue, Dec 12, 60 mins

Bud sues Harriet's obstetrician (Laurence Lau), but, in his vengeful pursuit, he neglects to consider what the trial will do to Harriet; Harm considers resigning when he's denied leave to search for his missing brother. Trish: Christina Pickles. Renee Peterson: Cindy Ambuehl. Mic Bumbry: Trevor Goddard.

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Episode 10

Touch and Go

Tue, Jan 9, 60 mins

When a former colleague (Andrea Parker) tells Harm about an Admiral's sexual misconduct, and the newspapers report it, Harm suspects Lt. Singer (Nanci Chambers) overheard the conversation and leaked the story. Adm. Hollenbeck: Ray Baker. Cpl. Antoon: Jolene Blalock. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 11

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Tue, Jan 16, 60 mins

Harm tries to keep a staff sergeant from going to jail on the three-strikes rule by expunging what he beileves was an unfair conviction in a prior trial. Harm: David James Elliott. Mac: Catherine Bell. Lt. Bud Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Gunny: Randy Vasquez.

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Episode 12

Collision Course

Tue, Jan 30, 60 mins

When a U.S. ship collides with a Turkish ship during a NATO training exercise involving four countries, the U.S. commander is made the scapegoat, with Adm. Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) prosecuting and Mac and Harm defending. Secnav: Paul Collins. Mac: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 13


Tue, Feb 6, 60 mins

Harm defends a Marine sergeant (Gerald McRaney) who's accused of the attempted murder of his wife. His only hope of acquittal involves persuading the jury that his prayer to a dead chaplain led him to his stricken wife. Father O'Rourke: James Patrick Stuart. Det. Carlton: Michael Whaley. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 14

Killer Instinct

Tue, Feb 13, 60 mins

Harm and Lt. Roberts prosecute an officer they believe murdered an inept shipmate, but when vital evidence is suppressed, they need to find alternate means to bring the truth to light. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson. Mac: Catherine Bell. Mic: Trevor Goddard.

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Episode 15

Iron Coffin

Tue, Feb 20, 60 mins

When a Russian submarine is destroyed, the Russians accuse the U.S. Submarine Service of wrongdoing, and Harm's friendship with Capt. Volkonov puts him in the middle of the battle. Congresswoman Latham: Anne-Marie Johnson. Mac: Catherine Bell. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux.

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Episode 16

Retreat, Hell

Tue, Feb 27, 60 mins

Gunny asks to go to New Mexico to bring in Pvt. Rafael Rivera (Hector Elias), a Korean War hero accused of desertion, and the lives of both men are threatened by local authorities. Young Pvt. Rivera: Ricki Lopez. Col. Jack Hazard: Jack Knight. Lucy Galindez: Wanda Acuna. Mic Brumby: Trevor Goddard. Gunny: Randy Vasquez.

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Episode 17


Tue, Mar 13, 60 mins

When a Marine officer, presumed to be a hostage of terrorists from Bahrain, is found on a vessel that nearly destroyed a U.S. warship, it is suspected that she was helping her captors. Harm: David James Elliott. Mac: Catherine Bell. Mic: Trevor Goddard.

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Episode 18


Tue, Mar 27, 60 mins

Harm and Roberts are the defense team when Roberts' brother, a petty officer, is accused of murdering a Mexican in a barroom brawl. The trial proves to be an unsettling family reunion when the Robertses' father shows up. Harm: David James Elliott. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 19


Tue, Apr 10, 60 mins

A prisoner (Gerald McRaney) whom Harm once defended needs Harm's help again when his prints are found on a knife used in a stabbing. Det. Carlton: Michael Whaley. Father O'Rourke: James Patrick Stuart. Harm: David James Elliott.

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Episode 20

To Walk on Wings

Tue, Apr 24, 60 mins

When the testing of an Osprey has a mishap with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham (Anne-Marie Johnson) on board, she tries to shut down the project by claiming that the pilot overwrote data that proved it was mechanical failure. Mac: Catherine Bell. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 21

Past Tense

Tue, May 1, 60 mins

When Lt. Cmdr. Jordan Parker, an old flame of Harm's, is murdered, Harm experiences emotional ups and downs as a grieving friend, a suspect and, eventually, the investigator of the crime. Mac: Catherine Bell. Lt. Roberts: Patrick Labyorteaux. Adm. Chegwidden: John M. Jackson.

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Episode 22


Tue, May 8, 60 mins

At Mac and Mic's engagement party, Mac and Harm discuss their relationship (which is recalled through flashbacks) and finally say things that have gone unsaid for too long. As they share remembrances on the porch, Mac pushes Harm to let down his guard, and what follows takes them both by surprise. Renee: Cindy Ambuehl. Mic: Trevor Goddard. Lt. Singer: Nanci Chambers. Gunny: Randy Vasquez.

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Episode 23


Tue, May 15, 60 mins

As Mac preps a lecture on the 19th-century Naval court-martial trial of a commander who hanged officers he suspected of mutiny, the actual case is recalled through flashbacks. Mic/Cmdr. MacKenzie: Trevor Goddard. Adm. Chegwidden/Cmdr. Norris: John M. Jackson. Mac/Kate MacKenzie: Catherine Bell.

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Episode 24


Tue, May 22, 60 mins

Harm's deployed to a carrier on the weekend of Mac's wedding, leaving Mac unable to deny her growing romantic feelings for him, especially when startling news arrives about his attempt to travel through a storm to get to the ceremony on time. Skates: Sibel Ergener. Capt. Ingles: Gary Graham. Chloe: Mae Whitman. Mic: Trevor Goddard. Renee Peterson: Cindy Ambuehl.

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Sours: https://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/jag/episodes-season-6//
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Touch and Go
JAG Season 6

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Episode Info

An admiral's past improper sexual conduct hits the newspapers, and Harm suspects Lt. Singer of leaking the story to promote her own career.

  • Genres:

    Crime, Action, Drama, Adventure, Other

  • Network:


  • Air Date:

    Jan 9,

  • Directed By:

    James Whitmore Jr.

  • Written By:

    Dana Coen

Touch and Go Photos

Sours: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/jag/s06/e10
JAG Clip: “We’re getting too good at saying goodbye”
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  • Cdr. Caitlin "Kate" Pike, one of Harm's former JAG partners, arrives for temporary additional duty (TAD) at the JAG headquarters. A two-star admiral receives orders to take over as the inspector general (IG) of the Navy. However, an old incident causes talk in the office, which becomes overheard and then leaked to a newspaper. The ensuing publicity forces a preliminary hearing to determine whether the matter should go to trial. RAdm. Chegwidden appoints Harm to prosecute and Mac to defend. The accused presents a plausible explanation, which appears to be consistent with his record. Mic wonders aloud whether he has done something wrong, and Mac offers advice to Kate. Some good news arrives from Clayton Webb. Meanwhile, Bud represents an attractive woman corporal in the Marine Corps who has a tattoo in a private place, and who wants to become a commissioned officer. —DocRushing

    criminal justice

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    Sours: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt/

    6 episode 10 jag season

    JAG (season 6)

    Season of television series

    StarringDavid James Elliott
    Catherine Bell
    Patrick Labyorteaux
    John M. Jackson
    Karri Turner
    Trevor Goddard
    Chuck Carrington
    Randy Vasquez
    Country of originUnited States
    No. of episodes24
    Original networkCBS
    Original releaseOctober 3, &#;()&#;–
    May 22, &#;()

    Season 5

    Season 7

    List of episodes

    The sixth season of JAG premiered on CBS on October 3, , and concluded on May 22, The season, starring David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, was produced by Belisarius Productions in association with Paramount Television.


    Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) and Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr. (David James Elliott) are lawyers assigned to the Headquarters of the Judge Advocate General, an office in the Department of the Navy tasked with prosecuting and defending criminal cases under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Harm and Mac investigate numerous occurrences, including espionage ("Legacy"), stowaways ("Florida Straits"), aircraft malfunctions ("Flight Risk"), breaches of religious law ("The Princess and the Petty Officer"), war crimes from the Vietnam War ("A Separate Peace"), and NATO collisions ("Collision Course"). Also this season, Bud (Patrick Labyorteaux) blames a Navy doctor for the death of his daughter ("Family Secrets"), Commander Caitlin Pike (Andrea Parker) returns to JAG HQ ("Touch and Go"), Admiral Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) heads a promotion board ("Baby, It's Cold Outside"), and Mic (Trevor Goddard) and Mac become engaged ("Lifeline"). Also, Harm becomes lost at sea ("Adrift"), Harriet is promoted to Lieutenant ("Lifeline"), and Mac prepares to give a historical lecture at the United States Naval Academy ("Mutiny").


    The real Judge Advocate General of the Navy at the time, Rear Admiral Donald J. Guter, visited the set during the production of episode eighteen, titled "Liberty".

    Also this season, JAG filmed scenes at the Marine training facility Camp Pendleton, as "under an agreement with the Marine Corps, the show's producers get access to troops, combat equipment and military training in exchange for the service's approval of the scripts".[1] Donald P. Bellisario credits the military as being particularly supportive,[1] while series star Catherine Bell opined that JAG had become "the little show that could. It keeps going and growing".[2]

    Cast and characters[edit]


    Also starring[edit]


    • Terry O'Quinn as Thomas Boone, Rear Admiral, "CAG"
    • Paul Collins as Alexander Nelson, Secretary of the Navy
    • Sibel Galindez as Elizabeth Hawkes, "Skates", Lieutenant
    • Steven Culp as Clayton Webb, CIA Agent
    • Nanci Chambers as Loren Singer, Lieutenant
    • Harrison Page as Stiles Morris, Rear Admiral
    • Claudette Nevins as Porter Webb, NSA Agent
    • Michael Bellisario as Michael Roberts, Midshipman
    • Anne-Marie Johnson as Roberta Latham, Congresswoman
    • Dana Sparks as Carolyn Imes, Commander
    • Rex Linn as Mark Falcon, KBG Agent
    • Mae Whitman as Chloe Maddison
    • Jennifer Savidge as Amy Helfman, Commander

    Guest appearances[edit]


    See also: List of JAG episodes

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    Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JAG_(season_6)
    JAG Clip: “We’re getting too good at saying goodbye”

    Touch and Go

  • Season 6 Overview

    Air Date: October 3,

  • S6:E Adrift (1)

    Air Date: May 22,

  • S6:E Mutiny

    Air Date: May 15,

  • S6:E Lifeline

    Air Date: May 8,

  • S6:E Past Tense

    Air Date: May 1,

  • S6:E To Walk on Wings

    Air Date: April 24,

  • S6:E Salvation

    Air Date: April 10,

  • S6:E Liberty

    Air Date: March 27,

  • S6:E Valor

    Air Date: March 13,

  • S6:E Retreat, Hell

    Air Date: February 27,

  • S6:E Iron Coffin

    Air Date: February 20,

  • S6:E Killer Instinct

    Air Date: February 13,

  • S6:E Miracles

    Air Date: February 6,

  • S6:E Collision Course

    Air Date: January 30,

  • S6:E Baby, It's Cold Outside

    Air Date: January 16,

  • S6:E Touch and Go

    Air Date: January 9,

  • S6:E9. Family Secrets

    Air Date: December 12,

  • S6:E8. A Separate Peace (2)

    Air Date: November 28,

  • S6:E7. A Separate Peace (1)

    Air Date: November 21,

  • S6:E6. The Princess and the Petty Officer

    Air Date: November 14,

  • S6:E5. JAG TV

    Air Date: October 31,

  • S6:E4. Flight Risk

    Air Date: October 24,

  • S6:E3. Florida Straits

    Air Date: October 17,

  • S6:E2. Legacy (2)

    Air Date: October 10,

  • S6:E1. Legacy (1)

    Air Date: October 3,

  • Sours: https://www.metacritic.com/tv/jag/season-6/episodetouch-and-go

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