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Destiny 2: Which Class Should I Play First?

By Charles BurgarUpdated


Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans each have a place in Destiny 2. Which class should you play first?

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Choosing a class to play can be hard in any video game. Before you can experience the game's combat loop, most games force you to pick how you'd like to specialize your character. Destiny 2 is no exception to this.

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Guardians can choose between one of three classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. All three classes provide unique abilities, Supers, and Exotic armor for the player to use. All three of them excel in certain aspects and, when played well, can shine in the game's toughest environments. While you can make one of each class in Destiny 2, you'll still need to decide which class to play first.

Updated October 14th, , by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2 is revving up for some massive changes in Year 5. The Witch Queen expansion will begin to overhaul each of the Light subclasses to match the versatility of Stasis, a subclass introduced in the Beyond Light expansion. We've updated this article to cover the core roles and playstyles of each class, giving you a clearer idea as to what each class plays like. We'll be updating this guide throughout Year 5 to cover the Light subclass reworks as Bungie releases them.

Why You Should Play Hunter

Hunters are Destiny 2's most played class, having twice the number of players as Warlocks and Titans. They are known for their agility, endless utility, and fashionable capes. Your abilities focus on aggression and utility. Throw a smoke bomb at your feet to turn invisible, throw an explosive knife that acts as a mine, or even punch an enemy so hard they turn into stardust. Hunters have a little bit of everything, although they aren't able to support their team as well as Warlocks or Titans.

Subclass Breakdown








  • You're a space cowboy, chaining headshots or throwing a fan of knives to down targets.
  • Use your Arc Staff or fists to melee everything to death.
  • Support your team by debuffing enemies while turning yourself invisible.
  • Become an ice ninja, slowing targets with shurikens and grenades.


In PvE, Hunters are fantastic for soloing content due to their wide range of abilities. Their damage potential is great, but it pales in comparison to a Hunter's utility and Supers. Arcstriders have ways to force healing or ability regeneration, Nightstalkers can suppress enemies and make themselves invisible, and Revenants can slow down the action whenever necessary.

Only the Gunslinger subclass is solely focused on outputting a ton of burst damage, something it does well against bosses. Don't pick Hunters if you want to support your team, however, as Hunters don't provide any team-wide healing or damage buffs in any subclass spec. They're considered lone wolves for a reason.


As for the Crucible, Hunters morph into a league of their own. Thanks to Stasis and the ST0MP-EE5 Exotic boots, Hunters have a degree of agility that no class can match. They might not match the sheer speed of a Dawnblade Warlock of a Behemoth Titan, yet Revenant Hunters can dominate on the ground or in the air with equal proficiency. Glacier Grenades and the Shatterdive Aspect make Hunters a force to be reckoned with.

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Excluding Stasis, Nightstalker and Arcstrider Hunters have an excellent amount of utility baked into their respective kits. Nightstalkers can see through walls and turn invisible, while Arcstriders have a fantastic neutral game.

Why You Should Play Hunter

Overall, Hunters are best suited for Guardians that want as many tools at their disposal as possible. You might not have the other two classes' support capabilities, but Hunters more than make up for that with style and grace. If you are mostly a solo player on the fence about which class to play, give the Hunter a try. They have almost everything you need to solo Destiny 2's hardest content.


  • Unmatched utility
  • Agile
  • Can easily solo content


  • The only class that lacks support buffs
  • They're the most popular class, making them less desired for certain groups
  • Hard to gear (requires Mobility, Recovery, and either Discipline or Intellect)

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Why You Should Play Warlock

Despite what the name implies, Warlocks are not spell-slinging whirlwinds of destruction in Destiny 2. This class still relies on firearms as Hunters and Titans do. However, Warlocks make up for this with their excellent neutral game. Warlocks focus on improving Destiny 2's core gameplay loop instead of replacing it altogether, a massive deviation from how most spellcasters are treated in other ARPGs and MMOs.

Subclass Breakdown








  • Top & Bottom Trees: Use your Solar abilities to disintegrate targets, using your advanced mobility to close the gap.
  • Middle Tree: Become a guardian angel that heals allies and buffs their damage.
  • Use the power of lightning to disintegrate hordes of enemies.
  • Twist yourself with the Void, granting powerful grenades or the ability to heal after every kill.
  • Keep enemies frozen with ice turrets, rifts, and your ice staff.


Warlocks are the only class in the game that can regain all of their health on kill or float in the air for nearly a minute. Warlocks are a blessing in any PvE activity, mostly thanks to the Attunement of Grace spec for the Dawnblade subclass. This subclass lets players heal allies, buff their damage, and allow Warlocks to create a Well of Radiance that is nigh-impossible to die in.

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Should you decide to play solo, Warlocks also have the ability to throw overcharged Void grenades that deal obscene damage. Alternatively, you could become nearly invincible by using Attunement of Hunger from the Voidwalker subclass, granting all of your health back after killing someone. A few builds can make Warlocks ability-slinging wizards that the class suggests, but don't expect this behavior when starting out. What you can expect is a magic-infused killing machine that never backs out of a tough fight.


Few things are as terrifying as a good Warlock inside the Crucible. The Dawnblade's Attunement of Sky subclass offers a degree of movement more reminiscent of classic arena shooters than a modern-day FPS. Chaining glides together while Icarus Dashing never gets old, allowing you to traverse maps faster than the competition. An excellent array of Exotics also gives Warlocks solid utility buffs such as reloading while sprinting or better Blink teleports. From Quickplay to Trials of Osiris, Warlocks seldom disappoint.

Why You Should Play Warlock

Ultimately, do you want to focus more on Destiny's Light and Dark magic? If so, Warlocks are by far the best choice. They can buff teammates, freeze enemies in place, or throw dozens of grenades out with the right gear. Mastering this class is a tall order for some, but the payoff is more than worth it. Few things are as terrifying as a skilled Warlock player, both in PvE and PvP.



  • Lackluster PvE DPS Supers
  • Little utility
  • High PvP learning curve

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Why You Should Play Titan

No class can stand their ground quite like a Titan. When combat gets chaotic, Titans disrupt the enemy's plans with a well-placed Barricade or melee ability. If the opposition is timid, Titans can utterly annihilate them with raw aggression. Titans are a flexible class that can suit any playstyle. They offer incredible buffs in PvE, powerful abilities in PvP, and can generate cover when gunfights go south.

Subclass Breakdown








  • Engulf the battlefield in flame through constant ability spam and Sunspots.
  • Turn your body into a weapon, disintegrating anything you touch.
  • Become the wall that separates the enemy from your team, granting your team buffs in the process.
  • Create and destroy Stasis crystals to freeze and shatter your foes.


Most Titan subclasses encourage Titans to get in the thick of combat. Nearly every Titan melee ability utilizes their body to strike targets, making them a high-risk, high-reward class. Certain subclass specs such as Code of the Defender and Code of the Siegebreaker can provide invaluable buffs. Defender Titans can deploy the Ward of Dawn Super, an impenetrable bubble that grants everyone inside a 35% damage boost for 15 seconds. Siegebreakers turn their enemies into lethal Sunspots that deal damage over time. If you can embrace their aggressive nature, Titans have a solution for every problem.


Fighting a skilled Titan in PvP can be nearly impossible if they take advantage of their entire subclass. Most of their melee abilities one-shot Guardians or let them traverse maps at great speed. Titan grenades are adept at shutting down corridors or Control points. Most importantly, Titans can create Barricades to absorb enemy fire.

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All of these tools give Titans a degree of map control that no other class can match. You can pressure enemies to retreat by pushing forward with a Shoulder Charge, or you can create a diversion by deploying a Barricade. Timid players get punished by a Titan's melee abilities, while aggressive players have difficulty dealing with their Barricades.

Why You Should Play Titan

Guardians that value versatility above all else should play as a Titan. They have a solution for every problem you'll face in Destiny 2, provided you can embrace their rather samey melee abilities. Variety is one of the largest downsides of Titans, with nearly every spec revolving around punching something. If you can get past that, Titans have a lot to offer.


  • Unmatched versatility
  • Excellent team players
  • Dominates in close quarters


  • Identical abilities between subclasses
  • Struggles with soloing pinnacle PvE content
  • Multiple Titans don't synergize well together

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There&#;s only one thing that&#;s ever a given in Destiny 2: Hunters are the most popular class. That doesn&#;t mean they&#;re always the most powerful, however. Sure they&#;re strong as heck right now, which we&#;ll get into in a moment, but that hasn&#;t always been the case. Frequently throughout Destiny&#;s history, there&#;s been one class that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The good news? Right now things are pretty well balanced across the three different classes. Let&#;s dig into our Destiny 2 Class Tier List.

We have plans to update this guide following the launch of Beyond Light. If you&#;re seeing this, we haven&#;t yet gotten around to it or are waiting on more information. Check back soon!

Destiny 2 PVP Tier List

1. Hunters

Unsurprisingly, Hunters are still the best class when it comes to PVP. Their mobility, Supers, abilities, and even Exotics all give them such a major advantage in the Crucible. This makes them quite difficult to kill, as they can be difficult to pin down in a fight. Every subclass offers solid benefits, with most being completely viable in the Crucible. Spectral Blades remains a nightmare to deal with if you have issues tracking them and competent Arcstrider can easily cut through a team in seconds.

Combining these subclasses with Exotics like Wormhusk Crown, The Sixth Coyote, or Gemini Jester. pushes Hunters easily into first place. There is a comical amount of viable PVP Exotics that Hunters can pick from, making them extremely deadly. This is especially true in Trials of Osiris, where they can easily exploit their sheer mobility and gear. Plus, the dodge roll is terrific for the Crucible as it lets you dip out of risky fights or close the gap on an unaware enemy. If you&#;re playing in any competitive PVP mode, be ready to fight these cape-wearing crusaders of the Crucible.

2. Titans

I was back and forth about where to place Titans on this list. Truthfully, they could easily swap with Warlocks since the gap between these two classes isn&#;t as vast as the one they have with Hunters. However, I ultimately settled on Titans thanks to a mix of the Exotics available and Rally Barricade. Don&#;t get me wrong, Titans have solid supers, but they don&#;t do anything degenerate. You pop them, people typically die, repeat. There&#;s not much to it unless you&#;re that cheeky Guardian using Ward of Dawn, Helm of Saint, and Suppressive Grenades.

Instead, I simply find the Exotics for the Titan to be superior to the Warlocks in a PVP environment. Citan&#;s Ramparts lets Titans shoot through their barricades, allowing them to poke at enemies while Antaeus Ward just reflects projectiles back at enemies when you slide. Lion Rampant, Dunemarchers, and Mask of the Quiet One are also solid choices that help push Titans to the second place in the current PVP meta.

3. Warlocks

This is where I suspect I will get the most pushback because Warlocks, without any additional gear, do have better abilities and Supers for PVP. Top tree Dawnblade is insanely good once you master the air dodge and Nova Warp can be quite tricky to takedown since the blink no longer takes a ton of Super Energy. Yet, the call was made mainly due to the same reasons Titans rose to the number 2 spot &#; the Exotics and class ability.

Don&#;t get me wrong, there are some fun Warlock PVP exotics, but not many of them have a wow factor. Astrocyte Verse, Transverse Steps, and Getaway Artist are really the only superb PVP Warlock exotics. The others are just fine, but they won&#;t drastically change how engagements shake out. Additionally, the Rift is great for healing after a fight or in cover, but the long cast time leaves you open to damage. It&#;s very much a PVE ability, unlike the Hunter&#;s dodge which feels almost designed exclusively for PVP users. Even though you can and most certainly have done well with Warlocks in the Crucible, their impact just doesn&#;t feel the same as Titans or Hunters.


Destiny 2 PVE Tier List

1. Warlocks

Setting aside the Lunafaction nerf, Warlocks are arguably still the best PVE class in the current meta. While the damage boost from Ward of Dawn is higher, the sheer utility of Well of Radiance, combined with Exotics like Pheonix Protocol makes it a force to be reckoned with. Even top tree and bottom tree Dawnblade are surprisingly potent, especially the later as the ability to regain Super energy on kills lets your flaming sword of death last much longer.

There&#;s also a strong argument to be made that Warlock abilities and gear simply synergize better in a PVE environment. Bottom tree Voidwalker and Stormcaller are insanely strong, especially when combined with the right Exotic armor pieces. This class even has fantastic single target damage via the Nova Bomb and Chaos Reach, allowing you to burn through tougher enemies with a wave of your magical hand. No one is every upset about having all Warlocks in a raid group, as they offer a ton of utility and raw damage.

2. Titans

The sturdy boys have risen from the bottom to claim the second-place slot. Thanks to the changes to their Ward of Dawn, Titans have become almost essential for any PVE endgame activity. Dropping a bubble on a boss and hacking away with swords is quickly overtaking the meta. Along with this, Titans also possess solid mob clearing effects in every sub-class, especially for those who prefer to use the Sunbreaker. Where the abilities falter a little is in single target damage, as Thundercrash really doesn&#;t compare to the Warlock&#;s Chaos Reach or Hunter&#;s Golden Gun.

Thankfully, Titans still offer some great support options for endgame PVE players. The Rally Barricade continues to be an all-star thanks to its flexibility. Need to block incoming fire to pick up a teammate? Maybe you just want to reload faster or lack a Warlock with Lunafactions? Titans may not get all the love and attention, but they serve as a critical backbone to most fireteams.

3. Hunters

Yes, Hunters I know Shadowshot is useful and everyone loves a Celestial Nighthawk/Golden Gun combination. I get it, this isn&#;t to say you&#;re not useful or appreciated. However, outside of bow, Hunters very much feel designed for the individual experience and less about the greater good. Unlike Titans and Warlocks which have great flexibility in their abilities, Exotics, and builds, Hunters are not as impressive in the PVE endgame. This isn&#;t to say they&#;re bad, just not essential.

Hunters all posses solid mob killing Supers, but their support benefits are lackluster in comparison. The dodge reload really doesn&#;t help anyone unless you need to reload Xenophage and the Arc Staff&#;s middle tree continues to be essentially useless in PVE. Honestly, can we please get a buff to the reflected damage from the Arc Staff&#;s spin, Bungie? Unless you need to make your team invisible to resurrect someone or dodge a specific encounter, Hunters typically just revolve around debuffing an enemy. This is a little awkward since Oppressive Darkness, Divinity, and Tractor Cannon basically took this job from Hunters.

But hey, at least you&#;re the rulers of the Crucible, right? You can&#;t win everything Hunters &#; .

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Destiny 2: Which Class Is Best For You?

The world of Destiny 2 is filled with tons of choices to make about gear and loadouts, but no choice is as important as the class a player chooses when they create their character. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters all have their own unique advantages, disadvantages, and skill sets that cater to wildly different styles of play, so choosing the right class can make all the difference in someone's Destiny 2 journey.

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Thankfully, Destiny 2 allows players to create three characters so everyone can have a character of each class, so everyone can freely switch between each class as they choose, but most people spend the most time with their main character, so it's important to choose the right class when starting out.

Updated April 1st, by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2 has seen some massive changes throughout Year 3 and 4. Build diversity has become larger than ever, Stasis has fundamentally changed the game, and each class has received various balance changes. Picking a class to main can be quite tough, but that's where this guide comes in. This article now discusses the largest pros of each class, ranging from their builds to solo potential.

Why Hunters Are The Best

Best Solo Class

No class in Destiny 2 can solo content quite as easily as a Hunter. Looking to complete dungeons as a lone wolf? Hunter won't disappoint. Want to dominate the Crucible as a lone Guardian? Hunters are up to the task. The only thing Hunters lack is support capabilities, but that isn't necessary for soloing Destiny 2's hardest content.

Their solo potential is incredible due to one mechanic: invisibility. Nightstalkers, the Hunter's Void subclass, has the ability to go invisible after certain conditions. Being invisible is great for getting out of tough gunfights, allowing Hunters to easily regen their health and reposition.

Excellent Agility

Hunters can't shoulder charge or dash through the sky as the other two classes can, but they make up for this with unprecedented agility. Every Hunter can make use of their Dodge class ability, allowing them to dive out of danger while either reloading their weapon or gaining their melee charge back.

If that wasn't enough, Hunters can launch themselves in the air with ease through their extra jumps. Having trouble with jumping sections? Equip Triple Jump. Want to close the gap with the opposition? Use Strafe Jump. When Exotics are accounted for—ST0MP-EE5, Mask of Bakris, and The Dragon's Shadow to name a few—Hunters are easily the most agile class in Destiny 2. A player who's mastered the Hunter's moveset will be near-impossible to hit.

Best Supers

Lone wolves aren't known for bringing team-oriented buffs. Instead, Hunters are renowned for their devastating Supers that pack a serious punch. A Hunter can mean the difference between one-phasing a raid boss or a multi-phased raid encounter.

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Sure, grenades and melee abilities are powerful on their own, but Hunters' real strengths lie with their Supers. Shadowshot can shut down enemy Supers in the Crucible and shut down hordes of enemies. Silence And Squall can turn a wave of enemies into ice statues that explode on death. Arc staff can clear a sea of enemies in strikes and reflect enemy Supers in PvP. Golden gun is especially deadly in the right hands, giving Hunters a hitscan revolver that kills most targets with a single bullet. When paired with the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic helmet, one bullet is all it takes to eliminate Destiny's toughest opponents.

Why Titans Are The Best

Best Defensive Abilities

Titans are the final stand against the enemies of the Traveler, creating Barricades and Ward of Dawn domes to absorb enemy fire. Every Titan subclass can create Barricades that absorb copious amounts of damage. This is useful in tough PvE content and especially useful in PvP game modes.

These defensive abilities become downright mandatory in raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls. Titans can single-handedly keep a team alive with Code of the Commander's Banner Shield Super. Projecting a line of Void energy from their shield, Commander Titans absorb an infinite amount of damage while granting their team a 25% damage boost. With the Ursa Furiosa Exotic, Titans can repeatedly use this Super with little downtime. For raids, Titans can deploy a Ward of Dawn, an energy dome that absorbs enemy projectiles and even enemy Supers. Any ally that enters the dome gains a 35% damage buff for 20 seconds, the strongest damage buff in the game. Titans are essential for any endgame activity.

Melee-Oriented Playstyle

When their defenses fail, Titans close the gap to crush their opponents under the weight of their fists. Every Titan spec in Destiny 2 has an affinity for meleeing targets, granting buffs that range from overshields to increased weapon stability.

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Exotics turn Titans into melee machines, slamming themselves into the ground every couple of seconds to clear out waves of enemies. Punching, shoulder charging, and throwing hammers at targets are just some of the melee abilities a Titan has. Those that love closing the gap will find great success as a Titan.

Devastating Builds

Titans take full advantage of Destiny 2's armor mod system and wide selection of Exotics. Some of the most synergy-heavy builds in Destiny 2 are found on Titans. With the right gear, a Titan becomes an unstoppable juggernaut or the bringer of nuclear bombs.

Behemoth Titans can make great use out of Heart of Inmost Light, an Exotic focused on enhancing abilities. They can use all of their abilities with minimal cooldowns, charging across entire combat arenas to slam targets into walls. Code of the Siegebreaker Titans can spawn Warmind Cells with the right build, allowing every ability to generate the equivalent of a nuclear bombs. Players that love theorycrafting can get a ton of use out of a Titan's subclass.

Why Warlocks Are The Best

Support Abilities

The Warlock class is a safe choice for anyone who likes to play as a support class or healer in other games. While not every spec is fully centered around support, every Warlock subclass has the ability to place a Rift on the ground that provides a 20% damage buff or passive healing to anyone inside the Rift.

Dawnblade's Attunement of Grace spec is a full-on support subclass, allowing Warlocks to heal players with overcharged grenades and place a supercharged Rift as their Super. No other class in Destiny 2 can support allies quite as easily as a Warlock.

PvP Potential

Every class in Destiny 2 can dominate in the Crucible with the right build and playstyle, but none of them have the level of outplay potential that a Warlock brings to the table. A skilled Warlock player can have enemy teams second-guess their positioning or unleash devastating Supers every minute.

Attunement of Sky is arguably the strongest PvP spec in Destiny 2, allowing Warlocks to take to the sky with ease. With their perfect in-air accuracy, Warlocks can reign death from on high with their Celestial Fire melee ability or accurate weapons, making the enemy team uncertain of which angles are safe. When things get tough, Sky Warlocks can dash into cover and deploy a Rift, turning a gunfight on its head.

Attunement of Control is also a highly used spec, allowing Warlocks to cast a devastating beam of lightning every couple of minutes. Utilizing a high Intellect stat and the Geomag Stabilizers Exotic, Control Warlocks can earn their Exotic in as short as two minutes initially. Summon a giant electric beam, kill the enemy team, then cancel it early to preserve 25% Super energy. With the right mods, Control Warlocks can cast their Super every one to two minutes.

Build Variety

Build variety reigns supreme on Warlocks. Hunters and Titans have some unique builds of their own, although they can't match the sheer variety of what Warlocks can do.

Warlock builds can allow players to summon multiple ice turrets, create two weapons platforms that float around them, throw infinite grenades, become nigh-invincible by killing targets, and so much more. This sort of variety allows Warlocks to dominate in PvE and PvP with enough skill and patience, making them a must for any difficult content.

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BLUEPRINT Series: HOW to Become A GREAT Solo Player (PT 1)Which Class To Main?/Initial SOLO Practice

[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Class for Solo - What To Pick?

Solo builds, geared toward PvE, need specific attributes. First, some way to rapidly recoup grenades. Second, chaining or AoE Super. Third, relevant and powerful abilities. While the Nightstalker Hunter may be the most popular subclass, it’s a poor solo choice as it is a support subclass (the same sentiment applies to the Dawnblade). 

#5. Stormcaller Warlock

We’ll start the list with the Stormtrance Warlock. With chaining grenades, melee attacks, and Supers that either chain to rapidly clear a room or have the potential to deal with massive boss damage, Stormcaller Warlocks can easily turn the most strenuous PvE content into a solo cakewalk. 

Great for: 

  • Chained Attacks
  • Amazing Exotic Synergy (Crown of Tempests, Geomag Stabilizers)
  • Boss Damage
  • Horde Clearing 
  • Movement Speed
  • Self Healing or Weapon Empowerment

Pick Class if: 

It is a Fallen or Taken Strike

You anticipate a lot of add clearing (pulse grenades)

4. Arcstrider Hunter

To be frank, the Arcstrider Hunter and Stormcaller Warlock would top the list. However, only 2 enemies (Taken Centurions and Fallen Captains) utilize Arc shields, rendering both Arc classes rather situational. The Arcstrider Hunter is a masterful dual-role player. It can deal massive, chaining Arc damage while still effectively blocking major direct Boss attacks. 

Great for: 

  • Horde Clearing 
  • Boss Attack Defense 
  • Great Exotic Synergy (Raiden Flux)

Pick the Arcstrider Class if: 

  • You’re having a hard time with Horde Clearing 
  • You need a Super with high mobility 

You are running with Whisper/Xenophage/Witherhoard for boss damage

3. Sunbreaker Titan

This is by and far the most destructive PvE Solar Subclass. First, there are tons of Exotics that have great synergy with the Sunbreaker. Perks like Sun Warrior allow for almost instantaneous grenade/melee recharge and a greatly boosted Super recharge. Since there’s both a ranged and a melee option based on the tree you pick, this can suit many playstyles but the ranged attack coupled with Sun Warrior that lets you throw hammers faster can melt the Lake of Shadows boss in one Super. It’s incredibly strong. 

This Class is great for: 

  • A lot of Strikes, because the most annoying enemies like Wizards and Taken Knights have Solar shields
  • Magnetic Fusion Grenades do an incredible amount of damage
  • Titan Barriers allow for recovery even in intense firefights 

Pick the Sunbreaker Titan if: 

  • You need a powerful Boss burner
  • You depend on grenades and melee a lot 
  • You favor rapid-fire weapons not necessarily suited for powerful enemy engagements 

2. Striker Titan

The name of the game here is synergy. Striker Titans can run a skill tree that allows for almost full grenade energy on powered melee charge kills, and combined with the Insurmountable Skullfort, which refunds melee energy on kills, you can get grenades incredibly fast. Further, that same tree grants 2 grenades from the beginning. The main tree supers are great for add clearing, but the Missile titan tree allows for incredible boss damage, provide you have suitable resilience. 

Striker Titans excel in: 

  • The synergy between melee and grenades 
  • Rapid horde clearing (grenades and melee) 

Pick a Striker Titan if you: 

  • Need to play with grenades 
  • Run a high mobility subclass (which is a must for solos)

1. Voidwalker Warlock

This is probably the strongest subclass, solo or not. The synergy in Void Warlock Exotics is incredible, but the bottom Code of the Devourer skill tree is amazing by itself. As long as you keep getting kills, you’ll never run out of health. Combined with a gun like Bad Juju or Crimson, you can pretty much never die. With Nezarec Sin’s void damage Devourer effect or the Skull of Dire Ahamkara, you can proc your Super faster than any other class in the game. 

Voidwalker Warlocks excel in: 

  • Staying alive 
  • Massive boss damage with Nova Bomb 
  • Horde clearing with Axion Bolt grenades 

Pick a Voidwalker Warlock if you: 

  • Need a great Boss damage source 
  • Have low recovery/resilience stats. 

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Best destiny class 2

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes &#; PvE Subclasses, Ranked ()

After running through Destiny 2&#;s various PvE activities, we came up with a ranking of which classes you want fighting on your side. Updated for through Beyond Light here are the best Destiny 2 PvE classes and PvE subclasses.

Arcstrider Hunter

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

Let’s start this list by saying that although we have the Striker last here on our best Destiny 2 subclasses for PvE, there’s no completely unviable subclass. There’s room for six people, and as long as you’re well balanced with support and damage subclasses, anything can work.

The Arcstrider, especially with its middle tree super, has a lot of versatility to offer a fireteam. It is excellent at clearing out packs of enemies quickly, like it always has been.

It’s also uniquely suited towards effectively stunlocking many bosses in Destiny 2, which is not something that a lot of other subclasses can easily replicate.

With middle tree, it has extreme defensive utility with Whirling Guard which still lets it smack enemies around. However, it now comes with the added bonus of being able to block incoming projectiles and launch them back at enemies.

Honestly, Arcstrider falls into the category of totally viable once you have the other more crucial spots like Nightstalker, Sentinel and/or Dawnblade filled.

You’re going to want some damage dealing specialists, and the Arcstrider is a great choice with its excellent survivability regardless of the skill tree that you choose.

Stormcaller Warlock

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

The Stormcaller as of Beyond Light still pretty much holds the exact same role that it did pre-Beyond Light. Clearing out adds and just pure overall damage.

The middle tree Forsaken super, Chaos Reach, is a little better towards single enemies than the other two Attunements and is a popular option for times when ammo is scarce.

Stormcaller is arguably the best Destiny 2 subclass for dealing out damage to packs of weak enemies. It will chew through Thrall, Psions, and red-barred enemies with comical ease with a super that feels like it lasts forever. There are plenty of sections in raids where this is a hurdle for the team, and the Stormcaller is the tool to clear that.

The perk that really helps the Stormcaller stand out, though, is found in the Attunement of Elements tree (bottom path) and is called Arc Soul.

What this does is add an Arc Soul to your rift ability so anyone who runs through your rift gets a violent little ball of electric fury over their shoulder that attacks any and all nearby enemies. You can combine this with the No Time to Explain exotic and almost turn Stormcaller into Destiny 2&#;s only pet job!

It seems like a small deal, but it does make a big difference in DPS, and can make tough spots in activities like the Nightfall much more manageable, since you now essentially have an extra gun over your shoulder that fires freely and can help watch your back.

It doesn&#;t necessarily give you more health or armor, but it can help keep aggressors at bay, while also backing up your allies too. 

If you already have a Dawnblade or two, throwing an Stormcaller into the mix for Arc Soul during boss DPS phases and some improved add clearing to mop of packs of enemies in Nightfalls and Deep Stone Crypt is definitely helpful, it should just never be picked over Dawnblade if you don&#;t already have one in something very difficult and has stiff competition from other Warlock subclasses as well.

Behemoth Titan

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

While the Titan Behemoth is incredibly fun to play in PvE, it plays very similarly to Striker, except with a little more utility, and has a harder time in very dangerous scenarios for PvE.

Titan Behemoths love to slide. The main gameplay loop for Behemoths is lay down lots of Stasis crystals everywhere; whether you&#;re using your grenade, your super Glacial Quake or even the new Stasis exotic weapon Salvation&#;s Grip, and then crash through them with your aspected slide or melee attack for massive damage to enemies while also reaping perks for your netural game.

It&#;s incredibly satisfying and powerful, it&#;s just also incredibly risky as you&#;ll need to put yourself in harms way to get the most out of it.

If you&#;re doing something lower key, Behemoths can make quick work of trash enemies without needing to rely on its super. If you&#;re going to take it into something like a Nightfall, though, definitely be more measured with your attacks or you&#;ll end up real dead, real fast.

9. Revenant Hunter

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

The Revenant is an extremely well-done Stasis subclass for Hunter that excel both in PvE and PvP scenarios. In PvE, though, the Revenant is best known for its powerful super, Silence and Squall.

There are few supers right now that can shutdown a wider area of enemies better than Silence and Squall. Not only does it do massive damage to a massive area (depending on your aim), icy tornadoes will spawn and will continue to slow and freeze enemies for what seems like forever. There are few supers that are as dominant as Silence and squall

If you&#;re going to play Revenant, lean into this super and try and utilize builds that will let you Silence and Squall as often as possible and leverage fragments such as Whisper of Bonds.

Revenant, like other Stasis subclasses, also can utilize other fragments to keep the slow and freeze effects going while also enhancing their damage.

While it&#;s not going to replace something like a Gunslinger or Nightstalker for boss DPS, there are few better options when it comes to area control in the game right now than a Revenant. It&#;s just a little too reliant on its super in PvE, which is why it&#;s just below yet another Stasis subclass.

8. Sunbreaker Titan

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

Sunbreaker still holds onto its niche, even if it&#;s less important than it once was: great at clearing out enemies and the ability to debuff a single-target pretty much whenever it wants.

Hammer striking a boss or champion is still useful at times, but there&#;s plenty of other safer and longer-lasting methods of buffing up a DPS phase now as of Beyond Light.

That said, it&#;s still a very useful melee attack for taking out majors and other tankier enemies like Servitors. You can&#;t have a Sentinel&#;s bubble around all the time, and it&#;s in non-Boss scenarios where Sunbreaker shines now.

If you have plenty of Ward of Dawns, having one Hammer Strike Sunbreaker around to help the group burn down smaller, but still tougher enemies is still helpful.

Bottom tree Sunbreaker, AKA Sunspots, got an indirect buff through the release of the exotic armor piece, Phoenix Cradle which allows team members that pass through the Sunspots to gain its effects, further solidifying its roll of the off-brand buff/debuff guy, especially when you&#;re on the move.

Middle Tree Sunbreaker in particular pairs excellently with the incredibly powerful Warmind Cell builds. Pair it with Ashen Wake, high Discipline and some Solar weapons; it requires some effort, but you&#;ll have a hard time finding subclasses as destructive as Code of the Devastator.

7. Striker Titan

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

In the years that I&#;ve been ranking Destiny 2 classes, Striker has almost always been last, or close to last. Not that it&#;s been a useless subclass, it just always had the least to offer compared to other classes.

That changes in with the addition of the exotic chest piece, Cuirass of the Falling Star. It finally turns middle-tree Striker into the nuclear weapon it was always meant to be, and combined with all the other benefits that Middle Tree Striker, AKA Code of the Missile, provides, turns this subclass into one of the best subclasses in the game.

Middle Tree Striker always had, arguably, one of the best neutral games (aka the time when your super is down) in Destiny 2. Ballistic Slam is a powerful melee great at clearing enemies, and when specced in a melee build, can be used often, while Intertia Override gives you free reloads and damage perks.

Now, though, on top of all those other benefits, you can equip Cuirass of the Falling Star and turn its super into one of the hardest hitting and best damaging supers in the game, hitting Ultras for massive amounts of damage and rivaling Celestial Nighthawk Gunslingers.

While the other Striker trees are solid for add clear and the such, Code of the Missile with Cuirass of the Falling Star is what elevates Striker out of the basement of our best PvE subclasses in Destiny 2 rankings.

6. Voidwalker Warlock

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

The Voidwalker, unlike many of the Destiny 2 subclasses in this list, has never evolved very much. The Voidwalker is a very competent damage dealer for all scenarios with lots of survivability tools in PvE. That&#;s been its role pretty much forever and it remains the same as of Beyond Light.

The Voidwalker is arguably the tankiest neutral-game Warlock that can do massive damage via Nova Bomb and assist with clearing out packs of enemies without having to worry about dying as much. Use the Attunement of Hunger, and feast with Devour.

Just make sure that people don’t steal your kills otherwise, you could be in trouble. Equip Nazarec’s Sin to double the fun.

Slowva Bomb in particular helps it with boss damage too and can be helpful in the Deep Stone Crypt raid for a number of encounters including Taniks for quickly ripping the nuclear cores off of his shank.

The handheld supernova buff in PvE also makes middle tree far more interesting than it ever has before. With the right loadout that ensures you get your grenades back, it can be a very potent major killer.

5. Shadebinder Warlock

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

Shadebinder, the new Warlock stasis subclass, shoots up towards the top of our list of best Destiny 2 PvE subclasses.

The Shadebinder just has so many options when it comes to fragments that torment enemies and champions by keeping them constantly frozen while also enhancing the effectiveness of the Shadebinder itself.

Shadebinders with the Aspect of Control can use their grenades to consistently keep enemies slowed and frozen more than any other Stasis subclass right now as anytime a frozen enemy an ice bolt will seek out and freeze another.

Combine that with its super, Winter&#;s Wrath, Shadebinder Warlocks can consistently manipulate a battlefield to their benefit and also apply powerful weapon damage buffs to themselves. Of course, if specced right, you can also create an army of Stasis turrets to keep a battlefield frozen and easy to handle.

Stasis lacks the sheer firepower as other classes, so to make the most of them you&#;ll want to leverage that ability to stop enemies in their tracks. Just a second or two of freeze is enough time to allow another fireteam member to show up with something like The Lament and wreck a difficult enemy.

4. Gunslinger Hunter

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

The Gunslinger still is among the best burst DPS subclasses in the game for both AoE and single-target damage, and until that changes it will remain a fixture in difficult PvE scenarios.

The Gunslinger can now melt a boss either from across the map with total safety with Golden Gun, or if the risk is worth it, they can get right up in your face and do even more damage plus clear out some minions while they are at it with Blade Barrage.

What&#;s also still super powerful is Celestial Nighthawk plus Golden Gun, a staple for any strategy that relies on burst DPS. Gunslingers have found a solidified raid team spot helping with one to two phasing bosses thanks their awesome boss melting supers.

The Way of the Sharpshooter as a whole focuses more on rewarding players for precision hits and kills. This is definitely a subclass that&#;s geared more towards highly-skilled players, and that&#;s not necessarily a bad thing, as in the right hands this is an absolute beast.

It still lacks a bit of PvE utility outside of the extremely useful niche of melting bossses, however. It will never be as proficient at clearing wide swaths of enemies like a Striker or a Stormcaller.

Nor, will it ever compete with the support specialists like Sentinel, Nightstalker and Dawnblade. However, if you have all that covered, and just need something that can wreck a boss, the Gunslinger is great for filling out a spot or two in your fireteam.

3. Nightstalker Hunter

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

destiny 2, best subclasses, best classes, pve, best pve subclasses, best pve classes

The Nightstalker remains one of the most useful subclasses thanks to its super, Shadowshot, which is never not helpful. Shadowshot is just so clutch in just about every single PvE situation that you can think of.

It can help debuff a boss similar to the Sunbreaker’s Melting Point, but it also is capable of shutting down an entire area of enemies and generating a boatload of orbs in the process.

As far as paths go for the Nightstalker, both are incredibly useful depending on your play style. Way of the Trapper (the top path) allows for you to use the Vanishing Step.

This adds invisibility to your dodge roll, and will keep you alive in dangerous situations. Keen Scout adds extra mobility, and your Shadowshot becomes a trap rather just a simple arrow, able to be left around corners or over doorways for unsuspecting foes.

Way of the Pathfinder is a bit more aggressive and plays more to helping your allies.

The Moebius Quiver lets you fire off multiple arrows which deal high damage, Heart of the Pack helps to increase Orbs of Light production, and Vanish in Smoke lets you turn yourself and allies invisible (great for speeding through areas in Nightfall Strikes).

If you really missed Bladedancer from Destiny 1, you sort of get that back via the middle tree Nightstalker with Spectral Blades, however it still lives in the shadow of Shadowshot in PvE situations.

2. Sentinel Titan

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

The Bubble Bros. are back! The Sentinel with the addition of Weapons of Light to Ward of Dawn (top tree) instantly launched the Sentinel back towards the top of the PvE meta game and remains there as of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Combined with Well of Radiance, the Ward of Dawn super is crucial for burning down the toughest enemies such as the Atraks-1 in DEep Stone Crypt, and surviving an onslaught of enemies in the hardest Nightfall activities, especially while using the Helm of Saint

Also Defensive Strike is one of the best melee effects in the game and if you use Doom Fang Pauldron, you can contribute towards getting your bubble back too.

It&#;s not all just top tree either for PvE the Path of the Commander still has some uses too if you have bubbles already. The Banner Shield is a good mobile cover for situations when you want to protect a vulnerable DPS squad while still enhancing damage. Plus it still is far better at offense than top tree, making it a more balanced choice if you have bubbles already.

Finally, you could also just opt to go Captain America all over everyone’s ass still with bottom tree. However, there are other subclasses, within Titan even, that can do that as well, if not better. Save bottom tree for PvP.

1. Dawnblade Warlock

Best Destiny 2 PvE Classes & Subclasses for

best pve classes destiny 2

Dawnblade may not be as broken as it used to be, but it&#;s still a no-brainer Warlock pick in just about any PvE situation.

Well of Radiance, Dawnblade&#;s most useful super for PvE, creates a super rift that has extremely powerful healing capabilities and empowers anyone in it. Plus, if you don’t need your grenade energy, Dawnblades can turn it into portable overshield for an ally. 

Well of Radiance and Lunfaction boots are still very good, they just aren&#;t broken anymore or as critical, but they are still welcome in any DPS phase whether it&#;s Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, or Deep Stone Crypt.

Similar to the Ward of Dawn from Destiny 1, there’s really no bad time to have a Well of Radiance in your back pocket. It’s universally useful in just about every situation you can think of in Destiny 2’s PvE scene.

When Dawnblades use their top tree, they turn into one of the most mobile subclasses in Destiny 2, able to skate around with Icarus Dash at high speeds. And with Dawn Chorus, they can turn into a damage over time DPS monster as well thanks to their powerful burning abilities.

Between its ability to skate around at high speeds, clear groups of enemies, or effectively make a team nearly invincible in even the toughest of PvE scenarios. There&#;s basically nothing a Dawnblade can&#;t do.

That does it for which subclasses and classes we think are the best for PvE in Destiny 2: Beyond Light! Let us know if you agree or disagree down below.

What's The BEST Class!? - Destiny 2

Which Destiny 2 class is best for you?

Players jumping to Destiny 2 are faced with a choice between three classes: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock; very similar to RPG character archetypes of tank, rogue and mage respectively.

All three classes have overlapping features, they all use the same guns and they are controlled in basically the same way. Moreover, Destiny 2 does not shoehorn players into a particular playstyle based on their chosen class.

The three classes in Destiny 2 offer players with extensive specialization options. That way, players can shuffle things up according to their needs on the fly without making any major commitments.

Which Destiny 2 class is best suited for you?


Titan in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Titans are the bruiser barbarian tank class offering solid survivability. Their class ability is a barricade that can protect teammates. Titans are quite unique when it comes to punching enemies. Essentially, Titans are team players who can absorb damage and protect teammates, bolstering a fireteam’s defensive option.

When it comes to class-specific jumps, Titans’ jump is not the most user-friendly. The floaty feeling of the jump can be compared to jetpacks.


Hunter in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Hunters are cloak-wearing rogues mostly focused on mobility and trickery. Their class ability is a dodge that can reload weapons or recharge melee skill depending on what the player is equipped with at the moment. Unlike the class abilities of the other two classes, the one at Hunter’s disposal does not bolster the other members of a fireteam in any way.

When it comes to jumps, Hunter’s jump is arguably the best, especially from a new player’s perspective. Their double/triple jump will let players maneuver around the map much more easily, compared to other classes.


Warlock in Destiny 2 (Image via Bungie)

Warlocks are robe-wearing caster characters that can dish out lots of damage with their supers like the giant purple ball of death called Nova Bomb. However, Warlocks are also adept at supporting. Their class ability creates a rift which a player can use to either heal allies or boost weapon damage throughout its duration.

Warlocks don't have the best jump in their kit,- their glide allows for more aerial mobility or distance versus raw speed.

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There are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing the guardian’s class. Titan can be a solid choice for new players. But if a player specifically wants to have high mobility, Hunter is the go-to. That leaves Warlock for players who desire to delve into a wizard fantasy.


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Destiny 2 Class guide - should you pick Titan, Hunter, or Warlock?

A Destiny 2 Class guide can help New Lights who are unsure where to start, or veterans who only play one class, by revealing the benefits of all the choices available in Destiny 2. Each has a unique second-jump; Titans have Lift, which functions like a jetpack that favors speed over distance. Hunters can literally double and triple jump and are more approachable by newer players. Lastly, the Warlocks have Glide, allowing for more aerial mobility or distance versus raw speed. Void Warlocks and Stasis Hunters have short-range teleports (Blink and Shift) that replace other abilities, Glide and Hunter Dodge, respectively.

Destiny 2 Class - Titan

The most straightforward class in Destiny 2, most Titan subclass specific abilities revolve around their melees, ignoring personal safety for bombastic blows that break battles wide open. The Titan class ability is to erect barricades that serve different purposes, and has a shorter cooldown the more resilience a Guardian has. Their class item is the Titan Mark, a sash that sits across the waist signifying unity of the Order. They are represented by Lions, and other strong animal motifs appear in Titan armor.

Titan Class Ability

Towering Barricade

Towering Barricades are taller than the Guardian, and create hard cover to block chokes or create space by breaking line of sight. Use this aggressively to take space in combat, or to take time to heal and reload. Shield dancing by strafing on either side of the slightly curved "wall" during combat can provide more value to this important cooldown.

Rally Barricade

The Rally Barricade is waist-high cover, that turns Destiny 2 into a first-person cover shooter. Crouch behind the curved structure, then aim down sights to use the cover mechanic to lay down fire while not blocking the ability to shoot enemies. The smaller cover also increases reload speed for any friendly while behind it.

Titan Subclasses


The Striker utilizes Arc damage to destroy groups of enemies with raw force. All three arc subclasses favor aggression and a “punch-drunk” playstyle. The Fists of Havoc super ability turns Titans into an Arc weapon, while Thundercrash creates a Guardian-sized missile. 


Representing the Order of Sol, Sunbreakers favor splash damage, burns, and long-range attacks. Hammer of Sol turns Titans into Hephaistos, throwing hammers to reach enemies that dare to hide, while Burning Maul creates a massive Solar hammer capable of conjuring fire tornadoes. 


Sentinel Titans, formerly known as Defenders, are a subclass that control the battlefield with their staying power through Overshields and area denial. Mostly a support class, Sentinel Shield can turn the tides in a fight becoming a dark magic-Captain America or creating a defensive bastion with Ward of Dawn. Banner Shield is a super that provides the best of both worlds, an impenetrable shield with the flexibility to go on the offensive.


The first Darkness subclass for Titans, Behemoth is a force to be reckoned with. Their charged melee and knee-slides essentially teleport the living beast around battlefields, overwhelming anything that isn’t dead. The super ability combines all the aspects of Fist of Havoc with a chill too cold to stop – if a Behemoth is in your path, good luck.

Destiny 2 Class - Hunter

Hunters are the dominant presence in the frontier, capable of venturing into any area and uncovering its secrets. If anyone wants something dead, they call a Hunter, just don't expect them to stick around after payment is rendered. Expert marksman, trackers, and creative combatants, Hunter abilities aid them in creating uneven playing fields for their opponents. They disorient, trap, and trick because there's no such thing as fighting dirty. Represented by a serpent, Hunters have stealthy and visceral animal motifs in some of their armor and the Hunter Cloak is arguably the most iconic piece of armor in Destiny 2, class item or not. Agile assassins rely on dynamic but nimble movements, so make sure armor and mods increase mobility to shorten the cooldown of the dodges.

Hunter Class Ability

Marksman’s Dodge

Marksman's Dodge is a short-ranged evasive maneuver to any direction inputted, that reloads any currently equipped weapon. Use this mid-gunfight to maximize uptime and avoid lengthy reloads.

Gambler’s Dodge

Gambler's Dodge is a more jarring leap to any direction the Guardian chooses, which breaks all tracking and aim assist (ex: tracking rockets) while simultaneously recharging melee cooldowns if done near an enemy. Find creative and offensive ways to use this ability instead of using it defensively percent of the time.

Hunter Subclasses


Arcstriders are a mixture of power and agility, causing problems in close-quarters combat and a nightmare for groups. The more aggressive Hunters will adore this subclass and The Arc Staff super which has combo-potential built in, while Whirlwind Guard can deflect any projectile and activates on cast. Keep in mind all Hunter supers with the exception of Silence and Squall benefit from mid-slide activations.


For those who trust their gun skill or prefer longer ranges, the Gunslinger is a no-brainer. From proximity knives, one-shot heavy knives, to trip-mine grenades, the Gunslinger is for the Guardian with precision on the mind. Golden Gun imbues the Hunter's Solar energy into lethal guns with either three or six shots, while Blade Barrage super exists for the fans of knives. Control the fight with finesse and leave force to the others.


Embrace the shadows and wreak havoc through trickery – that's what the Nightstalker is all about. Suppress, slow, track, or disorient opponents and make sure they never know when the killing blow will come. Primarily a support class, Shadowshot super silences all enemies ensnared in its tethers but Spectral Blades is for the ninja inside everyone, striking swifty and phasing in and out of stealth between kills.


Stasis is a game changer without question and Revenant Hunters have gained a lot of attention since their inception. From a dodge that slows, ranged melee that can freeze or slow, and an aerial dive that makes tracking them a nightmare, Revenant Hunters are a problem in PvE or PvP if they're not friendly. Silence and Squall is a super that creates a frozen tempest. Hunters throw two kamas – one freezes, the other generates the storm that tracks targets, ruining their day over time.

Destiny 2 Class - Warlock

Destiny is a franchise about space magic and guns, so no other class embodies that more than the Warlock. With a command over the elements more strongly attuned than their Hunter and Titan brethren, Warlocks are all about map control and damage over time. They create combos with their abilities, which quickly create kill boxes for their enemies. Recovery shortens the cooldown of their Rift class abilities and along with the Warlock Bond class item and overcoats, the mystical aesthetic shines bright in this class. Warlocks dominate the skies but can descend in an instant.

Warlock Class Ability

Healing Rift

Healing Rift does a moderate heal over time, and grants bonus HP in the form of an overshield if the Warlock goes undamaged while standing in it when full-health. Like the Empowering Rift, their optimal placement is on corners, allowing for consistent pressure from effective HP or damage. Certain subclasses don't benefit as much from this Rift, but it's an amazing ability for both PvE and PvP.

Empowering Rift

Empowering Rift boosts weapon damage by any friendly target in its area of effect by 20% throughout its duration – it follows the same rules for placement as the Healing Rift and is an incredibly greedy ability. Use either Rift to counteract the effects of Nightstalker smokes.

Hunter Subclasses


Embody the storm and channel its power to deal with large groups of enemies at once. Abuse clumped up groups of foes or deny the safety afforded by cover. Stormtrance can teleport around, float effortlessly while electrocuting foes in a short range. Chaos Reach funnels all destructive force into a singular beam of power that pierces enemies.


Dawnblade is the most dynamic subclass in the Warlock kit, either taking to the skies to dominate at all ranges with aggressive mobility, damage over time with self-healing, or a purely supportive kit. Daybreak can summon a flaming sword to cleanse the battlefield with fire, or plunge the sword into the ground to buff healing and damage done by all teammates that stand in its range.


Space magic in a nutshell. Embrace the Void to detonate unstable Light energy in the face of those who stand against Humanity. Short bursts of power, creating havoc with grenades, and being an undying, unyielding force await you. Nova Bomb can track those that survive its explosion or get the job done quickly, while Nova Warp turns the Warlock into the fastest roaming super in the game, a hyper-mobile bomb.


Shadebinder is the Darkness subclass brought to Warlocks in Beyond Light, and they excel at instant freezes and controlling the flow of combat. The super manifests a frozen crystal staff that shoots tracking projectiles which freeze targets on impact, while a secondary push of concussive force shatters frozen targets, killing them instantly. Shadebinder is for those with a mean streak, because sometimes the Light can't get things done.


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