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Money Heist Season 5 Part 1: [SPOILER&#;S] Death Explained

WARNING: There are SPOILERS for Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 in this article.


The fans were holding back to see what unfurls after season four of Netflix’sMoney Heist, which finished in spectacular fashion.

Money Heist Season 5 Part 1’s trailer showed the Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) group going on an all-out battle against the Spanish Army.

This bit of the season really did satisfy the fans.

I saw that there were many fans online coming up with theories and speculating about what would happen to Tokyo, yet nobody ever thought that it was Úrsula Corberó’s character who would end up kicking the proverbial bucket.

Fans of the show, myself included, were certain that Tokyo will live on until the end of the show, but it wasn’t to be.

Before the fifth season (part 2) comes to Netflix, many fans are now wondering whether her death will end up giving the group enough time to get away from the Bank of Spain with the gold.

After the Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 finished, it occurred to me that her flashbacks about her dead sweetheart, joining the group, the beginning of her romance with Rio (Miguel Herrán) and discussions with her now-dead friend Nairobi were actually hinting at her untimely demise.

At first, I thought that we were only seeing very small snapshots of what really went on in Tokyo’s life and what she really was like as a person.

Maybe Season 5 might have revealed to us via the flashbacks – regardless of whether it be of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous) or Nairobi (Alba Flores), what was really going to happen to them.

Interestingly enough, all of these characters ended up dying.

Have Money Heist’s flashbacks been telling us what was going to happen to each character?


Credit: Netflix

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The Professor was the one who was beside Tokyo when she died and he seemed to accept her fate.

The two of them had an interesting bond and Tokyo even called him her “guardian angel”.

The character was getting a lot of criticism from the fans because she was impulsive and childish.

Be that as it may, we had the chance to see her passionate side and she developed as the show went on.

I have to say that the way in which they showed Tokyo’s death was first class.

I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that we were all left open-mouthed as Tokyo was taken out by expert sharpshooters.

Then, at that point, the group was under siege by covert operatives, who were taking their order from the Bank of Spain’s head of security César Gandía (José Manuel Poga).

Easily Money Heist’s most hated character, Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce), can be described at this point as César’s puppet.

He’s the guy who killed Nairobi in Season 4 (still can’t get over that death) and he brags about it constantly.

Well, maybe César has since overtaken Arturo the show’s most hated character, and he takes it to a completely new level in Season 5 Part 1.

He’s not a coward, like Arturo, and obviously takes great pleasure out of harming individuals and does it with a smile on his face.

I think the moment that made César one of pop culture’s most iconic villains was when Tokyo was lying on the floor – bleeding out after having been shot.

César walks over to her, points his gun at her head, preparing to kill her once and for all.

However, his smile immediately vanishes when he realises what Tokyo has done.

She’s smiling up at him and opens her closed hand, revealing the grenade pins she’s just taken out.

He then screams at his team to get back, but it’s too late, and they all die in a fiery explosion.

Well, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any fans theorising that Tokyo’s still alive because no one could survive such an explosion.

There’s no way Tokyo could survive such a blast – right?

Money Heist Season 5 First Look

Credit: Netflix

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This was just yet another scene that left Money Heist viewers weeping uncontrollably.

I know I was.

There have been many of those over the course of this show’s five seasons.

From Denver (Jamie Lorente) calling Tokyo his sister, Nairobi sharing her way of thinking about loss and friendship, to Tokyo conversing with Manila (Belén Cuesta) about her heartfelt feelings for Denver.

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What could happen in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2?

Money Heist Season 5 is in the pipeline

Credit: Netflix

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Anyway, back to Tokyo. There’s the moment when she tells The Professor that he was her guardian angel and that really got the fans weeping and just feeling generally miserable.

Yes, that was a downer, however, there were also some more upbeat moments in the season.

I’m thinking specifically of the moment when Manila finally tells Denver how she really feels and explaining to him that his romance with Stockholm (Esther Acebo) was not genuine love.

That was a pretty impressive moment, but I’m not sure that all Money Heist fans really appreciated it.

Then there’s Arturo. Oh, Arturo. Could you be more of an idiot?

Well, in Season 5, his stupidity levels reach new heists as he tried to kill the whole Money Heist gang along with all the prisoners all because of his little quarrel with Denver.

Thankfully, Stockholm gets back at Arturo, who once against attempted to weasel his way out of his sticky situation – typical Arturo.

She gets to shoot him – yes, Stockholm!

However, it’s unsure what’s going to happen to her from this point on.

She got an earful from Denver when told him that she’s joining the group.

He felt that it was a huge mistake, especially with a baby on the way. He has a point to be honest.

Then there’s Fernando Cayo’s character, Colonel Luis Tomayo, who ends up becoming even more frantic and feature as the season goes on.

He just wants them all dead, no matter the cost, and he’s playing with innocent people’s lives.

Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) might end up being the key to everything in the final season – we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 demonstrates that we need to be prepared for the worst.

Tokyo’s death alongside those of Nairobi, Moscow and Oslo (Roberto García Ruiz) are proof of that.

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 (the end) will be available to stream on Netflix from December 3rd.

What do you make of this rather long feature about Money Heist Season 5 Part 1?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Money Heist season 5, part 1 ending explained: Who dies in the new episodes?

The final season of Money Heist has dropped its first five episodes on Netflix and they were well worth the wait, sending the Salvador Dali gang into an all-out war where one member tragically loses their life.

The midseason finale features an epic stand-off between Spain’s armed forces and the robbers that have caused them so much trouble, as The Professor frantically scrambles to bring his Bank of Spain heist to a close.

Indeed, the ambitious theft takes a back seat to the action in this chapter, but rest assured that several members of the gang are still busy melting gold in the foundry, although it’s still unclear exactly how they plan to escape with it.

If you want spoiler-filled details on the Money Heist season five, part one ending, including the latest character to be killed off on the show, read on for our full breakdown.

Money Heist season 5 part 1 ending explained: Who dies in the finale?

The midseason finale of season five will forever be remembered by fans of the show for one key reason: the shocking and emotional death of Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), who has arguably been the main character in the Money Heist cast. (Learn more about Tokyo’s real name by reading our explainer.)

Tokyo, Denver and Manila find themselves pinned into the Bank of Spain’s kitchen by military man Sagasta and his squad, fortifying the doorway with a heavy duty stove countertop flipped on its side. The hefty hunk of metal gives them protection from incoming fire as well as a good angle from which to aim at their pursuers, placing Sagasta at an instant disadvantage.

He decides to make a new entry point into the kitchen via the pantry; a course of action that Gandía objects to, fearing it will take too long and give the robbers another chance to escape. His concerns are dismissed by Sagasta but the argument is overheard by Tokyo, who uses the contention to goad Gandía into defying orders by throwing a grenade into the kitchen.

In a display of magnificent reflexes, she throws the explosive back out before it has the chance to detonate, injuring Sagasta’s squad and leaving Gandía’s reputation in ruins.


The sound of the blast panics Rio, the on-again-off-again love interest of Tokyo, who is trapped on a lower level of the building. He retrieves the team’s jackhammer and begins drilling through the ceiling, hoping he’ll be able to rescue his teammates by creating a hole in the floor above.

Sagasta proceeds with his initial plan and begins drilling holes into the pantry wall, intending to plant explosives that will grant them access to the kitchen. Meanwhile, he also orders snipers on the outside of the building to focus their aim around the kitchen windows and standby for orders of when to fire.

Tokyo hears noise coming from the pantry and goes with Denver to investigate. She is alarmed to see the squad breaking through the wall and aims her guns through a couple of low-level holes they have made, shooting two members of Sagasta’s squad in the legs to immobilise them.


However, this alerts the squad to their location and Sagasta orders the snipers to concentrate their fire on the pantry. Denver narrowly escapes the hail of bullets unscathed, but Tokyo sustains several hits to her body. With her bulletproof vest protecting her vital organs, her wounds are non-lethal but make it difficult for her to use her arms.

That becomes a problem when Stockholm informs Denver that the only way out of the kitchen is via a catering lift shaft, which will require them to carefully lower themselves down cables for six whole floors. In her current injured state, that is something Tokyo simply cannot do but she tells Denver and Manila to go on without her and layer the bottom of the shaft with soft items (e.g. cushions etc.) as she will have to jump down.

Rio bursts through the floor with his jackhammer, creating a hole just to the side of where Tokyo is taking cover. The two share a teary reunion, holding hands through the gap between floors, but it is far too small for Tokyo to escape through.

The military squad detonate their explosives in the wall of the pantry and storm into the kitchen. Hiding behind cover, Tokyo fires at them to buy some time but realises she is hopelessly outgunned and has nowhere left to run. She bids farewell to her lover, Rio, and tells The Professor over their radio that it’s time for her to be his guardian angel.


She sustains many more bullet wounds from the squad and falls to the floor. However, when the team go to inspect her condition, they find that she has unpinned the four grenades strapped to her chest. They detonate, instantly killing Tokyo and potentially taking the entire military squad with her.

Moments before her death, she tells Rio that she is thinking about them dancing together at the safe house before the first heist. This calls back to a conversation between herself and Nairobi, where she said she believes that after death you are trapped in whatever memory you last thought about, and so she planned to picture her happiest when her final moments come.

The season ends with the rest of the gang struggling to process Tokyo’s death, before cutting to the release date of the last ever episodes: Friday 3rd December . Mark your calendars!

Money Heist season five, part one is available to stream on Netflix – read our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix.

Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight. 

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Money Heist season 5, part 2: Who will take over as narrator?

Money Heist: Rafael teaser released ahead of series five

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Money Heist, which is also referred to as La Casa de Papel, has been one of Netflix's most popular global dramas, attracting millions of viewers. Sadly, it's nearing the time to say goodbye to the gang for good, with just a handful of episodes left to come out. The first part of season five left subscribers hooked and eager to find out what is going to happen next.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Money Heist.

Money Heist returned for its fifth series on Netflix on Friday, September 3 with the robbers still held up in the Bank of Spain.

Tokyo (played by Ursula Corbero), Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Manila (Belén Cuesta) were trying to hide from the Spanish army in the kitchen, but it wasn't long before they managed to track them down.

Denver and Manila fled in the dumbwaiter, but Tokyo decided to stay behind and sacrifice herself for her friends.

She was shot by the soldiers, but in a sudden twist, it was shown she had grenades stuck to her chest, which then went off in a massive explosion, killing them all and herself in the process.

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Money Heist season 5, part 2: Who will be the narrator? (Image: NETFLIX)
Money Heist: Tokyo had been in the drama since the first season. (Image: NETFLIX)

Who will take over as narrator?

Not only has Tokyo been one of the original robbers from the very beginning of the Spanish drama, she has also been the narrator.

Her voice has been heard, talking fans through the show as the drama plays out on screen.

This led many viewers to believe that Tokyo was going to be the only one to survive the heists.

Taking to Reddit, one fan suggested: "Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) is the only one left alive in the end.

“Redditor redpa1ntt suggests the reason Tokyo is the narrator is that she's the only one who survives the heists.

“While we've lost some members along the way, the majority of the gang members are from the original eight in S1."

Money Heist: Could the Professor become the new narrator? (Image: NETFLIX)
Money Heist: Tokyo died at the end of season 5 part 1. (Image: NETFLIX)

Of course, given the series five midseason finale, it doesn't seem likely that Tokyo is still alive.

This completely throws out the theory that this is the reason why she was picked as the narrator.

There hasn't been an explanation given as to why Tokyo was chosen for this role.

More importantly, there has been no talk on who is going to replace her either.

Robson Green 'walked off' from acting role due to co-star fallout [CAST]
Question of Sport fans 'refuse to watch' as they demand Barker return [VIDEO]
Why did Ursula Corbero leave Money Heist as Tokyo? [EXPLAINER]

As Tokyo was an original character, it would make sense for another season one robber to take over the role.

Some of these include The Professor (Álvaro Morte), Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous), Rio (Miguel Herrán) and Helsinki (Darko Peri&#;).

Seeing as The Professor is the one who rounded up the gang and is essentially the leader, there is a good chance he will become the narrator. will update this article once more details have come out.

Fortunately, fans won't have too long to wait to find out, as season five will return later this year.

The series will once again be split into two parts with the remaining five episodes coming out on Friday, December 3.

But who, if any, will survive by the end of Money Heist's last season?

Money Heist is available to watch on Netflix.


After waiting more than one year for the Money Heist Season 5, volume 1 kicked the series finale episodes off with tension, flashbacks, and more tension. The gang wiped their tears following Nairobi’s death so they could get back to business — and in this case, business means war.

Blood, sweat, and tears aren’t enough to describe what the band has gone through, and fans have been with them every step of the way. That’s why it’s no surprise that the series’ latest death left people in shock and anguish over this kickass character. With only a few episodes left, the TV show won&#;t be the same.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Season 5, Volume 1]

'Money Heist' Season 5 Volume 1 with Bogota, Tokyo, Palermo, Lisbon, Rio, Denver

‘Money Heist’ fans sad that Tokyo died

Fighter. Impulsive. Wounded. Lover. All these words and more can be used when speaking about Úrsula Corberó’s Tokyo, the fallen soldier. And now everyone must speak about her in past tense because she’s dead. Tokyo went out like a boss, and she took Gandía with her.

It was hard not to binge watch all five episodes of volume 1 in one sitting, and Money Heist trended on the internet on its Sept. 3 release date as fans collectively mourned Tokyo. After taking five bullets from snipers, she continued to fight, willing to shoot a gun until her arms fell off. Too injured to jump down the dumbwaiter in time, she sacrificed herself when Sagasta’s team breached the kitchen.

Tokyo went out in a blaze of glory, and online, fans shouted, “No! Tokyoooooo!” Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit exploded with reactions, as many could not believe a main character died. Crying emojis and disbelief are filling up social media.

Many began a rallying cry similar to Nairobi’s with “For Tokyo!” Others simply commented, “I’m still crying my eyes out.” One Instagram user wrote, “Wow I just finished volume 5 and when I tell you my heart broke,” echoing viewers across the world.

Tokyo went from annoying character to hero

To be honest, Tokyo has not been a universally loved fan-favorite character since day one. It’s taken time to get there. When viewers met her in season 1, she clashed with Berlin, put the team at risk, and fell in love with Rio. As the story marched on, viewers saw how much she respected the professor and cared for the gang, but she also had a small beef with Raquel/Lisbon.

At times, she acted selfishly and recklessly which rubbed some in the audience the wrong way. Not everyone was of fan Tokyo in the beginning.

Somewhere in there, she matured a bit, redeemed herself in the middle of the heist, and had the courage to stand up for herself and the group. The bitter fight between the Resistance and Sagasta’s black ops crew proved that she could hold her own. Part 5 brought us hero Tokyo. Locked, loaded, and ready for war. And fans love her.

This version of Tokyo was dedicated to Professor and the plan, loved her heist family dearly, and focused on taking Gandía’s smug tail out. After selflessly encouraging Rio to live a new life, she will meet Nairobi at the picnic.

Fans wonder who will narrate ‘Money Heist’ Volume 2

What now? The battle isn’t over with five episodes left for Money Heist. Up to this point, Tokyo has been the narrator for the series, but now that she is dead, fans wonder if someone else will take over.

Creator Alex Pina has not revealed if another character will handle those duties, so it’s anyone’s guess whether Professor, Sierra, or another person’s voice will walk viewers through the finale. Tune in for volume 2 on Dec. 3.

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1 season reddit heist money

Money Heist 5: Arturo will not die in La Casa de Papel? Fan theory says he'll escape from bank

Although fans are eager to know how Money Heist would end, they are also looking forward to learning the fate of Arturo Roman. The character, who has been a part of the international series since the first season, has received nothing but hate from fans. To top it off, fans have been wishing his death since his return in the third season.

Now, ahead of Money Heist season 5's premiere, a few fans have taken to Reddit and said that they don't think Arturo (played by Enrique Arce) would die.

A Reddit user, with the handle AFoodLover, elaborated on the events that could unfold in the upcoming season and mentioned that Arturo could probably escape from the Bank of Spain with the hostages, giving a freeway for the military to attack the heist party. "I think Arturo will escort the hostages to escape the bank, or something like that, and that's why the military will come in," an excerpt of the fan theory read.

Another theory, by a user called traveldeeper, suggested that Arturo would die but not in a quintessential way. "I think the only reason they haven’t killed him off is because of the amount of comedic relief there is because of this guy (not necessarily because he’s funny but because the other characters hate him just as much as we do!) I think they are going to kill him off in season 5 but his death needs to be extremely satisfying. I don’t think he’ll go sacrificing himself or anything noble. What do you guys think? Will he be killed off? If not, why? If so, how?" the Money Heist fan wrote.

Responding to the post, a Reddit user argued, "The last thing I would want from a show like this is to kill off and keep people based on how the fans like them or hate them. They did this in the last seasons of Game of Thrones and it was catastrophic. The creators of the show should not consider these factors at all."

Also read: Money Heist Anthem: Netflix gives Bella Ciao a desi twist; Anil Kapoor channels Denver, Radhika Apte wants Arturo dead

"I don’t think he will be killed off. He’s proven to be a sneaky guy, who has always someone kept going," another comment read. Arturo, in Money Heist season 4, tried to make an escape but failed. Manila (played by Belén Cuesta) had crushed his plans. Not only did she shoot him in the foot but she also called him out for raping his fellow hostage.

Fans will have to wait until Money Heist season 5, vol 1, releases on September 3 to find out.

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Close StorySours:
Money Heist - Part 1 - Official Trailer - Netflix

Money Heist: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit)

The Netflix hit Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has taken the world by storm, extending far beyond Spain and gaining fans from all around the globe. With its fascinating premise, polarizing characters, and shocking twists, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of unpopular opinions about the show.

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Reddit has become the ideal platform for sharing these unpopular opinions, with fans coming together to discuss their thoughts about the show. From controversial character deaths to underrated love stories, fans have shared and debated a variety of topics related to Money Heist. With the show finally ending after five exhilarating seasons, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of these unpopular opinions about La Casa de Papel.

10 Just Call The Show La Casa De Papel

An unpopular opinion sprung up on a subreddit after user dtarias highlighted how “there's no good reason” to call the show Money Heist instead of La Casa de Papel. Most agreed with the Redditor, with other commenters saying that the original title is much better than the English version.

Since the show was originally made for a Spanish network and viewership, with the local cast speaking their language, this argument makes sense. However, Netflix likely decided to change the title to appeal to a wider audience who could understand English. The title Money Heist may not be a direct translation, but most fans would agree that it’s short, impactful, and can grab people's attention, drawing more viewers to the series.

9 Berlin Is Overrated

There’s no denying that Berlin was instrumental in getting the gang through the first heist. However, one deleted Redditor points out that he’s "highly overrated" in terms of likability and other characters, like Nairobi, the Professor, Lisbon, and Tokyo, "are far more likable than him." It also has been pointed out that flashbacks involving Berlin ruined Money Heist after its second season.

But most fans would probably say that despite being a cruel manipulator, Berlin always had the gang's best interests at heart – the fact that he sacrificed himself to save the crew only proves this point. He definitely wasn't perfect, but his wit, charm, and humor made him one of the most likable characters in the show.

8 Helsinki’s Reaction Was Worse Than Nairobi’s Death

Nairobi was one of the most beloved characters on Money Heist, which is why her brutal death was so devastating for fans. According to cvsnlol, "Helsinki's reaction to Nairobi dying was sadder than Nairobi's death," which some other Redditors upvoted and agreed with.

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Admittedly, Helsinki playing the harmonica with tears rolling down his cheeks was a moving reaction. However, most fans would argue that Nairobi's death was still more painful than any of the characters' responses to it. The crew spent so much time and risked a lot to operate on her, and just as she was on the road to recovery, she was senselessly killed by the unforgiving bodyguard, César Gandía.

7 Arturo Is A Necessary Evil

One of the bravest hostages on Money Heist is, unfortunately, one of the most annoying characters in the show. However, NT-Deimos- states that without him, "the series would have less plot." Other commenters seem to agree, pointing out that he was necessary for the story.

Arturo is hated because he plays his role as the villain well, however, fans will likely agree that he's overstayed his welcome on the show. He went from manipulating Stockholm to lying about being the hero to thousands of people – he gives viewers every reason to despise him. Arturo may have been necessary for the first season, but he probably shouldn't have recovered from the sniper's bullet or survived Stockholm's gunshot, after everything he has done.

6 Berlin And Palermo’s Love Story Is The Best

Money Heist has quite a few love stories, but not all of them are popular with fans. This is true for user Pristine_Adagio, who uses a Drake reaction meme to express how much better Berlin and Palermo’s love story is compared to Tokyo and Rio’s, simply titling it "Unpopular opinion."

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Unfortunately, Berlin and Palermo’s romance is too one-sided to really be fleshed out in the show. This is in stark contrast with Tokyo and Rio's relationship, which fans would likely say changed and evolved since they met in the first season. There's more depth and character development in this relationship, which makes it a much more satisfying story for viewers who may not be looking for a narrative about unrequited love.

5 Lisbon Shouldn’t Have Joined The Heist

Lisbon was a competent antagonist against the Professor, as she was able to put the pieces together about his true identity. Not everyone agrees that she’s a worthy addition to the gang, however, with one Redditor expressing how her joining the heist "was the most unnecessary thing" because she doesn’t have "any positive meaningful contribution."

While it’s true that Raquel switching sides didn’t have any significant impact on the heist, at first, most fans would say that she has shown in season 5 that she’s a valuable leader. As one of the bravest characters on Money Heist, Lisbon is well-respected by the gang and can hold her own, even under pressure. Her police training lets her anticipate their enemies’ movements and helps her stay calm under pressure.

4 Denver And Manila Are Underrated

Manila’s confession about her love for Denver came at an awkward time, but it still helped put their backstory into perspective. Redditor S02EP13 explains how the two "aren't talked about enough," and that their flashback with Moscow’s call to Manila’s dad is likely foreshadowing "that Denver will probably die saving Manila or alongside Manila."

While there may be some truth to the fact that they are underrated as romantic partners, fans would agree that there's a good reason for that. Denver's response to Manila's confession was a touching monologue about how in love he is with Stockholm and how grateful he is to wake up next to her every day. Most viewers still want to see Denver and Stockholm together, reunited with their child, Cincinnati. If Denver ever dies for Manila, it's more likely as a fulfillment of his promise to her father and not because he's leaving Stockholm for her.

3 Rio Should Have Died

Rio is not the smartest character in the show, as despite being a tech genius, he lacks the practical skills necessary for surviving a heist. Other people are always having to clean up his mess, like when he visited the Mint a few months before the heist, jeopardizing their anonymity. This is likely why a Redditor and a few commenters think that "they could've taken Rio instead of Tokyo" in season 5.

While it’s true that Rio can sometimes act young and foolish, his knowledge of cybersecurity has been necessary and unbeatable so far. Fans would probably say that it also wouldn’t make sense to kill him off because it invalidates the entire reason they did the second heist, which was the gang’s attempt to save him from Inspector Sierra’s brutal torture.

2 Tokyo Isn’t That Bad

Tokyo is a polarizing character, with some fans adoring her for her bravery and others despising her for her recklessness. MynameisntWejdene is somewhere in the middle, agreeing that she’s not the smartest but stating that she "doesn’t deserve all the hate."

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Whether viewers liked her or not before the final season, most fans would say that it was definitely harder to hate her after seeing her backstory. Her drive to see the world was a dream she shared with the love of her life, who she lost in the most tragic way. Despite her questionable actions, it can be argued that her emotionality is a source of strength, not weakness – this is especially true in her last moments of bravery and selflessness on the show.

1 The Show Is Better In Spanish

Like some fans of the show might have experienced, ItsRoastTime didn’t realize Money Heist wasn’t filmed in English until a few episodes in. After switching to the original Spanish, the user found that "the show got so much better."

Deciding to watch any TV series or movie with the original language or dubbed audio is a completely personal choice, but considering how Netflix introduced La Casa de Papel to a global audience, it's understandable how most fans are likely watching the dubbed version. Most viewers may just be more comfortable not having to read the subtitles – and that's okay.

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