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How to Start Your Next Adventure With DnD Beyond

If you have ever played Dungeons & Dragons, you know how complicated it can be. Campaign notes, character sheets, monster and item stats, and don't even get us started on managing pertinent lore and world-building notes. And if you haven't played before, all of this can seem so intimidating!

Whether you're starting your very first adventure or looking to streamline your Dungeon Master methods, D&D Beyond can help you. And we're here to help you understand how.

What Is D&D Beyond?

D&D Beyond is the official home of digital Dungeons & Dragons content. If you get really into it, that includes things like collectible digital dice, and there are subscriptions for additional features.

This article will stay on the desktop, but you can also access and manage features through a Player Tools App and a Reader App for reference material.

Download: D&D Beyond Player App for Apple | Android (free)

Download: D&D Beyond Reader App for Apple | Android (free with in-app-purchases)

Even without a subscription, the site's marketplace lets you buy resources and collectibles as you want them. But don't worry, all the tools that this article will look at are free.

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How to Create a D&D Beyond Account

The first step to using D&D Beyond is creating a profile. You can access some of the game resources without signing in, but you won't have access to any of the tools that we'll be describing later.

From the D&D Beyond homepage, select Register from near the top right corner of the window. This takes you to another page, where you can create an account using a Google or Apple profile. You can use whatever name you want for your profile, and keep in mind that you can manage multiple D&D characters with one profile.

How to Create a Campaign and Form a Party

Once you have a profile, select Collections from the toolbar at the top of the window and then select the MY CAMPAIGNS tile. From this page, click the CREATE A CAMPAIGN button near the upper right corner of the window. Write a campaign title and description and press the CREATE CAMPAIGN button in the lower left.

Now that your campaign is started, select it from your Campaigns Manager. On the right side of the screen, you should see an invite link that you can email or text to your friends so that they can join your party. Once they've joined, you'll see them as active characters. Click on their names and follow them to find them more easily next time.

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Scroll down to find the buttons for adding private notes that party members can't see, as well as public notes that all party members can read. This is a great way to manage DM information that characters wouldn't have access to—separate from general story notes—that the players should keep track of.

How to Build Playable Characters and NPCs

You can create your own characters by going back to the Collections manager in the top toolbar and selecting the MY CHARACTERS tile, and then selecting the CREATE A CHARACTER button. Alternatively, select the CHARACTER BUILDER tile from the Tools drop-down in the toolbar near the top of the window.

You can also create NPC characters as a DM by selecting the CREATE UNASSIGNED CHARACTER button from the same page where you add notes.

There are three character creation methods: Standard, Quick Build, and Randomize.

Standard is best for players that are familiar with D&D already, and it gives you the most control over your character. Quick Build still provides a lot of flexibility, but also takes a lot of shortcuts. Randomize randomly generates a character. This can be a fun way to generate NPCs, get characters for one-shot sessions, or play with different builds.

No matter which option you go with, it's pretty user friendly, so this article won't walk you through that process.

D&D Beyond gives you 6 character slots. That's great for having distinct characters for different campaigns and parties, or for managing NPCs in campaigns that you're running.

How to Use the Character Sheet to Track Your Game

Now that your campaign is up and running and your party is all joined in, you can also track your game in real-time through the features and tools that we have discussed. If you're managing a session as the DM, you'll probably do this primarily through the public and private notes already discussed.

Other game tracking occurs primarily through changing your character sheet, just like when playing on a good, old-fashioned tabletop. With your character sheet open, you can even click the D20 icon in the lower-left to perform a digitally simulated dice roll.

Short and long rests are both buttons on the upper right corner of your character sheet. You can also apply them by selecting your character icon on the upper left corner of your character sheet. From here, you can also select MANAGE EXPERIENCE to apply XP as you defeat monsters and complete tasks.

You apply hit points through a simple counter below the long and short rest buttons. To apply or remove conditions, select the CONDITIONS box below the hit points counter to open a menu of all standard in-game conditions complete with toggle switches.

As your character collects loot, spends money, and loses or breaks weapons and armor, select Equipment in the box below the conditions field and select the currency icon or the MANAGE EQUIPMENT button to view your complete inventory and move items.

The NOTES field in the same box is where users can keep their own notes about their characters and their involvement in the campaign.

Happy Adventuring

There are a lot of great features in D&D Beyond, particularly if you're new to D&D, play remotely, or need DM tools to keep ahead of your unruly party.

This article just presented some of the basic features but we encourage you to take a deeper dive on your next adventure.


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D&D Beyond Vs. Roll Which One Should You Use for Your Campaign?

Dungeons & Dragons has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the success of the current Fifth Edition and the rise of actual play shows like Critical Role. New players are trying the RPG for the first time, and the game has never been more accessible. This is due in large part to the development of online tools which make running and playing D&D much simpler. Two of the most popular services available are D&D Beyond and Roll20.

Both serve different functions (with some overlap) and can be used in tandem, but a gaming group may only need to use one over the other. Here's a breakdown of both to help determine which best serves your group's needs.

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D&D Beyond

This is Wizards of the Coast's official online service for D&D. It serves as a repository for all of Fifth Edition and primarily functions as a way to easily create and store characters online, as it does all the math for you. It also allows you to search for a specific rule through the compendium rather than flipping through a dozen books. It allows DMs to create campaigns, which players can join with their generated characters, and lets the DM store preplanned encounters for upcoming sessions. Recently, D&D Beyond has added a digital dice rolling function, which is a great tool for new players who don’t feel like investing money in physical dice yet.

Access to material beyond the basic rules, sourcebooks and adventures must be purchased through the site. Books are sold in bundles or à la carte, giving members the flexibility to pick and choose what material they need. D&D Beyond also has tools for incorporating and sharing homebrew creations with the community and maintains an active forum.

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D&D Beyond has three tiers of service plans to suit an individual's needs. To start, there is the Free Tier -- the best option for new players who just want to see what D&D is about. The Free Tier grants members access to the basic rules and the ability to create and join campaigns. Free Tier is limited to six character slots, eight encounter slots and does contain ads.

Next is the Hero Tier, which is recommended for players who have committed to D&D and are frequent players. Hero Tier costs $ yearly or $ monthly. With it, all ads are removed and players have unlimited character and encounter slots. In addition, Hero Tier grants early access to new tools that get added to the ever-expanding service.

Finally, there is the Master Tier, which is recommended only for DMs and absolute D&D die-hards. It costs $ yearly or $ monthly. It provides all the same privileges as Hero Tier with one powerful exception -- content sharing. Master Tier subscribers may share any purchased marketplace content for up to five campaigns, with a twelve player cap on each. In plain terms, this means one person with a Master Tier account can share access to all of their purchased materials with up to sixty people. This is a fantastic option and allows even Free Tier members a chance to see the full depth of D&D.

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Roll20 is a different beast. Primarily, it is a Virtual Tabletop (VTT for short), and while it's not the only one out there, but it is the most prominent. A VTT allows for a D&D game to be played completely online. It's main function is to serve as an online game map, replacing the miniatures and grid paper with tokens and rendered maps. But Roll20 also provides integrated audio and video chat functions in an attempt to provide as comprehensive an experience as possible.

Like D&D Beyond, Roll20 only grants free access to the basic rules, and any additional sourcebooks or adventures must be purchased separately. The marketplace also sells material not made by Wizards of the Coast. Content creators can upload their own tokens, map tiles, pre-written adventures and more for members to purchase. Roll20 also has a "Looking For Group" service to help players and DMs find new people to play with.

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Roll20 is also comprised of three subscription tiers. The Free Tier contains advertisements, MB upload storage, a 2 limit on LFG listings and the ability to share purchased content with one campaign of up to five players. It's the best option for new players but is not recommended for DMs due to its limited access to Roll20's more advanced features.

The Plus Tier costs $ yearly or $ monthly. At this level, subscribers are granted 3 GB of storage, no ads, the ability to transfer characters between campaigns and unlimited LFG listings. In addition, the Plus Tier allows compendium sharing across three campaigns of up to ten players. Most importantly, it grants access to Roll20's powerful dynamic lighting system, which allows DMs to create map boundaries and immersive lighting effects.

Roll20's Pro Tier is recommended for hardcore DMs and content creators for Roll20's marketplace. It costs $ yearly or $ monthly. Storage is increased to 6 GB, compendium sharing is enabled for five campaigns of up to fifteen people and Pro members' LFG postings are highlighted. The main bonus for the Pro account is the ability to create custom character sheet templates, gain access to community-supported API tools and features as well as the Dev Server, where Roll20's new features are available for testing.

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Which Serves Your Group Best?

D&D Beyond and Roll20 are both powerful, comprehensive tools, but they are not the same. If your group is looking for an accessible online encyclopedia and repository for their characters then D&D Beyond is the right service for you. However, if your group is looking to play completely online, Roll20 is the better choice since, unlike Beyond, it is primarily a virtual replacement for maps and miniatures. D&D Beyond has a friendlier interface in regards to finding and sorting through the multitude of supplements, but it cannot serve as a replacement tabletop.

Of course, D&D Beyond and Roll20 are not mutually exclusive. Many online groups use both, with Roll20 doing its main job as a virtual tabletop and D&D Beyond serving as a more comprehensive way to lookup rules. In fact, there is a third-party extension called Beyond20 that allows the two services to interact. With Beyond20, a player can click on an attack or skill on their Beyond character sheet and have it roll on Roll20's tabletop. The Beyond20 extension is a boon for DMs, as it quickly allows them to add in new monsters without having to set up a new character sheet or tokens. No matter which route a group goes, D&D Beyond and Roll20 both offer invaluable services that make D&D easier than ever before.

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Importing from D&D beyond


You guys have probably gotten this request before, but I’m not sure if you’ve been told that D&D beyond does have a .json file with every character so other places can export character sheets. The way you would get it is you take the link https://character-service.dndbeyond.com/character/v3/character/ and simply add the character ID
This could be used to generate character sheets in a couple seconds from dndbeyond which where most of the people have their character sheets


The problem is that positioning on the sheet is also stored in JSON format and that is not available from the exported data.

Also, field names from the exported data are VERY likely to be very different from the field names used on the Character Sheets on Astral as the sheets are custom made by the users of Astral.

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Then instead generate a character sheet that has all the same field names when importing from dndbeyond (I’m not % sure how custom character sheets work weather they are game wide or only one player, but this should work either way.)



If you are willing to recreate every sheet for every system that D&D Beyond supports I’d welcome it! :grin:

At the moment the staff are discussing options for importing from other systems but there are definitely more pressing concerns at the moment.

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I vote for this!

Yes, of course there are “problems” to overcome. But that is just a matter of programming a solution. D&D Beyond only supports D&D 5e so that limits the work to just one system here. We have an official Astral provided character sheet, so the import feature can map fields to that and only that.

Lastly, I don’t know the real numbers here in Astral, but my understanding in the wild is D&D 5e is still the most popular RPG and outnumbers the others in terms of players by many. If that is true, supporting 5e as a priority would benefit Astral in numbers and therefore profit, then the rest of the systems still have Astral to rely on.



Just do D&D 5e for now, its the most popular edition, and its the main one they use on D&D beyond, and it would probably satisfy most of the people wanting to actually import from D&D beyond



Would a JSON converting script be possible? I was thinking that I could export the JSON from DnDBeyond and then run a conversion script to rename and place it where it should go in Astral’s JSON format, but I’m not finding a way to import characters in Astral. I’m very new to Astral, so I might be missing this functionality, I’d be willing to try and begin the work to create conversion scripts, or at least look into it.

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Hi @coffeepostal

Currently the staff are not prepared to open Astral up in any way for us users to implement something like that. A few of us have offered in the past.

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A little update:

dndbeyond removed the /json link for now, this is due to a API revamp.
I am currently hoping astral takes advantage of this when it comes out, and could shape how other programs keep track of characters

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I’m currently using my D&D Beyond Character in a game here on Astral. Really, the only thing needed (If Possible) would be a way to put the dice rolls you make in Beyond into chat in Astral.

Would that be doable?

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Unless I’m mistaken, that would (currently) require breaching the EULA of D&D Beyond, which is illegal and would result in lawsuits.


Drat, Damn and Ffffffflip.


This extension breaches the DNDBeyond EULA?



Integrating D&D Beyond seamlessly with Virtual Tabletops

Or did you mean specifically an integrated tool in Astral would breach that EULA?

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The issue is that the tool, if modified for use on Astral, requires injecting code into Astral. That code injection could cause problems, and is therefore not allowed.


Yes. Please add either the capability to import D&D 5e character sheets from D&D beyond or to send rolls from D&D beyond using the Beyond20 extension. Without this functionality, Astral is a really tough sell.



Another request here for importing character stats (for 5e in particular) from a DnDBeyond export. This is honestly the only thing keeping me from migrating from Roll20 to Astral.

Astral’s interface for everything - maps, chat, audio, journal - and dynamic lighting and player controls is much better than Roll20, but I’m not going to invest time recreating my campaign in Astral if it takes me 30 minutes to update a character sheet every time someone levels up and every time I want to bring in a major NPC with a full sheet.

That’s not to take away from the character sheet builder in Astral, either. It’s flexible and powerful. Had Astral been what it is today when I and a lot of other gamers needed years ago, I would have used Astral exclusively.

However, anecdotally, you’re missing out on a contingent that has been waiting on a better VTT that makes it easy to switch. Astral is a better VTT … The second part isn’t quite true yet.

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Hello @levee and welcome to the Forums

You can use the latest version of Beyond20 to use your DnDBeyond characters directly with Astral, without the need for importing the character data.



Thanks, @LaMorte. I did know that Beyond20 now works with Astral to a degree. I was commenting on the inability to import the character sheet data from DnD Beyond into Astral so that the Astral quick action bar and such can be used. Maybe I misinterpreted the wishlist request from @PalgamingHD .


Not at all @levee

I believe this request was posted well before Beyond20 actually started work on the Astral integration though.



Here’s why this would be great - D&D Beyond is getting really good, and the integration of their Avrae bot into Discord is making the system excellent. Even dice rolls/skill checks/initiative can go through Discord.

I’ve just bought a Gold subscription to Astral as a battlemat replacement for my Zoom-based games. But my players understandably don’t want to maintain two separate character sheets, so we don’t use the higher features of Astral beyond maps/pogs/dynamic lighting.

With D&D Beyond integration, we’d use the full set of Astral features. And that would be sweet.

Sorry if I’m resurrecting a dead thread - if it’s too old to be useful then please mark it closed.

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Sours: https://support.astraltabletop.com/t/importing-from-d-d-beyond/
How to import / integrate your DnDBeyond Character Sheet into Roll20 with Beyond20

Getting Started

Avrae is a powerful bot, but it can be pretty daunting to get everything set up! Here’s three quick steps to getting a character sheet linked with Avrae, and ready to play in a game!

Step 1: Invite Avrae to Your Server

The first step is to add Avrae to your server. Make sure you have the Manage Server permission, and head over to invite.avrae.io.

Optional: Setting a Prefix

After you add Avrae, you might want to change the prefix in case other bots use the same prefix:

!prefix <prefix> - Insert any prefix you want to use based on your server (ex. !, #, $, !!, etc.)

Using Help

With the built in !help command, you get information about other commands in the bot. Here is the syntax for using help:

For example, will bring up the help dialog for the !attack command. Try it out for yourself!

Help will give you examples of commands you can use and information about them.

Step 2: Add a Character

Once you have your stats, think of what character you want to play and make them a sheet on D&D Beyond, Dicecloud, or Google Sheets!

Once you’re done making your character, make sure it’s publicly viewable (Avrae needs to be able to see your sheet), grab the sharing URL, and follow the steps below depending on what sheet system you chose to use. You should see your character’s stats pop up in Discord!

D&D Beyond

To add a character from D&D Beyond, use the following command:

!import https://ddb.ac/characters/


If you link your D&D Beyond and Discord accounts and your DM links your campaign to a channel, your character’s rolls made on D&D Beyond or the Player App will appear in Discord!


To add a character from Dicecloud, use the following command:

!import https://dicecloud.com/character/


Avrae can update your HP and consumables live on Dicecloud - share the sheet with edit permissions with .

Google Sheets

To add a character from GSheet, use the following command:

!import https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/


You will need to share your sheet with .

Step 3: Ready to Roll

You’re ready to roll now! You can use the command to roll skill checks, for saving throws, and to attack with your weapons!

For example:
  • - rolls an Intelligence (Arcana) check

  • - rolls a Dexterity Save

  • - rolls an attack with a longsword

Next Steps

For more detailed documentation on how each command works, you can use to view a list of supported arguments, or come join us at the Avrae Development Discord!

Sours: https://avrae.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cheatsheets/get_started.html

To dndbeyond campaign character add

dndbeyond importer isn't working

Hello, I am not sure what I am missing or what not. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with the importer script. I am hoping that people out there can help me out. We know how to import a character sheet from dndbeyond and never had any problem until we made a campaign on dndbeyond. We can still import a character sheet as long it isn't connected to the campaign. We want the character sheet from the campaign because we have access to several books. The error we are getting is SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( in JSON at position 0 SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (&lt;anonymous&gt;) at on (apiscript.js) at eval (eval at &lt;anonymous&gt; (/home/node/dapi-server/api.js), &lt;anonymous&gt;) at Object.publish (eval at &lt;anonymous&gt; (/home/node/dapi-server/api.js), &lt;anonymous&gt;) at /home/node/dapi-server/api.js at /home/node/dapi-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js at hc (/home/node/dapi-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js) at Kd (/home/node/dapi-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js) at Id.Mb (/home/node/dapi-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js) at Zd.Ld.Mb (/home/node/dapi-server/node_modules/firebase/lib/firebase-node.js) This link is the link to the importer that we are currently using.&nbsp; <a href="https://github.com/RobinKuiper/Roll20APIScripts/blob/master/BeyondImporter_5eOGL/BeyondImporter.js" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/RobinKuiper/Roll20APIScripts/blob/master/BeyondImporter_5eOGL/BeyondImporter.js</a> Let me know if any of you can be of assistance. Thanks =)
Sours: https://app.rollnet/forum/post//dndbeyond-importer-isnt-working-dot-dot-dot
Starting a Campaign on D\u0026D Beyond - Dungeon MasterClass

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