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Welcome to the A3: STILL ALIVE Guild Recruitment Forum! Please use this forum to either recruit members for your guild, or to look for a guild yourself!

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Use this place to look for players to play with! Please provide relevant information with the following template to make things smoother for everyone! (Adjust it as you see fit!)

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Greetings, Guardians!

To celebrate the official launch of A3: STILL ALIVE, we are giving away coupons on the official Discord server! For more details, please see below.

Event Period:
11/14 00:00 - 11/16 00:00 (EST)
11/14 06:00 - 11/16 06:00 (CET)

Coupon Contents:
- 300 Blue Diamonds

How to Participate:

1) Join the A3: STILL ALIVE official Discord server: discord.gg/A3StillAlive
2) [Discord] - [OFFICIAL EVENTS] - Enter #alivealoneattack channel
3) After entering channel, enter $alivealoneattack in chat

~ Did you know? A3 stands for Alive, Alone, Attack.

4) After entering the code, the event bot, Garion, will send you a coupon code via a direct message.

* Note
- In order to receive the coupon from the bot, you must go the official Discord’s settings menu and allow direct messages from server members.
- If you lose your coupon number, you can enter the same command to have the bot resend your coupon code via a direct message.
- The coupon is issued once per account and can be used only once per account in-game.
- You can enter the issued coupon at the A3 Premium Coupon window on the Coupon Use page.
- Please see [Coupon Use Details] notice for instructions on how to use the coupon.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'SURVIVE THE DARKNESS a3 STILL ALIVE Take full advantageof a3 official Discord channel!'
Sours: https://www.facebook.com/A3SAEN/posts/greetings-guardiansto-celebrate-the-official-launch-of-a3-still-alive-we-are-giv/146398063876198/
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How to Redeem Code on A3 Still Alive

A3: Still Alive has been finally released and a lot of players are playing this brand new MMORPG mobile game today.

A lot of you probably here because you’d like to know on how to redeem the coupon code either given by the Facebook fan page or you want to know the latest coupon code for the game.

  1. List of Coupon Codes
  2. How to Redeem Codes on Android
  3. How to Redeem Codes on iOS

Well, you come on the right place since this page we will be updating this post with the latest coupon code that you can get in the game and how to get it.

List of Coupon Codes

Here are the list of active coupon code that you can redeem in A3: Still Alive.

CodeRewardsCoupon Event
DARKSURVIVE500,000 GoldA3 Special Coupon
A3TOPAZ100 TopazA3 Special Coupon
A3GOLDBOX100,000 GoldA3 Special Coupon
A3FEATHER30 Common Feather of ProtectionA3 Special Coupon
A3REINFORCE5 Enhancement Blessing ScrollA3 Special Coupon
A3MANASTONE1,000,000 Mana StoneA3 Special Coupon
A3STILLALIVE300 Blue DiamondA3 Special Coupon
Join their Discord to get a Coupon Code at discord.gg/A3StillAlive then proceed to #alivealoneattack channel. Type “$alivealoneattack” in chat (without double quote)Unknown

If you find any codes that are already expired, please let us know in the comment section so we can update it.

How to Redeem Coupon Code on Android

To redeem the code, you need to click the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your game screen.

Then click the Settings Gear icon at the bottom center of the page.

At Settings, you need to scroll down and select Account. From here, you need to click Enter Coupon.

Then select the event where you get the coupon code, in our list its the Coupon Event column. For example, with the DARKSURVIVE code, you need to select A3 Special Coupon.

How to Redeem Coupon Code on iOS

On iOS, redeeming the code will be different. You need to obtain your Account ID first to redeem the code. But no worries, we will explain to you step by step on how to get it and get your rewards.

To get your Account ID, you need to click the hamburger icon on the upper right corner.

Click the Settings Gear icon at the bottom center of the page.

Then at the Settings, scroll down and press Account. From here, you’ll find the Account ID at the center.

Copy it and activate the code on the following pages, depending from what event it belongs.

That’s it guys! Hope you enjoy these code for your adventure.

Sours: https://gamingph.com/2020/11/how-to-redeem-code-on-a3-still-alive/
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Alive a3: discord still

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A3: STILL ALIVE - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Chapter 1 (Android, iOS)

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