Touch of class chair cushions

Touch of class chair cushions DEFAULT

TYHZ Chair Cushion Dining Chair Cushions,Chair Pads Non Slip Sea

TYHZ Chair Challenge the lowest price of Japan Cushion Dining Cushions Slip Pads Sea Non 30 Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen TYHZ Chair Cushion Dining Cushions Pads Non Slip Sea TYHZ Chair Challenge the lowest price of Japan Cushion Dining Cushions Slip Pads Sea Non Pads,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Chair,Slip,Non,Dining,TYHZ,30,Cushions,Cushion,Sea 30 Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen TYHZ Chair Cushion Dining Cushions Pads Non Slip Sea Pads,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Chair,Slip,Non,Dining,TYHZ,30,Cushions,Cushion,Sea

TYHZ Chair Challenge the lowest price of Japan Cushion Dining Cushions Slip Pads Sea ! Super beauty product restock quality top!  Non


TYHZ Chair Cushion Dining Chair Cushions,Chair Pads Non Slip Sea

TYHZ Chair Cushion Dining Chair Cushions,Chair Pads Non Slip Sea


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Touch of Class


Linda from OR wrote on March 24, 2021

This was my first purchase from Touch of Class. I am a little disappointed in the pads stuffing. It is not as full as my old ones and I believe that within a few months I will have to replace them. Also they are a little short in size. However, the color is true and they look as they appear in the photos. When they wear out, I probably will not use these again.

Deb Hoag from MA wrote on January 25, 2021

I've long contemplated buying these chair cushions, as twice I've bought and returned other store-bought chair cushions that I didn't like. These fit my chair's seat perfect and they do an excellent job staying in place. But what I like most is that, although they look like a thick chair pad, they actually are very comfortable to sit on and they don't give you that awkward feeling of sitting higher on the chair. These are actually a dream to sit on my otherwise very hard kitchen chairs. These are keepers!

Connie from CA wrote on October 09, 2020

The cushions are made well, very comfy and look good on my dining room chairs.

Vickie from GA wrote on October 02, 2020

The quality of this product exceeded my expectations

Sarah from MD wrote on May 21, 2020

It fit my chairs perfectly and is so comfortable. I was really nervous about purchasing online, but it turned out amazing.

Chair Cushions Chair cushions

Ken from FL wrote on May 08, 2020

Excellent quality, speedy shipping and a good price.

Deb from FL wrote on May 04, 2020

These chair cushions were backordered 3 times before I finally received them. I was so happy when they finally arrived. However, when I placed them on my wood dining room chairs, they were very uncomfortable. I called to ship them back, but found out I had to pay for the shipping. I said forget it. I will keep them. Using my seam ripper, I was able to undo the 4 "buttons" in the middle of each cushion. They actually weren't buttons. they were sewn in little circles made to look like buttons. Once I undid them all and made the cushions flat, they worked out very well. My chairs are very large and the cushions now work great. Non slip - no ties and fit the chairs very nice. I am very happy with them, now.

Gina from MA wrote on April 16, 2020

Love these seat cushions. Very comfortable and of superior quality.

Barb from IL wrote on March 09, 2020

I’m torn about my feeling for these cushions I bought for my dining room chairs. They are well made... thicker and larger than most I’ve seen. I bought the gray, which is listed as a blue gray and is accurate. I don’t understand, though, why the nonskid grip on the underside is bright blue . Because the cushions are thick you can see the blue color a bit from the sides of the chairs. Maybe after use they will flatten and hopefully this will not be the case. I would ask why not use gray to match the material of the seat?

Jim from IL wrote on March 09, 2020

We have found the pads to work very well when placed on hard, oak, library chairs. They do not slip and they are soft enough to ease sitting on such a hard surface for 3 hours at a time.

Padded Cushions for Chairs

JUDITH A dickson from CO wrote on February 03, 2020

Like the color and cushions stay on chair.

Sandi from CA wrote on December 26, 2019

We like the seat cushions. We have five chairs that need a cushion. The color is perfect. They arrived promptly. We will look to you in the future when it's time to replace.

Linda from WV wrote on September 03, 2019

These cushions look very nice, and they do not slip. I have been wanting cushions, thought about custom made. However, these are very reasonably priced. Now, if you only had some matching bench cushions.

Joan from CA wrote on June 18, 2019

It is being used on our rocking chair. It is non-skid and comfortable. We needed the cushion only because the rocking chair back pad is fine. I would recommend this cushion.

Noreen Lanzaro from NY wrote on September 04, 2018

Geri from NY wrote on February 23, 2017

I wanted to make my 'wooden' dining room chairs a bit more comfortable. After checking several online options, I chose Touch of Class to order -- Twillo Chair Cushion Set (of two cushions). The price for two was very good at $39.99. While several great colors were offered, I chose 'chocolate' for my light oak dining room chair. These chair cushions were large and had a 'gripper' backing, so that there were no 'ties' for the chair, which is what I was looking for. I ordered ' one set' of 'two cushions' to 'try them out". I am THRILLED with this purchase. The cushions are substantial, very comfortable, and overall have the look and feel of a high quality item. I will be purchasing more to complete my needs for each of the dining room chairs, including the additional chairs that I use in other parts of our home. I am pleased to write my very positive review on these cushions. These were a great purchase!! If you need cushions, try these -- you will not be disappointed.

CooBoo from CA wrote on July 29, 2016

I purchased these cushions in red for my dining room chairs. I like how thick and cushiony they are, and I also love the fabric and the bottoms that have no slide fabric. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Updater from FL wrote on June 07, 2016

Love the color. The stay-put backing allows for no ties.

Ann from WI wrote on June 04, 2016

They are very nice. I have not been able to tell if they will stay in place with the backing they have yet. I have not had them long enough.

Paulette W. Jessup from NC wrote on May 15, 2016

Needed new cushions for chairs at dining table. I just hope that these don't go flat soon after they have been used several times.

Maipenrai from FL wrote on May 10, 2016

The quality is amazing and it's nice and big. However, the color was not as expected from the picture.

mererdith from NJ wrote on April 01, 2016

I like that the cushions are so soft with a friction bottom. I also like the color.

Nice looking & comfortable

Badcat from AL wrote on March 11, 2016

Bought this cushion for the seat of a Bentwood rocker. Although it's a little smaller than the seat, the non-skid back holds it in place. It's very attractive and quite comfortable.

John B. from VA wrote on February 02, 2016

I am very happy with this cushion. It was exactly as pictured on the company site. I wanted a thicker cushion than is usual for most seat cushions and this one is perfect.

Irene from MA wrote on March 10, 2015

I was not sure about the color, but it blends well with the kitchen decor. The no slip feature works very well. I am very pleased with the purchase.

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Touch of Class

Shop dining room chair covers you can personalize with your monogram or last name. Plus, browse cushy dining room chair cushions in stunning splashes of color. From floral prints to fruit patterns, from burgundy to blue, these chair pads bring a sense of style to your dining area.

Without a little ornamentation here and there, a dinner table is easily overlooked. Fortunately, dining room chair covers offer a quick and affordable way to quickly dress up your table. These are the fabric coverings that fit over the backs of your chairs. Tied off with sash bows in the back, these chair covers provide elegance without all the fuss of their floor-length counterparts.

Comfy dining room chair cushions, meanwhile, are simply a must, regardless of whether your tastes lean casual or sophisticated. Available in sets of two, these stylish chair pads can be mixed and matched for a look all your own. Try adding in a pair of patterned cushions and then a pair of solid, just to shake things up, or display moss green chair pads alongside trendy teal.

Pick out dining chair seat covers that you can personalize with a last name or even your initial. The first pattern, the light cream and gold Elegante, speaks to more subdued tastes with a hint of glamour. The second, featuring dark red and gold, lends a sense of Prestige to your surroundings. Choose whichever style suits you most, and let sequined trim and fabric blooms attract a bit of attention.

Meanwhile, on the more practical side of things: chair pads with ties will keep your cushions in place, ensuring your guests are comfortable as they bask in a stylish environment of your own creation. Pick out dining chair cushions with ties in an assortment of eye-catching patterns. You can take your pick from tropical foliage, toile prints, and even multicolor florals.

For those seeking out a more casual accent, however, it's as easy as choosing kitchen seat cushions in solid colors or subtle stripes. Blue gray, chocolate, or dark beige will blend beautifully into the background. Burgundy, wedgewood blue, and black, meanwhile, all make quite a statement, whether your style is traditional or tropical.

How to Make a Window Seat Cushion

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Seat pad sewing tutorial - DIY seat cushion

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