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Welcome To 11 Best Tips For Pokemon Revolution Online!


free-pokemon-revolution-onlineDid you know that Pokemon Revolution Online or PRO has now launched by a team of fans Pokemon universe?!

Whats is the Pokemon phenomenon? If you have deliberately ducked your mind in the cutesy “Pikachu” and the countless friends, is made by Satoshi Tajiri for your Nintendo Game Boy within the late ’90s.

The game features kid-friendly mechanics, a great deal of cute animal-monster hybrids, plus the basic structure of an Japanese RPG, wherein players utilize an alternating “Player goes first, Computer goes second” combat phase to end “battles.”

Gamers use each player’s, or even in it, Pokemon’s, skills to address, defend, and make use of items. Also usual for the Japanese-style role-playing game: an everyday, identifiable protagonist – commonly a young male – is thrust into extraordinary circumstances and must fight to save the planet or gain notoriety.

Let’s talk about Pokemon Revolution Online…

The graphics is somewhere between Emerald and Platinum. Thee is the possibility to play alongside other players and getting together with them through duels and trades.

  1. If you are brand new to Pokemon Revolution Online game than you may click here to read PRO Bible that was created by Gradiusic.

Pokemon Revolution can be played on  PC Windows (32bit and 64bit versions) together with Android devices, Mac and Linux clients.


You will start your adventure inside the Kanto region. Professor Oak will award you with your first Pokemon. Now it’s your turn slowly but surely working your approach to the top. There are  well known Gym Leaders like Brock, Koga and Misty are on your way to the top.

Interesting fact that you will encounter characters that only previously appeared from the anime. For instance, the now popular Meowth-James-Jessie trio.


In PRO, or Pokemon Revolution Online, when you defeat Champion and the Elite 4, complete a spot, you will be send to other region. Due to yours previously caught Pokemon stored away temporarily. It like starting over Ash-style.

When you are done with the Kanto region, you may be transferred or transported to Johto. You will be on your own to check this region and build your perfect team.  As soon as you defeated this region Pokemon League, you are entitled to reclaim your old Pokemon. Get it back!


The game action is very well optimized when it comes to mouse and keyboard controls. You will have a quick access to all features like statistics and capabilities of your Pokemon, to address commands, interactions with other sites players, and much more.

Pokemon Revolution Online gives you to have access to all seven hundred twenty one () Pokemon. There are  also () working abilities and () working moves available there.

The game has morning-day-night cycle, so you can challenge others again later.

2. Click hereto get helpful and useful in-game commands keys.

As any other game, there is a game  currency – Poke Dollars. There is no point to say that more Poke dollars you have, more rare items you can buy.  Is it easy to get? Tell me…

PRO, or Pokemon Revolution, is completely free-to-play. If you have extra real currency to donate, they always welcome to accept it. By doing it, you can have a chance to use “premium” Pokemon, to boost your experience level and increase your Poke dollars amount during the battles.

3. Click here to know more about PRO donations and MS Purchase

The donations are used for further development of the game and maintenance of the server. The PRO team said that all their members are unpaid volunteers. They are just HUGE FANS of the Pokemon game. This Pokemon MMO is still in Live beta. There will be more regions, more abilities and much bigger server capacity. The future s bright!

4. To know more about quality/ratings use this link

5. Click here to see completed list of every Pokémon from all 6 generations of the Pokémon series (with stats).

6. How to find all kind of items, click here for dig spots locations.

7. How to get every Pokemon in PRO, the Pokedex – click here.

8. Click here for available TM/Tutors Locations

9. To find EV Training Hotspots, click here.

Click here to locations of hidden items.

Items location and their descriptions

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Tips To Play Pokemon Revolution Online

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Pokemon – the wonder word which instantly evokes a response in everyone’s eyes. Yes, it may sound strange but Pokemon has become a household name all over the world, from young to old. As a kid, many still remember playing the Pokemon Revolution Online be it on the computer or through their game cards. 

As a Pokemon trainer, it gave awesome chances to all players young and old alike to give vent to their abilities. So the popularity of this game has led to several improvements and further developments in it. One such development is the Pokemon Revolution.

Know Pokemon Revolution Online

The Pokemon revolution is an incarnation of the Pokemon video game franchise. The Pokemon Revolution Online uses the Wi-Fi connection to play the game.

The Pokemon Revolution Online or in short PRO offers various ways to develop a friendship with its members all over the world. In fact, there is a separate community made up of over active members each day.

Regarding the game, there are 4 major regions currently available. They are Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Johto. These offer various opportunities to become a regional champion and of course obtain many legendary and mythical Pokemon. The attractive feature is that are several customizations available in areas such as clothing, headwear, and mount options.

There is also a lot of end game options for battles that are built on the latest Gen 7 format. It offers a very competitive environment. Engaging in these battles will help in pushing up your ratings and ensures a spot on the ladder which is the top

Once a player is within the top 25 range, the player is entitled to some rewards. Some of them could be invitations to exclusive tournaments and others result in prizes that are very attractive.

The recent update as released by the team of Pokemon Revolution Online was done in December. Some fixes were done to the Client, Servers performance and new mounts added.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Keeping in mind the holiday season, snow effects were added as well. The Battle bag order has even changed so that now the balls are shown first and Zagoose has been added to the Pink an Island.

That’s not all, the updates include a reworking of the Christmas Forms that is Munchlax-Bunneary, Teddiursa, and Riolu. Also, New tiles for the Christmas event maps and Unova have been added too. So what exactly is this Pokemon Revolution Online?

This game has the cute Pikachu and other animal-monster hybrids who are regularly put into combat. The players have to use their skills as well as the skills of these animal-monster hybrids and save the planet. This game can be played on computers as well as Android devices.

The game’s process starts in the Kanto region – wherein there is a Professor Oak. He will award the player the Pokemon. Then there is the famous trio of Meowth-James-Jessie. In Pokemon Revolution Online, the steps are to defeat the Champions as well as the Elite 4 and then complete a spot. You will then be assigned to another spot.

How To Skip NPC Battles:

This can be done by logging out and logging in again. So by doing this, you can skip the NPC battle.

Teleport to Pokemon Centre via Wild battle:

If you are at the losing end, then there is the danger of losing your money. So again the tip here is to log out during a wild battle. Not to worry, there is no risk of losing your money. The best part is when you log in again you will be teleported to a previously visited poke center. This hint can be compared to taking an escape route and it is free.

If you are at the losing end, then there is the danger of losing your money. So again the tip here is to log out during a wild battle. Not to worry, there is no risk of losing your money. The best part is when you log in again you will be teleported to a previously visited poke center. This hint can be compared to taking an escape route and it is free.

Travel Pass:

If you unlocked the subway then you can buy a travel pass. Travelling passes to dig spots every day or every pick will be costly and also traveling between cities is costly.

So buy the travel pass in bulk which is a cheaper option. For this the player has to go to a Train Station, and choose from a pack of seven days, 14 days, 21 days, and 28 days. The more packs purchased the better the deal.

Smoke Ball:

The smoke ball is very useful in avoiding the traps so it can be used on the lead Pokemon. It is very efficient as it helps in running away from Diglett’s trap. This is a good hint if you are trying to find dig spots and Digletts.


The process to dig across the road is very simple and is used by most of the players in the Pokemon Revolution Online. But there is an easier option to teleport across to the end of the road. That is by talking to any of the Pokemon’s running around. This will help in teleporting. This will come in handy when you want to go to the Johto safari which is a long way off.

Pokemon Revolution Online

Buying Option:

For help in digging, flashing, cutting, rock Smashing and Head Butting can be bought in the coin shop. For example, the shovel will help in Digging, the Flashlight for flash. Actions such as Teleporting, Diving, and Rock climbing can unfortunately not be purchased.

Hunting Tips:

If you want to hunt a Magnemite, of a modest nature then it is better to hunt with a Kadabra because it has the synchronized ability. Catching a budew in the Viridian forest will help the player in beating Pewter City Gym.

Wrapping Up

So these are just a few tips that can be used while playing Pokemon Revolution Online. The Pokemon Revolution Online is always on the lookout for different ways to improve and implement new features into the game. There are special maps to explore and special quests to conquer which are made very unique as per the Pokemon Revolution OnlinePokemon Revolution Online universe.

So a player can rest assured that there will be constant and regular updates and improvements in the game. In addition, the team is always arranging special events for official and non-official staff. This is done so that they are able to reach out to a larger audience. To continue playing the Game and Enjoy!

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Pokemon Revolution: Cinnabar Mansion Guide

This Pokemon Revolution guide will show you all the items that you can get in Cinnabar Mansion including, of course, the rusty old Cinnabar Key.

First thing that you need to do is go to the 3rd floor of the Cinnabar Mansion. Once there, go south until you see the guard shown in the photo below.



The guard will ask you to enter one of the five doors. Take the first door right below the guard and it will lead you to the basement where the key is located.


Now that you got the Cinnabar key, make sure to get as well other valuable items found in the mansion. These items are Calcium, Zinc, TM22 &#; Solarbeam and &#; Nothing! Yes, check the third photo to see where to get Nothing!cinnabar-mansion-2cinnabar-mansion-3cinnabar-mansion-4cinnabar-mansion-5

Other items that you can get from Cinnabar mansion are Escape Rope (1F), Antidote and Full Restore (B1F).

If you find this guide helpful, please do not forget to share it! Thanks!

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Pokemon Revolution Online - How to Farm Fast \u0026 Easy (Repel Trick \u0026 more)

Map and Area Pokemon

In the upper right, below the time indicators, is a tab with an arrow icon pointing to the left. Clicking on this tab opens the map screen, which shows your location in the world. At the bottom of the map screen are two buttons. The button on the left brings up the map, and the one on the right shows the Pokemon in the area.


Time Cycles.png

The time icons are in the upper right corner. There are three different indicators: Local Time, Poke Time, and Time of Day.

Local Time is the current time in your time zone. Poke Time is the time in-game, where one minute passes in 9 real world seconds.

The Time of Day symbol shows what the time of day is: Morning, Day, or Night. The different symbols are:

  • Morning = Sun on a yellow and blue background - From to
  • Day = Sun on a blue background - From to
  • Night = Moon on a black background - From to

Some Pokemon can only be caught during morning, day, or night. This is shown on their Pokedex entry.

Running and Bike

Running has not yet been implemented, but a bike discount voucher can be obtained in Vermilion City from a kid in a house near the bottom of the city. You need to catch a wild Ditto and gift the kid to get the voucher, then purchase it from the Cerulean Bike Vendor for $60,


For HM and TM info Click in HERE

Sours: https://pokemon-revolution.fandom.com/wiki/Beginner_Basics

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY (Part 1/3) - While doing story! [Pokemon Revolution Online]

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