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The Corrections or Jail Division is responsible for the housing and management of inmates with both state and federal charges. The jail facility is designed to meet guidelines to house federal prisoners. The jail division is staffed with deputies and correctional officers that are trained how to supervise and manage the large number of inmates that the facility houses. Responsibilities of the jail division staff include some of the following: Security of inmates. Enforcing jail rules and policies. Responding to inmate disturbances. Maintaining a clean jail environment. Providing nutritional meals to inmates. Maintaining a peaceful jail environment. Transportation of inmates. Monitoring health and obtaining medical attention for inmates. Escorting inmates to and from court. Inmates of the jail have access to collect telephone calls only and are allowed to make telephone calls only during certain hours of the day. Telephone messages of any kind are not allowed to be passed to inmates from outside citizens. If you are having problems getting collect calls from an inmate or if you wish to block an inmate from calling you, please call: Encartel at 1-800-562-7062. Or contact them on the web at: www.encartele.netShould you need to speak with a Corrections Officer please call: 1-660-827-0056. Visitation information and rules can be found below. Letters, photographs, or any other type of written correspondence to an inmate must be sent via postal mail. Correspondence cannot be left at our office for personal delivery. Envelopes should be addressed in the following format: Pettis County Jail Attn: Inmate (Insert full name here) 333 S. Lamine Sedalia, MO. 65301

Jail Visitation

Time / Day 1300 – ? 1800 – ?Sunday B pod A & M podsMonday C podTuesday G podWednesday W/R & H PodsThursday F & J podsFriday D & K PodsSaturday L pod E pod
As of August 1, 2011 no packages will be accepted for any inmate. Money will no longer be accepted at the counter or by mail. You can give money to an inmate through our kiosk, by phone at Access Secure Deposits 800 number: 1-800-345-1884 or by browsing to Inmate Deposits. Please see our homepage for more information.Property for inmates will no longer be accepted. Inmates can make purchases at the commissary.

Pettis County Jail is located in the city of Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri State. Just like other jails, it is the maximum security facility.

In USA, Currently total of more than 6,125 confinement facilities available including 942 juvenile correctional facilities, 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 3,283 local jails and 79 Indian Country jails. Our website Contains every prison information in the USA.

By using Pettis County Jail inmate Locator, You can Lookup for Past & Current Inmates List, Inmate Roster, Mugshots, arrest reports and/or booking information. Pettis County Jail Prison Database contains all level offenders from the low level to high-level crimes like robbery, rape & murder, Death Row Inmates List, etc… Locating an inmate in 6000+ Jails is not the easy one. But we will help you to find inmate as fast as possible.

For Quick Pettis County Jail Inmate Search, You need inmates First & Second Name and Knowing Arrest Date will make this even easy. If you don’t know inmates Name, Still No problem. You can see All inmates held in Pettis County Jail one by one which will take some time. You will get information like Charges, Case Status (Pre Trial, Sentenced or Released), Court Date, Mugshots, Arresting Agency, Bond type & Money (If Applicable), Scheduled Release Date etc…

Pettis County Jail inmate search

If above Inmate Search link is not working (or) jail Tracker is Currently not online, You can call Directly to 660-827-0056 to know about the inmate. Pettis County Jail staff is available 24/7 to help with your problems.

If you can’t find an inmate, Please Double check in which jail inmate is held. If you are Sure, Call to 660-827-0056 to know more details. If you Don’t Know which Jail or for other possibilities, Click below Links.

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Pettis County Jail

State: Missouri
County: Pettis
No of Beds: 210

Pettis County Jail Contact Information:

Call to Below Number to Know about an inmate, Visiting Hours and FAQ, Rules and Regulations, etc…

Telephone Number:

FAX Number:

333 S. Lamine
Sedalia, MO 65391


You can use Below address to send Money, Pictures, Books & Magazines, Care Packages and Mailings to Inmate.

Inmates First and Last Name
Pettis County Jail
333 S. Lamine
Sedalia, MO 65391

GPS Coordinates : Longitude: 38.70748 and Latitude: -93.2269

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Search Inmates in Pettis County, Missouri. Results May Include: Arrests, Bookings, Arrest Date, Mugshot, Date, FileNo, DCno, Sex, Race, Blk, Cell, Custody, SentStatus, CourtDate, CourtTime, Court.

Pettis County Missouri Sheriff Overview

Pettis County is situated in the western part of Missouri. Its county seat is Sedalia. Pettis County was formed at the beginning of 1833 and named after Spencer Darwin Pettis, a former U.S. Representative. The zip codes in Pettis county include 65337, 65347, 65345, 65351, 65350, 65301, 65333 and 65332.

The first person in command of the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office is Sheriff Kevin Bond. Sherif Bond is supported by Captain Sam Hargrave as well as by Captain Dave Keller who is in charge of the Patrol division. Sheriff Bond can be reached by calling him on 660-827-0052 or by visiting his office located on 319/333 South Lamine Ave in Sedalia. Sheriff’s Office operations are organized in divisions, including Criminal Investigation, Patrol and Communications. To get notifications about the work of the Sheriff’s Office create an online account via NIXLE.

Pettis County Sheriff’s Office:

Address: 319/333 South Lamine Ave Sedalia, 65301 Missouri

Phone: 660-827-0052

Inmate Search in Pettis County Jail

If you want to find information about an inmate housed in the Pettis County Detention Center use the Missouri state

which is maintained by the Department of Corrections. This database includes description of the charge and photos of the offenders. To find updated details about local inmates call the Sheriff’s Office on 660-827-0052. To get alerts about an offender’s status if you ar a crime victim use VINE to create an online account.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures:

Visitation hours from 1pm

B and L pods on Saturdays and Sundays.

Visitation hours from 6pm

A and M pods on Sunday, C pod on Monday, G pod on Tuesday, W, R and H pods on Wednesday, F and J pods on Thursday, D and K pods on Friday and E pod on Saturday.

Send letters or photographs to the inmate via postal mail. Use the following address on the envelope:

Pettis County Jail

Attn: Inmate (Insert full name here)

333 S. Lamine

Sedalia, MO. 65301

Inmates can use phone cards to make phone calls during certain hours of the day. Inmate phone services are managed by Encartele available for contact on 1-800-562-7062 ot ar

To send money to an inmate use one of the following options:

In person through the jail kiosk

By phone at Access Secure Deposits: 1-800-345-1884

Online via Inmate Deposits

Working at Pettis County Jail or Sheriff’s Office:

Law enforcement in Missouri offers various job positions, including openings for police officers, chief deputies, patrol officers, detention or correctional officers, police trainees, park rangers, as well as positions in communications. A Patrol Officer working in the City of Republic in Missouri can earn a starting hourly rate of $15.57.

Typical job duties of a Patrol Officer include executing general and specific police processes and operations, protecting the life and property of local citizens and patrolling

Required Job qualifications are:

  • High School completion or an equivalent degree
  • At least 18 years old
  • An associate degree in Law Enforcement is an advantage
  • Knowledge in police work, laws and law enforcement regulations
  • Communication and computer skills, as well as management and team skills
  • Possessions of a valid driver’s license
  • POST, First Aid and Fire Safety certifications
  • Clean background history, drug screening and physical examination

    If you are interested to find out more details or to apply for the above open position in the City of Republic contact Faith Rees via mail at [email protected] or call her on  417-732-3133.

    Sex Offender Search and Lookup:

    All offenders who have been found guilty, have been charged with or have been convicted of a sex offense must register in the sex offender registry maintained countrywide and in the states. Example of a sex offense are criminal behaviors such as rape, child molestation, child pornography, sexual abuse or assault, lewd conduct or alternative sexual acts committed against the will of another person. If you need to see details about the physical description, the charges and an image of a sex offender in your area use the name-based search filter in the Missouri Highway Patrol Sex Offenders List or get the same information at the toll-free number 1-888-SOR-MSHP (767-6747).

    Bail and Bondsman

    Arrested criminals are put in custody in the Pettis County jail. If the circumstances of the crime allow, the judge who was in charge of deciding on the arrest warrant will set a bail so that the defendant can post it as a security for court appearance. When you want to bail someone out of Pettis County Jail, you can post the bond amount on his or her behalf. If you don’t have the bail amount, contact an authorized Missouri bondsman to ask for a bail loan. Make sure you pay the service fee, provide a collateral when needed and adhere to the bail rules of court appearance as set in the court order. If you fail to comply with the bail conditions and miss your trial, you will lose the bond and all associated fees, and get arrested by a bounty hunter.

  • Address: 403 S. LAMINE AVENUE SEDALIA MO 65301

    Pettis County Unemployment and Median Household Income
    Civilian Labor Force Annual Average, 201620,948
    Number Employed Annual Average, 201619,922
    Number Unemployed Annual Average, 20161,026
    Unemployment Rate, 20164.9
    Median Household Income Annual Average, 201542,137

    Sources: Unemployment – Bureau of Labor Statistics LAUS data, Median Household Income – Census Bureau SAIPE data, Rural Classifications – USDA Economic Research Service

    Pettis County Poverty Data
    Estimate of People of All Ages In Poverty 20146,223
    Estimate Percentage of People of All Ages In Poverty 201515.1

    Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Model-based Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)

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